Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Looking For A Home

With Village resident Jeff Haugh holding
the leash Gianna Pecorelli gives a little
loving to one of the dogs availabe at the
Wellsville pound.

Animal Control Officer Heidi Pecorelli put in a plea to anyone interested in adopting a pet from the Village Pound to get in touch with her.  Pecorelli and her daughter appeared at last evening’s Council meeting with three of her “friends” currently housed in the pound.   

All that is required of the Wellville Animal Control Officer is to capture stray animals in the village and house them in the pound for three days to give owners a chance to reclaim them.   If the dogs aren’t claimed by then they can be turned over to the County Dog Pound. 

Pecorelli is a devoted animal lover and goes the extra step hoping to give her canine friends a better chance of survival.  Last night she said she was in the process of trying to adopt one of the animals she brought with her.  The Mayor commended her on her humane care and treatment of the animals that she comes in contact with. 

If you’re looking for a pet give Pecorelli a call.  She’ll fill you in on the details.   You can contact Pecorelli at 330-383-0225. 

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