Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Immaculate Conception Parish Committee Adopts 11th Street Playground

Wellsville's 11th Street Playground to be spruced up by members
of the Save the Immaculate Conception Parish Committee

Representing the Committee to Save the Immaculate Conception Parish, Wellsville resident Nunzio Lombardozzi asked Council’s permission for them to adopt the Village owned 11th Street Playground.  Lombardozzi noted that the Committee holds their weekly prayer service there, weather permitting.  As their way of saying thanks for that they wanted to clean up, fix up and maintain the playground. 

Lombardozzi reported the committee has scheduled a work party for Wednesday, August 15 to get started.  So far there are 18 volunteers willing to help on the project.  They want to clean the brush off the fence line and paint the playground equipment.  It is scheduled to begin at 4 PM.

Mayor Susan Haugh gave her sincere thanks to the committee and endorsed the project.  Village Administrator Thom Edgell added he thought it was a wonderful idea and hoped it comes to pass.  Council members agreed, unanimously passing a motion to allow Lombardozzi and the ICC committee permission to proceed with the project.

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"Trinity Marie" - You should say three Hail Marys for such snide, simplistic comments. Better yet you could join in helping. The Mayor really loves when volunteers step up to help with projects such as these.