Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wellsville Alumni Battles To A Tie

Friday - March 26: A group of graying Wellsville Tiger Alumni traveled up the river last Friday evening to take on another senior citizen group at the Potter Fieldhouse in a fiercely fought basketball game. In a game that was a lot of fun, filled with high jinks, good natured ribbing & friendly camaraderie, it was WHS Alumni vs EL Potter Alumni. The event was staged to raise funds to support EL's 5 Year All-Class Reunion. Players had to be 50 years or older to be eligible. It was an automatic foul if you got caught running. An ambulance crew was standing by and members of East Liverpool's finest were also standing by just in case anybody had enough energy to be rambunctious.

Wellsville could have easily won the contest if certain members of the Orange & Black squad had saved some energy to hit a foul shot seconds before the final buzzer. After nearly four quarters of exhausting round ball the winning foul shot bounced harmlessly off the side of the rim. That's all right though. Mayor Jim Swogger won the award for the first "brick" of the game. That air ball was no where close!

We had to chuckle watching WHS Varsity Basketball Head Coach "Bug" Thompson remembering the no run rule. Bug loves the running fast break and you could tell it's an automatic habit with him. He grabbed a couple of rebounds during the game and shifted into high before he recalled that rule. He looked like he was almost disappointed he had to slow down to a "fast walk". It's a good rule for those two squads. Huge volumes of oxygen and possibly some CPR would have been needed if it had been a running game!!!

Seriously though it was nice to see all the players, cheerleaders and faithful fans that turned out to support our friends & neighbors in the 'pool. Most of those folks will be coming down to the Tiger Fieldhouse May 1 for the second annual Old Gray Mayor's Game. Neighbor helping neighbor... that's what it's all about.

Now if the Revitalization Committee can only convince Bevo to dress for that May 1 game...

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On The Calendar Updates

Got some last minute updates on community events we've inserted on the post below. We thought tomorrow, Thursday, was going to be a free day. Wrong...

The WHS Baseball Teams first two games were both postponed Monday & Tuesday due to weather - rain & wet. Both games were with Southern Local and we've been told a make-up game will be played tomorrow. We heard that both games will be made up Thursday with the guys & gals both playing double headers. That hasn't been confirmed yet. We'll try to get a start time to plug in later.

Saturday morning the Deacons from the First Baptist Church are resuming their Men's Prayer Breakfasts. The breakfast is open to the public and are scheduled the first Saturdays of the month. Each month they have a guest speaker. We were told that Wellsville Mayor Joe Surace with be the speaker this Saturday. Breakfast is free. As one Deacon told us last year if you can spare a dollar or two to throw in the bucket they appreciate it. If not the breakfast is on them. With Joe being there Saturday they'll have grits on the buffet line.

If there is any community event you would like to be included in the weekly calendar let us know. Either make a comment on here, drop us an e-mail or give us a call. We try to include everything we can but the ville is a busy place.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

On The Calendar

Once again we've been meaning to get to this since last week-end. Got tied up with the Sweet Sixteen - Elite Eight. Whattaya going to do...

Tuesday - March 30:

  • Carnegie Library Story Hours - Preschool age 3 to 5 - 11 A.M. to noon. Ages 5 & up - 3:30 to 4:30

  • Wellsville Council Sewage Committee - 1:30 - Village Hall

  • Wellsville Council Special Meeting - Re:Various sewer projects - 2:00 - Village Hall

  • WHS Track Meet at United - Season opener

  • WHS Baseball - at Southern Local - Cancelled - Field conditions

  • County Basketball Coaches Classic - Lisbon High School - 6 P.M.

Wednesday - March 31:

  • First Christian Church - Easter Cantata "Come Touch The Robe" - Main St. - 7 P.M.

  • WHS Winter Sports Banquet - At the high school - 7 P.M.

  • Thursday - April 1:

    • April Fools Day - Behave yourselves!

    • WHS Baseball vs Southern Local - Make-up game from Monday - at home

    • ELO - Wellsville NAACP Meeting - Wellsville Library - Main St. 6:30 P.M.

    • WHS Athletic Hall-of-Fame Committee Meeting - At WHS - 7 P.M.

    Friday - April 2:

    • Good Friday

    • WAMA Good Friday Breakfast - Covenant Presbyterian Church - 18th St. - 7:30 A.M.

    • BWD Board of Trustees Special Meeting - RE: Employee Discipline & Resolution for Part-time Position - 9 A.M. at Water Treatment Plant - Rt. 45

    • Calvary Walk - Forms up at 4th St. Gazebo at 11:30 - Goes to Central Methodist

    • Good Friday Service - Noon at Central Methodist - Main St.

    Saturday - April 3:

    • First Baptist Mens Prayer Breakfast - 10 A.M. First Baptist Church - Center St.

    • Middle School Track Meet - Matt Salisbury/Shawn Walton Memorial - at E.Liverpool - at 10 A.M.

    • Wellsville VFW's Community Easter Egg Hunt - Noon at Nicholson Stadium

    • Wellsville Eagles Auxiliary Easter Egg Hunt & Games - For newborns to age 10 - 1 P.M. to 3 - Eagles Lodge - Main St.

    • WHS Baseball Teams vs. EL Double Header - At Home - Noon

    Sunday - April 4:
  • Easter Sunday - Happy Easter everyone!

That's it for this week...

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Monday, March 29, 2010

United Way Fund Raiser

As mentioned in the Chamber luncheon report below, United Way of Southern CC is selling these numeral pins just in time for all the area 5 Year All-Class Reunions. Wellsville, Beaver Local, Chester & East Liverpool are all holding reunion events this year.

Shown above is a copy of the flyer handed out at last Thursday's luncheon. You can right click on the flyer to print out a copy of the order form. Wellsville's Diane Johnson is President of the SCCUA.

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Wellsville Chamber-of-Commerce March Luncheon

Thursday - March 25: The Chamber-of-Commerce March Luncheon was held this past Thursday at Tonda's Place in the 4th St. Square. Chamber President Randy Allmon called the meeting portion to order and Dolly Brophey offered the invocation.

Allmon announced that there will be a Special Meeting at noon at the Roadhouse on Friday, April 9. Guest speaker will be US Congressman, The Honorable Charlie Wilson. Allmon said he has asked the Congressman to speak on Economic Development and possibly Baard Energy. Tickets for the Special Meeting were by invitation only and Allmon reported they have been going fast. The printed tickets were courtesy of the Martin-MacLean-Altmeyer Funeral Home. Allmon advised any questions can be directed to him by calling 330-843-3475. There will be no tickets available at the door. The Roadhouse is located on Wells Avenue.

Allmon also reported that the Wellsville Chamber continues to grow. Pat & Amy George, owners of Floors by George on Wells Avenue and Dr. Bruce Jeffries, an optometrist with EL Eye Care Associates, were welcomed as new members. Allmon stated he hopes to have three additional new members to announce at the April luncheon.

The brochures for Wellsville's 5 Year All Class Reunion are now in the hands of Brent Haynes & DigiColor of New Cumberland, WV. Allmon stated that thanks to Diana Spencer & her partner selling ads the brochure is made possible at no cost to the Chamber. It will be available during the reunion free of charge.

It was also reported that the new Columbiana County Chamber web site has a link to Wellsville's Chamber. All Chamber members are listed at no cost to them. Allmon stated that it is "a nice little tool to have". The CC C-of-C web site can be found at

A thank you note was read from Charter Member Marge Dysert for the "beautiful & huge meat tray" sent by the Chamber. Allmon asked that Marge be kept in your thoughts and prayers.

An appeal was made for Wellsville's Crime Watch Committee. They are having a hard time attracting folks to attend the once a month meetings. Allmon stated he's guilty of missing them too. The Crime Watch meets on the third Thursday of every month at 6 P.M. at Village Hall. See our post dated March 20 on last month's meeting. It is always interesting with the guest speakers and open to the public. The Crime Watch Committee is chaired by Janet Taggart and WPD Officer Shawn Bloor is the police liaison. Their next meeting is April 15.

Allmon announced the old "532" telephone number for the Chamber is no longer. The new contact number is 330-843-3475. Since that is Allmon's personal cell phone number that virtually puts the Chamber on call 24/7.

Wellsville School Board V.P. Thomas Brophey was congratulated for being selected to receive one of the 2010 Master Board Member Achievement Awards. The award was bestowed at the Ohio School Boards Association's Northeast Region Spring Conference held March 24 in Warren, Ohio. Brophey is one of eight out of 3,500 possible recipients to receive the annual award. Brophey is now in his 17th year serving as a member of the BOE.

Diana Spencer read a letter from CC Commissioner Penny Traina asking for everyone's support for passage of the County's 1% Sales Tax in the May primary. The tax is vital for the maintenance and support of the daily operation and services provided county citizens. Traina encouraged everyone to write a letter of support for the renewal of the tax to the Commissioners. The address is 105 S. Market St., Lisbon, OH 44432. Dan Bing and Jim Hoppel are the other two Commissioners.

Spencer also announced that United Way of Southern Columbiana County will be selling "high quality pin-on numerals" for folks to show their class years at all the different class reunions this year. The pins can put on shirt collars, hats or purses, etc. It is a minimum $10 donation for each 2-digit set. Orders can be placed at Unitied Way, P.O. Box 646, E.Liverpool, OH 43920.

Dolly Brophey announced that the Chamber is once again sponsoring the annual St. Francis Animal Shelter rabies clinic. It will be held Saturday, June 5 from noon to 2 o'clock in the parking lot at the old Sky Bank on Main St. Shots are $10 each. Last year doctors & staff of the Community Animal Clinic handled the vaccinations.

The Business of the Month was Davidson Nationwide Insurance. See our post below.

Guest speaker was Scott Washam, Juvenile/Probate Court Magistrate for CC Common Pleas Court. Pictured above, Washam has been a Magistrate since December, 2007, working for Common Pleas Court Judge Thomas Baronzzi. That position is a full time job and Washam spoke on the many aspects involved with his duties. Although he did not mention it, Washam is a candidate to replace retiring Common Pleas Judge Dave Tobin. Washam will be facing Wellsville native Judge Melissa Byers-Emmerling in the November General Election.

The next regular monthly luncheon is scheduled for Thursday, April 29, at DaLonzos according to the Chamber web site. Allmon thanked the staff at Tonda's for the excellent service and scrumptious food.

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Wellsville Business of The Month

Thursday - March 25: Selected as the March Business of the Month by the Wellsville Chamber-of-Commerce is Davidson Nationwide Insurance. Located at 123 Third Street, agency owner Gary Davidson has been in Wellsville for 20 years now. A Toronto native, Davidson replaced former Nationwide Agent Gary Montgomery.

Davidson Insurance covers the whole spectrum of insurance needs from car insurance, house, business to estate planning. From personal experience we can vouch that they are friendly, dependable folks to deal with.

Pictured above from the left is Chamber President Randy Allmon, Davidson and Business of The Month Committee Member Brian Wallace.

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WHS Track Gets Underway Too

The WHS Varsity Track teams get started tomorrow, Tuesday - March 30. Both the Ladies & Guys open the season at United. Thursday - April 1, they travel to East Liverpool for the Potter Relays. Saturday they go to the Mineral Ridge Invitational.

The Lady's Team is lead by Head Coach Cissy Wilson. Team members are Maleya Fultz, Amanda Coles, Mikyla Tipton, Francesca Colella, Jillian Bergert, Sarah Skinner, Sarah Drysdale, Dawn Johnson, Shawntae Dillard & Kayla Wolfe.

The Men's Squad is lead by Head Coach Randy Thrasher and Assistant Coaches John Henry Martin & Greg Pullie. Team members are Ron Morrell, Vance Thomas, Zack Balser, Nick DaLonzo, Jeramy Drysdale, Bubba Dowling, Dan Dye, Matt Herron, Seth Holt, Matt Gibbs, DeShon Pullie, Elijah Ross, Bob Sullivan, Tyler Mosholder, Leonard Watkins, Marcus Allison, Max Littleton, Justin Gregg, Robert Davis, Ryan Nowalki, Alex Rockenhauser, Chuck Herron & Jeramy Carter. Dowling, Pullie & Carter are missing in the picture above.

All track meets are away matches. After years of deterioration Wellsville no longer has a track worthy of hosting meets. Coach Thrasher tells us they are working on a possible grant for a new rubberized track. Currently the big stumbling block is the required matching part. It's a hefty sum.

Good Luck Tigers, wherever you go...

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

WHS Baseball Gets Underway

Weather permitting the WHS Varsity Baseball & Softball season officially gets started tomorrow, Monday - March 29. Both the ladies & the guys take on the Southern Local Indians at home. The Tiger's home field is located in Hammonds Park.

Pictured above is the Men's Baseball Team. The Baseball Team is lead by Head Coach John Dalrymple and Assistant Coaches Joe Soldano & Tom Dalrymple. The players (in no particular order) are Jacob Reed, Kaleb Farnsworth, Mike Call, Nunzio Lombardozzi, Tim White, Landon Lyle, Jordon Stoakes, Travis Neely, Joshua Bauer, Brandon LaClair, Tim LaClair, Nick Fellure, Travis Collins, Christian Kapp, Jason Dye, Garrett Bryson, Paul Johnston, Brian Bell, Matt Bowling & Nathan Chase.

We didn't get the Lady's picture and for that we apologize. There was some confusion on the times and they were up first for the photographers. By the time we got there the Ladies were done & gone.

According to this morning's ER, the Softball Team is lead by new Head Coach Gabriella Burns and Assistant Coaches John Russell & Barry Keller. Burns is 2004 WHS Alumni and went on to play softball for the Kent State Golden Flashes.

Both teams travel to Southern Local on Tuesday, March 30, and play a double header against East Liverpool at home this coming Saturday, April 3.

Lets hope the rain moves on out of here for the game tomorrow. Good Luck Tigers!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wellsville's All-Class Reunion 2010

Tuesday - March 23: The WHS Alumni Activities Committee met Tuesday evening at the Alumni Center continuing to finalize plans for this year's All-Class Reunion. This group of dedicated alumni convinced us that they are determined to make this year's reunion the best ever. In an effort to keep as many people as possible informed of what to look forward to we're going to nib around the meetings to see what we can learn.

This year is going to be special with events honoring some distinguished WHS Alumni all being co-ordinated with the cooperation of everyone involved on the different committees. The induction of the newest candidates for the WHS Athletic Hall of Fame is Thursday evening, July 1. The Wellsville Elks Riverside Reunion have joined forces with the Activities Committee and will hold the Wellsville Legends induction ceremony on Friday evening, July 2, at the 4th Street Square.

The Wellsville Legends honored each year was created by members & friends of the Elks Lodge as part of their annual Riverside Reunion. It's a way to say thanks to some Wellsville dignitaries, past & present, that have contributed through their efforts to benefit the village. The Riverside Reunion is the brain child of Eric "hootch2" Shepherd as an Elks community activity to fill the void in the years between the All-Class Reunions. Started in 2006 it has grown each year since. This year those members & friends of the Elks have joined forces with the Alumni Activities Committee. Other than the Legend's ceremony and some videos hootch2 and the gang are putting together there will not be a Riverside Reunion this year.

Letters were being prepared Tuesday for mailing, seeking donations to help with the expenses incurred putting on this extravaganza. There will be entertainment available free to the public all four nights of the reunion. That's just one of the major expenses. Any donation will be gladly accepted and welcomed. Starting with the $50 to $199 range earns you membership in the Cub Club. Over $200 to $499 gets you membership in the Orange & Black Club and $500 or more gets you designated as an honored member of the Tiger Club. One very generous member of the WHS Class of 1945 has already made in into the Tiger Club.

Donations can be made payable to the Wellsville Alumni Reunion Fund and mailed to P.O. Box 194, Wellsville, OH 43968.

Posted above is the latest list of events being planned. The only questionable event is the Alumni Football Game scheduled for Friday evening. There are still some issues being considered before a final determination will be made.

We'll make every attempt to keep you up to date on all events for your traveling and scheduling plans. If there is anything you would like to see posted please comment on here or e-mail us at Many classes are planning individual parties for their graduating class. We are hoping to put together a list of those with dates, times and places to be posted later. The Class of 1955 is already planning an afternoon buffet get together at the EL Country Club for their class mates. Drop us a note if your individual class is making plans for something similar.

Next meeting for the Activities Committee is planned for Tuesday, April 19 at 6 P.M. at the Alumni Center. Pictured above is an old snap shot we found tucked away. It's Cris McNicol and Jim Sheppard accepting a donation for the WHS Alumni Scholarship Fund at the 1990 Reunion. You can right click on the schedule to enlarge. Left click if you want to print it.

It's a little over three months away when the WHS Alumni once again get together for the All-Class Reunion. It was the first in the area. Look forward to seeing all of "youens"....

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Benefit for George Jones Family

Here's an opportunity to help our neighbors in their time of need and enjoy a great pasta dinner too! This dinner is being held to raise funds to help the Jones family defray the funeral costs of the late Mr. Jones. George died unexpectedly in his sleep not long ago.

Donations are being accepted at Wellsville's Robert's Funeral Home if you can't make it to the dinner.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

East Liverpool's Celebrity Alumni Basketball Game

It's coming this Friday. You won't want to miss the chance to see some of the "historic" basketball players from the days of old strutting their stuff on the hardwood once again. The Honorable James Swogger along with Kenny Cunningham will be coaching the Potters Blue & White with the Honorable Joe Surace doing the same for the Tigers Orange & Black across the floor.

Proceeds from the game go to the EL Alumni Association. Pre-sale tickets for the May 1 2nd Annual Old Gray Mayors Game in Wellsville will be available at the door.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On The Calendar

Monday was a day free of meetings on our calendar. Got Team pictures at the high school. Did you see the hail that came with the thunderstorms last night? Some of them were about the size of cocktail onions.

Tuesday - March 23: Carnegie Library Story Hours - 11A.M. - noon for preschool ages 3 to 5 - 3:30 to 4:30 - After School for ages 5 & up * WHS Alumni Reunion Activities at the Alumni Center - 7 P.M. * Wellsville's Flood Control System - on WFMJ Channel 21 - 11 o'clock News

Wednesday - March 24: Hump Day for many - just the middle of the week for a lot of us

Thursday - March 25: Chamber-of-Commerce Monthly Luncheon - Noon at Tonda's Place * Carnegie Library's Wii Wrestlemania Tournament - 5:30 - 7:30 - Grade 4 & up - Snacks & prizes provided - Registration required * Friends of the Library - at Wellsville's Library - 6:30 * Memorial Council - 7 P.M. at the VFW - Getting ready for Memorial Day

Friday - March 26: Friends of Old Fire Station - 9 A.M. - Work party - Need help from all - Getting ready for All-Class Reunion * East Liverpool's Celebrity Alumni Basketball Game - at Potter Fieldhouse - Doors open at 5:30 - Game at 7 * Middle School 7th & 8th Grade Travel Club - Rigitoni Dinner 4 - 7 P.M. at WHS Auditeria

Saturday - March 27 - George Jones Family Benefit Dinner - At the Alumni Center - 4 P.M. until ??? - Spaghetti Dinner - Carry-outs available * Margie Minor Benefit Pasta Dinner - Inverness Hall - Highlandtown - 4 - 7 P.M. - Carry-outs available * Riverside Presbyterian Church Baked Steak Friendship Dinner - 4 to 6 P.M.

Sunday - March 28: Palm Sunday - Wellsville Area Ministerial Assoc. Lenten Services Series - 7 P.M. at First Baptist Church - First Christian's Pastor Troy Warner guest minister

Monday is the start of the WHS Baseball season. It's a home game vs Southern Local in Hammonds Park for both the Girls Softball & Boys Baseball. WHS Track Teams open at United Local on Tuesday. We'll have to get start times & plug them in.

The George Jones Benefit Dinner is to raise funds to help defray funeral costs for the family. The pasta dinner for Margie Minor is to help with the medical costs sponsored by Family Health Care. Mrs. Minor is a 40 year employee of CF Bank. Both benefits will have a 50/50 and a Chinese Auction.

The Lenten Services Series is the last one for this year. Palm Sunday is the start of Holy Week. Easter is April 4 and for us, that came around fast!

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Wellsville To Be On The Tube

Our good friend Sparky Miller gave us a heads-up on another claim to fame for the ville. Tomorrow night the Wellsville Flood System is going to be featured on Youngstown's television station WFMJ - Channel 21. They were in town last week when the water level appeared to be threatening us with flooding.

The aging flood system is in serious need of some major maintenance and pump replacements. Out of four pumps "up town" there is only one working. WFD Chief Bill Smith has been vigorously campaigning with both State & Federal politicians for funds to get this work done. Lord knows the Village is living pay check to pay check and doesn't have the money to take care of it properly. There's a floodwall levy on our real-estate taxes but it doesn't bring in near enough to even begin what needs to be done on the 70 year plus old system.

The threat of flood is very serious. Chief Smith says he's extremely concerned what the April monsoons may bring. The NWS says snow melt in higher elevations has barely been touched. Many of those streams & rivers in those higher elevations eventually pour in to the Ohio River. Putting off until tomorrow what could have been done today has been the prevailing philosophy in our flood system maintenance.

In 1936 we think the only dry street surface in town was Main Street from 3rd to 9th. On Broadway the water level reached the second story of many of the homes. Could you imagine the damage a flood like would do if our flood system failed? It's scary. Maybe this exposure on WFMJ on our place we call home will get some government officials attention. Upgrading & refurbishing the Wellsville Flood System, although expensive, would be a major cost savings compared to what would be spent by State & Federal agencies on a recovery from a major flood. Just look at New Orleans and their on-going recovery from Hurricane Katrina when their neglected flood system failed. Chief Smith is not the little boy crying wolf. It is an extremely serious threat to every one that lives in this valley.

The broadcast is suppose to be on the 11 o'clock news tomorrow night, March 23. For you folks out of the viewing area you may be able to catch it on Channel 21's web site The piece they did last week was there for awhile.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Crime Watch Committee

Thursday - March 18: Wellsville's Crime Watch Committee came out of winter hibernation this past Thursday. The meeting was held at Village Hall and Chairwoman Janet Taggart conducted the meeting. There were nine other members of the Committee present.

Pictured above is WPD Officers Glenn LaClair and Justin Wright being recognized for their heads up efforts saving a Village youngster they found wandering the streets in the middle of the night. It was January 7 with below freezing temperatures and and even colder wind chill factor that they discovered the pre-school aged boy in night clothes and a blankey wrapped around him walking down a street. The lad had decided he was going to find his dad after waking up in the middle of the night. When first seen the officers said they thought it was a plastic bag blowing down the street. Fortunately for that little boy they didn't just ignore it and discovered the shivering young man. While one officer held the lad close to warm him up the other followed the kid's foot prints in the snow to track him back to his home.

The officers were presented a Certificate of Appreciation from a grateful community preventing what could have had a very tragic ending. Shown from the left is Officer LaClair, Officer Wright and Committee Chairwoman Janet Taggart.

It was voted by the Committee to make a donation for cartridges to the WPD. The cartridges are for the Police Department's Stinger System taser type weapons they acquired last year. The disabling guns WPD has shoots darts. It's a defensive weapon for officers to use when being attacked by a violent offender. Last year the PD gave a demonstration of how the weapons work showing the effect they have on the body. It temporarily disables a person giving an arresting officer time to more conventually restrain someone.

The program for last Thursday's meeting was presented by Sgt. Glenn Knedall of the St. Clair Twp. Police Department. Sgt. Kendall is the midnight supervisor for the township. In addition to that he is a Domestic Abuse instructor for cadets going to Eastern Gateway Community College's law officers course. He is also a Special Deputy for the CC Sheriff's Office on their Special Response Team.

Kendall gave a very informative presentation on domestic abuse. He covered all types of victim abuse and what the law requires police offers to do. In very simple terms domestic abuse is the mistreatment of any family member or someone who lives with one another.

Domestic abuse is probably one of the most repeated calls that officers respond to when a cry for help is made. It is also one of the more costly ones in the long run. As an example Kendall said it is very common for an abused wife to recant when it comes time to testify before a court of law. Consequently the charges are dropped and the abuser is released until the next time. Very seldom does an abuser in that situation change his way of treating his victim.

Abuse is usually a progressive behavior starting with verbal threats and escalating to physically assaulting their victim and worse. Many times it is fueled by alcohol or illicit use of drugs. Sometimes it's just an angry reaction of having a bad day for one reason or another. The abuser comes home and finds something that is just the "straw to break the camel's back".

Ohio Revised Code classifies domestic abuse in three categories that require the responding officer to place someone under arrest. The first is Knowingly Cause such as deliberately hitting the victim. Second is Wrecklessly Cause such as throwing objects at their victims or breaking up things in a threatening manner. The third is Threaten Bodily Injury saying things like "I'm going to bash your teeth down your throat", "I'm going to knock you out" or "I'm going to kill you". Kendall said it is often safer to arrest someone even if everything is apparently calm once a police officer arrives on scene. A call for help was made for a reason and it's safer to let the judge decide. Many times a charge for domestic abuse is plea bargained down to disorderly conduct.

Many victims are too insecure to get out of an abusive relationship. It often relates to not having the money for moving and feeding the family. Many victims would rather take chances on their well being rather than taking that first step to get out from under the threat of further abuse. It's sad but unfortunately true in far too many situations. However, there is outside help available from victim advocate organizations, family services, children services and many religious organizations. Sgt. Kendall left a supply of all kinds of literature for all kinds of information that is available at Village Hall. It's free for the taking.

Sgt. Kendall's presentation was arranged by WPD Crime Watch Liaison Shawn Bloor. Next month Officer Bloor has CC EMA Director Darren Dobson lined up to explain the Nixle System. It's a system that automatically sends out notifications of pending disasters such as Flood Watches, the threat of tornadoes and other instances. The Nixle system is available for everyone to use.

The Crime Watch Committee meets once a month on the third Thursday of the month. It is open to the public and everyone is welcome to attend. The next meeting is scheduled for 6 P.M. April 15 at Village Hall.

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BWD Board of Trustees

Thursday - March 18: The Buckeye Water District Board met Thursday morning for their regular monthly meeting at Wellsville Village Hall. Present at the meeting was Board Chairman Mike Ryan, Members Bob Wines, Cal Carney, Dave Lloyd, Jack Call & Rick Williams. Also present was District Manager Al DeAngelis, BWD Solicitor Fred Emmerling and Administrative Assistant Tracy Allen.

It was the first meeting for the newest Board Member Rick Williams, pictured above. Williams was recently appointed by Wellsville Village Council to fill the late Jack Whitaker's term which expires 12/31/2014. Williams will chair the Bidding & Contracting Committee and will be a member of the Computer Study & Purchasing Committee.

No one had anything to say during the Public Comment portion on the agenda. In fact the only member of the audience was Middleton Twp. Trustee Eldena Gearhart who told us she was there as a learning observer. Ms. Gearhart is a first term trustee for the township that includes the Village of Negley. She said that Middleton Twp. is not currently a BWD customer.

The Board went into an approximately three minute Executive Session with Solicitor Emmerling about "employee matters". Emmerling later said it was a quick question about a procedure matter. The Board's Personnel Committee have been holding meetings to go over the employee rules book. To date nothing else has been announced pertaining to those closed door meetings.

During the Treasurer's Report, the Board approved the transfer of $300,000 from the CD fund to the Enterprise Fund. The transfer was requested by Fiscal Officer Sara Crouch at a Finance Committee meeting earlier in the week to avoid paying service fees and penalties on the Enterprise Fund. BWD has to maintain a minimum amount in that account to avoid those fees.

Bob Wines reported that the County Liaison Committee recently met with officials of the CC Engineer's Office to review progress on the Salineville Waterline Project and the future possible project of adding Frederick Heights as part of the district.

Mike Ryan reported for the Engineering Committee that Phase B of the Salineville project finally got started this past Monday at Oak Grove Rd.

For the District Manager's Report, DeAngelis advised that the RCAP environmental assessment for replacing Wellsville's water main from Hibbetts Mill into town and the expansion into Frederick Heights is now underway. The Rural Community Assistance Program (RCAP) is part of the Ohio EPA who requires an environmental assessment be completed prior to beginning of any project. The two assessments are costing the District $7,500 and is expected to be done within a month.

DeAngelis also reported that the annual inventory of all the District's equipment has been completed with every piece assigned an ID number.

For the District's Project Report, DeAngelis reported that New Philly's Tucson Inc. has started the second part of the Salineville waterline. That has been delayed due to winter weather conditions. It was also reported that the District has applied for a RCAP grant for a study to get a mapping system called GIS. The system maps out all waterlines in the District and through computers and satellites can pinpoint problems such as waterline breaks. The cost for the GIS system will be shared with the District and various communities. Wellsville will be one of the participating members.

The meeting adjourned at 9:14. Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 15 at 9 A.M. at Wellsville Village Hall. We want to take this opportunity to wish Sara Good Luck & a Speedy Recovery. We missed you at the meeting.

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Spring Has Sprung!

Today, March 20, is the first day of spring. If you lean toward the nerdy side of life it's called the Vernal Equinox - "the time when the sun crossed the plane of the earth's equator making night and day approximately equal length all over the earth", according to my reference source. Duh...who didn't know that? Everybody knows that it's when the amount of daylight and darkness of night are just about the same amount of time.

For us, it's the beginning of warmer weather, outdoor activities and a hearty "don't let the door hit you in the butt" good-bye to winter. Time to clean up the grills, tune up the lawn mowers and eagerly anticipate the greening up of this piece of heaven we call the Ville. It's the beginning of the great escape from being cooped up indoors trying to stay warm. It's time for tank tops, shorts & flip flops.

Yesterday while trekking up the hillside that runs along Route 7 to get some more pictures of our spot on earth we came upon this cluster of March lilies. They were about half way up the hill on a little knob amid all the scattered leaves, bramble and trees that are just now barely budding out. How they got there is any one's guess. We're leaning toward it being left overs from private property that was in that location before the highway construction claimed it.

With the unseasonable warmth and the bright sunshine we've enjoyed the last few days you can find renewed life in a lot of things that grow in soil scattered around. There's nothing prettier in these rolling hills & valleys than the greening that comes with this time of year.

Have a great Spring!

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Revitalization Committee

Wednesday - March 17: Wellsville's Revitalization Committee met Wednesday evening at DaLonzo's on Main. Present at the meeting was Connie Carmichael, Nick DaLonzo, Ruth Ensinger, Beverly & Lonnie Hentzell, Jim Saracco and Candy Bangor.

Lonnie Hentzell announced that an e-mail contact for the Committee has been set up. Anyone wishing to contact the Revitalization Committee by e-mail can send their message to

Also, announced was that the membership fee for Heritage Ohio has been paid and Wellsville is now officially a member for the Main Street USA program. At a date to be determined representatives from Heritage Ohio will visit the village for a future meeting. Connie Carmichael reported that she has been doing some preliminary research on her own for possible grant sources to finish the floodwall. That effort is in its infancy with just ideas of some possible sources to be checked. There are still a few panels available. Anyone interested can contact any member of the committee.

Plans for the 2nd Annual Old Gray Mayors Basketball Game were reviewed. The Wellsville Team will be winning the traveling trophy back from the old guys from East Liverpool on Saturday, May 1 at WHS. After expenses all proceeds from the game go to the Revitalization Committee & the Alley Cat Aid Brigade. Both committees are entirely all volunteer.

It was reported that CC Commissioner Dan Bing & Wellsville's Jim "Rookie" Reed have both offered to be the referees. Steve Creature & Skip Hamilton will be taking care of the choreography and tunes. Bevo Francis has agreed to be on hand to help out. The Cheerleaders have all been lined up. Tickets for the game will be sold at the Celebrity Alumni Basketball game to be held at the Potter Fieldhouse on Friday, March 26. Once again the tickets are only $5 a piece. We'll have more information on where to buy tickets later on. A private reception for all participants will be held following the game at DaLonzo's.

Donations for the Chinese Auction are beginning to come in. Commissioner Bing will be contributing a gift basket for the fund raising effort. DaLonzo's Restaurant is donating a complete dinner for two for anything on the menu. The Wellsville Barber Shop is giving "The Works" which includes a hair cut, shave & shine according to owner J.C. Coulter. Stevenson Foundry will be donating a Steeler sign.

Pictured above from last year's match is the still NCAA record holder for most points scored in a single game, Bevo Francis, along with WHS Class of 56 Cheerleader Rosalie Fusco Call.

Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 25 at 6 P.M. at DaLonzo's.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wellsville HIstorical Society

Tuesday - March 16: The Wellsville Historical Society held their regular monthly meeting Tuesday evening at the Riverside Museum. President Robert "Brassy" Beresford presided. This was the first meeting in two months. February's meeting was cancelled because of the snow conditions.

Announcements for various events in the area was announced. On April 9 & 10 a program called "Spotlight on Appalachian Ohio" will be held at the Steubenville Mall with art displays, music and a travel show. Additional information is available at

The group restoring the historic Pleasant Hill School will be holding several fund raisers to continue working on the one-room school house. Pleasant Hill School is located in Jefferson County on Rt. 213. It is not far from the Rt.7-Rt. 22 intersection. They will have a fund raiser on April 17, a craft show on May 1 and a square dance on May 15 at the Pleasant Hill Elementary School. Wellsville Historical Society donated some roof slate for that effort. The slate was salvaged when work was done on the River Museum.

There will be a work party at the River Museum dedicated to cleaning up the Fire Station & Country Store in preparation for this season. It is scheduled for April 13. We'll have to check with Bonny Beresford for the time and put it in the calendar.

Pictured above is Lucille Hutson holding up a quilt she hand made and donated. The quilt is a Queen size and will be raffled off during the All-Class Reunion. Tickets for the raffle are being donated by the Martin-MacLain-Altmeyer Funeral Home. Chances on the quilt and two large, decorative prints will be one for $1 and six for $5. You get three chances to win. The quilt is the first prize. Second prize is first choice on one of the two prints and third prize is the remaining print. Tickets will be available from any Historical Society member.

A design for the plaque to be purchased for the Mary Clark Room was approved. Mrs. Clark, recently deceased, was a long time active member of the Society. What was formerly called the Victorian Parlor will be renamed in her honor.

Plans were discussed for this summer's programs. There is a possibility that the popular 4th Armored Re-enactment Div. will return. That is the WWII Army re-enactment group that for the past couple of years set up camp on the lawn of the Museum.

Motions were passed to purchase copies of a new book combining Dr. Shillings Tales of Yellow Creek and Stories of Yellow Creek. Both of Dr. Shillings books detail the historical beginnings in the Yellow Creek area. It was also agreed to buy the Children's Home book about the former home located along Yellow Creek in Jefferson County. Both books will be available at the River Museum when they arrive. It is also being researched on who printed the Edgar Davidson book "Before Memory Fades". It is time to reorder. If anyone has any information on this please contact Brassy Beresford.

Several donations were made to the Society by the Mary Clark family.

This month's program was about the Beaver Creek Wildlife Education Center. The Center is located at 12021 Echo Dell Road in the Beaver Creek State Park. It is open from the first week-end in May through the first week-end in October. To date there have been over 56,000 visitors to the Center.

Started by Jim Kerr, the Center was dedicated in 2000 and was first opened to visitors in April, 2001. It is entirely operated on donations and staffed by volunteers. There are three rooms of displays each containing 40 to 70 animal mounts and skins. Due to the lack of space many of the animal displays are now kept in storage. The Center possesses over 800.

Last year the Center was awarded a $300,000 ODNR expansion grant that was arranged by State Rep. Linda Bolen. When construction is completed there will be a 40X35 foot display room, a 30X19 foot classroom/meeting room and a wildlife viewing room. There will also be a new library with over 900 volumes available for reading and research.

Also pictured above is volunteer Mrs. Ann Henry. Mrs. Henry was accompanied by fellow volunteers Greg & Stephanie. Special tours & programs are available for school groups of all ages, clubs and other organizations. For more information call Kathy at 330-424-3881 or Jim at 330-301-0019. More information on the Center can be found at Mrs. Henry is showing a red fox and a Great Horned Owl that are two of the displays at the Center.

Next meeting is Tuesday, April 19 at 7:30 P.M. at the River Museum.

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Wellsville Council Meeting

Tuesday - March 16: Wellsville's Village Council had their regular bi-monthly meeting Tuesday evening at Village Hall. Present at the meeting was President Pro-Tem Rosie Goss, Council Members Sue Haugh, John McMahon, Joe Soldano, Randy Allmon & Tony Cataldo. Also in attendance was Fiscal Officer Dale Davis, Village Solicitor Andy Beech, Village Administrator Jim Saracco, Zoning Administrator Rick Williams and WFD Chief Bill Smith.

No one had anything to say during the Public Speaking portion of the agenda and there were no Administration Reports.

For the Mayor's Report, Goss made a motion to approve the hiring of Wellsville resident John Bucher & James Reynolds, of East Liverpool, as part-time police officers. Bucher is retiring soon from the County Sheriff's Office and Reynolds works for the VA. Both have had prior experience working for WPD. The motion passed.

For Committee Reports, Finance Chairman Tony Cataldo got approval to ask the Mayor to write letters to State Senator Wilson & State Rep. Bolan to inquire about the status of moving Wellsville's Municipal Court cases from Lisbon to the East Liverpool Court. Cataldo said it has been over a year since the request was first made and Council has not heard anything. Saying Wellsville is still losing money with the extra costs traveling to Lisbon, Cataldo is hoping to get things moving along.

Senator Wilson recently held a fact finding meeting in EL on this subject. To date no decision has been announced.

Sewage Committee Chairman Randy Allmon announced there will be a Special Council Meeting to move things along for working on the Sewage Treatment Plant digesters and the sewage forced main project. Prior to the meeting Cataldo announced that he has been advised by Bill Boyle of G,G & J, that the Village was awarded a $200,000 grant in 2007 for work on the forced main. It was never used and there is worry about losing it if something doesn't get started soon. That 2007 grant will lower the amount needed to be borrowed. See our report on a Sewage Committee meeting dated 3/13. Renovating the old forced main is one of three major projects Village officials are hoping to get started this year. That Special meeting has since been postponed to allow Village officials to get needed paper work in order.

Street Committee Chairman John McMahon announced the Alumni Reunion folks are going to ask for changes for the previously approved street closure for this year's All-Class Reunion. However, no one from the Alumni association was present.

For Personnel, Chairman Joe Soldano got approval to retire to Council Chambers for an Executive Session on the union contract negotiations and invited Consultant Joe Lencewicz to join them. After nearly 20 minutes Council returned without one single word about the contract. At the last Council meeting it was hinted that something has been resolved with the union. Council has met in Executive Session Committee meetings twice in the past couple of weeks regarding this. Lencewicz was suppose to give an update to the press following the session but left after the Executive Session. Apparently there are still issues to deal with. An arbitration hearing was held earlier in the day Tuesday regarding a grievance filed by Cemetery Care Taker Mike Lombardozzi. No one had any comments about that either.

Two resolutions were passed. The first was authorizing the Village to enter into an agreement with ODOT for road salt for the 2010-2011 winter season. According to Fiscal Officer Dale Davis this is merely a formality required and is done yearly. It is a co-operative agreement to take advantage of the lower cost.

The second resolution was to establish a line item fund for housing demolition. Money for this fund will come from recovered unpaid fines collected for the Village. In 2008 Council approved engaging a collection agency to go after these unpaid fines. Soldano noted that Martins Ferry has been using the Capital Recovery company from Steubenville with some success. A conference with with Wellsville clerks is suppose to be set up with Martins Ferry officials to learn more about the collection process with the agency.

Davis advised this new fund is to set aside the collected fines to be used strictly for the demolition of dilapidated structures. Stimulus money was awarded the County with Wellsville getting approval to tear down at least six falling down structures this year. WFD Chief Smith previously asked Council for funds to continue the project for buildings that have been condemned. It was decided at an earlier Finance Committee meeting to establish a separate budget item for this purpose.

Under New Business, Councilman John McMahon made a motion to approve the street closure for the SOI's annual Italian Festival. This year's festival is scheduled for August 4, 5 & 6. That motion was approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:36. Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 6 at 6 P.M. at Village Hall.

Pictured above is Councilwoman Rosie Goss conducting her first meeting as Pro-Tem. She did good. Her buddy Alice should be proud. Also at the meeting was four students from Eric Meek's Government Class. Pictured above, from the left, is Maleia Roach, Taylor Buzzard, Rachel Vallera and Josiah Hull. Maybe there's a future politician sitting there.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wellsville's Riverside

The collage above consists of 12 pictures of Riverside Avenue as seen from the West Virginia shoreline. Taking a drive down WV Rt.2 last Sunday to check water levels a light went off when we discovered the views of Wellsville we could see from over there. Even on a rainy, overcast day we were impressed with the way our hometown looked. We got to thinking if we could catch a day with the morning sun and no leaves on the trees we could get some nice shots.

Yesterday the Good Lord and Ma Nature co-operated and we spent a few hours walking up and down the river side taking several pictures. Below is a series of five landmarks we're all familiar with that we singled out. Driving past many of these landmarks practically every day we're familiar with them all. They look a lot different from over there.

Many of the houses and buildings shown in the collage are some of the oldest homes and businesses in the village. They were built for families of workers, tradesmen and businessmen that made Wellsville some place special. Many of them are rich in Wellsville history.

You can click on any picture to enlarge for a better look.

We bet there's a lot of people living over there that are envious...

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4th Street VFW 5647 War Memorial

How many of you can honestly say that you have seen this Wellsville landmark at this angle? Yesterday was a first for us and we spent many enjoyable hours boating on the river in the past. We can't even begin to tell the number of times we visited this memorial on the street side. Unless you're a frequent traveler on WV Route 2 it's a view of the ville you don't often see.

We didn't crop this picture to zero in on the subject. Personally we liked the whole thing. At first glance we got the impression that the water storage tank was in a new location but that's just the angle. That blue tank is the same one that has been sitting on the hillside above Route 45 for more years than us.

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Riverside Presbyterian Church

This impressive structure and the Presbyterian Church has been a Wellsville landmark for a long time. When this lot located at 525 Riverside Avenue was first developed it was a private home. Without doing a lot of digging we believe it was the home of one the children of our town's founder, William Wells. We read that somewhere. The Wells family were quite generous donating many pieces of land to various Christian denominations to erect places of worship for their members.

The present day building of the Riverside Presbyterian Church has been in place for many years but it wasn't their first church building in that spot. This stone and mortar structure was built after a disastrous fire. The corner stone on the church list four or five dates that it was rebuilt. It is the only building that we have known in our memory.

From the far shoreline you would think it is a castle if you didn't know what it is.

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Wellsville's Elks Lodge BPOE 1040

The Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks got its beginnings as the "Jolly Rodgers" in the 19th Century in New York City. Wellsville's Lodge 1040 got it's start early in the 20th Century. When first organized meetings were held on the second floor of what use to be the 356 Bar on Main Street. Later on they purchased the old Riggs home on Riverside and have been there since.

Mr. Riggs was an affluent tradesman in the warehousing business. In the beginning goods were shipped in by boat and rail to his company and was then shipped from Wellsville overland by horse & wagon. He later expanded his company and relocated in East Liverpool, building a massive five story building that still stands today at the corner of Dresden & Webber Way, across from the B.P. gas station.

Both the Elks and their Lodge home have a rich lore in Wellsville history.

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Wellsville's River Museum

Wellsville's growth started out as a major river transportation port for the "New Territories" in the Western Reserve in the very late 1700s. By the mid-1800s it grew by leaps and bounds with the arrival of the railroad. Along those river banks and just behind the rail line sits Wellsville's River Museum which houses the most extensive collection of local history in the area.

The River Museum is owned and operated by the Wellsville Historical Society and is located at 1003 Riverside Avenue.

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Immaculate Conception Catholic Church & Rectory

Here's a side view of the 11th Street Church & rectory you can't normally see from WV Route 2.


Mile Marker 16

All of the above pictures of the ville were taken yesterday, March 16, along the river bank and the railroad tracks up & down from Mile Marker 16 in West Virginia.

Everything came together yesterday - bright morning sun light, clear conditions, trees still bare and fairly dry ground. Couldn't pass up the opportunity. Noticed a lot of trees are getting full with buds. Won't be long before we're in full foliage.

Wellsville looks a lot different from the other shore. Don't you think? Now that we got the pictures we're ready for those trees to fill up in the warm weather.

Hope you enjoy them as much as we did getting them...

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Nearly Back To Normal

Tuesday - March 16: The daily check of the flood gage mounted on the Wells Avenue bridge shows that the water level is back to nearly normal. As of 1:45 Tuesday afternoon the gage showed the water level to be at 3'. The small sand bar in the creek near the gage is once again visible. If the area doesn't get hit with a lot of rain Sunday & Monday we should be okay for a spell.

Keep those fingers crossed and saying a little prayer...


Monday, March 15, 2010

BWD Board of Trustee Finance Committee

Monday - March 15: The BWD Board's Finance Committee met Monday morning at the District's Administration Office on Clark. Present at the meeting was Fiscal Officer Sara Crouch, Committee Member Bob Wines, Board of Trustees President Mike Ryan and District Manager Al DeAngelis.

For the month of February 2010, the Village of Wellsville used 6,177,000 gallons of water. The Water Treatment Plant pumped a total of 25.5 million gallons for the month. Crouch advised that water usage is "way down" year to date. It cost $1.89 per 1,000 gallons to treat water last month.

The Enterprise Fund is at $440,000 which is the minimum before the district's depository charges a service fee. Fiscal Officer Crouch asked that the Board approve a $300,000 transfer by the end of March, from the CD account, to avoid any penalties and fees. Currently there is $2.8 million in CDARS.

Balance on hand to pay bills is $93,035. There is $824,459 reserved in the "set asides". All in all, at first glance, it appears the Water District is flush in cash until you look at the other side of the ledger. Currently the District is carrying around $22 million in total debt. The new Raw Water Pump Station, the Water Treatment Plant and all that goes with the entirely new system are probably two of the biggest items being paid for. The District pays around $1.7 million a year in loan payments. With costs rising, water usage down about 20% and those loan payments the profit & loss is down for the year.

Employee Health Insurance is still being looked at. Bids from insurers are still coming in but it was noted that staying as part of the County's coverage is going to be the best deal. For 2010 health insurance for 16 employees is costing $17,342.

Overtime for February was up to 145 hours. Repairing water line breaks accounted for 34 hours of that. Just about half of the total hours was for Salineville.

Although not part of the meeting it was mentioned that the Hibbetts Mill Mobile Pump Station is in the process of being moved to West Point to boost water pressure in the northern part of the district. Phase B of the Salineville project was finally getting started today. It had been held up with weather conditions and ODOT's restrictions. Educated guesses are that Phase B will be completed in 60 to 80 days.

The regular monthly meeting of the BWD Board of Trustees is scheduled for this Thursday, March 18 at 9 A.M. at Village Hall.

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On The Calendar

We've been trying since this past Saturday to get this posted. One thing led into another & before we knew it...

Monday - March 15: There was a BWD Finance Committee meeting today. * Members of the Wellsville Council's Personnel Committee met with union members for a contract update.

Tuesday - March 16: Wellsville Carnegie Library Story Hours - 11 A.M. to noon for Preschool Children ages 3 - 5 & 3:30 to 4:30 for After School ages 5 & up * Wellsville Village Council - 6 P.M. at Village Hall. * Wellsville Historical Society - 7:30 at the River Museum - Guest speaker is Debbie Ludwig from Beaver Creek State Park Nature Center. New members welcome...

Wednesday - March 17 - St. Patrick's Day - Wear your green * Medical Assistance Program - 9:30 to noon at First Christian Church on Main * Last day to register for Lady Tiger's Booster Club Tournament for both boys & girls in grades 4 to 6. Tournament is to be held March 22 - 27 at WHS Gym - Call 330-843-7652 or 330-383-2703 for more info. * WHS Alumni Spaghetti Dinner - Alumni Center 4 to 7 P.M. Take out available * Revitalization Committee - 6 P.M. at DaLonzo's on Main

Thursday - March 18: BWD Board of Trustees - 9 A.M. at Village Hall * Crime Watch Committee returns - 6 P.M. at Village Hall - Program on Domestic Violence by WPD Officer Shawn Bloor

Saturday - March 20: Finally! First Day of Spring

Sunday - March 21: Last day to register for Wellsville T-ball for all children ages 4 to 7 - at Hammonds Park - 12 noon to 2. Call Dexter Thrasher at 330-532-2082 for more info. * Wellsville Touchdown Club - 7 P.M. at DaLonzo's on Main. Players parents encouraged to attend. Everyone & anyone interested in WHS Tiger football welcomed * Wellsville Area Ministerial Assoc. Lenten Series Services - 7 P.M. at Lee's Chapel on Center - Riverside Presbyterian Pastor Bill Betteridge is guest minister.

If we missed anything it wasn't intentional. Let us know at We'll be glad to add it in.

A week from Thursday (3/25)the Carnegie Library will be holding a Wii Wrestlemania Tournament for anyone in grade 4 and up from 5:30 - 7:30. Registration is required. Call the library for details.

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Monday's Falling Water

Short & Sweet... the water level is falling. We stopped by to check the gage once again today. In less than 24 hours the water level on Little Yellow Creek has gone down over a foot. Yesterday it was at 5'6" at 4 P.M. Today shortly before 2 o'clock the level was at 4'2" under the Wells Avenue bridge.

We dodged the bullet this time but we're not still out of the woods. WFD Chief Smith is concerned with the rain forecasted next week-end. If it rains heavy we'll be back to closely checking the water level conditions. A piece in the Pittsburgh Trib mentioned that the snow melt last week just barely touched the surface. Believe they were talking up in the Allegheny Mountains and the Youghioheny River but it's food for thought. Does the "Yough" flow into the Ohio? Pittsburgh itself was still under a flood watch. It would have to come through the Monongahela, we think. The Mon & Allegheny form the Ohio River at The Point in the 'burgh.

At any rate, offer up a prayer and keep your fingers crossed that Ma Nature continues to smile down on us.

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Friends of Old Fire Station Changing of The Guard

Sunday - March 14: The group that has adopted the Old Fire Station located on Main Street in Wellsville had a formal changing of the guard yesterday. That group is called Friends of The Old Fire Station. They met yesterday at the Historical Society's River Museum.

Former Friends President Robert "Brassy" Beresford stated that the original officers of the committee are all "on the way out". We certainly hope it is not anytime in the near future. Former officers of the committee, in additon to Beresford, were Jo Ann Crawford, Treasurer, Bonny Beresford, Secretary and Tom Lanham, Burk Morgan & Bill Hanlon, Trustees.

New officers assuming the reigns are Don Rawlings, President, Kris Vallera, VP, Greg Stanley, Secretary, Steve Vallera, Treasurer & Bob Lloyd, Historian.

Before it was a fire station the building, located between 8th & 9th on Main, was the first brick and mortar Catholic Church in the village. It's pictured above. In 1904 the Wellsville Catholics built a three story combination school and church on 11th Street. After moving into the new building the old church was given to the Village. The quality of the picture is not the best but you can get an idea of how it appeared when first built.

In the early 1970s Wellsville renovated the old Standard Electric building at 1200 Main St. making half of it the Village Fire Station. The old station was vacated and early on was used as a storage site for the Village. It was falling into disrepair and at one time there was talk of razing the historic structure.

Enter the original members of the Friends Committee... In the late 1980s they approached City Council offering to take it over with hopes of making it a historical site in memory of all the past volunteer fire fighters. They were given the keys to the building and went to work. It was cleaned out and enough funds were raised to install a heat source. Over the past couple of decades the local economy went sour and fund raisers barely brought in enough to pay the utility bills.

Plans are being made to continue the mission of the original volunteer Friends. First on the list is to get the front painted. They are getting estimates. They are going to install a fence similar to what you see above between the building and the Laundromat. Bob Lloyd is going to put together a historical display of pictures and they hope to have all this accomplished in time for this year's All-Class Reunion. All in all it fits in nicely with the Revitalization Committee's Main Street project. It will brighten up that spot.

Membership in the Friends is a very affordable $5 a year. It's open to anyone that would like to be part of this segment of Wellsville history. Just contact any of the officers listed above. We'll even pass on your request to join in for you.

A special thanks to all the original members of the Friends. Your efforts are greatly appreciated, especially with those of us that believe the Ville's history needs to be preserved. Whether you're an old fire fighter or just a history buff it's great to see your efforts will be continued.

We don't know where the quotation comes from but it has been said that "time waits for no man". It's a sad reality but with groups like the Friends, the history will be available for a long time.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday High Water Shots

Here's a couple of pictures we got this afternoon while out checking on just how high the water has gotten. The second is the flood gage on the side of the Wells Avenue bridge. Around 4 o'clock this afternoon the water level was 5.5 feet. The first picture is the train trestle over Yellow Creek. The elevation down there must be a little lower down there than in town. It looks like the water is close to covering the road surface. It's supposed to peak sometime tomorrow.

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The Ville From On High

Here's a couple of views of the Wellsville, Ohio, you don't see every day unless you're one of the fortunate residents that live in that neighborhood. Prominent in the lower picture is Wellsville High School. Can you pick out your house, or neighborhood, or old neighborhood if you're one of the ones that have moved away?

This view was so exciting for us to see we can't wait for a bright sunny afternoon to return. Imagine how beautiful the ville looks from that vantage point when the leaves are in full fall foliage?

Special thanks to a very generous lady that put up with us trampling all over her back yard. You can left click on either photo to enlarge or right click to save or print a copy if you wish.

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Wellsville's American Legion Post 70 Selects Two For Buckeye Boys State

Saturday - March 13: Two Wellsville High School Juniors were selected Saturday to represent American Legion Post 70 at the annual Buckeye Boys State. Attending this years event will be Mark Barton and Bobby Sullivan. Both men are "A" Honor Roll students this year. Barton is the son of Dan & Lisa Barton. Sullivan is the son of Todd & Giovanna Sullivan. Dane Dysert is Chairman of Post 70's Boy's State Committee.

Buckeye Boys State is an annual event held in the summer months that is sponsored by the American Legion. As stated in their brochure it "is a 8-day hands on experience in the operation of the Democratic form of government, the organization of political parties, and the relationship of one to the other in shaping Ohio Governments." They form two political parties, nominate candidates, hold an election, and set up various systems of government. That includes a governor, other state level officers and a Boys State General Assembly. They do the same with county, city and school board members. They even have a State Patrol guided by officers & troopers of the Ohio State Highway Patrol. Many of the other staff members are former Boy Staters from all walks of life.

Started in 1936 Ohio has the largest Boys State program in the nation with over 1,200 young men attending. Ohio was the first state in the nation to have a Boy's State. All these young men are in the summer between their junior & senior year, have to be recommended by their high school principal and pass a qualifying exam to be considered. They come from all four corners of the state. All expenses are paid by the American Legion. Astronaut Neil Armstrong and Pro-Golfer Jack Nicholson are just two of the better known people that attended this event.

Buckeye Boys State will be held on the campus of Bowling Green State University from June 12 - 20. All young men attending Boys State will be eligible to be one of two candidates selected to attend the American Legion Boys Nation being held this year in July in Washington, D.C. They also have a chance to be nominated to participate in the U.S. Senate Youth Program. Each year the American Legion Buckeye Boys State Foundation awards six attendees a $1,000 Savings Bond. All in all it's a rewarding educational experience. It's "a week to shape a lifetime".

Pictured above, from the left, is Wellsville's Post 70 Boys State Committee Chairman Dane Dysert, Bobby Sullivan and Mark Barton. More information on the American Legion Buckeye Boys State program can be found at

Since its founding Wellsville's American Legion Post 70 always has kept our area youth in their hearts sponsoring many programs for their benefit. In addition to sponsoring representatives to both Boys & Girls State, they annually award $1,000 scholarships to two WHS graduating seniors every year. Any student is eligible to apply. Applications for the scholarships are available in the High School Guidance Councilor's office.

Congratulations to both Mark and Bobby.

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Wellsville's VFW Post 5647 Gets Scouts A Step Closer To Go Camping

Saturday - March !3: Yesterday morning members of the Tommay Mackall VFW Post got Wellsville's Boy Scout Troop 29 a step closer to enjoy this year's camping season. With smiles all around the Veterans presented Troop 29 with six three-man tents they purchased with funds from their Charity Account. The six tents cost a little over $1,000.

The Covenant Presbyterian Church sponsored Boy Scout Troop 29 was formed a little over a year ago. They are members of the Sandy Beaver Scout District. Members of the Covenant Church have been very active & generous over the years in sponsoring projects for Wellsville area youth. In addition to the Scouts they took it upon themselves to maintain & make the 18th St. Playground a fun place for youngsters. Members of the VFW are equally generous providing activities and donating to area youth. In addition to those attending the tent presentation yesterday we saw other members of the Post collecting donations for the VFW's annual Easter Egg Hunt out in the rain. Being wet & cold didn't faze them. It's for the children. You have to admire both organizations for their dedicated efforts providing for our youth.

Pictured above sitting,from the left, are Troop 29 members John Buckle, John Bell, Justise Cehrs, Alik Bradford, Dalton Ramsey & Max Littleton. Standing on the left is Scout Master Tom Eberhart, Eagle Scout Candidate Brian Bell, Scout Master Dan Kirkbride & VFW Jr. Vice Commander Don Brown. On the right, front to back, is Scout Master Howard Bosworth, VFW Commander Bill Wolfe & Covenant Presbyterian Representative Greg Stanley.

As Clark Race use to say on KDKA Radio years ago, "it's nice to know so many nice people". Enjoy the camping guys.

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Wellsville VFW Post 5647 Donates To WPD

Saturday - March 13: Wellsville's VFW Post yesterday gave the Ville's Police Department a donation from their Charity Fund to purchase an AR-15 rifle. According to VFW Trustee Mike Ferry the AR-15 is the civilian equivalent to the military M16 weapon. Ferry said it is a very accurate weapon, saying he can hit within two inches of the bulls eye at 100' when he is target shooting. WPD Patrolman Dan Householder was on hand yesterday to accept the generous donation from the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Pictured above, from the left, is Don Brown, Jr. Vice-Commander, Don Clutter, Sr. Vice-Commander, Ron Wright, Quarter Master, Householder, and Mike Ferry, Trustee.

The members of Wellsville's Tommy Mackall VFW Post have long been a great neighbors in the Village. If they can, they don't hesitate to contribute to a good cause when they see a need.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Daylight Savings Time Starts Tonight

Don't forget to set your clocks ahead before calling it a night. It's time to spring forward. Daylight Savings Time kicks in at 2 A.M. You won't want to be an hour late for anything tomorrow.

Thank goodness. Now the clock in our truck will be showing the correct time!

Thanks Google for the picture.

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WFMJ Comes Calling - Flood Watch Cancelled

Saturday - March 13: As of 11:21 this morning the National Weather Service (NWS)has cancelled the Flood Watch for Wellsville and several other areas up and down the Ohio River. A Flood Warning was issued for this area this past Thursday mainly for creeks & streams due to the snow melt. That quickly turned into a Watch with the unseasonable warm temperatures Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. A week ago you didn't have to leave your front porch to see piles of snow. By this morning you have to search for one.

We started taking pictures of Wellsville's flood gage on the side of the Wells Avenue bridge this past Wednesday. See the right column in the collage above. The top one is Wednesday, the middle Thursday and the bottom one around noon today.

Friday, Village Street workers dug out the holding plates for the flood gate frame and the rumors started flying. Chief Bill Smith and members of the Wellsville Fire Depts. were all over it. Around 5:30 P.M. Friday afternoon we were told early Sunday morning was decision time. The NWS was forecasting water levels would hit flooding for the Village late Sunday night into the wee hours of Monday morning with the amount of rain predicted. The Fire Dept. wanted to put the flood gate up in daylight if it looked like it was going to be needed.

Fortunately the heavy rains were being pushed off to the northwest by a low pressure center sitting over the state of Indiana. The heavy stuff got pushed away from our area. The NWS alert says the river levels will remain high on through next week but it doesn't appear it will be high enough to force flooding at as many points as earlier expected. It doesn't look like the flood gate will be needed this time. They didn't even need the pumps. According to the WFVD spokesman Barry Podwell the highest the water level reached toward flooding was 4.4 feet. The pumps are turned on when it hits 10 feet. The water over the Wells Ave. bridge starts nearing the street level at 16 feet.

Getting pictures a little earlier today we came upon Mayor Joe Surace and Chief Smith being interviewed by Youngstown's Channel 21 Healthy Living Reporter Susan Campbell. The Camera man is Mike Candiotti. Ms. Campbell said it might be on the 6 o'clock news this evening.

Now that the Flood Watch has been down graded we wonder if they will still use it? We'll have to wait & see.

Keep dry...

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Wellsville Council's Sewage Committee

Wednesday - March 10: There was a Sewage Committee meeting held at Village Hall to update three Village projects and prepare recommendations for next Tuesday's Council Meeting. Present was Committee Chairman Randy Allmon, Committee Members Susan Haugh & Tony Cataldo, Village Administrator Jim Saracco, Zoning Administrator Rick Williams and Councilman Joe Soldano. Updates were given on finishing the work at the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), replacing the 1.5 mile forced main for sewage and the latest plans for the Highland Avenue project.

Work at the STP began nearly two years ago on the aging system. Conditions with the old equipment got to the point that it couldn't keep up with treating the raw sewage causing a stench to emanate making life miserable for anyone living down wind from the plant. They spent big money in 2008 cleaning out the sewage digesters. However, with the economic conditions there was no money in the Village funds for major capital improvements. The financial situation hasn't really improved all that much in the last couple of years but money is slowly coming available through grants and loans.

Cataldo announced that with the anticipated $133,000 grant from OMEGA in a couple of weeks the Village is ready to put out bids on the design work for an updated system of treating sewage called aerobic digestion. Once in operation the new system will eliminate the stench problem according to Cataldo. Along with the OMEGA grant the Village will be using an Ohio Public Works (OPW)loan for nearly $350,000.

The installation of the aerobic digesters will be enclosed in a new building that will be constructed as part of the project. Aerobic digestion "involves mixing the wastewater solids with sources of carbon such as sawdust, straw or wood chips. In the presence of oxygen, bacteria digest both the wastewater solids and the added carbon source and, in doing so, produce a large amount of heat. Both anaerobic and aerobic digestion processes can result in the destruction of disease causing microorganisms and parasites to a sufficient level to allow the resulting digested solids to be safely applied to land used as a soil amendment material (with similar benefits to peat) or used for agriculture as a fertilizer provided that levels of toxic constituents are sufficiently low", according to Wikipedia. For Wellsville it will be a whole new way for treating sewage. It will just about eliminate the need for the sludge beds.

The OPW loan will be on a 20 - 30 year repayment plan. According to Cataldo the loan has already been approved and the Village can "draw down from it at any time". There is a bit of good news financially. The engineering firm of Gills, Gard & Johnson has already been paid for the engineering work. It's ready for the next step.

The next project on tap is replacing the forced main that moves sewage from 2nd St. to the STP plant at 16th & Riverside. That main is a 12" diameter pipe line that moves sewage all along the line to the plant. According to Cataldo it was originally installed back in 1942 or 1944. Like the equipment at the STP it too has long out lived it's effectiveness. Last year there were four costly breaks.

Plans are to reroute a portion of the line and using a slightly smaller diameter pipe. Cataldo said they are looking at using 11-1/2" diameter new pipe fitted inside the old one. Parts of that line presently goes under four mobile homes at the end of 2nd St., under the 4th St. Square War Memorial, numerous trees along Riverside and huge piles of coal at the Wellsville Terminals. Using the smaller pipe will eliminate a lot of digging, damage and disruption. A power unit for the forced main located at 2nd St. will also be refurbished.

Financing the forced main work will be from a 20 year EPA loan for $350,000 at zero per cent interest plus some funds from the elusive STAG funds. The loan will cost the Village $15,000 per year which will be from the $1 increase put on sewage bills that started this past January. It is expected to bring in $18,000 in unencumbered funds this year. There is somewhere around $660,000 from the STAG funds left that is still under appeal with the US EPA.

The Highland Avenue project involves putting in new sewage lines, storm drain lines, culverts, catch basins and street improvements. A new sidewalk originally included in those plans has been eliminated. Money to pay for this long hoped for project is going to come from the remaining STAG funds plus funds being held in reserve. Once completed the project will hopefully eliminate the trouble causing water run off from the hillside in that area. Most of that water comes from underground springs and in winter months causes ice build up on the roads. According to Cataldo approximately $90,000 spent in 2008 & 2009 cleaning the STP digesters can be counted for the Village's 45% share of the grant for Highland. He said that was confirmed by Bill Boyle of G,G&J Engineering.

Motions will be made at next week's Council Meeting by the Sewage Committee to authorize the Mayor to advertise for bids for the design work on the aerobic digesters and authorizing the Mayor to apply for the EPA loan for the forced main.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Revitalizaton Committee

Tuesday - March 9: Wellsville's Revitalization Committee met Tuesday evening at DaLonzo's Restaurant. Present at the meeting was Connie Carmichael. Sharon Buswell, Joyce Lynn, Ruth Ensinger, Nick DaLonzo, Anna Mace and Beverly & Lon Hentzell. Mr. Hentzell recently took over the duties of treasurer for the Committee.

It was announced that plans for the East Liverpool "Celebrity Alumni Basketball Game" are completed. The game will be played at the Potter Fieldhouse on Friday, March 26. Doors open at 5:30 P.M. with the tip off scheduled for 7 o'clock. Tickets are $5 and can be bought in Wellsville at Air Waves, the Carriage House II or Gibby's Mini Mart.

Representing the "Tiger Pride" from the ville are players Quinny Carter, Lon Hentzell, Phil Boyce, Mike Betz, Keith Miller, John Bucher, Bud D'Angelo and possibly Bill Heldman. Cheerleaders for the Wellsville crew are Vicky Burgess, Toni Figley, Sally Dowling, Phyllis Mick and Rosalie Call.

Plans for the 2nd Annual Old Gray Mayor's Basketball Game were gone over. The 'Angels" from the Alley Cat Aid Brigade will be in charge of cooking & selling the hot dogs. There will be chilly dogs, kraut dogs or just regular hot dogs. Candy Bangor will be in charge of the 50/50 and ad sales. Joyce Lynn will be in charge of ticket sales at the door and keeping a list of all donors. Sharon Buswell & Ruth Ensinger will be taking care of the concession stand. Connie Carmichael will also be in charge of getting tickets made up and distributed. Anybody wanting to be an Alumni Cheerleader should contact Faye Lombardozzi. Ed Bauer will be the announcer for the event.

The game is scheduled for Saturday, May 1. Wellsville's Mayor Joe Surace & East Liverpool's Jim Swogger have already committed to once again lead up the battling squad of players. Players must be old enough to qualify for the "Old Gray" classification. They don't have to be as old as some of the Mayors but...

In addition to the intense rivalry that always characterizes Tiger vs. Potters games there will be refreshments, a 50/50 and a Chinese Auction.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, March 17 at 6 P.M. at DaLonzo's on Main. Pictured above in last year's blood match is EL Mayor Jim Swogger and Wellsville's Mayor "Jumpin' Joe" Surace.

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Wellsville Board of Education

Monday - March 8: The Wellsville BOE met for their regular monthly meeting this past Monday evening. We didn't make it to the meeting but we did get some information for you. Didn't want to miss any of the action for a certain basketball game.

Present at the meeting was Board President Ed Bauer, VP Tom Brophey, and Board Members Karen Dash & Bill Miller. Also in attendance was Superintendent Rich Bereschik, Treasurer Coleen Wickham, Wellsville Teachers Assoc.'s Darlene Allison and OAPSE's Ed Swogger.

The Treasurer's Report for February was approved. For the month the General Fund had $644,414 in receipts and $570,547 for expenditures leaving a General Fund balance of $1.8 million. Investment interest earned in February was $4,321.63. The Set-Asides Fund for new text books & capital outlays remains at $736,160.

Representing the Teacher's Association, Mrs. Allison questioned some policies in the Student's Hand Book. Those questions will be investigated with a report on the findings at a later date.

Mr. Eric Meek's resignation as the Middle School Athletic Director was accepted. Meek recently accepted the Toronto Football Coaching position. Meek will remain a teacher in the Wellsville School System.

A three-day educational camping trip to Camp Fitch on Lake Erie was approved for 5th & 6th grade students, staff and adult chaperones. Right now the trip is scheduled for September 8,9 & 10.

A total of 68 Seniors were approved by the Board for graduation provided they meet all state and local requirements. Prior to the meeting we asked Superintendent Bereschik if the extended school days to make up for the snow cancellations will effect this year's graduation date. Barring any additional calamities graduation is still scheduled for Sunday, May 30. The last day for all other students is June 4. So far this school year there have been seven days of school cancelled for snow. This year only five are permitted before make-up days are added. Next year the number of permitted days goes down to three and in the 2011-2012 school year that number will go down to zero.

Board VP Tom Brophey was appointed to the Ohio School Board Association's Student Achievement Leadership Team at their January meeting. That team is charged with the development and implementation of programs to improve student achievement. Brophey is the Legislative Liaison for the Wellsville BOE.

With the Easter/Spring Break coming in early April the next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 19 at 6:30 P.M. in the Superintendents Office.

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