Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wellsville District Starts New School Year

Tuesday - August 31: Yesterday was the first day of classes for Wellsvile students as they start the 2010-2011 School Year. For grades K through 12 the summer break is over until June 3, 2011. Sounds like a long time but it's not, really.

With the start of the new school year it's time to renew our safety awareness, especially in the school zones. All those students are Wellsville's future. Please be careful no matter where you are.

Here's hoping that all the students returning to classrooms, all the teachers and administrators everywhere have a great school year.

Pictured here is new Daw Middle School Principal Dr. John Foley greeting students in front of the school before the entry bell rang.

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Wellsville Village Council Special Meeting

Monday - August 30: Wellsville Village Council met in Special session last evening at Village Hall. Present at the meeting was Mayor Joe Surace and Council Members Susan Haugh, Joe Soldano, Rosie Goss, Randy Allmon & Tony Cataldo. Also in attendance was Village Administrator Jim Saracco, Fiscal Officer Dale Davis, WFD Chief Bill Smith and Zoning Administrator Rick Williams. Councilman John McMahon was excused. He was working. The special meeting was called for Council to vote on three bills plus three ordinances.

The first item was to approve Change Order 1 for the Sewage Treatment Plant Aerobic Digester Conversion Project. The Change Order was originally approved at a Special Meeting on July 20,2010, with an estimated cost of $25,000/$30,000. Last night's vote approved the quote from Pusateri Excavating of $29,897. The change is for removing the old underground emergency generator fuel tanks and replace them with smaller one to be stored above ground, in the plant's garage. Councilman Cataldo remarked that the cost is covered with the grants the Village got for the project. Project Engineer Bill Boyle reported at the July meeting the old tanks would not meet EPA criteria for today's time.

The second item to be approved was an arbitrator's award for Cemetery Caretaker Mike Lombardozzi in the amount of $2,502.50. Davis advised the award is in regards to a grievance filed by Lombardozzi for the Village owned house at the cemetery. Up until last year the caretaker was required to reside in the historic Hammond house as part of the job. The Village insurance carrier cancelled coverage on the house upon learning that agreed upon repairs had not been done over the years and the caretaker and his family was forced to move out.

The third item was the LSW bill for cleaning out the "bear trap" located on McQueen's Run and the construction of a new one. At that July 20 meeting no one present admitted to knowing that a new trap was being constructed. The Village Fiscal Officer warned the Finance Committee a week earlier that he was guessing the bill was going to be much higher than expected for just cleaning debris out of the old existing trap. He said he was hearing of heavy equipment and cement trucks being used. In the following days newspaper reports the Mayor was quoted as saying he ordered the new trap be built for the safety of the village residents. Surace advised the reporter that he declared it an emergency and it would be paid out of the Sewage Fund. At that July meeting the bill was estimated to be $39,200.

The actual bill presented to Council last night was for a total of $37,908.81. Council Randy Allmon made the motion to pay the bill and Cataldo seconded. In discussing the motion Cataldo remarked that Councilwoman Haugh brought up some good points but felt "most of it is language for a lawyer". Without the Village Legal Advisor present he would agree to table paying the bill until Haugh's points could be reviewed.

Haugh countered she didn't think it was language for a lawyer and read her reasons for opposing to paying the bill. Point one was that Ohio Revised Code was not followed thus making the project illegal. She was referring to ORC 735.051 which reads:"Emergency conditions obviate formal bidding and advertising for contracts. In the case of a real and present emergency arising in connection with the operation and maintenance of the department of public service, including all municipally owned utilities, the department of public safety, or any other department, division, commission, bureau, or board of the municipality, the legislative authority of the municipality may by a two-thirds vote of all the members elected thereto, authorize the director of public service, director of public safety, city manager, board of public affairs, or other duly authorized contracting officer, commission, board, or authority, to enter into a contract for work to be done or for the purchase of supplies or materials without formal bidding and advertising. Effective Date: 11-05-1965" In other words the Mayor can declare an emergency to by-pass the bid process but must have two-thirds Council approval to proceed. According to the newspaper report in July the Mayor said he missed mentioning it to members of Council.

Haugh's second point was that the Village assumes all responsibility for any consequent fines or damages for the work that was done if they vote to pay the bill. Point three was that a new trap would not be needed if the old traps were cleaned out on a regular basis. The Mayor contended that the traps were cleaned out on a regular yearly basis with Haugh saying it hasn't been done in five years. Fire Chief Smith said if the existing traps were cleaned water would flow. In response to Cataldo's question on who is responsible Haugh replied "whenever you mess with a natural waterway the Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources, the EPA or whoever is concerned has to give their okay". She added that if the existing trap had been cleaned it would allowed time for the Village to get the required approval. Haugh's fourth point was that this is "water from a natural flowing waterway that has been redirected to empty into the river". It is not sewage and can not be paid out of the Sewage Fund.

Before reading a prepared statement the Mayor asked Smith to once again tell Council his opinion on the condition of the bear traps after the heavy rains in early July. Smith advised that the traps were blocked causing erosion and water to flood. Although not in his "realm" of responsibility it was his opinion that cleaning the traps should be an emergency and rebuilding them should be given a high priority. Councilwoman Goss questioned whether Smith thought there wasn't enough time to call Council together for this once the traps were cleaned out. The Mayor answered for Smith saying that's fine but sometimes it takes Council two or three days to get together. Haugh remarked it's the law that the Mayor can declare an emergency but needs Council approval to proceed. The Mayor said "I'm going to tell you something about the law Susie" and went on to read his prepared statement.

In the Mayor's statement he said he knows there are concerns about his decision with the bear traps. He said the Fire Chief came to him about his worry with the area explaining what would happen if this was not taken care of as soon as possible. With the potential of water overflowing onto Route 39 and running down to the lower end of town damaging people's property a decision had to be made. Water was high and had to be monitored every two hours for seven days. With LSW in town working with their equipment the Mayor contacted them. Surace stated "As your elected mayor I had to make a sound decision. I feel decisions are more important in an emergency than an opinion. When it comes to the safety of our citizens and village I was not going to put band-aids and bailing wire on a project of this magnitude in that area again..." He further stated he would make the same decision again when it comes to the safety of the citizens concluding with "so you guys do what you got to do".

Before casting his vote Soldano questioned if money for this bill could be taken out of the Sewage Fund. Davis replied "as long as it is his understanding that this is part of the storm sewer system" it can be. Soldano remarked it's too bad the Village Legal Advisor is not here to answered some of these questions. With both Haugh & Goss voting no Council approved paying the bill by a vote of 3 to 2.

Moving to Legislation on the ordinances for the third and final reading, Council voted 4 to 1 to terminate the union agreement with AFSCME Local 1869. Allmon cast the lone no vote. The ordinance to establish wages & conditions of employment for the fiscal clerk and establishing wages for the regular full-time non-safety employees both passed unanimously. Wages will remain the same as the union scale and the Street Dept. employees will now get Martin Luther King Day as a holiday.

Before adjourning the Mayor expressed his thanks to Council Pro-Tem Goss for sitting in for him while he was on vacation.

The meeting adjourned at 6:22 P.M. The next regular scheduled meeting is Tuesday, September 7 at 6 P.M.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

On The Calendar

As August closes out we couldn't ask for better weather with cool nights and hot, sunny days and the humidity next to nothing. Enjoy it while we can.

Monday - August 30:

  • Wellsville School Staff In-Service - Vacation is over...

  • WHS Golf at Sebring

  • WHS Football Reserves vs Toronto - 5 P.M. at Nicholson Stadium

  • Wellsville Council Special Meeting - 6 P.M. at Village Hall - Main St.

Tuesday - August 31:

  • Wellsville School District's 1st Day of 2010-2011 School Year

  • Red Cross Blood Drive - Noon to 6 P.M. - First Christian - 831 Main

  • WHS Volleyball at Southern Local - Season Opener - 5:30

Wednesday - Sept. 1:

  • Medication Assistance Program - 9:30 to Noon - United Methodist - Lisbon

  • Daw Middle School Volleyball at United - 5 P.M.

Thursday - Sept. 2:

  • WHS Volleyball vs. Heartland Christian - Home Opener at 5:30 - Tiger Dr.

  • Daw Middle School Football vs Crestview - 5 P.M. at Nicholson Stadium

  • EL-Wellsville NAACP - 6:30 P.M. at EL Second Baptist Church

  • Covenant Presbyterian Monthly Spaghetti Dinners - 4 to 7 P.M. - 18th St.

Friday - Sept. 3:

  • WHS Football Home Opener vs East Palestine - 7:30 at Nicholson Stadium

Saturday - Sept. 4:

  • Frist Baptist Men's Prayer Breakfast - 10 A.M. - Center St.

  • WHS Football Reservers vs East Palestine - 10 A.M. at East Palestine

Sunday - Sept. 4:

  • Worship at a church of you choice

  • Junior Tiger Football at Glenmore - 1 P.M. - County Airport Rd

Monday's Special Council Meeting is a sort of clean up to take care of pending items and get ready to start September. The Change Order for the new fuel tank that was added to the Sewage Treatment Plant project came in at $29,897 and the LSW bill for the new bear trap is $37,908.81. Council will be voting on these plus an Union Arbitrator's Award for the arbitration dealing with the Cemetery Caretaker. There are three ordinances dealing with terminating the current AFSCME Local 1869 bargaining agreement that will be given the third reading. No other items will be dealt with by Council until the next regular meeting scheduled for September 7.

Tuesday starts the new school year. Wake up you sleepy heads. It's time to get back to educating your minds. Entrance bell for the high school is 7:55 A.M., Daw Middle School is 8:20 A.M. and Garfield Elementary is 8:25 A.M. Have a great school year!

Covenant Presbyterian gets started back with their monthly spaghetti dinners every first Thursday of the month. You get a full course meal for only $6. Children age 4 & under eat for free.

Good luck to the WHS Lady Tiger Volleyball Team as you open your season out at Southern Local this week. Show 'em what you got. You're the best.

Have a good week everyone...

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Historic Photo Quiz Update

This past Wednesday we posted a "Historic Photo Quiz" using an old snap shot taken in March of 1936 during the big flood that year. It was just a fun thing asking readers if they could name the 6th & Broadway location. Three responders were real close but no one had the exact location. The photo was taken from 6th Street looking northwest toward the hill side.

Here is a copy of the old snap shot and what that location looks like today. With full foliage on the trees we had to get two pictures of what it looks like today. You can right click on the individual pictures to enlarge. From what I can determine that lamp post on Broadway Park in the old photo is where the street sign is today.

Even Maude wouldn't recognize it today.

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Beautiful P-A-T

Thursday - August 26: It's a blurry picture but clear enough to see the ball sailing smack dab in the middle of the goal post to give the Wellsville Tigers the season opening win against the Toronto Red Knights. There isn't a football coach any where, at any level, that could ask for a better placement than that.

That kick came off the toe of Wellsville Freshman Cavan LeMasters playing his first ever high school varsity game. Nice j-o-b Cavan! Keep up the good work.

There was enough room left on that ball that probably has some Wellsville coaches drooling with excitement on the scoring possibilities! We only watched the game and got excited.

Man, oh man...

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Wellsville Brings Home A Season Opener Win

Thursday - August 26: Returning to Toronto for the second year in a row the WHS Tiger Football Team brought home a win in last night's 2010 season opener. It was a hard earned win after looking like it was going to be a long night in the opening quarter.

Wellsville won the toss of the coin and elected to receive the opening kick-off to start the game. It was three plays & a punt on the first drive of the night. The punt was a touch back. The Red Knights took over at their own 20 and went the distance to put the first score up with 4:02 left in the 1st. The kick for the P-A-T fell short & it was Toronto 6 nothing. That was the only scoring until the 3rd quarter.

At the 8:05 mark the Red Knights fumbled the ball at the Wellsville four yard line in the 3rd but Wellsville couldn't hold onto the ball themselves. Toronto recovered a Tiger fumble at the 6:10 mark in the 3rd and ran it back 30 yards for their second trip across the goal line. A run attempt for the P-A-T was stopped short. Toronto 12 zip. However, Wellsville never gave up.

With 3:18 left in the 3rd, Senior Chad Elliott took a low pass from Junior Quarterback Jake Reed at the Toronto 30 and raced down the left sideline to get Wellsville on the score board. Not to be denied, he was escorted into the end zone by a host of red jerseys. The Tigers tried for two on a run play but failed to get it across the line.

That took the game late into the 4th quarter with Toronto holding a slim 12 - 6 lead. With less than a minute left in the game Senior Joe Hall went airborne to block a Toronto punt, grab it off the ground and high tailed it 35 yards into the end zone to tie the game with only 57 seconds left. That heads up defensive play stopped half of the Wellsville fans heading for the exits in their tracks. The Orange & Black made them forget about beating the traffic. The Tigers had a chance to pull this one out.

Coach Skinner elected to try a kick for the extra point and Freshman Cavan LeMasters nailed it, kicking the ball dead center through the goal posts. With less than a minute in the game the young man put Wellsville ahead for the first time all night.

Toronto got the ball back on the following kick-off but Junior Joe Dowling intercepted a Toronto pass to drive the stake into the Red Knight heart. After burning up their last two time outs the guys from down the river were left with no choice but to watch the clock wind down with Wellsville taking the knee to end the game. The final score was Wellsville 13 - Toronto 12.

We had a feeling it was going to be a heckuva game and said as much yesterday. This team proved us right. We think Coach Skinner said it best when he was quoted in the morning papers saying "WOW!" He told the reporters they haven't even practiced punt blocking yet. We saw some great team play on both sides of the line. Toronto has nothing to hang their heads about. Somewhere I read that Joe Hall said he's wearing Mat's number 58 this year, referring to the late Mathugh Johnston. Mat would have been a senior this year and football was his passion in life. Wonder if Mat gave Joe an assist in "skying" to block that punt, hmmmm?

Congratulations Tigers! You made all of Wellsville proud and we're sure Mat is smiling down on this year's Orange & Black. Next up is the Bulldogs of East Palestine at home Friday, September 3 at 7:30. Nobody said it was going to get easy but we know you can do it.

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The "Point" Men

Thursday - August 26: Four members of the 2010 WHS Football squad put the points on the score board for Wellsville last night vs the Red Knights. Winning the season opener was a total team effort but these fellows got the scoring honors.

From the top there is Senior Chad Elliott scoping up a pass from Junior Jake Reed and and scooting down the left side line to pay dirt, to put the Tiger's first points on the board. Reed is second from the top. The third guy is Senior Joe Hall that blocked a Toronto punt, scoped it off the ground to run it in on a heads up defensive score. Last is Freshman Cavan LeMasters that put the winning point on the board kicking the P-A-T in his debut Varsity game.

Congratulations gentlemen & a tip of the hat to all the others that gave them the time to get it done.

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Mayor's Home Just In Time

After vacationing in the Florida state the Mayor got home just in time to take part in broadcasting Wellsville's season opener last evening in Toronto. According to one of his family members he almost came to the game straight from the airport.

Mayor Joe Surace is one of the wkmxlive team that broadcasts Wellsville sports on the internet that can be picked up world wide with internet access. The others are Bud Ceneviva & Roger Miller on the microphones, Dave Miller doing the filming and Sparky Miller back home doing all the technical stuff. The internet broadcasts were originated by station owner Terry Brown.

With generous donators, this all volunteer team brings a taste of home to Wellsville people the world over, especially to members of the US Armed Forces serving our country.

Thanks guys...

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wellsville Touchdown Club Feeds The Tigers

Wednesday - August 25: Keeping the tradition alive, the Wellsville Touchdown Club treated the WHS Tiger Varsity Football Team to supper on the last day of practice before the start of the season. It's sort of a thank you to the team & coaches for all the hard work during the preseason two-a-days in the heat and to wish them good luck for the about to begin season. Shown here are some of the team members loading up with the DaLonzo made rigatoni, meatballs, bread sticks & salad. The Club sponsors feeding the teams after each home game.

Coach Skinner & his staff take the Tigers on a road trip to meet the Toronto Red Knights tonight at 7 o'clock to open the 2010 season. It should be a heck of a good game. With this long time river valley rivalry you can throw all the predictions out the window. Also shown above are the Senior Class players on this year's team. From the left is Tim LaClair, Chad Elliott, Sean Hudson, Bobby Sullivan, Joe Hall and Tyler Reed.

In other Touchdown Club news it was announced that this year's programs are at the printers and will be ready for the home opener September 3. All the graphics in this year's program was done by TD Club member Kandy Elliott. The programs will be sold from 5:30 until 6:55 at each home game.

Another fund raiser is the selling of a game ball for each home game. If the winner is a Wellsville fan the balls will be autographed by all the team members. If the winner is a visitor's team fan the ball will be inscribed with the final score and the date of the game. All proceeds from any of the fund raising efforts go to benefit the team.

The crew from wkmxlive will be on hand to bring you all the play-by-play action if you can't make it to Toronto this evening. Just go to www.wellsvillealumni.org, click on Sports Menu and follow the directions to catch all the action. Roger Miller tells us he and Sparky have done a couple of dry runs and they are ready to go. We'll be at the game with the camera. Don't want to miss this one.

Good Luck Tigers! See you in toronto...

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Daw Middle School Wins Season Opener

Wednesday - August 25: The Daw Middle School Football team opened their 2010 season with a hard fought win against the visiting Jackson Milton Blue Jays. The Blue Jays were the first to cross the goal line in yesterday's game. With 2:15 left in the 1st quarter they took the ball to pay dirt. The extra point attempt failed.

In the 2nd quarter the Tigers knotted it all up at the 6:16 mark with Vinny Giordano (#41) carrying the pig skin into the end zone. Passing for two on the extra point conversion the ball feel short of the receiver. That was all the scoring until very late in the 4th quarter.

It looked like it was going into over-time. With less than a minute left on the clock the Jackson Milton QB dropped back into the end zone for a pass. With just 3.2 seconds left in the game he got nailed by Justin Cameron (#3) to score the safety giving the Orange & Black the go ahead. Final score: Wellsville 8 - Jackson Milton 6.

Nice game Wellsville. We liked the heads up play and the holes the line opened for the runners. The Daw Middle School team returns to action next Thursday, September 2 at 5 P.M. hosting the Crestview Rebels.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Historic Photo Quiz

This is a picture of the Maude Fogo home in Wellsville taken during the 1936 flood. We don't know if the water is rising or receding by then but it was taken on March 19 of that year. That house & that intersection have greatly changed in the last 74 years.

Can you tell us where it is? You can right click to enlarge. Bonnie & Brassy is not allowed to answer. It was one of the pictures on file at the River Museum.

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Wellsville Honor Roll Selling Chances On Florida Vacation

The Wellsville Honor Roll Committee are presently raising funds to construct an all new memorial to honor all Wellsville area residents that have ever served in the US Armed Forces. When completed the new Honor Roll will list all area residents from WWI up through present day conflicts in Mid-East.

Thanks to the generosity of Barb & Tom Fullerton your donation might get you a week's stay in a Florida condo. For just $5 per chance or $25 for six chances the Honor Roll Committee is raffling a week's stay for a condo on Cocoa Beach in Florida.

According to their web site The Resort on Cocoa Beach overlooks the Atlantic Coast beach with all kinds of outdoor activities available for the lucky winner. It's only 15 minutes from the Kennedy Space Center and just 50 miles from Disney World & Universal in Orlando. Check out their web site at www.theresortoncocoabeach.com.

Tickets are available from any member of the Committee, at the VFW Post and at the American Legion. Tickets were donated by the Martin-MacLean Altmeyer Funeral Homes. All proceeds from the fund raising and the raffle go for material and construction of the Honor Roll. You can contact George Crews or Debbie Koffel for more information on the Honor Roll and how you can help. They have already started collecting names to be inscribed on the panels. All contributions will be greatly appreciated.

Here's your chance to win a fabulous week in sunny Florida and help honor all those that served. Buy your tickets soon.

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Wellsville Meets The Tigers

Tuesday - August 24: There were a lot of proud mothers, fathers, grand parents, aunts, uncles and countless other fans on hand to meet and cheer on the 2010 Wellsville Tigers at Nicholson Stadium yesterday evening. Other than a few clouds it was a beautiful night to meet them all. They were all there from Bantam mascots, cheerleaders, football teams & volleyball teams at all levels and the WHS Golf Team.

Miss Emily Barlow made her official debut before the home crowd directing the WHS Band in the singing of the Wellsville Alma Mater & the Star Spangled Banner. High School Principal Linda Rolley served as Master-of-Ceremonies introducing each band member, cheerleaders and all the players & coaches. Rolley remarked that 30% of the Wellsville School District students are participating in extra-curricular activities to start the new school year.

Football action starts tonight when the Daw Middle School takes on Jackson-Milton at 5 P.M. at home. The Varsity Football team travels to Toronto Thursday night for a 7 P.M. game. The Jr. Tigers take on East Liverpool Saturday at 2 P.M. at home. The high school volleyball team travels out to Southern Local Tuesday for a 5:30 match after the first day of school to kick off their season. We're working on getting the schedules for the Middle School volleyball teams. The golf team have already started their matches and travel up to McDonald this afternoon.

Needless to say there is a lot of action in store. Join us in supporting the Tigers.

Good Luck to all..

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Wellsville Blood Drive

Hosted by the good folks at Wellsville's First Christian, the American Red Cross will be holding a blood drive next Tuesday.

Your help is needed. Please consider donating.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2010 WHS Band

That "eventually" that we mentioned below came with the e-mail this morning. Here is the Marching Pride of Wellsville - the 2010 WHS Band & Flag Corp.

Sitting in front is Mishell Thompson. Second row is Francesca Colella, Tyler Daniels, Olivia Palmer, Miles McGinnis, Amber Boley, & Brittany Baker. Third row is Cherokee Hall, Keila Lombardozzi, Cavan LeMasters, Brent Drysdale, Brooke Rudde & Tabbi Clemmer. Fourth row is Taylor Hardman, Tyriq Kalam, Ryan Dalrymple, Alex Schmidbauer, Seth Dinch, Donte Colella, Alley Empfield & Michaela Thompson. Fifth row is Cody Floyd, Asst., Emily Barlow, Director & Diana Swickard, Line Advisor.

Thanks to the Wellsville Touchdown Club for helping us.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Meet The Tigers Preview

Tuesday evening, August 24 at 7 P.M., is Meet The Tigers night. We thought it would be fun to show you the pictures of the teams we got during Media Day. With the kindness of the professional photographers, shown above, we were able to tag along, sit back until they got everyone lined up and get our own pictures. They were shooting pictures for the program and the individual photo packages. The fellow to the right is the Youngstown Vindicator photographer. His picture was in Sunday's edition yesterday.

We have six posts below showing each team individually and the cheerleaders for the high school and Daw Middle School. Due to a snafu in our times we did not get a picture of the band. We're suppose to get a copy eventually. Also, we didn't get any pictures of the Junior Tigers but we did get a copy of their schedule.

Thanks to the ladies from Canton that allowed us to get these pictures to share with you. Good luck to all the students participating in the band, cheering and everyone playing Fall sports for the Orange & Black. You're the best.

See you at the stadium...

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2010 WHS Football Team

Players & their jersey numbers are Chad Elliott - 16, Joe Hall - 58, Sean Hudson - 15, Tim LaClair - 23, Tyler Reed - 23, Bob Sullivan - 55, Nick DaLonzo - 76, Joe Dowling - 13, Brad Merriman - 68, Jeff McMahon - 72, Marcus Mick - 22, Jake Reed - 14, Vance Thomas - 75, Tim White - 60, Rick Brightwell - 54, Matt Broughton - 12, Alex Rockenhauser - 67, Tyler Watkins - 41, Joe Abdalla - 52, George Anderson - 31, Cody Barnes - 18, Ryan Bost - 42, Seth Bradford - 44, Marvin Brinkley - 56, Brendon Carr - 25, Eric Hardman - 81, Tyler Kelly - 21, Cavan LeMasters - 10, Jordon Loveland - 82, Jarin McIntosh -78, Marcus Moxley - 24 & Jordon Sloan - 17.

Good Luck Tigers...

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2010 WHS Cheerleaders

Sitting is Kailyn Stokes, Monica Travers, Katie Hardman & Kathryn Medeiros. Second row is Taylor Hardman, Katie Channels, & Dominique Jackson. Third row is Toni Potts, Jenna Lucus, Coach Carissa Wilcox, Olivia Palmer & Sami Giordano.

Full of pep & spirit...they're the best.

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2010 WHS Volleyball Team

Players and jersey numbers are Noelle Amato - 1, Rilee Livolsi - 2, Shartece Taylor - 3, Domenica Cartwright - 4, Shawtae Dillard - 5, Brittany Clendenning - 6, Francesca Colella - 7, Amanda Russell - 8, Sarah Skinner - 10, Sara Herron - 11, McKenna Pierson - 13, Kallee Powell - 15, Malaya Fultz - 17, Liz Bickel - 19 & Cristen Potter - 21.

Good Luck Ladies...

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2010 WHS Golf Team

Kneeling is Travis Childers, Antonio "Man-Man" Fultz & Jalen Williams. Standing is Jillian Berget, Michael Miller, Jordon Stokes, Travis Collins, Neka Hull & Coach Childers.

May your drives be straight and your scores be low...

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Daw Middle School Cheerleaders

Sorry...we didn't get the names of these young ladies. Thought we had them but found out too late that we didn't.

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2010 Daw Middle School Fooball Team

Team members and their jersey numbers are Zach Mellot-2, Justin Cameron - 3, Alex Potts - 4, Alex Smith - 5, Alik Bradford - 6, Dominic Montgomery - 8, Chase Hilliard - 9, Demetrius Pullie - 11, Tyshawn Franklin - 14, Devon Smith - 21, Vince Giordano - 41, Autin Baker - 50, Eric Sullivan - 52, Blake Johnston - 54, Autin Phillips - 56, Kurt Rosenbaum - 62, Seth Bloor - 71, John Bell - 74, Braden Valentine - 76, Jacob Badger - 77 and Maurice Northern - 78.

Good Luck Tigers...

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"A Little Help From My Friends"

As the lyric from the old Beatle's song goes "we get by with a little help from my friends". This past Saturday evening we witnessed a lot of friends and family pitching together to offer a little help to a friend that made that song come to mind. As we wrote before, our friend Steve Creaturo hit one of those bumps in the road that life sometimes throws at you. Steve is now well on the road to recovery but has a stack of medical bills that was the toll fee to get on that road.

Steve is a Wellsville High School alumni and resident. Over the years he has been active in the WHS Alumni Activities Committee and very involved in the Alumni Lip Sync All-Stars. He has always offered his time and donated generously to help others. That's just the kind of guy he is.

After that bump in the road came along his friends and cohorts in both of those alumni groups decided they wanted to do something to help. They decided to have a benefit dinner in his behalf and went to work. Steve told them no. We heard that Steve was told to shut his mouth!

Saturday evening that benefit dinner was held at the Alumni Center in Wellsville. They began serving at 4 o'clock and they didn't stop until sometime after 7 P.M. It was scheduled from 4 to 7. We got there around 5:30 and it was wall to wall people feasting on home baked chicken and all the trimmings. As soon as one group finished up there was another waiting to take their place. There was an unending table of desserts with donated home made goodies that could satisfy any kind of sweet tooth. There was a 50/50 that the winner's share totaled more than a week's wages for many of us. There were too many donated Chinese Auction items to count with some very nice things. From our vantage point it was a very successful event. It couldn't have been for a nicer guy even if he was embarrassed by all the attention.

It was one of those things that make Wellsville truly some place special. We were honored to be part of it.

Good Luck Steve & Cathy...

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On The Calendar

Summer is coming to a screeching halt. It's the last full week of summer vacation for Wellsville school students. Teachers have an in-service a week from today. Those lazy, crazy days of summer a dwindling.

Monday - August 23:

  • WHS Golf vs Lowellville - at Cedar Hills Golf Club

Tuesday - August 24:

  • Kindergarten Screening - 8 A.M. to 3 P.M. at Garfield Elementary

  • Daw Middle School Orientation - 4th Grade students at 10 A.M. New Wellsville students for grades 4 through 8th - 11 A.M. - Center St.

  • Meet the Tigers - 7 P.M. at Nicholson Stadium

Wednesday - August 25:

  • Daw Middle School Football vs. Jackson Milton - 5 P.M. at Nicholson Stadium

  • WHS Golf at McDonald

Thursday - August 26:

  • No Chamber-of-Commerce Luncheon - Resume in September

  • WHS Golf vs Western Reserve at Cedar Hills Golf Club

  • WHS Football at Toronto - 7 P..M.

  • **Wellsville Memorial Council - 7 P.M. at VFW Post - Main St.**

Friday - August 27:

  • Nothing on our calendar

Saturday - August 28:

  • Wellsville Library Card Making Class - 12 to 2:30 P.M. - Main St.

  • Junior Tiger Football vs East Liverpool - 2 P.M. at Nicholson Stadium

Sunday - August 29:

  • Worship at a church of your choice

  • Wellsville River Museum - Final Tour Day - 1 P.M. to 4:30 - 1003 Riverside

  • CC Families of Homicide Victims - Annual balloon launch & vigil - 1 P.M. at the Gazebo in the Square - Lisbon

Orientation at Daw Middle School at 10 o'clock is for Wellsville students entering the 4th Grade. New students to Wellsville in all Middle School Grades are scheduled for 11 o'clock. We had that wrong when we posted the BOE report.

Tuesday evening at the football stadium is Meet "All" the Tigers night. The Golf Team, Volleyball Team, the WHS Band, Cheerleaders and the Junior Tigers, the Middle School Tigers & the WHS Tigers will be there. Please join us in supporting & cheering all these students to success for the 2010 season.

The Chamber-of-Commerce took a couple of months off for the monthly luncheons. They will be back the last Thursday in September at the Dairy Queen.

This Sunday will be the last of this season's open house touring at the River Museum. The Wellsville Historical Society wishes to thank all that visited and to especially thank everyone for their generous donations. Special tours for groups of 10 or more can be arranged all through the year. Please call 330-532-1018 or 330-532-3941 for details. Copies of the combined reprinting of R.W. "Doc" Shilling's historic books titled "Tales & Stories of Yellow Creek" are still available.

The CCFHV Balloon Launch/Vigil Sunday is for all the unsolved murders & missing persons in Clumbiana County that is held annually at the big gazebo on the Square in Lisbon. It's in remembrance of all the victims in CC. The CCFHV group will be there rain or shine. Balloons will be provided.

Have a good week...

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Congressman Wilson Visits Wellsville Office

Friday - August 20: US Representative, Congressman Charlie Wilson spent time in his Wellsville office this past Friday morning. While Congress is in their Summer Recession, the Congressman is busy touring his district addressing constituents concerns, inspecting projects supported by our tax dollars and making appearances at other events. Reviewing his Friday schedule made us weary just hearing it!

The Congressman started his day bright and early in his Bridgeport office. Then it was off to his office in Wellsville to meet with anyone that wanted to talk to him personally. It was announced in both of our local papers that he would be available

Wilson's next stop was to speak at a realtor's group in Mahoning County explaining the the details of the extension of the $8,000 tax credit for first time home buyers. After the realtors it was off to speak to AT&T representatives about the net neutrality issue where some legislatures are in favor of regulating the internet. Congressman Wilson stated he is in favor of leaving it alone. From what we have read those in favor of imposing regulations on the internet have not indicated how they would even begin to finance it.

Congressman Wilson told us that Ohio leads the nation in upgrading the weatherization of homes for low income owners. It's a definite energy saving program for those who can't afford to do it on their own. That was another stop on his itinerary for the day. He was visiting a home in Canfield that benefited from this program.

After that, it was back to Salem to tour Valley Energy Solutions. That's a plant that manufactures solar energy panels and other green energy equipment. Following the Salem tour it was off to North Jackson to tour Tri-County Tower Services that manufactures wind turbine equipment. When asked the Congressman agreed with us that this region is not suitable to get enough electrical energy just from solar and wind turbines. It has been scientifically proven that with weather patterns for this region there is simply not enough sunshine or wind to replace the electricity furnished by coal fueled power plants. The Congressman supports green energy and stated there is a need to help the growth of independence on foreign sources. There is a market for the products manufactured at the two plants Wilson was visiting Friday and those plants provide much needed jobs for the district.

Back in April when Wilson spoke at a Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce luncheon he reminded us that he also supports the use of clean energy programs using coal such as what is proposed by Baard Energy. He told us that he has spoken with the Secretary of the US Dept. of Energy and has even briefed the President on the Baard plans. Friday he assured us that support has not wavered in the months since that luncheon.

After finishing his tour in North Jackson the Congressman was scheduled to attend a reception for Mahoning County Sheriff Wellington. The Congressman's last item on the agenda was to stop in at the Briar Hill Italian Festival in Youngstown. Briar Hill is noted for being the birth place of the Youngstown steel industry. After a day's schedule like that the Congressman deserves at least a good Italian sausage sandwich before heading home.

We would like to thank the Congressman for making time for us before he got down to business. We always feel special with his firm handshake and ready smile every time we meet. Pictured here is the Congressman discussing the concerns of just one of his constituents he talked to Friday morning in Wellsville.

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Wellsville's Carnegie Library Fall Children's Story Hour

The good folks at Wellsville's Carnegie Public Library are getting ready for the annual Fall Story Hour for children. Registration is required. You can call 330-532-1526 to register.

It's an entertaining, learning, educational experience for area youngsters provided free by your hometown library. The children enjoy hearing the stories read to them, mean while learning that reading exercises their thought process instead of being "programed" on how to think.

The Story Hours start Tuesday, September 7. You won't want to pass up this opportunity for your children.

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Wellsville's Revitalizaton Committee

Thursday - August 19: The Revitalization Committee (RC) met this past Thursday evening at the Bauer residence. President Candy Bangor presided.

As announced in our post dated August 13, the Committee agreed to continue the annual Village Yard Sale formerly run by Wellsville's Fix-Up/Clean-Up Committee. That Committee dissolved earlier this year. Former Fix-Up/Clean-Up Chairman Nunzio Lombardozzi has been advising the RC on the ins and outs of taking on this increasingly popular fund raiser. Lombardozzi said the Village wide Yard Sale has been growing since first done and attracts many outside visitors to town. That has proved beneficial to not only the sponsoring committee but to Village merchants, residents and organizations signing up to sell their goods.

The Yard Sale is scheduled for Saturday, September 11 from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. Permits to participate are a very affordable $3 each. Permits can be purchased at the Mayor's Office, Air Waves of Ohio on Main Street or from any Committee member. With Councils permission space will be available in the parking lot next to the Fire Department for sellers to set up tables and merchandise. Committee members will be on hand at that location beginning at 8 A.M. to issue last minute sale permits. Space will be available on first come - first served basis. Sellers must furnish their own tables.

Area residents, businesses and merchants are all encouraged to participate. Friends of the Old Fire Station have already announced they will be taking part in the sale and setting up at the old Fire Station in the 800 block of Main St. They have been regular participants since they organized a few years ago. It's an excellent opportunity to get rid of serviceable unused items stored away in your homes that you have been thinking you should get rid of. Remember one person's junk is another person's treasure. It's a good time for merchants to put their best foot forward with side walk sales or for community organizations to raise funds.

Plans were also discussed for the "Rolling On The River Auction" being held on Saturday, November 6, at Sell's Auction. Any proceeds from the yard sale and the auction is to benefit the Main Street USA program the RC has agreed to take on to revitalize Wellsville's business district. Additional information on either activity can be obtained by calling Air Waves of Ohio at 330-532-2325 or 330-532-9488. Pictured above is a scene from last year's Village Yard Sale.

It was announced that the Toronto RC will be hosting SBA's Joe Valinsky Wednesday, September 1 at the Toronto Middle School. Mr. Valinsky will be speaking on "How to Enhance Your Community". Recently returned Wellsville native Joe Bucher was welcomed as the newest member of Wellsivlle's RC.

Thanks for having us Connie & Ed...

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Wellsville Crime Watch Committee

Thursday - August 19: The Wellsville area Crime Watch Committee held their August meeting this past Thursday at Village Hall. President Janet Taggart presided. Guest speaker for the meeting was CC Family Of Homicide Victims (CCFHV) founder Belinda Puchajda.

Puchajda is President of this non-profit all volunteer organization who's main focus is to keep the names of unsolved homicide victims out there. CCFHV was stared in 2006 by Puchajda with the determination of not letting her cousin Mike Williams to be forgotten. Williams was found beaten to death in August of 2005. In 2008 Puchajda was joined by Kim Mitchell. Mitchell began helping attending fairs, festivals and all kinds of community events handing out fliers and other information. Puchajda said that after awhile the news of an unsolved homicide victim fade from memories and the pages of newspapers. After a period of time with no new developments the individual cases are no longer news. Many assume that the cases have been solved. Law enforcement agencies at all levels are swamped with different cases especially with cut backs in man power and budgets in today's economy. The unsolved cases remain active but with many of them there is simply not the resources to pursue all of them trying to find new information.

Keeping the names of victims fresh in people's minds is the focus of CCFHV but their mission goes deeper. The group works closely with law enforcement agencies passing on any tips or leads they may be made aware of through their contacts. Puchajda indicated she is on first name basis with officers. The Youngstown office of the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations has asked them to branch out into Mahoning and Trumbull Counties. However, the CCFHV exists on money out of their own pockets and what donations they get. They operate out of the Puchajda family home and still make themselves available 24/7 for anyone wishing to share some thoughs or just needing some support to get through the day.

When they first started there were 26 unsolved cases in Columbiana County dating back to 1969. Today they now represent over 30 families of unsolved murders and missing persons. The victims range in ages from adults to young children to babies. The most recent in Columbiana County is a seven month old baby in Salem that died of blunt force trauma. CCFHV has not added this one to their list yet.

The CCFHV work as a liaison between police and the public getting to the proper departments valuable information needed to help generate new leads and help to get these unsolved cases solved. They're there to offer support to victim's families. You can visit their web site for more information at www.victimsofhomicide.blogspot.com or by calling Puchajda at 330-424-5603. Memberships are open to the public and any donations will be gratefully accepted and deeply appreciated. Thirty unsolved murders means their are 30 killers still out there. The victims did not desrve to die and they all had families and loved ones that want to know what happened. CCFHV is there to keep those victim's memories alive.

The next Crime Watch meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 16. Former Wellsville Fireman Marty Thorn will present a program on arson. The meeting starts at 6 P.M. at Village Hall and the public is invited. In October you will be able to meet "Riot", Wellsville's newest canine officer.

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BWD Board of Trustees

Thursday - August 19: Buckeye Water District Board of Trustees held their August meeting this past Thursday morning at Wellsville Village Hall. Present at the meeting was Board President Mike Ryan, Board Members Bob Wines, Dave Lloyd, Rick Williams, Jack Call, Gene McGaffick, Tim O'Hara and Chuck Bibbee. Also attending the meeting was District Manager Al DeAngelis & Fiscal Administrator Sara Crouch.

The Board passed three new resolutions. The first is adopting changes in the Rules & Regulations that was approved by the Board this past June. It modifies the policy on non-sufficient fund check returns and tweaked the fee schedule adding items that were not covered in the old schedule. The second resolution passed authorizes modifications in the operating & construction budget to cover costs through the end of the year. The third one was to formally adopt a records retention schedule as required by Ohio Revised Code.

The Board accepted the Treasurer's Report for the month of July. At a Finance Committee meeting on August 17 it was reported that during July 2010 the district recorded the highest amount of water furnished to BWD customers since its beginning. For July the district supplied a little over 32.1 million gallons of water. Wellsville customers used 8.4 million of that. July receipts were $294,924 and expenses were $142,199. Crouch advised the Committee that some big loan payments are coming due in the next couple of months. The loan payment to USDA is $750,000 alone.

A Personnel Committee meeting was held in Executive Session on August 17 to discuss "employee compensation". No comment was made at the Trustee's meeting in regards to that.

For the Engineering Committee Chuck Bibbee reported that "things are looking positive in regards to Salineville" noting that the village has been on-line with the new water supply for a couple of days as of Thursday. At an Engineering Committee meeting held with members of Tucson Inc. on August 11 it was reported that Part B of the new water line will be completed under budget. Tucson held the bid to install Part B of that project. The winning bid for Part B was $827,166 and Tucson officials reported the job will total $45,000/$50,000 under that amount. Except for a few minor items to be taken care of Part B should be ready for the final walk through inspection by the end of the month.

In the District Manager's Report, DeAngelis confirmed that Salineville is now being supplied with raw water from the Ohio River that is being treated at the new BWD Water Treatment Plant. No problems have been found with the line or the pressure relief valves. Currently BWD personnel is installing the telemetry on the new system and should be completed in one to two weeks. Telemetry on the water system allows the district to monitor the whole system. DeAngelis further noted the old Salineville Water Treatment is no longer being used, saying once the district feels good about the operation of the new lines it will be cut off. That is being temporarily held off just in case it is needed for a back-up. EPA directives state the old treatment plant must be cut off completely from the Salineville system following the start up of the new water supply.

The whole project includes about 10 miles of new water line that starts from near the old Red Brick Church on State Rt. 45 and goes to the Salineville water tank that is located west of the village in Carroll County. In addition to supplying Salineville tap-ins are available to any resident or business in between.

The meeting adjourned at 9:16 A.M. Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 16 at 9 A.M. at Wellsville Village Hall.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Friends of The Old Fire Station

Wednesday - August 18: The Friends of The Old Fire Station met Wednesday evening. President Don Rawlings presided. Those attending the meeting was Greg Stanley, Steve & Kris Vallera, Bonny & Brassy Beresford, Dan MacLean, Tim Raffa, Barry Podwell and Bob Lloyd.

The Friends agreed to participate in the Village Yard Sale scheduled for Saturday, September 11 from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. Tables will be set up for items to be displayed for sale at the Main Street station. Donations of goods can be made by calling Rawlings at 330-532-3800 to make arrangements to drop off items at the station. The station is normally only opened for meetings and special occasions. If needed arrangements can be made for picking up any donated items. All donations will be greatly appreciated. Sorry, no clothes or tires will be accepted. A work detail has been scheduled for Wednesday evening, September 8 to set up for the sale.

Repairs of the building was discussed to prepare the historic building for the coming winter months. Focus will be concentrated on the hose drying tower. Also there was discussion of possible ideas for other fund raisers. All proceeds from any fund raisers are for maintenance and upkeep of the building.

Membership in Friends of The Old Fire Station is open to anyone interested being a part of one of Wellsville's historic landmarks. It is open to both men and women. It is not restricted to fire fighters and all are welcome.

The Friends meet the third Wednesday of every month at the station. Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 22 at 7 P.M.

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WHS Freshmen Get Welcomed

Thursday - August 19: It's beginning to look a lot like...a new school year? With school set to start in less two weeks the Wellsville School District is going about getting students ready. Yesterday at the High School Principal Linda Rolley & Guidance Counselor Bob Rudder played host to a room full of first year high school students. As of yesterday's date there were 87 freshmen on the roster to start at WHS.

Accompanied by many parents & guardians most of the class availed themselves to learn about their new home for the next four years. The students were issued Student Handbooks with all the rules and regulations plus other information. Included in the packets handed out was their class schedules, home room and locker assignments. Maps of the building was also given out and following the orientation in the High School's Auditeria students were given a tour of the building.

In addition to the freshmen orientation kindergarten screening is scheduled for Garfield Elementary next Monday & Tuesday. Students entering the 4th grade at Daw Middle School are also scheduled for an orientation at the Center Street school next Tuesday. Parents & guardians were sent letters and given phone calls to let them know the particulars.

Best of luck to all the students in the 2010-2011 School Year...

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Your Tax Dollars At Work

Pictured above are confiscated moonshine stills and other items from a "revenuer" raid back in the Elliott Ness days. This picture was taken with the stills lined up on 5th Street next to the old City Hall. It was found at the River Museum.

There's no date on the photo but check out the car parked on Main in front of the Methodist Church. Is that a Model-T?

The River Museum will be open this Sunday and next from 1 P.M. to 4:30. Stop by and see one of the best collections of Wellsville historical memorabilia found anywhere.

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Shop With A Cop Scam

Friday - August 20: WPD Acting Chief, Lt. Ed Wilson advised area residents are receiving telephone calls soliciting donations for shop-with-a-cop through the red, white & blue program. Calls are originating in the Canton, Ohio area with a 330 area code number showing on the caller I.D.

The caller explains that different amounts of money earn different donation status levels and all donations would help Wellsville children. They add a picture of the child helped would be sent to the donor.

Lt. Wilson advises this is a scam and that the Wellsville Police are not part of this program seeking donations with telephone solicitations. Do not donate to this. Anyone contacted are asked to make a report with the Wellsville police.

Wilson advised that the Wellsville police do seek donations at times, most notably at Christmas time. When they do it is through letters on WPD letter head or personal appearances.

We got our call yesterday afternoon...

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wellsville Board of Education

Monday - August 16: The Wellsville Board of Education held their regular monthly meeting this past Monday evening in the Superintendent's office on Center St. Present at the meeting was BOE President Ed Bauer, VP Tom Brophey and Board Members Karen Dash & Mike Cook. Also attending the meeting was WSD Treasurer Coleen Wickham, Superintendent Rich Bereschik, Asst. Superintendent Lisa Ferguson, WTA President Darlene Allison, OAPSE President Ed Swogger and Transportation Supervisor Joe Olesky.

For the Financial Report, Mrs. Wickham reported that July receipts were $519,883, expenditures were $513,447 leaving a General Fund Balance of $2.1 million. Interest earned for the month was $4,435. Two CDARs came due and were rewritten now earning 1.488% interest. There are two other CDs with one currently earning 1.48% and the other 3.44%. The Nova Heaken Scholarship Fund was invested for the longest available time and is earning 3.19%.

Tom Brophey reported for Legislative Update that "our group of Ohio leaders are on summer break". With the General Election coming in November and the Holiday Season on the heels of that not much is expected to be accomplished in the Ohio legislature until after the first of the year. Brophey also reported there is an unfunded mandate called "Speak Out Against Added Cost with Board Resolutions" which the OSBA is asking each Board of Education to develop this resolution and pass it back to them.

CC Career & Technical Center liaison Mike Cook reported that the CCCTC Board is currently conducting interviews for a new superintendent. Ms. Edna Anderson, the present superintendent, plans to retire according to Mr. Cook.

Darlene Allison had nothing to report on behalf of the Wellsville Teacher's Assoc. No comment was made in regards to the contract negotiations either doing or after the meeting.

For the OAPSE, Ed Swogger reported that to the best of his knowledge all buildings are ready to go for the start of the new school year. Segueing into Buildings & Grounds, Swogger reported the fence at the High School is completed. He added that the 15 employees in the summer work program were pretty good. Those working with him at the Daw Middle School were excellent and he is very proud of what they got accomplished. There are a couple of projects in the works that will be reported on later.

In the Good New Report, Mr. B added to Swogger's comments that the district is way ahead with what was done this summer. Bereschik also reported that the Promethean Boards for grades 4, 5 & 6 have been installed and teachers have been training on them. Promethean Boards are the "whiteboards" that engage students with audio & visual images projected by a computer to enhance their learning experience. They are promoted as bringing the class room to life. Last year the boards were installed for grades K through 3. It is the goal to add two or three grades a year with the new system.

Bereschik also reported that the final two seniors have passed their Ohio Graduation Tests and Wellsville can now say that the Class of 2010 had a graduation rate of 100%. The Daw Middle School Summer School Program is underway with attendance classified as "normal". New Principal, Dr.Foley is directing the program. Wrapping up the Good News, Mr. B thanked Bill McComas for donating the huge flag for Beacon Memorial and Brian Grimm for getting it up on the pole. Also, Mr. B sent thanks to Don Brown and members of Wellsville's Memorial Council for the new flags donated to the school. Each year Mr. Brown asks how many flags are need to replace the old ones.

Transportation Supervisor Joe Olesky reported that four buses are ready to roll. They were inspected by the Ohio State Patrol on June 4 with no problems found. The fifth bus is in the shop for a couple of minor problems. It was noted that the fifth bus is the oldest in the fleet but Olesky said it still provides safe & dependable transportation. New buses cost on average $84,000 per bus. Olesky advised that all buses have been hand washed inside and waxed on the outside.

The Board voted in favor to approve the NEOLA Policy that tightens up the attendance policy reducing the number of allowable absence days. With the adoption of the new policy if students go over the allowable days in one grade period it is an automatic F for that courses being taken at that time. The attendance policy is fully explained in the Student Handbook.

The Board also approved a contract to hire Cindy Earich as a high school science teacher, Arden Montgomery as Test Coordinator and Beth Rettos as Special Education Coordinator for the new school year. Joe Olesky was approved for the newly combined position of Bus Trip/Bus Transportation Coordinator.

The Board then retired into a 16 minute Executive Session to discuss the appointment or employment of personnel. There was no announcement or comment made upon returning.

After rescinding Item E of the June 14 BOE meeting agenda Nicole Whitaker and Darlene Allison were appointed Junior Class Advisors. James Malone & Barry Keller was given the nod for volunteer Daw Middle School football coaches. Dara Plate was given the nod to be the Daw Middle School Cheerleader Advisor.

With best wishes the Board accepted the resignation of Tony D'Angelo as a short-hour employee. Brophey noted that D'Angelo did a great job and the students really enjoyed having him when he stepped in on short notice. He was an asset to Garfield Elementary. Mr. D'Angelo recent accepted the position as Fiscal Officer for the Village of Salineville.

Contracts were approved with the CC Educational Service Center for them to supply a .5 School Psyshologist and a .8 Technologist for computer assistance. Sheakley was approved as a third party administrator for worker's compensation and an earlier motion to use another company was rescinded. Rates were more favorable with Sheakley.

Once again this year the Breakfast Meal will be provide free to all students made possible with grant funding. Adults have to pay $1.25. Lunches are $2 for adults, $1.50 for students and 40 cents for those qualifying for the reduced rate. United Dairy was approved as the District's milk supplier and Nickles Bakery for bread. Coleen Wickham was renamed as the Food Service Director.

Pending completion of all necessary paper work 30 teachers were approved for the substitute list, 13 for the Classified substitute list and five for the substitute bus driver list. Mike Cook abstained from voting on the Classified substitute list. A contract totaling $88,184 was approved to buy three new copiers - one for each school building. Although not required by ORC three bids were sought from different companies to get the best price possible.

In closing remarks, Mrs. Dash gave a favorable report for the Ohio Improvement Process team. That team had members from all three Wellsville School District buildings to review problems the students are having with the Ohio Achievement & the Ohio Graduation Tests. Their goal was to come up with goals and strategies for improvements. The team met from November through June usually twice a month. Their recommendations will be presented to the building level teams August 30 as part of the in-service day.

Although not related to school activity, Mike Cook remarked that he attended the Mathugh Johnston Scholarship Golf Outing. Cook said that outing is one of the major fund raisers for the scholarships and it was nice to see all the teachers that took part in the outing to help the cause. Two members of the WHS Class of 2010 received scholarships this past May from that fund.

Tom Brophey complimented the school maintenance personnel for the "fantastic job" they have done over the summer stating that the High School & Middle School look great. He hasn't seen Garfield yet but was impressed with what he has seen so far.

Brophey reported the OSBA is having Breakfast With the Candidates around the state. When they get to the NE Section he hopes to attend to see where the candidates stand on education issues. He also wished best of luck to all the teams this year. There will be Meet the Tigers Night with golf, volleyball and all the football teams from Jr. Tigers to Daw Middle School to High School teams plus the band being introduced. That is scheduled for Tuesday evening at Nicholson Stadium at 7 P.M.

Ed Bauer also thanked the maintenance personnel and Olesky for taking care of the buses stating all the efforts are greatly appreciated.

As a foot note to the meeting we were informed that there will be kindergarten screening conducted on Monday & Tuesday, August 23 & 24, at Garfield Elementary from 8 A.M. to 3 P.M. Daw Middle School Orientation will be held on Tuesday, August 24, at 10 A.M. for those entering the 4th Grade. Students new to the district will have all Middle School Grades Orientation at 11 A.M. the same day.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:31 P.M. Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 13 at 6:30 P.M. in the Superintendents Office.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WHS Football Scrimmage Cancelled

Due to the amount of injuries Wellsville's Thursday evening scrimmage against Crestview has been cancelled. According to Head Coach Dave Skinner a number of his key players are temporarily side lined with minor injuries and would not be able to play the scrimmage. Rather than risk additional injuries it was decided to take a pass on the scrimmage.

The Tigers will now turn their full attention to preparing for the season opener at Toronto that is coming up Thursday, August 26 at 7 P.M. Their home opener is Friday, September 3 at 7:30 P.M. vs. the East Palestine Bulldogs.

Here's hoping those side lined will get back soon.

Good Luck Tigers...

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Historical Society's History of Wellsville Fire Department

Sunday - August 15: Retired Volunteer Fireman & Historical Society member Bob Lloyd presented the Historical Aspects of the Wellsville Fire Department this past Sunday afternoon at the River Museum. Lloyd serves as historian for both the WVFD and the Friends of the Old Fire Station. Like many of Wellsville's dedicated volunteer fire fighters he's been involved and around the department since he was a young man. Researching, organizing and recording the history of Wellsville's fire fighting efforts is one of his passions.

Getting an organized fire department for Wellsville dates back to 1869 following two very costly fires that year. Prior to that fire fighting efforts depended on bucket brigades formed by the town residents, including women, that responded to fire calls.

The first fire in 1869 that aroused serious concern was at the J.M. Jenkins stables located between Main St. & Broadway at 3rd St. Besides the Jenkins stables it included other stables and sheds nearby. Loss in that fire was $2,000. The second was a big fire at the Urie Threshing Machine building at 9th & Front Street (Riverside). Loss in that fire was estimated at another $2,000. In today's dollars that would amount to at least hundreds of thousands in value.

In September of 1869 a Town Meeting was held and the Wellsville citizens voted to request City Council authorize the buying of a fire engine and other fire fighting equipment. Council later voted to form the Wellsville Fire Co. consisting of an Engine Co.,a Hook & Ladder Co. & a Bucket Co. The first fire department consisted of 37 men and it was decided to build an equipment storage shed on the City Jail lot at 5th St. Later years it was moved to the newly built City Hall at 5th & Main Sts. The first fire company was the Neptune Fire Co. That was changed to the Phoenix Fire Co. the next year.

The first fire engine purchased for the city was a Plantation Fire Engine pictured above. It cost $650 and could shoot a stream of water 125 feet. It was equipped with tubs that held water either supplied by a bucket brigade or an intake hose. There was room on top of the engine for up to 10 men to operate the pumping mechanism. Lloyd speculates that early fire hoses were made of leather with fitted ends to hook them together.

Apparently the fire companies fell apart. In 1874 then Mayor Fisher was quoted as saying the city had a fire engine, hoses and ladders but no organized fire department or adequate means of supplying water. At that time residents and businesses water supply came from individual wells or cisterns. In an 1879 book the author wrote that Wellsville never had their own fire department. They had an engine but it was sold when proven worthless with no water supply. It was noted by the author that the "proposed water works" at that time would have been able to supply enough water for the engine.

In June of 1882 the Silver Fire Department Hose Co. #1 was formed naming Charles Van Fossen as Chief. It was located at 5th & Main. In August of that same year a two man committee was formed to approach the School District to secure the old school house bell to be used as a fire alarm. A bill was presented to City Council in November of 1882 for the construction of a belfry atop of the Market House and Wellsville had its first fire alarm. As the years progressed the alarm system went from that bell to sirens & alarm boxes to a telephone ring-out system to continuously improved radio systems.

In 1884 a contract was made to purchase a fire alarm system but apparently never installed. Noted in 1882 insurance papers it was said that Wellsville's fire department consisted of one Chief and 36 called firemen with another 25 racing club members assisting at fire calls. Equipment consisted of two hose wagons, 53 double hydrants and a Gamewell fire alarm system with 11 boxes. Horses were hired from nearby liveries. Equipment storage sites were at 5th & Main with another at 13th & Center. The police doubled as fire fighters with patrol wagons that saw use hauling prisoners to jail plus hauling equipment to fires. Also in 1885 Council voted to pay $2 to the first person with a team of horses to show up to transport fire fighting equipment. In 1900 the City purchased "Flora". She was the first horse owned by the fire department. In 1884 the Silver Fire Co. changed its name to the City Fire Dept.

Also around 1900 the Catholic Church had outgrown its church in the 800 block of Main St. The old church was either donated or bought by the city and an extensive remodeling began to convert that building into a fire station. That project was completed around 1908 and the department was moved from 5th & Main.

In 1903 Alonzo W Phillips was hired as the first City employed Fire Chief at a princely sum of $150 salary per year. Later that same year the fire company was reorganized. The first motorized fire truck in Wellsville was a 1917 Commerce and a motorized combination patrol wagon & hose truck.

Lloyd reported that the most notable fire in the city's history, according to his research, occurred in March of 1926 on 3rd Street with damages estimated at $125,000 in 1926 dollars. The fire broke out in the early morning hours in the Petrakus Candy Company, quickly spread to the Riverside Hotel and damaged the three story buildings that housed the Lozi family, their restaurant and the Bologna building that housed their family and dry goods store. Mutual aid from the tin mill fire fighters, the East Liverpool Fire Dept. and two Seagraves salesmen were all that prevented the fire from wiping out a whole city block. Armor, a German Shepard dog, owned by hotel owner Fred Wilk, was credited with preventing any loss of life when he ran through the hotel hallways barking and waking up hotel occupants.

The two Seagraves Co. salesmen were in town with a pumper truck they were going to demonstrate to City officials the next day. They quickly got the truck on the river banks to assist the fire fighting efforts. The City officials were sufficiently impressed with the trucks performance and the following year a 1927 Seagraves pumper capable of pumping 650 gallons of water per minute was bought for the city. That same truck is now on displayed at the River Museum's Fire House.

Since that time fire equipment has been added, upgraded and replaced. The Fire Department was moved in the 1970s to its present location at 1201 Main St. Today Wellsville has a two man paid Fire Department supplemented with 25 call out fire fighters and a Volunteer Fire Department with 27 volunteers.

The first Volunteer Fireman's Homecoming was held in 1939. Lloyd said there are carnivals mentioned that go back to 1916 but it can't be determined if they were sponsored by the Fire Dept. The volunteers assist the Village plus they cover Yellow Creek Township.

This was the third and final of the Historical Society's Special programs for this year. The other two were the history of the Acmecraft China Co. and the Stevenson Mfg. foundry. The museum is open from 1 P.M. to 4:30 each Sunday through August. It is open to the public and admission is free. Special tours can be arranged by reservation. Call 330-532-3941 for additional information.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

WHS Alumni Activities Benefit Dinner Sold Out

The planned WHS Alumni Activities Benefit Dinner planned for Saturday, August 21, is sold out. According to Alumni Activities Committee officials all tickets have either been sold or committed to for the dinner. Due to the overwhelming response for advanced sale tickets we have been asked to announce that there will not be any tickets sold at the door Saturday.

Speaking on behalf of the committee, member Carmela Boyce expressed their sincere thanks for every one's cooperation and generosity. It is very much appreciated. Although the dinners are sold out anyone wishing to stop by & say howdy to fellow Activites Committee member Steve Creaturo are welcome.

It doesn't look like there will be any leftover baked chicken for Sunday's dinner!

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On The Calendar

Missed last week all together. We're still trying to figure where the time went! So much to do. So little time to do it...

Monday - August 16:

  • Wellsville Board of Education - 6:30 P.M. - Superintendent's Office - Center St.

  • Potter Players Community Theater auditions for Cemetery Club - 6 P.M. - PPCT - 15th St.

Tuesday - August 17:

  • BWD Finance & Personnel Committees - 10 A.M. at Water Treatment Plant - Rt.45

  • WHS Golf - Leetonia At Wellsville - Time & location unknown

Wednesday - August 18:

  • Medical Assistance Program - 9:30 A.M. to Noon - First Christian Church - Main St.

  • WHS Golf - Wellsville at Southern Local - Time & location unknown

  • **Friends of Old Fire Station - 7 P.M. - Main St.**

Thursday - August 19:

  • BWD Board of Trustees - 9 A.M. at Wellsville Village Hall - Main St.

  • WHS Freshmen Orientation - 1 P.M. to 2:30 at WHS Auditeria - Bengal Drive

  • WHS Golf - Wellsville at Jackson-Milton - Time & location unknown

  • Wellsville Crime Watch Committee - 6 P.M. at Village Hall - Main St.

  • Wellsville Revitalization Committee - 6 P.M. at Bauer residence

  • WHS Tiger Football Scrimmage - Cancelled

Friday - August 20:

  • U.S. Congressman Charlie Wilson - 10 A.M. to 11:30 at Wellville Office - Village Hall - Main St.

Saturday - August 21:

  • First Baptist Food Pantry Tag Day - ??? to noon

  • WHS Alumni Activities Committee Dinner Benefit for Steve Creaturo - 4 P.M. to 7 - Alumni Center - 3rd St.

Sunday - August 22:

    Worship at a church of your choice
  • Wellsville River Museum Touring - 1 P.M. to 4:30 - 1003 Riverside

We apologize that we don't know where the WHS Golf matches are played and the times. We didn't realize that until we started this. We believe the home matches are played at Cedar Hills Golf Club in Glenmore. Maybe someone can please help us here.

Thursday evening's Crime Watch Committee's program will feature Belinda Puchajda, one of the founders of the Columbiana County Families of Homicide Victims. The meeting is open to the public and all are encouraged to stop by.

According to today's newspapers Congressman Wilson will be in town Friday to address any concerns of residents in the district. It will be first come - first serve to see the Congressman.

The tag day Saturday that will be manned by members of Wellsville's First Baptist Church is to build up supplies for their monthly food pantry. Please be generous for those less fortunate than ourselves. It will be greatly appreciated.

Open house touring days of the River Museum are fast coming to an end for this year. This coming Sunday and the next is the last days for this year's season. It's one of the finest museums in the area loaded with three floors of Wellsville memorabilia, plus a Fire Station featuring one of Wellsville's first motorized fire trucks and an authentic caboose. Owned & operated by the Wellsville Historical Society admission is free to the public.

Have a good week and smile. The fresh air is good for your teeth...

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WHS Class of '58 Reunion Picnic

We're still working on getting some reunion stuff posted. Wasn't going to since it's nearly two months old but got a request yesterday from a member of the WHS Class of '58 to not give up.

We simply was not able to get around to all the individual class get togethers during the All-Class Reunion. Some were advertised and many others were not. One class even set a time to get together at one of the clubs in town and no one told the club about it.

We did get a few and the Class of '58 was one of them. Sorry there are no names. We don't know all of them. You'll have to supply the names to the ones you know.

Anna Mae - this is for you...

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

WHS Freshman Orientation

All 2010 Wellsville students starting their Freshman year are invited to get acquainted with their new school. High School Principal Linda Rolley has scheduled an orientation for Thursday afternoon, August 19, from 1 P.M. to 2:30. All freshman students are encouraged to attend.

Students are to meet in the Auditeria. You'll get a map of the high school, your class schedules and locker assignments. Mrs. Rolley said they will be going over the rules with reviewing the High School Handbook too.

Following the meeting freshmen will be given a tour of the building and practice time with the newly assigned lockers. Sometimes those locker combinatons can be tricky. If any additional information is needed you can call 330-532-1188.

When schools starts on Tuesday morning, August 31, you can be just as "cool" as all those upper classmen getting around. Good luck with this next step in your educations.

For all you parents, guardians and anyone interested in seeing the High School, there will be an open house next month. It's scheduled for Wednesday, September 15, from 5 to 7 P.M.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

2010 WHS Tigers Show Promise

Saturday - August 13: The basically young 2010 WHS Fighting Tigers got their first real contact of the season this morning versus the East Canton Hornets at Nicholson Stadium. With a few seniors and even less juniors this year's team is mostly made up with sophomores and freshmen.

Scores don't count in scrimmages. It doesn't count on the season win-loss record. They don't even use the score board. It's simply a tune up for the games that do count. It's a chance for coaches to see what their talent can do against opponents they haven't been practicing against the last two weeks.

We're not a coach and we didn't sleep at a Comfort Inn last night but what we saw this morning was impressive. Under a hot, scorching sun we watched a young team improve with each tick of the clock. The Tigers found themselves quickly behind on touchdowns early on which we will contribute to first game jitters. Size wise both teams were fairly evenly matched. Experience wise we're unsure of but as the scrimmage progressed we saw some good football being played by the Orange & Black.

There was some hard hitting with the crack of pads being heard in the stands. That's music to us old football fans. We saw some nice tackling and liked that the Tigers were playing heads up with a nose for the ball when the Hornets were on offence. One tackle we caught on camera could be used in a football manual. It was "text book" with the Wellsville defender lifting the ball carrier off the ground while driving him backward. It's in the collage above. On offense we saw some very good blocking and some nice cuts being made. We think, barring injuries, it will be a good year for Wellsville football.

For now it's to the film room and back to the practice field. This morning's scrimmage was just another practice against a team from another school. It's a learning experience for both players and coaches.

The Touch Down Club fed both teams following the scrimmage. Seeing all the Giant Eagle chicken & meatballs, the fresh fruit and all those cookies made us wish we were young enough to be part of the team.

The Tigers play their final scrimmage next Thursday evening, August 19, at 7 P.M. It will be against Crestview at Nicholson Stadium. School officials will be on hand once again selling season passes and Senior passes will be available for Wellsville area residents. Bring your driver's license for the Senior pass. The TD Club will also be on hand for you to purchase your WHS shirts and other Tiger items. The shirts were designed and produced by WHS alumnus Jeff Campbell and they are very nice.

Good Luck Tigers...

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Wellsville Getting Tough On Weed & Grass Cutting

Wellsville residents may not have noticed. Many try to avoid looking at the unsightly and unkempt properties around town. A lot of them are owned by out of town residents that can be classified as "slum lords". They buy properties and either rent them out, all the while neglecting the upkeep and maintenance, or strip them of everything of value. Then they leave them sitting...forever. Some pay the taxes on the property and some simply walk away letting the County foreclose on them. They got everything they wanted out of them.

One such property that has been classified as "the worse one in the village" by some City Hall officials is the old Sterling China property. For those of us living in or around the village we don't need to describe the steady deterioration since it closed down as a pottery. Eventually it was sold at a foreclosure sale. Many of our visitors that came home for this year's All-Class Reunion just looked at it and sadly shook their heads while touring around the old hometown. Quite frankly it is an embarrassment to the Village of Wellsville. It's prime commercial property that is steadily losing value due to the owner's neglect. Acting Mayor Rosie Goss stated Thursday that the owner told her "that's what I do, buy property, get what I want out of it and walk away".

In this case it was mostly the pottery making machinery that came with the property at the sale a few years ago. Goss stated that he indicated he didn't care what happens to the property that is left. We got the idea that he is thumbing his nose at Wellsville.

Not widely known is that Goss & Village Administrator Jim Saracco has been busy doing something about such situations. The stimulus money awarded to the County for the Neighborhood Stabilization program was used by Village officials to get rid of six dilapidated structures so far. There are three more to go. That is a step forward. Goss & Saracco have been actively pursuing others that have properties being neglected with grass, weeds & trees growing unchecked.

The process goes like this: first a phone call is made to the owners they can locate reminding them that something needs to be done. If an owner can't be located or is unwilling to cut the weeds and grass, a letter is sent officially informing them they need to do some maintenance and that there are Village ordinances that apply. After a couple of weeks if nothing is accomplished a second letter is sent advising them they could be cited to Magistrate Court for failure to comply with the ordinances. As an alternative, if manpower is available, the Village has the option to have the work done themselves. Then they can file a lien with the County on the deed. If that property is ever sold the Village will eventually get its money back.

Goss said Thursday she has been in contact with the owner of the Sterling property. He agreed to come to town for a meeting to discuss the ordinances that apply to the upkeep of the property. By late Friday morning workmen could be seen using weed whackers, a brush hog and chain saws starting to clean up the property as pictured above. Now drivers can see up Commerce Street before pulling out of 12th St. There's a fire hydrant that can now easily and quickly be found if needed. Other issues about the property was discussed but at least it's a start on that piece of land.

Goss advised there are other properties in town that have also been pursued. Most of them are residential and for the sake of dignity we won't mention names or locations. The Acting Mayor said many of those contacted have been very cooperative. The recalcitrant ones will be dealt with in time. Goss also expressed her thanks for all Village residents and businesses that make a continual effort taking care and improving the appearance of their properties.

We say nice work...

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