Friday, December 31, 2010

28th Wellsville Lions Club Care & Share Makes Wellsville Proud

For 28 years now the Wellsville Lions Club have taken great strides seeking donations and raising funds so they can serve the community with their annual Christmas Care & Share. They work all year long to make sure everyone has food for the table and each child has at least one gift from Santa to open on Christmas morning. It's neighbor helping neighbor with area merchants, churches, organizations and individuals all lending a hand with donations. It's a community service coordinated by the Lions members to help make the Christmas holiday a little more cheerful.

The Lions Club is a dedicated community service organization whose members gladly give of their time to serve. Care & Share is probably their best known activity but it is only part of what they do. For more on the Lions Club see our post dated 12-13-10.

The annual Christmas Care & Share program over the years have helped many and this year was no exception. Care & Share is two pronged. There are the food baskets assembled to put food on the table and the toy drive to put presents under the tree. In nearly three decades they have passed out thousands and thousands of food baskets and toys.

This year was no exception. There were 180 food baskets put together that was distributed two days before Christmas. The baskets contained potatoes, a bag of sugar, canned vegetables, bread, stuffing, noodles, eggs, margarine, apples, cake mixes, icing and a Christmas ham. It appears a little chaotic when you first walk in while they are putting the baskets together but that is deceiving. With all their years experience it's really a well organized effort. With the Lions Club members and all the volunteers that pitch in the assembly is done in no time. All of sudden you have different stacks of food items spread half way around the room all boxed up and ready to go. The hams don't get added until the next day when the baskets are distributed. Everything on the food side is done in the Wellsville High School Band Room.

Steve Bobalik and his crew for the toys told me they furnished gifts for 264 children listed on 104 applications. Their assembly and distribution process is just as efficient as the one for the food baskets. The toy drive was originally started by the Wellsville Kiwanis Club with Jack Gallagher and Andy Beech.

All in all it is a very commendable mission that the members of the Lions Club and all the volunteers take on gladly and fulfill each year. It helps make Christmas a little more memorable. Thinking of others is truly in the Christmas spirit.

Thanks to the Lions Club members, all the volunteers and all of those that dig in their pockets that conduct and support the annual Care & Share. Your unselfish efforts are truly appreciated. All of you are part of what makes Wellsville special. St. Nick is surely smiling down from the heavens.

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

WHS Tigers Sweep Toronto

A week ago this past Tuesday the WHS Tigers sweep a triple header against the visiting Toronto Red Knights. It was a long afternoon into evening of basketball but enjoyable. We stated before the season started it was going to be an exciting year for Wellsville basketball and from what we've seen in the two games we got to so far it looks like the fun is just beginning.

The fun started when the Freshmen team handed the Toronto 9th Graders a 67-11 loss in the opening game. The JVs had us a little concerned with their game in the early stages but they started pulling it out late in the 2nd quarter. By the time the clock ran out the Jvs posted a 36-32 win.

The Varsity match put the icing on the cake with a convincing 95-44 victory. They ended the 1st quarter with a 10 point lead at 23-13 and never looked back. After a disappointing loss at East Liverpool a few nights before it was a great pick-me-up for the Orange & Black.

The season is young but we're seeing some developments that got us convinced it's going to be a great year. After battling the flu Mike Johnston was back, healthy, and getting his 3-point range back in game conditions. Dependable Jalen DeSarro chalked up another double-double and with big man Josh Carter developing nicely DeSarro is beginning to show us some additional talent all over the floor.

The most exciting new development we saw in the Toronto game was Freshman Nate Scott in his debut Varsity start. With his added offensive threat opposing teams are going to go nuts trying to defend the Tigers. Wellsville ended up with eight 3-pointers on the night. Johnston banged in two and young Scott added four of his own. Christian Kapp and Michael Miller had the other two. DeSarro did not have any outside the arch in the Toronto game but he's shown he's capable of hitting them. It really opens up the game for the Tigers with that kind of shooting talent and that is exciting.

Good games Tigers. The Freshman return to action Monday, January 3 at home against Western Reserve. Game time is 6 PM. The Junior Varsity & Varsity play tonight in the Tiger's Den in a make-up game versus Leetonia. You won't want to miss any of the action.

The first collage above is pictures from the Freshmen & JV games. The second one is all Varsity. You can right click on either to enlarge for a better look.

See you in the Den. Go Tigers...

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

She's A Ryot

Meet Ryot... she's about 10 weeks old by now. She's a playful, affectionate, cute little ball of fur. She's a Belgian Malinois, a variety of the Belgian Shepherd Dog according to Wikipedia. Malanois have a short mahogany coat with black overlay, black stand up ears and black snout. They're similar to German Shepherds in appearance but smaller with more of a square body. When fully grown Ryot will stand around 24” high and weigh around 60 pounds. They are popular K-9 dogs for police departments and are faster, more agile, mature faster and are more aggressive than German Shepherds. When fully trained she will be fiercely protective and loyal only to her handler.

Her training started the day she was weaned from her mother. That's the day she commenced becoming a soul mate with Wellsville K-9 Police Officer Tony Mancuso. Her early training consists of getting use to Mancuso and being around lots of other people. By the time she's fully grown she'll probably know more about Mancuso than he knows about himself. His wish will be her command. She will dedicate her life to him and even put herself in harm's way for him if necessary. To get her use to being around people and crowd noise Mancuso has been bringing her to basketball games. She's proving to be immensely popular with young and old.

We were first introduced to Belgian Malinois a year ago in September when Norfolk-Southern Railroad Security Officer Tyler Holland and his K-9 companion put on a demonstration for Wellsville's Crime Watch Committee. Holland is a part-time WPD member and his buddy is called Allen. Allen was fully trained when Holland put him through his paces for the Committee. He is primarily a bomb sniffing dog but will also track and attack when asked. You didn't approach Holland or his specially equipped vehicle until Allen was given the command that it was all right. Allen is not a mean dog. He's just that protective of his charge. He's a big, old playful puppy when Holland gave him the okay.

Malonois are hard working dogs and thrive on stimulation and exercise, whether it's training, playing or working. They are easy to obedience train with their high drive for rewards. They are very exuberant and playful, especially when young. Just ask Susie Haugh about the loving she got from Ryot. Their training never stops and they regularly are given refresher training.

For now Ryot goes to training school once a week. By the time she is six months old she will be a certified tracker and as a member of the Wellsville PD, her specialty will be narcotics. Lt. Ed Wilson remarked that with Ryot search warrants won't be necessary. Ryot's nose will be the “warrant”. By the time she is one year old she'll be a certified attack dog.

Ryot and her training is a donation to the Village. Officer Holland told us that Allen cost $22,000 before his training began. The Wellsville FOP learned of the program and applied some time ago. Ryot came from a breeder from up around Akron that specializes in her breed and runs a K-9 training school. Her only cost to the Village will be her feed, vet care, liability insurance and her handler's wages. Officer Marcia Eisenhart said her insurance is only half of what is paid for a human officer. At last week's Council meeting Mayor Joe Surace commended the FOP for their efforts in applying and getting selected for the program. It's a credit to the WPD and a definite plus for Wellsville's law enforcement efforts.

As noted in our post on last week's Council meeting Ryot was officially made the newest member of the Wellsville Police Department. She'll be a definite asset for our community.

You almost feel sorry for the bad guys...not!

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wellsville Village Council

Tuesday – December 21: The Wellsville Village Council held their last regular meeting of the year at Village Hall. Present at the meeting was Mayor Joe Surace, Councilwoman Sue Haugh, Councilman John McMahon, Joe Soldano, Randy Allmon & Tony Cataldo. Also attending was Fiscal Officer Dale Davis, Village Administrator Jim Saracco & Acting Police Chief Ed Wilson. Councilwoman Rosie Goss was excused. The meeting was held at 1 PM due to a conflict with Magistrate Court.

In opening Administration Reports Mayor Surace recommended that new police officer Ryot be made part of the Wellsville Police Department. At that time Lt. Wilson along with K-9 Officer Tony Mancuso introduced Ryot. We'll have more on Ryot in a separate post. Councilman Soldano said he would like to make it official and made a motion to appoint Ryot as the newest member of the WPD. The motion was seconded by Cataldo and was approved.

For the Finance Committee, Chairman Cataldo reported there is $1,700 in the General Fund, $2,900 in the Street/State Highway Fund and a total of $119,388 in all funds as of the end of November. Cataldo remarked that for the last several months he's been saying the Village is broke. We don't have any money. No one wanted to listen. For the next year we can't do any spending until after the first quarter. Surace remarked that he thinks it's already being done. The Police Department has cut back on dispatching. Wellsville no longer has an officer on the CC Drug Task Force. That will eliminate some part time hours that were used to cover his shifts. Overtime has been eliminated until it can be determined what can be done.

Haugh questioned whether other departments have cut back other than the WPD and Surace assured her all departments have been cutting back. Cataldo remarked that the Village Administrator has agreed to stagger shifts in the Street Department in case of a snow emergency. If snow is forecasted one employee will be moved to night turn to eliminate paying over-time. Except for emergencies spending has to be cut out all together, Cataldo concluded.

For Streets, Lights & Parking, McMahon reported they met with Wellsville Terminals and their lawyer in regards to the sink hole at 17th & Main. Everything was laid out on the table and they are waiting to hear back from them. It was proposed that the cost of the street repair be split three ways between the Village, Marathon Oil and Wellsville Terminals. Up until they lawyered up Wellsville Terminals were reluctant to even talk on the phone with Village officials. Marathon Oil offered months ago to work with the Village.

Randy Allmon, for Water, Sewer & Refuse, reported that United Water sent a letter stating the cost of their services will increase 1.2%, effective June 1, 2010, as allowed in their contract due to the Cost of Living Adjustments. United Water operates Wellsville's Sewage Treatment Plant. The increase will raise the monthly fee by $243.11, for a total monthly cost of $20,503. The increase will be first added to the December invoice and is not retro-active for previous months.

Cataldo noted that the letter also requested the deletion of a section of the existing contract for compensation regarding changes in “flows/loadings”. United Water Area Manager Gary Timmer noted in the letter the section was overlooked when negotiating the new agreement. It was discovered after reviewing the last three agreements. Allmon concluded his report stating the letter has be sent to Village Legal Advisor Andy Beech for his review and comments.

For the Personnel Committee, Councilman Soldano got a motion approved to order in legislation to adjust the paid holidays for all Wellsville employees. Once the legislation is approved everyone will have the same holidays.

Under Legislation seven new ordinances were dealt with. Six of the seven were passed under suspension of rules. With one council member absent and Soldano abstaining, the ordinance for wages and other conditions of employment for the Mayor's secretary was placed on first reading. Soldano is the husband of the Mayor's secretary.

The ordinances passed under suspension of rules established the wages and other compensation for the Fire Chief, firemen, Police Chief, the First & Second Lieutenants and full time police officers. The last two ordinances approved were book keeping ordinances making appropriations for current expenses and other Village expenditures.

The ordinances to advertise for bids to repair the 17th & Main sink hole and abolishing the Tree Board remain tabled.

For the Mayor's Report, Surace reported that the Assistant Court Clerk has collected $79,957.05 in back fines from 2008 to date. That averages out to $26,652 per year for three years.

For New Business, Allmon advised the Village Administrator that there are a stop signs at the end of 17th Street covered with stickers. Soldano questioned the Council Clerk on the status of the letter to be sent to residents effected with the zoning change requested for the proposed Ohio River Bread Co. Davis replied that prior to sending the letter an ordinance has to be prepared and presented to Council and new zoning map be prepared showing the changes if approved. The Legal Advisor is working on the ordinance and the Zoning Administrator is working on the map. In addition they are drawing up a list of properties and owners to make sure the letters are addressed to the right people. Some of the effective, surrounding properties are rental units. The zoning change from residential to light industrial is for the old MacDonald School and was requested by principles of the Ohio River Bread Co.

Being no other business the meeting was adjourned at 1:27 PM. The next regularly scheduled meeting is for Tuesday, January 4, 2011, at Village Hall.

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On the Calendar

We took a few days off from posting anything. At first we were taking care of a few last minute things to get ready for Christmas. Then we were enjoying Christmas with family & friends. Finally we decided to take a couple of days to just kick back and relax. Looked at our calendar and if it wasn't for a couple of make-up high school basketball games there isn't much going on this week.

Hope you all had a very nice Christmas and Santa was good to each & everyone of you.

Wednesday - December 29:

  • WHS Lady Tigers vs Leetonia Lady Bears - 6 PM in the Tiger's Den -Bengal Dr.

Thursday - December 30:

  • WHS Tigers vs Leetonia Bears - 6 PM in the Tiger's Den - Bengal Dr.

Friday - December 31:

  • New Years Eve - enjoy & be safe & sensible

Saturday - January 1:

  • Happy New Years! It's the first day of the second decade of the 21st Century

Sunday - January 2:

  • Worship at a church of your choice

  • Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns - 1 PM in Cleveland - Last regular season game of the year...

The high school basketball games Wednesday & Thursday are make-up games that were postponed due to snow days December 13 & 14. Tip-off for both games is at 6 PM with JV action.

A break in the cold, cold, cold weather is coming. Thursday's high temperature is forecasted to be 40 degrees with the highs in the high 40s through the beginning of the New Year. We'll take it.

Hope everyone has a Happy & prosperous New Year. Enjoy your celebrations and please be careful.

Have a good week...

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

On The Calendar

It's Christmas Week. Are you ready? We're not but hey, what gets done, gets done. This time next week it will all be over.

Monday - December 20:

  • Daw Middle School Christmas Concert - at WHS Auditeria - Bengal Dr.

  • WHS Lady Tigers Basketball at Beaver Local - 6 PM - Route 7N

Tuesday - December 21;

  • First Day of Winter

  • Wellsville Barber Shop Issac Ludwig Memorial Cut-off - see below

  • Wellsville Village Council - 1 PM at Village Hall - 1200 Main St.

  • WHS Tiger Basketball vs Toronto - 4:30 PM in Tiger's Den - Bengal Dr.

  • WVFD Santa Escort - 7 to 9 PM - around the Village & Yellow Creek Twp.

Wednesday - December 22:

  • Wellsville Schools Holiday Break begins

  • WHS Wrestling at South Range with Liberty

  • WHS Freshman Basketball vs Beaver Local - 5 PM in Tiger's Den - Bengal Dr.

Thursday - December 23:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs Carolina Panthers - 8:20 PM at Heinz Field - Pittsburgh

Friday - December 24:

  • Christmas Eve

Saturday - December 25:

  • Christmas Day

Sunday - December 26:

  • Worship at a church of your choice

  • Feast of Kwanzaa

On Tuesday Wellsville Barber Shop owner JC Coulter is having a memorial cut-off in honor of Issac Ludwig. Ludwig was a young man from out around Salineville that passed on some time ago. In his honor JC is donating whatever he takes in that day to Wellsville's New Life Harvest House in memory of young Issac. It's a good day to get a hair cut, a trim or even a shoe shine. Donations will also be accepted and passed on in memory of Issac Ludwig.

Tuesday afternoon will feature triple header basketball with Wellsville hosting Toronto. The Freshman team gets things started at 4:30, followed by the JVs and the Varsity.

Tuesday evening is the last day of Wellsville Volunteer Fire Fighters escorting Santa around town and out in Yellow Creek Twp. Look for the big old fire truck with the flashing lights. Call 330-532-1338 for details.

We didn't put it on the calendar but Wednesday the Wellsville Lions Club will be packing the Care & Share food baskets and getting the toys ready for delivery on Thursday. It's the 28th year they have helped others at Christmas time.

We would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas with your families and loved ones. Keep in mind the real reason for the season. The message from the first Christmas over 2,000 years ago is still meaningful today - Peace on earth & good will to men.

Have a good week...

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

WHS Tigers Open At Home With Win

Friday – December 17: If they keep it up we're going to have to start calling them the “cardiac kids” with the way they finished their last two games. Last night the WHS Tigers Men's team hosted the Lowellville Rockets in the Tiger's Den. It was the home opener for the Men after the Leetonia game was postponed earlier in the week due to weather.

The Tigers weren't crushing the scrappy Lowellville team but had a comfortable margin going into the 4th quarter leading the Rockets 61-46. Senior Mike Johnston hit for 16 points in the 3rd that included three of his 3-pointers from outside of the arch. That comfort turned into an “oh no!” big time when the Rockets pulled within two points with 39.8 seconds left on the clock. An intentional foul and some clutch foul shooting by Jalen DeSarro put the game away, increasing the Wellsville lead by four points. It also took the wind out the Rocket's sails and Wellsville came away with a 69-65 win.

Johnston took game high honors with 29 points and DeSarro recorded a double-double with 19 points and 10 rebounds. Junior Josh Carter had a solid night off the boards with 9 rebounds and adding 6 points of his own. Christian Kapp tallied 9 points and Sean Hudson rounded out the scoring with another 6 points.

The Tigers improve to 3&0 on the young season. They return to action tonight (Saturday) traveling to East Liverpool. Game time is set for 6 PM for the JVs. If you can't make it to the 'pool you can listen to game with Joe, Rodger & Bud calling the plays on WHS Sports Station.

The JVs had were impressive in the opening match with a 55-33 win. Wellsville's Nate Scott netted 24 points in that match-up.

Go Tigers! Beat those stinkin Potters and please, don't take a rest until the end of the 4th quarter. Poor “Bug” is going to be totally gray otherwise...

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WHS Lady Tigers Blasted By Lowellville

Thursday – December 16: The Lady Tigers hosted Lowellville this past Thursday and it wasn't pretty for the Orange & Black. The Wellsville Ladies got blown out of the Tiger's Den by the Lady Rockets.

The Lady Tigers were trailing by 8 points at the end of one. Lowellville took a 27 point advantage into the locker room at half-time. At the end of three quarters that advantage grew to 48 points and the rest was history. Wellsville got more productive in the 4th quarter with scoring 28 points but by that time Lowellville's starters were resting on the bench. The final score was Lady Rockets 79-43.

We've heard it said that even winning teams have to suffer through one bad, sloppy loss in the course of a season. We're praying that our Lady Tigers can regroup and get it together. They're a much better team than what we saw the other evening. Surely that game was the one bad one they were talking about. Wellsville slips to 3&1 on the season with that loss.

In the first game the JVs lost a heart breaker, by two points, by a score of 38-36. Dawn Johnson's last second three point shot was just a fraction of an inch off the mark.

The Lady Tigers return to action Monday at Beaver Local.

Good Luck Ladies...

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Buckeye Water District Board of Trustees

The BWD Board of Trustees held their regular monthly meeting yesterday, Thursday, December 16, at Wellsville Village Hall. Present at the meeting was Board President Mike Ryan, Board Members Bob Wines, Cal Carney, Jack Call, Gene McGaffick and Tim O'Hara. Also attending was District Manager Al DeAngelis, Legal Adviser Fred Emmerling, Fiscal Officer Tony D'Angelo and Office Manager Tracy Allen. Trustees Chuck Bibbee, Dave Lloyd and Rick Williams were absent.

After approval of the minutes of the previous meeting the Board went into Executive Session for 17 minutes to discuss the resignation of an employee. No comment was made or action taken when they returned. However we learned that Office Manager Tracy Allen, pictured above, has submitted her resignation, effective at the end of the month, for employment elsewhere. Allen has been with BWD for five years and was appointed Office Manager this past September. The BWD Personnel Committee is suppose to meet this morning to further discuss the matter. That meeting was suppose to be behind closed doors with no action to be taken until they can bring it before the full Board.

Gene McGaffick reported the Finance Committee met on December 15. It was discovered a couple of expenses were listed on the wrong charge of accounts and that has been corrected. McGaffick recommended the Treasurer's Report be accepted.

Tony D'Angelo advised the Board during the Operation's Report that he believed the November collections was the highest ever in the history of the district. Board Member Cal Carney commended D'Angelo for the good job, especially with tracking wages. Carney remarked that the reporting method makes it much easier to follow wage costs.

There was no report for the Engineering Committee but McGaffick inquired on the progress of the proposed Frederick Heights project. District Manager DeAnelis responded that BWD is ready to proceed as soon as they get the go ahead from USDA. The USDA engineer is currently reviewing the specifications and it is hoped that word will be received no later than the first of the year if not before. DeAngelis advised, that as soon as word is received, BWD is ready to advertise for bids.

For the Insurance Committee, Chairman Jack Call reported that as of March 1, 2011, BWD will no longer be part of the cooperative insurance coverage through Columbiana County. For better rates on health coverage the district has joined in with the County for at least the last 15 years. At last month's meeting Call reported there would be a 9% increase in insurance cost through the County.

Call explained that the County's insurance broker, Morris Financial Group, had notified authorities in Lisbon that BWD is not eligible for the coverage. To be eligible an employee must work for the County at least 30 hours per week and be issued at W2 or Form 1099 from them. Form 1099 is given to contractors that do work for the County. Other than that no other explanation was given for something the County has been doing for over 20 years. Call noted that Port Authority officials were also notified. Call advised that the District Manager is currently seeking bids for new coverage from a couple of different companies. Coverage is provided by Athem Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

Bob Wines reported that an extremely old printer that prints checks is malfunctioning. The Computer Study & Purchase Committee is researching for a new one. D'Angelo said it is skipping pages. It is believed that the printer has been around as long as BWD.

Al DeAngelis reported that leak detection testing for Salineville will be started in January. The CDBG has determined that the new road to the Salineville water storage tank required by Ohio EPA has to be put out for bid. It was not included in the original bid but left over funds from the Salineville Part B bid will be permitted to be used to pay for the road construction. RCAP is taking care of all the necessary steps required by CDBG and the District's engineering company is putting together a bid package.

In his Operation's Report DeAngelis noted that the contractor is addressing final punch list items for Part B of the new Salineville Water Line project. He also noted that the Ohio EPA wants the decommissioned Salineville Water Treatment Plant torn down. Since that is the Village of Salineville's property the matter will have to go to the Village. DeAngelis observed that BWD has no legal authority to tear down the old plant. Since going on-line with the water district the plant is no longer used and lines feeding into Salineville's water system have been removed.

There were three Center Township Trustees in the audience that addressed the Board about getting water in their part of the County at the north end of Lisbon. Trustee Joe Csonka served as spokesman asking if the District had any plans to expand in that area. Csonka was accompanied by fellow trustees Ken Schreffler & Greg Shiva.

DeAngelis advised the Trustees that County officials have worked out a deal with the City of Salem to tap into their 20” diameter line that runs through Center Twp. They are currently working on finding funding sources to proceed expanding the water system. Getting a reliable source of water to the County Jail is one of the top priorities. Mike Ryan noted the 20” line holds a tremendous amount of water and the County will need more customers than just the jail. They could expand to the Robert Bycroft Center and the Juvenile Center facilities and possibly a State garage. Cal Carney said it would take 50,000 gallons a day moving through that line to keep the water fresh. The chemicals used to treat water begin breaking down in stagnant water.

Csonka then asked if there would be any legal problems if the township purchased water from Salem. An agreement was signed in 1998 stating that Center Township would deal exclusively with BWD. Ryan responded that would not be a problem. Carney remarked the water would be bought from the County and McGaffick noted BWD is the County's water district. Csonka said that twice in the past the Township was stopped from going after another source because of the deal. Bob Wines told Csonka that it is pretty much a matter of funding. Being a regional water district, BWD would furnish water anywhere it was feasible. Ryan said that the law states that if BWD can not provide service within six months from the date of the agreement the Township is free to buy anywhere. Csonka said that is the best news he's heard in a long time and they will contact County officials.

Being no new business the meeting adjourned at 9:42 AM with President Ryan wishing his fellow Board members and BWD employees a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, January 20, 2011, at 9 AM at Wellsville Village Hall.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Daw Middle School Basketball for Wednesday

The Daw Middle School basketball teams played Beaver Local yesterday, Wednesday, December 15. The girls traveled out to the farm land and the boys played host at Beacom Memorial. The 7th Graders had a little trouble with both teams losing to the Beavers. The 8th Graders wearing the Tiger stripes made up for it.

In the Wednesday afternoon action the 7th Grade girls lost to the Beavers 29-10. The Wellsville 7th Grade boys lost a heart breaker by two points, a 35-33 loss. The difference in that game was at the foul line and not being able to get the ball through the hoop in the last seconds of the game. Still it was a heck of a game and the young Tigers have nothing to be ashamed of. They took it to the Beavers and gave them all they could handle.

In 8th Grade action the girls brought home a 37-26 win. Angelica Scarabino had game high honors with 17 points. The 8th Grade boys notched a 37-27 win on the Wellsville home floor. Chase Hilliard had 12 points for the high in that game.

Both the boys & girls return to action on January 5 when they take on the Columbiana Clippers. The girls will be playing at home and the guys get to travel up there.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Daw Middle School Teams Defeat Southern Local

This past Monday evening the Daw Middle School basketball teams played Southern Local. We're happy to report that both the boys and the girls won their games. The boys traveled to Southern and the girls were at home.

The 7th Grade girls won their game with a score of 23-14 and the 8th Graders won the night cap by a score of 48-15.

The Daw boys won the 7th Grade game by a score of 49-18 while the 8th Grade boys finished the sweep with a score of 56-21.

Pictured above is a few pictures we got of the girls game before the BOE meeting.

Both teams return to action tonight with Beaver Local. The girls play at Beaver Local and the boys will be taking on the Beavers in Beacom Memorial.

Good Luck to the Daw teams.

Go Tigers

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wellsville Board of Education

The Wellsville Board of Education held their regular monthly meeting Monday evening in the Daw Middle School Cafeteria. Present at the meeting was Board President Ed Bauer, VP Tom Brophey and Members Karen Dash, Mike Cook & Bill Miller. Also attending the meeting was Superintendent Rich Bereschik, Fiscal Officer Coleen Wickham, Garfield Elementary Principal Lisa Ferguson, Building & Grounds Supervisor Joe Traina, WTA President Darlene Allison and 13 WTA members.

The Financial Report was read and it was approved to pay the bills. For the month of November receipts were $600,606, expenditures were $543,999 leaving a General Fund balance of $1,972,156. General Set-Asides balance at the end of November was $736,038. Interest earned for November was $4, 301.

Tom Brophey remarked there wasn't a whole lot to report for the Legislative Update stating our law makers just completed a “lame duck session”. Brophey reported that at an OSBA meeting last week in Columbus he learned that Governor-elect Kashich plans to impose an immediate 5% cut in education funding when he takes office January 1. Translated into a dollar amount Wickham advised that would be a $271,847 cut in state funding for FY2011 for Wellsville.

With representatives present from each of the three schools, Darlene Allison noted that the Wellsville Teachers Association is hoping for a successful mediated negotiation session on Wednesday. The WTA has been negotiating for a new contract since this past April. From our understanding the impasse is due to the increased cost of health insurance.

For the Good News Report, Lisa Ferguson noted there were 231 folks that attended the recent Parent-Teacher Conferences at Garfield Elementary. Everyone was invited to the Garfield Christmas Concert at the high school Wednesday night. Allison reported that there were approximately 300 that attended the conferences at Daw Middle School. Daw students are collecting goods for the troops. Mr. Bereschik reported the High School Christmas Concert was “fantastic”. He noted one song was entitled “Snow Days, Snow Days”. Must have worked. One of the three allowable for this school year was used today.

The Board members, Bereschik, Wickham and one parent retired to a 38 minute Executive Session to discuss a complaint against an employee or School official. No comment on the session was made upon resuming the regular meeting.

The annual organizational meeting was set for January 10, 2011, and Tom Brophey will serve as Presdent Pro-Tem for the 6 PM meeting.

Wellsville Police Officer Marsha Eisenhart was hired to work three days a week for the School District. Bauer noted this has been talked about for four or five months recalling that Southern Local just recently did something similar. Eisenhart has worked as the DARE officer for many years and previously served as the school liaison. Mrs. Dash remarked Eisenhart is a good choice. She is familiar with the Wellsville students and most of them know her. Bereschik reported that with the way things are going in our society, in general, it was decided to go ahead with hiring an officer. Wages will be paid from the remaining AARA funds.

The Board approved a resolution to purchase a 2011 Chevrolet 2500 pick-up truck equipped with a snow plow for the district. President Bauer emphasized that the purchase will be paid out of the Permanent Improvement Fund. There is money in the fund to buy the truck and there will not be any money spent from the General Fund for the new equipment. Salaries are paid from the General Fund. Prior to deciding to buy the truck advertisements were published seeking bids.

Mrs. Dash remarked this is something the district has needed for a long time noting that the custodial staff have been using their own personal vehicles to plow snow and haul supplies. Bauer added that the Building & Grounds Supervisor often uses his own truck without any compensation.

A motion was passed to enter into an agreement with West Liberty University for student teachers for the 2010/2011 School Year. Also approved was to have Ed Bauer seek a waiver from compliance for the Body Mass Index Screening for this school year. That is part of the new Healthy Children legislation. Bauer said it would be hard to regulate and Bereschik noted it's a cumbersome process. The screening is another unfunded piece of State legislation and it is speculated it won't be around next year. School Board Presidents were given the option to seek a waiver for the first year.

A motion to renew the services of Bricker & Eckler, LLP, was also approved. The law firm provides any legal services and representation that is needed for the district. A field trip for the WHS Ebony & Ivory Choral group was approved to entertain the Peach Tree Inn residents at the Fox Nursing Home in West Virginia.

A motion was passed authorizing the District Treasurer to advertise for bids for the demolition of the remaining concrete grandstands on the eastern side of Nicholson Stadium pictured above. A section of the grandstands was closed off before the last football game this fall when serveral suspect areas were found. Engineering firm MS Consultants recently inspected the whole structure and is was determined to be much too costly to make repairs. Much of the concrete was found to be eroded and much of the rebar rods that reinforce the concrete is exposed and corroded. Bereschik reported that only the main supports remain in good condition in the 75 year old structure. That is the skeletal structure the stands were built around.

Bauer stated there is too much to repair. There would never be enough funds. Other than have the stands razed, it is not determined what exactly will be done until costs can be ascertained. Around 15 years ago the stands on the western side of the stadium were replaced with aluminum bleachers. With regular inspections, the only maintenance found to be needed on those has been an occasional power washing. Again Bauer emphasized that any work with razing the old grandstands and replacing them would be paid for out of the Permanent Improvement Fund.

Mrs. Dash observed “it's sad to see these bleachers go. There are a lot of memories down there but the safety of the spectators must be the first consideration”. It is hoped to have something in place for the 2011 sports season.

In personnel moves the Board approved the following: Mike Cook was appointed to serve a two year term as the District's representative to the CC Career & Technical Center Board. Nancy Murray and Estie Fisher were approved to be Garfield parent volunteers for the remaining school year. Steve Kline was given the okay to be a volunteer for the Daw Middle School girl's basketball program. Dave Skinner's contract was renewed as the Head Varsity Football Coach/Summer Physical Fitness Coach for 2011/2012. The advisor position for the Tiger Rag was split with duties being shared by Mrs. Robin Weeda and Mrs. Carissa Wilcox. The Tiger Rag is the WHS newspaper.

Finally the Board voted to once again go into Executive Session to review and prepare for negotiations or bargaining sessions with employees. Bauer advised no comments or action would be taken before adjourning.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 10, 2011, at 6:30 PM in the Superintendent's Office following the organizational meeting. Wellsville students will begin their Christmas break Wednesday, December 22. They return on Monday , January 3.

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WHS Varsity Basketball Cancelled

Weather is already causing havoc with scheduled basketball games. Yesterday's game for the Lady Tigers was cancelled because Leetonia didn't have school. Tonight's game for the Men's home opener was cancelled. Wellsville schools were cancelled today. The men were to play the Leetonia Bears too.

The Ladies are 3&0 on the young season and the Men are 2&0. Both teams brought home wins over Jackson Milton last week. Those games were league openers for the Tigers. The gals won their game 48-28 and the guys won 67-60.

According to WHS AD Don Elliott, make-up games will be played during the holiday break. The Lady Tigers have been rescheduled to play Leetonia on December 29 and the Men's game will be played December 30. Both games will be played in the Tiger's Den and tip-off will be 6 PM for both.

The Varsity Tigers will host Lowellville later this week pending they have school. The Lady Tigers play Thursday and the Men play Friday. The Freshman Team is suppose to travel to Lowellville on Thursday.

Good Luck Tigers...

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Monday, December 13, 2010

3rd Annual Christmas For The Animals

Wellsville's Alley Cat Aid Brigade held their 3rd annual Christmas For the Animals yesterday at the Gazebo in the 4th Street Square. Pet owners were given food, treats, blankets and straw bedding for outdoor pets.

As an added treat this year members of the Johnston family were on hand passing out corsages in memory of their late sister, Eddie Odroneic, who left us this past year. Mrs. Odroneic was a devoted pet lover herself and gave her full support to all humane treatment of our four legged friends.

This was the first give-away that the all volunteer Alley Cat Aid Brigade was able to have this year. Donations are gladly accepted. For more information call 330-532-9064.

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Wellsville 2010 Christmas Parade

The annual Wellsville Christmas Parade was held this past Saturday. The parade is organized and sponsored by the Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce with Vicki McCombs serving as Parade Chairwoman. DJ Bobby Sell III entertained with spinning Christmas tunes. Ed Bauer served as Master of Ceremonies.

This year's parade had 45 entries with trophies being awarded in four different categories. Highlandtown VFD took first place in the Fire Truck category with Wellsville VFD placing second. The best car/truck entry went to the CC Humane Society with the Blues Brothers placing second. The best float was awarded to the Wellsville Nazarene Church with the Dairy Queen and Gibby's Market coming in second and third. The best marching entry went to Center Pharmacy with Central United Methodist Church placing second. There were so many winning entries the judges had a hard time with their final selections.

The high light of the parade was the arrival of Santa & Mrs. Clause. Santa took time out of his busy schedule to pose for pictures and to hear what the children had on the Christmas list. Mrs. Clause passed out treats to the children. Did you know that Mrs. Clause was first introduced in 1889? She gets around and looks pretty good for 121 years of age. Santa must be sharing his secret to longevity.

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Wellsville Lions Club Care & Share

At a recent tag day to raise funds for the Wellsville Lions Club Care & Share program someone asked President Erin Roberts-Orr “what is Care & Share?” For us that are familiar with the Lions Club, their Care & Share program and all the good works they do for the community, it's easy to assume that it's common knowledge. Everyone knows about them, right? Guess not...

The Lions Club was founded in 1917 by Melvin Jones, a Chicago business man. Jones belief was “you can't get very far until you start doing something for somebody else”. Believing in the power of cooperative altruism, Jones helped shape Lions Clubs into the largest network of service clubs in the world. Their motto is simply “We Serve”. They are committed to assisting the visually impaired and seek to improve the lives of the needy. They offer young people the chance to catch the spirit of service.

The Lions Club went International in 1920. Today there are 44,500 clubs with over 1.3 million members in 206 countries. They are a secular service organization independent of any religious or government affiliation. Membership is by invitation only but those that volunteer to serve are rarely turned away according to their web site.

The Wellsville Lions Club was chartered in 1979 with Gary Malone serving as the first president. Other charter members still active today, in addition to Malone, is Tom Haugh, Tom DeJane, Jeff Weekley and Rick Gray. Today the Wellsville club has 28 members. Roberts-Orr serves as President, Doris Musselman, Secretary and Malone is the Treasurer. Their Board of Directors includes Randy Dillard, Malone & DeJane.

Carrying out the mission of the Lions Club, they conduct eye glass recycling, and raise money for eye exams and glasses for the needy. To this day eye glasses no longer needed can be dropped off at Center Pharmacy for the recycling program. Every year the Club conducts vision screening for Garfield Elementary 1st & 3rd Graders, recognizing the importance of correcting vision problems early on in a child's life. This year alone the Club has sponsored seven sight cases locally.

The Wellsville Lions Club has adopted Wells Avenue and yearly cuts grass, cleans up the litter and maintains the planter across from the American Legion Post. It's one of their ways to give back to the community.

For the past 27 years the Lions Club organizes and conducts their Care & Share program for the Christmas Season. Raising money throughout the year with tag days, some times in freezing weather, and having a breakfast with Santa, they also seek donations from local businesses and others to support the program. Wellsville's First Christian Church has a yearly creamed chicken & biscuit dinner to support this community service. The Riverside Presbyterian Church donates their facilities for the annual Breakfast with Santa. They held this year's breakfast this past Saturday from 8 to 11 AM. As of 10:30 they had 100 people come through the door. They had 12 National Honor Society students from WHS donating their time to act as servers at the breakfast. Pictures in the collage are from this year's breakfast.

In 2009 the Lions Care & Share program provided food baskets to 175 area families and two toys each for 150 children. Since starting the program they have given out over 5,400 food baskets averaging around 200 per year.

Applications for this year's Care & Share program are available at Center Pharmacy at 447 Main Street, Wellsville. To be eligible you must either have a Wellsville address or a “532” phone number. You do not have to reside within the Village limits to be eligible to apply. The deadline for applying is this Wednesday, December 15. The Lions Club's elves will be packing the food baskets and getting the toys ready on December 22, with deliveries scheduled for the next day, December 23.

President Erin Roberts-Orr said they are greatly appreciative of the many donations from area businesses, churches, organizations and individuals that support the Care & Share program. We would like to add our thanks to the dedicated members of the Lions Club that give so much of their time and efforts to provide a bit of the Christmas spirit to so many.

It's proof positive that Wellsville is indeed some place special...

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

On The Calendar

Twelve days until much to do. So little time to do it. Hope everyone was able to keep warm last week. The forecast doesn't look like it's going to get warmer soon and the official start of winter is still over a week away. In my next life I want to come back as a bear. Then we can sleep through the winter!

Monday - December 13:

  • Daw Mid. School Girls vs Southern Local - 5 PM at Beacom Memorial - Center St.

  • Daw Mid. School Boys at Southern Local - 5 PM - Rt. 39

  • WHS Lady Tigers vs Leetonia Lady Bears - 6 PM in Tigers Den - Bengal Dr.

  • Wellsville Board of Education - 6:30 PM in Superintendents Office - Center St.

Tuesday - December 14:

  • WHS Tigers vs Leetoonia - 6 PM in Tigers Den - Bengal Dr.

  • Wellsville Takedown Boosters Club - 8 PM at Village Hall - 1200 Main

Wednesday - December 15:

  • **BWD Finance Committee - 10 AM at BWD Admin. Offices - Clark Ave.**

  • Joshua Project Clothing Give-away - Noon to 6 PM at New Hope Community Church - Rt.39

  • Daw Mid. School Boys vs Beaver Local - 5 PM at Beacom Memorial - Center St.

  • Daw Mid. School Girls at Beaver Local - 5 PM - Rt. 7

  • Garfield Elementary Christmas Program - at WHS Auditeria - Bengal Dr.

Thursday - December 16:

  • **BWD Board of Trustees - 9 AM at Village Hall - 1200 Main St.**

  • WHS Lady Tigers vs Lowellville - 6 PM in the Tigers Den - Bengal Dr.

  • WHS Frosh at Lowellville

  • WVFD Santa Escort - 7 to 9 PM - See below

Friday - December 17:

  • WHS Tigers vs Lowellville - 6 PM in the Tigers Den - Bengal Dr.

Saturday - December 18:

  • WHS Wrestlers at Beaver Local's Hoppel Tournament

  • New Life's Harvest House Ham Dinner - at Kat's Kitchen - 1025 Main St.

  • WHS Tigers at East Liverpool - Potter's Fieldhouse

Sunday - December 19:

  • Worship at a church of your choice

  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs NY Jets - 4:15 PM at Heinz Field - Pittsburgh

  • WVFD Santa Escort - 7 to 9 PM - see below

Once again this year the Wellsville Volunteer Firefighters will be escorting Santa around the Village and Yellow Creek Township. It's on three different evenings. This coming Thursday is the first one, with the other two being planned for Sunday, December 19 and Tuesday, December 21. Look for the fire truck with the flashing lights going. If you're out in the township they suggest you call and leave your address. For more information call 330-532-1338.

The folks at New Life's Harvest House and Kat's Kitchen are teaming up again for a good cause. Next Saturday they will be having a ham dinner with all the trimmings to raise funds for those that need a little help at Christmas. The dinners are just $7 for adults and $3.50 for children 12 and under. All proceeds go to getting Christmas presents for those less fortunate. We guarantee you'll get a heck of a meal while supporting a good cause.

They're forecasting snow. Stay safe & have a good week...

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce

The Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce held their annual Christmas Dinner and installation of officers Thursday. The event was held at the Riverside Roadhouse with Chamber President Randy Allmon presiding. About 30 members and guests attended. Byron Carter offered the blessing.

Wellsville Mayor Joe Surace had the honor of swearing in the officers and the Board of Directors. The officers installed were Randy Allmon, President, Diana Spencer, President-elect, James Saracco, VP, Connie Bauer, Treasurer, Sheryl Gibson, Asst. Treasurer, Erin Roberts-Orr, Recording Secretary, Tracee Murphy, Corresponding Secretary and Marge Dysert, Historian. The officers will serve four year terms beginning with the new year.

Board of Director members sworn in were Dolly Brophey, Vickie McCombs. Mayor Joe Surace, Brian Wallace, Byron Carter and Linda Surace. Paul Blevins, Don Crane and Butch Taylor are also members of the Board but were not present at Thursday's swearing in ceremony. Board members will serve three year terms.

Erin Roberts-Orr was honored with the new “Rising Star Award” for members under the age of 40. It's the first time for the award and Allmon remarked it's “for a rising star on the river that gives back to the community”. Orr is a 2005 graduate of Wellsville High School, the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science and Point Park College. She is a registered Funeral Director and licensed embalmer with the Roberts Funeral Home. In addition to her Recording Secretary duties with the Chamber, she is the current President of Wellsville's Lion's Club, a sometime actress with the Potter Players Community Theatre group and a substitute teacher in the Wellsville School District. Orr is the wife of Jason Orr and the daughter of Vicki & Bill Roberts.

In his remarks to those attending the dinner, Allmon reported that the Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce had another outstanding year. Membership is at an all time high and the treasury is “the best ever”. Allmon announced the Chamber will be sponsoring a trade show in the coming months. Details are incomplete at this time but he and the President-elect have been traveling around to different shows getting educated on them.

For his efforts and dedication in the past year to the Chamber's mission in the Wellsville area, Allmon was presented with an Appreciation Award. The award was presented to Allmon by member Bill Roberts on behalf of the Chamber membership. In accepting the award Allmon remarked that “we have a great team going and we want to keep it positive”.

The Wellsville Area Chamber holds regular monthly luncheons on the last Thursday of the month and it is open to the public. The next scheduled luncheon will be held Thursday, January 27 at a location to be announced.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Daw MIddle School Girls Drop Two

The Daw Middle School Girl's Basketball teams are having a rough go of it early in the season. Wednesday evening they played host to United Local. It was their home opener after having played two games on the road. Unfortunately it wasn't their night.

The 7th Grade dropped the first game, with United winning by a score of 22-10. In the night cap the 8th Grade girls were defeated by United with a final score of 37-23. The 7th Grade goes to 0&3 on the season and the 8th Grade drops to 1&2.

The Middle School girls played Jackson Milton Thursday evening but we haven't got the results yet. Next Monday they will be taking on back yard rival Southern Local at home in Beacom Memorial. The action gets started at 5 PM with the tip-off for the 7th Grade.

Hang in there Ladies. We're proud of you. We're pulling for you and know that you will get things turned around.

Good Luck...

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Broadway Park Decorated

As noted in our report of the last Village Council meeting this past Tuesday the Mayor decided that Broadway Park should be decorated for the holidays. It was done Wednesday morning using decorations that were stored at Village Hall.

Shown here putting up the decorations are Wellsville Street Department members Jim Bauer, standing in the back of the truck, and Jay Williamson.

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Wellsville Historical Society

Closing out this past Tuesday was the annual Historical Society Christmas Dinner/monthly meeting. The dinner was held at the River Museum and catered by Brickers of East Liverpool. About 40 members and guests attended. Historical Society President Robert “Brassy” Beresford presided. All officers were present.

New members Diane Spencer and Randy Allmon were introduced and welcomed. Long time members Dan MacLain and Frank DaLonzo were given Certificates of Appreciation for their dedicated service to the Society over the years.

Beresford reported 2010 was a very good year with groups touring the museum. He noted that Wellsville and the Museum was the first place in Columbina County to be toured by invited guests of the new CC Tourist Board. Beresford thanked the Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce for always including the River Museum in their brochures promoting the Village. Newly elected trustees Bob Lloyd and Mike Lynn were sworn in. Lloyd will be a 1-year Trustee and Lynn a 3-year trustee.

Before closing the meeting portion Beresford advised everyone that Baron Frederick Von Steuben-Henning will be visiting Steubenville, Ohio, in January. Von Steuben-Henning is a descendent of the German Baron Von Steuben that was an American Revolution hero and Steubenville was named for. Details for the January visit are incomplete and will be published in the newspapers.

The evening was capped off with a $5 gift exchange auction that was enjoyed by all.

Next scheduled meeting is Tuesday, January 18, 2011, at 7:30 PM at the River Museum.

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wellsville Village Council

Tuesday – December 7: The Wellsville Village Council held their regular meeting this past Tuesday evening. Present at the meeting was Mayor Joe Surace, Council Members Susan Haugh, John McMahon, Joe Soldano, Rosie Goss, Randy Allmon and Asst. Fiscal Clerk Cassie Bloor. Also attending was Village Administrator Jim Saracco, Legal Adviser Andy Beech and WFD Chief Bill Smith. Councilman Tony Cataldo was excused for being absent.

Before the roll call Surace recognized Leetonia Police Chief John Soldano and County Sherriff Department Detective Jeff Haugh in the audience.

In the Public Speaking portion of the agenda, Main Street resident Blaine Fields addressed Council about two different Zoning ordinances being considered for changes, junk yards and the coal dust problem. The first of the Zoning items was the changes proposed in requiring that Village residents to clean up and maintain their properties. The second item was about requiring background checks on new tenants by Village landlords.

Councilwoman Goss assured Mr. Fields that the clean-up ordinances was still being worked on with the Legal Adviser, stating her committee didn't realize what all was involved getting the chances made. Allmon stated that Council can not force landlords to do background checks on new tenants, When asked, Detective Haugh stated that the Sheriff's Office will do free criminal background checks when submitted in writing and including a self addressed, stamped envelope.

Fields then noted that one of his neighbors is operating a junk yard cutting up old cars and still has a frame from an old trailer stored. Councilwoman Haugh commented that with existing ordinances that is not permitted. Surace asked that the Village Administrator contact that resident advising him that he is in violation.

Fields then asked why the Village owned street sweeper hasn't been repaired, stating it would help with the continuing coal dust problem. Jim Saracco advised parts for the sweeper are in and it will be worked on as soon as he can free up the Street Department employee that does mechanical work.

Riverside resident Jack Cataldo, representing the Zoning Committee, hand delivered a formal letter stating the Committee is recommending that a zoning change be granted to Wellsville business LSW. The recommendation is to change zoning on the old MacDonald School from residential to light industrial. If approved the proposed Ohio River Bread Company will proceed with plans to start a new venture in MacDonald, leasing space from LSW. See our post below on the earlier Zoning Committee meeting.

Rosie Goss expressed her thanks to her fellow Council members and everyone that sent cards, flowers and visited her family for the recent passing of her mother.

For Administration Reports, WFD Fire Chief Smith reported that Wellsville's share of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program is now complete. The last three dilapidated structures on the approved list have all been taken down. He added that there is only a few odds & ends left that have to be addressed. Surace noted that he was told by County officials that if there is any funds left for the program Wellsville has first dibs. Smith replied he has one more structure on his list that didn't get funding. He has not heard anything from Lisbon yet. There was a total of nine structures in the Village that was removed with funding from that Federal stimulus program.

John McMahon stirred up a little controversy with his remarks about decorations in Broadway Park in the Streets, Lights & Parking report. Stating he has received some calls asking why Christmas decorations are no longer put up in the park, McMahon noted the Village has decorations stored. Saracco replied that two of his three member Street crew was on vacation and they haven't been able to get the decorations up. The Mayor noted they pulled everyone to get the cemetery ready for Memorial Day and directed the Administrator to do the same with decorating the park. Goss added if decorations are available she thinks it should be done.

McMahon also reported that the Street Department is on top of taking care of the snowy and icy streets. He said they have been out in full force with the recent weather. Surace added it may be necessary to restrict spreading salt only on intersections and hills with the state of current finances. Saracco told us earlier in the week he was able to purchase an additional 50 tons of salt to add to the existing supply. He noted the Village should be in good shape provided we get a “normal” winter.

Allmon noted that Wellsville Terminals are proving not to be very good neighbors in regards to repairing the sink hole at 17th & Main. The Muse brothers have not been available to take or to even return telephone calls. Soldano noted they asked for a meeting and now they don't return calls. Surace said he keeps trying to get in touch with them and will try again. Marathon Oil volunteered early on to help with funding repairs, It was hoped the costs could be split three ways with the two companies and the Village. Village officials got an estimate on the costs, with GG&J drawing up specifications. At an earlier Council meeting some time ago it was decided to arrange a meeting with everyone before they get formal bids on the repairs. That sink hole has been an ongoing problem for years. It is felt that the truck traffic to and from the two businesses is the main cause for whatever it is that keeps coming back. A few years ago it was thought that pouring of concrete would take care of it sinking. With the heavy rains we had a few weeks ago it looked like a small pond. Susan Haugh volunteered to step in as liaison for the Committee stating she has a “good relationship with the Muse brothers”.

For the Personnel Committee, Joe Soldano expressed thanks on behalf of the Village to Wellsville's American Legion Post 70 for their generous donation to buy tools. Soldano said this is the third or fourth year they have given around a $1,000 for tools.

Soldano also asked for a motion to order in legislation to equalize the paid holidays for all full-time employees that are covered under the new ordinance. Once approved all those employees will get the same 11 paid holidays per year including full-time police, firemen and the Chiefs. That was missed when they passed legislation to not recognized the four member union earlier this year. McMahon made the motion and it was favorably voted to order in the changes.

For Property, Equipment & Cemetery, Chairwoman Haugh said she received a call from a 12th & Commerce Street resident about windows missing from a structure in that neighborhood. Prefacing her remarks by saying she did not believe her Committee was responsible for broken or missing windows for code enforcement,noting there are ordinances to cover that. She said since she was called she went ahead and investigated the complaint and it was a valid complaint. She will turn her information over to the Village Administrator for follow up.

For the Mayor's Report, Surace thanked the Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce for their efforts in organizing and getting the Christmas tree up in the 4th Street Square.

There was no new legislation or new business. The meeting was adjourned at 6:25 PM. Next meeting is schedule for Tuesday, December 21 at 6 PM at Village Hall.

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Zoning Committee Recommends Change For Ohio River Bread Company

The Wellsville Zoning Committee met this past Tuesday to consider a zoning change for the proposed Ohio River Bread Co. Present at the meeting was Committee Chairman Jack Call, members Gene Beadnell & Jack Cataldo and Zoning Administrator Rick Williams. Stating that with no notification they would not be attending, Call made a motion to not excuse Mayor Joe Surace and Council Liaison John McMahon. Both are voting members of the Committee and this is the third time they have failed to attend meetings according to Call.

Property owner LSW was represented by Doug & Bob Logan, Debbie Lemley and Attorney Joe King. LSW acquired the building from the Wellsville School District and earlier this year was granted a zoning variance to use it as office space.

The purpose of the meeting was to consider a Zoning Change for the old MacDonald School property from residential to light industrial use. LSW requested the change in order to finalize a lease with the bread company. Attorney King added that the bread company owners need the zoning change and lease to proceed with pending bank loan applications and to apply for some form of public financing.

King also presented a Business Plan to the Committee that was provided by bread company officials. The proposed company is a new wholesale venture designed to provide fresh baked products and flash frozen dough to their customers. Their product will consist mainly of bread, rolls and pizza shells for retailers and restaurants. Initial plans call for retrofitting the old gym that will use 6,200 Sq. Ft. Once in operation they hope to expand that to 24,000 Sq. Ft. by the third year, which will use up most of the remaining space. The new company owners expect to be showing a profit by the third month after starting up.

The new bread company is being classified as a minority owned corporation with Wellsville resident Candy Bangor being the major stock holder. Bangor will also be in charge of sales and public relations for the new venture. Other investors are Save-A-Lot owner Henry Nemenz and Durham, NC businessman John Lauva. Lauva is a former Wellsville resident. Ron Runion will be the Head Baker and will be in charge of the daily operations. Runion is currently in the baking department of the Struthers IGA, another Nemenz grocery store. Initially it is planned to employ 22 people with hopes to add another 10 within 90 days. If the market demands meet expectations another sales person will also be added to the staff in that 90 day time frame.

The Zoning Committee voted unanimously to recommend that the change to light industrial be approved. The final approval has to be given by Wellsville Village Council after going through the process prescribed by Village Zoning ordinances and Ohio Revised Code. Committee member Jack Cataldo delivered a formal letter from the Committee to Council at their Tuesday evening meeting.

Council has to next act on the change , but first has to send certified letters to adjoining property owners notifying them 20 days in advance of a public hearing on the recommended change. The public hearing will give anyone the chance to voice their opinions on the proposed bread company. After the public hearing, Council will have to vote on the change and order that the existing ordinance be modified if approved. Barring any hold-ups by Council it is expected to take up to six weeks for the recommended change to be finalized.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WHS Alumni Activities Committee Christmas Party

This past Monday evening we were invited to dine with members of the WHS Alumni Activities Committee at their annual Christmas Dinner. The dinner was held at the Alumni Center and was catered by Connie's Corner from Chester, WV.

Entertainment was provided by the WHS Ebony & Ivory Choir with a short preview of some of the numbers they would be performing in the Tuesday night “Cookies, Carols & Cocoa” Band Concert. They sang and performed Santa Baby, If You Just Believe, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and a Mr. Grinch melody. The choir is very talented and left us wishing for more. Aaron Bunfill accompanied the choir on the piano. The choir is under the direction of Miss Emily Barlow.

To wrap up the evening there was a $5 gift exchange and the winner was drawn for the Lottery Tree. The winning ticket was #666.

Santa didn't make it to the dinner but a couple of fellows was trying to convince us that “the Grinch” was there. Although there may be some facial resemblance Jack is too nice to be a Grinch!

The regular monthly dinners will resume in January. The next scheduled meeting is Monday, January 3, at 7:30 PM at the Alumni Center. Nomination and election of officers for 2011 will be held at the January meeting.

Thanks for having us...

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Daw Middle School Boys Open With Wins

The Daw Middle School Boys Basketball Teams opened the 2010-2011 season Monday evening at Beacom Memorial Gym. Both the 7th & the 8th Grade were victorious over the visiting Columbiana Clippers Middle School teams.

In the opening game the 7th Grade boys had a very convincing victory notching a 43-18 win. Demitrius Pullie outscored the Columbiana team with a game high 19 points. In the second game the Wellsville 8th Grade team notched a 56-44 win over the Clippers. Chase Hilliard had game high honors with 19 points for the Tigers.

Both teams are now 1&0 on the young season. The 7th Grade team is coached by Emery Brewer and the 8th Grade is coached by Randy Thrasher. The Daw Middle School teams travel to United Local tonight to begin a three game road trip before returning home on December 15.

Congratulations guys. Go Tigers....

PPCT Casting Call for "Salem's Daughter"

In a news release from the Potter Players Community Theatre it was announced that a casting call will be held next week for their newest adventure. Open auditions will be held at the theater, located at 417 15th Street, Wellsville, Monday, December 13, and Tuesday, December 14, beginning at 7 PM. Rehearsals will start in January.

The auditions will be for the performance of “Salem's Daughter”. The cast calls for eight teen age girls who can later be “aged” in the play. Also needed is two young men who can portray someone in their 20s. The play will be directed by Kim Winkleman.

According to PPCT member Mary Beth Morse “the play is a drama which follows the girls as they gather for a party in high school where something goes terribly wrong. The incident haunts them into their young adult lives and comes to a climatic ending”.

No experience is necessary and this is your chance to participate in a stage play with a “little more bite”.

The play will be performed the week-ends of January 25 & March 6. For more information call 330-532-5540.

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Wellsville Lights Up For Christmas

Our third event we attended this past Saturday was the Light-Up Night for the community Christmas Tree. At last night's Council meeting Chamber President Randy Allmon said he estimated about 80 people were braving the cold to witness the first community tree since 1985 to be lit up. We believe there had been other trees since then, in the gazebo, but not one of this splendor. The tree was donated by Gary Lyle. Lights and decorations for the tree was provided by the Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber was assisted by members of the Wellsville Street Department and Fire Departments getting it put up and decorated.

They ornaments on the tree were memorial bulbs purchased in remembrance of members of the community no longer with us. Chamber member Dolly Brophey read off the list of names of those remembered on this year's tree. Remarks were given by Wellsville Mayor Joe Surace and CC Commissioner Penny Traina. Music was provided by DJ Bobby Sell and was assisted by his dad, Bob Sell2.

Stealing the show were 2nd & 3rd Graders from Wellsville's Garfield Elementary under the direction of Mrs. Janice Snyder. They entertained the crowd with Christmas carols and were moving and grooving. Those smiling faces certainly warmed up everyone looking on.

The highlight of the night was the arrival of Santa Claus in one of the Village fire trucks. Santa greeted everyone, joined in the singing and posed for pictures with youngsters of all ages.

Thanks should go out to the Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce and other members of the community for organizing and making this possible. It's Wellsville's way of saying Merry Christmas.

Santa will be back this coming Saturday at a Breakfast With Santa at the Riverside Presbyterian Church to pose for pictures and hear requests on those wish lists. Sponsored by the Wellsville Lions Club as a fund raiser for their Care & Share program it will take place from 8 to 11 AM.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

WHS Lady Tigers Go to 2&0

Our second event we attended this past Saturday was the WHS Lady Tigers Basketball Team's game against the Lady Knights of Toronto. The game was played in the Tiger's Den and it was all Wellsville from the get go. The Reserves won the first match by a score of 31-25 to set the stage and the Varsity held the Toronto team to only four points after one quarter. They never looked back.

Watching the Varsity Ladies play reminds me of the formers Steelers Coach Chuck Knoll's belief that a winning offense is built on a good defense. For the second game in a row the Orange & Black played in your face defense. The Lady Tigers are living proof that Knoll knew what he was talking about. They stifled East Liverpool with defense and continued with the Lady Knights. Slow down for one second and the Wellsville Ladies are in your face, not to mention Rilee Lavolsi doing a heck of a job under the boards. She recorded five blocks in the game.

The Lady Tigers move to 2&0 on the young season beating Toronto 70-30. Mikyla Tipton took game high honors with 21 points. Meika Dalrymple finished with 15 points. With about six minutes left in the game Head Coach Ed Swogger gave the starting five a rest and finished the game with most of the JV players.

The Lady Tigers return to action Thursday traveling to Jackson Milton. Unfortunately the guys from WHS Sports Station can't afford to cover the game. Like everyone else they are on a tight budget.

Congratulations to the Wellsville Ladies. Good game...

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Santa Comes To Town

Last Saturday morning Santa stopped by the Daw Middle School to get an idea of what Wellsville area children would like to have for Christmas. The "Breakfast With Santa" was sponsored by the Daw 7th & 8th Grade Travel Club to raise funds for a trip to New York City next May.

Chloe Burgers, daughter of Ryan & Courtney Burgers, is shown in the upper left corner telling Santa she wanted a gold fish for Christmas.

Along with the breakfast each child received an early gift from Santa. Mrs. Darlene Allison was in charge of getting pictures and we got a few ourselves. You can click on the collage to enlarge for a better look. We even got some of Santa's helpers included.

Santa told me he would be at the Riverside Presbyterian Church next Saturday, December 11, from 8 AM to 11, for another Breakfast event sponsored by the Lions Club Care & Share program. He confided in me that some children have a change of mind and would like to make sure Santa knows about it.

Don't forget your cameras...

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WHS Mens Basketball Team Open With Impressive Victory

Last Friday evening the WHS Tigers men's basketball team opened the 2010/2011 season with an very impressive victory. The Tigers scored the first basket in the game and never once trailed the Beaver Local Beavers in the course of the game. The closest the Beavers got was within one point in the second.

The Tigers closed out the first quarter leading 14-12. Early in the second it was Wellsville 16-14. With about 5 minutes left in the 2nd the Beavers made it WHS 20-19 before the Tiger five started pulling away. Going into the locker room at the half it was Tigers 35-25. At the end of three the Tigers had a 17 point advantage on the scoreboard. Then they piled it on finishing the game with a 74-28 season opening victory on the road.

With a little over 2 minutes left in the game Head Coach Bug Thompson cleared the bench giving the younger players some Varsity experience. High point honors went to Jalen DeSarro with 23 points closely followed by Mike Johnston with 20. Between them, DeSarro & Johnston, pictured here, nearly equaled the Beaver's total points. Sean Hudson sank 11 points with Michael Kapp adding another 10.

We listened to the game on WHS Sports Station and was impressed with the Tigers play. From what we heard Wellsville had a slight height advantage over the home team and dominated the boards. The Tigers found some things to work on in practice but over all it was an exciting game. Congratulations guys.

Wellsville returns to action this coming Friday traveling to Jackson Milton. They open at home on Tuesday, December 14.

Go Tigers...

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

On The Calendar

This past week was kind of quiet without any meetings to cover. The basketball season got underway and as we said, it looks like it's going to be an exciting season. Members of the Chamber of Commerce got the Christmas Season officially started with decorating and lighting up the Wellsville community Christmas tree. We'll have more on that later.

Monday - December 6:

  • Wellsville Historical Society Work Party - 10 AM at River Museum - 1003 Riverside

  • Wellsville Council Personnel Committee - 11 AM at Village Hall - 1200 Main

  • Daw Mid. School Boys Basketball vs Coloumbiana - 5 PM at Beacom Memorial - Center St.

  • Daw Mid. School Girls Basketball at Columbiana - 5 PM

  • WHS Frosh Basketball vs East Liverpool - 6 PM in the Tigers Den - Bengal Dr.

  • Wellsville Library Christmas Open House - 6 to 7:30 - Main St.

  • WHS Alumni Activities Committee Annual Christmas Party - 6 PM at Alumni Center - 3rd St.

Tuesday - December 7:

  • Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

  • Wellsville Zoning Committee - 1 PM at Village Hall - 1200 Main St.

  • Wellville Village Council - 6 PM at Village Hall - 1200 Main St.

  • Wellsville Historical Society Annual Christmas Party - 6:30 PM at River Museum - 1003 Riverside

  • WHS Christmas Band Concert - 7 PM at high school - Bengal Dr.

Wednesday - December 8:

  • WHS Wrestling at Weirton Assembly - Weirton, WV

  • Daw Mid. School Boys Basketball at United Local - 5 PM

  • Daw Mid. School Girls Basketball vs United Local - 5 PM at Beacom Memorial - Center St.

  • Friends of Old Fire Station - 7 PM at Old Fire Station - Main St.

Thursday - December 9:

  • Daw Mid. School Girls Basketball vs Jackson Milton - 5 PM at Beacom Memorial - Center St.

  • Daw Mid. School Boys Basketball at Jackson Milton - 5 PM

  • WHS Lady Tigers Basketball at Jackson Milton - 6 PM

  • WHS Frosh Basketball vs Jackson Milton - 6 PM in Tigers Den - Bengal Dr.

  • Knights of Columbus Annual Christmas Party - 6 PM at EL Motor Lodge - Dresden Ave.

  • Chamber of Commerce Annual Christmas Dinner & Installation of Officers - 6 PM at Riverside Roadhouse - Wells Ave.

Friday - December 10:

  • WHS Mens Basketball at Jackson Milton - 6 PM

Saturday - December 11:

  • Lions Club Care & Share Breakfast with Santa - at Riverside Presbyterian Church - 525 Riverside - 8 AM to 11

  • WHS Wrestling at Malvern Tournament - Malvern, OH

  • Chamber of Commerce Annual Christmas Parade - 6 PM - See Below

Sunday - December 12:

  • Worship at a church of your choice

  • Alleycat Animal Aid Brigade 3rd Annual Christmas for the Animals - 11 AM to 1 PM at the Gazebo - 4th St. Square

  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnatti - 1 PM at Heinz Stadium - Pittsburgh

At the Chamber's Annual Christmas Dinner this coming Thursday awards will be presented to Chamber members in addition to the installation of officers.

There's lots of basketball on tap this coming week. If you can't make it to the men's Varsity game at Jackson Milton Friday you can catch all the action on WHS Sports Station. Rodger, Joe & Bud announced they are making the trip.

Members of the Friends of the Old Fire Station will be nominating officers for the coming year Wednesday evening.

Stay warm & have a good week...

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Wellsville Library To Have Christmas Open House

The annual Christmas Open House will be held this coming Monday, December 6, at the Wellsville Carnegie Library. Festivities are set to begin at 6 PM. Garfield Elementary Principal Lisa Ferguson will be on hand to read the children a bedtime story. Feel free to wear wear pajamas.

The jolly old elf himself will arrive at 6:30 and Santa will listen to all the wished for Christmas presents. Don't forget your cameras.

Judging will be done for the cookie contest and winners will be announced. Refreshments will be served all evening and sampling of the of the contest entries will be available. Winners will also be drawn for the three raffle items. Don't forget to stop by and get your chances.

Thanks to the Friends of the Library and the local businesses that contributed to make this possible.

Merry Christmas...

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Introducing The Wellsville Wrestling Team

The 2010/2011 Wellsville Wrestling Team open their season tomorrow at the Union Local Tournament. They do a lot of traveling until the Buck Bailey Tournament on January 29 here in Wellsville. That will be the first time they have a home match.

On Wednesday, December 8, they will be in the Weirton Assembly Match in Weirton and a week from tomorrow they travel to Malvern.

Pictured here in no particular order are this years Wrestling Team. Head Coach is Steve Lasure in his first year at the helm. He is second from the right in the back row. Team members are Tyriq Kalam, Joe Dowling, Tim LaClair, Phillip Thraser, Tim White, Jacob McIntosh, Mark Barton, Josh Nagy, Joe Abdalla, Sean Ramsey, Seth Bloor, Alex Potts and Blake Johnson.

Good luck fellows...

Go Tigers!

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wellsville Flood Warning Cancelled.

Thursday - December 2: A Nixle early warning system message supplied by the CC Emergency Management Association announced that the flood warning for the Ohio River at Wellsville has been cancelled as of 4:59 AM today. With practically two days of steady rain a flood watch was changed to a flood warning yesterday.

According to the Nixle text message water was at 5.0' on the flood gage yesterday at 6 PM and water levels were predicted to crest at 9.0' this morning before receding. Flood stage for Wellsville is 11.0' on that gage.

The early warning Nixle system sends out text messages and e-mails to alert anyone signed on about pending situations. It's available and free to the public. For the Columbiana County area, efforts are coordinated by Darren Dodson and members of the CC EMA.

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Wellsville Ready To LIght Up the Christmas Season

Wednesday - December 1: With freezing temperatures and a little snow on the ground a group of volunteers got Wellsville ready for the Christmas Light-up Night. Sponsored by the Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce, a 20' tall Christmas tree donated by Gary Lyle, was put up in the 4th Street Square. Wellsville Village employees cut the tree down and installed in the square last week. Chamber member Brian Wallace hand crafted a stand to hold the tree.

Yesterday members of the Wellsville High School Science Club, the Wellsville Volunteer and Village Fire Departments and Chamber members got the tree decorated using newly purchased LED C9 Lights and the attractive memorial bulbs. The colorful bulbs are between the size of a grapefruit and a volley ball. Each bulb is tagged with the name of a person being remembered.

Chiefs Bill Brown & Bill Smith, from the Fire Departments, were on hand with the aerial truck for the high spots. Science Club members helping were Alex Schmidbauer, Kaylee Smith, Katie Buchanan, Ryan Dalrymple, Miles McGinnis, Cherokee Hall, Jo-Hanna Andrews and Elektra Eckelrode. Science Club Advisor Cindy Earich also lent a hand. The decorating party was under the direction of Chamber President Allmon with his right hand man George Crews. Chamber President-elect Diana Spencer was in charge of the hot chocolate. There was even press coverage with reporter Mike McElwain and photographer Patty Schaeffer on hand.

Light-up night is scheduled to begin Saturday, December 4, at 6 PM. Students from both Garfield Elementary & Daw Middle School will be on hand singing Christmas Carols. The Chamber will have a photographer on hand to get free pictures with Santa. Allmon added anyone wanting to include their pets are welcome.

It's been awhile since we last had a community tree for the holiday season. Except for a little bit of gasoline and a couple of man hours it didn't cause the Village an extra cent. The Chamber purchased the new decorations. As Allmon noted it was a "complete team effort right down the line".

See ya Saturday...

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Scrooged Up Opens Friday

The Potter Players Community Theatre will be presenting the Dan Roberts' play Scrooged Up starting at 8 PM, Friday, December 3, at the theater located at 417 15th Street in Wellsville. It's a comedy youth play with a cast full of very talented actors.

It's about a community theater group getting ready to put on the classic Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol. You'll get many a chuckle as they set out trying to work around not having enough people to fill all the roles. It's a classic itself and you won't want to miss it.

The play is directed by Mary Beth Morse and produced by special arrangement with Eldridge Publishing. Appearing on stage is Tonya, Kyle & Alex Schneidmiller, Michaeka Winkleman, David Pittman, Karla Allison, Teresa, Kayla & Sean Gilmore, Emma Brousseau, Haley Gorney, Andrea Dische, Ciera & Laura Zeh, Hannah Haustman, Mason & Lacey Hutchman, Tayler Reed and Kendra Arnold.

In addition to Friday there will be repeat performances on Saturday, December 4 at 8 PM and a Sunday matinee at 2 PM. For reservations call 330-532-5540.

Get your holiday season started with a chuckle. Don't miss Scrooged Up...

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Introducing The 2010/2011 WHS Basketball Teams

The WHS Men's Basketball Teams open the 2010/2011 season tomorrow night on the road at backyard rival Beaver Local. Game time is set to begin with the JVs tipping off at 6 PM. The non-league game needs no hype when it comes to taking on the Beavers.

Starting his 7th season at the helm, Varsity Head Coach Dave "Bug" Thompson enters the year with a 117-26 record. Naturally his goal is to go all the way to Columbus and with the talent he's got it's not a stretch of the imagination. He's got some very talented seniors returning to lead the way plus some very good under classmen.

Show here are the Varsity and the JVs. Shown here for the Varsity seated from the left is Josh Carter, Michael Miller, Michael Johnston, Jalen DeSarro, Christian Kapp & Sean Hudson. Coaches in the back are John Stoakes, Thompson, Lonnie Fields & Dave Thompson, Jr.

In the second picture the JVs from the left are Seth Martin, Michael Call, Bryce ?, Max Littleton & Cameron Betz. Fields coaches the JVs along with being a Varsity Assistant.

If you can't make it to the game tomorrow WHS Sports Station will be broadcasting the game live on the internet. Just go to and click on "Sports Menu" on the left side of the web page. The guys do a terrific job bringing us the play-by-play and Sparky Miller has the film ready the next day for viewing. OHSAA rules prohibit live visual broadcasts but you can hear Roger, Bud & Joe call it out in real time.

Good luck Tigers...

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