Friday, July 29, 2011

Immaculate Conception Members Not Giving Up Or Going Away

Monday – July 25: The Committee to Save the Immaculate Conception Church held their regular weekly meeting this past Monday evening at the SOI Lodge in Wellsville. Co-chairman Nunzio Lombardozzi presided and said progress is being made on the goal of keeping the Wellsville church as a worship site in the newly formed Holy Trinity Parish. According to Bishop George Murry the Mass celebrated last Saturday was the last one to be said at the Immaculate Conception Parish. The Wellsville parishioners are appealing that decision and are hoping to keep the church open as a worship site for at least one Mass a week.

Co-chairman Ken Biacco and Lombardozzi passed out lists of area Catholic churches and the times of their services. It was noted that only St. Francis in Toronto has a Saturday afternoon Mass which is at 5 PM. Toronto currently has two Catholic churches which will eventually be merged into one but no date has yet been determined for that merger. Both St. Francis and St. Joseph's in Toronto have Sunday Masses with only one Saturday Vigil Mass between the two. Sunday Mass is at 9 AM at St. Joseph's and 11 AM at St. Francis. The Toronto churches are part of the Diocese of Steubenville.

Biacco also announced there will be no meeting Monday, August 1. The SOI members are preparing for the annual three day Italian Festival. The festival is scheduled to open Thursday evening. Meetings will resume the following Monday, August 8 with a new time set for 6:30 PM. Members of the ICC Committee will have the snack bar open with any proceeds being given back to the SOI Lodge to help defray the cost of utilities used for the meetings. The members of the SOI have generously donated the use of their social hall for the meetings free of charge. The date and time of the meeting will be announced in the local newspapers.

Reading an e-mail from church activist Peter Borre, new Co-chairman Tom Brophey announced that the month of August is traditionally a very slow month with summer vacations in Vatican City. Brophey related that a “short term appeal” has been filed with the Congregation of Clergy asking that they reverse Bishop Murry's decision to close the Wellsville church. No decision is expected to be considered until at least September. If that appeal is denied a “long term appeal” will be filed which will include facts, figures, pictures and all types of statistical information in presenting the Wellsville side of the appeal. Canon lawyers in Rome have already been put on retainer for the second appeal if needed.

Dr. Frank Rivelle reported he feels he's being toyed with by Diocesan officials on the Committee's request for a forensic audit of Immaculate Conception finances for the past couple of year. Rivelle reported he received a letter from the Bishop asking why an audit was requested. Reville's reply was that in the past 15 years there has never been a deficit reported for Immaculate Conception until the new administrator was assigned. Prior to that there were excess funds and Certificates of Deposits on the books for the Wellsville parish. Although no money was spent on the Immaculate Conception rectory it was reported that expenditures were $30,551 in 2009.

Concern was also raised about the funds set aside for the care and maintenance of St. Elizabeth's Cemetery. That cemetery is next door to the Village of Wellsville's Springhill Cemetery. It was reported that money is kept in a separate account in the name of St. Elizabeth's Cemetery in Youngstown and can not be touched for any other expenses.

For the fund raising efforts there will be a pancake & sausage breakfast tomorrow with a bake sale. See our post below. On Tuesday, August 3, there will be a meatball hoagie on homemade rolls sale from 5 to 7 PM at the WHS Alumni Center. Chips and a liquid refreshment will be included, all for the price of $6.50. Carry-outs will be available. Chances on the $100 gas card will be available at both events. The chances of $1 each or 6 for $5. Drawing for the gas card will held August 29.

With the luck of the Irish, John McMahon won the 50/50 drawing for the second week in a row. As he did the week before Mr. McMahon donated his share to the Committee's treasury.

For all her hard work as a Co-chairman and her continued dedication to the Committee, Mrs. Beverly Hentzell, pictured above, was presented a bouquet of flowers as a way of saying thanks. Mrs. Hentzell resigned as one of the Co-chairmen the week before. The flowers were paid for by the three Co-chairmen and presented to her by her Uncle Nunzio.

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ICC Creche MIA in Wellsville

On Tuesday, July 19, some members, or employees, of St. Aloysius Catholic Parish in East Liverpool were seen carrying several boxes out of the Immaculate Conception Church in Wellsville. At the time it was uncertain what they were taking. The incident was reported with pictures on the front page, above the fold, in the July 20 issue of the Morning Journal.

The Committee to Save the Immaculate Conception Church were of the belief that everything was to be put on hold with the appeal they filed with the Congregation of Clergy. They appealed the closing of the parish. That included keeping the contents of the church in the building itself. Since the church is under lock and key they have been told it was considered to be a secure building.

The Congregation of Clergy is located in the Vatican in Rome, Italy. They have the power to reverse the Bishop's unwavering decision to close the Wellville place of worship. An appeal was filed before the Bishop's Decree of Merger was issued which was dated July 2. Allegedly a second appeal was filed after the decree was issued. The Wellsville Committee believes that under the Church's Canon Law that everything should be put on hold until a decision is rendered on those appeals.

With questionable and conflicting tactics and answers on how things were being done by Diocesan officials, some members of the Wellsville Committee have been keeping a watchful eye on the Immaculate Conception. That is how the East Liverpool group was seen sneaking things out of the church.

Immaculate Conception parishioner Dolly Brophey believes she has figured out what they were taking that day. Following last Saturday's Mass she checked on the Nativity set that has been Immaculate Conception property since the early 1960s. They were not there. For nearly 50 years they have been stored in the church's sacristy.

Pictured above, the creche is believed to have been hand crafted or at least hand painted. They were imported from Italy and according to Mrs. Brophey there were only two like it in the whole world. At the time they were purchased they were insured for $8,000. Mrs. Brophey said Pastor Gerald Curran raised the money for the Nativity set by getting pledges of $100 each from several Immaculate Conception parishioners. It is unknown what they would be valued at today. The picture was sent to us by a friend.

We were taught by the nuns to forgive and forget. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to turn the other cheek....

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Last Mass At ICC - Maybe, Maybe Not

Saturday – July 23: With his emissary Peter and his entourage of Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus the Most Reverend Bishop George Murry, Bishop of the Diocese of Youngstown, traveled to Wellsville last Saturday afternoon to co-celebrate the last Mass being offered in the 84 year old Immaculate Conception Church. This time reporters and cameras were permitted to be inside the building. The church was dedicated in 1927. The Catholic presence in Wellsville dates back to 1835.

In delivering his homily Bishop Murry said he hope that all could “live each day with Christian joy”. He concluded by saying he was sorry for decisions he was forced to make in the closing the much loved parish.

We couldn't help but think of one other Biblical quote that we thought was apropos concerning this situation: “Father forgive them. They know not what they do...”

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Saturday Pancake Breakfast To Support ICC Save Our Church Committee

Satisfy your Saturday morning appetite and help support the Committee to Save Immaculate Conception at the same time. For a mere $5 per person you can do both tomorrow, July 30, at Wellsville's SOI Lodge. It's a fund raiser to help with the legal fees in their appeal to keep the Wellsville Catholic church open as a worship site in the newly formed Holy Trinity parish.

The Committee has retained an intermediary and Canon Law lawyers in Rome to appeal the Diocese of Youngstown's decision to close the church in Wellsville. The closure will force many of the elderly of the Immaculate Conception parish and their handicapped members to lose their place of worship if forced to attend services in East Liverpool. For many of them transportation is not readily available and the lack of parking at St. Als is an extreme deterrent. For their consideration it was decided to try to keep the former Immaculate Conception church open as a worship site for at least one Mass a week.

As Neil Diamond sang in his song Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show “so grab the ole ladies, pack up the babies and everyone come...”to the SOI Lodge for some mouth watering pancakes, sausages and the trimmings Saturday morning. The lodge is located at 327 Main Street. The breakfast is open to the public. Breakfast will be served from 9 to 11 AM.

Your support will be greatly appreciated. The picture above was borrowed from Google images.

Hell, $5 is cheap for twice the price...

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Buckeye Water District Meetings

The BWD Board of Trustees held their regular monthly meeting this past Thursday, July 21, at Wellsville Village Hall. Present at the meeting was Board President Mike Ryan and Trustees Jack Call, Cal Carney, Roy Dray, Gene McGaffick, Tim O'Hara, Bob Wines and Rick Williams. Also attending was District Manager Al DeAngelis, Legal Adviser Fred Emmerling, District Treasurer Tony D'Angelo and Office Manager Greg Stanley.

After approval of minutes of previous meetings the Board went into a 15 minute Executive Session for pending litigation. No comments were made or action taken about what was covered upon returning.

The Board approved the Treasurer's Report. District Treasurer Bob Wines reported things “are tight but going good”. He announced a Special Trustee's meeting will be held July 26 to adopt the 2012 budget.

In the Operations Report District Manager DeAngelis reported that easements for the new road to the Salineville water tank is being clarified since some of it is now on private property, on land that the Village of Salineville recently sold. Since that is part of Phase II of the new Salineville Waterline Project, President Ryan directed that engineering firm Dallis Dawson research it.

Personnel Committee Chairman O'Hara reported that there is a part-time, temporary employee working with the District Treasurer doing an “externship”.

Engineering Committee Member Gene McGaffick reported that preparation is being done at the Water Treatment Plant by Chesapeake for tank storage. The storage area is along the entrance road outside the fence and is pictured above.

Having been no other reports the meeting was adjourned at 9:31 AM.

At this past Tuesday's (July 26) Special Trustee's meeting Mike Ryan, Cal Carney, Roy Dray, Gene McGaffick and Bob Wines were present. Also attending was District Manager Al DeAngelis and District Treasurer Tony D'Angelo.

The Board members reviewed and approved the proposed 2012 budget. D'Angelo said the new budget is pretty much the same as it was in 2011. Both budgets amounted to $3.6 million total in rounded off figures. Even though the amount for insurance and fuel was bumped up adjustments in other funds kept the total amount nearly the same.

Board members commended D'Angelo for his easy to read – easy to understand format in detailing all the figures and accounts in the new budget. Although no wage increases have been approved the Treasurer included an informational column showing what a 3% wage increase would cost.

The next regular scheduled meeting will be Thursday, August 18 at 9 AM. That meeting will be held at Wellsville Village Hall at 1200 Main St.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mellott Residence Is Wellsville July House of The Month

Jessica & Rick Mellott's house at 1711 Commerce Street was selected as the Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce House of The Month. With Sadie, the family dog, staying in the shade trying to stay cool, the Mellotts were presented with the Yard of the Month sign and a gift certificate for a pan of Nick's Pizza.

Shown in the top picture in front is Aubrianna & Delainey Mellott. Sitting on the wall, from the left, is Chamber member Dolly Brophey, Jessica, Rick & Halle Mellott and Chamber member Sheryl Gibson.

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Wellsville HIstorical Society Told About Flood Control System

At last week's Wellsville Historical Society meeting Fire Chief Bill Smith spoke about the Village Flood Control System. The system includes gates, pumps, levies and, of course, the floodwall. In the past several months it has been determined that the nearly 80 year old system is unacceptable. One of the roles as Chief of the Wellsville Fire Department is the Flood Control System Administrator.

Wellsville's flood control system was designed and built with Federal funds after the 1936 flood. That particular flood caused millions of dollars in damage and losses all along the Ohio River. For Wellsville records it was the worse flood in history. In today's dollars a flood similar to 1936 would cause billions of dollars in damage.

Smith explained that the U.S. Corp of Engineers is responsible for overseeing the flood control system. However, the maintenance and repair of the system is the responsibility of the Village. Updating and repairing the system is something that has been long procrastinated on and ignored by Village officials. There always seemed to be more pressing demands in the budget for the needed funds to do anything with the flood control system. Now today it is estimated that necessary repairs will cost in excess of $10 million dollars. That is repairs that must be done before that unacceptable rating can be reversed.

One of the biggest problems is the pumps that handle hillside run-off water inside the floodwall and dikes. There are six pumps in the Wellsville system. For the most part all are original equipment installed 75 years ago. Earlier this year only two of the six pumps worked – one uptown and one in the lower end of the Village. With a contractor hitting the electrical line to the one working pump uptown Wellsville is down to one working pump. Being so old there are not replacement parts readily available to repair the pumps. That means they will probably need to be replaced. Pumps that size are estimated to cost nearly $250,000 each.

Smith displayed new maps showing designated flood plain areas should we have a catastrophic flood in the future. That isn't expected at present and a flood with damages like 1936 is highly unlikely according to the Chief. Most flooding in the Village is caused with snow melt off and heavy rain. In the hills of Pennsylvania and West Virginia there are now huge reservoirs that capture a lot of that water. When flood conditions happen those reservoirs hold releasing any water into the streams that feed the Ohio River.

Until money can be found to repair Wellsville's system Smith's main concern is getting word out on flood insurance. Presently property owners in town that have flood insurance are paying at the most something like $100 a year. It is expected that in the near future those rates will increase enormously. Smith said he heard estimates of as much as $200 a month or more. Homeowners with mortgages may be forced to get flood insurance by their lending institutions. Damage from floods are not covered with just house insurance. It is a separate policy that is backed by Federal agencies. Flood insurance can be purchased through insurance agencies that write you home & car insurance policies but they are just a go between for the flood insurance.

Smith is shown above. He advised that the maps are available for review at theWellville Fire Station during normal business hours.

Wellsville's flood stage is 677 feet above sea level. That's is 16 feet above what is considered normal water levels. That is when the flood gates go up. It takes 19 feet of water to reach the road surface on the Wells Avenue bridge. That's 680 feet above sea level. In 1936 flood waters crested at 689.5 feet in Wellsville. The top of the floodwall at 1st Street is 694 feet above sea level. The elevation at 5th & Main Streets is 709 feet. No part of Main Street was flooded in 1936. It was like an island.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

On The Calendar

It was a hot one this past week. Is this what they call the dog days of summer? On Thursday afternoon our thermometer hit a high of 101 degrees. The next day it read 104. That was in full sun light but the one in the shade wasn't too much different.

The days have been starting off with temps in the 70s and high humidity, sorta like Florida. Then as the day wears on the moisture in the air dries up with the sun shine. It may not be as sticky but it's still hot.

The 103rd Interdenominational Hollow Rock Camp meetings started this past Thursday. It runs through next Sunday, July 31. We missed mentioning that last week. For more information on the meeting check out their web page at

Don't like the provisions in the State Senate Bill – 5, which some call the union busting legislation? It so, you're among the majority according to a poll recently released. According to a newspaper release this week a repeal initiative will be on November's General Election ballot. Opponents delivered nearly four times the number of valid petition signatures needed to get it on the ballot.

The Lisbon Chamber of Commerce is trying to find the oldest living military veteran in the county. There was a letter to the editor in the Morning Journal the other day saying it is hard to research that due to today's privacy issues. They are honoring all that served in the military at this year's Johnny Appleseed Festival. They are hoping to honor the oldest vet by having them be the Grand Marshall. If you have any candidates call the Lisbon Chamber at 330-424-1803.

Monday – July 25:

  • Daw Middle School Volleyball Meeting – 6 PM at Wellsville Library – Main St.

  • Committee To Save Immaculate Conception Church – 7 PM at SOI Lodge 657 – 327 Main St.

  • Elks 1040 Regular Meeting – 7:30 PM at the lodge – 723 Riverside Ave.

Tuesday – July 26:

  • BWD Board of Trustees Special Meeting – 10 AM at the Water Treatment Plant – 17547 State Rt. 45

  • Wellsville Library Story Hour – 10 to 11 PM at the library – Main St.

  • WHS Fall Sports Parents/Players Meeting – 7 PM in the Auditeria – 1 Bengal Dr.

Wednesday – July 27:

  • Nothing on our calendar

Thursday – July 28:

  • Nothing on our calendar...yet

Friday – July 29:

  • WHS Football Golf Outing – 5 PM at Cedar Hills – Glenmore

Saturday – July 30:

  • WHS Class of '67 Reunion – at the Alumni Center - 201 3rd St.

  • Committee To Save Immaculate Conception Church Prayer Service – 4:30 PM in front of Blessed Mother Statue - 11th & Main St.

Sunday – July 31:

  • Worship at a church of your choice

  • River Museum Open House – 1 to 4:30 PM – 1003 Riverside Ave. - Admission by donation

The Daw Middle School Volleyball Meeting Monday evening at the Library is for any young ladies entering the 7th or 8th Grades interested in playing this year. Call Christina at 330-701-3709 for more information.

Tuesday's meeting at the high school is a mandatory meeting for all students and parents of those students participating in Fall sports. Also it was noted that free physicals are available at EZCare at 16728 St. Clair Ave. Call 330-932-0458 for more information. Physicals are also mandatory for students wanting to play.

Coach Skinner is holding his annual WHS Football Coaches Golf Outing this Friday. It will be a shotgun start starting at 5 PM for 3-man teams. Food, beverages & prizes is part of the package. Call Skinner at 330-532-5958 for more information.

Have a good week everyone. Stay cool...

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wellsville Officials Trying To Catch Up With Drilling Details

There was a meeting held this past Thursday afternoon at Village Hall. The news media was told it was suppose to be a Property Committee meeting. When they started the 2 PM meeting it was called “a work session to catch up all of Council on the drilling here Marcellus shale”. The Mayor opened the meeting and turned it over to Councilman Tony Cataldo.

We questioned earlier who called the meeting. Property Committee Chairwoman Sue Haugh was out of town on vacation this week. After checking with one of her Committee members we were told that they didn't know who called it. We've been told that to call a committee meeting in the absence of the Chairwoman, Robert's Rules require that any meeting scheduled has to be by mutual agreement of all the members on that committee. Wellsville Village Council committees mostly have three members maximum. With the Chairwoman being out of town and one other Committee member saying they didn't know who called the meeting, we didn't see any sense checking with the third member. Rather than wasting our time we would just wait for the meeting before making any other inquiries. In addition to Haugh the Property Committee has Rosie Goss and Randy Allmon on it.

After attending the meeting we decided there wasn't anything accomplished worth writing a report on. Other than some obvious political posturing the only decision made was to see if a second meeting could be set up with A.L.O.V. Director Bob Rea. If some of those present hadn't blown off previous meetings concerning drilling there wouldn't have been any need to conduct a “work session”.

Chairwoman Haugh has had two previous meetings. The first was with a broker called Everflow Eastern. Their representative had a very informative presentation on drilling for oil & natural gas. He gave some history and a thorough explanation of the safety precautions now being use by the drillers. He informed everyone that the drilling companies are very interested in drilling into the Utica shale in the Wellsville area. It's been determined that drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus wouldn't be cost effective on Village owned propety. The band of that shale is too narrow in this area to make it worthwhile.

The second meeting, held on July 12, was with Mr. Rea of the Associated Landowners of the Ohio Valley (ALOV), a non-profit corporation. He distributed copies of sample contracts they use when landowners lease their property for drilling. He spent over an hour going over the high lights of that 24 page contract sample. Mr. Rea is a landowner himself and has devoted much of his life to seeing that he and “his neighbors” get the best deal. He was quite impressive when he explained how they researched everything to get all the basis covered. ALOV's contract is a very comprehensive, lengthy document compared to the three or four page contracts other brokers use.

When we read the news article reporting on last Thursday's meeting we couldn't believe the scare slant given to the drilling prospects. One Councilman expressed his concerns about the effects on water contamination. If he would have paid attention at the previous meetings he would have learned of the safety precautions now being used to guarantee against that. His research was obviously telling only part of the story. The lawsuits he was referring to was mostly from the earlier days in Pennsylvania before well testing is routinely done. Incidentally, we have been informed there have been a lot of bad wells found with the pre-drilling testing being done now.

Mention was made to losing “several thousand dollars worth of timber” if a contract was signed. Thankfully the Village Law Advisor was present to explain that timber could be covered if a contract was drawn up for Wellsville. Several years ago the Village got out of fiscal emergency selling timber harvested at the old reservoir. Again, the contract the Council members were looking at was only a sample. It was not one actually drawn up for Wellsville.

The figures mentioned in that news article in that sample contract are not set in stone. No negotiation has been done on the Village's behalf as of yet. The per acre lease amount and royalties could be better than what was quoted.

Although no one at last Thursday's meeting had any idea how many acres are involved in the two Village owned properties being considered for leasing, the proceeds could be a very nice rainy day fund. There are more than just a few acres involved in the old city dump and reservoir. Those are the two areas being considered. In the news, in the last week or so, it was announced that the County commissioners and the Village of Leetonia are ready to sign lease contracts. East Liverpool is working out the final details in preparation to signing one. If the politicians in Wellsville don't scare everyone away we might have one someday. It's a time consuming thing but we believe it will be “what is best for the people of Wellsville”.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Last Mass At Immaculate Conception???

In a letter to all the Immaculate Conception parishioners dated July 19, 2011, Holy Trinity Parish Administrator Peter Haladej, said that tomorrow's Mass will be the last one in Wellsville. Haladej is pictured above.

Haladej was sent here couple of years ago to merge the Catholic parishes of St. Ann's, St. Al's and Immaculate Conception into one. A few years ago they were told that there was suppose to be two worship sites with one central church. The East End and Wellsville church would only be used as worship sites for one or two Masses a week. Then, somehow, it was changed to one church and one worship site. That presumably would leave Immaculate Conception as the one worship site. The merged parish would known as Holy Trinity.

The Wellsville parishioners later learned that there will only be one church located in East Liverpool with no worship sites. For consideration of the older members and handicapped parishioners of Immaculate Conception, with the lack of parking at St. Al's, an appeal was make to the Diocese of Youngstown to reconsider. During Saturday's Mass on May 28, Bishop George Murry announced that as soon as the parking problems at St. Al's were resolved Immaculate Conception would be closed. He expected that to be by the end of summer.

Following that announcement an appeal was sent to the Congregation of Clergy in Vatican City via the Apostolic Nuncio in Washington. After a Decree of Merger was issued on July 2, a second appeal was submitted from the group that calls themselves the Committee to Save Immaculate Conception Church. Both appeals are still pending. It may be a lengthy time before any decision on the appeals are handed down.

The Celebration of Mass on Saturday, July 23, at Wellsville's Immaculate Conception Church will be a historic one. It may be the last in a church that was dedicated 84 years ago in 1927, ending a 177 years of Catholic services in the Village. But then it may be a beginning of a new era for Wellsville's Catholic faithful. Saturday's Mass is scheduled to begin at 4;30 PM.

There will be a short prayer service following Mass to be held in front of the Blessed Mother statue on the Main Street side of the church.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Storm Damage Blocks 6th Street

Last night's thunder storm started around 3:20 AM in the Ville. There were some pretty good thunder boomers, heavy rain and high wind.

Pictured here cleaning up a big limb blocking 6th Street at the Commerce Street intersection is Village Street Dept. worker Jim Bauer and his assistant.

Fortunately there were no cars parked underneath when that limb came down.

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Committee To Save Immaculate Conception Announces Changes

Monday – July 18: The Committee to Save Immaculate Conception Church met last night at the Wellsville SOI Lodge. Co-Chairman Nunzio Lombardozzi presided. In his report Lombardozzi cautioned that now is the time for being patient, adding that “we planted the field and now we will start reaping the harvest”.

Co-Chairman Ken Biacco announced that new signs are available at $10 each. If 18 more are sold the committee will be eligible for free banners. The bright yellow signs are beginning to pop up all over town. Biacco reported that the signs can be “adopted” and members of the Committee will find a location for them. Biacco also has additional pre-addressed envelopes available for anyone that wants to write to either Youngstown Diocese Bishop George Murry or Arch Bishop Pietro Sambi, the Apostolic Nuncio, in Washington, D.C.

Beverly Hentzell, pictured above, announced her resignation as a Co-Chair of the Committee stating it was due to “personal reasons”. Hentzell has been very actively involved in the efforts to keep the Immaculate Conception Church open as a worship site for the newly merged parish from the beginning. She pledged her continued support for the Committee. Committee member Tom Brophey was selected to replace Hentzell as one of the three Co-Chairmen.

In her final report as a Co-Chair, Hentzell noted a second appeal to the Congregation of Clergy to keep the Wellsville church open at least one hour a week was sent out on July 11. The first appeal was filed before Bishop Murry issued his Decree of Merger. The Congregation of Clergy is located in Vatican City and has the authority to reverse or modify any decisions made by the Diocese officials. Hentzell also noted that the paid adviser sent word that now is the time to keep maximum exposure with letters to the editors of newspapers, etc. No one likes bad press such as the Bishop in Cleveland is getting for being responsible in closing over 50 parishes in the Cleveland diocese and over 60 in the Boston area before that. He is now being investigated by Vatican officials.

Reporting for the Fund Raising Committee, Roxanne Hall announced that tee-shirts are available at $13 each. They need to sell an additonal 25 to place a new order. A $100 gas card will be raffled with the winner to be drawn on August 29, at the meeting. Tickets are $1 each. Meatball hoagies on homemade rolls along with chips and refreshments will be sold for $6.50 Wednesday, August 3 at the Alumni Center. There will be a pancake & sausage breakfast on Saturday, July 30, from 9 to 11 AM, at the SOI Lodge. Finally, Hall reported that a Tag Day will be held later in August. Volunteers are needed for that fund raiser.

Lombardozzi reported that generous donations was received from Bonny & Brassy Beresford, former Wellsville resident Gladys Kazora and a lady from Rhode Island. That lady's father was a former member of the Immaculate Conception Parish.

Happy Birthday wishes were given to a 90 year young Josephine Sgro and cake was shared with all. The next meeting will be held either Monday, July 25 or Tuesday, July 26 at the SOI Lodge at 7 PM. Watch the newspapers.

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Wellsville Board of Education July Meeting

Monday – July 18: The Wellsville Board of Education held their July meeting Monday evening in the Superintendent's Office. Present at the meeting was Board President Tom Brophey and Board Members Karen Dash, Ed Bauer, Mike Cook and Bill Miller. Also attending was Garfield Principal Lisa Ferguson, District Treasurer Coleen Wickham, WTA President Darlene Allison, OAPSE President Ed Swogger and Superintendent Rich Bereschik.

For the Treasurer's Report Mrs. Wickham reported that the District has closed out the Fiscal Year. For the month of June receipts were $557,750, expenditures were $580,345 leaving a General Fund balance of $1.7 million. The General Set-Aside balance for June is $719,477. Interest earned on investments for June was $2,989. The Board voted their approval to pay the bills.

Legislative Liaison Tom Brophey reported that both the State Senate and State Representatives are currently working on cyber bullying bills that will be known as the Jessica Logan Act. Logan was an 18 year old Cincinnati area high school senior that committed suicide in 2008 after being bullied by her peers via electronic means and/or cyber bullying.

Mike Cook reported that there was a going away dinner held for retiring Superintendent Edna Anderson at the CC Career & Technical Center and the new Superintendent will be taking over today.

Bereschik gave the Buildings & Grounds Report stating that partial approval for permits has been granted for the new grandstand at Nicholson Stadium. There has to be some concrete work done for handicapped accessibility and other items to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act. He's been assured that everything is on schedule to be ready for the football season home opener in August.

Plans are being formulated for landscaping at Garfield Elementary where the shrubs were removed earlier this year. The purchase of the former Sterling China property is progressing. There are a couple of surveying issues needed to be rectified before title to the land can be signed over. The fence around the property was found to be encroaching on other property in some spots which will be straightened out. The District's pre-school facilities will be move to Garfield before the new school year.

Ed Bauer inquired about the possibility to replace the public address system at Nicholson Stadium. Bereschik replied that he doesn't believe the system in place is salvageable. It can possibility be looked into getting a system compatible to the hearing impaired devices required by law for the hearing impaired. It's a new mandate required with new construction.

School lunch prices were set at $1.75 for students and .40 cents for the reduced price. Ed Bauer noted it was mandated by law to raise prices. Treasurer Wickham remarked the District is being reimbursed $2.47 for the free lunches and it is required to eventually work toward that price for those that pay. The price for adult lunches was set at $2.50.

High School Principal Linda Rolley was given approval for five additional days to be added to her contract. Bereschik said that with a change in computer systems all student schedules had to be hand generated. Additional five days for all three principals in the district was also approved, if needed, with the Superintendent's approval. Bereschik noted they will be doing interviews for some vacant positions before the start of the new school year.

Two retirements were accepted with regrets and best wishes for the future. With 38 years under his belt Ken Kornbau retired as Elementary Physical Education Instructor and Mrs. Janice Snyder retired with 32 years experience. Snyder was a Vocal & Instrumental Music teacher. She also resigned her position as Middle School Band & Choir Instructor.

The Board approved participation in the OHSAA for the new school year. The District treasurer's compensation was approved to levels granted for all central office employees and to WTA members. An athletic code of conduct was approved for the new school year. An alternative plan was adopted for making up calamity days. Bereschik noted it is still “under construction” but approval had to be passed before the first of August. The Student Handbook for Garfield Elementary was approved.

Resignations were accepted from Eric Meek as High School Social Science teacher and Weightlifting coach. Abby Williams resigned as an Intervention Specialist and Anita Romeo as a Daw Middle School teacher. Bereschik noted they are currently conducting internal interviews to fill these positions. In other personnel moves the Board approved Joe Olesky as Bus Trip/Bus Transportation Coordinator, Beth Rettos as Special Education Coordinator, Arden Montgomery as Testing Coordinator and Diana Swickard as Flag Line/Color Guard Instructor.

In closing statements all the Board members expressed their appreciation to all those from the District that participated in last week-end's community clean-up. Even with the heat the Wellsville School District left no doubt of their willingness to lend a helping hand. Brophey added his congratulations to the ones retiring and good luck to those that are moving on to new jobs.

The meeting was adjorned at 7:09 PM. The next regular scheduled meeting is Monday, August 15 at 6:30 PM in the Superintendent's Office. That's located at 929 Center St.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Goat Keeps Watchful Eye on Wellsville

We know we've shown a picture of this goat before that was furnished by Wellsville's Merriweather & Lewis. They are the folks responsible for getting that flag nearly to the top of that hill, straight up from 3rd Street. They even cleared some of the brush away up there.

Frequently seen near the flag is a wild goat that keeps an eye on the Village. We've seen it a few times but usually by the time we get ready to take our own pictures he moves out of sight. Yesterday it seemed he was poising for us. We spotted him and hurried home to get the camera figuring he would be gone again by the time we returned.

He waited for us, standing on that fallen tree and even gave us some different poises. He still amazes us...

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Wellsville Community Pitches In With Clean-Up

Saturday – July 16: Saying it was his “last hurrah” while in office, Wellsville Mayor Joe Surace challenged the Village to a two day clean-up. The clean-up focused on the high grass & weeds, especially along the Village sidewalks and curbs.

Normally during the summer months the County furnishes the Village with extra help to do such chores. With the economy in the shape it is that didn't happen this year. The limited number of people in the Village Street Department and Cemetery crew really has them strapped keeping up with their regular duties.

The response was tremendous. It started a few weeks ago with members of Wellsville's First Christian congregation. After services one Sunday they donned work clothes and started uptown sweeping, weeding and cleaning up. This past Friday members of the Nazarene congregation continued the work downtown. We weren't able to get out Friday but have been told that the Lions Club were also hard at it.

On Saturday we saw members of the Wellsville Teacher's Association, school officials, coaches and athletes pulling weeds, mowing, sweeping and cleaning up in one part of town. In another part members of the Wellsville Volunteer Fire Department were out in force doing the same. The VFD was pumping water out of Little Yellow Creek to wash some of the dust away after the cleaning. Dailey's Refuse supplied a roll-off dumpster for all the debris to be hauled away. They also furnished trash containers for the Family Fun Night that was held later. Buckeye Water donated a couple pieces of equipment to use in the clean-up efforts and Vallera Services brought their back hoe to help. We're sure we're missing some groups and others. Maybe some of our commenters can fill in some of the missing information.

Some of the pictures in the collage above was furnished by BOE member Karen Dash. She must have been getting some pictures while helping in the cleaning. Thanks Karen...

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Family Fun Night Held In Wellsville

Saturday – July 16: In conjunction with Mayor Joe Surace's “Help Us – Help You” clean-up campaign the Lisbon based Family & Community Resource Center (FRC) held a Family Fun Night this past Saturday evening for anyone wishing to attend. The party was held in the Wellsville High School parking lot.

Those that came were treated to hot dogs cooked on the grill, snacks and refreshments. There were gifts for the children. Entertainment was provided by the Beatles tribute band Abbey Road. The party was co-hosted by FCR Founder/Director Cindy Slavens, FCR Projects Coordinator Crystal Boggs and Wellsville Mayor Joe Surace. State Senator & Mrs. Jason Wilson & family and State Rep. & Mrs. Craig Newbolt were a few of the folks that joined in the fun.

In spite of the heat a good time was had by all...

Wilson Foundation Makes Donation

Saturday – July 16: State Senator & Mrs. Jason Wilson made a donation to the Family & Community Resource Center on behalf of the Wilson Foundation Saturday evening at the Family Fun Night. In presenting the check Mrs. Wilson noted that the foundation likes to support groups that work with the under privileged in various communities. The Wilson Foundation is headquarted in Bridgeport, Ohio. The Family & Community Resource center is located at 134 Market Street in Lisbon. On July 12 they began serving lunch to needy children every Tuesday & Wednesday at the Kenney Center. That program was made possible with grants from AEP and Walmart and runs through August 24.

Shown presenting the Wilson Foundation donation above is Mrs. Wilson, Cindy Slavens (gray shirt) and Crystal Boggs (purple top) of the Resource Center along with Wellsville Mayor & Mrs. Joe Surace. The little ones are members of the Wilson, Surace and Boggs families.

For more information on the Family & Community Resource Center visit their web site at or call 330-420-0044.

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On The Calendar

This past week was a week where community spirit was emphasized in Wellsville. Monday evening members of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Parish held a community prayer service. The support shown by all in the Wellsville area that attended was tremendous. We had a post on it earlier. Then on Friday & Saturday members of the community came out for the Mayor's clean-up campaign. We'll have more on that later but for now we'll just say the show of support was great.

Monday – July 18:

  • Wellsville Board of Education – 6:30 PM in the Superintendent's Office – 929 Center St.

  • Committee to Save Immaculate Conception Church – 7 PM at SOI Lodge 657 – 327 Main St. - Public Invited

Tuesday – July 19:

  • Wellsville Carnegie Library Story Hour – 10 to 11 AM – Main St.

  • Wellsville Historical Society – 7:30 PM at the River Museum – 1003 Riverside Ave. - Trustees will meet at 7 PM

Wednesday – July 20:

  • Buckeye Water District Finance Committee – 10 AM at the District Office – 1925 Clark Ave,

Thursday – July 21:

  • Buckeye Water District Board of Trustees – 9 AM at Wellsville Village Hall – 1200 Main St.

  • Wellsville Crime Watch Committee – 6 PM at Wellsville Village Hall – 1200 Main St. - Public invited

Friday – July 22:

  • Dairy Queen Benefit Car Show for Liberty Theater Renovation – 6 to 9 PM – 400 Third St.

Saturday – July 23:

  • Nothing on our calendar

Sunday – July 24:

  • Worship at a church of your choice

  • River Museum Open House – 1 to 4:30 PM – 1003 Riverside Ave. - Admission by donation

Tuesday morning's Story Hour at the Library is the next to last one for the summer series. A special treat for the children is in store for next week's finale.

Tuesday night's Historical Society meeting will have Wellsville's Fire Chief William Smith speaking on the condition of the Flood Control System.

Thursday's evening meeting of the Crime Watch Committee will have Tim Long from the CC EMA as guest speaker. The public is always invited and encouraged to join in.

Friday evening the Dairy Queen is sponsoring a car show to benefit the Liberty Theater renovation efforts. There will be plaques, prizes and other events for this fund raiser. Call 330-532-2343 for details.

Have a good week everyone. Enjoy the warm weather while you can...

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wellsville Shows Support for Immaculate Conception Parishioners

We held off writing anything because we weren't sure which way we going to approach this. Were we going to mention the door Nazi that was told to make sure no cameras were taken inside the building? He even attempted to keep the press people out all together. Were we going to mention the lady that referred to everyone in Wellsville as being “a bunch of a—holes” was present? Was she trying to make amends or gathering information to take back up the river? Then we decided what good would it do?

With no activities planned this past week by the Committee to Save Immaculate Conception Church someone else decided to have a Community Prayer Service. They were given permission to use the church for one hour as long as everyone stayed away from the altar.

With an impressive display of support various members of the Wellsville Area Ministerial Association attended. They were led by their President, Rev. Jay Nightengale. Some even took part in the prayer service. Wellsville Church of the Nazarene Pastor Dirk Hall gave the opening prayer. Pastor Ken Malone of United Methodist Churches and Pastor Darlene Zanders of Mt. Sinai FBH both offered prayers. Aaron Roach from the First Baptist Men's Choir sang a rousing song asking the Lord to come by here. Other members of the Ministerial Association attending was Rev. Betsy Pullie, First Baptist Deacon Terry McCuen and Nazerene Youth Minister Aaron Smith. Continuing to show her support, Councilwoman Rosie Goss was also present. Goss is also a member of the First Baptist congregation.

Nunzio Lombardozzi acted as Master of Ceremonies. Mayor Joe Surace gave the welcome. Tom Brophey read the appeal filed with the Congregation of the Clergy saying it was now in Vatican City -
Rome. Earl Betz read a prayer of petition and Frank Rivelle recited a prayer to St. Jude. Other musical selections were led by Joe Olesky and the Immaculate Conception Choir.

It was an impressive display of support with all the people mentioned above, along with many others attending. All were praying for one common goal and that is to keep the Immaculate Conception Church open as a worship site for at least one hour a week in the newly merged Holy Trinity Parish.

The Fund Raising Committee is taking orders for the bright blue “Save the Immaculate Conception Church” T-Shirts. They are $13 a shirt and come in sizes small up to 3 XL. The Committee to Save the Immaculate Conception Church is holding their next meeting Monday, July 18 at 7 PM. The meeting will be held at the SOI Lodge 657 at 327 Main Street in Wellsville.

A newspaper article on the Prayer Service said a blogger was “taking photographs prior to the service”. Must be another blogger out there. We left our camera in our vehicle until near the end of the service. Maybe that is why we didn't have any problem attending the service. We didn't try to take it inside the church... this time.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Surace's "Last Hurrah"

Monday – July 11: Mayor Joe Surace calls it his “last hurrah” as Wellsville's top administrator. That “last hurrah” is a community wide clean-up effort that Surace challenged everyone in the Village to get involved with a couple of weeks ago. This past Monday the Mayor held an organizational meeting for the scheduled clean up days which will be this coming Friday & Saturday, July 15 & 16.

The Mayor noted that there really isn't any equipment owned by the Village to do the cleaning-up mechanically. With no summer help from the County this year to supplement the number of workers the Village is strapped keeping up with the grass mowing and the pot holes repairs. There are only three Street Department workers and one Cemetery Caretaker. One of the Street crew is usually kept busy keeping our cruisers on the road and the mowers going. Monday he was trying to get the Village owned back hoe back up and running. Meanwhile the weeds, dirt and debris keep piling up.

That's where the Mayor's challenge comes in. It was decided the grass and weeds growing on the sidewalks and along the curbs is probably the most unsightly right now. The Mayor calls it the Help Us – Help You Clean-up.

The Mayor issued his challenge to all clubs, organizations, churches and residents to get involved to help the Village help you in cleaning up the place. The Mayor said if each resident cleans up the side walk and sweeps it in a pile into the street they will take care of the rest.

The answer to the challenge was very encouraging. The members of the First Christian Church already contributed a couple of weeks ago and sent word that they would be back. Wellsville's Nazarene Church promised their help. The Lion's Club and the Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce was represented and promised their help. The Wellsville Volunteer Fire Department was there saying that the whole department will be out Saturday. Members of the Labor Union 809 pledged their support. The Wellsville Board of Education was represented with word the Touch Down Club, Football and Basketball Team members will be assisting. Ron Dailey, owner of Dailey Refuse, will donate a roll-off dumpster for the volunteers to use and will haul off what is collected. Sells Auction owner Bob Sell offered any help he could render.

The clean-up will start at 8 AM both Friday & Saturday. If anyone or any group is not already pre-assigned they are asked to report in at the rear of Village Hall. Village Administrator Jim Saracco and Village Zoning Administrator Rick Williams are the event co-ordinators. If there are any questions or other information needed you can call 330-532-2524 – Extension 10 during regular business hours. Quitting time will be 4 PM on both days.

On Saturday there will be a Family Fun Night in co-ordination with the Clean-up. It will include music by the band Abbey Road, the Beatle imitators, hots dogs, chips, refreshments and gifts for the kids. It is sponsored by the Family & Community Resource Center. The band starts at 5 PM with dinner to be ready at 6 PM in the High School parking lot. The Family & Community Resource Center will be handing out free discount cards and bracelets for the kids. With grants from AEP & Walmart they have also started a Summer Lunch Program at the Jim Kenney Center every Tuesday & Wednesday. For more information about the Center check their web site at or call 330-420-0044.

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

On The Calendar

Where is the summer going? We're already into the second week of July and not even half of our summer projects are completed. How 'bout you?

Monday – July 11:

  • Mayor's “Help Us Help You” Clean-up Campaign Organizational Meeting – 11 AM in Mayor's Office – Village Hall – 1200 Main St.

  • Committee to Save Immaculate Conception Church Prayer Service – 7 to 8 PM at Immaculate Conception Church - 11th & Main St.

Tuesday – July 12:

  • Wellsville Library Story Hour – 10 to 11 AM at the library - 828 Main St.

  • Wellsville Council Property Committee – 6 PM at Village Hall – 1200 Main St.

Wednesday – July 13:

  • Nothing on our calendar

Thursday – July 14:

  • Nothing on our calendar – enjoy the break

Friday – July 15:

  • Mayor's “Help Us Help You” Clean-up Campaign – Day 1 – Details to follow

Saturday – July 16:

  • Mayor's “Help Us Help You” Clean-up Campaign – Day 2 – Details to follow

Sunday – July 17:

  • Worship at a church of your choice

  • River Museum Open House – 1 to 4:30 PM – 1003 Riverside Ave. - Admission by donation

Wellsville Mayor Joe Surace has challenged all clubs, churches, organizations and residents to be part of a Village wide clean-up campaign. Surace said this is his “last hurrah”. In years past there has always been part-time employees furnished by the County to work on cleaning up around town. That well has run dry with the economy being as it is. Wellsville did not get any extra help this summer and that is where the Mayor's challenge comes into play. We'll have more details after his meeting tomorrow. Give him a call with any questions.

From what we gather Monday evening's prayer service at the Immaculate Conception Church is open to the public no matter what denomination. One paper had a paragraph to that effect. The other local paper edited that paragraph out. Must have been a space thing but, at any rate, if you support keeping a Catholic place of worship presence in Wellsville you're invited to show your support Monday evening.

Tuesday evening's Property Committee meeting will have a representative of ALOV – Associated Landowners of Ohio Valley – explain how they go about dealing with such companies as Chesapeake in signing leases for drilling for natural gas & oil in the Marcellus & Utica shale regions. ALOV is a nonprofit organization. Village officials are considering leasing the drilling rights on the old dump and reservoir properties and are looking for the best deal.

Have a good week everyone...

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Wellsville Voters To Decide Electricity Aggregation Issue

Thursday – July 7: Wellsville Village Council held a Special meeting last night at Village Hall to vote on two pieces of legislation. Present at the meeting was Mayor Joe Surace and Council Members Sue Haugh, Rosie Goss, Joe Soldano, Randy Allmon, John McMahon and Tony Cataldo. Also present was Fiscal Officer Dale Davis and Legal Advisor Andy Beech.

The two resolutions voted on both pertain to the governmental electricity aggregation program brought about with deregulating the electricity industry. The first resolution is to authorize the Mayor to enter into an agreement with First Energy Solutions for their opt-out aggregation program. There is a deadline of Friday, July 8 for that agreement to be signed. The second resolution is the authorization to put the electricity aggregation program on the November ballot in the General Election for Wellsville residents to decide the issue. Both resolutions were voted to be put on third and final reading and were unanimously adopted. Now the questions begin.

A First Energy Solutions representative presented the program to members of Council at last Tuesday's meeting. There still remains much confusion on just how the program works and about the benefits for residential and commercial customers in Wellsville. Councilman Soldano offered to get any questions answered saying there is time between now and the General Election to “educate the voters”.

The next regular scheduled Council meeting is Tuesday, August 2 at 6 PM at Village Hall.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Immaculate Conception Parishioners Given Up-Date

Tuesday – July 5: The Committee to Save Immaculate Conception Church held an up-date meeting this past Tuesday at Wellsville's SOI Lodge. Co-chair Nunzio Lombardozzi presided and there were 50 to 60 people in attendance. Showing their support were Wellsville Council members Sue Haugh, Rosie Goss, John McMahon and Joe Soldano. Each were introduced and recognized.

Ken Biacco reported there will be a sign up sheet in the back of the church next Saturday for anyone that donated toward the air conditioner fund and wants their donation returned. Len DeSarro gave the Treasurer's Report and announced last week's rigatoni dinner was an extremely successful sell-out. That dinner was held at the Alumni Center and was organized in about four days time. It was supported by many members of the community.

Beverly Hentzell, shown above being interviewed along with Tom Brophey, reported that the appeal to the Congregation of the Clergy is now at the Vatican in Rome. The Degree of Merger was read at Mass this past Saturday. Hentzell reported they were attempting to obtain a copy from the Diocese and according to today's newspapers it has just been received. Hentzell advised there will be no more vigils attempted. If the church isn't open for a Mass next Saturday all are asked to meet in front of the Blessed Mother statue along Main Street for a prayer service.

Goals were announced for amounts needed for Canon lawyers fees and court costs should it go that far. Ideas for future fund raising efforts were discussed. Anyone wishing to purchase a “Save Immaculate Conception” t-shirt should contact Roxanne Hall. Shirts are $15 each.

Wellsville Councilwoman Sue Haugh announced that the Haugh Design Wellsville web site is available to the Immaculate Conception members for whatever use they need, free of charge. That web site can be found at It is maintained by Haugh.

Councilwoman Rosie Goss who has shown her support with writing letters to Youngstown Diocese Bishop George Murry, asking that the Committee's efforts be supported at Wellsville Council meetings and writing a poem expressing her support. It is titled “God Help Me To Understand” and it goes:

“Dear God,
I really need to talk to you because my friends and I are in so much pain,
of how they are doing the Catholic Church located at 11th and Main.

I need for you to help me understand what went so very wrong,
how did a church go from serving you to not being able to sing a song?

I know you place people in authority to preach and praise your name,
But somehow someone placed it upon himself to seek out his glory and fame.

Please understand that I have the utmost respect for the people you have place in charge,
But God could you please remind them that you reign above them all.

All this church ever wanted was to worship where they please,
Why can't they be left alone and praise Your Name in peace?

I'm proud of each and everyone of them for taking such a stand,
To show the Village and the people that God is still in command.

Bless all of us dear Lord and help us through this ordeal,
Touch the heart of those that are against us,
Let them see that this fight is for real.”

Goss noted that she is member of Wellsville's First Baptist.

The next meeting is tenatively set for Monday, July 18 at 7 PM at the SOI Lodge. On a lighter note Nunzio Lombardozzi proudly displays his new “gavel” as shown above.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wellsville Village Council Meeting

Tuesday – July 5: Wellsville Village Council held their regular monthly meeting at Village Hall last evening. Present at the meeting was Mayor Joe Surace, Council Members Sue Haugh, Rosie Goss, Randy Allmon, Joe Soldano, John McMahon and Tony Cataldo. Also attending was Fiscal Officer Dale Davis, Village Administrator Jim Saracco, Legal Advisor Andy Beech, Zoning Administrator Rick Williams and seven members of Wellsville Volunteer Fire Dept.

Tim Long, speaking on behalf of the Volunteers of the Fire Department, was first up for Public Speaking. Long was there to to take Council's offer of the vacant lot at 9th & Commerce Street “off the table”. That property is owned by the Village. Back in March or April Council voted to hold that land while the WVFD attempted to find funding for construction of a new fire station. For safety reasons and over crowding with equipment it was decided a bigger station was required.

Long announced that the Volunteers have struck a deal with Wofford Roll-Off & Demolition and Landmark Realities for the old Sterling China property along Commerce Street. Long advised the Wofford brothers had a much larger offer for the property that they turned down in favor of selling to the Volunteers at a lesser price.

Long went on to report that the Volunteers have partnered with East Liverpool's A&I Studios and its principal Scott Shepherd for the design of the new building. They will be attempting to have the new structure look somewhat like the new high school. Shepherd is also assisting in searching for funding. He is doing the architectural work pro-bono. Amanda Banner of Banner Law will be doing consultancy work and working on the agreement with the Woffords.

Long reported that in addition to a newer, bigger fire station they are looking to add a banquet hall and storage sheds to help defray some expense. Another consideration is an out-door amphitheater for concerts, etc. In support of the community they are also looking to use a portion of the lot for a play ground. Long noted the Volunteers very much appreciate the support and cooperation that Council always gives the department.

Paul Harkey of First Engergy Solutions addressed Council about a proposal for government aggregation for electric rates. There is a deadline of July 8 for the agreement to be approved and another deadline of August 10 to have the proposal on the November General Election ballot. After being questioned by Councilwoman Haugh, Harkey explained that the plan is to save a flat 3% on kilo watt hours charged. It would not affect the distributor, such as AEP and the residents would have a choice to opt out. If passed the Village would receive a $10 fee per meter that is called a grant. That fee would be paid by the residents. If approved in November the agreement is for nine years and would be on the ballot every three years for renewal after that. Each time it is approved the Village would get another $10 per meter. Council ordered in legislation to authorize the Mayor to sign an agreement with First Energy and to have it put on the November ballot. There will be a special Council meeting Thursday, July 7 at 6 PM to vote on the new legislation.

Broadway resident Dawn Johnston, pictured above, presented the Mayor with a 5 Year Award the Tree Board received at the annual awards ceremony. Johnston added the Tree Board also received a “growth award” this year. Johnston also issued a reminder that Tree Board permits are required when any resident cuts down or plants a tree. The permits are available from the Board or at Village Hall. Johnston noted that the permits assists them in their required inventory that they have to report on each year. Johnston said that failure to get a permit could be a $150 fine. Lastly Johnston asked that anyone getting new side walks on Main Street put in leave space between the sidewalk and the curb so new trees can be planted.

Wellsville barber JC Coulter addressed Council about getting approval to have a 5k run in town to benefit the Team Mojo program. That program is designed to help disadvantaged children who can not afford the fee in the pay-to-play programs. Coulter said the Wellsville High School has granted them permission to use the high school parking lot for the start and finish of the 5k run. The Mayor remarked it was a really great idea and recommended that Coulter get together with Street Committee Chairman John McMahon to work out the details.

Village Administrator Jim Saracco reported that the two members of the Street Department have used a total of 85 tons of hot patch on pot holes. Patching is nearly completed. They are going back to get some of the smaller holes that were passed up.

The mixer for the second aerobic digester at the Sewage Treatment Plant has finally come in. Saracco said once installed it “will hopefully eliminate that odor”. Saracco also thanked everyone that worked on the Broadway Park fountains. He added they will be working on the ones that aren't holding water. Closing out his report Saracco thanked Pastor Mark Blakely and the members of First Christian that voluntarily did some street cleaning.

Zoning Administrator Rick Williams reported that the bids for the Main Street sidewalk project should be advertised in the next week. Williams advised that is all being handled by County officials.

In the Mayor's Report, Surace announced his “Help Us Help You Clean-Up” Village community project. It will be held Friday, July 15, and Saturday, July 16. There will be an organizational meeting Monday, July 11 at 11 AM at Village Hall. Surace say he is getting favorable response from many organizations. The Family & Community Resource Center will provide music and food on Saturday starting at 5 PM.

The Mayor also appointed Tom LaScola and Carol Thompson to the Tree Board. They will replace Greg Thrasher and Bob Marcin who both resigned.

For the Finance Committee Tony Cataldo reported that at the end of May the General Fund had a balance of $3,695. Cataldo reported the expenditures were $5,000 more than the receipts in May. There was an $8,500 carry over in the General Fund from April. The Street Construction Fund had a $6,400 balance, Cemetery a $3,600 balance and total balance of all funds was $414, 963.

John McMahon reported that there are lights in Broadway Park not working for the Street Committee. Saracco advised he would have them checked. McMahon also reported two lights on the bridge not working and was advised they needed new ballasts which are very expensive. McMahon commended the Street Department crew for their work repairing pot holes.

Chair Sue Haugh announced there will be a Property Committee meeting Tuesday, July 12 at 6 PM with representatives of ALOFT. They are the non-profit group that has been representing owners in drilling leases for natural gas. The meeting is open to the public. Village officials are checking options for drilling at the old reservoir and dump.

Councilwoman Rosie Goss asked everyone to keep members of the Immaculate Conception Church in their prayers. Goss said it is her belief that people should have the right to choose where they worship. The Wellsville Catholic parishioners are appealing the Diocese of Youngstown Bishop's decision to close the church.

Three resolutions were passed with Council voting to suspend rules and adopt all three. One was the approval to exclude the City of Salem and adopting an alternative method of apportionment of Local government funds. The second was authorizing Village officials to apply for Issue 1 funds for street paving and catch basins. If granted it will be for paving part of Commerce and 40 to 50 catch basins throughout the Village according to Cataldo. The last resolution was to adopt an alternative method of distributing Local Government funds in 2012.

Closing out the meeting Joe Soldano said that he and his brother John will be donating four hanging baskets for the Wells Avenue bridge in memory of their mother and in honor of their father.

The meeting adjourned at 6:55 PM. Next regular scheduled meeting is Tuesday, August 2 at 6 PM at Village Hall.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

66th OVI - Co. I Civil War Re-enactors Visit Wellsville

Members of the 66th Ohio Volunteer Infantry – Company I Civil War Re-enactors were guests of the Wellsville Historical Society Sunday after at the River Museum. Displaying authentic Civil War uniforms, weapons and field equipment was Capt. Rob Shick of Kittaning, PA, Pvt. Jason Leggett of Lisbon, OH, Pvt. Joseph Franklin of Minerva, OH and Kiersten Franklin also of Minerva.

The Re-enactors had a weapons demonstration with their 1853 Enfield rifles showing the audience how they are loaded tamping the gun powder down the barrel, inserting a firing cap and having one shot before it all had to be repeated for the next shot. The also demonstrated the different offensive and defensive commands and movements using fixed bayonets.

The 66th OVI was mustered in the first year of the Civil War in 1861. The 66th OVI Re-enactors got their start about 18 years ago and have found themselves busy this year with this being the 150th Anniversary of the start of the “War between the States”. In a few weeks they will be traveling to Virginia where they will participate in the Battle of Manassas along with many other groups re-enacting this huge battle that took place in the first year of the Civil War.

Anyone interested in enlisting in the 66th OVI Re-enactor's group is asked to call 724-664-4183. Like the Marines they are looking for a few good men. The River Museum is having open house every Sunday through August from 1 to 4:30 PM. Admission is free but donations are gratefully accepted. Private tours are available by reservation only. Call 330-532-1018 or 330-532-3941 for additional information.

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On The Calendar

Happy 4th of July...what's left of it. Uncle Sam is 235 years old today. Compared to some European countries America is still one of the new kids on the block.

It was nice to see the Broadway Park fountains going, even for just a brief time. As we're writing this only two of them still have water. It is very encouraging to see members of the community to step up to the plate and get involved, such as the members of First Christian and the folks that worked on the fountains. By example they are showing what can be accomplished instead of waiting around for someone else to do it.

Monday – July 4:

  • Have a safe holiday

Tuesday – July 5:

  • Wellsville Library Story Hour – 10 to 11 AM at the library – Main St.

  • Wellsville Village Council Meeting – 6 PM at Village Hall – 1200 Main St.

  • Committee To Save Immaculate Conception Church Meeting – 7 PM at SOI Lodge 657 – 327 Main St. - Open to the public

Wednesday – July 6:

  • Wellsville Jr. Tigers Registration – 5 to 7 PM at Hammonds Park

  • Potter Players Auditions for “Delval Divas” - 7 PM at Playhouse – 417 15th St.

Thursday – July 7:

  • Potter Players Auditions for “Delval Divas” 7 PM at Playhouse – 417 15th St.

Friday – July 8:

  • Wellsville's Memorial Council taking down flags along Main St.

Saturday – July 9:

  • Potter Players Yard Sale – 8 AM to 12 Noon at Calcutta Pavillion – Rt. 170

Sunday – July 10:

  • Worship at a church of your choice

  • River Museum Open House – 1 to 4:30 PM – 1003 Riverside Ave. - Open to the public – Admission by donation

Tuesday's Council Meeting will be the only one scheduled for the month of July. The next scheduled meeting will be the first Tuesday in August.

The meeting of the Committee to Save Immaculate Conception Church Tuesday is open to any interested or conccerned individuals whether you're an Immaculate Conception member or attend another other church. Everybody is welcome.

Wednesday evening's Jr. Tiger registration is for football players and cheerleaders. For more information call 330-532-9026.

Have a good week everyone...

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Potter Players To Hold Auditons For "Delval Divas"

The Potter Players Community Theatre will hold open auditions next week at their playhouse on 15th Street in Wellsville. They are looking for six women or five women and one man to be cast in the play "Devil Divas".

It's a comedy murder mystery that is set in the swanky Delaware Valley Correctional Facility. It's a country club prison where the highly educated and professional women inmates are upset to learn that their cushy prison might be closing. If that happens they will be transferred to a high security prison where hard core murderers are incarcerated. The antics go in high gear when they try to solve a murder that happened in their cushy facility.

Auditions will be held Wednesday, July 6 & Thursday, July 7 at 7 PM at the playhouse located at 417 15th Street. The play will be directed by Nancy Wolf and performances are set for the week-ends of August 19 & 20 and August 27 & 28. Call 330-314-3937 for more information if needed.

Break a leg...

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Wellsville Catholics Locked Out of Prayer Vigil

Saturday – July 2: About nine members of the Committee to Save the Immaculate Conception Parish were given a police escort out of the building and locked out of the church this afternoon. Following the Saturday afternoon Mass the Committee members were hoping to have a prayer vigil to keep the church open as a worship site in the merged parish. Committee spokesman Tom Brophey commented that by Canon Law they have every right to do this and they can not be forced out of the building. Canon Law are the rules of the Catholic religion.

Apparently the Church Administrator disagrees. Although not there in person he advised members of the church staff to contact the police. He supposedly said the Committee members were trespassing and he wanted them removed from the church. Members of the Committee voluntarily ended their prayer vigil and exited the church peacefully when told by the police officer they had to leave. The officer advised he was not familiar with Catholic rules and had to adhere to the law of the land in this situation. He compared it to a private home when the owner requests someone to leave.

We were told that Father Peter has returned from Florida but for some reason Bishop George Murry of the Youngstown Diocese had a visiting priest offer the Saturday afternoon Mass and read the Bishop's letter to the Wellsville congregation. That letter was the long awaited Decree of Merger and was dated June 28. In the letter the Bishop wrote “I hope the Lord will lead you to understand the benefits of this merger and that He will grant you His peace”. Members of the Committee contend that under Canon Law the Bishop has to issue a Decree of Suppression and a Decree of Relegation to Profane Use to close a parish church.

Members of the Committee to Save The Immaculate Conception Church earlier have said they accept the merger of the two parishes which will be named the Holy Trinity parish. Their goal is to keep the Wellsville church open as a worship site for one day a week in the new parish to prevent hardships to the more senior members and the handicapped members. It would be especially hard for these members should they be forced to travel to East Liverpool to practice their faith. Travel for some is a hardship and the lack of parking in East Liverpool for everyone is a hardship. Spokesman Brophey stated that an appeal to the Congregation for the Clergy had arrived at the Apostalic Nuncio's Office in Washington, DC, this past Friday. The appeal was made to reverse the Bishop's decision to close the Wellsville church.

Pictured above are some of the members of the Committee peacefully leaving the church after being told they could not have a prayer vigil in there, even though they believe it is permissible under Canon Law. The second picture is the doors being locked behind them.

What a sad state of affair it is when the leaders of your faith lock you out of a place of worship. We wonder if the Youngstown Bishop and his Administrator can find peace themselves.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Little Help From Wellsville Friends

As mentioned in an earlier post some volunteer members of the Wellsville community have been busy this week. They have been cleaning, sealing and preparing the fountains in Broadway Park to be turned on.

Their efforts paid off this afternoon when Wellsville Elks Exalted Ruler Jeff Haugh and Wellsville Volunteer Fire Department members Barry Podwell and Kris Vallara filled all the fountains and got them started for the first time this year. Those gentlemen are seen here at the fountain located between 7th & 8th Streets.

Special thanks to Councilwoman Sue Haugh for getting the ball rolling and also to Jack Cataldo, Jeff MacLain and the three mentioned above. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

They're beautiful when they are working. They really give Wellsville a touch of class...

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Time Out For A Then & Now

Here's a picture from what is believed to be a collection of photographs accumulated by the late Bucky Moore. Moore was a Wellsville resident and retired railroad worker.

His picture shown here in black & white is the intersection of Main & 13th Street. The buildings west of 14th Street are all gone today. From the left is Rivelle's House, Annie's New House Cafe, Russell's Mercantile and Hannum's Drug Store. We guess it was taken sometime in the early 1950s. Because of the Family Dollar Store we couldn't quite duplicate the old black & white in the picture below.

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Committee To Save The Immaculate Conception Holds Fund Raiser

A rigatoni dinner was held this past Wednesday evening at the WHS Alumni Center. The dinner was a fund raiser for Wellsville's Committee to Save The Immaculate Conception Church. Organizers say it was a very successful sell-out event. After expenses, all the proceeds from the event go to the legal fund for the appeals being filed to reverse the Diocese of Youngstown Bishop Murry's decision to merge the Wellsville parish with St. Aloysius in East Liverpool and close the Wellsville church.

Wellsville parishioners are willing to agree to the merger but are hoping to keep the Immaculate Conception Church functional as a worship site in the combined parish.

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Girl's Basketball Summer League Season Completed

The new version of the Girl's Basketball Summer League closed out their schedule for this year last Wednesday evening. Organizer, Wellsville Head Coach Ed Swogger, remarked he thought it was very successful for a first effort to get it started again. .

Six teams from schools from around the area made up the league. They were Beaver Local, East Liverpool, Oak Glen, Southern Local, Toronto and Wellsville. All six teams played twice a week on Mondays & Wednesdays. The league started on June 6. All games were played in the Tiger's Den in Wellsville. In the collage above is some of the action from last Thursday.

We were only able to make a couple of the game nights. From what we saw there is going to be some tough competition this coming season with a lot of talent on all the teams. East Liverpool ended the summer league with a 7&1 record with the Wellsville Lady Tigers close behind with a 6&2 record.

Congratulations to all the Ladies that played in the league. You're all winners...

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Nicholson Stadium Ready For The Metal

In the continuing story of replacing the east side grandstands at Wellsville's Nicholson Stadium it was announced at the last Board of Education meeting that the company contracted for the new stand were ready to install the borings.

To keep the new stands stable deep holes were drilled into the ground and filled with concrete. Tests were previously done to determine how deep the holes had to be bored. Once the concrete cures the contractor will be ready for the new metal stands. They will be bolted to the concrete that you see here. The stands are similar to the ones across the field. After being fabricated at the manufacturer's plant they will be put together on site, something similar to a giant erector set.

Wellsville School Superintendent Rich Bereschik said once they arrive it will only take about a week to assemble. They will be ready for use for the football home opener in mid-August.

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Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce June Luncheon

The Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce held their June luncheon at the Riverside Roadhouse this past Tuesday. President-elect Diane Spencer announced that June was the Chamber Membership Drive.

Wellsville Mayor Joe Surace spoke briefly on his Help Us Help You Clean Sweep program to be held July 15 & 16. Surace said there will be an organizational meeting on Monday, July 11 at 11 AM at Village Hall. For more information call 330-532-2524.

Guest Speaker was East Liverpool City Hospital President & CEO Kenneth Cochran, RN,FACHE. Mr. Cochran was newly appointed to that position and gave his personal history and spoke on the goals and latest developments of the hospital. He is pictured above.

Closing the meeting President-elect Spencer said the next luncheon will be Thursday, September 29 at a location to be announced later.

Enjoy the summer...

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United Water Named Chamber Business of the Month

United Water has been named the Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce Business of the Month at the June luncheon. United Water employees operate the Village of Wellsville's Sewage Treatment Plant.

Shown here with the award, from the left, is Chamber President-elect Diane Spencer,United Water Operations Manager Greg Stewart, Mayor Joe Surace and Operations Specialist Allen Berget.

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Community Support Show For Wellsville Committee to Save Immaculate Conception

Members of the community have been joining together to actively show their support for the Committee to Save Immaculate Conception in their efforts to keep Wellsville open for at least a worship center for the new merged parishes.

At last Monday's meeting at the SOI Wellsville United Methodist Pastor Ken Malone, pictured here, addressed the Committee to Save Immaculate Conception. With a caring voice Malone welcomed the Wellsville's Catholics the use of any of United Methodist facilities should they be needed. Malone indicated his congregation was saddened with the news of the possible closing of the Immaculate Conception facilities and promised they would cooperate in any way they could in working out any details.

On another front, Committee Co-Chair Beverly Hentzell reported they received a letter from Riverside Presbyterian Pastor William Betteridge saying that he had personally written letters to the Catholic authorities in Washington DC and Youngstown asking that the decision to merge the Wellsville parish be reversed.

Earlier in the campaign to oppose the merger it was announced that Wellsville Councilwoman Rosie Goss had written letters to the Bishop on two separate occasions on behalf of the parishioners. Someone reported that Councilwoman Sue Haugh also sent her best wishes and pledged her support to the parishioners. Councilman Joe Soldano has personally been to a couple of meetings in support of his hometown parish along with Mayor Joe Surace.

The Committee to Save Immaculate Conception meets weekly for updates and to discuss strategy in the efforts to keep the church in Wellsville open. The meetings are held at the SOI Lodge 657, 327 Main St.. The next meeting is set for Tuesday, July 5 at 7 PM. The meetings are open to the public.

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Wellsville Mayor Organizing Village Clean-up

Last Monday Mayor Joe Surace invited all of Wellsville to “help us help you”. The invitation was extended to all businesses, organizations, churches, school groups, clubs and individuals to join together on a two day clean-up effort to be held Friday-July 15 and Saturday-July 16. It's a Village wide community effort to clean-up dirt, debris and weeds.

Last Sunday members of Wellsville's First Christian congregation got a head start on the Mayor's idea. After their Sunday services they changed into work clothes and starting on the eastern end of town they pulled weeds, picked up trash, shoveled up dirt and generally cleaned up along their route. First Christian Pastor Mark Blakely was quoted in the newspaper as saying it was their way of giving back to the community.

At the last Wellsville Council meeting Property Chairwoman Sue Haugh inquired about the status of the fountains in Broadway Park. She was told they needed cleaned, sealed and filled. There was sealer on hand and it was only a matter of getting someone to do it since the Street Department employees were tied up patching pot holes and keeping up with the grass cutting. With just three people those two things take up all their time. Haugh publicly hinted that maybe she could get some volunteers together to get the fountains ready for the season. Before she even got a chance to look into it Mayoral candidate Jack Cataldo took on the task. Shown here with Jeff MacLain last Thursday they have cleaned and sealed all the fountains. They are ready for to put in the pumps and water. Haugh later remarked that it was great to see members of the community pitching in to help get things accomplished.

This is the kind of effort the Mayor has in mind. Surace said if individual residents would just clean up their part of the street in front of their properties the Village employees will come and pick up the weeds, dirt and debris. The Mayor is holding an organizational meeting Monday, July 11 at 11 AM at Village Hall. It is open to the public and Surace says he's open to all ideas. For more information call Village Hall at 330-532-2524.

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