Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wellsville School Board Tweaks Drug Testing Policy

High School Principal Linda Rolley

The Wellsville School District Board of Education held their regular monthly meeting this past Monday evening.  The meeting was held in the Superintendent’s Office with President Karen Dash presiding. 

For the finances District Treasurer Coleen Wickham reported that July receipts were $532,777 and expenses were $564,345 leaving a balance of $1.3 million in the General Fund.  The General Set-Asides fund remains the same with a balance of $719,477.  Interest earned for the month of July totaled $1,764.  Mrs. Wickham reported that the district’s CDs came due at CF Bank.  Due to less favorable CD rates at CF the money was moved and reinvested at Huntington Bank.  Huntington was offering 0.4% interest on the invested money. 

In the Student Achievement Report Mrs. Dash noted that the entire teaching staff at Garfield Elementary has completed their training for the new reading program known as “Success for All”.  Orientation for new students was held at the Daw Middle School.   There will be an open house held at the Middle School on August 28 from 5 to 6:30 PM.  At the High School 50 incoming freshmen got their orientation and class schedules.  There were two seniors from the Class of 2012 that finally passed their OGT proficiency requirements to get their diplomas.  The official results for the release of the final State Report Cards has been delayed until at least until September 10.  Originally expected to be released on August 29 the results are being held up with while reported data by some districts being clarified.  Dash advised there “seems to be some discrepancies there” and added WSD numbers improved.  They just want the official finalized results.  Superintendent Rich Bereschek added there are rumors the delay is because some districts fudged their attendance records. 

Buildings & Grounds Supervisor Joe Traina reported that the new lights are nearly 90% all installed.  There are four more to be installed at Garfield and 10 at the high school yet to be installed.  The new lights installed in all three buildings were recommended by AEP for their energy efficiency.  Traina related they are very bright. 

For Personnel moves, Ms. Linda Rolley briefly enjoyed her retirement, for approximately three minutes, before the Board rehired her.  Pictured here, Rolley is the High School principal.  Her new three year contract takes effect September 3.  Teachers Robin Weeda and Paula Reiner were approved as mentors for new teachers.  Reiner was also named the Daw Middle School cheerleader advisor for their football season.  Dave Mann, Tim Householder & Mike Jenkins were named substitute bus drivers for the new school year.  Other substitutes approved for 2012-2013 were 18 teachers, one school nurse and seven classified employees.  Mr. Dennis Bowers was named a Varsity assistant for football. 

An agreement was approved for CARTS to provide transportation for three students attending the American Spirit Academy.

Final action taken by the Board was to adopt changes to the drug testing policy. The selection guidelines were “tweaked” according to the Superintendent.  Wording was added that members of the same sex will accompany the student for sample collections and second violation consequences were better defined in the written policy.  The WSD drug testing policy was put into effect at the beginning of the last school year at the high school. 

Before going to the Board member comments Superintendent Bereschek advised that all students with the capability were sent a questionnaire on the new ESC on-line schooling option.  There were only two responses and he felt it was not prudent to offer that option due to the expense.  Should the number of students change the option is still available to the district.  The Superintendent also noted that the cost of an athletic trainer for the Lisbon School District as reported in the newspapers was a misprint. The actual cost is $75 per week plus $250 each game they cover. 

The meeting adjourned at 6:56 PM.  The next Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 17 at 6:30 PM.  The meeting will be held in the Superintendent’s Office at 929 Center St.

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