Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Port Authority Land Options Reported

We’re surprised this didn’t make the papers this morning.  According to a webcast by Youngstown’s Business Journal on Monday, August 20, it was reported that the Columbiana County Port Authority approved purchasing a little over an acre of land near the entrance of Wellsville’s Intermodal Park.  The news was reported in the Business Journal’s on-line segment call “The Daily Buzz”. 

They reported that the Port Authority Board agreed to spend a total of $700,000 for options on that land. The options expire October 19, 2012.  That acre is intended to be added to options with Marathon Oil that was made in July.  In July Marathon signed a purchase option for 3.6 acres of Port property costing $2.4 million.   According to the Business Journal Marathon intends to use the land for a holding area for wet natural gas pumped from the Utica Shale.  The Business Journal can be found at www.businessjournaldaily.com.

This has to tie in with the deal with Marathon Oil that Wellsville Village officials announced a while ago.  That deal was for land in Wellsville’s pondage area near the property mentioned with the options made yesterday.  It means Marathon must be making serious plans for a major expansion of their Wellsville presence. 

It may not have piqued the interest of our local print media but it is very exciting news for the Village of Wellsville.  Wellsville Mayor Susan Haugh has been hinting for some time now that good things were coming our way.  Apparently it’s not just political rhetoric.

We wonder what else she has up her sleeve…

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