Saturday, April 30, 2011

WHS Lip Sync All Stars Hit The Road

Those zany, talented members of the Wellsville Alumni Lip Sync All Stars opened their 11th year of performing on the road this spring. On Saturday evening, April 16, there were 26 WHS alumni that put on a show for the benefit of the Beaver Local High School Band Boosters out in “farm country”. Twenty two of them were in the spot lights “singing” their hearts out. There were a couple alumni back stage and Tim Householder was in the crows nest working the controls. Bill Roberts handled the video taping. There were members of the WHS Class of '54 through 2005 that all pitched in. An addition to this performance were members of the Beaver Local band. Two of the WHS alumni, Donna Caruso Johnston & Dave Johnston, has grandchildren that are members in the BLHS band.

The show was a fund raiser for the Boosters to raise money for equipment, uniform pieces and other necessities needed to keep the Red & White Marching Pride in business. Like everyone across the country the budget cut backs are affecting them too. The extra-curricular activities are usually one of the first items cut when it comes time to penny pinch.

The show attracted a very nice crowd. There were a lot of familiar faces from the ville mixed in with our Beaver Local friends. It was a very entertaining fund raiser with some new faces on stage and new numbers in the musical line-up. If you weren't able to make it you missed a heckuva show.

Congratulations to the All Stars for the another fine performance. Your kindness in helping our “backyard rival” neighbors is commendable. It's proof positive that Wellsville is a small town with a big heart.

You can right click on the collages to enlarge for a better look. Good Luck to everyone at Beaver Local...

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Wellsville Revitalization Committee Looking Forward

The Wellsville Revitalization Committee (WRC) has been meeting to make plans for the year with various activities and promotions. On top of the list is the completion of the floodwall murals. There are only a couple of panels left open. Started a few years ago all the completed panels have been painted by artist Gina Hampson of Gina's Burningbrush. The project has proven to be successful in attracting visitors to town.

Once completed there will be a dedication ceremony followed by a fall festival with live entertainment and other attractions. That is tentatively set for early October in the Save-A-Lot parking lot.

In keeping with their pledge to help promote local businesses, members of the committee loaned a hand to Henry Nemenz and ran a hot dog sale as part of a sales promotion recently held at the Wellsville Save-A-Lot store. Shown in the picture are committee members Beverly Hentzell, Connie Carmichael, Mary Lynn Hunter, Save-A-Lot Store Manager Ric Holt and Candy Bangor. As a way of saying thanks Mr. Nemenz offered to allow the WRC hold future hot dog sales at that location for their fund raising efforts. The next one is planned for Friday, May 6, with hot dogs, pizza, baked goods, pop and water at a very reasonable prices. The sale will run from 12 noon to 7 PM.

Also on the agenda is the September City Wide Yard Sale. Started by Nunzio Lombardozzi of the now defunct Fix-up/Clean-up Committee, it has grown and became hugely popular over the years. With Mr. Lombardozzi's blessings the WRC stepped in to continue the annual tradition. The date for that is planned for Saturday, September 17.

Still in the early planning stages is the November auction. Anyone wishing to make donations for this fund raiser can drop them off at Air Waves on Main St.

Through the generosity of Center Pharmacy owner Joe Amaismeier the WRC will soon have use of the Center Pharmacy billboard to promote their shop local campaign. The campaign is designed to encourage area residents to keep their spending dollars in the Wellsville area and support local businesses. For every $1 dollar spent in Wellsville at least 45 cents stays here. The billboard will encourage local residents to shop Wellsville first for all your pharmacy needs, groceries, dining out and other needs. That billboard is located at 3rd & Lisbon Streets. Since buying the business in 2003 Amaismeier has always been one of the first to step up to the plate supporting the Wellsville community.

Anyone wanting more information about the WRC or their projects can call Connie at 330-532-9064.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Five Wellsville Students Killed In Head-on Collision

Frightening headlines...

This coming week-end is the annual Wellsville High School prom. It's a time of fun with beautiful ladies and dashing gentlemen. Following the Grand March and crowning of the King & Queen at the high school those attending the prom will board buses that will take them to the Fez in Aliquippa, PA.

A couple of weeks ago on Friday, April 15, a Prom Promise mock accident was staged in the high school parking lot. It was a very graphic demonstration of what could possibly happen mixing alcohol or drugs with driving a car. It was a staged head-on collision that involved nine young people. As a result of the accident five of them were dead at the scene, three of them were hauled away in ambulances and one was given a field sobriety test, hand cuffed and hauled off to jail by the Ohio State Highway Patrol. One of those put in an ambulance was transported to a helicopter and life flighted.

All of the victims were asked to write a report on the effects of alcohol on the body, delayed reaction times it causes and other consequences of drinking and driving. The student with the winning report was “awarded” with the ride in the helicopter.

The mock accident was spearheaded by Wellsville Volunteer Firefighter Jason Mitchell. Mitchell is also a paramedic. It started with the accident being reported and fire departments and first responders being called out. Firefighters demonstrated using the Jaws of Life and other cutting tools to free the victims from the vehicles. Medics treated the surviving victims in preparation of being transported to medical facilities. The fatalities were put in body bags and loaded into a hearse.

The cars were furnished by J&J Towing. Organizations participating were the Wellsville Volunteer Fire Department, the Wellsville Fire Department, Highlandtown VFD, Wellsville Police Department, the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Tri County Paramedics, Life Team Paramedics and Roberts Funeral Home.

With mangled cars and lots of life like fake blood it was a very realistic demonstration. It demonstrated what could possibly happen with drinking and driving. It opened a lot of eyes of not only the students but the adults in the audience too. We hope everyone enjoys the prom. We hope that everyone realizes you don't need alcohol or drugs to have fun and a good time. We hope that memories of the 2011 Prom are all enjoyable.

We pray that lessons were learned...

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WHS Mock Accident Actors

Shown here are the student participants in the Prom Promise Mock Accident that took place at Wellsville High School a couple of weeks ago. There were nine student actors that were the victims of the head on collision. They were Nick DaLonzo, Andrea Williams, Taylor Hardman, Jillian Bergert, Devon Hooper, Randi Newberry, Danny Dye, Jo Hanna Andrews and Ashley Raffa.

DaLonzo portrayed the drunk driver that caused the mock accident. Williams, Dye and Newberry were survivors that were placed in ambulances. Hardman, Bergert, Newberry, Hooper and Raffa portrayed the ones that were killed at the scene.

Randi Newberry's essay was chosen as the winning one. She was transferred from her ambulance to the helicopter and life flighted. It was her first ride in a helicopter. She said it was “scary”!

Let's hope she never has to take that ride in real life...

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A Sobering Thought

Mock accident or not...hearing the words stopped us dead in our tracks. It brought on a sudden gut wrenching, heart breaking feeling that something terribly wrong just happened. It was something that never should have happened. It just isn't right.

Shown here is WVFD Firefighter Tim Raffa who participated in the Prom Promise demonstration at Wellsville High School. Watching his fellow firemen remove victims from the mock wreck we heard him say “you know that's my daughter you just put in that body bag?” Raffa had just watched his daughter Ashley zipped up in a body bag. Even though it was just pretend you can't imagine what agonizing thoughts must have been going through his mind. You can only get a hint by the look on his face.

It's something no parent should have to suffer through. It's not the natural order of things. Fortunately it was just a demonstration. No one got killed. No one got hurt.

Still yet it was a very sobering thought...

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Wellsville's Memorial Council

The Wellsville Memorial Council is busy preparing for the annual Memorial Day ceremonies. As they have been doing for years it will be one of the best ceremonies held in the area honoring our veterans, past and future. The Memorial Council has been around for 52 years now. The late Mel Boggs, a WWII veteran, was one of the original members. Mr. Boggs was President of the Council up until the time of his passing. Korean veteran Don Brown is at the helm now. He's been on the Council for 25 years now.

The Memorial Council each year raises money for not only the Memorial Day ceremonies they also supply flags all over the area ensuring that Old Glory is proudly displayed. They sponsor the annual Veterans Day ceremony. The flags you will soon see up and down Main Street is their doing. The flags and holders you will soon see on all the veteran's graves is another project they organize and handle yearly. The flag poles all around town are maintained by the Council and they ensure that flags are in prime condition. They maintain the different veteran's memorials around town including the 4th Street Veteran's Memorial. Thanks to the generosity of many area businesses, the American Legion Post 70, the VFW Post 5647, other clubs and many individuals, the Memorial Council tirelessly carry on the tradition of honoring our veterans.

This year's Memorial Day ceremonies will begin at 9 AM at the 4th Street Square, followed by a parade and closing ceremonies at the Newlin Memorial in Springhill Cemetery. Anyone participating is invited to breakfast and lunch at the VFW Post at 359 Main St.

Pictured above on a post card with a 1909 post mark is the Wellsville's Veteran's Memorial as it looked back then. It was originally built honoring our Civil War veterans. The cannons were lost to WWII scrap metal drives. In 1976 the memorial was rebuilt and rededicated. It is a Wellsville landmark that has been dedicated to area veterans for over 100 years.

On Saturday, May 7, flags will be placed on the graves at Springhill Cemetery. Anyone wishing to lend a hand is invited to join the members of the Council, Boy Scout Troop 29 and others. All volunteers are to meet at the Newlin Memorial starting at 1 PM.

Another event being lined up is a flag burning ceremony for sometime in June. It will be a joint ceremony with Elks Lodge 1040 and Boy Scout Troop 29 at the Elks lodge on Riverside. Anyone having an old discolored or tattered flag is invited to attend and have those flags properly disposed of. We'll let you know when an exact date is set.

Memorial Day is less than a month away. Please join in to honor our veterans...

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Wellsville Rumor - Fact or Fiction???

We don't usually have anything to do with rumors. Like any small community they fly rampantly in Wellsville. They are usually preceded with “Well, I heard...” or “they said...” It's been said don't believe anything you read and only half of what you see. Any worthwhile reporter will tell you about the enormous amount of time it takes to run down and verify facts that start as rumors.

These are two items we have been holding back on for a few weeks or more. We hope they are baseless but then, sometimes, more information comes out. In both cases nothing has changed and trying to contact responsible parties has either been fruitless or unsuccessful.

The first rumor we tried to run down is about the new Ohio River Bread Co.(ORBC) That is the new company that just a month ago got a zoning change for the old MacDonald School building on 9th St. After going through all the required steps Wellsville Village Council voted to change it from a business zoning to light industrial. On March 1 they passed Ordinance 11-1 granting that change.

Allegedly since then there has been a falling out with the principals of both the bread company and the owners of the MacDonald building. It was rumored that the bread company will not be located in that building or even in Wellsville. LSW Sanitation Services owns the former MacDonald School building.

At the April 5 Council meeting we asked LSW employee Debbie Lemley for comments on that rumor. In answer she asked us if we believe everything thing we hear. When we responded we do not she added that "nothing has changed" since the zoning change was granted. We had previously asked the Mayor if he had any knowledge regarding the rumor but like us he claims to have heard the same as we did. The owner of LSW did not return our call after leaving a voice mail message asking for comment more than a couple of weeks ago. ORBC CEO Candy Bangor did answer her phone but only offered “No comment”.

We sincerely hope Ms. Lemley is correct. The prospects of being the home of a brand new company was exciting news for Wellsville. It was an innovative idea to get something going in the old school building and more exciting was that it will bring employment prospects to town. With a ready made customer pledging his support and business for his grocery stores it sounded like a win-win situation.

The second “rumor” we heard about and was sitting on is that the Ohio River Clean Fuels (ORCF) plant proposed to be built just outside the Village limits is a dead deal. That proposed plant is a $6 billion facility that is to be located in Yellow Creek Township converting coal & biomass into liquid fuel similar to diesel. It will be a Baard Industries company using technology that has been around since the days of WWII. It's never been done in the USA but there are international companies that have been doing that for decades.

Three or four years ago owners Baard Industries went through all the permit processes. They were given the green light to build ORCF on 500 plus acres in Yellow Creek Township. Since then it has been one delay after another blamed on the economy. The CC Port Authority started lining up the land with buying options from several landowners.

Late last year it was announced Baard had struck a deal with Planck Trading LLC located in Boca Raton, Florida, for $2.5 billion in loans. John Baardson, CEO of Baard, announced that site preparation would begin in the spring.

Since then it's back to more delays forcing the Port Authority to seek extensions on the land options once again. Recently it was rumored that a land owner selling his property is claiming Baard defaulted on the last option extensions. Port Authority officials did talk to us and advised that the latest delay was due to Planck holding up the financing until a long term agreement could be reached with Baard Industries. The day after we talked to those officials there was a press release in the local papers saying the same thing. From what we understand there is still no agreement reached. The VP of Development for Baard did not return our call.

We find it hard to believe that there wasn't some sort of agreement reached when the Planck deal was first announced. We're still wondering if we're only getting part of the story. From a little research we did we find that Planck also has holdings in West Virginia coal interests. That part of Planck is headquartered in Beckley, WV.

Is the demise of both commercial ventures fact or fiction? We've been wondering since first hearing the stories if the ground rules originally agreed to for both are being changed? We certainly hope it is just rumor. It's a discouraging rumor. Just keeping the rumor consideration in mind leaves a ray of hope. Both of the proposed companies would have been a real boom for the whole area. Right now we just don't have a good feeling about the whole thing.

We hope we're wrong...

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wellsville Honor Roll Committee Holding A Quilt Raffel

Shown here is a handmade quilt that the Wellsville Area Honor Roll Committee is selling raffles tickets on for one lucky winner. You may have seen it on display in the window at the Carriage House II, 409 Main St. Honoring all five branches of the U.S. Armed Forces the quilt was handmade by Lucille Huston and Bonnie LeMasters. Symbols for the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy are featured in the center of the quilt. Mrs. LeMasters calls it a large queen size quilt which was donated by Mrs. Huston.

Formed a little over a year ago the Wellsville Area Honor Roll Committee has been conducting a fund raising effort to built a permanent memorial honoring all Wellsville area veterans, living or dead, that have ever served our country. The names of all known area veterans from the WWI era to the present day will be listed on the Honor Roll whether they served in peace time or in conflicts. Names are still being collected along with donations. The memorial will be located at the intersection of Route 45 & Wells Avenue.

Chances are $1 each. Tickets will be available at the Carriage House II in Wellsville, the Elks Lodge 1040, American Legion Post 70, Eagles Aerie 772 or from any member of the Honor Roll Committee. Drawing for the winning ticket will be held Memorial Day following the ceremonies at the 4th Street Square.

For more information contact either George Crews at 330-532-3910 or Debbie Koffel at 330-385-9061 or 330-532-1553. In the picture on the left is Mrs. Huston and Mrs. LeMasters with Koffel and Crews on the right.

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Wellsville Area Ministerial Assoc.

The Wellsville Area Ministerial Association (WAMA) held their regular monthly breakfast meeting on Tuesday, April 12 at Tonda's Place. Rev. Jay Nightengale, President, presided.

Guess speaker was Mrs. Brenda Foor pictured here. Foor is the Coordinator of the new drug & alcohol coalition in Columbiana County called ADAPT (Alcohol Drug Abuse Prevention Team) Coalition. The Coalition is administered by the CC Family Recovery Center (FRC). Mrs. Foor said they have been around for about two years and are in their first year of grant funding. She has been with FRC for 14 years with 13 working with youth. Grants were awarded from three different sources, the Office of National Drug Control Policy, Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration and the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

ADAPT's goal is to create an environment that is healthy and free of harmful substance use and abuse. Their purpose is to motivate the community to promote and support healthy lifestyles for all residents and to eliminate underage use and harmful use of drugs and alcohol. In a recent survey conducted in the county 800 responses were received. From that survey it was deteremined that the number one abuse problem in Columbiana County is underage drinking of alcohol. They are working with all area churches, police departments, schools and other community organizations to build Coalition Teams. There are 11 school districts throughout the county. Wellsville and Southern Local's team has been combined to make one team. Adult advisers for that team are Marsha Eisenhart, Doris Buzzard and Kara Pierceson. There will be a free kick-off event held at the Dutch Village Inn in Columbiana on May 17. Anybody interested is invited to attend. Speakers will be South Range teacher Sam Landry and Karen Vadino who has over 25 years experience in preventing underage drinking. Reservations must be in by May 10 by calling 330-424-0531. Breakfast is on them.

For more information on ADAPT you can visit their web site at or by contacting Mrs. Foor at the above phone number or by e-mail at

Plans were made for the May 5 National Day of Prayer. Once again it will be observed in Wellsville starting at noon at the Gazebo in the 4th Street Square. Wellsville High School's choral group Ebony & Ivory will provide musical selections. Plans were also made for the Baccalaureate Service to be held May 22 at 3 PM at the United Central Methodist Church.

Mt. Sinai FBH Church will be holding a revival May 11,12 & 13 at their church located at 1617 Main St. There will be a missionary mission sponsored by the Whipping Post Ministries going to Haiti that will include members from area churches and health care facilities. They are leaving April 30 and scheduled to return May 7. WAMA donated $200 for the mission trip.

Donations of $200 each will be made to the Tobin Center Chaplaincy Board, the Youth With A Purpose home and City Hospital's Tri-State Chaplaincy group. WAMA is also buying a half page ad in the WHS yearbook.

Next meeting is Tuesday, May 10 at 9 AM at Tonda's Place, 400 Main St.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

On The Calendar

Happy Easter to all our friends where ever you are...

“April showers bring May flowers” - Lord, we should look like a lush tropical island by the time the sun shines for more than one day at a time after the week we've just had. Fortunately it hasn't gotten water levels to the threatening stage. Just enough to keep everything wet. Imagine how much snow that would have been...

Yesterday was extremely unusual for us. We didn't even once turn on the computer the whole day. We did some “barrel begging” in the morning for the Wellsville Memorial Council. They are the group that puts together the annual Memorial Day ceremonies, decorate the veteran's graves and furnishes flags all around the area and up and down Main St. We must say that the people of the ville are very generous and we're sure Don Brown and his team on the Memorial Council would like to say thanks for your support. Yesterday afternoon was a “honey do” home event. Come evening time we were plumb tuckered but Mom was happy!

This week we'll be closing the books on the month of April...

Monday – April 25:

  • WHS Baseball at Lowellville – 5 PM

  • Wellsville Elks Regular Bi-monthly meeting – 7:30 at the Lodge – 723 Riverside

Tuesday – April 26:

  • Wellsville School District Students return to class after Spring break

  • Wellsville Library Story Hours – Preschool – Ages 3 to 5 – 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM – After School – Ages 5 & up – 3:30 to 4:30 PM – Main St.

  • WHS Track at East Palestine – 4:30 PM

  • WHS Baseball at Leetonia – 5 PM

Wednesday – April 27:

  • Administrative Professionals Day

  • Daw Mid. School Track – Triangular with East Palestine & Mineral Ridge at East Palestine

  • WHS Baseball vs Leetonia – 5 PM at Hammonds Park

Thursday – April 28:

  • Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce Monthly Luncheon – 12 Noon at Kat's Kitchen – 1025 Main St.

  • Wellsville Council Rescheduled Sewage Committee Meeting – 1 PM at Village Hall – 1200 Main St.

  • WHS Track at Beaver Local – 4:30 PM – State Rt. 7

  • WHS Baseball vs Oak Glen – 5 PM at Hammonds Park

  • Wellsville Magistrate Court

Friday – April 29:

  • Wellsville Arbor Day Celebration – 9:30 AM at 18th Street Playground

  • Daw Mid. School Track in County Meet at Crestview – 4:30 PM

Saturday – April 30:

  • WHS Prom Grand March – 5 PM at WHS Tiger's Den – 1 Bengal Drive

Sunday – May 1:

  • Worship at a church of your choice

Tuesday's Story Hours at the Wellsville Library will be the last for this series. They started back in February and the ladies at the library tell us they have been well received. Thanks to all concerned for making this activity available free for the children.

The WHS baseball & track seasons are coming to a screeching halt in the next week or so. If you haven't caught a game or meet yet this year you best get moving soon. Your support of our hometown teams is greatly appreciated. Good luck Tigers!

Thursday's Sewage Committee meeting is in regards to the forced main project they are getting ready to bid out. It's the second of two major projects to improve the Wellsville sewer system. United Water's Plant Manager Greg Stewart informed us the first of the two new aerobic digesters is now operational with sludge being treated.

Friday's Arbor Day celebration is sponsored by the Wellsville Tree Board. According the newspaper article students from Garfield's third grade will be participating. Two little leaf Linden trees will be planted. Awards will be given to the winning student authors for their submitted Arbor Day poems they were asked to write. The prizes were donated by local merchants.

Saturday afternoon is the Grand March for the annual high school prom with all the beautiful ladies and dashing gentlemen. This years queen & king will be crowned before they head off to Aliquippa for the prom.

Have a good week everybody...

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Monday, April 18, 2011

On The Calendar

Where does the time go? We're way behind schedule again...imagine that. Here's the first couple of days on the calendar. We'll get the rest of it later today.

Monday – April 18:

  • 2010 Income Tax Filing Deadline. With a Federal Holiday the deadline was extended

  • WHS Baseball vs Western Reserve – 5 PM at Hammonds Park

  • Wellsville School District Monthly Board of Education Meeting – 6:30 PM in the Superintendents Office – 929 Center St.

  • American Legion Post 70 Bi-monthly Meeting – 7 PM at the Post – 229 Wells Ave.

Tuesday – April 19:

  • BWD Computer Study & Purchase Committee Meeting – 10 AM at BWD Office – 1925 Clark

  • Wellsville Public Library Story Hours – Preschool Ages 3 to 5 – 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM – After School – Ages 5 & Up – 3:30 to 4:30 PM at the library – Main St.

  • Wellsville Village Officials/United Water Meeting – 1:30 PM at Village Hall – 1200 Main St.

  • Wellsville Council Property Committee – Time is immediately following the above meeting – 1200 Main St.

  • WHS Track at United – 4:30 PM

  • WHS Baseball at Western Reserve – 5 PM

  • Wellsville Village Council Bi-monthly Meeting – 6 PM at Village Hall – 1200 Main St.

  • Wellsville Historical Society Monthly Meeting – 7:30 PM at River Museum – 1003 Riverside Ave. - Trustees meet at 7 PM

The Tuesday meeting with Village Officials & United Water is in regards to the flood system pumps. The second one for the Property Committee will immediately follow and that is in regards to Marcellus well drilling. The third one at 6 PM is a regular Council meeting.

Tuesday's children's story hours at the library is the next to the last one for the Spring schedule. Next week will wrap it up for this round. For more information call 330-532-1526.

Wednesday – April 20:

  • BWD Finance Committee – 10 AM at BWD Offices – 1925 Clark Ave.,/li>
  • Joshua Project Clothing Give-away – 12 Noon to 6 PM at New Hope Community Church – 43152 State Rt. 39

  • BWD Engineering Committee – 1 PM at Water Treatment Plant – State Rt. 45

  • Wellsville Council Sewage Committee – 1 PM at Village Hall – 1200 Main St.

  • WHS Alumni Activities Committee Monthly Spaghetti Dinner Plus WHS Class of '65 - WAAC Dinner is 4 to 7 PM – Class of '65 is meeting at 6 PM – Alumni Center – 201 3rd St.

  • Daw Middle School Track at Crestview Tri-angular with Leetonia – 4:30 PM

  • WHS Baseball vs Leetonia – 5 PM at Hammonds Park

  • First Christian Church Easter Cantata – 7 PM – Public invited – 801 Main St.

Thursday – April 21:

  • Holy Thursday

  • BWD Board of Directors Regular Monthly Meeting – 9 AM at Wellsville Village Hall – 1200 Main St.

  • Wellsville Council Sewage Committee – Moved to April 28 at 1 PM

  • WHS Track at Oak Glen – 4:30 PM

  • Wellsville Crime Watch Committee Monthly Meeting – 6 PM at Village Hall – 1200 Main St.

Friday – April 22:

  • Good Friday – No school

  • WHS Baseball Double Header at Oak Glen – 12 Noon

Saturday – April 23:

  • Wellsville Memorial Council Tag Day – 9 AM to Noon at Wells Ave. & Rt. 45 and 5th & Main Sts. Only

  • Potter Players Liberty Theater Clean-up – 10 AM to 2 PM – Main St.

  • WHS Softball Double Header at Weirton Madonna – 12 Noon

  • Ups of Downs Easter Egg Hunt – 1 PM at East Liverpool's Thompson Park

Sunday – April 24:

  • Easter Sunday - “He is risen” - Celebrate and worship at a church of your choice school and the athletes still are playing games Friday, Saturday and next Monday. Due to the weather we haven't been giving much time to the teams for baseball, softball & track. It's been a rough season so far and the weather hasn't been much help.

We can't tell you what all the BWD meetings are for without speculating. Their Wednesday Finance Committee is the only one that is a “regular” one held every month before the Board meeting.

Tuesday's meeting of the Historical Society will have Deputy Chief Engineer Bob Durbin speaking on covered bridges in Columbiana County. The public is invited.

The WHS Alumni Activities' monthly spaghetti dinner is this week. Proceeds are for the maintenance & upkeep of the Center. Take outs are available. Call ahead and they will have it ready for you. Call 330-532-9811.

The WHS Class of '65 meeting is to begin planning for their next big reunion. Lord! It doesn't seem like they graduated nearly 50 years ago but come 2015 that's what it will be. They must be special alumni. They will be holding a party for all the classes to attend at the same time. It's nice they are supporting the Alumni Center holding their meeting on spaghetti night. More classes should think of that.

The Easter Cantata at First Christian is called “Come Walk With Me” depicting the last days of Christ and His resurrection. Aaron Bunfill will be directing and he will be assisted by Jan Stover. The church is handicapped accessible and there will fellowship following in the upper Fellowship Hall.

The Sewage Committee meeting on Thursday will be with engineers from GG&J regarding the renovation of the forced main.

Saturday's clean-up party at the Liberty Theater is the next step in this community project in preparation for the renovation. Volunteers 18 years of age and older are very much welcome. It is strongly suggested for safety reasons that sturdy shoes be worn – no flip flops or open toe ones.

The deadline for applying for help from the Dollars for Scholars is Monday, April 25. It can all be done on-line by going to their web site at Once there click on “Applying for Funding” for more information. They will be awarding 112 applicants a total of $224,000 this year in the tri-state area. Last time around most college bound students were awarded the maximum amount of $2,000 each. You have to apply to be considered.

Welcome home to our friends Connie & Ed and all you other snowbirds that traveled to warmer climes this past winter. “Be it ever so humble there's no place like home”.

There, got it done, finally. Have a good week everybody...

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fultz's Dam

Our friend from out Chicago way asked if we had any pictures of the old Fultz Dam. It was built back in the days before WWII by a local gentleman. It was a commercial venture for a swimming hole that was never completed.

Not much history is available. We haven't been able to locate any historic pictures. We learned who had it built but not much else. We hope it's not a piece of Wellsville history lost. There's a lot of kids that swam there over the years.

Maybe some of our readers can help us out with some of the details and hopefully a picture or two that we can borrow. We think it would make an interesting story.

This is what it looks like today in the picture shown here.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Wellsville Library Hosts Wii Gaming Challenge

It's time to get your game on once again. On Wednesday, April 20, the good folks at the Wellsville Public Library will be hosting Monster Trucks 4X4 Racing & NBA 2K11 for anyone in Grade 4 or up. The two hour games will begin at 3:30 PM at the Library on Main St. Snacks will be provided.

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Wellsville's First Baptist Celebrates Pastor's Service

Saturday – April 9: Members of Wellsville's First Baptist Church celebrated their pastor's 30th year of service to the church on Center St. The celebration banquet was held this past Saturday in the Auditeria of Wellsville High School.

Rev. Roosevelt Thomson is a native of Camden, Alabama and a Youngstown resident. He and his wife Lena have five children and another five grandchildren. Thompson graduated from the American Baptist Theological Seminary and holds a bachelor's degree from Central Bible College in Cleveland. An active community member he serves on the Tobin Center Board of Directors and is Vice President of the Wellsville Area Ministerial Association among some of his activities.

Minister Jamey Smith served as Master of Ceremony for the celebration and musical selections were sung by East Liverpool's New Hope Male Chorus. Temple of Praise Baptist Church Pastor Walter Houston, from Cleveland, delivered the message.

When we asked how a fellow from Alabama got to Youngstown he explained at the time he was working in Battle Creek, MI. Mrs. Thompson had friends that lived in Youngstown. They came for a visit and have been visiting every since.

Pictured here is Rev. Thompson and Mrs. Thompson. Congratulations Pastor.

God bless...

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Masonic Lodge 180 Hosts Wellsville Area Safety Forces

Saturday – April 9: Every Saturday morning the Wellsville Masonic Lodge 180 members and ladies openstheir door to serve breakfast. It's open to the public and the only cost is by donation. They serve from 7:30 to 10 AM. The menu covers a whole range of breakfast food from eggs, three kinds of pan cakes or sausage gravy & biscuits.

As a way of saying thanks for all they do the Masons treat the Wellsville area safety forces to breakfast once a year. This past Saturday was their day. Pictured here are some of folks that enjoyed the Mason's hospitality. Worshipful Master Charles Musselman credits member Bob Lloyd for coordinating the annual event. Lloyd is also a member of the Wellsville Volunteer Fire Dept.

Stop by some Saturday and enjoy breakfast. They know how to make you welcome and you won't go away hungry. The kitchen and dining area are on the lower level. Entry is through a side door on the left.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

WHS All Stars Lip Sync BLHS Band Benefit Coming Saturday

Don't forget the WHS Alumni All Stars benefit performance this coming Saturday, April 16, for the Beaver Local High School Marching Pride Band. It's sort of like the Hatfields & McCoys getting together to help the cash strapped school district's band to raise funds for equipment and uniform accessories. For at least one evening the two backyard rivals are joining together for a good cause.

The show is scheduled for this coming Saturday at Beaver Local High School. Curtain raises at 7 PM. Doors open at 6:30. Advanced sale tickets are still available for $6 each at Roberts Funeral Home in Wellsville, James Locke Jewelers in East Liverpool, Beresford's Meats & Deli and Adrian's Restaurant in Calcutta or from any member of the cast & crew. Tickets will be $8 at the door on Saturday.

Pictured in the collage above are some of the cast members working on their acts this past Monday evening. The All Stars have a busy week with rehearsals. Beaver Local band members Travis Clark & Tayler Reed look much too serious while getting some pointers from All Star Rich Johnston. They are shown in the top right corner shot.

By the time the lights go out on Saturday they'll find out when the All Stars get together it's a load of fun for everyone. It doesn't matter whether you're a part of the show or sitting in the audience. It's an extremely entertaining evening that the whole family can enjoy.

You can be part of the fun by getting out of the ville for a few hours Saturday and help pack the auditorium out dere in farm country, in support of these dedicated alumni. Yes sir, those good ol' folks will appreciate it and's for the kids. Shucks! What more can we say?

Hope to see you there...

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WHS Leo Club/Y-Teen Blood Drive Over The Top

Wednesday – April 6: The Wellsville High School's joint Leo Club/Y-Teens Red Cross Blood Drive set a new record last Wednesday. They exceeded their goal and more than doubled last year's effort. Last year the Red Cross harvested 44 pints of blood from volunteer donors. The annual community service project is open for students, teachers and members of the public that wished to help.

According to Club Advisor Mrs. Sue Ellen Meadows, as of 12:30, there had been 91 pints of blood donated this year. The drive got started at 8:30 AM and was to end at 1:30 PM. They were about an hour behind at that time, with more donors waiting. Most of the donors were WHS students. At that time they had 10 outsiders who donated so far and another seven teachers. Mrs. Meadows remarked that most of the student donors were first timers. She added she was extremely proud of all that donated and especially of the WHS students.

Pictured above in the collage are just of some of the people that participated. They even staged a little drama for the camera. The young lady flat out on the floor was only pretending to be passed out, we think!

Good job guys...

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Wellsville School District Update

In last week's newspapers was an AP article saying the State Legislature had passed a bill authorizing that school districts could once again use up to five calamity days per school year. Most of us call them snow days. The piece of legislature was House Bill 36. It was considered an emergency measure meaning it takes effect as soon as the Governor signs it. That means it will apply to the current 2010-2011 School Year.

Schools use to have a total of five calamity days to use each year without having to make up any time at the end of the school year. However that changed to three days this year and next school year it was going to be zero calamity days. That meant that every snow day was going to have to be made up, either at the end of the school year or by shortening holiday breaks.

For curiosity sake we called Wellsville School District (WSD) Superintendent Rich Bereschik last Friday to see how HB36 would effect the city schools. Mr. B informs us that when Governor Kasich signs the bill Wellsville will only have two days to make up. So far Wellsville has used seven days this school year for snow or icy conditions. We understand the Governor hasn't signed the bill yet but we imagine it's only a matter of time. It was one of his campaign pledges.

In other WSD news we understand the district is going to experience a 2.31% budget cut next year. According to a Tom Giambroni newspaper article Wellsville currently receives $5.95 million in state funding. State funding accounts for 56% of the district's annual budget and will drop to $5.81 million next year. Mr. Bereschik advises the district will lose $236,000 in annual income over the next two year budget period. That amount includes the loss of the Federally funded stimulus money that ends this year.

Lastly, school officials have opted to have Level 1 environmental testing done on the old Sterling China property they have their eyes on. Guess it could be said to be the “better safe than sorry” logic. The Sterling China property was an industrial site. It was announced at the April 1 Special BOE meeting that the district had reached an agreement to purchase an approximately two acre lot located directly behind the High School that has a 30x60 metal building situated on it. At that time they were waiting for a survey and title search to be completed before closing the deal. An environmental test will eliminate any liability should something hazardous be found before taking ownership of the lot. The agreed upon price for that parcel of land is $20,000.

The next regularly scheduled BOE meeting is Monday, April 18, at 6:30 PM in the Superintendent's Office. That office is located at 929 Center St.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wellsville Village Council Meeting

Tuesday – April 5: The Wellsville Village Council held their regular bi-monthly meeting a week ago Monday at Village Hall. Present at the meeting was Mayor Joe Surace, Fiscal Officer Dale Davis, Council Members Susan Haugh, Joe Soldano, Randy Allmon, John McMahon and Tony Cataldo. Also attending was Village Administrator Jim Saracco, Legal Adviser Andy Beech, Zoning Administrator Rick Williams, WFD Chief Bill Smith and United Water Operations Manager Greg Stewart. United Water operates the Wellsville Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).

New Cumberland, WV, resident Richard Winland spoke on behalf of LSW Sanitation in the Public Speaking portion of the agenda. Mr. Winland was the LSW Project Supervisor for the intallation of the new “bear trap” on McQueens Run last summer. Winland stated he has worked construction all his life, on jobs of all sizes and presented before & after pictures of the bear trap to Council. Some of those pictures were of the trap farther up stream that was never touched last summer.

Winland stated that with trailers blocking access from Route 39 to the creek their only option was on the other side, down the hillside. A partially bricked old street was discovered on the hillside that went down the hill and across the creek. About a week into the project Henry Avenue resident Cathy Summers asked the LSW crew to stop using that ingress, stating she believed she owned that property, according to Winland. She would need a signed agreement stating that the property would be reclaimed before LSW opened the old road. That was agreed to by Village officials and LSW. About two or three weeks later Summers stopped concrete trucks from their deliveries stating she still did not yet have a signed agreement. After that was straightened out and the project completed, the land in question was put back “better than what it was” per Winland. LSW even hauled five loads of gravel for them and loaned the use of their bobcat to level out some ground behind their house. They only charged her the price of the gravel and less than what was spent on gas. Winland did admit some Rose of Sharon bushes that were planted have since died. However they were purchased from Home Depot and came with a one-year guarantee.

Now Summers has No Trespassing signs posted. We asked if it has ever been verified that the street in question has ever been officially vacated. The Mayor said it has never been brought up and directed Saracco to check on that the next day. The Mayor then advised Winland they have since learned of a new way to get to the traps.

Winland next moved on to the current condition of the bear trap stating there is now three feet of debris and a 13 foot sand bar in front of the new trap. The gabian wall was built the way it was to allow for access in the future. To have them go up and around would have required the trap being another 10 feet wider, blocking any way to get in there in the future. Mrs. Haugh stated out of seven sections of gabian wall three of them have washed away. She compared them to gabian wall along Route 45 that has been in place for years and is still holding up. Winland responded that it would be an easy fix repairing the gabian wall on the trap.

As to the question about the bolts, Winland said they are drilled four feet into the ground and sealed in with concrete. He said the ones in the wall were installed in the same way adding that those bolts have been tested for 15,000 pounds of pressure. Winland concluded that LSW will make it right once the access question is clarified and the water goes down a bit.

Councilman Soldano asked if LSW would be willing to clean out the traps as a courtesy gesture, free of charge, since they will be working down there. Winland said “that is above my pay grade”. He later asked if Village officials would consider giving LSW a maintenance contract to keep them clean. Soldano responded that it not his call. Winland then offered to clean them up if the Village will haul the debris away.

Councilwoman Haugh said her problem all along has been the money spent on this project. She wanted the old ones cleaned and parts repaired, saying the Village had other priorities for the money spent building the new trap. The Mayor remarked the bear traps are the least of worries with a flood wall falling down around us.

Next up was WVFD Fireman Tim Long, pictured above, asking if Council would make a decision making a commitment on Village owned property at 9th & Commerce. At a Property Committee meeting a few weeks ago Long had proposed going after grant funding to build a new fire station at that location. The old station is cramped for space and presents many unsafe conditions, especially on a call out. Other than a new location nothing would change and the two fire departments will continue working together as they do today. The land would remain property of the Village. It is also hoped to include a huge banquet hall as part of the new structure.

Long said there was some safety questions with it being so close to Daw Middle School. However, fire trucks could travel to 10th Street to all points south and west or up Broadway to all points north and east and avoid going past the school. Another question brought up was the contaminated soil found there a few years back. Long produced an EPA letter stating the clean-up was completed in March of 2009. Lastly was the fact that piece of property was in the A-E flood plane category. Long stated that most of the property was at 684 feet elevation with the lowest spot being 681. It would all have to be raised to an elevation of 685 feet to avoid any flood plane category drawbacks. Long said in checking with a couple of companies he's been assured accomplishing that would be no problem.

Soldano advised that the Village grant writer said the grant program with the USDA is about the only known program for funding the building of fire stations. Soldano also noted the grant writer suggested using local lending institutions for the loan portion. Long responded that they would love to keep the business local if possible. The USDA grant is $50,000 with loans adapted to it to make up the balance needed. Long advised there are loan venues incorporated with the government grant programs offering loans with 4% interest rate and 20 to 30 years repayment schedules. Long also noted that there are other smaller grants out there and they were willing to fill out all the grant applications needed to help defray the cost.

Long emphasized that one of the first questions on any grant application is “where are you going to put it”. The first thing needed to proceed is a commitment from Council that they can plan on using the old Wellsville China lot. After acquiring that commitment an environmental impact study would be required and that cost would be covered as part of the grant. With no wetlands or wild life involved that should be a mere formality. The USDA wanted to come out last week to do the study.

The Mayor remarked that he encourages it and hope it happens. Councilwoman Haugh then made a motion, with a second from Soldano, to commit the property so the firemen go proceed with the grant applications. Councilman Cataldo stated he would vote against the motion feeling he doesn't have enough information on the grants. Cataldo further explained he has discussed with Long admitting that Council has to approve the loans and grants. Haugh farther explained the firemen need the commitment so they can bring the information back to Council. Allmon asked what would happen if the grants do not come through and he was told it's Village property and will remain Village property. Although at the March 3 meeting McMahon stated he was not ready for this and felt he was blind sided. Andy Beech advised that Council has to understand it will be a Village project and affirmed the land will remain Village property. Council will be the ones applying for the grants and loans. Cataldo then asked why this proposal didn't come from the Property Committee? Long responded that he was willing to put forth the effort needed to see if happen and volunteered to do the leg work to get it started. Beech added there is no problem for anyone to do the preliminary work needed which Long stated he was committed to doing. Adding to that Long stated it's a matter of respect asking for Council's permission before proceeding. Fiscal Officer Dale Davis asked if Long was asking for an indefinite period of time on the commitment? Long responded “give me 12 months”. With family, job and grad school responsibilities he wants assurance that the lot will still be available if awarded the grants needed to build the new station. Haugh then changed her motion to add committing the lot for a period of one year. The motion was then passed unanimously in favor of the commitment until April 30, 2012.

For Administration Reports Fire Chief Smith chastised the Council members that did not attend the April 4 meeting with the Army Corp of Engineers (ACE) and others on the condition of the flood control system. Smith said he has stressed that efforts to restore the flood control system needs the backing of everyone. Only Council members Haugh, McMahon and Allmon attended that meeting.

At that meeting the members of the ACE team spelled out the reasons why the Wellsville system was found unacceptable. Until the problem areas are fixed Wellsville is no longer eligible for FEMA assistance if a catastrophic flood should occur. As it is now home owners could be wiped out with no recourse unless they have a flood insurance carrier on their home owner's policy. Depending on location those carriers can be very expensive. Chief Smith and Councilwoman Haugh have been working for months trying to finding funding and looking for other ways to get that ruling reversed. The April 4 meeting was a presentation of the ACE findings so Village officials can be fully aware of what needs to be done. Other future meetings will be forthcoming. Smith noted he has done about all he can do as Flood System Administrator. The rest is up to Council and the Administration. They have until the end of the year or the insurance rates will go up concluded Smith.

For the Mayor's Report Surace officially appointed Ryot as the WPD K-9 officer for the Village. Ryot, also pictured above, and WPD Officer Tony Mancuso have completed all requirements required by the State to be certified a K-9 officer. They have completed 220 hours of special narcotics detection training, 24 hours of K-9 searching and 72 hours of tracking. Just under six months old Ryot and their training was donated to the Village through a program called BARK. Mancuso is her official handler and said they will now begin about five months of additional training for officer protection and bite work.

For the Finance Committee Tony Cataldo reported that as of the end of February the General Fund had $9,674, the Street Fund had $7,336, the Cemetery Fund had $4,913 and the Floodwall Fund had $19,786. The Sewage Update Fund is down to $209, 404 and total of all funds on hand was $486,640. Cataldo also announced there will be a Finance Committee meeting in the near future. The exact date has yet to be determined.

John McMahon reported for the Street Committee that Riverside resident Grant Barlow's request to reopen an alley behind his property has been looked into and checked on with the Village Legal Advisor. It has been decided it was never dedicated property. It is private property and there is nothing the Village can do. Mr. Barlow stated the County Engineer's maps show it is a right of way similar to the right away on his property but he is not permitted to restrict access to his neighbors. He asked if he were to put up a fence would the Village take the same stance? Andy Beech explained it's a private right of way, meaning it's private to all the land owners in that neighborhood. It is not a public street or alley and the Village can not get involved. Barlow responded that is making the meaning of a right of way worthless and doesn't believe the explanation is correct. It was suggested that he confer with his own attorney.

For the Water, Sewer & Refuse Committee Randy Allmon made a motion to pay $14,362 for three change orders for the STP Digester project. The change orders were for the relocation of a blower, a sludge line extra and electrical upgrade to the mixer. The motion was seconded by Cataldo. Fiscal Officer Davis advised payment would out of the Sewer and probably mostly from a STAG over payment that the Village can't get. Soldano remarked that he does not feel comfortable with all this saying that every meeting there is something for the digester project. These change orders are adding up. Cataldo remarked that at the last meeting with “them” they asked what are these, stating they looked at them like they could do anything they want. Village officials did not have any advance notice of the change orders. They are over and above the $113,000 Council didn't know about. Cataldo added the change orders are for work that needs to be done but “they” got the message any changes have to have prior Council's approval. Allmon clarified that it was the engineers coming up with the prices. Cataldo reported that in addition to the changes it's going to cost an extra $16,000 or $22,000 for sludge removal.

United Water's Greg Stewart agreed the changes were necessary and reported that the work has already been done. Stewart confirmed the sludge removal would be over and above the change orders. The Mayor stated they had no knowledge of the changes until they called GG&J in to explain about the $113,000. Sue Haugh stated Council needs to look into this and Allmon rescinded his motion. Stewart noted that the mistakes making the change orders necessary were from the original drawings done by former GG&J engineer Bill Boyle.

At a subsequent Sewage Committee meeting last Friday new GG&J engineer John Sabo apologized, explaining he came in at mid-stream on the digester contract when the mistakes were discovered. Sabo said he was not familiar with the protocol and in the future will present any changes to Council before proceeding. The first change order on the contract was approved by Council the same day the contract was awarded. That was for relocation of the fuel tank for the back up generator. These changes are the second, third and fourth. Allmon concluded the Committee meeting stating these changes orders will be resubmitted at the next Council meeting.

For Personnel Soldano reported the insurance has been renewed for all full time employees. Dental coverage has been changed after finding lower cost coverage. Cards for Coventry Health insurance are no longer good. The Fiscal Office has a temporary card that can be used until the new cards are received.

Ordinance 11-2 for Tag Day Event Rules & Regulations was passed. Organizations must be within the Village corporate limits and must have proof of their tax exempt status. Only persons 13 years of age or older can participate and anyone between the ages of 13 through 17 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Signs no less than 24” square must be displayed identifying the organization and a “tag” or another type of receipt must be given to each contributor. Tag Days can only be held on Saturdays between the hours of 9 AM through 12 Noon. Collection can only be held at 5th & Main and/or Route 45 & Wells Avenue. For safety considerations collections at Route 39 & Clark Avenue has been eliminated.

Under New Business Soldano reported he attended a round table meeting at the Port Authority facilities that was a meet & greet session with Congressman Johnston. Soldano said he advised the new congressman about the flood control system, the availability of Village property and the need for infrastructure funds, especially for streets.

The meeting adjourned at 7:14 PM. The next scheduled meeting is Tuesday, April 19 at 6 PM at Village Hall.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Then & Now #5

Forgive us...we couldn't resist. In these pictures are a lady's swim suit as they appeared circa early 1900s compared to what might be seen in modern times. The older model will be on display in Wellsville's Riverside Museum in the Wellville room. The Wellsville Historical Society will resume regular Sunday afternoon open house touring hours on June 5.

Thanks to Google Pictures for the modern day attire.

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On The Calendar

A little on the wet side but the temperatures last week were on the mild side for a change. Today's temperature is suppose to hit 80 – yea! Turn the thermostat down, open the windows and air the joint out for a few hours.

Guess the citySweep 2011 to collect hazardous wastes is just for East Liverpool folks. In an article in yesterday's newspapers it specifically states “East Liverpool residents”. That's not very neighborly of them. WTI's Raymond Wayne told us last Monday it was for anyone in the area. Guess they didn't bother to tell him either.

Monday – April 11:

  • Chamber of Commerce Sunrise Business Breakfast Forum – 7:30 AM at BOSS Conference Room – 119 East 5th St. - East Liverpool – See last weeks Calendar for details

  • WHS Baseball vs McDonald – 5 PM at Hammonds Park

  • Wellsville Tree Board Monthly Meeting – 6 PM at Village Hall – 1200 Main St.

  • Wellsville Elks 1040 Bi-monthly Meeting – 7:30 PM at the Lodge – 723 Riverside

Tuesday – April 12:

  • 150th Year Anniversary of the start of the Civil War

  • Wellsville Area Ministerial Assoc. Monthly Meeting – 9 AM at Tonda's Place on the 4th Street Square

  • Wellsville Public Library Story Hours – Preschool – Ages 3 to 5 – 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM – After School – Ages 5 & up – 3:30 to 4:30 PM – Main St.

  • Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Monthly Meeting – 12 Noon at Village Hall – 1200 Main St.

  • WHS Track at Lowellville – 4:30 PM

  • WHS Baseball at McDonald – 5 PM

Wednesday – April 13:

  • Daw Middle School Track at Southern Local/United Triangular – 4:30 at United

Thursday – April 14:

  • Wellsville Village Magistrate Court

  • American Legion Post 70 Lady's Auxiliary – 7 PM at the Post – 229 Wells Ave.

  • Wellsville Memorial Council – 7 PM at VFW Post 5647 – 359 Main St.

Friday – April 15:

  • Federal Tax Day delayed until Monday – April 18 due to holiday

  • WHS/WVFD Prom Promise Demonstration – 1:30 PM at WHS Parking Lot – 1 Bengal Dr.

  • First Baptist Church Food Pantry – 3 to 5 PM at the church – 1401 Center St.

  • Daw Middle School Track at Beaver Local Invitational – 4:30 PM at Beaver Local

  • WHS Baseball at Crestview – 5 PM

Saturday – April 16:

  • WHS Track at Shadyside Relays – 10 AM

  • WHS Baseball Double Header vs Beaver Local – 12 Noon at Hammond's Park

  • WHS Alumni All Stars Lip Sync Benefit – 7 PM at Beaver Local High School – Doors open at 6:30 PM

Sunday – April 17:

  • Palm Sunday - Worship at a church of your choice

  • Wellsville Area Ministerial Assoc.'s Lenten Service – 7 PM at First Baptist Church – 1401 Center St. - Church of the Nazarene Pastor Dirk Hall guest minister

On April 12, 1861, just before dawn, Confederate forces commenced 34 hours of firing artillery on Federal troops at Fort Sumter in South Carolina. It was the start of the four year war between the states.

Unless specifically noted otherwise, when we show WHS Baseball we're referring to both the Lady's Softball Team and the Men's hardball Baseball Team. Both teams usually play at the same time against the same school. If different we'll try to spell it out, if we remember.

The Wellsville Memorial Council is meeting to prepare for the annual Memorial Day Services. More details will be coming the closer we get to the date. It's traditionally one of the most meaningful Memorial Day observances in the tri-state area honoring America's veterans. It begins with ceremonies at the Veteran's Memorial at 4th Street and concludes at the Newlin Memorial in Springhill Cemetary.

Friday's Prom Promise Demonstration at the high school is a mock accident simulating what can happen with drivers that are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It will begin with sounding the Village fire siren and include ambulances and a life flight helicopter. It will also include a demostration of using the Jaws of Life to get the “accident victim” out of the car. The public is invited to watch the proceedings.

Saturday's Lip Sync performance by the WHS Alumni All Stars is to benefit the Beaver Local High School band. See our post below for more information.

Have a good week everyone...

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

WHS Alumni All Stars To Benefit Beaver Local Band

Those zany, talented members of the WHS Alumni All Stars Lip Sync corp is busy preparing for a concert for the benefit of the Beaver Local High School Band. It's neighbor helping neighbor for the benefit of the kids. There's no backyard rivalry involved in this event planned for next Saturday, April 16. Everybody is a winner in this case, whether you wear orange & black or red & white.

Everybody is struggling to get by in these days of the recession and high prices. Beaver Local is no different from anybody else and with budget restrictions forcing cut backs they are working to raise money for equipment, instruments and uniform accessories for the Beaver Local Marching Pride.

The WHS Alumni All Stars got started back in the year 2000 with lip sync performances of many hit recordings that we all love and like to sing along with. They cover the whole range of music from Motown, classic rock, hard rock, country & western and some down right silly songs. We still chuckle remembering Aaron Roach's performance as the “dummy” in a ventriloquist act. We've seen it more than once and still get a laugh each new time. That's just one... These performers are so talented you almost have to force yourself to remember they are lip syncing recorded songs. They are very entertaining no matter where they put on a show.

The show is scheduled for next Saturday night at Beaver Local High School. Curtain raises at 7 PM. Doors open at 6:30 PM. Advanced sale tickets are $6 each and are available at Roberts Funeral Home in Wellsville, James Locke Jewelers in East Liverpool, Adrian's Restaurant & Beresford's Meats & Deli in Calcutta or from any Beaver Local Band Booster. Tickets at the door will be $8. You can call Kim Williams at 330-383-9227 for additional information.

Pictured above are some members of the All Stars at last Monday's rehersal. Seated in front from the left is Carrie McMahon, Donna Caruso Johnston, Toni Figley and Linda Cochran. Kneeling in the middle is Vicki Burgess and Erin Orr. Standing in the back, from the left, is Butch Hawksworth, Steve Creaturo, Dave Johnston, Skip Hamilton, Phyllis Mick, Donna Hawksworth and Sue Andrews. Dave & Donna Johnston have a couple of grandsons in the Beaver Local Band. Members of the BLHS boosters will be some of the featured acts along with the All Stars in this benefit performance. Everyone is pitching in with the back stage duties.

We haven't seen the All Stars since last year's All-Class Reunion. You won't want to miss this one either. It's a fun night of entertainment the whole family can enjoy. It's for a good cause. It's for the kids...

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Wellsville Alumni Activities Committee

Monday – April 4: The WHS Alumni Activities Committee (WAAC) met this past Monday evening for their regular monthly meeting. Committee President Carrie McMahon presided. Approved minutes of the March meeting was read by Recording Secretary Toni Figley. The Treasurer's Report was given by Carmella Boyce. Trustee Shirley Shanks reported on dinner activities.

Jo Ann Tipton reported the banquet room rentals have been very good for the first part of the year. March was booked full for the week-ends. The same holds true for the months of June and July. Members of the committee agreed there will no more rental discounts extended to anyone not active on the WAAC in the future. With increases in utilities and other costs in maintaining the Alumni Center it was decided that “belt tightening” was necessary.

The Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce held their first ever Trade Show at the Center on March 31. The show featured displays from area businesses and was deemed very successful. A very generous donation was received from the Chamber.

The use of the main banquet hall and refreshments were donated to the Wellsville Fire Department for their meeting on April 4 with the Army Corp of Engineers, FEMA and others. Their meeting was in regards to the Village's flood control system.

The Committee agreed to hold a baked chicken dinner for the benefit of the Potter Players Community Theatre's Liberty Theater renovation project. Advanced tickets will be available shortly. The dinner is scheduled for Wednesday, June 22, from 4 to 7 PM. Proceeds from the dinner will be WAAC's contribution to this community wide project. They are also purchasing a half page advertisement for the monthly spaghetti dinners and room rentals in the PPCT programs. More details on the dinner will be announced in the near future. The PPCT is conducting a fund drive to renovate and reopen the old theater as an area community Arts Center.

A 1939 year book and class ring was received from the late Sam Stepanovich. Stepanovich was a member of that WHS graduating class 72 years ago. There were 102 graduates in the Class of '39.

A date for cleaning tables and chairs for sometime in May will be announced at the next meeting. The work party will be held in the evening in hopes of getting more members to lend a hand.

The meeting adjourned at 7:52 PM. Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 2 at the Alumni Center.

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Wellsville Troop 29 Holds Court of Honor

Saturday – April 2: This past Saturday Wellsville Troop 29, of the Boy Scouts of America, held a Court of Honor. The event was held with a spaghetti dinner at the Covenant Presbyterian Church on 18th Street. Covenant is the home of Troop 29.

A Court of Honor for Boy Scouts is a ceremony recognizing the member Scouts for their achievements during the past year. Merit badges and awards were presented to the young men as part of the ceremony. Scout Master Tom Eberhart served as the Master of Ceremonies in presenting the awards.

Scouts receiving awards were Jarrett, Chance and John Buckel, Alik and Seth Bradford, John and Brian Bell, Dalton Range, Justin Cehrs and Max Littleton. They are pictured above along with Scout Masters Dan Kirkbride and Eberhart.

Scout member Brian Bell has earned the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest honor in Scouting. It's a honor he'll be able to maintain throughout his entire life. WHS Freshman Seth Bradford is next in line for that honor with Troop 29. We're told he only has a couple of merit badges left to earn plus a community project. Attaining the rank of Eagle Scout is an honor held in high esteem the world over and a big plus on any resume. It's the only honor that Scouts are permitted to proclaim after reaching a certain age.

Coming up for Troop 29 is a hike on the Greenway Trail and Summer Camp at Seven Ranges. Summer Camp will be July 3 through July 9.

Also pictured above is a couple of fellows that between them have 126 years of service in Scouting. Don Thiess got started in 1942 and Howard Bosworth in 1954. From the left is Thiess, Bosworth and Troop 29 Scout Masters Eberhart and Kirkbride.

Congratulations to all the Scouts honored. You're the future of American and all of Wellsville is proud of each and every one of you.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wellsville Board of Education Special Meeting

Friday – April 1: After the birthday party for the high school there was a Special Board of Education meeting with three items on the agenda. The meeting was held in the high school Conference Room. Present at the meeting was Board President Tom Brophey and Board members Karen Dash & Bill Miller. Also attending was School District Treasurer Coleen Wickham and Superintendent Rich Bereschik. The three items covered and passed unanimously were a new contract for the Wellsville Teachers Association (WTA), renovation of the Nicholson Stadium grandstand and purchase of a piece of the old Sterling China property.

Effective next September, with the start of the new school year, the WTA will get a 2% raise in salary every year for the next three years. In return the WTA have agreed to a change in platform for health insurance coverage. Starting in September Wellsville School District (WSD) employees share for insurance will double along with other changes in Emergency Room usage and hospital stays. The annual deductible will remain at 0%. There will also be a flexible account established which will allow employees to take ownership of costs and make good decisions that will save them and the district money according to the Superintendent. Flexible accounts are similar to savings accounts which the employee can decide to set aside money to be used for future medical costs. Until next fall the WTA will continue under the current contract.

Bereschik noted that insurance costs were strangling the district financially. At the beginning of the school year officials were told that insurance costs would increase 27%. That was negotiated down to 19% by shopping around with different carriers. WSD insurance is with Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield and the new policy will still be with that company. The current policy is the “Cadillac” of policies with some items no longer available.

The negotiated changes in the insurance platform is considered a “major step” which is estimated to financially allow the district to stay solvent until at least 2015. Bereschik thanked the WTA for their cooperation in agreeing to changes in the insurance issues. Both the Superintendent and Mrs. Dash agreed that insurance was the biggest issue in negotiating this contract.

Bereschik noted that the teachers deserved a raise, stating the WSD teachers are some of the lowest paid in the area. With a Bachelor's degree, Wellsville teachers start out around $26,000 per year. Salaries range from that amount to a maximum of approximately $55,000 a year. After five years or 150 hours teachers move to a different pay scale. Teachers that earn a Masters Degree are placed on a higher pay scale. It takes 13 years to reach the top of the pay scale. Bereschik said that school officials are very satisfied with the new contract and feel it was an equitable settlement. Mrs. Dash added that the teachers are the back bone of the WSD. Retired teacher and former BOE member Mrs. Marge Dysert remarked that salaries and benefits have come a long way over the years. When she retired from teaching she was earning $22,000 a year.

WTA President Darlene Allison did not call when asked for a comment.

A $16,000 contract was given to A&I Architecture & Interiors Studio for engineering to replace the east side grandstands. A&I is located in East Liverpool. The approved contract was retroactive back to March 24. The east side grandstands were recently demolished after being declared unsafe last fall. Workers from FDR's WPA program started building the grandstands in Nicholson Stadium in 1935 and were first used by Wellsville football fans in 1936 for the annual Turkey Bowl, when the Bengals hosted East Liverpool for the Thanksgiving Day tradition. Grandstands on each side of the field had a seating capacity of 2,040.

The western side grandstands were demolished in 1995 and replaced with the aluminum bleachers that are in place today. Through the efforts of the late Jerome Gitschier repairs were made to save the eastern side stands. Gitschier was a WHS alumni and former board member for the WSD. He was also the father of Mrs. Karen Dash. With his determination, and that of a corp of volunteer workers, the historic stands on that side of the field lasted another 15 years.

Bereschik stated stands similar to the western side ones with a seating capacity of 800 to 850 is planned to replace the old concrete ones. The cost of the recent demolition was $7,000 less than what it cost in 1995. School officials are anticipating that the cost for the new stands will be close to what was paid in 1995 with the reduced seating capacity. It is expected to have the new stands erected in time for the opening home football game next August. That game will be the “WTOV game of the week” versus Toronto. Once engineering specifications are finalized bids will be advertised for the purchase and installation of the new stands. Test borings were scheduled for this past Monday.

The final item on the agenda was the approval to purchase a parcel of the old Sterling China land directly behind the high school pictured above. An agreement has been reached with Landmark Realty of Youngstown and once the survey and title search is completed the deal will be closed.

That parcel is estimated to be nearly two acres with a 30X60 metal building. The property is entirely fenced in and the open ground is mostly covered with gravel under all those weeds. When the new high school was being constructed WSD rented that building for storage and paid for the fencing around the lot. Although looking rough in appearance any repairs needed is mostly cosmetic. There are a few roof panels that need replaced and painting to be done but basically the building is in good condition. Included in that parcel of land is an outdoor, black topped basketball court.

Originally it was planned to construct a new building for equipment storage and maintenance on school vehicles. When the Sterling property first went on the auction block WSD bid $20,000 for that piece of property before pulling out of the bidding. Today's agreed upon price is $20,000.

Before closing the meeting it was emphasized that the funds for both Nicholson Stadium and the parcel of land will come out of the Capitol Improvement, General Set-asides Fund. No money from the General Fund will be spent on these expenditures.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:13 PM. The next regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting is Monday, April 18 at 6:30 PM. The meeting will be held in the Superintendent's Office at 929 Center St.

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Wellsville High School Celebrates 10 Years

Friday – April 1: With former & current school officials, employees and the high school student body Wellsville High School Principal Mrs. Linda Rolley hosted a 10 Year Anniversary party for the “new high school”. Actually Wellsville High isn't new. Its beginnings date back to the 1800s but the building it's in just turned 10 years old. Hard to believe, huh?

It was first used as an institution of learning in January, 2001. During the Christmas break of that year the Wellsville High School students left the building on Center Street for the holidays. When they returned to class they went back to school in the spanking, brand new building located at 1 Bengal Drive. Bob Taft was the Ohio governor, Jim Brown was the WSD Superintendent and Rich Bereschik was the high school principal.

Prior to construction of the new building on the old 13th Street ball park there was a successful campaign to get a hefty levy passed to supplement the State's contributions. A committee called the WEB Levy Committee was formed. It was co-chaired by the late Don Lowe and Betty Shaffer. Other members were WSD Superintendent Paul Blevins, Buildings & Grounds Supervisor Joe Traina and Trustees Marge Dysert and the late Jerome Gitschier. The new building was mainly funded by the Ohio School Facilities Commission. The total project cost was $12,890,924.

It's been said the only thing certain in life is change. In the past 10 years we've seen lots of changes in all sorts of ways. The Wellsville School District has seen many changes, especially in personnel, in these past 10 years. Out of the eight members of the Board of Education listed on the dedication plaque only one remains. That is BOE President Thomas Brophey. Everybody else has moved on. As it was with challenges 10 years ago there are still challenges today. Those school officials, tax payers and the people on the levy committee stepped up to the plate to find a way to make the new building a reality. Their efforts paid off with now having a great place for the Wellsville area youth to receive their education.

It will be the “new high school” for a long time. Ten years later it's still one of the nicest school buildings in the area...

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Wellsville Area Chamber's Trade Show A Big Hit

Thursday – March 31: The Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce held their first ever trade show this past Thursday evening. The event was held at the WHS Alumni Center located at 201 Third St. Event Chairwoman Erin Roberts-Orr announced earlier that day they had 33 vendors registered for the inaugural show. The idea of having a local trade show was gleaned from Chamber members visiting other trade shows in the tri-state region and was first brought to our attention late last year.

There was a variety of vendors at the Wellsville trade show from clubs, educational institutions, unions, engineering firms and all kinds of area businesses. Roberts Funeral Home donated refreshments and many of the vendors also had treats. Gibby's Mini-Mart and the Riverside Roadhouse were getting a lot of attention with their offerings. There was enough food available one didn't have to go home for supper. Sheryl Gibson and Kristi were passing out complimentary ham salad sandwiches. Personally we think that is the best ham salad found in the area. Riverside Roadhouse co-owner Laura Reed was busy dishing out their pasta carbonara.

Many of the vendors had a Wellsville connection but there were a few that were new to us. Although we can't claim Micky Mouse as a Wellsville native his twin “Ricky Mouse” was there representing B&J Look-a-Like that offer a variety of costumed characters to brighten up any party. Mari Wycoff, General Manager of A Touch of Flair, introduced us to her business. They specialize in event decorating. Account Executive Bill Reiner introduced us to a side of Office Max that we didn't know existed. Reiner is available to take care of your every office supply needs. Before talking to Bill we thought Office Max just had stores around the country. For more information on this service give Bill a call at 412-298-6463.

Mark Bayless was there representing the Western Reserve Building and Construction Trades Council. Bayless is also the Business Representive & Organizer for the Ohio & Vicinity Regional Council of Carpenters. Scott Shepherd was there for A&I Architecture & Interiors Studio. A principal in the engineering firm, Shepherd has offered to donate his services for the renovation of the Liberty Theater. Historic preservation is one of the specialties of A&I.

The Wellsville Lions Club and Elks Lodge 1040 were present. Newly installed Elks Exalted Ruler Jeff Haugh explained that a large part of their benevolent mission is dedicated to the youth of our area. Their efforts in drug awareness is one of their well known programs. The Wellsville Volunteer Fire Department was on hand giving live, hands on demonstrations in the use of fire extinguishers. No home should be without one. Even members of the WHS Alumni Activities Committee were on hand getting word out on their hall rentals with food service available and their other activities.

With wall to wall vendors set up we would rate the Chamber's first trade show a huge success. There was a steady stream of visitors taking it all in. Congratulations to the Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce and especially to Mrs. Orr. Your efforts paid dividends...

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chamber of Commerce March Business of the Month

Thursday – March 31: Wellsville's McDonalds, located on Wells Avenue at 1st Street, was named the Chamber of Commerce March Business of the Month. Chamber President-elect Diana Spencer in presenting the traveling plaque to owner Gary Roshac said the new owner took over six months ago. One of the first things he did was to join the Wellsville Area Chamber.

Pictured above is Spencer and McDonald's owner Gary Rosohac. We would like to welcome Gary to Wellsville. He'll find Wellsville is a great place to do business in.

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Wellsville Area March Luncheon

Thursday – March 31: The Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce held their monthly luncheon this past Thursday. The luncheon was held at the Dairy Queen located at 400 Third St. Chamber President Randy Allmon presided with Paul Blevins giving the invocation.

Allmon announced that the Chamber Board of Directors approved a $1,000 donation to the Potter Player's Liberty Theater renovation project. Allmon stated it was “seed money” to help get the renovation project started. See our post dated March 29 for more information on the Liberty Theater project.

The annual Chamber sponsored rabies clinic will be held Saturday, May 21, in the parking lot of the Holly Development property at 1210 Main St. That is the old Sky Bank. More details will be forthcoming at the April luncheon. The cost will remain $10 for each inoculation.

Chamber member Erin Roberts-Orr was the Chairwoman for the first ever trade show. It was held last Thursday evening. Orr announced they had 33 vendors registered for the event. We'll have more on that in a later post.

Allmon welcomed the Wellsville Lions Club as the newest member. The Lions Club have long dedicated themselves to community service. They annually hold an eye sight screening for students in the Wellsville school district and every Christmas holiday season have the Care & Share program, just to name a couple. That Care & Share program raises funds for toys and complete Christmas dinners for many.

Business of the Month went to Wellsville's McDonalds.

Keynote speaker was Don Crane, President of the Western Reserve Building & Construction Trades Council. Headquarters for that organization is in Youngstown and includes union members from Cleveland to Jefferson County and the northern panhandle of West Virginia. Crane is on boards and committees on a long list of organizations. In January he was appointed to the Port Authority board and is on the Building & Finance Committee of Eastern Gateway Community College (EGCC). Crane is pictured above with Chamber President Randy Allmon.

Crane announced that EGCC is looking to locate in Columbiana County, probably closer to East Liverpool. Headquartered in Steubenville, the college is the former Jeff Tech. They are now a fully accredited college offering courses for many two year Associate Degrees, some for Bachelor Degrees plus certified trades. EGCC has been expanding all over the area since coming into being and have been establishing cooperative programs with many other schools. Crane noted that EGCC is a perfect fit for students graduating from the CC Career & Technical Center in earning their certificatons or degrees in their chosen fields.

Crane reported that the Port Authority is continuing to buy properties for the proposed Baard Ohio River Clean Fuels plant. He noted that the Authority has just successfully purchased a large parcel of land from a recent Sheriff's Sale. The proposed plant will be located just outside of Wellsville and will convert coal and biomass to liquid fuel. It's a $6 billion project that will go on-line in two years in the first phase of construction. It is expected to take five years to completely finish all the planned units. Eventually Baard Industries will buy the properties from the Port Authority.

Crane noted he sees good things in the plant, not only for the construction trades but for the whole tri-state region. He expects more good news to be announced within the next month. State Senator Jason Wilson noted the only thing holding up the Baard project was the economy when he visited us a few weeks ago. With the recession making it difficult to line up funding the project has been held up nearly three years.

Allmon put in a plug for the Liberty Theater Association renovation project asking that maybe the trade council would consider helping complete the electrical system renovation. Crane said they were looking for a project and would like to take a look at the old building. Chamber member Mayor Joe Surace thanked Crane and all the union members for being good neighbors to the Village.

The April luncheon will be held Thursday, April 28 at Kat's Kitchen. Kat's is located at 1025 Main Street.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Then & Now #4

Continuing on with the before & after pictures...

We've shown Wellsville's old City Hall before but these are a couple of new ones for us. The first is a snap shot that is beginning to crumble with no date. We're guessing it was taken sometime in the first couple of the 1900 decades. Notice the Chamber of Commerce offices on the second floor windows.

The second picture is a postcard with a 1906 post mark,issued by Fuller's Stationery Store. The double doors on the right was at one time the Wellsville Fire Station.

Before Shoub Towers were built City Hall was located at 5th & Main. You can left click on any picture to enlarge.

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