Sunday, October 31, 2010

On The Calendar

Wow, what an exciting week this past week has been. Actually the excitement got started Saturday evening, the 23rd, with John Baardson's announcement that the proposed Baard Energy plant will be a go. With the recession we have been going through there have been many people on pins & needles worrying if we would ever hear that announcement.

Adding to the feeling it was a good week was the WHS sports teams. The Volleyball team had a convincing win on Tuesday night and then won the District championship over Columbiana 3-0 Thursday night. It was the first time in seven years for the Lady Tigers. Friday night the WHS football team wrapped up the season on a three game winning streak with a 4th Quarter win over league rival Lowellville. We were excited for the players that stayed with the team and getting things turned around in their last three games. Two of those games were on the road.

Monday - November 1:

  • Wellsville Board of Education Special Meeting - 1 P.M. in the Superintendent's Office - Center St.

  • Wellsville Revitalization Committee - 6:30 P.M. at the Hentzell residence - Riverside

  • WHS Alumni Activities Committee Regular Monthly Meeting - 7:30 P.M. at the Alumni Center - 3rd St.

Tuesday - November 2:

  • Election Day - Polls open at 6:30 A.M.

  • Moe turns 70! - Happy Birthday fella

Wednesday - November 3:

  • Joshua Project Clothing Give Away - Noon to 6 P.M. at New Hope Community Church - Route 39

  • WHS Volleyball vs Norwalk St. Paul in Div. IV Regional Semi-final - 6 P.M. at Solon High School - Bus leaves Wellsville at 3 P.M.

  • Wellsville Village Council - 6 P.M. at Village Hall - 1200 Main St.

Thursday - November 4:

  • History of Wellsville Floods - 6:30 P.M. at Wellsville Public Library - Main Street - Registration required

Friday - November 5:

  • WHS Men's Basketball Practice Starts - 6 P.M. in the Tiger's Den

Saturday - November 6:

  • Men's Prayer Breakfast - 10 A.M. at First Baptist Church - Center St.

  • Rolling On The River Auction - 5:30 P.M. at Sell's Auction - Broadway

  • "THE" Ohio State Buckeyes have a week off
  • .

Sunday - November 7:

    Worship at a church of your choice

Monday's Board of Education meeting is suppose to be for the recommendations of their Buildings & Grounds Committee and an Executive Session for unknown reasons. See our post dated 10/28/10.

The Revitalization Committee Meeting on Monday is in preparation for Saturday nights auction at Sell's. It's a fund raiser for the Committee with proceeds going toward the completion of the floodwall murals and the Main Street USA program. We'll have more on that later.

Tuesday is Election Day. It's your chance to vote for the candidates of your choice. Wellsville will have three levies on the ballot - a 1 mill renewal for the General Fund, a 1 mill renewal for the Fire Department and a 6 mill replacement levy for the Fire Dept. All three levies are extremely important for our Village. We hope you'll vote in favor of all three.

On Wednesday the WHS Volleyball Team makes their first appearance since 2003 in the Regional semi-finals. The match is set to begin at 6 P.M. at Solon High School up near Cleveland. Tickets for the match will be on sale at the high school both Monday (11:15 to 12:15) and Tuesday (3 to 5 P.M.). The Volleyball Booster's Club is sponsoring a bus free of charge on a first come, first serve basis. All you need is a ticket. You can reserve your seat on the bus by contacting Anne Amato at 724-544-1914 or by e-mail at The bus is scheduled to leave the high school at 3 P.M. on Wednesday.

Although it doesn't come up on the calendar until next week we have been informed that the WHS Touchdown Club's annual football banquet was moved one day forward than what was originally planned. The banquet will now be held Wednesday, November 10 at 6 P.M. Tickets are $10 and it is open to the public.

There you go Tonda. It's a little late in the day but we got it posted.

Have a good week everyone...

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"A Rising Star on the River"

That was the Wellsville Area Chamber-of-Commerce theme for the annual Citizens of the Year Dinner. The dinner was held at the WHS Alumni Center Saturday evening, October 23rd. Chamber President Randy Allmon served as Master-of-Ceremonies and Mayor Joe Surace welcomed everyone in the packed Alumni Center. The buffet dinner was served by Connie's Corner of Chester, WV. President & CEO of Baard Energy John Baardson was the key note speaker.

US Congressman Charlie Wilson offered some special comments noting he has been determinedly keeping a secret about some exciting news he had learned of just the day before the dinner. A man of his word, Wilson only hinted that it was like a dream come true.

Wilson then addressed the jobs issue saying "jobs make problems go away" eluding to the hardships faced by many Americans suffered by the recession that swept across this country. He said energy jobs using our abundant coal resources along with new green energy efforts is just one area that could keep many citizens of Ohio's Sixth District working plus add thousands more to payrolls.

Wilson said in Ohio there is a new solar power company located in a place called "The Wilds", just south of Cambridge, that generates power on 50 acres filled with solar panels. He proudly noted that the panels were also manufactured in Ohio. He mentioned that Chevy's Lordstown plant is swamped with orders for their new Cruze model. Wilson said "we need to get back to making things in America".

Charlie Wilson said that the proposed Baard Energy plan to convert coal to liquid fuel using clean coal is another exciting source to create new jobs. He added that America spends $1 billion a day on foreign energy and Baard's plan is a step toward becoming independent of foreign energy. In his Sixth Congressional District "energy is our solution" to creating more jobs. From the coal miner that digs the coal to the engineer that converts it to liquid fuel, Baard could be responsible in creating and keeping many jobs in the district.

Congressman Wilson has fought long and hard on job issues since first going to Washington to represent us. He has been a proponent of Baard Energy from the beginning and has devoted much time to their efforts in our nation's capital. He even spoke to President Obama on the need to consider Baard's plans using clean coal. Wilson said he had a dream, a real dream about new energy jobs and hoped that dream will get a little closer to becoming real before the end of the Chamber dinner.

Don Crane, President of the Western Reserve Trades Council, told us of the unique relationship the unions have with the Village of Wellsville. There are at least 12 different unions that make up the Trades Council which all have vigorously supported Baard's plans. Crane noted that Wellsville makes him think of a Winston Churchill's quote about England in WWII when he told his countrymen to "Never, never, never give up". Wellsville never gave up on Baard.

John Baardson thanked Congressman Wilson for making the Baard Wellsville area plans one of his top priorities and never giving up on them. Baard then complimented State Representative Linda Bolen on the 'fantastic" job she has done in Columbus on Baard's behalf, especially in finding funding for the land acquisition for the proposed Baard plant. Baardson said Bolen came to their rescue many times.

Baard Energy got started in 1984 in the basement of the Baardson home in Midland, MI. Baardson had just gotten his MBA degree from Central Michigan and wanted to devote his career to developing an alternative energy business. He knew that there was a method possible using natural waste stocks and coal, stating there is enough coal in the USA to last forever. The business got started using his wife's $3,000 savings account she built up giving piano lessons. Baardson said at the time the question was what was the cleanest way to use coal. In researching that question Baard Energy has come up with a method that was quickly approved by the EPA in their plans for the proposed C-T-L plant.

After going through all the permit hearings the next step was to line up funding resources. The Wellsville area was chosen because of our excellent transportation facility in the Port Authority Intermodal Park and our being close to an abundant source of coal. Then the recession hit and investors became very reluctant to commit to loaning money needed to get the land and construction started.

Baardson spoke of the opposition and appeals by the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the Sierra Club. Baardson remarked their opposition led to further delays using up money to defend their permits approved by the EPA. He mentioned a law put into effect during the Bush Administration that the US Air Force couldn't use alternative energy fuel if there are any appeals by naturalists on its manufacturing process. Baardson noted today that there are some two dozen C-T-L plants in China and a couple in India that provide thousands of jobs that do not have the environmental restrictions imposed on Baard Energy.

He noted that it is rumored that the Sierra Club has built up a $170 million war chest to kill the coal industry in the United States. Although they said they are non-profit organizations both the Sierra Club & the NRDC are nothing more than unaccountable Political Action Committees according to Mr. Baardson. Their lawyers and executives enjoy six digit salaries. They provide jobs to the "seamy side of the legal profession" that file senseless appeals to issued permits that have been approved and shown to be in line with the latest standards. As Mr. Baardson said it just doesn't make sense. The tree huggers' appeals will probably go on for another five or ten years while their fat cats try to block American jobs.

Then Mr. Baardson gave out the best news we've heard in a long time. He announced that land acquisition will begin shortly and ground breaking shortly after that. Investors have been lined up for buying the land and to begin construction. The plant will be built in three phases with the first phase costing $2.5 billion to buy land and start producing energy. The second and third phase will cost $2 billion each. Baardson said the Ohio River Clean Fuels plant will be producing diesel and jet fuel that will be sold competitively domestically and on the world market. In the mean time Baard Energy will go on defending their permits and building equity. Before closing Mr. Baardson thanked the Port Authority's Tracy Drake, Congressman Charlie Wilson & State Representative Linda Bolen and all the others that have been a tremendous help to make this proposal into a reality.

Following the good news, awards were given to the folks being honored this year by the Chamber. We posted those below. Randy Allmon noted that ballots were sent to all Chamber members with the nominations and there was a 67% return on the votes. This year's dinner was under the direction of Chairlady Connie Bauer with committee members Allmon, Diana Spencer, Erin Roberts-Orr, Debbie Koffel, Vickie McCombs and Sheryl Gibson. Programs and tickets were compliments of the Martin MacLean Altmeyer Funeral Home.

Before saying good night Congressman Charlie Wilson told the crowd that Mr. Baardson just told him the land buying will begin in the next couple of weeks and ground breaking is planned for Spring 2011.

Katie bar the door!!! ORCF is a coming...

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Wellsville Chamber's 2010 Community Service Award

At the Wellsville Area Chamber-of-Commerce dinner October 23rd the Wellsville Crime Watch Committee was named recipient of this year's Community Service Award. Shown here accepting the award from Chamber member Connie Bauer (R) is the Committee President Janet Taggart.

The Wellsville Crime Watch Committee was founded in 1970 by Pete Russell and former WPD Officers Jack Gallagher & Craig Yanni. It sort of faded away after awhile until retired CC Sheriff Robert "Brassy" Beresford was asked to get it going again.

Other nominees for the award was the Lions Club & the Wellsville Area Ministerial Association's Paint the Town Committee.

The Crime Watch Committee meets the third Thursday of every month at Wellsville Village Hall. Membership is free and open to any area resident.

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Wellsville Chamber's Business of the Year

At the Wellsville Area Chamber-of-Commerce dinner held October 23rd Gibby's Mini Mart was named as Wellsville's Business of the Year. Shown here accepting the award are owners Kristy Lewis & Sheryl Gibson. Kristi is the daughter of Sheryl & Gibby. Chamber President Elect Diana Spencer, center, presented the award.

Located on Clark Avenue Gibby's is noted for their friendliness and professional customer service. They lend their generous support to many charitable causes in the Wellsville community.

The other nominees for the award was Roberts Funeral Home & Tonda's Place.

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Wellsville Chamber's Man of the Year

At the Wellsville Area Chamber-of-Commerce Dinner held October 23rd Mr. Nicholas Amato, Esq. was named as this year's Man of the Year. Amato is a noted friend and member of the Wellsville community giving his help and support to many worthy causes.

Amato, shown here, is the son of Chuck & Irma Amato and husband to Anne. He is a partner with brother Chris in the Amato Law Office.

The other nominees were Kenny DeLauder & Brian Wallace.

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Wellsville Chamber's Woman of the Year

At the Wellsville Area Chamber-of-Commerce dinner held October 23rd Mrs. Dolly Brophey was named as this year's Woman of the Year. Mrs. Brophey has been a long time active member of many of Wellsville's community service organizations. She is the wife of Tom Brophey and the mother of three children.

Mrs. Brophey is pictured here with Chamber member Vicki McCombs to her left and WPD Officer Marsha Eisenhart presenting the plague naming her this year's selection. The other nominees were Debbie Koffel and Erin Roberts-Orr.

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Wellsville Library Presents History of Wellsville Floods

With a timely, special program about flooding in Wellsville the Carnegie Public Library will present 'The History of Wellsville Floods'. Recently Village officials announced that the Army Corp of Engineers will drop Wellsville from it's flood control program if costly repairs are not made to the dikes & pumps to our flood system.

It was the devastating flood of 1936 that prompted Congress to take action and have a flood control system built in Wellsville with flood walls, gates, dikes and pumps. Losses of property was in the millions of dollars in Wellsville in 1936.

The program will be presented by Wellsville resident Bob Lloyd, a retired Volunteer Fireman. Lloyd has devoted a lot of time to collecting copies of photos & facts on the history of Wellsville flooding. He is probably the most knowledgeable historian on the subject. Although retired from fire fighting he is still active in the WVFD as their historian. Lloyd is also an active member of the Wellsville Historical Society.

His Power Point program will blow you away with the historical photos for two reasons. Not only do they show you the flooding, his collection of photos show you a historical Wellsville such as the one above taken in 1884 as the flood waters were receding. That particular picture was taken on 17th Street, just down from Main looking northwest. The only building we recognize in that photo is the residence of Annie & Tim Long on Commerce. Tim tells us that house was just built in 1884.

Bob will present his fascinating program on Thursday, November 4 at the Library. The program is set to begin at 6:30 P.M. Registration is required due to limited space. Stop by the Library on Main or give them a call at 330-532-1526.

The program is open and free to the public. Get signed up and then get ready to see a Wellsville many of us only heard about.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Potter Players Select To Go It Alone

Yesterday we got a call from a member of Wellsville's Revitalization Committee (RC). The caller stated they have been informed that the Board of Directors for the Potter Players Community Theatre (PPCT) has decided to decline the committee's offer to pitch in with help with the old Liberty Theater. (Please see comments below) The PPCT is not turning down help from any source. They just do not want to give up the deed to the old theater.

The Liberty Theater, believed to have been built in 1924, has sat mostly vacant and unused since sometime in the 1980s. The previous owners tried to donate the building to the Wellsville School District but the School Board said no thanks. Then in 1998 it was turned over to the Liberty Theater Association (LTA). Out of his own pocket, Wellsville Funeral Director Bill Roberts paid to get the LTA listed as a nonprofit organization. Workers pretty much gutted out the main theater that was ruined after years of neglect. They got equipment from the old American Theater in East Liverpool. They even went and fetched an old pipe organ from somewhere in mid- Pennsylvania. After obtaining some grant funding a new roof was put on along with a new concrete floor in the main theater. Work was begun on replacing the electrical system in the building but Roberts was quoted in the newspapers as saying "roadblocks started to come up and he was exhausted".

In 2005, maybe 2006, the LTA group learned that the PPCT members were very interested in the building. Again, as quoted in the newspapers, they "had a grant writer, electricians and contractors in place". The building was given to them. Roberts was quoted as saying "it was the proper thing to do".

Then a little over a year ago members of Wellsville's Revitalization Committee contacted the PPCT with an offer to join forces to refurbish the old theater. We accompanied both groups on a Monday evening, August 31, 2009, when they toured the building. At the time we noted that the brick building was dry and appeared structurally sound. Members of the PPCT present indicated that with the economy funds pretty much dried up. They said the first thing that was needed was to find an architect willing to donate time to draw up plans for the renovation. That way they would have a better understanding on exactly what was needed and get cost estimates. At that time all work had stopped and the building was used mostly for storage.

This past October 13 a public meeting was hosted by Wellsville Mayor Joe Surace at Village Hall regarding the Liberty Theater, at the request of the RC. With rehearsals going on, only one member of the PPCT group was able to attend. East Liverpool Architect Scott Shepherd was in attendance and offered to donate his services. He was quoted in a news article as saying "My dad (the late Jim Shepherd) wanted to see that theater put back into place" and he would like to see those wishes fulfilled. Shepherd said the Liberty "is one jewel in Wellsville that needs shined up".

The RC had hopes to complete the renovations and open the theater up for multiple uses such as receptions, banquets and other events in addition to theatrical performances. They have joined forces with Heritage Ohio for their Main Street USA program. With fund raisers, and their connection with Heritage Ohio, they believe money could be found to complete the renovation. The PPCT would have use of the building at any time and the old Liberty Theater would be a drawing point to get people into the Village.

However, Bill Roberts advised there is an attachment to the deed stipulating that the building can only be used as a cultural center for educational purposes, fine arts and age appropriated performing arts. Roberts said some may laugh at a cultural center in Wellsville but whoever would have thought a sleepy mill town such as Midland, PA, would now be home of one the country's finest educational arts center for performing and cultural arts? That attachment to the deed was part of the mission statement for the dormant LTA and is legally binding. Part of the deed states if the PPCT ever decides to let the building go, ownership would go back to the LTA.

In confirming the news yesterday, Roberts verified that he and daughter Erin have been invited to join the PPCT Board of Directors. They have both decided to join forces with the PPCT with planned attempts to rejuvenate the renovation efforts. Roberts indicated that although the nonprofit status for the LTG has expired it would be no problem to get it renewed. Bill added their decision wasn't for them and it wasn't for the PPCT. It's for Wellsville. The Roberts Family history of community service leaves no doubt in that statement.

PPCT Board President Kim Winkleman also confirmed the decision yesterday. She noted that when the group first got the Liberty Theater there was a lot of excitement about the project. However, the excitement and consequent backing, tapered off and dwindled which was contributed to the economy. When money gets tight entertainment dollars are one of the first things to get cut back. Many members have dug into their own pockets just to keep the PPCT going.

Winkleman added there are high hopes especially in getting renewed interest in renovating the Liberty Theater. Having the Roberts join in will probably be a big plus toward those goals. With the holidays fast approaching it was decided they would hold off until shortly after the new year to really get things started. In the mean time there are plans for some work days to clean up the front end of the building and to do some painting before winter sets in. Winkleman added they are always looking for new members to join. It doesn't matter whether it's just for pushing a broom or giving ideas. Anyone interested can contact the PPCT by calling 330-532-5540.

We certainly hope the Liberty Theater will be renovated and re-opened and believe it will be accomplished in time. As Scott Shepherd indicated it's a Wellsville gem that needs to be polished. It would be a shining light in Wellsville that everyone can take pride in.

The efforts of the Revitalization Committee are to be commended. Their work with the Main Street USA program will be an excellent contribution to the Village. The resolve of the PPCT members is also noteworthy and their renovation efforts for the theater would be an exciting compliment for everyone involved.

Together both groups are working passionately for the good of the Village. Wellsville is forturnate to have them.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Buckeye Water District Board of Trustees

The BWD Board of Trustees held their regular monthly meeting on Thursday, October 21, at Wellsville Village Hall. Present at the meeting was Board President Mike Ryan and Trustees Bob Wines, Dave Lloyd, Rick Williams, Cal Carney, Jack Call, Gene McGaffick, Chuck Bibbee & Tim O'Hara. Also present was District Manager Al DeAngelis, Legal Advisor Fred Emmerling, Office Manager Tracy Allen & Fiscal Officer Tony D'Angelo.

There was no public comment, executive sessions or new resolutions.

Chuck Bibbee reported the District is in the process of making changes in the monthly Treasurer's Report going to a total cash accounting system. With the separation of the Fiscal Officer's & the Office Manager's jobs Tony D'Angelo is able to devote more time to an accounting format used for the report. Bibbee noted he has been working with D'Angelo to establish a fund accounting, drawing on his State Auditor experience. As a result of those efforts the report appears different to what the Board members are accustomed to seeing. Bibbee cautioned they do not want to overdo it with setting up separate funds. Cash can be put in different funds from any source but there are restrictions on the expenditures. Once deposited in a specific fund, money can only be spent on that specific designation. If a fund is established to replace trucks, cash in that fund can only be spent for replacements.
Trustee Bob Wines commented that, although only part-time, D'Angelo has been putting in "many, many hours" uncompensated to set up the new accounting format. "It's a
smaller, more concise report" that offers daily reconciliation available in moments according to Wines & D'Angelo.

Bibbee concluded his report refuting an October 8th comment in The Review's weekly Spanks & Thanks column. The writer gave a Spanks to the BWD for separating Sara Crouch's former job, claiming it costs the district more. Crouch resign last month to accept a new job in the State of Washington. The writer of the comment incorrectly concluded that rate hikes won't be far behind. "Not true" claimed Bibbee stating that the separation of the jobs is only part of the story. The Office Manager job was given to an employee already working for the district with an appropriate salary increase. The Fiscal Officer's job was made a part-time position with no benefits. Crouch's wages & benefits cost the district $60,816 annually.

What the writer of that comment did not mention was that another employee resigned recently and it was decided not to replace him. With the closing of Salineville's Water Treatment Plant it proved unnecessary to replace him. With what the district is saving by not paying a benefit package for the Fiscal Officer and the cost of the other resigned employee, the district will realize a savings of $71,505 annually. Bibbee wrapped it up saying rate increases are not being considered for any time in the foreseeable future.

For the Operations Report, District Manager DeAngelis reported that September sales was 946,000 gallons, basically the same. There were 51 hours of overtime paid in September. A couple of waterline breaks accounted for 31 of those hours.

For the District Manager's Report, DeAngelis advised RCAP is currently conducting an energy audit on the district. It will be finalized at a November 10th meeting. Also, AEP wants to meet with the district regarding a possible electricity rate reduction. DeAngelis said he is trying to have them present at that same meeting.

The new road required for the Salineville water tank was quoted at $50,559. The price was given by Tucson Inc., the contractor for Part B of the new waterline. DeAngelis is waiting for a decision from the funding agencies on whether it has to be put up for bid or not. It was hoped to make it part of the second phase of the new line. Consequently it was decided to schedule the separation of the Salineville Water Treatment plant from the the new system. The district's engineering firm is setting up a date with the EPA presently.

DeAngelis also said they are looking a three different computer programs for upgrades for billing and finance reporting. Bibbee reported they are considering the states Uniform Accounting System too. Once a decision is made on which way to go it will be turned over to the Finance Committee.

The expansion of the water system to Frederick Heights is now in the USDA hands. Two required reports have been submitted with a decision expected in November.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25. Next scheduled meeting is set for Thursday, November 18 at 9 A.M. at Wellsville Village Hall.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

J C's Barber Shop Business of the Month

Thursday - October 28: Wellsville's newest barber shop was selected as the Business of the Month at the Wellsville Area Chamber-of-Commerce's monthly luncheon today. Owner J C Coulter is pictured here in the center with Chamber member Mary Beth Morse to his left & Erin Roberts-Orr to his right. Coulter's shop is located in the 400 block of Main St. It's known simply as J C's Barber Shop.

Since opening shop in town J C has gotten involved in the community. Normally we try to post articles as they happen in their chronological order. However, in accepting the award today J C put the pressure on us to change the posting order.

At the luncheon this afternoon he announced that he has been collecting Halloween costumes. He related when times were hard for his family when he was a kid he decided to dress as a ghost for trick or treating. However the only available sheet available was a child's Care Bear sheet. J C said Halloween is a crazy time and he wasn't too scary that year.

He said his collection of costumes at the barber shop is available to anyone that needs one. He realizes that youngsters don't understand hard times when their folks are trying to get by on a budget stretched to the max. The costumes are there and if you can use one just stop by the shop. J C is open most evenings until 6 P.M. The costumes are on him. It's his treat for the Halloween holiday.

Thanks J C. Nice guy...

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WHS Tigers To Wrap Up Football Season

Unfortunately this year's Wellsville High School football season will wrap up Friday night at Nicholson Stadium. The 2010 version of the Fighting Tigers were basically a young team with only six seniors that began the season. Now there are only five left on the squad and one of them is using crutches following knee surgery.

The Tigers started out the season down at Toronto in a hard fought battle that went down to the last minute of the game. With a heads up defensive play a blocked punt was converted into a touchdown to tie the game. A young soccer style kicker nailed the PAT to put the Tigers up by one. With just seconds left on the clock the Red Knights were unable to move the ball against a very fired up defense.

From that game on it was rough going for the next six games but things got turned around in Week 7 out at Leetonia. The Tigers got back on the winning track that night. Last week they picked up win number three with a nice 10 point win against Jackson Milton. Senior Chad Elliott had another outstanding game with 277 yards on the ground and three touchdowns. Wellsville brought home a 39-29 win number three.

According to the announcers on WHS Sports Station internet broadcast last Friday there was some outstanding play on defense with Joe Hall making several nice stops and Nick DaLonzo recovering a fumble that led to a Wellsville score. We got the impression from the last two weeks that a developing team was finally believing in themselves. Even though this team was short on experience they never gave up. They never quit.

Tomorrow night is senior night and it will be the last game for the five remaining seniors on the team. Elliott was named the ITCL Player-of-the-Week for Week 9. Although their record stands at 3&6 on the season this team is ready to show you that they are winners. Tomorrow's opponent is 5&4 Lowellville. Game time is 7 P.M.

Pictured above are the players going through their last week of practice. The picture was taken on Tuesday. Friday night is suppose to be football weather at its best, cool & crisp. It will be a good evening to come out and salute the Tigers.

Good luck guys...

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Wellsville BOE Buildings & Grounds

The Wellsville Board of Education Buildings & Grounds Committee held a meeting this past Thursday, October 21. Present at the meeting was Superintendent Rich Bereschek, District Treasurer Coleen Wickham, Committee Members Tom Brophey & Karen Dash and District Maintenance Supervisor Joe Traina.

For the Garfield building, Traina reported that the cooling and refrigeration has been upgraded. They are waiting new doors for the refrigerator to arrive to complete that project. The shrubs have been removed and they are looking at different ideas for something permanent to put in where the shrubs were. Traina asked that fencing around the new Garfield compressors be considered for safety reasons. New heaters for the building are in and they are awaiting the delivery of the thermostats before they can be installed.

Traina also reported they are currently rebuilding the condenser for the Daw Middle School boilers. He noted that there is dampness around the water tank which is going to require attention in the future. That tank is very old.

It was noted that the district still has equipment stored in the old MacDonald School building and all expressed gratitude to the new building owners. LSW is allowing the storage free of charge until it can be determined what can be done.

Traina announced that the "new" high school will have a birthday next April. It's hard to believe that building will be 10 years old on April 1, 2011. The condenser and the sprinkler that broke have been repaired for the walk-in cooler at the high school. A couple of weeks ago one of the sprinkler heads in the cooler broke loose flooding it. Traina reported they were able to salvage all the food except the pretzels thanks to quick, heads up action by the cafeteria staff. The pretzels got a little soggy & had to be discarded. What was salvaged was inspected by the CC Health Dept. before it was approved. Karen Dash inquired about two dead trees in front of the high school. Superintendent Bereschek advised they are considering upgrading signage where those trees are located instead of replacing them. The trees were ornamental pears.

Traina summed up his report that over all the district buildings are in good shape adding there are constant challenges in maintaining them.

Discussion about replacing a 15 year old tractor and acquiring a new four-wheel drive pick-up equipped with a snow plow was kicked around. The tractor is a 1995 model and is simply worn out requiring more and more money in repairs to keep it running. The district has an aging pick-up truck but it is only a two-wheel drive, not capable of plowing snow. After last February's snow it was determined a four-wheel drive vehicle was very much needed. There is always a need for a truck and the tractor is also used to mow grass in the growing season. With three different buildings in three different locations there is approximately one mile of side walks in the district. That doesn't include parking lots and other areas that are maintained.

The prices for the equipment was considered on new versus used. Prices for a plow was quoted around $5,000. Depending on the year a used truck could cost upwards to $23,000. District Treasurer Wickham advised funds are available to purchase new, adding there would be the added advantage of having a warranty on new equipment. The Committee agreed.

It was decided to recommend to the full Board of Education to advertise for bids on a new tractor and truck equipped with the snow plow. Tom Brophey added he would like to see a pole building erected to store the equipment and that was added to the list of reommendations.

Board President Ed Bauer advised yesterday there will be a Special BOE meeting next Monday, November 1 at 1 P.M. in the Superintendents office. Bauer noted they will consider the Committee's recommendations and would then retire into Executive Session for other matters. He did not elaborate on the reason for the Executive Session yet.

Since that meeting last Thursday it was discovered on Friday that a section of the home stands at Nicholson Stadium pictured above is causing some safety concerns. Those stands were constructed back in the WPA days before WWII. Although the problems causing the concern is not visible on top, it's what was discovered from underneath that prompted the decision to block that section from being used. The other sections are okay even though they don't look much different on the outside.

Bauer advised that section will remain blocked until the School District can get a qualified structural engineer to conduct an inspection. Bauer apologized to anyone who usually sits in that section stating the safety of everyone is the number one consideration. That section will not be available for tomorrow night's game. Hopefully the problems are repairable.

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WHS Alumni Activities Committee Bake Sale

The WHS Aluumni Activities Committee will be holding a bake sale on Saturday, November 6 from 9 A.M. to 1 P.M. The bake sale will take place at the WHS Alumni Center. Anyone wishing to donate baked goods can contact Carmelia Boyce at 330-532-1932 for more information.

Also, the committee will be holding their regular monthly meeting at the Center this coming Monday, November 1 at 7:30 P.M. In addition to the bake sale and their monthly spaghetti dinners they are raffling a Lottery Tree. Chances are $1 each or 6 for $5 and are available from any member of the committee. The tree is on display at the center. The winner will be drawn at their Christmas Party set for December 6.

Your support is greatly appreciated. This is the only committee of WHS alumni that supports and maintains the Alumni Center.

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Good Luck Lady Tigers

It's been a long seven years since the last time it happened. It was in 2003 that a Wellsville Volleyball team last played in the sectional final for the championship. All that will change tonight when the Lady Tigers take on the Columbiana Lady Clippers for the Div. IV ITCL Sectional championship. It's set to begin at 7 P.M. in Lisbon's Gym A. It's a rare all county final considering all the schools up north in the ITCL.

Wellsville won the right to play in tonight's championship match by defeating Jackson Milton this past Tuesday in the lower tier semi-final. During the regular season they split with Jackson Milton. In their first match of the season the Lady Tigers defeated them on the Lady Jay's home court only to drop the second one in the Tiger's Den. Tuesday night they won the rubber match 3-1.

The Orange & Black team started out slow in Tuesday's match and were down by 10 at one point in the first set. According to the newspapers the Lady Tigers reeled off six straight points before dropping that first set 20-25. Then they poured it on taking three straight to get their tickets punched to move on to tonight's match.

The Columbiana team defeated Lordstown in Tuesday's upper tier semi-final. For the year they are 16-7.

Wellsville has seen the Lady Clippers already this year in a preseason scrimmage. Wellsville lost that scrimmage 2-1. Tonight they are going to even things up. For the season Wellsville is 18&7.

Good Luck Ladies... You got to this point playing one match at a time. Relax and play your game. We think you're the best and all of Wellsville is pulling for you. We're certainly proud of all of you.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wellsville Touchdown Club Announces Football Banquet

The WHS Football Touchdown Boosters Club has announced that the annual football banquet will be held Thursday, November 11. The banquet will be held in the Wellsville High School Auditeria and is set to begin at 6 P.M. The dinner will be catered by Connie's Kitchen of Chester, WV.

The banquet is open to the public. Tickets are $10 a piece and the Touchdown Club will be selling them at Friday night's football game. Tickets are also available from any member of the club.

There will be a meeting of the club following the meal and the awards ceremony. Nomination and election of officers for 2011 will take place.

Friday night's game is Senior Night and the last scheduled game of the season. It will be your last opportunity to get a chance to win the custom made Corn Hole game pictured above. The set was designed and manufactured by WHS alumni Jeff Campbell, owner of Campbell's Signs. The winning ticket will be drawn Friday.

So come on down to the game on Friday to salute the 2010 WHS Fighting Tigers and make sure to get your chance on the corn hole game.

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Daw 8th Grade Volleyball Team Defeated by Western Reserve

In the championship match in the ITCL Middle School Lower Tier Tournament last Wednesday the Daw Middle School Lady Tigers were defeated by the Western Reserve Blue Devils. The Daw team went down 2-1 in the nightcap match played at Wellsville High School.

Wellsville earned the trip to the championship match by defeating Leetonia in the first round of tournament play a week ago this past Saturday. In the second round the following Monday they sent Lowellville packing.

Western Reserve was first seed and had a first round bye. They defeated Sebring on Monday to get to the championship. They won the championship trophy with scores of 25-16, 23-25 & 25-22. The Daw 8th Graders were second seed.

Sebring took home the 3rd place trophy winning the consolation match over Lowellville.

The Daw 8th Graders played a tough match. They came back winning the second set. The third set was hard played and could have gone either way up until the end.

Congratulations to the Daw Lady Tigers. We know it's not the trophy you wanted but you all should be proud of your accomplishments. It was exciting to see you play and we're proud of you. The future of Wellsville Volleyball is in good hands.

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Daw 7th Grade Volleyball Season Ends

Last Wednesday evening in the ITCL Lower Tier Volleyball Tournament it was Daw Middle School Ladies versus the Southern Local Ladies in the 7th Grade Consolation game. The Middle School Tournaments were all played at Wellsville High School.

The Wellsville 7th Grade team started the tournament defeating Leetonia only to fall at the hands of the Jackson Milton team in the second round. That put them in to the Consolation Game last week.

Southern Local beat Sebring in the first round and were undefeated on the season up to that point. They suffered their first loss to Western Reserve in the second round. They came back in the consolation game to defeat the Daw Middle School team 2-0 with scores of 25-14 & 25-13. Congratulations to the 7th Grade Southern team.

Congratulations, also, to the 7th Grade Lady Tigers. You had a good season and should be proud of advancing as far as you did. You will be seeing those girls again. Put a smile on your face and hold your heads up. You all did good. Wellsville is proud of you and very lucky to have you all.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Staff Sgt. Paul Metrovich Honored By Wellsville Officials

As mentioned in last week's Council meeting report US Air Force S/Sgt Paul A. Metrovich was honored by the Village of Wellsville for his four tours of duty in the Mid East. The proclamation issued by Mayor Joe Surace was a salute for the sergeant's service to our country.

Metrovich enlisted in the Air Force at the age of 22 and served eight years in full time regular duty. Following those two enlistments he joined the Air Force Reserves and was reactivated for two years after 9/11. In 2008 Metrovich joined the National Guard and is assigned to the 200th Red Horse Squadron at Camp Perry, Ohio.

His four tours of duty in the Mid-East included two different trips to Saudi Arabia, one to the United Arab Emirates and the last to Afghanistan. His 18 years of service has been as an Air Policeman and a member of the USAF Security & Law Enforcement. The Red Horse Squadron is a construction squadron.

When he's not on active duty the Sergeant works for AT&T. S/Sgt. Metrovich, his wife and two daughters reside in Hillcrest. In the picture above, in front, are daughters Angelina (L) and Cadence. Wife Shellie and Paul are behind the two young ladies.

Metrovich just returned home earlier in the month from his tour of Afghanistan. We would like to add our thanks to his dedicated service to our country. It was an honor meeting you and your family.

Coin check...

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Wellsville Village Council

The Wellsville Village Council held their regular meeting last Tuesday, October 19, at Village Hall. Present at the meeting was Mayor Joe Surace, Fiscal Officer Dale Davis and Council members Sue Haugh, John McMahon, Joe Soldano, Randy Allmon & Tony Cataldo. Also in attendance was Village Administrator Jim Saracco, Legal Advisor Andy Beech & WFD Chief Bill Smith. Councilwoman Rosie Goss was excused.

There was no one wishing to speak in the Public Speaking portion of the agenda and no administrative reports.

In the Mayor's Report, Joe Surace took the opportunity to salute Hillcrest resident S/Sgt. Paul Metrovich, US Air Force, who recently returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Surace remarked "the man has not served once or twice but he's been there four times" as he issued the proclamation. We'll have more on Metrovich in a separate post. Pictured above is Surace reading the Salute proclamation to S/Sgt. Metrovich and the proclamation.

Also, in the Mayor's Report, Surace announced that "the money for the STAG fund has finally been released" and now we can "start doing our safety items" with engineering and bidding. The Mayor thanked all involved including G,G& J, Congressman Wilson's office, Dale Davis, the Council members and everyone involved in digging out the old records to prove that the original grant monies was spent as intended.

About a year ago the balance of over $600,000 of the original STAG fund was put on hold with the EPA saying Wellsville owed $1.2 million from the original portion of the grant since there was no documentation on where that money went. The grant goes back to over ten years ago. That got everyone involved at Village Hall scurrying and digging through old records, including those stored in the basement. They had plans for two or three other sewage projects using that STAG balance.

After going through every piece of paper that could be found Village officials had documentation to justify all but $12,000 of that $1.2 million. When that appeared to still not satisfy the EPA, Congressman Charlie Wilson had members of his staff come to Wellsville to do their own investigation. As a result of that, it was declared there was no evidence of malfeasance using the original portion of the funds. The Congressman made a personal appeal on behalf of Wellsville to the EPA for release of the remaining portion.

There were three sewage projects that we were aware of using the money from the STAG funds. Number one on the list was the Sewage Treatment Plant digestors. With no word coming from the EPA about the grant Village officials found another way to fund that project and it was started this past summer. The other two projects are Highland Avenue and the Forced Main. Now that the balance of the STAG funds are released the Village will be able to get started on those two also.

For the Finance Committee, Tony Cataldo reported that as the end of September the General Fund had a balance of $7,654. Total of all funds was $566,874. Cataldo reported there will be a Finance Committee meeting called in the near future.

For Streets, Lights & Parking, John McMahon reported that the lights in Broadway Park would be controlled with a timer instead of replacing and relocating the sensors. According to Jim Saracco later in the week members of the Wellsville School District maintenance staff offered mutual aid to convert the system to the timer and from our vantage point the lights are now working on a timely basis.

Randy Allmon, for Water Sewage & Refuse, made motions to approve announcements of available engineering contracts for both the Highland Avenue project and the Sanitary Lift Station & Force Main which was passed.

Allmon went on to discuss cleaning out storm sewers that have a history of flooding especially at six different areas. Those are the corners of 13th St. & Commerce, 10th St. & Commerce, 10th St. & Wood, both 4th & 6th Sts. at Broadway and all four corners of 10th & Center. Village Administrator Saracco said he got prices from three different sources. The lowest quote was "right around $20,000".

Councilwoman Haugh asked if this would pose a risk of damaging the lines. Many of the Wellsville storm sewers are original clay pipe that date back to when they were first installed. Earlier this year LSW found one line that has collapsed when scoping was being done. Surace remarked that he would be worried if jet rodding would be done on the sanitary sewers. However many of the storm sewers are filled with debris that was washed down the street drains and need to be cleaned out. Saracco added with winter coming on there is the added risk of those puddles freezing over and turning to ice.

Haugh then asked who submitted quotes. Saracco responded that one company he approached refused to give a quote. They were around $200 per hour the last time. Another company included mileage going back & forth. LSW quoted the same price of $125 per hour. Their cost has not changed in six years. Davis advised the money for jet rodding the storm sewers would come out of the sewage fund.

Allmon concluded the discussion saying since it's under the $25,000 limit that advertising for bids would not be necessary. He felt it's necessary to do for preventive maintenance on Village infrastructure and should be done regularly. Soldano agreed and Cataldo added that G,G&J recommended that a fund be established and set aside to do this yearly.

Under Legislation, Ordinance 10-08 was unanimously tabled. Cataldo remarked that the Administration has an idea of what it is going to cost repairing the sink hole at 17th & Main. He recommended they get together with Wellsville Terminals & Marathon Oil to see if they would agree to share 1/3rd of the cost. Haugh suggested any agreement be put in writing and that those two companies would agree to any extra costs should additional problems be discovered. According to the Mayor Marathon has already given a verbal offer to share the costs and he will arrange a meeting with himself, Andy Beech and representatives from the two companies as soon as possible.

The Village Administrator has gotten quotes from three different companies. He also had the engineering firm of G,G&J to draw up a job description for the repair job in accordance to ODOT specificatons. The Fiscal Officer pointed out the sink hole repair was reported in a news article but it has not been legally bid.

Council also tabled Ordinance 10-09 repealing the 2006 Tree Board ordinance. It was reported in the newspaper that Sue Haugh stated prior to the meeting she would not support getting rid of the Tree Board. According to that article Haugh pointed out that a Tree Board has to be in existence in order to remain a Tree City USA. That has to be justified by a Village ordinance. Allmon remarked he would like to do more research and is worried that getting rid of the Tree Board would hinder obtaining future grants.

Under New Business, Mrs. Haugh issued a reminder for everyone to get out and vote November 2nd and support the two Fire Levies. Passage of those two levies is extremely important.

Being no other business the meeting was adjourned at 6:26 P.M. Since the first Tuesday in November is Election Day, the next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, November 3 at 6 P.M. in Village Hall.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

WHS Volleyball Team To Play In Semifinals

With two convincing wins in the ITCL Lower Tier Sectional tournament the Lady Tigers earned themselves an opportunity to play in Tuesday evening's semifinals in Lisbon. Last Tuesday they defeated Lowellville in the first round of tournament play. Then last Thursday they sent East Canton home winning 3-1 in that match.

Wellsville's record for the season is now 17-7. Tuesday night they face the 15&8 Jackson Milton Lady Jays. The match will be played in Lisbon's Gym A starting at 7 P.M. The winner of Tuesday's game will advance to Thursday's sectional finals.

Needless to say the match next Tuesday will be huge. The Ladies seem to be focused on one game at a time and we're confident that will hold true Tuesday night.

Good Luck Ladies. We're pulling for you with prayers, wishes and crossed fingers. You're the pride of the Village. Go get 'em...

Before closing we would like to congratulated Noelle Amato for her selection to the Columbiana County Volleyball All-Stars first team and to Rilee Livolsi & McKenna Pierson for their honorable mentions on the same team. Those three ladies are pictured here.

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Spooky Monster Magic Show

The Wellsville Carnegie Library will have a special magic show for children of all ages featuring magician Gordon Ross with his trunk full of Monster Magic.

The show starts at 6 P.M. at the Library, Monday, October 25. It's a fun filled magic show with Gordon's friends the Frankensteins Monster, Witchy Poo & the Spooky Ghost. Who knows who else may drop in or pop up?

It's a special Halloween treat brought to you by the good folks at the library and their friends.

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On The Calendar

This past week was very busy as the third week of the month always is and now we're once again behind schedule. With three meetings each that we attended on three different days and then the exciting Citizen of the Year dinner last night we've been running. Our goal this week is to catch up. Then we gotta take care of some "honey-dos" in between!

  • Monday - October 25: Wellsville Library Spooky Monster Magic Show - 6 to 7 P.M. - Main St.

Tuesday - October 26:

  • Wellsville Library Story Hour - Preschool 11 A.M. to Noon - After School 3:30 to 4:30 P.M. - Main St.

  • WHS Volleyball vs Jackson Milton - ITCL Lower Tier Sectional Semi-finals - 7:30 at Lisbon's Gym A

Wednesday - October 27:

  • Wellsville Library Gaming - 3:30 to 5:30 P.M. - Main St.

  • WHS Halloween Concert - 7 P.M. in High School Auditeria - Bengal Dr.

Thursday - October 28:

  • Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce Monthly Luncheon - Noon at DaLonzo's - Main St.

  • **Friends of the Library - 6:30 at Wellsville Library - Main St.**

  • **Wellville Memorial Council - 7 P.M. at VFW Post - Main St.**

Friday - October 29:

  • Wellsville Senior Golden Links - 1 P.M. at Shoub Towers - 500 Main St.

  • WHS Football vs Lowellville & Senior Night - 7 P.M. at Nicholson Stadium

Saturday - October 30:

  • "THE" OSU Buckeyes vs Minnesota - 8 P.M. at Minneapolis - ABC/ESPN

  • Halloween Trick or Treating - 6 to 7:30 P.M.

Sunday - October 31:

  • Worship at a church of your choice

  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs New Orleans - 8:20 P.M. at New Orleans

Monday's Spooky Monster Show at the Library is a fun filled show by magician Gordon Ross for kids of all ages. We'll have more on that later. Tuesday's story hour is the last of the Fall series. Wednesday's Gaming is for children in Grades 4 & up with Wii & Playstation 2 games. Snacks will be provided. You can call 330-532-1526 for any additional information on any of the events.

The WHS Halloween Concert will feature the High School Band, the Choir and Ebony & Ivory, the show choir. It's only $1 for an evening of great music. There will be
a 50/50 raffle. Admission is free if you come dressed in a Halloween costume. There will be a costume contest for children & adults with prizes. The refreshment stand will be open.

Friday night's WHS football game is the last of the season and it's Senior Night. The Tigers have had two back-to-back wins in the last two games. Both of them were on the road.

Have a good week...

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wellsville Resident Claims "Spanks" Remark Bogus

Every Friday The Review has an editorial column called Thanks & Spanks. It's similar to the Morning Journal's Roast & Toast. Yesterday's edition of The Review's column sent out spanks claiming that a Wellsville dog owner left a dead dog chained to a fence and gave a double spanks to Village officials for doing nothing about it. It was another "sad" dog story that apparently the newspapers love to use to sell papers. The article was the first time any Village officials heard about the alleged dead dog left to decompose.

While we were at Village Hall yesterday afternoon a call was received by a Village official from a resident that claims that piece was referring to his pet. The caller claimed that the author of the "Spanks" and he are having a dispute of some sort. The caller said the remark was a lie and invited that official to stop by and see the alleged dead dog that is, in fact, very much alive. It was the second complaint we heard in two days about that weekly column.

At Thursday's BWD Board of Trustees meeting, Board member Chuck Bibbee took umbrage to another "Spanks" remark about the water district that he claims was unsubstantiated. Bibbee went on to spell out and give facts and figures to back up his statement. Apparently recent personnel moves at BWD will be a money saver instead of a means to raise water rates. Bibbee emphatically stated there are no plans to raise rates anytime in the foreseeable future.

Regardless, we think Bibbee might have hit the nail on the head when he said it was irresponsible reporting when such negative comments are published without verification. The reporter of the Wellsville Village kennel story bluntly remarked that pet stories are newspaper sellers in a Loose Ends column.

That may be true but is it necessary to sell papers with sad pet stories? That's not our opinion. We would be hard pressed to name any public official that would be willing to get their name dragged through the mud because of any pet abuse. We also doubt if any pet owner would leave a dead animal in full view of the public.

We have to agree with Mr. Bibbee. If the newspapers want to print such stories to sell papers, it is their responsibility to verify the facts before putting them into ink. This is especially true when such stories cast unsubstantiated aspersions on any community or person. The disclaimer for the Spanks & Thanks column require the sender to give their name & phone number. We suggest they use those numbers if they don't have the people to actually check on them. That would be the first step in the right direction.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WHS Volleyball Team Has Convincing Win In First Round of Div. IV Sectional Tournament

The Wellsville Lady Tigers Volleyball Team opened with their first match in OHSAA Div. IV Sectional tournament play last night with a "crushing" win over rival Lowellville. The Sectional tournament is being played in Lisbon and "crushing" is how it was described in this morning's edition of the Morning Journal.

The Lady Tigers won the match 3-0 with Lowellville only scoring 27 points total in all three sets. Volleyball matches are played to 25 points. With the win the Tigers will face East Canton Thursday evening, October 21, in Gym A. East Canton defeated Youngstown Christian last night.

Good Luck Ladies. Wellsville is proud of you. Keep those wins coming, one match at a time. We know you can do it.

Go Tigers!!!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Daw 8th Grade Volleyball Team Advances To Championship Round

Monday - October 18: Yesterday evening the Daw Middle School 8th Grade Lady Tigers won the right to play for the volleyball championship of the ITCL Lower Tier. It took three sets to put away a stubborn Lowellville team. The Tigers won with scores of 25-13, 22-25 & 25-17. Wellsville beat Leetonia Saturday to advance to last night's second round.

In 7th Grade action the Orange & Black team fell to Jackson Milton by scores of 20-25 & 17-25. Previously unbeatened 7th Grade Southern Local Lady Bears got knocked off in the nightcap by Western Reserve. It was their first loss for the season.

The championship finals and consolation games will be played Wednesday, October 20, at Wellsville High School. The first consolation game will be at 5:30 with the 7th Grade Lady Tigers taking on Southern Local. The 8th Grade consolation game will be at 6:30 between Lowellville & Sebring. The 7th Grade Championship match will start at 7:30 between Jackson Milton & Western Reserve. The 8th Grade championship will have our Lady Tigers meeting Western Reserve.

Congratulations to both of the Wellsville Middle School teams. We're very proud of you. You're the best.

You go Ladies...

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Everyone Is A Winner

This past Saturday was the running of the 2nd Annual Dash For Mat's Bash. It's a fund raising event to raise money for scholarships for Wellsville students. The scholarships are in memory of Mathugh Johnston who was a victim of leukemia at the age of 15. Mathugh was a boy from the 'ville, the son of Julie & Dewey Johnston. He would have been a senior this year. This year the event was dedicated to the memory of Lindsey Salsberry too. Last year two scholarships were awarded and that is the goal for coming years.

We're not sure who originally came up with the idea but Wellsville resident Tim Long along with his better half, Annie, seems to spearhead the Bash. They get the whole family involved including cousins, siblings, aunts & uncles. They even get the folks from the Wellsville Volunteer Fire Department to lend a hand.

Last year's Bash had 270 to register. This year the response was nearly overwhelming with 436. This year prayers & well wishes also went out to young Gannon Lively, a 10 year old lad who is undergoing treatment for leukemia. His fellow team mates & the cheer leaders from his Jr. Tiger football team were rushed from their just completed game to be part in this year's race. They even ran two races in support of Gannon after winning their game.

New to this year's Bash was the Fireman's Nozzle Relay race with firemen running in full fall-out gear just for the bragging rights. Three teams entered. There was the Wellsville volunteers, folks from Highlandtown and a team from Benwood, WV. Benwood won it with the Highlandtown fellows coming in second. In a display of unity they all gathered a block up the street to escort the last guy that finished. The Wellsville Elks passed out bottles of water to participants who passed by the lodge. Then they invited everyone to stop back for a bite to eat afterwards.

Coming in first in the race was Megan Monte & Jeffrey Hanselman. They took the first place metals but everyone was a winner. It didn't matter what position you finished.

We would like to congratulate everyone that took part and add our thanks to the sponsors and all those that pitched in. In our opinion it made the Wellsville shine and another reason that this little river village is truly some place special.

Everybody was a winner...

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Wellsville Historical Society

The Wellsville Historical Society resumed their regular monthly meetings last month on September 21 at the River Museum. President Robert "Brassy" Beresford presided.

After the regular business was taken care of Brassy made a few announcements before getting into the donations received in the last few months. After checking with everyone possible it is unknown whatever happened to the clanger for the MacDonald School bell that now rests beside the museum's fire station. Jeff Weekley was named Chairman of the Nomination Committee for next year's officers. Joining Weekley on the committee is Bonny Beresford & Carol Smith. Word of the museum is getting out with several tours lined up including the CC Tourisim Board we reported on earlier with the tour booking agents.

A special thank-you was given to the Albaneso family for their generous donation given the Museum in memory of their father, the late Johnnie Albaneso. Mr. Albaneso was quite well known for his restaurant that was a Wellsville land mark called Johnnie's Lunch. Mr. Albaneso was a very active member of the Wellsville community, respected and loved by all who knew him.

Other donations included old newspapers, a book of old Village ordinances and other items. One of the interesting donations was a set of wooden gears given in memory of Cheryl Chan. The gears were used at the Stevenson Foundry years ago, believed to make molds in sand for molten metal to be pour into. Once the metal was cooled & hardened in the sand the new gears were machined to specification.

Another very interesting donation was made by Mr. Ed Crawford of Lewes, Delaware. He and his family originated in the Port Homer area. Mr. Crawford said the family homestead was located on the land used by First Energy for the coal piles stored at the Stratton Works. Mr. Crawford's grandfather, Edward Harrison Crawford, was a WHS Alumni in the lated 1800s. His mother grew up in the Coal Hollow area. The Crawford family operated a general store where the coal piles are today.

Pictured above is a group of coopers in what is believed to be an arranged picture of the various stages of making barrels. A cooper made wooden barrels or casks. This is just speculation but the picture shows the coopers sitting on a log that the wooden staves were carved out of to make the barrels. Wooden barrels were widely used for packing pottery in straw or saw dust for shipment. The picture is dated c1888 - 1889. It was taken by Wellsville photographer Max Braunberg who was only in town those two years. The location, the men and the child in the picture are unknowns.

Looking at the picture you can see some of the men holding cooper hand tools and other tools propped up near them. Mr. Crawford donated the picture and the hand tools shown, from a collection handed down by his late father. Since the family was closely associated with Wellsville Mr. Crawford thought the River Museum was a good home for the collection, which he plans to add to at a later date. The photo and the tools will eventually be displayed in the Wellsville Room in a newly designed display case made possible by Crawford's generosity.

Shown below the the top picture are the Historical Society officials on hand to receive the donation. From the left are Trustees Jeff Weekley, Pam Smith & Jim Lawrence, Crawford, Beresford and Trustee Tom Davidson. That picture is a little more modern. It was taken on September 19, 2010. The officials are holding the donated tools.

The Wellsville Historical Society meets monthly at the River Museum at 7:30 on the third Tuesday of the month. The next meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, October 19. New members are always welcome to join and attend. The dues is extremely affordable.

Each meeting features a speaker and tomorrow's program will be by CC EMA Director Darren Dobson. Mr. Dobson will be speaking on the Nixle early warning system. Please consider joining us.

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WHS Volleyball Set To Begin Sectional Tournaments

The WHS Volleyball Team is set to begin Division IV Sectional Tournament play Tuesday evening with a share of the number one seed in the ITCL Lower Tier. The Lady Tigers finished up their regular season with wins over Leetonia, Western Reserve and Lowellville. With a record of 11&1 in the league during the regular season they share the Number 1 spot with Lower Tier rival Jackson Milton.

Over all the Lady Tigers finished the season with a 15&7 record. Four of those losses came at the hands of two Div. III schools - Beaver Local & East Liverpool. They dern near were the first ones to knock the Lady Potters out the undefeated ranks when they took them to the limit in five sets on October 11. For the season the Orange & Black and Jackson Milton are one & one.

Pictured above is scenes from the Lady's last home match in the regular season with a win over the Leetonia Lady Bears on October 7. It was also Senior Night for the team.

Wellsville's first match in the tournaments finds them facing off with Lowellville. The ITCL Lower Tier Sectional Tournament is being played in Lisbon this year. Wellsville will play at 7:30 Tuesday, October 19. The winner of that game will play the winner of Monday night's match between East Canton & Youngstown Christian. That match is scheduled for Thursday evening, October 21, at 7 P.M. back in Gym A.

Sectional semi-finals will be played Tuesday, October 26, with the finals set for Thursday, October 28. Next stop will be the District Tournaments in Solon, OH.

Good Luck Ladies! You're the pride of Wellsville and we're pulling for you to take it all, one match at a time.

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WHS Alumni Lip Sync All-Star's Fall Show Cancelled

Sadly it was announced last week that the annual Fall Show presented by the WHS Alumni Lip Sync All-Stars has been cancelled. It was previously announced they were planning a show for November. The All-Stars usually have two shows a year - one in the fall and one in the spring. However, the logistics just were not falling into place for a November show and it was decided by the Committee to cancel.

Proceeds from the show benefits the Alumni Center. Tentative plans are being made for a Spring Show, possibly in April.

Also, the WHS Alumni Activities Committee are planning their annual Christmas Party for December 6 at the Alumni Center. They will be selling chances on a Lottery Tree with the winner to be picked that evening. Chances will be available at the monthly spaghetti dinners or from any Committee member. The dinner will be catered. More details will be available after their next regular monthly meeting to be held November 1.

The picture above is courtesy of Google Images. Thanks folks.

Stay tuned...

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On The Calendar

Lots of football, getting into a good book and a fun filled Saturday evening all leads up to us being even farther behind. Usually if it's the only thing we do we try to get the calendar on here by Sunday. Sorry for the delay...

Monday - October 18:

  • Lower Tier ITCL Middle School Volleyball Tournament Second Round - Matches start at 5, 6, 7 P.M. & 8 P.M. at Wellsville High School - Bengal Dr.

  • Wellsville Girls Basketball OHSAA Mandatory Parent's Meeting - Grades 7 through 12 - 5:30 P.M. at the high school

Tuesday - October 19:

  • Wellsville Library Story Hour - Preschool 11 A.M. to Noon - After School 3:30 to 4:30 P.M. - Main St.

  • **Wellsville BOE Buildings & Grounds Meeting - Meeting is actually Thursday**

  • Wellsville Village Council - 6 P.M. at Village Hall - 1200 Main St.

  • WHS Volleyball vs Lowellville Div. IV Sectional at Lisbon Gym A - 7:30 P.M.

  • Wellsville Historical Society - 7:30 at River Museum - 1003 Riverside

Wednesday - October 20:

  • Medical Assistance Medical Program - 9:30 A.M. to Noon at First Christian Church - Main St.

  • BWD Finance Committee - 10 A.M. at Admin. Offices - 1925 Clark Ave.

  • Joshua Project Clothing Give Away - Noon to 6 P.M. at New Hope Community Church - Route 39 - Call 330-532-9014 for details

  • Wellsville Library After School Movie - 3:30 to 5 P.M. in the Meeting Room at the Library on Main St. - See our post dated 10/15/10

  • Wellsville Alumni Activities Committee Spaghetti Dinner - 4 to 7 P.M. at the Alumni Center - 201 3rd St.

  • Lower Tier ITCL Middle School Volleyball Consolation & Championship Matches - Consolation Matches at 5 & 6 P.M. - Championship Matches at 7 & 8 P.M. at Wellsville High School - Bengal Drive

Thursday - October 21:

  • BWD Board of Trustees Monthly Meeting - 9 A.M. at Village Hall - 1200 Main St.

  • **Wellsville Zoning Board Informational Meeting - 1 P.M. in the Zoning Office - Village Hall - 1200 Main St.**

  • **Wellsville BOE Buildings & Grounds Committee - 1 P.M. in Superintendents's Office - Center St.**/li>
  • Wellsville Crime Watch Committee - 6P.M. at Village Hall - 1200 Main St.

  • Div. IV High School Volleyball Sectional Play - Winner of Wellsville/Lowellville vs winner of East Canton/Youngstown Christian - 7 P.M. at Lisbon Gym A

Friday - October 22:

  • WHS Football at Jackson Milton - 7 P.M.

  • Potter Players Community Theatre presents The Cemetery Club - 8 P.M. at the PPCT Theater - 417 15th St.

Saturday - October 23:

  • "THE" OSU Buckeyes vs Purdue - Noon in the 'shoe - at Columbus or BTN

  • Chamber-of-Commerce Rising Star on the River Annual Dinner - Social Hour at 5 P.M. with dinner to follow - at WHS Alumni Center - 201 3rd St.

  • Potter Players Community Theatre presents The Cemetery Club - 8 P.M. at the PPCT Theater - 417 15th St.

Sunday - October 24:

  • Worship at a church of your choice

  • Pittsburgh Steelers at Miami Dolphins - 1 P.M.

  • Potter Players Community Theatre presents The Cemetery Club Matinee - 2 P.M. at PPCT Theater - 417 15th St.

This afternoon's ITCL Middle School Volleyball Tournaments at Wellsville High School have two 7th Grade matches and two 8th Grade matches. The Daw Middle School 8th Grade Ladies take on the winner of last Saturday's Jackson Milton/Lowellville match at 5 P.M. and that's all the information we have. The ITCL doesn't provide very much with their up-dates to local newspapers.

The WHS Lady Tigers Volleyball Team open their Sectional tournament play Tuesday evening in Lisbon. The Div. 4 tournaments start this evening in Lisbon but the Tigers don't play until tomorrow.

Tuesday evening's Historical Society meeting will feature CC EMA Director Darren Dobson speaking on the county's early warning system called Nixle. New members are invited.

Wednesday evening's WHS alumni Activities Committee spaghetti dinner is the monthly dinner to raise funds to maintain and make improvements on the Alumni Center. It features delicious homemade sauce with all the trimmings. It's only $7 per person and a mere $4 for children 12 & under. Carry-outs are available. Call 330-532-9811. If everything came together you should be able to get the first chances on a Lottery Tree. The winner will be drawn at the annual Christmas Party on December 6 at the Alumni Center.

Thursday's Crime Watch Committee's program will have CC Health Dept. Inspector Mike Sabbato speaking on his duties. It's an open meeting and the public is invited.

**The BOE Buidings & Grounds meeting is actually thursday. The papers originally reported it was Tuesday. Sorry if we caused any confusion.**

**Thursday's Zoning meeting is a fact finding meeting regarding a request to erect a modular home in the 1600 block on Clark Avenue - not on Commerce as reported in Tuesday's newspapers.**

Saturday's Chamber-of-Commerce "Rising Star on the River" Annual Dinner will be announcing Wellsville's Woman of the Year, Man of the Year, Community Service of the Year and Business of the Year selections. Keynote speaker for the dinner will be Mr. John Baardson, President & CEO of Baard Engergy. Mr. Baardson will speak following the dinner.

Have a good week. Go Tigers!

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

WHS Football Tigers Get Win Number 2

Friday - October 15: The Wellsville Tiger's football team picked up win number 2 last night in Leetonia. With what has been a trying season so far, the developing Tigers got their first, 1st Quarter touchdown on the year last night. From what we heard listening to the game on WHS Sports Station that seemed to be a wake up call.

The Tigers went on to score again in the 2nd Quarter to take a 14-3 lead into the locker room at half time. The Bears came back to score their only touch down of the night in the 3rd to make the score 14-11 but Wellsville answered that with their third touchdown of the night a short time later. That made the score 21-11 and that turned out to be the final.

Wellsville out gained the Bears with a total of 185 yards against the Bear's 154. The Tiger defense had a good night picking up two fumble recoveries and two interceptions. Leetonia only had 23 yards total for their passing game.

Last night's game show cased the all around athleticism of senior running back Chad Elliott. Elliott, pictured here, picked up 162 yards on the ground with 35 touches. He scored all three touch downs, on runs of 2, 20 & 14 yards. Elliott plays both sides and even put in some time at QB before the night was over. The picture is from the McDonald game on October 1.

Congratulations Tigers. It was a nice turn around that make us feel you can finish the season with a couple of more wins. Wellsville goes back on the road next Friday, October 22, to take on the Jackson Milton Blue Devils. Game time is 7 P.M. They wrap up their season at home October 29 with Lowellville coming to town. That game will also be Senior Night.

Good Luck fellows...

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Daw Middle School Football Wraps Up Season With Win

The Daw Middle School Football team wrapped up their 2010 season with a win against the visiting Bears of Leetonia this past Thursday. The game was played at Nicholson Stadium. The Tigers won the match by a score of 22 - 14.

Going into the 4th Quarter the young Tigers were leading 22 - 8 but the stubborn Bears weren't giving up. However, the Orange & Black defense toughened up and allowed very little after Leetonia's last score. Pictured above are scenes from that game.

The Daw Middle School team finished the season with a 5 & 2 record. They were undefeated up until their sixth game when injuries to three key players threw them out of sync. Their game with Sebring back on September 16 was called because of threatening weather. It will not be made-up. There are no play-offs in the ITCL Middle School league.

Congratulations to the Daw Middle School players & coaches on a fine season. We look forward to seeing you all next season. You are the future of Wellsville football.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Daw Middle School Volleyball Draws Nbr. 2 Seed

Daw Middle School Volleyball team has drawn the number 2 seed in the Lower Tier ITCL tournament that is starting tomorrow at Beacom Memorial Gym here in Wellsville. The 8th Grade Team wrapped up their regular season last Wednesday with a 11 & 3 record according to the newspaper this morning. We're sorry we don't know the record for the 7th Grade girls. Maybe someone can help us out there. We would call the Athletic Director but imagine she's a mite busy with Wellsville hosting the tournaments this year.

The Lower Tier tournaments begin tomorrow, October 16, with the 8th Grade Lady Tigers taking on 7th seeded Leetonia at 10 A.M. They are followed at 11 A.M. when the Wellsville 7th Grade meets Leetonia. Winners of both brackets will meet Monday, October 18 to take on the winner of Jackson Milton vs Lowellville matches. The 8th Grade plays Monday at 5 P.M. followed by the 7th Grade at 6 P.M.

Number 1 seed Western Reserve drew the bye and will play Monday against either Sebring or Southern Local. Both the Sebring & Southern ladies play Saturday with the 8th Grade at 2 P.M. & the 7th Grade at 3 P.M.

Consolation games will be played Wednesday, October 20, with the 7th Grade at 5 P.M. and the 8th Grade at 6 P.M. The championship games will also be played Wednesday with the 7th Grade match at 7 P.M. & the 8th Grade match at 8 P.M.

Pictured above is mostly the Daw 8th Grade Ladies at the 8th Grade/Parents night last Wednesday. Congratulations on a great season Ladies. We're certainly proud of everyone of you. Both teams are winners.

Good Luck in the tournaments. Keep your heads up. We'll see you Wednesday...

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Wellsville Library Presents Free After School Movie

Here's another activity for the children made possible by the good folks at Wellsville's Public Library. It takes place next Wednesday afternoon, October 20.

"How To Train Your Dragon" is a 2010 DreamWorks computer animated fantasy film based on a 2003 book of the same title. It's about a young Viking boy named "Hiccup" who captures a dragon that he is suppose to slay to prove his Viking worthiness. You'll want to see what happens when "Hiccup" has a change of heart.

Snacks will be provided. Enjoy...

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

2nd Annual Dash for Mat's Bash This Saturday

It's only two days and a wake up for the 2nd Annual walk/run Dash for Mat's Bash. Last year's Bash was a blast. This year's event promises to be bigger and better. According to one of the organizers, spokesman Tim Long, registrations are going extremely well and there is still room for any late registrations. Each entry before the deadline this past Wednesday will receive a T-shirt. Long said they have ordered extra tees for late entries but it will be first come, first serve on sizes and supplies.

Everyone that registers will receive a race number whether you walk, run or are just a spectator. That number is important regardless. After the race there will be a drawing for a lot of nice prizes. The big prize is a 42" Sanyo HDTV, which is just the right size for our living room. Winners will be drawn using the race number everyone is given when they pick up their race packets. So whether you walk, run or just observe, hang on to that number. You could be a winner.

There will be activities for the children and each child will be given a free pumpkin. Race winners will be given an award for the top five male and the top five female runners. New this year is the Fire Department Nozzle Relay. As of today there are three entries - Wellsville Volunteers, Highlandtown and Benwood, WV.

The brothers & sisters of the Wellsville Elks have invited everyone to an open house at the lodge at 723 Riverside following the Bash. They will be serving sloppy joes, hot dogs and free bottles of water. We're betting they will have the Buckeyes game on their big screen televisions. It's their way of saying Elks care, Elks share.

Officials for this year's Dash for Mat's Bash will be on hand starting at 3:30 P.M. at Village Hall, handing out race packets and taking late registrations. For more information you can call Tim or Annie Long at 330-532-3336 or 412-735-0418. Look for them around the Fire Hall.

Proceeds from the race go 100% to fund scholarships for graduating WHS students in memory of Mathugh Johnston. This year's event is also dedicated to the memory of Lyndsey Salsberry.

Pictured here is Tim Long explaining the ground rules for the race last year and Tim himself running the race in full fall-out, fire fighting gear. Come join the fun. It's only a short jaunt up to 5th Street and back.

See you Saturday...

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wellsville Area Ministerial Association

Tuesday - October 12: The monthly meeting of WAMA was held this past Tuesday morning at Tonda's Place on the Square. President, Pastor Troy Warner presided. There were a total of 12 members present. Pastor Dirk Hall offered the devotions speaking on the "Power of Our Words" following prayers around the table. Pastor Darlene Zanders, Secretary, read the minutes of the September meeting and Deacon Terry McCuen, Treasurer, gave the Financial Report.

Pastor Troy Warner announced that he has tendered his resignation at Wellsville's First Christian Church to accept another position in his home state of Illinois. He will conclude his service at First Christian on Sunday, November 14. Warner stated that although excited with the new position he is also saddened with leaving his and his family's many Wellsville area friends made in the past five and half years.

Warner has accepted the job of pastor at the First Baptist Church in Paris, IL. He advised that Paris is 25 minutes from where his mother lives and even less than that from his brothers. He reported that Mark Blakely will serve as interim pastor until a new pastor can be selected. The job has been posted on an internet web site and as of Tuesday morning there have been 68 resumes posted in response. Warner will soon celebrate his 20th year in the ministry and is a native of Argena, IL.

In correspondence a thank-you note was read from a Wellsville family for a donation given them last month. The monthly news letter from the Salineville Youth With A Purpose Home was presented stating that they are looking at privatization to carry on their mission.

The Thanksgiving Community Service will be hosted by Riverside Presbyterian. It is scheduled for Sunday, November 21 at 7 P.M. More details will be given at next month's WAMA meeting.

The Fall Revival will be held at Wellsville's First Baptist on Center St. The services will run from Sunday, November 7 through Wednesday, November 10. Dirk Hall, Ken Malone & Terry McCuen are members of that committee and details will be announced later.

Nominations and election of WAMA officers were held with retired Pastor Jay Nightengale named president. Pastor Malone offered the use of the United Methodist Parish offices to assist Nightengale in his new duties. Pastor Roosevelt Thompson will return as V.P., along with Pastor Zanders as secretary and McCuen as treasurer. The new officers will be sworn in at the November meeting and will take effect December 1.

A donation from the Paint-the-Town fund was voted on unanimously to be given to the American Spirit Academy to help defray painting expenses at their Glenmore school.

Lucille Huston announced that Covenant Presbyterian will hold their children's winter coat give away this coming Saturday, October 16 from 9 to 11 A.M. at the 18th Street church. Children must accompany their parent or guardian to receive a free coat. Covenant's annual Christmas Bazaar will be held November 6.

Deacon Terry McCuen reminded everyone of the First Baptist monthly food pantry to be held this coming Friday from 3 to 5 P.M. Aaron Smith said the Nazarene Youth Group is still holding lunch sales every Sunday after services. Weather permitting it will be on the sidewalk at 17th & Maple. It will be moved inside if necessary. Pastor Warner reminded everyone of the Terry Dunn Benefit to be held Saturday, October 23 at First Christian. The benefit is jointly sponsored by First Christian and the Nazarene congregations.

Prayers and best wishes were sent to young Gannon of Wellsville who's is currently undergoing treatment for leukemia. Condolences were offered to the Bunfill, Boggs and Utt families on their recent losses.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 9 at 9 A.M. at Tonda's Place.

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