Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wellsville Historical Society Members Learn Cooking With Herbs

Shown here Mrs. Page gives some pointers on working with basil

Members of the Wellsville Historical Society learned some of the secrets of growing and cooking with your own herbs.  East Liverpool – Calcutta Garden Club member Mrs. Candy Page was the guest speaker at the Historical Society’s July meeting.  The meeting was held at the River Museum.  Mrs. Page has been growing her own herbs for years and shared some of her family’s favorite recipes using her home grown flavoring. 

The River Museum is open every Sunday afternoon for touring from 1 to 4:30 PM through the end of August.  Admission is by donation only.  The public is welcome. The museum is located at 1003 Riverside Ave. in Wellsville.  For more information call 330-532-1018 or 330-532-4692.

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Immaculate Conception Weekly Prayer Service

The Committee to Save the Immaculate Conception Parish announces that the regular Saturday Prayer Service will be held at the playground at 11th & Riverside.  Should it be raining the weekly service will be held at the First United Methodist at 501 Main Street in Wellsville. 

The Prayer Service is scheduled to begin at 3:30 PM.  It is open to the public.  Again, the service will be held at the 11th Street playground as long as the warm, dry weather holds out.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

BWD Considers Lower Bulk Water Rates

Members of the Buckeye Water District Rate Study Committee met Thursday morning, July 23, to consider lowering the bulk water rates.  Committee member Gene McGaffick indicated that competition from various municipalities in the area is severely undercutting BWD rates.  The meeting was held at the BWD Water Treatment Plant.

Bulk water rates apply to customers that use excessive amounts of water. They usually have to commit to buying at least 100,000 gallons a month.  The average household uses around 8,000 gallons or less per month.  Lately it has become lucrative to sell water to oil & gas well drillers for use in the fracking process.  The Columbiana County Port Authority recently brokered a deal with the City of East Liverpool where they buy water from the city.  They then turn around and sell it to users for fracking. 

Currently BWD charges $15 per 1,000 gallons to bulk water customers.  The Committee will recommend that the Board of Trustees lower the rates to meet competition.   If approved by the Board new rates will be $10.17 per 1,000 gallons for treated, potable water and $8 per 1,000 gallons for raw, untreated water.  BWD pumps their raw water out of the Ohio River.

Board President Mike Ryan emphasized that residential water rates will not be affected.   In spite of what County Republican Party Chairman Dave Johnson assumes in his recent letter to the editor BWD is not considering any rate increases for residential customers.  Ryan said the on-going litigation with East Liverpool requires them to operate on a very thin budget but it will not force them to raise rates as Johnson indicates. 

Johnson’s letter appeared in last Sunday’s East Liverpool Review.  It was a political slam aimed at East Liverpool Mayor Jim Swogger and State Representative candidate Nick Barborak.  Both Swogger and Barborak are members of the Democratic Party.  That letter also insulted Judge Ashley Pike, a fellow Republican.  Johnson’s letter said Pike’s judgment against BWD was “a liability which was expanded by Judge Ashley Pike, in effect roping in the taxpayers of all Columbiana Count”.   It goes on to state “this case was not only a travesty of justice but an assault on the taxpayers unlike any in the history of this county”.  Whatever logic Johnson is using in his rant it will not force BWD to consider rate increases for their customers. 

The next scheduled meeting of the BWD Board of Trustees is scheduled for Thursday, August 16.  That meeting will begin at 9 AM in Wellsville’s Council Chambers. 

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wellsville Catholics Commemorate Church Closing

Former members & friends pose after
prayer service
ICC members gathered for prayer

Former parishioners and friends of Wellsville’s Immaculate Conception Church gathered Saturday afternoon to commemorate the first year anniversary of the closing of the church.  The prayer service took place near the church at 11th & Main.

It was one year ago that Youngstown Diocese Bishop George Murry co-celebrated the last Mass said in Wellsville.  Since then a group of the former parishioners calling themselves the Committee to Save the Immaculate Conception Church have appealed the Bishop’s decision to close and lock the doors of the much beloved church.  That appeal now rests on a decision from the Catholic Congregation of Clergy at the Vatican in Rome.  In the meantime committee members continue to hold regular meeting to update the Wellsville faithful.  Meetings will resume in September when the Vatican officials return from their summer vacations.

A weekly prayer service is held every Saturday afternoon at 3:30 PM.  Since they are locked out of their own church the services are held at the First United Methodist Church at 501 Main Street in Wellsville.  The public is invited.

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Thorn Speaks At Wellsville Crime Watch Meeting

Tri-County Ambulance Ops. Dir. Martin Thorn

Tri-County Ambulance Director of Operations Marty Thorn was the guest speaker at last Thursday’s Crime Watch Committee meeting.  Thorn spoke on crime scene awareness practiced by Emergency Medical Technicians.  Thorn also offered several interesting in-sights he has personally experienced as an EMT.  Thorn is a Wellsville native and also serves as a volunteer fireman. 

The Wellsville Crime Watch Committee meets the third Thursday of every month at Wellsville Village Hall.  The meetings start at 6 PM and are open to the public.  There is a guest speaker at every meeting.  Next month Wellsville Animal Control Officer Heidi Pecorelli will speak. 

The next meeting is Thursday, August 16.

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BWD Improves Water Supply Conditions For Salineville Customers

Buckeye Water District Board of Trustees held their regular monthly meeting this past Thursday, July 19 at Wellsville Village Hall.  Present at the meeting was President Mike Ryan and Board members Cal Carney, Roy Dray, Gene McGaffick, Tim O’Hara, Bob Wines and Rick Williams.  Also attending was District Manager Al DeAngelis, District Attorney Fred Emmerling, Fiscal Officer Tony D’Angelo and Office Manager Greg Stanley.

The Board went into a 17 minute Executive Session with Attorney Emmerling for litigation.  There was no comment or action taken on the subject of the session when they returned. 

Board Treasurer Bob Wines reported there was a Finance Committee meeting held July 18 and everything was found to be in order.  The Board voted to accept the Treasurer’s Report.

District Manager DeAngelis reported that the line replacement project in Salineville has been completed and comments are favorable from BWD customers affected.  The project was on Lincoln & High Streets.  District employees installed 440’ of 4” line and 90’ of 2” line with corrosion resistant plastic pipe.  They were replacing 2” metal pipe that was in place before BWD took over.   Corrosion in the old metal pipe was so bad it was causing a severe lack of water pressure for customers in that area. 

DeAngelis also reported that talks are on-going with the Ohio EPA about installing required telemetry in the finished water tank for Salineville.  With funds tied up with the East Liverpool litigation the District cannot presently afford the expense of the telemetry.  OEPA officials are working with the District to find a possible solution.  When installed telemetry will allow activity with the tank to be remotely monitored.

Office Manager Greg Stanley advised that the monthly packet of reports will be furnished electronically via e-mail.  The move will eliminate the costly postage of mailing each Board member a thick packet of monthly reports not to mention the trees that will be saved. 

The meeting adjourned at 9:25 AM.  The next scheduled meeting is set for Thursday, August 17 at 9 AM.  The meeting will take place at the Wellsville Village Hall at 1200 Main St.   The BWD Rate Study Committee will hold a meeting Monday, July 23 at the Water Treatment Plant at 10 AM.  The purpose of the meeting is bulk water rates. 

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wellsville Village Council Meets

The Wellsville Village Council met in regular session yesterday evening with Mayor Susan Haugh presiding.  All Council members were present along with Fiscal Officer Dale Davis, Village Administrator Thom Edgell, Legal Advisor Andy Beech and Zoning Administrator Rick Williams. 

First Christian Youth Pastor Brandon Russell thanked Council and Village administrators for all the help, advice and use of equipment that First Christian’s “Mission Wellsville” received a couple of weeks ago.  Instead of traveling to some far off region for their annual mission trip the church members applied their efforts in the Wellsville area.  Russell said the response from Village officials was outstanding.  He said there was an average of 36 youth members that participated throughout the week.  Russell also announced the church will be holding their back-to-school free back pack bash on Saturday, August 11.

For his report Village Administrator Thom Edgell said attempts are continuing to do some repair work at Village Hall, Hammonds Park and the 18th Street playground.  Problems at 18th Street are being addressed.  A notice was published last week that the playground will be closed at 9 PM each night.

Edgell also noted that they “are preparing for the visiting Baptists with chainsaws”.  Edgell was referring to a Baptist outreach group that specializes in clearing brush, etc.  They were in town a few years ago to help clear the floodwall dikes and are coming back in the near future.  Arrangements are being made to provide them with accommodations and meals.  Work has been done at the Pete Amato Boardwalk area.  With the generous financial help from the Amato Foundation “all the lights come on at the same time now”.  Work will be done at the Boy & The Boot.  A light has been installed and Specialty Services Inc. will be sand blasting the statue to get it cleaned up and repaired.  Following the meeting Edgell advised that 8” of dirt will be removed and filled in with new top soil.
In her report Mayor Haugh noted she is giving one last warning to the owners that are neglecting to clean up their dilapidated properties.  Village officials are getting “our i’s dotted and t’s crossed” and will begin aggressively pursuing the owners of these properties.  They have a plan that they feel will work.  Haugh advised the property owners to do something.  Get it fixed or get it torn down.  Tony Cataldo suggested that if property owners can’t afford to fix or demolish that they be given the option of turning the ownership of the dilapidated properties over to the village.  In response the Mayor indicated that’s an option if it’s cost effective. 

Aerial view of Port Authority Wellsville Property
In closing her report the Mayor related her excitement with Monday’s Port Authority announcement of the proposed Marathon Oil expansion and Arrowhead Utica Pipelines coming to Wellsville.  Both endeavors involve Port Authority land and job opportunities, plus eliminating a lot of truck traffic through Village streets.   It involves land including the “pondage area” practically to the Jefferson County line.  The “pondage area” will be sold to Marathon and developed. 

Finance Committee Chairwoman Diane Dinch got approval to pay $27,550 in bills.  Dinch also reported that the General Fund is showing a balance of $1,285,357 but “roughly $1.2 million of that is invested”.  Dinch was referring to the money received from selling oil & gas rights that is invested with STAR Ohio.  The total of all funds is $1.6 million which includes the invested amount. 

Councilman Don Brown reported that several new catch basins have been installed.  He noted that the one area most residents will probably notice is on Wells Avenue at the Route 45 intersection.   There should be no roadway flooding in that area now with the new catch basins installed and the lines replaced.  Brown also issued another warning to residents that have garbage piling up on their properties.

Property Committee Chairwoman Rosie Goss got authorization approved for the Solicitor to petition the Court of Common Pleas for the property at 734 Main St.  Goss also got a motion passed authorizing the Mayor to write a letter to the County Auditor requesting the village be given the property at 640 Henry Avenue plus any and all other delinquent properties.  These are parcels that failed to sell two different times at Sheriff’s Auctions.   Once that happens the Village has an opportunity to acquire the parcels tax and lien free. 

There will be a Claims, Rules & Ordinance Committee meeting on Monday, July 23 at 2 PM at Village Hall.   The purpose of the meeting was not announced. 

The ordinance to raise some rates at Springhill Cemetery was passed on third reading and adopted.  Both Brown and Ross opposed raising the rates.  Councilwoman Dinch said the new rates are similar in price to other cemeteries in the area. The new prices will take effect August 1.   The price per grave will be $600.  Opening and closing fees have been increased along with others.  Burials in Babyland were unchanged.  

Also an ordinance to amend the contract with United Water was passed to authorize the cost of living raise adjustment.  The adjustment is a contracted item and the raise amendment was just a formality. 

Before closing the resignation of seven year Village Street Department employee James Bauer was accepted with regrets.   Bauer accepted a custodial position with the Wellsville School District. 

The meeting was adjourned at 6:29 PM.   The next regular meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 7 at 6 PM at Village Hall.

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American Queen Cruises Past Wellsville

The steamboat, the American Queen out of Nashville, TN, came past Wellsville yesterday evening.    It was on a voyage to Pittsburgh.  That voyage originated in Louisville, KY, with seven overnights and six stops scheduled along the way, according to their web site. 

It should be passing through again today enroute to Cincinnati on a four night cruise with two stops scheduled.  On July 22 it will start toward Pittsburgh one more time.  This time it will be five overnights with four stops scheduled.  Those three cruises feature music from the 1960s for entertainment.  When it leaves Pittsburgh on July 27 the entertainment will feature Big Band music. 

That last cruise will conclude in Louisville.  From there it the steamboat will be heading on south.

It’s kind of nostalgic seeing a steamboat pass by Wellsville.  Here are some pictures of the ship taken when it passed the Wellsville River Museum.  According to one post on FaceBook the smokestacks were lowered when they went through the New Cumberland Locks yesterday.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wellsville BOE Readies For New School Year

The Wellsville Board of Education met in regular session last evening in the Superintendent’s Office.  Present at the meeting was President Karen Dash, Board Members Ed Bauer, Tom Brophey, Mike Cook and Bill Miller.  Also attending the meeting was Superintendent Rich Bereschek and OAPSE President Ed Swogger. 

On the financial side Bauer reported that June expenditures were $784,649, June receipts were $488,440 and the General Fund balance was $1.3 million.  There was nearly a $3 million drop in the General Fund.  Bauer said that was predicted by District Treasurer Coleen Wickham and was no great surprise.  On the bright side Bauer said the Food Service Fund is now in the black with a balance of $43.  June interest on investments of $3.6 million was $2,894.  Bauer noted interest rates haven’t changed much and are still very low.  Approval was given to pay the bills. 

Mrs. Dash reported that the Student Achievement Leadership Team is anxiously awaiting the State report cards.  Preliminary results issued show an exciting improvement on the Ohio Achievement Test scores.  Dash noted she felt the improvement was the result of Wellsville educators using the data provided by the state and the work of the Building Leadership Teams.   In his Legislative Update Tom Brophey reported that most of the State legislatures are on summer break.  They are expected to come back after Labor Day for a short session to work on the Cleveland Plan and Ohio SB-316. 

Senate Bill – 316 is the controversial bill that many of the Board members feel is unfair to students failing the third grade achievement goals.  There is a reading proficiency provision that goes into effect with the new 2012-2013 school year stating the students who fail the reading achievement tests can be given tutoring.  If they fail the reading tests again, after tutoring, they will be held back to repeat the third grade.   

Superintendent Bereschek reported that installing new lights in the gyms is proceeding with Daw Middle School nearly finished.  Maintenance Supervisor Joe Traina is installing the new AEP recommended lights which is a big cost savings to the district.  Swogger noted the difference in the lighting is remarkable.  The new lighting system uses half the energy that was burned up with the old one.  Work on the Daw playground is to begin this week.

For the Good News report Bereschek advised that Garfield Principal Lisa Ferguson and the Garfield Coordinator are presently in Baltimore being trained for the new “Success For All” program.  The new program is to be put into effect this year and is designed to better prepare the students for the Ohio Achievement Tests.  Teachers will have a 3-day in-service training session in August.  At the May BOE meeting Ferguson noted the teachers are attending the in-service on a volunteer basis even though they are on their summer break.

In Personnel moves the Board named Beth Rettos as the Special Education Coordinator for the upcoming school year and Arden Montgomery will be the Testing Coordinator.   Joe Olesky was renamed the Bus Trip/Bus Transportation Coordinator.  Volleyball coaches name were Ashley Cunningham as new Varsity Assistant, Sara Drysdale as 7th-Grade coach and Jasmine Richardson as 8th-Grade.  With regrets the resignation of Bug Thompson as Assistant Varsity football coach was accepted.  Mr. James Bauer was named new Garfield custodian on the afternoon shift.  Bereschek noted there were 40 applications received for the custodian job.  Eleven of them got interviews and he felt that Bauer was the most qualified for the job. 

The Board amended the contract for the District Treasurer giving her a 2% raise, the same as everyone else received last year.  Ed Bauer noted that the contract was approved earlier but did not include the raise.  The 2% increase raises the District Treasurer’s annual salary to $54,900 according to Mr. Bereschek. 

A contract with the Jefferson County ESC for the Visual Impairment Unit was approved.  Wellsville currently has three students attending Buckeye Local according to Bereschek.  The student handbook for Garfield Elementary was also improved and the Sheakley Law firm was named as “third party administrator” for the Worker’s Compensation Rating Program. 

School lunch prices were raised 20 cents for the new school year.  Students K – 12 lunches will now be $2.05 and adult lunches will be $2.50.  Reduced cost lunches will be $.40.  The District will continue providing the free breakfasts.  Brophey noted the prices are in accordance with a new Federal program that says all lunch prices must be $2.50 minimum by 2015.  Wellsville is gradually increasing the lunch prices to comply with this stipulation.  The Board also approved asking Nutrition, Inc. for a “Request for Proposal” on a food service management program.  Bauer noted that if they go with the proposal there will be no change in Wellsville cafeteria staffing.  The mandated program will change the purchasing procedures for cafeteria supplies.  Bauer said one example is a 58% cost savings on forks used.  It was noted that many area school districts are already in the bulk purchasing program.  The Wellsville School District currently does their own cafeteria supply purchasing.  The District Treasurer also serves as the District Food Coordinator.  Many area districts have this position as a separate job.  Another resolution was passed to make a district wide policy for charging school lunches.  A cap of five lunches for adults and three for students will be enforced.  If the cap is reached by an individual student an “alternative lunch” will be offered that excludes the al la carte selections.  The District has found that many offenders are using lunch money provided by the parents & guardians for other purposes and running up unhealthy accounts for their food. 

The meeting adjourned at 7:09 PM.  There will be a Special BOE meeting on Thursday, August 2 to consider the rehiring of the High School principal.   The next regular scheduled meeting is Monday, August 20.   Both meetings are set for 6:30 PM and will be held in the Superintendent’s Office at 929 Center St.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Books On Wellsville History Available At River Museum

From time to time someone mentions the late Edgar Davidson’s book entitled “Before Memory Fades”.  Davidson was the first President of the Wellsville Historical Society and in his later years, before his memory started to fade, he wrote his book on Wellsville history.  His factual book covers Wellsville from its beginning until roughly 1950. 

Another interesting book on Wellsville history is one entitled “Life And Times In Wellsville”.  It was written by the late Nathan J Morrison and published in 1987.  Mr. Morrison and the title page of his book is shown here.   That was Mr. Morrison, as he looked in 1928, when he graduated from WHS.

Morrison was born in Beaver, PA, and moved to Wellsville with his family at the age of 12.  When they first settled in town they lived on Commerce St.  Later they moved to 1015 Riverside.  At the time the Morrisons moved here the population of Wellsville was close to 8,000.  In the beginning of the book Morrison wrote that “It can be said that Wellsville was a mill town, a railroad town, a commercial town, a residential town, a white-collar town and a blue-collar town.”

N J Morrison
Morrison’s book is similar to that of Ron Price in that he recalls the Wellsville he remembers.  It is a very interesting book naming quite a few of the business establishments that some of us have heard of but can’t remember. Still there are many still with us that can recall a lot of them.  Mr. Morrison was 20 years older than Ron Price.  Although similar in style he covers a period a little earlier in Wellsville history.

Both the Morrison and the Davidson book are available at the Wellsville River Museum.  They thought they were out of stock on the Morrison book and nearly out of the Davidson book when they found some cases stashed away in a cubby hole.  The Historical Society is out of the Ron Price “Growing Up in Wellsville”.  They are waiting for a reprint for that one. 

The other two books are priced at $20 each, plus $5 each shipping and handling if they have to be mailed.  Books can be picked up at the River Museum any Sunday afternoon between the hours of 1 to 4:30 PM.  If you would like to order by mail it can be done by sending your check or money order to The Wellsville Historical Society, P.O. Box 13, Wellsville, OH 43968.    

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Immaculate Conception To Hold "Family Reunion"

The members of the Committee To Save The Immaculate Conception Parish are planning a “Family Reunion”.  Even if you were not a member of the ICC parish family it is open to all former parishioners, their friends and anyone who would like to join in showing your support.

The reunion will be held on 11th Street not on church property.   The Committee has already got approval from Village officials to block off the street.  The street will be blocked from Main to Riverside during the hours of the event. 

Mark August 19 on your calendar.  Grab a chair and join in the fun.   For more information contact either Roxanne Hall or Mickey DeSarro.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wellsville Library To Host Teddy Bear Sleepover

The Wellsville Carnegie Library is planning a “Teddy Bear Sleepover” on July 23. 

Call the library for details…

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pretty Boy Floyd On The Run

Probably one of the livelier murals painted on Wellsville’s floodwall is one currently being worked on by artist Gina Hampson.  It’s Pretty Boy Floyd running from the Feds. 

Floyd was captured and killed in a shootout on the Conkle Farm out near Calcutta after his car broke down passing through Wellsville.  At the time he was on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.

The mural is not yet completed but showing Floyd stepping out of the mural in an attempt to escape caught our eye.  We wanted to share it with you.

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Pete Amato Boardwalk Now Lit Up

Members of Wellsville’s Revitalization Committee gathered at the Pete Amato Boardwalk for the inaugural lighting of a newly installed light fixture Tuesday evening.  Village Administrator Thom Edgell spearheaded the project getting the donated light fixture installed. 

The light was one of three donated to the Village by Wellsville businessman Bill Bower.  The other two lights are located along Main Street at Village Hall.  Electrical work was done by Sayre Electric.  The newly installed light is wired through an electric eye timed with the lights on the Wells Avenue Bridge.  Edgell noted the cost of installing the light was shared by the Amato Foundation. 

The new light makes an attractive addition to the popular mural viewing area.  A floodwall mural dedication ceremony is being planned for September.  Artist Gina Hampson is in the process of finishing the last few murals. 

Revitalization Committee members pictured here, from the left, is Joe Bucher, Ruth Ensinger, Connie Carmichael, Lonnie & Beverly Hentzell with Angel, Edgell, Candy Bangor & Connie Bauer.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wellsville Looking At Property Inspection Ordinances

Chairman John Marrow brought his fellow committee members up to date in a meeting Tuesday afternoon of Wellsville’s Claims, Rules and Ordinance Committee.  The meeting took in Council Chambers at Wellsville’s Village Hall.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss progress of creating an ordinance similar to East Liverpool’s rental property inspection rules.  If passed by Council the ordinance will establish a position of an inspector of all rental properties in the village.  The new position would be financed with an annual fee that landlords will have to pay for each unit they rent. 

Morrow estimates there are currently nearly 200 rental units in the Village with more being planned.  He proposed that the new inspector would be scheduled for 12 hours per week noting that a $50 per unit annual inspection fee would pay for wages and other expenses.  Morrow also suggested that if an ordinance is passed during the summer months a deadline of the first of the year could be established as the effective date for fees to be paid and an inspector be hired.  It is hoped to hire someone knowledgeable in housing construction.  The job will be advertised for applications of all those interested.

The new ordinance will have stipulations for non-compliance fines, late fees and other clauses pertaining to illicit activities.   It is hoped to put some teeth in already existing Village ordinances with the goal of cleaning up properties neglected by the so called “slum lords”.

Morrow said his next step would be to check with the Village Legal Advisor on any possible liability issues.  Once all the details are ironed out he will propose legislation be ordered in by the full Village Council.  Committee members Don Brown and Tonda Ross agreed to proceed with the proposal. 

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Immaculate Conception Parishioners To Commemorate Closing Anniversary

One year ago on July 23, 2011, Diocese of Youngstown Bishop George Murry and his hatchet man co-celebrated the last Mass said in Wellsville.   It was a bitter sweet moment for the Wellsville faithful.  Many of the Immaculate Conception parishioners are decedents of the very men and women who sacrificed to build, maintained and support their church.  A lot of them were baptized, educated and married in the building that is located at 11th & Main Street. They raised their families in the Catholic faith there.  They buried many of their loved ones with the funeral Mass in that building.  Their very history is intertwined with memories of events that took place in their home parish only to see the doors of their church closed, locking them out.   

A committee was formed to appeal that decision as a result of the many controversial events that led up to the closing.  That appeal is pending with Catholic officials at the Vatican in Rome, Italy.  That group is called the Committee To Save the Immaculate Conception Church Parish. 

Members of the Committee to Save the Immaculate Conception Parish will commemorate the one year anniversary of the closing of Wellsville’s Catholic Church with a prayer service on Saturday, July 21.  Although Diocesan officials do not permit them inside their church, the service will be held within site of the very building the Wellsville Catholics call home.  All former parishioners and the public are invited to join in petitioning the Good Lord to unlock the doors and reopen the Immaculate Conception Church. 

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Updating Buckeye Water

The Buckeye Water District Board of Trustees (BOT) last met in regular session on June 21.  Since then there has been a Special BOT meeting, along with an Engineering Committee meeting and a Finance Committee meeting.  There was no newspaper coverage at the Engineering meeting and we got abbreviated reports on the other two meetings.

At the last regular meeting the BOT approved a resolution adopting a rule that no BWD customer can resell purchased water without approval of the water district.  Buckeye sells bulk water at a rate of $15 per 1,000 gallons.  With this resolution someone filling a tanker for someone’s swimming pool cannot resell that water at a higher price without an ok.  District Manager Al DeAngelis commented that the new rule is just getting the district’s ducks in order with an established policy.  It was not aimed at a particular customer or based on a particular instance. 

Speaking of bulk water sales it was reported in the Committee reports that Chesapeake has terminated their contract with the district.  Chesapeake asked that BWD lower its cost from $15 per 1,000 gallons to $5.  The Rate Study Committee voted not to lower Chesapeake’s cost stating it would be unfair to other bulk water customers.  Since then Chesapeake has pulled out their equipment at the Water Treatment Plant.  Chesapeake was buying water to be used in fracking.

The Records Retention Committee reported they have 125 boxes of old records that will be shredded on site at the BWD offices on Clark.  The cost is $8 per box.  The company went through all the necessary requirements getting approval from the State departments and the Ohio Historical Society to get rid of the old records.  Some of the records date back to the beginning of the district and are decades old.  The records are being shredded to protect customer’s personal information. 

In the Operation’s Report it was noted that a leak was discovered in an 8” line somewhere near Route 267.  The leak was causing the loss of an estimated 400,000 gallons per day into a creek.  BWD employees were pulling their hair on finding this one.  Normally excessive ground water indicates where a break is located.  This one was tunneling under a rock directly into the stream. 

In his report District Manager DeAngelis reported that the EPA is requiring an environmental study be done on possible overflow sludge discharging into a creek near the Water Treatment Plant.  It was noted that there has never been a problem of that nature and that particular stream is bone dry most of the time.  The cost of the study is estimated at $2,700.  The study is required to keep the EPA permit.

At the Engineering Committee meeting held June 28 it was decided to consult with the district’s engineers on the possibility of BWD supplying water to a mobile home park on Duke Road in the Calcutta area.  Owners Kevin & Gene Householder approached the district asking that the park be considered.  They are being subjected to new EPA requirements that will be very costly.  Water from two wells is being used currently.   The park has 32 spaces with 22 of them being used by 44 residents. 

It was decided that installation of an 8” line into the park would be necessary.  The Householders advised that an estimated 2,700 to 4,000 gallons per day is used by the park’s residents.  Once the engineers determine what will be required the project will probably be done by BWD employees.  BWD has lines in the area.  They furnish water to the condos in the Turkana Farms development. 

Another project that will be done by BWD employees is correcting a problem the Village of Salineville left them when the district assumed supplying water to Salineville customers.  Assistant Manager Marcus Dalrymple said customers on N. Lincoln Ext. & Summit Dr. are being furnished water out of a 2” steel pipe water line.  With accumulated corrosion over the years it is estimated that the inside diameter of the pipe is now closer to 1”.  Consequently customers up the hill are without water many times in the course of the day.  If the neighbor down the hill is using their shower some customers have to wait to get water. 

The Committee recommended that the problem be corrected.  Dalrymple estimated that project would cost a little over $12,000.  The old steel pipe will be replaced with plastic.  At a Finance Committee meeting July 2 it was determined funds were available and voted to proceed.   Dalrymple advised work on the project would begin this week. 

The City of East Liverpool continues dragging their feet settling their law suit against the company.  The district’s latest offer to settle was bumped up to $5.9 million.  We were told the offer was accepted with the stipulation that the USDA would agree not to hold East Liverpool liable for their money that the courts allowed them to garnish.  The court ruled the money was fair game for the city to garnish and the USDA contended the $3 million plus that was garnished is USDA money.  It is not BWD funds.  That stipulation prompted one BWD BOT member to comment that the only ones winning is the East Liverpool attorneys representing the city in this case.  Holding out for more money means a bigger fee for the lawyers.  East Liverpool’s position is backed by the court ruling. 

BWD recently agreed to a deal with the CC Commissioners that the county will put $1.5 in escrow to help settle the lawsuit.  The district will repay the commissioners back over a five year period at a rate of 1% interest if that money is used.   That deal was brokered by Commissioner Mike Halleck. 

Another deal brokered by Halleck was to piggy back BWD on the oil & gas lease recently signed with DPS Penn.  The district has 210 acres that was included in that agreement.  They also got $5,850 per acre along with 20% royalties and a three year agreement.  That money was to be applied to the latest settlement offer.  Guess East Liverpool can’t figure out what to do with $5,900,000. 

The next scheduled meeting for the BOT is July 19 at 9 AM at Wellsville Village Hall.

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Teachers Hire In Wellsville

Three items were considered in a Special Board of Education meeting held Thursday, June 28.  The first item was the correction on a submission to the CC County Auditor for Appropriation Modification and Amended Certificate for Fiscal Year 2012.  There was an error on the original certificate that the Board had to vote on to correct. 

The other items of business were the hiring of three new teachers for the district.  After a 63 minute Executive Session the Board approved the appointments of John Geramita as a High School Intervention Specialist, Mrs. Emilee Wilson as another High School Intervention Specialist and Miss Shelby Householder as a Garfield Elementary teacher.  Both Geramita and Wilson will be working with students with developmental disabilities. 

Geramita will replace Randy Young and Willson will replace Sue Ellen Meadows. Both Young and Meadows retired at the end of this past school year.  Householder is replacing a teacher that will be moving up to the Middle School.  She will be teaching First Grade. 

Geramita is a New Castle, PA resident and a Youngstown State graduate.  Householder is a Wellsville alumni from the Class of 2008 and a recent graduate of Mount Union College.  Geramita & Householder are pictured above.   Mrs. Wilson did not attend the meeting.

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Wellsville School District News

Even though school is out for the summer the Wellsville School District administrators and Board of Education continue to forge ahead with business as usual.  Although we have been attending the meetings regularly we thought at the beginning of summer that if a reporter is present we wouldn’t duplicate their efforts.  Unfortunately it (the reports) hasn’t been working out to our satisfaction.  The Board had their last regular meeting on June 18 and had a Special meeting on June 28.  BOE President Karen Dash presided at both.

At the last regular meeting Bill Crawford of Team Mojo (pictured here) explained the mission of the non-profit charitable organization and asked for the District’s support.  Team Mojo holds regular fund raising events all through the tri-state area and the money raised goes to support young people who can’t afford to participate in activities requiring extra expenditures.  For example if a student has to buy their own track shoes to be on a team, Team Mojo tries to furnish the shoes if they can’t afford them.  They try to provide pay-to-play fees for deserving children, camp fees, etc.   For more information on Team Mojo check out their web site.  They will be back in town this fall with another 5K in town. 

On the financial side Treasurer Coleen Wickham reported the General Fund ended the month of May with a $1.6 million.  Interest earned on investments in May was $2,928 and Fiscal Year-to-date was $31,808.  General Set-asides were untouched in May and carry a balance of $719,477.  The Board authorized that $6,000 be moved from the General Fund to the cafeteria fund.  It’s for “just in case” and won’t be moved unless needed according Mrs. Wickham.  A final appropriation for FY2012 for $13.7 million was approved. 

Mrs. Dash reported that close to $50,000 in scholarships was awarded to graduating seniors at this year’s Class Day.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Board for the recognition we received at Class Day.  Although we think there are others more deserving we were deeply honored.

Mrs. Dash also reported that there are 15 students attending summer school preparing to retake various portions of the Ohio Graduation Test.  Students must have passing grades in all sections of the test to be eligible to receive their diploma.  The Middle School Special Ed department got 20 i-pads through the Closing the Gap Grant program.  They will be used for math courses.  Staff members will get in-service training on how to best utilize those “newfangled” things.   There were 18 students in grades 3 through 7 attending summer classes in the Middle School.  Mrs. Lisa Feguson reported that 73 awards were given to Garfield Elementary students including four that had perfect attendance for the just concluded school year.  Also, a grant for $83,000 was received toward the new student proficiency program being implemented at the elementary school. 

In his Legislative Update report Tom Brophey advised the State General Assembly is still working when normally they would be on summer recess.  Among the items on the agenda in Columbus is the strongly opposed SB316 that pertains to allowing for more charter schools.  The bill is opposed by the Ohio School Board Assoc.  Another item garnering attention is the Cleveland Plan. 

Mrs. Betty Ann Phillips was recognized for being the new president of the Wellsville Teacher’s Assoc.  Mrs. Phillips succeeds Darlene Allison in that position.  The Board also expressed thanks to WHS Girls Varsity Basketball Head Coach Ed Swogger for his time and dedication for spearheading another successful Summer League. 

Report for the Buildings & Grounds Committee was given by Ed Bauer on various summer projects being worked on.  Gymnasium lights in all three buildings are being replaced through a program recommended by American Electric Power.  The new lights should brighten up the gyms plus be more energy efficient.  The roof on Garfield is being recoated.  At Daw Middle School the playground surface is being leveled and resurfaced. New lights are also being installed in the Daw library.   The high school parking lot will be sealed and relined.  Banners have been ordered to decorate the light poles.  The Wrestling Room at the stadium will have the ridge vent repaired to stop the roof leaks.  There is a committee working on raising funds to make additional improvements to the Wrestling Room in honor of the late Darryl Nightengale.  All work sanctioned by the BOE will be paid for out of the Capital Maintenance Fund.  At the end of May that fund carried a balance of $338,984.

A resolution was passed adopting a Calamity Day alternative allowing up to three make-up days to be made up with on-line computer work.  That plan is in accordance with Ohio Revised Code 3313.88.

In personnel moves approved were supplemental duty assignments with Diane Baker as Detention Monitor, Dawn Noell as Future Teachers advisor and Carissa Wilcox as Y-Teens advisor.  Darlene Allison was appointed teacher mentor for Aaron Bunfill and Marilyn Carr for Brandi Brown.  Coaching assignments approved were Rob Long – Varisity Football assistant, Derek Thompson – Varsity Vounteer, Bruce Harris & Richie Sloan – Daw Volunteers.  For Basketball Bug Thompson was brought back for Boys Varsity & Boys Elementary.  Lonnie Fields – Varsity Assistant and John Stoakes & Jason Carter as Volunteers.  Randy Thrasher will coach Boys 8th Grade & Emory Brewer will handle the Boys 7th Grade.  Janele Spann was named football cheerleading advisor.  Steve Lasure was renamed Head Varsity Wrestling coach along with James Malone as Varsity Assistant.  Charles Fisher will coach the Daw Wrestling Team. 

A three day camping field trip to Camp Fitch in September for 5th & 6th Graders was approved.  Camp Fitch is located on Lake Erie.  A Nursing Preceptor agreement was approved with Franciscan Univ.  Tom Brophey was named as the delegate to the Ohio School Boards Capital Conference to be held in November.  Karen Dash is the alternative.  Not mentioned was the retirement of High School Principal Linda Rolley and the public meeting scheduled for August 2 at 6:30 PM in the Superintendent’s Office. The public meeting is to consider rehiring Ms. Rolley as the High School principal.  According to the Legal Ad that appeared in The Review Ms. Rolley is applying to be rehired to the same position.  The ad and public hearing is in accordance with ORC 3307.353.

The meeting adjourned at 7:10 PM.  The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 16 at 6:30 PM in the Superintendent’s Office.  That office is located at 929 Center St.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Wellsville Community Farmer's Market Cancelled for July 7

The Wellsville Community Farmer’s Market has been cancelled for Saturday, July 7.  With temperatures forecasted to be in the 90s organizer Jack Clutter tells us it’s just too darn hot to be sitting out in the sun.   This has been the second week in a row that the extreme hot weather has forced the cancellation of the outdoor market.
Clutter advises, weather permitting they will be back next week.  When they do resume they will be in the old Sky Bank lot at 1210 Main St. 

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Wellsville Floodwall Murals Dedication Rescheduled

Wellsville Revitalization Committee President Candy Bangor announced Thursday evening that the dedication ceremony planned for the floodwall murals has been rescheduled.  The original date was Saturday, July 14.  The popular local band Route 45 was to provide the entertainment to wrap up the planned activities.  Due to unforeseen circumstances the band was forced to cancel their engagement for that evening.  At their meeting last night the Revitalization Committee voted to stay with the Wellsville area band and to reschedule the planned dedication.

The new date for the dedication ceremony has been set for Saturday, September 15.  The ceremony will begin with dedication of the floodwall murals at the Pete Amato Boardwalk at 6:30 PM.  Activities will then move to Wellsville's SOI Lodge with a cocktail hour scheduled to begin at 7:30 PM.  At 9 PM the Route 45 band will take the stage.

The floodwall murals project was the brain child of former Mayor Joe Surace.  The idea was born after seeing something similar while visiting New Orleans. Thinking of Wellsville’s floodwalls the Wellsville Revitalization Committee was formed in 2004.  The goal was to hopefully attract visitors to the village that would support village businesses.  The new committee commissioned artist Gina Hampson of Gina’s Burning Brush to begin painting the subscribed murals.  What were once just drab concrete walls has now been transformed into beautiful works of art depicting many historical scenes of Wellsville’s past. Hampson has been the only artist working on the murals.  Other than maintaining them the project is nearly completed after eight years of dedicated effort.  It’s mission accomplished for the committee on this project. 

We’ll have more on the dedication ceremony as time draws near.  Bangor asks that anyone who purchased tickets for the July date to contact their seller.   Pictured here are one of the first to be painted.  It shows Abe Lincoln speaking to Wellsville residents while enroute to Washington for his inauguration.  

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wellsville Council Meets

The Wellsville Village Council held a regular meeting Tuesday evening, July 3.  All Council members were present.  Also in attendance were Village Administrator Thom Edgell, Legal Advisor Andy Beech and Fire Chief Bill Smith. 

Just before the meeting began Mayor Susan Haugh offered her apologies saying something just came up requiring her attention.  President Pro-tem Rosie Goss presided over the meeting.

Main Street businessman William Cataldo got approval, pending the paperwork being approved, to block Main Street from 8th to 9th Street between the hours of 12:30 to 3:30 PM on Sunday, August 12 for the annual Fallen Police Officer’s Poker Run.  The Crystal Lounge is one of the stops on the run.

Twelfth Street resident Dave Butcher asked Council consider making the corner of 9th & Main a no parking zone.  Butcher indicated he considers it’s a safety hazard for drivers when vehicles are parked near the corner.
In his report Village Administrator Thom Edgell advised that eight catch basins are being installed on Commerce near 12th St.  The basins are being installed by Larry Martin Contracting at a price a little over $12,000 for labor only.  The Village bought the catch basins themselves at a cost savings.  The cost for the eight basins was a little under $3,000.
After getting bids from three different contractors Wellsville resident Scott Heiny was awarded a contract for work to be done in Hammonds Park.  The now closed restroom will be remodeled and reopened for public use.  A metal commode, sink and mirror will be installed with a new door.  Part of the building will be partitioned off to create a storage space for maintenance equipment.  The roofs on that building and the two shelters will be replaced with metal roofs that will be guaranteed for 75 years according to Edgell.  The total amount for the contract is $12,000. 

Closing out his report Edgell expressed his sincere gratitude, as did several Council members, to Wellsville’s First Christian Church for all the kind deeds and work they accomplished with their Mission Wellsville last week.  

Fire Chief Bill Smith reported that his only full time fireman will be retiring at the end of the month and that he, himself is scheduled for surgery at the same time.  He expected he will be off for four to six weeks and there will be no one to run the Fire Station.  Council went into a nearly 20 minute Executive Session to discuss hiring personnel.  Later in the meeting Personnel Chairman Tony Cataldo announced they will be accepting applications for a certified, full-time fireman until August 1.   Fireman Doug Elliott’s letter of resignation was accepted with regrets and thanks.  Elliott had 33 years with the Village that included 25 years as a full-time fireman. 

Councilman Don Brown issued a warning for residents that have garbage piling up in their yards.  Brown said that if not cleaned up residents will be cited into Magistrate Court. 

Finance Committee Chairwoman got approval to pay bills totaling $49,646.

Street Committee Chairwoman Tonda Ross got an application approved to block 11th Street off, from Main to Riverside, for a “Family Reunion” for members of the former Immaculate Conception Parish.  The reunion is being planned by the Committee to Save Immaculate Conception Parish on Sunday, August 19.  The event will be from 4 to 7 PM. 

Property Committee Chairwoman Rosie Goss got a motion passed authorizing the solicitor to petition CC Common Pleas Court for property at 1033 Commerce St. 

Claims, Rules & Ordinance Chairman John Morrow announced there will be a Committee meeting on Tuesday, July 10 at 3:30 at Village Hall.  The purpose for the meeting was not made known.

Approval was also given to have the Village grant writer to apply for two FEMA grants depending on the grant writer’s fee.  One grant is for firefighting equipment and the second is for wages to add an additional fireman.  The deadline to file for the equipment grant is Friday.
Renewals for the 0.5 mill Floodwall levy and the 1.4 mill Fire levy were approved to be put on the ballot.  Both levies expire at the end of the year.  Being renewals there will not be any taxes raised if they are voted on favorably.  An ordinance establishing new rates for burial lots and other fees at Springhill Cemetery was placed on second reading by a 4 to 2 vote.  Council members Brown and Ross both voted no to raising rates. 

The last order of business had Council voting not to require a public hearing for transferring a D5 liquor license from the Platinum Bar to “My Bar” owned by Roy A. Larkins.  The bar is located at 358 Main Street in the Square. 

The meeting adjourned at 6:51 PM.  The next regular Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 17 at 6 PM.  The meeting will be held at Village Hall at 1200 Main St.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wellsville Mayor Sends Message

Wellsville Mayor Susan Haugh, in a recently released statement, said “I am pleased to announce that on July 3 Operation River Sweep was implemented in the Village of Wellsville.

Operation River Sweep was designed with drug eradication in mind.  The elite Ohio State Highway Patrol Special Response Team, the Columbiana County Sheriff’s Office, the CC Drug Task Force, the U.S. Marshals and the Wellsville Police Department joined forces to send a message to the drug suppliers, dealers and users that we will not take a passive approach to the illegal activity in this area.  We will continue to aggressively and precisely target such illegal activity. 

I would like to personally thank OSP Lt. Dragavich, OSP Lt. Smith, CC Sheriff Ray Stone, CC Det. Dan Downard, WPD Chief Joe Scarabino and all other officers involved in Operation River Sweep.  Your dedication to help Wellsville is to be commended.

I would also like to thank each and every resident of this village who has offered information.  It has not fallen on deaf ears.  We will continue to follow up on every lead given in order to remove these nuisances from your neighborhood.”

Other details are in an article in both our local papers today.  We won’t duplicate their efforts.   We would like to offer our thanks to the Mayor, Village officials and all the law enforcement officers involved for their continued efforts to clean up our village.   It’s reassuring that some politicians keep their promises. 

The message last evening was loud and clear.  Again, thank you all…

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