Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chamber-of-Commerce February Luncheon

Thursday - February 25: The Wellsville Chamber-of-Commerce February luncheon was held this past Thursday at Kat's Kitchen on Main Street. The meeting portion was called to order by Chamber President Randy Allmon and Paul Blevins offered invocation.

Condolences were sent out to Charter Chamber Member Marge Dysert and all her family on the passing of her youngest daughter, Becky Dysert Watson. Please keep Marge and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

Allmon announced that the All Class Reunion brochure is now sold out for ad space. The brochure will have a schedule of events for the four day reunion plus much more handy information. There will be 1,000 copies printed and will be offered to the public free of charge. This has been a Chamber project for quite a few of the 5-Year Reunions. Allmon commended Sheryl Gibson and Diana Spencer for their efforts with the brochure.

Allmon also announced that they attended a meeting recently with Baard Energy and asked all at the luncheon to help with a letter campaign in support of the Baard project. Allmon said "they're still coming". He quoted Baard V.P. of Business Development Steve Dopuch as saying he could not give a specific time frame but said he's almost positive the proposed plant will be coming to Wellsville.

They ask that letters be sent to the President, the Governor, our U.S. Senators & Congressmen plus the U.S. Secretary of Energy asking for "support of your administration desperately needed in our economically distressed county in Ohio". It goes on to say the Sierra Club "disparages" the Ohio EPA for issuing permits that didn't address CO2" although Baard has guaranteed to capture at least 80% of the CO2 it produces. The letter also asks for support in obtaining DOE loan guarantees. This is an apparent reversal of Baard's financing strategy. Sometime ago they announced they would go it alone without the DOE guarantees because of the environmental groups objections. Copies of the letter and a list of addresses can be obtained by contacting Allmon.

Business of The Month is Mills Insurance Agency. See our post below.

This month's guest speaker was Columbiana County Assistant Prosecutor Tim McNicol, pictured above. McNicol is a Wellsville native, an alumni of WHS and along with his family, a Wellsville resident. Tim and wife Maria have two young daughters. Normally we would have cropped the picture to have Tim centered. However, seeing a McNicol on "Shamrock Alley" with a "Happy St. Patrick's Day" shamrock over his shoulder seemed like a natural to us.

According to Paul Blevins, McNicol was valedictorian of his high school class, went on to become a Buckeye, graduating from Ohio State with a bachelor's degree and got his law degree from Capital University in Columbus. McNicol started practicing law in 1990 as an intern in the County Prosecutor's office. He became an Assistant Prosecutor in 1991 and for about 15 years now is the main prosecutor of all sexual assault and child abuse cases.

In addition to his County job, McNicol is also an Assistant Prosecutor in East Liverpool. On that job he is the primary prosecutor in the EL Municipal Court working with another Wellsville native, Judge Melissa Byers-Emmerling. On top of that he is the Mayor's Court Magistrate in both Wellsville & Salineville.

Wellsville's Magistrate Court got started in 2002 under Joe LaScola who was Mayor at the time. They hear non-jury cases for basic traffic offenses, first time under the influence cases and some theft cases. Wellsville Magistrate Court is held the second and fourth Thursday evening of the month. Since beginning in 2002 there have been over 6,500 cases heard in Wellsville.

McNicol gave a very interesting talk on the County Prosecutor's office, his duties and how they do things over there. He explained the theory behind plea bargains in abuse cases stating that only about 25% of them ever go to trial. Many of the cases settled, and never see the court room, save the victim of more trauma from having to testify. Stating there is hardly ever any witnesses and most of them have no physical evidence to prosecute with.

McNicol wrapped up his talk with a favorite topic of his, the dumbest criminals in the County. Out of the three examples he shared there is the one about the "lady" from East Liverpool that hired a cab to take her to shop in Calcutta, wait on her and then to take her on to Midland. The "lady" paid a $40 fare in advance for this. While shopping in Calcutta she got busted for shop lifting and was hauled off to the County Jail. She bailed out the next day and later showed up in McNicol's EL office wanting to file charges against the cab company. They wouldn't refund her cab fare. McNicol indicated she was shown the door.

Announcements were made by Chamber member Mary Beth Morse reminding everyone of the Potter Players Community Theater production of the comedy The Kitchen Witches this week-end and next. Chamber Correspondence Secretary Linda Surace was collecting e-mail addresses for the Chamber's news letter and announcements. Erin Orr was drawn as the 50/50 winner and donated it back for charity.

According the the Chamber web site the next luncheon is scheduled for Thursday, March 25, at noon, at Tonda's Place on the Square.

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Business of The Month - February 2010

Thursday - February 25: Wellsville's Mills Insurance Agency was recognized as the Chamber-of-Commerce's Business of The Month. From the right pictured here is Chamber President Randy Allmon, Mega Ins. Managing Partner Derek Hiscox, Wellsville Office Manager Lori Valentine Elkins and Chamber Business of The Month Committee Member Brian Wallace.

Located at 454 Main Street in Wellsville, Mills Insurance was founded in 1959 by Jack and Lila Mills. In a 2003 merger they became part of the Mega Ins. Group.

Mega was established in 1994 and has offices in East Liverpool and Lisbon in addition to Mills. They provide insurance to over 4,500 individuals & families and 950 businesses. They offer a full line of insurance services.

Their web site says they are an independent insurance agency representing several insurance companies. Being independent allows them to work for the customer offering the best in insurance representation possible. They are large enough to serve yet small enough to care.

The Wellsville office is staffed by Elkins, who also handles all Personal Lines, and Shelly Abdalla who works on claims.

Congratulations to all that are part of the Mills Agency.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wellsville Council Claims, Rules & Ordinance Committee

Thursday - February 25: The Claims, Rules & Ordinance Committee had a meeting this past Thursday at Wellsville Village Hall. Present at the meeting was Chairwoman Rosie Goss, and Committee Members Sue Haugh & Joe Soldano. Also present was Fiscal Officer Dale Davis.

What was called a "no brainer" by Soldano, a request made by WFD Chief Bill Smith at the last Council Meeting to increase paid call out fire fighters from 25 to 30 will be recommended to be approved at next week's Council Meeting. Soldano explained that it will not cost any addition money and increases the department's chances of getting enough fire fighters to respond. There are many of the called out firemen that work full-time jobs elsewhere and it's a toss up sometimes. Councilwoman Haugh said a recent Commerce Street fire gave proof that the extra fire fighters are needed. Until mutual aid arrived on the scene of that Commerce Street fire there were only two people available. That mutual aid is sometimes 15 to 30 minutes away according to the Chief.

The last increase was approved in 1972. If that ordinance can't be located by the next Council meeting Davis said a new one will ordered drawn up.

The Committee will also recommend that a $280.34 claim for repairs to a power steering system be denied. Appian Way resident Edna Householder filed the claim stating her son backed her car into a pot hole entering her driveway. The claim stated the accident occurred on Oak Alley. The claim was filed February 23.

Joe Soldano announced there will be a Personnel Committee Meeting Monday at 11 A.M. to review union contract negotiations. The meeting will be held in Executive Session and it was unknown if any recommendations would be announced.

Soldano also announced that next week's Regular Council Meeting will be moved from Tuesday to Wednesday due to the WHS Men's Basketball tournament game. The meeting is now scheduled for Wednesday, March 3 at 6 P.M., at Wellsville Village Hall.

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Wellsville Council Finance Committee

Tuesday - February 23: Wellsville's Village Council Finance Committee held their first meeting of the year this past Tuesday. Present at the meeting was Finance Committee Chairman Tony Cataldo and Committee Member Joe Soldano. Also present was Mayor Joe Surace, Village Administrator Jim Saracco, Fiscal Officer Dale Davis, Council Members Sue Haugh & Randy Allmon, Zoning Administrator Rick Williams, WPD Chief Joe Scarabino and Bill Boyle of Giles, Gard & Johnson, the Engineering firm.

Cataldo started off the meeting asking Mr. Boyle to explain the difference between what was reported by the Village Fiscal Office as being spent in 2009 for his company's services and the amount he reported being received by his company from the Village. Boyle explained that when the request was made it was thought it was only for worked invoiced in 2009 to the Village. The difference was two invoices issued in 2008 for work done at the Sewage Treatment Plant and the Highland Avenue project. The Village was billed in November 2008 for the first invoice and in December 2008 for the second but the bills weren't paid until January & February of 2009. One invoice was for $9,064 and the other for $13,0488.50. G,G&J was paid a total of $51,877.50 in 2009 for work done for the Village. A per centage of that amount will be reimbursed from the STAG funds if ever released.

Cataldo went on to give reports on the Village General Fund. Last year the fund stood at $25,796 at the end of December. By 1/31/10 the amount available in the General Fund was $16,468. In 2009 the Village took in $267,000 and spent $296,000. Cataldo reported it would have been worse had the Village not taken in $26,000 in Inheritance money and the Franchise fee was up $12,000. The Committee will be reviewing the entire budget line by line to see where cuts can be made.

A General Fund one mill levy expires this year along with two Fire Dept. levies that bring in six mills. One of the Fire levies is already designated as a replacement levy. Fiscal Officer Davis advised the Committee will have to first determine if it will recommend if all three levies should be put on the ballot as renewals or replacements that reflect current home values. If a levy is a renewal the amount collected is based on home values at the time it was first approved at the polls. The levies will not be on the ballot until the November General Election. Davis also advised the Committee will have to make a future decision on the Flood Control levy. It currently brings in $13,000 a year. If passed as a replacement levy when it next comes up that amount would jump to $28,000 based on newly determined home values.

The Mayor remarked that there are four pumps in the uptown portion of the Flood Control system. Three of those pumps do not work. Those pumps were installed in the late 1930s when the system was first built. They have been babied all these years. Former Village employee Mark Allison has been lined up to inspect and evaluate all the pumps in the system. Allison recently retired from BWD and Surace noted he is probably the most knowledgeable one around for those pumps. He's done work on them in the past. In the event of a flood the Mayor noted that they are checking with the Army Corp of Engineers on the availability of their portable "utility pumps".

Cataldo then inquired on possible FEMA reimbursement for what was spent on snow removal this month. Davis reported that nothing has been heard yet and cautioned there is no guarantee that it will happen. A total of $49,000 in snow removal expenses has been reported to the County EMA to include in their reports to the State. Out of that total amount $29,000 was paid to Pusateri Excavating and $6,800 to Minor Supply. The balance went for fuel, food, wages and over-time wages.

Next was the discussion on the collections of back fines and unpaid Village Income Taxes. Committee Member Soldano asked what ever happened to using Capitol Recovery to track down and collect these. Davis advised that any money collected by them requires that a State fee be paid first. The agency adds a per centage on top of the amount due for their fee. The part-time Village clerk does all the preliminary leg work getting everything together and then sends the information to the agency. Soldano stated that procedure needs to be refreshed. Surace noted that the clerk has had a lot of sucess tracking down individuals but he would check with the agency and report back. It was decided last year for Council to check on the possibility of citing non payers into Village Magistrate Court and never followed up on. Cataldo said he would try to set up a meeting with the Magistrate.

Village Administrator Saracco is going to check with the forester that previously harvested lumber from mature trees on Village owned property to see if another sale can be made. The last one brought in enough money to get the Village out of Fiscal Emergency. Cataldo remarked the last time the forester checked Wellsville would have to wait until at least after the first of the year.

Davis reported that the Port Authority is still only making $2,100 payments on the $34,000 lump sum payment for a 99 year lease that was due this past August. When the least was drawn up the Port Authority was to make lump sum payments each year in August for three years. The least is for Village owned property that the big over-head crane was constructed on in the Inter Modal Park. The total amount is for $100,000. Davis said the Port arbitrarily just started making monthly payments on the final portion without any notification to the Village or authorization. Surace will check with Port officials.

Soldano next inquired about the existance of a demolition fund in the budget. Davis said that there hasn't been one since he's been the Fiscal Officer. Cataldo advised it was cut out of the budget when we were in Fiscal Emergency as a cost savings. The only thing remotely resembling a demolition fund is the escrow money paid by insurance companies for their policy holders that have had fires. That money is held until the burnt properties are either repaired or torn down. Cataldo suggested consideration be given designating collected back fines and past due income taxes into rebuilding a demolition fund.

Cataldo stated that at the next Committee meeting he would like to discuss possibly joining in with the County for their paving program. Maybe some cost savings could be realized by the Village if they could piggy back with them for paving contracts. Soldano reported that representatives from Congressman Wilson's office is going to send him any and all information that they have pertaining to paving grants. At a recent grant clinic he was told there was money out there for paving.

Wrapping up the meeting the Mayor reported it will be next month before any information will be available on this year's CDBG program. They are waiting for an opinion from the Village Solicitor on forms required by OMEGA to be filled out and returned. That's for a grant to finish up work on the Sewage Treatment Plant. There is still no word on the remaining funds from the STAG award that is still being reviewed by the US EPA. Surace advised he just asked Congressman Wilson's representative to see if his office can get an update. Davis said he thinks that Boyle is checking weekly but he feels it will be some time yet before anything is learned. He said the appeal that was approved by the Regional EPA office is forging new ground and the EPA headquarters in Washington is being very careful making sure everything is in order. Unfortunately for the Village, Wellsville is the first to win an appeal on a pay back demand by the EPA. Davis observed they are being very cautious to not set a precedent.

Cataldo asked Davis what amount of money has been spent on union contract negotiation consultant Joe Lencewicz so far this year. Davis replied an estimated $7,000 so far. Davis said he did not have an exact figures readily at hand.

It was a long, over due, fact filled meeting. Hopefully they'll hold them more often so Village residents can keep informed where their tax dollars are going.

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Save-A-Lot Change of Plans

In a press conference a week ago Friday Save-A-Lot owner Henry Nemenz announced new plans for Wellsville's only full service grocery store. At a Chamber-of-Commerce Business After Hours event last July, Nemenz revealed plans to build a completely new building to house the grocery store. It was to be located west of the adjacent, existing store behind the houses facing Wells Avenue. Once the new building was opened and in operation the old store was to be refurbished converting it into four individual speciality shops and a bar-resturant-banquet facility. See our post dated 7/17/09 for more details on the original plans.

Nemenz still plans on a new building in Wellsville. It's just changed location to east of the existing store. Pictured above is approximately four acres of vacant land along Wells Avenue. Visualize that strip of land someday being lit up with a brand new grocery store anchoring a proposed plaza with an adjacent combination coffee/bakery/deli/restaurant shop, a State Store, a possible health clinic and a pharmacy sitting along the railroad tracks. It will be an attractive, highly visible new store greeting folks just inside the eastern limits of the Village along Route 7. The new plaza has a potential of creating 75 to 100 jobs according to newspaper accounts. Nemenz was quoted as saying the new plaza will be somewhere between 30,000 and 35,000 square feet at an estimated cost of $2.5 - $3 million.

At the press conference last week Nemenz signed a Project Labor Agreement with the Western Reserve Building & Construction Trades Council. It is expected to put 100 to 150 union crafts people to work making it a reality once financing is completed. There's currently a 60 - 90 day target for ground breaking.

Last July Nemenz said the old building was "tired" and folks in the Wellsville area deserved better. In these economic times just hearing of plans in the works with the potential to created some new jobs is exciting.

Thanks Henry...

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Winter Blues

We certainly hope you're not contemplating what our Snowman buddy pictured here is thinking about. Although we have to agree that enough is enough it is not worth the ultimate final solution. Spring is just a mere 22 days away. Underneath this record breaking snow there is grass waiting to grow! Trust me. There are lots of days of "fun in the sun" coming. It's just around the corner.

February is now, officially, the snowiest month in recorded history. Weather records for the region date back to 1884. According to the National Weather Service, as 5 P.M. today, February 2010 snowfall totals 43.2". Previously the record stood at 40.2" set in January of 1978. Before this year the February record was 25.3" set in 2003. Average February snowfall is 8.5". At the very least some day you'll be able to tell your grandchildren you remember when the record for the snowiest month, ever, was set.

The 2009 - 2010 Winter Season now ranks 7th as the snowiest season on the books. So far we have had 71.4" of the white stuff this season. Average winter snowfall for around here for the whole season is 40.6". The snowiest season ever was 1950 - 1951 with 82".

Since yesterday afternoon Wellsville has gotten an additional 5.7" of new snow as of 5 P.M. We're still under a Winter Weather Advisory until 6 o'clock tomorrow morning. According to the Channel 9 weatherman we're in the 2" - 6" area for more. Don't despair. It could be worse. In Garrett County Maryland a place call Red House has gotten 34" on new snow in this latest round with 8' - 10' snow drifts.

They're keeping a close watch on river levels. Flood stage for New Cumberland is 36'. As of 7 A.M. today the water level was 15.1' and expected to drop nearly 2 feet by Monday. With the forecasted temperatures hovering just slightly over the freezing mark for the next five or six days there is no immediate threat of flooding. Hopefully we'll get a slow melt for the rest of the white stuff on the ground.

Don't worry 'bout Frosty above. We got the rope away from him and now have him lined up for some intense therapy. He'll be ok. We're uncertain of the origination of the picture. It was attached to an e-mail joke someone sent us.

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The Kitchen Witches

Cast together in the same cooking show, trouble starts brewing when Isobel and her nemesis Dolly get together. It's a recipe for comedy and chaos as the two try their best to upstage each other.

Isobel Lomax believes she can teach Marha Stewart a thing or two. Dolly Biddle has an extremely active, no limits imagination and is very proud of her daughter, Sharon Biddle, the cooking show's producer.

You won't want to miss this Potter Players Community Theater rib tickling production. The show opens tonight, Friday, February 26, at their theater located at 417 15th Street. It's guaranteed to be an enjoyable evening of fun entertainment at a very affordable price.

Show time is 8 P.M. tonight and tomorrow evening too. If you can't make it this week end they'll be back next Friday, March 5, Saturday, March 6, both at 8 P.M. and Sunday, March 7 for a 2 P.M. matinee. Bring a non-perishable food item and get $1 off the cost of admission. Bring a group of ten or more with non-perishable food items and get $2 off. Food items will be donated to a local food pantry.

The play was written by Caroline Smith and premiered June 11, 2003, in Ontario Canada. The PPCT presentation is produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. This PPCT play is directed by Bill Finley. Seating is limited. Reservations can be made by calling 330-532-5540.

Pictured above are Isobel Lomax (Kim Winkleman) and Dolly Biddle (Mary Beth Morse). Playing the part of Sharon Biddle, the producer, is Theresa Gilmore. The camera lady is Michaela Winkleman.

Break a leg folks...

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

WHS Tigers Go To 17 & 2 On The Season

Tuesday - February 23: This past Tuesday evening the WHS Tiger Basketball team hosted the Sebring Trojans on Tiger Drive. Sacrificed would probably be a better word than hosted. By the final buzzer the Tigers notched win #17 in their pistol grips with a 72 - 45 win over the Trojans.

At the end of one the Tigers had a seven point lead over Sebring. It increased to 11 points at the half, 20 points at the end of three and ended with a 27 point difference. Once again Coach Thompson cleared the bench and sent in the Reserves toward the end of the fourth quarter. Sebring was done. There was no fight left in them.

Wellsville had three players score in double figures. Jeremy Carter & Jalen DeSarro both recorded double-doubles. Carter finished the game with a Tiger high of 18 points, 11 rebounds and five assists. DeSarro wracked up 16 points and 10 rebounds. Even with the Trojans being in his face all night Mike Johnston still put 13 points on the board. Johnston hit on the Tigers only 3-pointer for the night.

The J.V.s also brought home another win with a 41 -34 victory. Sean Hudson had 13 points in that game for the Tigers.

The Tigers will wrap up the regular season tomorrow evening, Friday, hosting the Indians of Southern Local. It's a make-up game originally scheduled for February 9 that was postponed with the snows.

Remember the Big Orange Machine? It might be time to bring it out of the moth balls.

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WHS SS Honors Coach Thompson

Tuesday - February 23: WHS Sports Station honored Coach Dave "Bug" Thompson for obtaining win #100 in his career as Head Varsity Basketball mentor at Wellsville High School. In nearly six years in that position Thompson's career record went to 100-24 on January 29 when the men on his squad knocked off Western Reserve 64 - 42 up in Berlin Center. See our posts dated 2/1.

Shown here, holding the mic, presenting Thompson with a plaque is WHS SS announcer Bud Ceneviva and assistant Dave Miller. Thompson was surrounded by members of his team and assistant coaches.

With the win recorded Tuesday evening Thompson's record now stands at 105 - 25 and counting. Congratulations Coach. Even though you would rather skip all the hoopla you've earned the recognition. Your team is proud of you and so is Wellsville. Good Luck...

WHS Sports Station is now in their fourth year of bringing us WHS athletic events via internet broadcasts at Joe, Roger, Bud, Sparky and all the gang do an outstanding job. They are all volunteers that use donations to make it all possible. These guys donate their time and travel expenses for this labor of love. They do it for the kids. Bud told us Wednesday morning that there is only enough money to do one more game. With tournaments coming up we know you would hate to miss those games. See our post dated 2/5 for details. Please consider helping out.


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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Flanigan Honored For 100 Wins

Tuesday - February 23: WHS Senior Wrestler Mat Flanigan was honored during half time ceremonies last night for his 100th career win as a WHS wrestler.

Shown here are Flanigan and Wrestling Head Coach Marcus Prendes.

Congratulations Mat. Wellsville is proud of you and your athletic accomplishments.

Good Luck...

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Happy Anniversary Ruth & Skeeter

Two faithful fans at every home basketball game were honored last night on the eve of their 66th Wedding Anniversary. Pictured here are the happy couple, Ruth & Jack "Skeeter" Weekley. Both are Wellsville natives and WHS Alumni.

During half time at the Varsity Game they were given early congratulations for their many years of matrimonial bliss.

We would like to add our Best Wishes for many more to come.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Town Hall Meeting Held

Thursday - February 18: The first Town Hall was held this past Thursday evening. It was hosted by the Revitalization Committee at Wellsville's Village Hall and attended by twenty plus people. Although not an overwhelming crowd it was a very successful turn-out consisting of Village officials, members of the Wellsville business community and Village residents. Conflicting with another event the missus took our recorder to cover the meeting for us. After listening to over one hour and elevan minutes of the meeting twice and talking to others that attended we can say it was a very productive, encouraging get together.

Town Hall meetings in Wellsville history were very common in our early days. Before the Village government really got organized back in the 19th Century decisions for the community were made at Town Hall meetings. Last Thursday's meeting revived that tradition.

Village Mayor Joe Surace got things started stating he feels that those at Thursday's meeting was "a good nucleus of starting what we need in Wellsville". Surace went on to say that the Revitalization Committee is for real and he believes Wellsville is "on the verge of good things happening right now". Surace set the tone saying "someday you're going to open the door, come out and see a brand new Wellsville".

Connie Carmichael thanked the Haughs for providing refreshments and said the meeting "is not about negativity. It's going to be about positivity". From from we heard recorded and accounts from others that was exactly what occurred. There were some facts stated that are sometimes hard pills to swallow but we really didn't hear anything negative. Carmichael asked for ideas saying "what does a revitalized Main Street look like to you?"

Candy Bangor remarked that "you just want to close your eyes sometimes when driving through town and pretend you're not on Main Street", referring to a lot of places we see today. From her tone of voice and knowing Bangor is one of the originators of the revitalization efforts, she wasn't being negative. Unfortunately for Wellsville it's a true statement of fact.

Bangor said there are a lot of people in Wellsville with good ideas not even thought of yet. No idea or suggestion for improvement should be considered silly. She said the Committee's goals for this project is to clean up the town to make it a better place to live. They want to create ways for keeping our money in the village as much as possible to help Wellsville businesses. They would like to come up with ways to provide residents with the goods and services they need. Bangor stated that once money is spent out of town it is gone forever.

As an example Bangor said Dairy Queen cakes are delicious but if you want something other than an ice cream cake you're forced to shop elsewhere. That is money lost that could have supported Wellsville. Nick DaLonzo stated statistics show that for every dollar spent at a Village business, 60 cents of it stays in town. It is used by the merchants to buy what supplies or services they can get locally. DaLonzo said you pay me a dollar for pizza I can use 60 cents of that to get a hair cut in town.

With that in mind Bangor announced that beginning sometime next month Wellsville's Save-A-Lot will begin taking orders for baked goods made from scratch at their Youngstown area bakery. You'll be able to get cakes for graduations, birthdays, etc that, if ordered early enough, will be delivered to the Wellsville store the next day for you to pick up. By doing that the money stays in town. It not only helps Save-A-Lot, some of it will trickle down to other Wellsville businesses. It not only benefits Wellsville businesses. It will benefit the whole Village.

Many good ideas were brought up - fixing up the old Liberty Theater with owners Potter Players Community Theater group so that it can be used for their plays and other social functions. Building an amphitheater in Hammonds Park, installing tourist attraction signs along the highways into town, fixing sidewalks and curbs, doing one block at a time with pavers inscribed with the buyers favorite saying or short poem were some of the other ideas brought up.

Mayor Joe Surace said maybe we should zero in on one project to show our sincerity to start. Candy Bangor called it an anchor project. Councilwoman Sue Haugh said concentration should be given to cleaning up some business buldings that are currently being used to store junk visible in their front windows. Haugh remarked that she has spoken to some owners that have expressed an interest in cleaning their places up. As an incentive Jeff & Sue Haugh have offered to go in and take pictures of these places once they are cleaned up. They would then place ads free of charge on Haugh Designs web site for them to sell or rent.

Councilwoman Haugh went on to say "people are watching us. They are interested and watching us from outside the village. They see our enthusiasm and know we want to do something. Now's the time to strike".

Center Pharmacy Co-owner Joe Amaismeier addressed the issue of why some people are not cleaning up. In addition to the pharmacy they own the building across the street and the gravel parking lot next to it. He said they would love to tear that building down, pave the parking lot and replace sidewalks on both sides of the street. Amaismeir stated "I don't have the money to do it. Maybe they don't have money either. It's a money issue." It's tough to get loans from the bank. They are not giving loans for as much as you want and the loans they are giving are for half the time you want to repay it. It's a constant game of catch up. Right now it's a matter of keeping caught up on the mortgage. After six years they are beginning to see some daylight and will someday eventually be able to make those wishes come true on their own.

Councilman Joe Soldano applauded Wellsville businesses for taking the chance in a small town. We owe our existing businesses a debt of gratitude. Soldano continued
times are tough in today's economy and said that the Village Council and Administration are all dedicated to the effort. Soldano remarked there are a lot of people willing to help. It's a team effort. With the Revitalization Committee taking on the project and business people showing they care we need to keep fired up.

Lonnie Hentzell reported he is in the process of putting together a business directory for the Revitalization Committee. It will list every business, their products and what services they offer. It will have names, addresses,contact numbers and short stories why it is important to shop locally. Plans are to have it delivered to every resident in town. Nick DaLonzo said they are looking at "Ville Bills". It's a form of currency where you can get $1 for 95 cents that Village businesses will accept. It's still being researched according to Bangor but it is being used in other areas of the country.

Jeff Haugh proposed a good old fashion broom & shovel brigade as an anchor project cleaning Main Street from 3rd to 9th. It takes very little money. Mostly all that is needed is a lot of work and some elbow grease. It's something a lot of people of all ages can join in to help with. It was accepted as an excellent suggestion and will be seriously looked at before the next meeting.

It was an great kick off to an exciting idea. There will be more meetings to get it all organized once everything is digested. We'll keep you informed. There was sad parts and good news. The sad part was the noticeable absence of any Chamber-of-Commerce ranking officers. At a meeting earlier last week with the Mayor, the Chamber's President & President-elect and the Sisters Carmichael of the Revitalization Committee, the Chamber President said the CofC would not interfere with the project nor would they support it with funds or Chamber resources. While still in the meeting he placed a call to Heritage Ohio advising them of their position. That's sad. In our opinion that decision is turning their backs to a very large per centage of their membership, the very same business people that this project is targeted for.

The good news came out in Monday's newspaper and was confirmed by Candy Bangor. Last Friday she received a call from Jeff Siegler, Director of Revitalization for Heritage Ohio, saying they would help with the Revitalization Committee's project. Their expertise will be invaluable. As Wellsville resident Janet Taggart summed up the Town Hall Meeting saying "there is something about Wellsville that just fills your heart. We got to keep that here to give our kids". We believe it's called pride in our little village. With everybody pitching in one way or another our town will be something everyone will be proud to call home. As the Mayor likes to say "We're rolling on the river!"

For more information on the meeting check out the blog Dream Soup Village at If you have any suggestions or ideas to add we would be glad to pass them on. You can leave a comment here or e-mail us at

Before closing this post we would like to wish a speedy recovery to our good friend Nick DaLonzo. Hang in there buddy. You can't keep a good man down. We're all pulling for you. You'll be back before you know it.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

On The Calendar

While we're working on other things we thought we'd slip in a list of events on the calendar for this week. Our calendar was blank for this past Sunday & today. The week gets cranked up tomorrow.

February 23 - Tuesday: Village Council Finance Committee - Village Hall - 2 P.M. * Alumni Reunion Committee - Alumni Center - 6:30 P.M. * WHS Men's Basketball vs. Sebring - Home - 6 P.M.

February 24 - Wednesday: Revitalization Committee - Kat's Kitchen - 6 P.M. This is to finalized details for the 3/26 Alumni basketball game vs EL at East Liverpool

February 25 - Thursday: Chamber-of-Commerce Monthly Luncheon - Kat's Kitchen - 12 noon * Village Council Claims, Rules & Ordinance Committee - Village Hall - 2 P.M. * WHS Lady Tigers Basketball Round 2 Sectional Tournament vs. McDonald - At Hubbard - 6 P.M. * Friends of the Library - Carnegie Library - 6:30 P.M. * Scrapbooking - Carnegie Library - 6 - 7:30 P.M.

February 26 - Friday: WHS Men's Basketball vs. Southern Local - Home - 6 P.M. This is the last game of the regular season.

February 26 & 27 - Friday & Saturday - Potter Player's Community Theater production of "The Kitchen Witches" - At the Theater 417 15th St. - 8 P.M. Dollar off the admission with a donation of non-perishable food item for charity.

February 28 - Sunday: WHS Football Touchdown Club - DaLonzo's on Main - 7 P.M. Public invited.

That brings us up to the first of March. To be continued...

Go Tigers!

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

WHS Tigers Light Up Scoreboard

Friday - February 19: Friday evening the WHS Men's Basketball Team hosted the United Eagles. One word comes to mind. WOW! It was Tiger Basketball. With two of the regular starting five unable to be there Nick Broughton and Jordan Dalrymple stepped in, along with Jeremy Carter, Jalen DeSarro & Mike Johnston, and the Tigers never missed a step.

Even with one Eagle scoring a game high 40 points United was never able to take the lead at any one time. Wellsville took a 28 -12 first quarter lead and built that up to 55 -36 by the half. Coming out of the locker room they won the third quarter 33 - 17 and it was all downhill from there. Final score Wellsville 107 - 71. It was the second time this year Wellsville hit the 100 point mark. They beat Leetonia 100 - 61 back on January 22.

Mike Johnston & Jeremy Carter recorded double-doubles and Jalen DaSarro came close. Wellsville had four players score in double figures. Johnston took the honors for WHS with 37 points & 10 assists. Carter added another 19 points and 14 rebounds. Not far behind DeSarro hit for 18 points and nine rebounds. Rounding out the double figure scoring was Jordan Dalrymple with 19. Pictured above the collage is Jalen DeSarro going up for two to make the score Wellsville 100 - 65 with 4:52 to go in the fourth.

With 4:42 left in the fourth and the score Wellsville 100 - United 68 both coaches cleared the bench. The Tiger bench put up another seven points before the buzzer sounded. United Coach Mike Ward was quoted in the newspaper saying he's been in the game for over 30 years and "can't recall a team shooting as well as Wellsville did" Friday night.

Wellsville's Reserves were also victorious with a 55 - 45 win. Sean Hudson scored 18 for game high honors.

Wellsville goes to 16 & 2 for the season. They have two make-up games at home to wrap up the regular season. The Tigers return to action Tuesday night hosting Sebring and Southern Local comes to town Friday night. Let's hope the Tigers are just beginning to peak.

Good Luck guys...

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More WHS Seniors Honored

Friday - February 19: Senior Night was held again between games at WHS. Friday evening we saw a pretty cheerleader and three good looking basketball players being honored for the pride they have brought WHS in their athletic careers.

From the left across the top in the collage above is Cheerleader Christina Pullie with her mother Dawn Mason. Christina was also the Winter Homecoming Queen. Center top is Nick Broughton being escorted by his parents Kelly & Mark Broughton. In the top left is Jordan Dalrymple with his parents Debbie & Tom Dalrymple. Bottom left is Jeremy Carter with dad Quinny and mom Bernadette Carter.

The parents were given a plaque with a picture of their child. Cheerleader Advisor Carissa Wilcox presented the award to Pullie. Coaches Dave "Bug" Thompson, Dave Thompson, Jr. & Lonnie Fields handled the honors for the basketball players.

Congratulations Seniors. You have all made Wellsville proud. Good Luck in all you do.

There will be one more Senior Night Tuesday for two basketball players that were unable to attend Friday's game.

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WHS Lady Tiger's Winning Basketball

This past Thursday the Lady Tigers closed out the regular season at home hosting the Lady Indians of Southern Local. Wins were recorded by both the J.V. and the Varsity.

It was Wellsville 44 - 34 for the first win of the evening Thursday in the J.V. game. Meika Dalrymple led the Lady Tiger scoring with 9 points. Dalrymple also had 5 assists and 3 steals. Rilee Livolsi & Francesca Colella each contributed 8 points. Courtney Cook & Amanda Coles had 6 rebounds apiece.

The Reserves finish the season with a record of 12 & 1 over all and 9 & 1 in the ITCL. With two players leaving the team over the holiday break the J.V. schedule was shortened to league games only.

The Lady Tiger's Varsity turned things around after losing to the Lady Bulldogs Tuesday evening in East Palestine. Jumping out to a five point lead in the first quarter against the Southern Local Ladies the Tigers never trailed in the game. Head Coach Ed Swogger was quoted in the newspapers saying "We got our edge back". It was in fine fashion too as the Orange & Black went on to win the game 55 - 39.

Area leading scorer Mikyla Tipton lead the Wellsville squad with 21 points. Tipton also had 7 or 8 assists according to what Swogger told the papers. We saw one of those assists to Rilee Livolsi underneath that was a thing of beauty. Livolsi had a nice game getting herself into position to add another 15 points. Meika Dalrmple rounded out the double digit scoring with ll points. One of those was a bucket from outside the 3-point arch.

The Ladies wrapped up their regular season with an over all record of 8 & 12 and 6 & 8 in the ITCL.

Getting that edge back came just in time. The Wellsville Ladies opened tournament play yesterday, Saturday, traveling to Hubbard to take on Ashtabula's Sts. John & Paul. In the first round of Ohio Northeast District Division IV Sectional play the 7th seeded Lady Tigers brought home a 62 - 30 victory. The Wiz told us last night "it was a fun game for the girls".

Wellsville's Mikyla Tipton recorded a double-double with 22 points & 10 rebounds. She also had six assists and three steals according to the newspaper. Tipton had 20 points in the first half. Meika Dalrymple added another 15 points to the total. Both Dalrymple & Irene Kiser had two 3-pointers apiece. Sarah Drysdale playing solid defense had four rebounds and two block shots.

With the score approaching Wellsville 53 - 24 at the end of three quarters the coaches were able to get tournament experience for all 10 Lady Tigers. Now each and every one of them are tournament veterans and will be ready to take on second seeded McDonald Thursday evening in the second round. McDonald drew a bye in the first round. The Ladies are 0 & 2 against McDonald this year. The first lost was by only 10 points in early January at home. The Tigers are a much improved team over how they were playing way back then. We won't say anything about the loss at McDonald other than to say Thursday's game will be on a neutral floor. We're confident the outcome will be different with the Lady Tigers playing up to their potential.

You go Ladies! We're all proud of you.

The collage are pictures from the Southern game.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

WHS Seniors Honored

Thursday - February 18: Senior Night was observed Thursday evening at the Lady Tigers game at Wellsville High School. The only senior on the Lady Tigers Basketball Team and four senior members of the Wrestling Team were recognized for their athletic efforts for 2009 - 2010 Fall Sports season. Parents of each senior were presented with a plaque with a picture of their child.

High School Principal Linda Rolley handled the introductions for the ceremony between games. Coaches Ed Swogger & Tom Gualitier thanked senior Sarah Drysdale and parents Randy & Susan Drysdale for their support. Being outnumbered by the guys Sarah got more pictures & attention in the collage above. We thought it was only fair.

Wrestling coach Tim Long handled the honors with the four wrestlers. Pictured from the left is Jason & Bubba Dowling escorting their mom Missy Dowling. Lower center is Mel Flanigan with son Mat. In the right center is Rosie Mellott and son Ron Morrell.

Congratulations to all the seniors. You're all winners in our book. Good Luck...

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Parking Shelter Collapses

Thursday - February 18: A parking shelter that was part of the old Sterling China collapsed Thursday morning under the weight of the recent snow falls. The shelter is located between Brick Alley & Anderson Street and is adjacent to the former china company. The collapsed shelter is one of two on the parking lot that was for Sterling employees. The lot is now used as an impound lot for cars towed by Jim's Wrecker Service & T & T Towing. The collapsed shelter was called in by a CARTS driver who heard the rumble when it was falling.

Fortunately no one was injured but several vehicles suffered severe damage that were parked under the shelter. The roof of the shelter appeared to be constructed of particle board several years ago. A guide line on a near-by power pole sliced through it like a knife and fence posts could be seen sticking up all along the nearly half block long shelter roof. With half of it blocking the alley clean up crews were busy shortly after it was reported.

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BWD Board of Trustees

Thursday - February 18: The Buckeye Water District Board of Trustees met in their regular monthly meeting Thursday morning at Wellsville Village Hall. Present at the meeting was Board President Mike Ryan, Trustees Dave Lloyd, Bob Wines, Cal Carney, Jack Call and Tim O'Hara. Also present was District Manager Al DeAngelis, BWD Attorney Fred Emmerling, Fiscal Administrator Sara Crouch and Administration Asst. Tracy Allen.

In the Public Comment Period, yours truly, speaking as a Wellsville resident, asked the Board to seriously consider some sort of notification system be installed in regards to water shut offs or rumored shut offs. Noting a water line break on Commerce last week word spread like wild fire that water was going to be shut off. It was after regular business hours. There was no way to verify whether it was true or not. We asked that consideration be given to some sort of up-dated recorded message customers can call or a contact number be established.

District Manager DeAngelis explained that unless there is a break in the main water line coming into town most shut offs can be isolated in the immediate area of any other break. In the case of the Commerce Street break last week the line was able to be repaired without shutting off the water. DeAngelis added if it had been necessary to shut off the water supply in that break BWD personnel would have notified residents in the area effected, by going around knocking on doors. In the case of a major break the Fire Dept. is notified immediately so they can make alternate plans in case of a fire. Businesses are also advised along with the media. The Administration Officer noted that an automatic customer notification system had been considered in the past but it was cost prohibitive for the district.

A resolution was passed rescinding the contract BWD had with Tucson Inc. for Part B of the Salineville Water Line project. BWD Attorney Emmerling remarked that this was a formality. The actual contract with Tucson has to be awarded by the Village of Salineville since the Village acquired the loans for Part B. Salineville borrowed $1 million for the project. Half of that is an OPWC loan and the other half is a CDBG grant. DeAngelis added that BWD will oversee the project and make sure everything is right. Emmerling further commented there is a management agreement with Salineville for Part B. Paying the bills will be through Salineville's banking account and Salineville has to sign off when installation is completed. Once the line is installed and Salineville goes on-line the lines become property of BWD. Installation of Part B has been delayed due to the snow. They have to start on Route 39.

Three "then & now" invoices for a total of $12,315 were approved for payment in the Treasurer's Report. See our post dated February 17. A motion to submit the FY 2009 Financial Report for the State Audit was approved.

Ryan noted that over-time will be coming down with the completion of Part A on the Salineville Water Line.

Chairman of the Service Committee, Cal Carney, reported payment arrangements had been made with two water customers that had extra high bills for water line breaks on their property. Personnel Chairman Tim O'Hara reported that a 30 year employee has plans to retire at the end of the month. The district has decided to rehire that employee on a part-time basis after he retires. O'Hara remarked that his experience was too valuable to lose. Attorney Emmerling remarked a new position will be created for this. The Board went into a 28 minute executive session to consider this.

O'Hara also reported that the Engineering Committee has signed off on five change orders for Part 1 of the Salinevill Water Line. See our post dated February 13.

District Manager Al DeAngelis reported that agents from the Rural Community Assistance Program (RCAP) will be doing environmental studies next week for replacing the water main into Wellsville and assessing the Frederick Heights area proposed project. The EPA requires the studies to be done. RCAP is funded by the EPA. DeAngelis also reported that he was meeting with members of U.S. Congressman Wilson's staff to brief them on replacing the water main line from Hibbetts Mill into Wellsville. The annual inventory count on all district equipment is currently being conducted.

The meeting was adjourned at 0950 hours. Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 18 at 9 A.M. at Wellsville Village Hall.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Fire Destroys Wellsville Residence

The fire was discovered shortly before noon by a neighbor when she went out to warm up her car. It is unknown how long the fire had been going but attempts to enter the house were not possible with the intense heat and smoke. We believe the house was fully involved by the time it was called in to the Fire Dept. When we arrived on the scene fire fighters were working on all four sides outside. We could see them move from one spot to another only to have to come right back to the spot they just left. Saying it was a persistent stubborn fire would be an understatement.

With the winds the smoke was so thick at times you couldn't see anything. Reporter Jo Ann Bobby-Gilbert wrote she could spot the smoke from Campground Road. The house next door at 815 Washington with the eaves nearly touching one another suffered severe damage when the fire spread to its attic. The outside walls are only four or five feet apart. Although a bed room ceiling had to be pulled down fireman were able to contain the spreading fire in short order. That house is rented by the Mike Dalrymple family. Yesterday the owner told us there is a lot of work to be done but it can be salvaged. He already had a crew on hand doing clean up in preparation for the repairs. Back around 1870 that house at 815 was used as a school house for Wellsville's first and second graders.

Thank the good Lord for our Volunteer Firemen, other Volunteer companies, friends and neighbors. It was overwhelming to see all that responded when the alarm went out and word spread. Liverpool Twp. & Highlandtown VFDs had men and equipment on the scene. Life Team & Tri-County had ambulances there. We saw a Life Team fellow manning a fire hose. We even spotted an off-duty deputy sheriff helping where ever he could. There were retired volunteer fire fighters that responded. Mrs. Daniels pastor, Bishop Bill Rudder of New Life Worship Center along with Pastor Troy Warner of First Christian, were on hand to offer comfort and assistance. Mrs. Daniels was being consoled with wonderful family support rushing there from all over. A whole corps of folks pitched in carrying possessions out of the Dalrymple home after it was determined safe to enter the house. Nearly everyone there was willing to do whatever they could. We didn't see anyone that had to be asked.

Just the day before WFD Chief Bill Smith was addressing Wellsville's Council about the dire need of additional fire fighters. Losing a home and family pet is a very tragic situation. It could have been much worse. Mrs. Daniels indicated her belief that God told her to get out of that house along with her children the night before.

God bless Beth and her family.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

WHS Alumni All-Class Reunion Committee

Tuesday - February 16: With snow falling and slick roads the meeting was rescheduled for next week. Only about five members braved the conditions to make the meeting. Miss Mary Clair McNicol advised the meeting is rescheduled for next Tuesday, February 23, at 6:30 P.M. at the Alumni Center.

We did learn that the Chamber-of-Commerce is presently selling ad space for a Reunion brochure that will include a schedule of events for all four days of the reunion, a map of the Village and a list of various locations among other things.

Ad prices are $150 for a 3 1/4 X 1 3/4 size or $75 1 1/2 X 1 3/4 space. The tri-fold brochure will be produced by DigiColor Advertising & Design of New Manchester, WV. More information can be obtained by calling Randy Allmon at 330-843-3475, Diana Spencer at 330-469-0139 or DigiColor at 1-800-352-1184. The brochures will be available free to the public.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wellsville Council Meeting

Tuesday - February 16: Wellsville Village Council met last evening in their regular bi-monthly meeting. Present at the meeting was Mayor Joe Surace, Council Members Susan Haugh, John McMahon, Rosie Goss, and Randy Allmon. Also in attendance was Fiscal Officer Dale Davis, Village Solicitor Andy Beech, Village Administrator Jim Saracco and WFD Chief Bill Smith.

Representing the Wellsville Area Ministerial Assoc. Rev. Bill Betteridge, Pastor of the Riverside Presbyterian Church, was there to offer the opening prayer. Rev. Betteridge noted that it has been a difficult week, one extra hard on all with the weather that caused some big problems. He asked that the Lord bless all the efforts of the workers and officials in all they do.

In Public Speaking, Mr. Blaine Fields of Main St. thanked Councilwoman Sue Haugh for the newly installed Community Calendar on the Haugh Designs Web Site called "Wellsville,Ohio". As a public service Haugh & husband Jeff created the web page that is chuck full of local information. The calendar is a very comprehensive list of events for the ville. You can view it at Click on the small calendar in the right hand column to go to the full page version. You'll be pleasantly surprised. Blaine remarked that Mrs. Fields really appreciates it.

Mrs. Candy Bangor of Riverside, representing Wellsville's Revitalization Committee, reminded all of the Town Hall Meeting the committee is hosting Thursday evening at Village Hall. See our post "Town Hall Meeting" for more info. Mrs. Bangor remarked that the committee is "going to press forward with the Main Street project that was pretty much put on hold". She invited everyone and expressed hope that it will be a packed house.

Bonnie Ballentine from Curves on Wells Ave. next addressed Council in regards to an on-going parking problem adjacent to her business. Ms. Ballantine stated she approached Council about a year & a half ago regarding parking along Mill Street that blocked available parking spaces at the side of the building. At that time she got Council's approval to remove the curb that was there which would make it no- parking the same as a drive way. Council even approved the placement of a no-parking sign which was put in and has since been removed. The problem persists and many times block customers in. She stated that she has been told by WPD that they can't do anything about the illegal parking without a sign. Ballantine stated she has even been a victim of overt hostility over this situation.

Mayor Surace remarked he thought it was agreed it would be no-parking during business hours for Curves. Councilman Soldano added it was approved by Council and when a motion is passed it's the law. Soldano said the first no-parking sign was removed because it was too far away from the area in question and the Mayor said he thought new signs were ordered. Surace directed the Village Administrator to look into it and Saracco responded he will visit Curves today. If the signs are not on hand he will order signs with business hours posted on it. That would make it a tow away zone according to the Mayor. Ms. Ballantine summed it up stating her lease is coming up soon for renewal and if the problem can't be corrected it would play a big part on her decision to stay in Wellsville.

WFD Chief Smith addressed Council about increasing the number of paid, call-out fire fighters from 25 to 30. Presently the Village Fire Dept consists of only two employees which is Smith and one full time fireman. Any extra help needed is drawn from the list of personnel from the volunteers on the paid call-out list. They handle the dispatching duties covering the vacant spots, days off and sick calls in the work schedule plus any additional required duties. Many of those volunteers work regular, full time jobs. Expanding the call-out list would help in finding someone to work the shifts not covered. That item was turned over to the Claims, Rules & Ordinance Committee.

Smith also reported he will be meeting this Friday with officials from CC EMA & the Army Corp of Engineers in regards to the potential water situation. With all the snow on the ground if the area has a sudden melt with a quick warming the Village will be in "deep water" Smith remarked.

Smith went on asking everyone to write or call our U.S. Congressman & Senators about the "dire need" of repairs for the Village flood control system. It was originally hoped to get some stimulus funds to repair the aging system. Nothing has come about. Smith remarked the system was built in the late 1930s with a 50 year life expectancy and very little has been done since then to maintain its integrity. Surace added that Congressman Wilson has a satellite office in Village Hall which could forward any remarks or letters to him. Smith added if the flood control system would fail with a sudden snow melt no one would have to worry about dilapidated structures.

Village Administrator Jim Saracco reported he got a call from Wellsville's School District Rich Bereschik today, on his first day back from vacation. Mr. Bereschik asked that he commend the Street Department personnel and everyone else involved with the "wonderful job they did with the snow removal". Their help removing snow around the Village school buildings is greatly appreciated.

For the Mayor's Report, Surace stated that a "fantastic job" was done by all on the keeping the main arteries in town passable and snow removal. He reported that the Permissive fund is "pretty much shot" trying to get as much done as possible. With no money left in that fund any additional snow removal will be done by Village personnel.

Councilwoman Rosie Goss remarked that she is very proud of the efforts and the job done with the snow in town. Stating she works in WV she travels daily through several towns adding "one city has horrible roads, horrible". Although she declined to name that city she said she nearly wrecked a few times trying to drive through that city. Goss added that towns in WV have also been doing a nice job keeping the main streets open.

For Committee Reports, John McMahon inquired if burned out street lights are still reported by Village employees. The Mayor responded it was and that the police will get a pole number to call in with the reported outage.

Joe Soldano commended everyone for the snow removal remarking it plays havoc with the budget but it has to be done. Going back to the 1970s Soldano said he can't remember so many people pitching in. He noted that a lot of people with snow plow equipped 4-wheelers voluntarily clearing neighbors walks and parking spaces. He said their efforts are especially helpful to seniors and others unable to get out to clear the snow.

Water, Sewer & Refuse Committee Chairman Randy Allmon motioned to pay Pusateri Excavating $14,622 for work done on the storm sewer replacement and installing a catch basin at 20th & Clark. Surace remarked the old sewer was collapsing and it was declared an emergency. The street was caving in. The motion passed. Except for street surface repairs that job is completed.

Allmon also made a motion to pay engineering firm G,G&J an additional $300 for aerial photos needed for 18th Street Heights. Allmon stated the bill for the additional photos came in after Council's last meeting where members voted to pay $1,835 to G,G&J aerial views of Wellsville. Allmon again stated the pictures were needed for future grant applications.

The Mayor remarked that since the last meeting he has called nearly all Village contractors and vendors telling them "no more invoices". The unauthorized spending has to stop and from now on the Village is only paying out extra money for equipment repairs and emergencies. Rosie Goss asked if she heard correctly that the County Engineer's Office can provide aerial views for $5 each. Sue Haugh responded saying she received an e-mail informing her that is correct. However, she did not know if they were the same type. Haugh did not say who sent the e-mail. Allmon's motion was passed.

We called the County Engineer's Map Office this morning to confirm the availability of such pictures. They do have aerial views available that were taken in 2006 by the State. It costs $8 per copy. The person we talked to also commented they are not sure if they are the same type required for grant applications. However, they did say they had many compliments on the clarity of what they have. Last meeting it was agreed to invite Bill Boyle from G,G&J to come down for a meeting to discuss unauthorized spending of Village funds. After the meeting Allmon advised us he has done nothing about that yet.

For Personnel, Joe Soldano reminded everyone that got the generic insurance applications for their Village employment insurance surveys to get them into Dale Davis as soon as possible. The Village insurance agent is going to shop around for the best rates for a new policy. The current coverage expires April 1. Soldano also reported there have been no talks for a couple of weeks now for the new union contract.

For Property, Equipment & Cemetery, Chairwoman Sue Haugh reported the February 8 meeting with WFD Chief, herself & Tony Cataldo about Wellsville's Dilapidated Structure Program. See our post dated February 10. Haugh stated that "basically the Chief is asking for Council's support and commitment to continue beyond the ones covered under the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP). All the leg work on six structures has been done and funding from the stimulus funded NSP will pay for the demolition. Smith stated that by ordinance he is in charge of getting rid of any such structures but the costs involved is not part of the Fire Dept. budget. Smith reported there are three more buildings he hopes to get included in the NSP that will have to go to court. Two of those three are what Smith considers the most critical to have taken down. Soldano asked the Fiscal Officer if funds are available this year for the continuation of the program. Davis responded he doesn't have those figures at his finger tips and stated he would have a problem granting a carte blanche approval to go ahead right now. Davis went on to say that most of the owners are not paying taxes on those buildings and suggested maybe targeting one or two a year. Even at that he can't guarantee money will be there.

Andy Beech stated he believes Smith is trying to be a good steward of Village funds and that is why he is approaching Council before moving forward. Beech explained it would be a waste of money to start procedures on additional targets and stop. That would probably mean having to start all over with court costs, advertising, title searches and such. Beech estimates preliminary work could easily average $1,500 per structure before contracting someone to do the work. Davis inquired if it would be possible to "piggy back" on the County's program and Smith will check that. Soldano suggested a meeting be set up with Finance, the Fiscal Officer and Smith to do number crunching to see what might be possible. Former Councilwoman Diane Dinch asked if there is still a Demolition Fund in the Budget. One was established years ago when the old Super Foods burnt. The Mayor responded they "were going to try to start one with $25,000". They'll have to see where that stands.

Under New Business, John McMahon asked if hot patch is currently available stating there in one whopper of a pot hole in front of the high rise. Saracco stated he is unsure but believes it's too cold for the plant to operate just yet. It will be checked into.

Soldano remarked that rumors were flying this week with a possilbe water shut off due to a break on Commerce St. He said the Fire Dept. was inundated with calls about that and it really should be handled by Buckeye Water District. Soldano asked if there was any way to get together with BWD to establish a local contact or after hours number for people to call. Saracco said he would contact the Water District today. In the shut off last summer there was only a recording that wasn't up-dated much.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:50 P.M. Next Council meeting is scheduled for March 2 at Village Hall at 6 P.M.

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BWD Finance Committee

Tuesday - February 16: The Buckeye Water District's Finance Committee held a meeting this past Tuesday at their Admin Office on Clark Ave. Present at the meeting was Board of Trustees President Mike Ryan, Committee Member Bob Wines and Fiscal Administrator Sara Crouch. Purpose of the meeting was in preparation of the monthly Board of Trustees regular get together.

Fiscal Administrator Crouch announced nothing out of the ordinary occurred for the Monthly Fund Summary. Accounts Receivables have started to rise in January over December. Crouch remarked the district is pumping a lot more water.

There will be three "then & now" bills for the Trustees to consider tomorrow. Two invoices are from Dallis Dawson & Assocs. The first is $3,500 for Salineville Water Line Construction management and the second is for $3,155 for their work on a loan application for the Phase B portion of that project. The third bill is for $5,660 for independent expert testimony provided in the trial of the recently settled Susany lawsuit.

The Automatic Bill Payment service is nearly ready to go. This service provided by BWD gives water customers the option to have their bills automatically deducted from either their checking or savings account. Funds are all electronically transferred each month on the due date for the bills. There's no checks to write, no postage stamps or gasoline to burn if a customer uses this payment option. Applications for this service were included in the latest round of billing. We got ours yesterday. The automatic payment option will begin with bills due in April for applications received by March 26, 2010. You can call BWD at 330-532-4139 with any questions.

For the month of January the Water Treatment Plant produced 30,420,000 gallons of water to district customers. Wellsville folks used 7,105,000 gallons out of that total. Cost to produce one gallon of water for January was $1.62.

The regular monthly meeting of the BWD Board of Trustees is scheduled for Thursday morning, February 18, at 9 o'clock at Wellsville Village Hall. Wonder if we'll get a Floriday Keys weather report...

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Town Hall Meeting

Wellsville's Revitalization Committee is reminding everyone of Thursday evening's Town Hall Meeting at 7 o'clock at Village Hall. It is an open forum meeting for one and all. The topic of discussion is the revitalization of Wellsville's Main Street. See our post dated February 11, 2010 for the details.

All Wellsville residents, Village officials, clubs, organizations, community business people and potential business people are invited and encouraged to attend. Let the members of the Revitalization Committee hear your thoughts, ideas, hopes and aspirations for making the Wellsville Main Street an attractive and thriving business center once again. It's been done elsewhere and it can be accomplished here.

Everyone will get a chance to be heard. No idea or suggestion is too ridiculous to bring forward. This is your chance to be heard. Your input is important, whether it's big or small.

Revitalizing Main Street will take a community wide effort with cooperation from people like you, me, community leaders and organizations. It's a goal that is very achievable with positive ideas and commitments. It's your hometown. It's your chance to be part of the beginning of a new era in the ville.

Sketch courtesy of Google Images. See you Thursday evening...

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WHS Athletic Hall of Fame

Nine new members of alumni have been selected to be inducted into the Wellsville High School Athletic Hall of Fame. There will be two selectees from the Senior Era and seven from the Modern Era. Those being honored were selected by a committee of WHS Alumni from nominations received. That committee is chaired by Mrs. Karen Dash.

The 2010 Class for the Hall of Fame from the Senior Era are:
Class of 1942 - James Carter for football. The late Mr. Carter was one of Frau Carter's brothers.
Class of 1962 - John Euill for football and basketball

From the Modern Era the nominees are:
Class of 1970 - John Bobalik for basketball
Class of 1974 - Garry Allison for basketball
Class of 1979 - Danny Tice for football, basketball & track
Class of 1986 - Lynda Salter for track
Class of 1993 - Laura Punch for track
Class of 1993 - Jason Ours for football
Class of 1994 - Collin Kinsey for track

Mark this on your list of events for the All Class Reunion. You won't want to miss it. Induction into the Hall will take place beginning at 7 P.M. on Thursday, July 1, 2010, at the WHS Auditeria. There will be a private reception for the nominees, their families & presenters prior to the beginning of the ceremony. Admission to the ceremony is free.

In the collage above are yearbook pictures of each of those selected for the 2010 HOF Class. Can you pick out who is who? We apologize for the quality of some of the pictures. Some of them just didn't scan too well. We'll have more on the selectees closer to the induction ceremony.

We couldn't locate a 1942 yearbook. Mr. Carter's picture was taken from a photo of the 1941 Football Team. We have been told there were classes that graduated during the Depression Years that did not have yearbooks. The last class to be inducted into the WHS HOF took place on August 30, 2008.

Special thanks to Bonny & Brassy Beresford and the Wellsville Historical Society's Board of Trustees for use of the yearbooks and the picture of the 1941 team. Thanks also to Karen Dash for all the information. You folks are great.

Congratulations to this year's nominees. Your athletic efforts are greatly appreciated. We hope to see you all in July. The Five Year All Class Reunion begins on Wednesday, June 30 and runs through Saturday, July 3, 2010.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Wellsville BOE Member To Be Recognized

Now in his 17th year as a member of the Wellsville Board of Education, Thomas F. Brophey, pictured here, will be formally recognized by the Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA) at their Northeast Regional Spring Conference. In a letter from the Deputy Director of Search, Service & Board Development of the OSBA, Mr. Brophey was recently notified that he will be the recipient of two awards at the Spring Conference to be held in Warren, Ohio on March 24.

For his efforts that reflect a "true commitment toward public education" and "the importance" he attaches to his role on the Wellsville Board of Education Brophey will receive an OSBA "Master Board Member" award and a 2010 OSBA Award of Achievement. Out of 3,400 board members in Ohio, only 20 will be honored with the "Master Board Member" this year. This honor usually is awarded to members with 25, 30 or more years service. Brophey is one of 93 out of that same 3,400 state wide membership to be honored with the OSBA Achievement Award. A "Master Board Member" receives a life time membership in the OSBA.

Last year Brophey was awarded his first Achievement Award and Distinguished Board Member honors "for over 15 years of service to public education of school children of Ohio". At the time of his first election to the BOE he was the youngest member ever in Ohio to serve on a Board of Education. Brophey was re-elected to another term in last fall's General Election.

For his service Brophey was also commended by U.S. Congressman Charlie Wilson and the 111th U.S. Congress with a Congressional Letter of Commendation that is given to "those who have given of themselves to foster academic excellence within their communities". Wilson commended Brophey for "his long and distinguished career of dedicated service to America's youth".

Wellsville's Mrs. Marge Dysert was a teacher in the Village's school system and also served as a member on the BOE following her retirement. She served with Brophey in his early days on the Board. Mrs. Dysert said she has known Tom Brophey all his life and even had him as a student in her class. She remarked he was an excellent student. She went on to say Mr. Brophey always impressed her with his conscientious concern helping both students and parents to provide the best education possible. Dysert said Brophey always thoroughly researches any new concept and even contacts authorities in Columbus before presenting it to the Board. She remarked Brophey is intensely dedicated to Wellsville education and extremely helpful to fellow Board members.

Brophey serves as the Wellsville BOE Legislative Liaison and was selected to serve as V.P.on this year's Board. He will be attending a State Legislation Conference March 10 in Columbus, meeting with other OSBA members and State Legislatures. That meeting will take place at the Ohio Statehouse. He also serves on the OSBA Student Achievement Leadership Team that meets in Columbus two times a year.

Congratulations Tom. We feel it's an honor well deserved and an honor to call you friend.

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WHS Ladies Go To 7 & 11

Saturday - February 13: While the guys were teaching Toronto how to play basketball the Lady Tigers were in Sebring playing a make-up game that was cancelled February 5. Unfortunately the outcome wasn't quite as good. They dropped a 13 point decision to a towering Lady Trojan team. Sebring has a young lady that is head & shoulders taller than the tallest Lady Tiger. She is a dominating force under the basket.

Saturday's game was twice the Lady Tigers went up against Sebring in nine days. Area leading scorer Mikyla Tipton led the Wellsville scoring with 23 points and Meika Dalrymple tossed in another 19. None of Dalrymple's points were three pointers. According to the newspaper Irene Kiser had the only trey in her 10 points for the Tigers. Rilee Livolsi was the fourth Lady Tiger to hit double digit scoring with her 10 points. That's showing some nice balance for the Ladies. Courtney Cook chipped in another four points and Sarah Drysdale & Maleya Fultz each had two.

There was no J.V. action in that game. The Ladies travel to East Palestine tomorrow and return home for a make-up game against Southern Local Thursday evening, February 18, to wrap up their regular season. On Saturday they travel to Hubbard to take on Ashtabula's Sts. John & Paul to open up their District play in the tournament.

Good Luck Ladies! We're behind you all the way.

In other basketball news the 7th & 8th Graders began tournament play this past Saturday. We understand the 7th Grade girls drew a bye and we don't know what the 8th Grade Ladies did out at Southern. The 7th Grade Boys ended their season with a loss to Leetonia Saturday. The 8th Grade Boys remain undefeated with a 53 - 16 win over Leetonia. They will play Southern Local in the semi-final at Leetonia, Thursday at 6:15. We also do not know what the 9th Graders did vs. Lisbon Saturday at Mineral Ridge. Maybe someone can fill us in on those unknowns. If it was in the paper we missed it.

Again, Good Luck to everybody.

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WHS Tigers Chalk Up #15

Saturday - February 13: Except for a brief lull in the third quarter it was a thing of beauty in men's high school basketball. Saturday evening the Tigers hosted the Toronto Red Knights. Spotting a look of shear despair a couple of times on a few of the Toronto player's faces we think the Red Knights were glad the thrashing was over when the buzzer sounded out to signal the game was over. To paraphrase Reporter Aaron Petchal they knew it was coming. They just couldn't stop it.

From Jalen DeSarro skying the open tip-off to that final buzzer the Tigers took off running for most of the night. Toronto got within five points in the third but it was for a short duration. The guys in the orange & white uniforms took off again. For us it was exciting watching DeSarro rebounding the ball under the opponents basket, turning and while standing inside Toronto's key, pass that ball practically the length of the floor to lead a fast break for two more points. The accuracy of those passes made us wonder what he could do with a football. DeSarro had a triple double on the night.

The Tigers improve to 15 - 2 on the season with Saturday's win. The final score was Wellsville 89 - 62. They ran, they controlled the boards and scored. The newspaper reported they had 47 rebounds in the match. Michael Johnston lead the Wellsville scoring with 19 points followed closely by DeSarro & Jeremey Carter with 18 apiece and DeShon Pullie with 16. Carter also recorded a double-double. The Tigers rang up seven 3-pointers led by Johnston with four and Jordan Dalrymple, Nunzio Lombardozzi and Pullie netting one each. This team has speed that is unbeatable when they take off. They can jumped like they are all at least 6' 6" tall and they rack up those assists with some unbelievable passing. It's not difficult to figure out why they are the best team in the area. They are a balanced team that's unstoppable when they are hot.

With a 26 point lead Coach Thompson cleared the bench with 2:05 left in the game. Those fellows off the bench didn't let up on the Red Knights. We almost felt sorry for the boys in red.

The Reserves also won the J.V. game. Sean Hudson led the Tigers with 19 points followed by Mike Miller with 15 in that game. Final score was Wellsville 45 - 39. They got some good up and coming talent on that team.

The Tiger men return to action this coming Friday at home vs. United. They may wrap up the regular season a week from tomorrow, Feburary 23, at home in a make-up game against Sebring. We're told it is unknown yet whether the cancelled Southern Local game will be made up.

The Tigers drew a #3 seed yesterday in the ITCL Lower Tier following #1 undefeated McDonald and 16 & 1 Youngstown Christian. Wellsville will play Heartland Christian to open their district play Tuesday, March 2, 6 o'clock at the Struthers Field House. Winner of that game will return to Struthers March 5 to take on the winner of the Canton Heritage Christian - Lake Center Christian game. That's another 6 P.M. game. Winners of that game go back Monday, March 8. The District Championship is scheduled for Friday, March 12, at Struthers. The district champs move on to the Regionals at the Canton Fieldhouse.

With what we've seen all season there is no doubt that the Tigers can't do it. We believe. We're also praying they get another shot at McDonald on their way to Canton. We know it's one game at a time but...

Incidentally, nice press coverage on Saturday's game in yesterday's newspapers. Thanks. Figured when we saw Wayne Maris with extra batteries it was going to be better than what happened the day before.

Go Tigers!

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Winter Storm Warning

Here we go again. Copied & pasted directly from the NWS web site:

... Winter Storm Warning remains in effect from 10 am this morning
to 10 am EST Tuesday...

The National Weather Service says a Winter Storm Warning remains
in effect from 10 am this morning to 10 am EST Tuesday.

The National Weather Service advises that snow can accumulate 6 to
10 inches from Monday morning through Tuesday morning as low
pressure crosses the upper Ohio Valley. Snowfall rates this
evening may be heavy at times.

A Winter Storm Warning for heavy snow means severe winter weather
conditions are expected or occurring. Significant amounts of
snow are forecast that will make travel dangerous. Only travel in
an emergency. If you must travel... keep an extra flashlight...
food... and water in your vehicle in case of an emergency.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

WHS Athletic Hall of Fame Quiz

There will be a new class of inductees into the WHS Athletic Hall of Fame during the All Class Reunion. We'll have more on that later but in the meantime we have a little quiz. It's just for the fun of it but can you identify this WHS alumni that is already a member of the HOF?

He's well known around town and the county.

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On The Calendar

We've had too much going on to do a "Notes" post lately. Sorry about that... Until we find time to get one organized and written we're going to just put up a list of what we got on next week's calendar.

Feb. 15 - Monday: President's Day - No mail?

Feb. 16 - Tuesday: BWD Finance Committee - 10 A.M. * WHS Girls Varsity Basketball at E. Palestine * Village Council Meeting - 6 P.M. * Alumni Reunion Activity Committee - time unknown at Alumni Center * Wellsville Historical Society cancelled

Feb. 17 - Wednesday: WHS Wrestlers - 6 P.M. - Trianglular At Steubenville Catholic Central vs Bishop Donohue & Central * WHS Alumni Spaghetti Dinner cancelled this month.

Feb. 18 - Thursday: Buckeye Water District Trustees at Village Hall - 9 A.M. * Lady Tigers Varsity vs. Southern Local - 6 P.M. at WHS * 8th Grade Boys Basketball Semi-final tournament vs Southern Local - 6:15 at Leetonia * Town Hall Meeting - Village Hall at 7 P.M.

Feb. 19 - Friday: Tiger Varsity Basketball vs. United - 6 P.M. at WHS * WHS Wrestlers Tournament at Rootstown. Tournament continues on Saturday.

Feb. 20 - Saturday: Lady Tigers vs Ashtabula Sts. John & Paul - District Tournament - 2 P.M. at Hubbard

That brings us up to next Sunday. Good Luck to all the athletes competing next week. Wish we could see them all.

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Snow Scenes Around The Area

We got a call from a Wellsville native that has lived in Tampa, Florida, for the past four decades. They keep track of our efforts and wanted to know how we were surviving with the weather. Being a citizen of the Sunshine State for so long they remarked recalling their youth while growing up in God's country with all the snow pictures.

With their encouragement and a brief spell of bright sunshine yesterday we ventured out of town with the camera. By the time we got it in gear the sunshine was hiding behind an overcast sky but we got some views of the lingering snow going up Route 7 to Shadyside and back on Campground Road. With no leaves on the trees coming down the hill on Campground offers some fantastic views of the ville. It's one of our favorite spots.

Happy Valentine's Day to all...

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Snow Removal Almost Completed

Saturday - February 13: While His Honor, the Mayor, was expressing his frustration with the media coverage about the best high school basketball in the area we were able to get an up-date on Wellsville's snow removal efforts.

On Thursday we were told that the clean up efforts were called to a halt around 11 o'clock Thursday morning. They started this past Monday bringing Wellsville's Minor Supply & Pusateri Excavating in to remove much of the snow clogging our streets. Unfortunately many of our village streets were laid out back in the horse & buggy days of the 18th Century. Our fore fathers didn't plan for 21st Century cars & trucks. Many of our streets are narrow and the recent snow fall presented a real safety hazard.

Crews worked practically around the clock from Monday until Thursday morning. With the contractors, fuel, food & over-time the costs were mounting up. It is hoped we will eventually be reimbursed by FEMA but that is time consuming. It takes time to get repaid even though our county was declared in a state of emergency. According to a Tom Giambroni report in yesterday's MJ the whole state has to qualify with at least $14 million in snow removal costs. Even if that occurs the Governor has to declare that Ohio is in a state of emergency. To our knowledge Strickland hasn't done that yet.

For Wellsville the bills for the snow removal are being paid mostly from the Village Permissive Fund. Folks have to be paid for their goods & services. Money for the Permissive Fund comes from part of the fees we pay for our license plates. By state law it can only be used for streets.

According to Mayor Joe Surace the Village Permissive Fund was getting dangerously low with the clean up. With uncertainty about being paid back there was no choice but to call a stop. After Surace announced that early Thursday WPD Chief Joe Scarabino took him on a tour of what didn't get cleaned up. It was decided to have Pusateri come back for a couple of more streets that were determined to be a real serious safety hazard. That was done Thursday night into Friday morning.

Surace told us that most of the main streets have been cleared. Concentrated efforts were given to streets that have a lot of tractor trailer & school bus traffic. They were forced to miss many of the side streets and those less traveled simply because of the money situation. The Mayor said he apologizes to the Village residents in those areas.

If you know Joe, you know he hates to leave a job half done. Tomorrow is a holiday for Village workers but on Tuesday the Street Dept. is going to devote their shifts to 18th St. & Clark Ave. from Aten to the Intermodal Park. Parts of those two streets are pictured above.

We talked to many Wellsville folks about the snow removal. Everyone we talked to have had nothing but high praise for what was done. As we mentioned previously everyone felt it was money well spent. For us, personally, we were very encouraged to see how everything came together and everyone pitched in to make the best of a bad situation. If the Governor and FEMA doesn't come through we're going to have to live with some pot holes on down the road. The NWS isn't forecasting temperatures for our region to be above freezing for the next seven days. Thankfully they aren't calling for any significant snow fall in that time frame.

Thanks to everyone that pitched in and to our Village officials and personnel for being proactive with all that was done. With what has been accomplished and a little help from Ma Nature we're going to get through this.

In the meantime T H I N K S P R I N G!

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