Monday, August 6, 2012

The Whitacre Boiler Co.

This historic picture is from the days of when Wellsville was a booming town.  One of the manufacturing plants in town was the Whitacre Works located along 3rd Street between Lisbon & Commerce.  Today’s Dairy Queen sits on a portion of that land. 

The building pictured here was catty-corner across the street on the lot where Rich’s Gas Station is today.  Although the building is long gone the railroad tracks are still there.  Check out the steam registers on display on the front porch.  A lot of the older houses in town still have them.  We’re not sure who the man is but we’re guessing he was one of the Whitacres.

 We remember this building but in our earliest memory it was a penny candy store.    That was in the early to mid-1950s.   This is one of the many pictures on hand at the Wellsville River Museum.

ole nib


************* said...

One of our readers e-mailed to say that was Mrs. Longoria's candhy store.


Anonymous said...

The lady that owned the candy store was Mary Longo.