Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce To Sponsor Saturday's Rabies Clinic

Once again the Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce will be sponsoring their annual Rabies Clinic.  The clinic will take place this Saturday, June 2, from 12 noon to 2 PM in the parking lot of the old Sky Bank.  The old Sky Bank is located next to the Family Dollar at 1210 Main Street. 
Immunizations will be given by staff members of the Community Animal Clinic and will cost $10 per pet.

As an added attraction Chamber member Byron Carter will be on hand from 11 AM to 4 PM offering his famous BBQ chicken and ribs and homemade Sweet Potato pie.  The BBQ sauce is his own secret recipe and the chicken & ribs are cooked over charcoal on the spot.  Mr. Carter tells us the Sweet Potato pie recipe is an old family recipe handed down from his mother. 
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

WVFD Getting Ready For 5th Annual Fireman's Home Coming

If you went past Nicholson Stadium today you may have noticed some activity going on behind the stadium.  Members of Wellsville’s Volunteer Fire Department and Lisko Family Amusements started setting up for the 5th Annual Fireman’s Home Coming.  The fun kicks off on Wednesday evening, May 30 and will run through Saturday, June 2.
Mark your calendars.  It’s a fun time with something for the whole family and a great way to support one of the departments that are vitally important to the Wellsville community.  These guys lay it on the line at the ring of a phone. 

Plus that they might even have a couple of their world famous French fries that Karenna loves so much…
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First Christian Planning "Mission Wellsville"

Members of Wellsville’s First Christian Church normally take a week each summer for a mission trip to some area impoverished and lend assistance to those less fortunate than ourselves.  It’s always a mission to share God’s love for their fellow man, build Christian relationships and bonds and to simply help others.  They help the elderly, the disabled and down-trodden repairing porches, building handicapped ramps, painting, cutting grass & weeds, etc.  They do just about anything they can to improve the quality of life for someone who just can’t afford it or is just unable to physically handle it.   It’s an outreach mission to share God’s blessings.
This year the members of Wellsville’s First Christian are taking a little different approach on their annual mission trip.  Instead of traveling to North Carolina, Mississippi or Georgia or someplace like that they are devoting their time and efforts to folks in and around the Wellsville area.  Most of the work will be done by high school & college age students.

Presently Youth Pastor Brandon Russell is trying to line up projects and is asking for suggestions.  Contact information is on the flyer shown here.  If you could use some help or know of someone who could use some assistance give Brandon a call.
This year’s mission will kick off with the churches’ 2nd Annual Make-A-Difference Day where the entire parish will join the younger members of the mission in a village clean-up project on Sunday, June 24, after services.  The public is invited to join in with members of the parish for the kick –off Sunday.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rolling Thunder Wants You To Get Involved

The Viet Nam veterans motorcycle group, Rolling Thunder, is asking everyone to get involved in keeping the campaign going to free all Prisoners of War.  They ask that everybody call the number on the flyer above to show your support. 

It would be a great thing to do in honor of all veterans this Memorial Day.

Pick up the phone and call today...

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Bickel Wins Best In Show At Wellsville School Art Show

Lzzy Bickel's "Heart in hand" won the Best in Show at the Wellsville's School District's Art Show.  The art exhibit was held last week, May 16, at the high school.  Bickel is a student at WHS.

Works of art by students from both Wellsville's Daw Middle School and High School were displayed.  In addition to Best In Show, ribbons for first, second and third were awarded for winners at each level.  Judges were Josiah Hull, Danny Dye and Mindy Weaver.

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"Cheeseburger"s Self Portrait

We couldn't pass this up...  There is a Wellsville High School student who is affectionately nicknamed "Cheeseburger" by his friends, classmates and himself.  We first heard the nickname last Fall and mentioned to one of the school officials that we did not believe it was politically correct.  We were told the student likes the name and uses it them self.

We got a chuckle when we saw the ceramic pictured here among the pieces of art that student had in the show. It even won a ribbon for that student's level.  We left names out to save any embarrassment.

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Daw Middle School Students Get First Hand Look At Authenic Civil War

Wellsville's Daw Middle School 8th Grade history students got a first hand look at authenic Civil War equipment and uniforms a week ago Wednesday.  The students are members of Mrs. Nicole DePace's US History classes and have been studying Civil War history.

Pvt. Joe Frankford is a member of the 66th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company I, re-enactment group.  The 66th OVI is based in Urbana, Ohio, and was originally formed in 1861 during the first year of the Civil War.  A Minerva resident, Frankford is married to the grand daughter of Wellsville residents Bonny & Brass Beresford. 

Frankford told the students about conditions that soldiers faced during the war and how re-enactment groups demostrate those conditions using authenic weapons, equipment and uniforms.

This is the second year of the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War. 

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Wellsville Preparing to Honor All Veterans

Memorial Day is this coming Monday, May 28.  The Wellsville Memorial Council invites everyone to join in on one of the best Memorial Day observances in the tri-state area.  The ceremonies will begin at 9 AM in the 4th Street Square.  Following the Call-to-order Mayor Susan Haugh will give the welcome and Mt. Zion Pastor Darlene Zanders will offer the invocation.  Brief remarks will be made by keynote speaker, Columbiana County Commissioner John Payne.  Musical selections will be provided by the Wellsville High School Marching Band.  The annual observance will conclude at the Newlin Memorial Chapel in Springhill Cemetery. 

The Tommy Mackall VFW Post 5647 will be serving breakfast from 7 to 8:45 AM.  Shown here is Veterans Memorial Council Members Dale Barnhart and Mike Ferry decorating Main Street last Thursday in preparation of the holiday.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Betz Speaks At Wellsville's River Museum

Columbiana County Park District Chairman of the Board Dottie Betz was the speaker at this month's Wellsville Historical Society meeting.  Shown here with WHS President Thomas Davidson, Betz spoke on the history of the Greenway Bike Trail and the Hellbender Bluff Trail, the park district's newest addition.  Betz has been intrumental in both projects since their beginnings. 

The Greeway Trail begins in historic Lisbon, Ohio, and offers ll miles of scenic trails for both bicycle enthusiasts and hikers.  The newly open Hellbender Bluff Trail offers an additional 3.4 miles of hiking through beautiful, natural wooded area. 

For more information contact the Park District via e-mail at or call 330-424-9078.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

WHS Baseball Team Lends A Hand

This past Monday afternoon the Boy & the Boot was awash with orange shirts as members & coaches of the Wellsville High Baseball Team pitched in to help.  Village resident Jan Wasko has taken on sprucing up the Boy & the Boot as a public service.  She tells us that she will be putting in several plants that have all been donated by different residents.  The baseball team was helping to clean up the old marble chips to make room for those plants.  Wasko was there directing the project along with coaches Web Thompson & John Stokes.

While they were working Mt. Zion Pastor Darlene Zanders was cooking up a batch of brownies for a treat.  Courtney Burgess supplied some fresh made cookies.  Wasko had bottled water on hand and McDonalds treated the workers with a soft drink of their choice.  Chuck & Bonny Allen furnished the buckets to haul the stone away. 

Nice job folks...

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Another Victim of Route 7 Four Lane

Here's another vague memory for us.  Richard's Dry Cleaning was located on the hill side of Lisbon St.  This is a scan of an ad found in a 1963 Wellsville Press.  The building was taken to make room for the Route 7 expansion in the late 1960s.  Being located at 427 Lisbon Street it wasn't too far from the Feed Store next door to the Dairy Queen.

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Hotel Shaffer

Here's a then & now that we haven't seen on any of the internet sites before.  We were able to get a copy of this picture with our new scanning gizmo.  This photo is on display in the River Museum's Wellsville Room.  It enlarges quite nicely for a better look. 

The Hotel Shaffer was located at 12th & Main Streets in Wellsville. It's street address was probably 1201 Main.  According to information on the back it was later called the Central Hotel.  There was a McAlisters Dairy Store located there in later years.  Sorry we can't fill you in on more information especially on dates.  Possibly some one can help fill in the blanks.  We vaguely remember a building being there at one time.  It's been a vacant lot for sometime now. 

It is now owned by the Village of Wellsville.   It's a good spot for commercial development of some sort. 

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Wellsville Area Chamber Announcements

The Wellsville Area Chamber-of-Commerce recently announced reminders for a few of their planned activities.  Monday, May 14, is going to feature double header events for the Chamber.

On Monday morning there will be a quarterly Business Breakfast Forum in conjunction with East Liverpool and St. Clair Township Chambers.  The breakfast is set to begin at 7:30 at the KSU-EL “Slak-Shak” in the KSU Main Building on 4th St.  Dr. Ernie Freeman will be speaking on Alzheimer’s disease and other neuro-muscular diseases.
On Monday evening the Wellsville Chamber is hosting an evening with Center Pharmacy and Dr. John Green.   The event will feature a discussion on anti-aging with Dr. Green at the Wellsville Alumni Center at 201 3rd St.  Center Pharmacy now offers compound medications and they are capable of mixing up anything prescribed by a doctor.  The event is free and open to the public.  They were asking for RSVPs from anyone planning on attending and we apologize for being late mentioning this.  Doors open at 6:30 PM. 

Additionally they issued a notice if you are a Chamber member interested in possibly reducing your Worker’s Compensation rates to call Jon Hackathorn.  Hackatorn can be reached at 614-228-4201.
Finally, the monthly Chamber luncheon will feature introducing the WHS Class of 2012 Top Ten Seniors.  The luncheon will be held at noon on Tuesday, May 22, at the Riverside Roadhouse located at 565 Wells Avenue Ext.  The date of the monthly luncheon has been changed for May in order to accommodate the honored guests. 

Additional information can be obtained by calling Chamber President Randy Allmon at 330-843-3475.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Buckeye Water District's Offer Turned Down By East Liverpool

In an attempt to settle a breach of contract suit that has been going on for what seems like forever Buckeye Water District offered East Liverpool $5 million in cash to settle out of court.  The details were reported in this morning's local papers in a Tom Giambroni article.  This is the second attempt by the water district to make payment arrangements over the years.  This is the second time East Liverpool elected officials greedily said no.

Future expansion plans to make areas of the county attractive to new business opportunities with a good, reliable source of water have been on hold with their continued reluctance.  These are business opportunities that could create new jobs and benefit every community in Columbiana County.   

The residents in Frederick Heights, in St. Clair Township, have been begging for a new source of water for years.  BWD was set to go with expansion into that subdivision.  They were practically ready to start digging trenches to install new water lines when East Liverpool forced them hold up. 

We imagine coming up with that amount of cash would pretty much have the water district strapped for awhile.  With the newest refusal the district is now forced to wait for a decision from the appellate court on their last appeal.  There will be no expansion to possibly create economic opportunities for the time being. 

We're left wondering how much black top could have been bought or how many grants for improvement projects are being missed in the East Liverpool community because they don't have the money for matching funds. 

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Wellsville School District Holds Annual Staff Appreciation Day

This past Tuesday morning the students in the Wellsville School District got a treat.  They got  to sleep in a little bit. The start of school was delayed one hour to allow school officials to say thanks to the district's teachers and staff. 

The teachers and staff were treated to breakfast at the high school.  The breakfast was prepared by High School cooks Judy Miller, Sherri Adams & Bonnie Cassidy.  Principals from the district's three schools served.  Shown here from the left is High School Principal Linda Rolley and  Daw Middle School Principal John Foley loading up the tray for Hgh School secretary Lori Traina.  Garfield Elementary Principal Lisa Ferguson is hiding in the background. 

The picture was loaned us from Board of Education President Karen Dash.

We would like to add our thanks to all in the Wellsville School District...

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Remember Mom This Sunday

We don't remember the store but this advertisement appeared in a Wellsville Press back in May 1951.  It caught our eye that the dates in 1951 were the same as they are this year.  Sunday, May 13, 2012, is Mother's Day.  We do recall the Press.

We thought it would be timely to remind you all to be nice to Mom.  She brought you into this world.  If it wasn't for her love and mercy she could just as easily taken you out of it!  Thanks Mom & Happy Mother's Day.

That particular edition of the Press was donated to the Wellsville Historical Society and is part of the archives at the River Museum. 

Wonder if they delivered...

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wellsville Mayor Issues Warning on FaceBook

WARNING: If you are dealing drugs in Wellsville, we know who you are. I strongly recommend that you pack up and move NOW because we are coming after you with a vengeance! Don't move your partner into that house when you leave because we will go after them as well and chances are, they will turn on you for a lighter sentence. Just quietly leave and don't come back. Fair warning.
It's a new innovative approach which we endorse whole heartily.
We wish God's speed...
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Sheets Home Then & Now

Back around 1860 it was known as the Fred Sheets home at 6th & Main.  If you collect Wellsville memorabilia you have probably seen F.O. Sheets Photography on some of those old post cards. 

Today it is the home of Central Federal Bank.  There's been a lot of changes made but the original building is easily recognized when comparing the two.

The old photograph is on display in the Wellsville Room of the River Museum.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wellsville Neighbors Help Spiff Up The Village

This was already posted on FaceBook.  We noticed it ourselves yesterday and thought we would share it with the readers that don't use that other site.  In the strict sense of the word it is not a marquee but Village officials call it the "17th Street Marquee".  They are quite proud of the efforts of a couple of our corporate neighbors with this work in progress. 

We hope we got this correct.  It is our understanding that Wellsville Terminal Plant Manager Craig Homic took on renovating the fountain.  It's been reinstalled and as you can see it's working.  It hasn't pumped water through it since the last All-Class Reunion.   Village Administrator Thom Edgell advises they are working on getting lights on it and a few other minor details.

United Water's Greg Stewart has taken on the grounds keeping around the marquee with trimming, weeding and grass cutting.  Stewart is the manager of Wellsville's Sewage Treatment Plant.  Mayor Susan Haugh advises there will be flowers planted there when the time comes.  With temperatures approaching 90 degrees today it hard to believe it's still early spring.  Although doubtful, frost is still possible and you know what Mama always said about planting before Memorial Day...

Don't look for me at Tuesday's Noon Luncheon of the Kiwanis Club at Meade's...

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lack of Quorum Cancels Wellsville Council Meeting

Wellsville's regularly scheduled Council meeting had to be cancelled Tuesday evening due to not enough Council members attending.  Present last night was Mayor Susan Haugh, Council members John Morrow, Tonda Ross and Diane Dinch.  Without a fourth Council person available the Mayor was forced to announce there would be no meeting.  It takes four members to make a quorum to conduct a meeting. 

There was no announcement about a make-up meeting.  The next regularly scheduled meeting is Tuesday, May 15, at 6 PM.

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