Thursday, June 30, 2011

Youngstown Diocese Makes It Tough To Be Catholic In Wellsville

Someone remarked that they were surprised we haven't mentioned anything about the possible closing of Wellsville's Immaculate Conception Church. Frankly we have been closely following this for nearly two months now. We had a post dated March 4, 2010, which was shortly after learning of Bishop Murry's message stating he intended to merge the Immaculate Conception parish with East Liverpool's St. Als & St. Anns into one parish. At that time he asked that any concerned parishioners send letters to the Diocese expressing their recommendations or objections. At that time, we have been told, the Immaculate Conception Parish was financially solvent, paying the bills and saving funds for the inevitable rainy day. In addition, a fund raising effort was going on to replace the church's air conditioning system and was built up to an additional $13,000. It was kept separately. A former bank employee said the Wellsville parish had well over $100,000 in cash and certificates of deposit on the books.

Two or three years ago a priest by the name of Father Peter Haladej, pictured above with Bishop Murry following, was reassigned from the St. Rose Parish in Girard, given the title of Administrator and sent down our way to minister the good folks of East Liverpool and Wellsville. A Slovakian native, he had previously interned in East Liverpool/Wellsville. At the age of 26 he was ordained a priest, in 2002, in his hometown diocese in Kosice, Slovakia. Here we thought he was Serbian. After coming back stateside he was assigned to St. Rose. According to a Diocese of Youngstown announcement he was suppose to return to his hometown after five years. Obviously that didn't happen.

Upon taking the post covering St. Aloysius and Immaculate Conception we were told Fr. Peter found the rectory at St. Al's in a deplorable and unlivable condition. The parish paid for an apartment in the Youngstown area for a couple of months while expensive remodeling was done to Fr. Peter's new home in East Liverpool. That remodeling job was allegedly over $100,000 in cost.

In that same amount of time Immaculate Conception went from being solvent to operating at a deficit. That alone raised a lot of questions from the Wellsville parishioners. When the above picture was taken, on the occasion of Bishop George Murry's visit May 28, it was announced at the Saturday Mass that Immaculate Conception would be closed “as soon as the parking problem at St. Als was resolved”. That was expected to happen by the end of summer.

After Mass the Bishop stayed and talked one-on-one to many of the concerned Immaculate Conception parishioners. We've talked to several of those people and listened to their comments at the weekly meetings about what the Bishop had to say. Eyebrows were raised when the Bishop allegedly told some individuals he receive no letters from Wellsville objecting the closure of Immaculate Conception. Even more concern was expressed when the Bishop was said the required decrees per Canon Law were not needed. We're no expert on Canon Law but have been told that two decrees are needed, to be issued by the Bishop, to close a parish church – a Decree of Suppression and a Decree of Relegation to Profane Use. Both have to be in writing and signed by the Bishop. Canon Law are rules that dictate how things are done in the Catholic religion, sort of like a constitution. Murry supposedly told one parishioner that he only needed to issue a Decree of Merger. As of this past Monday there has not been any decrees of any sort received. Officials in Youngstown told someone that they are ready to be signed but they were waiting for Fr. Peter to get back from Florida.

All in all it seemed to boil down to a common theme that “the left hand did not know what the right hand was doing”. What the Bishop was telling the Wellsville parishioners was far different from what the elusive Fr. Peter had been telling us. There was a grave feeling of deceit amongst the members of Immaculate Conception. As a result it solidified the resolve of the Wellsville members to strongly oppose the closing of their church. A week ago it was agreed to pay a go between to represent the Immaculate Conception parishioners and if necessary to retain Canon lawyers to appeal the Bishops decision, all the way to the Vatican if necessary. At Monday's meeting it was announced that an appeal will be made to the Congregation for the Clergy in Rome, Italy. That committee has the power to reverse the Bishop's decision to close the parish. Also, since there were so many uncertainties about finances, a request for an Investigative Forensic Audit will be submitted. We've been told that once requested an audit can not be denied.

In the meantime it came out that a Peter Haladej purchased a nearly 2,200 square foot house for $264,200 in Fort Myers, Florida, on December 21, 2010. The house is in a gated, new development at 10133 Silver Court. Public records for the deed do not show a lien on the house that sits on a 7,000 square foot plus lot. It is a three bedroom, three bath house. No liens on the property would indicate that the mortgage was paid in full. That house is pictured above. The picture was sent to us by a Wellsville native that now lives in Ft. Myers. We're not saying the Peter Haladej that bought this house is the same as Fr. Peter, but when you do a Google search on the name only two people come up. Only one has lived in Girard, Youngstown, East Liverpool and Ft. Myers.

We once had a kindly priest tell us there is no such thing as coincidence. God has a reason for everything that happens. The tough part is to sometimes to figure out what that reason is. We were born and raised in the Catholic faith, terrorized into unquestioning faith by some of the nuns that taught us in the primary grades and believe in the tenets of the church's doctrine. We were taught that all priests take a vow of poverty, chastity and humility. In our way of thinking we believe that the hierarchy of the Youngstown Diocese should be working with the parishioners for a solution to the problem. We don't think any religion thinks they can arrogantly shove a decision down the throats of their members, believing their faith demands they swallow it.

Consolidating parishes has been going on nationwide for years now. With congregation numbers falling off and vocations declining it's bound to happen. The members of the Immaculate Conception fully realize that and are willing to compromise with the Bishop's decision. They are willing to sacrifice their rich history that dates back to 1834. All they ask is that the church building itself be used as a worship site for the merged parish with only one Mass a week offered here, especially for the more senior members.

We hope a way will be found...

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Monday, June 27, 2011

On The Calander

We wrap up the month of June for 2011 this week. Hard to believe the 4th of July is just a week from the today. Seems like this summer is really flying by...

Monday – June 27:

  • Mayor's Community Clean-up Meeting – 11:30 AM at Wellsville Fire Hall – 1203 Main ST.

  • Girl's Basketball Summer League – Games start at 5 PM – Lady Tigers play at 6 PM – In the Tiger's Den - 1 Begal Drive

  • Committee To Save Immaculate Conception Church – 7 PM at SOI Lodge – 327 Main St. - Public Invited

  • BPO Elks 1040 – 7:30 PM at the lodge – 723 Riverside Ave.

Tuesday – June 28:

  • Wellsville Library Story Hour – 10 to 11 AM – 823 Main St.

  • Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce Luncheon – 12 Noon at Riverside Roadhouse – 565 Wells Ave. Ext.

Wednesday – June 29:

  • Committee To Save Immaculate Conception Church Rigatoni Dinner – 5 to 7 PM at WHS Alumni Center – 201 Third St.

  • Girl's Basketball Summer League – Games start at 5 PM – Lady Tigers play at 7 PM in the Tiger's Den – 1 Bengal Dr.

Thursday – June 30:

  • Penn-Ohio Stateline Football Classic – Geneva College – Beaver Falls, PA

Friday – July 1:

  • United Way Steak Hoagie or Hot Dog & Drink Fund Raiser – Calcutta Giant Eagle – Rt. 170

Saturday – July 2:

  • Civil War Re-enactment Group Sets Up Camp at River Museum – 1003 Riverside Ave. - TBA

Sunday – July 3:

  • Worship at a church of your choice

  • Civil War Re-enactment Group Camp at the River Museum with Museum open house 1 to 4:30 PM – 1003 Riverside Ave.

The monthly Chamber luncheon has been changed to Tuesday this month. Guest speaker will be Kenneth Cochran, the new CEO of EL City Hospital. The public is invited.

The High School Girl's Summer Basketball League concludes with the games on Monday and Wednesday this week. There are three games each night starting at 5 PM.

The Committee to Save Immaculate Conception Church will be having a benefit rigatoni dinner at the Alumni Center Wednesday evening. Dinner includes rigatoni & meatballs with home made sauce, salad, bread, dessert and beverage. Carry outs will be available. You can call 330-532-9811 to order carry outs ahead of time. Proceeds go to the Committee's legal fund. The public is invited to enjoy a great home cooked meal.

Friday's Southern CC United Way's steak hoagie & hot dog sale is for the benefit of all 14 member agencies in the area that they support.

In commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the start of the Civil War the Wellsville Historical Society will be hosting a Civil War Re-enactment Group on the lawns of the River Museum. They will be setting up sometime Saturday and be ready for visitors Sunday afternoon. It is open and free to the public.

Have a good week everyone...

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Wellsville's Property Committee Meets

Tuesday – June 21: The Wellsville Village Council Property Committee met this past Tuesday to go over some items of interest. Present at the meeting was Committee Chairwoman Susan Haugh and Committee Members Rosie Goss & Randy Allmon. Also attending was Mayor Joe Surace, Village Administrator Jim Saracco, Legal Advisor Andy Beech, Fiscal Officer Dale Davis and Councilmen Tony Cataldo & Joe Soldano. The meeting took place at Village Hall at 3 PM.

The first item discussed was going after community workers that are paying off court fines for so many hours of community service. Haugh announced she has discussed with the Legal Advisor about the possibility of trying to get more help for the Village through this program. Beech's only concern was making sure community workers are supervised. Haugh stated that if only one Village Street Department employee is supervising five community workers common sense would tell you there would be five times more work accomplished. Cataldo inquired about liability and workers comp on these workers and was advised that has been covered for some time now. Saracco advised that he has had one worker so far this summer for 20 hours of service. Haugh advised she will contact authorities in Lisbon about possibly getting more community service workers. Grass cutting would probably be the number one goal.

Second item Haugh brought to the attention of the committee were the fountains in Broadway Park. Saracco advised that all the fountains have to be cleaned and sealed. Haugh advised she is in the process of trying to get volunteers to accomplish that. Saracco said the pumps are all ready to be reinstalled. He later told us if he can get some extra help he could free up his worker that has past experience in getting the fountains in operation. Rosie Goss brought up the replacement of the decorative street light that was demolished from a car accident. Saracco reported that Cardello sent the wrong size lamp for the post and they are waiting for the right one to come in.

Thirdly Haugh reported that she is waiting for Associated Landowners of Ohio Valley (ALOV) officials to schedule a meeting date in regards to representing the Village for natural gas drilling at the old reservoir and City Dump. Haugh stated she has contacted them and is waiting for a response. ALOV is a non-profit organization that has represented landowners in seven counties, including Columbiana, in dealing with drilling companies such as Chesapeake.

The fourth item of business was taking back the old reservoir from Buckeye Water. The reservoir was deeded over to Buckeye back when the water district was first formed with the understanding that it would be returned to Village ownership once Buckeye no longer was using it for a water source. With the new pump station and water treatment plant now fully in operation Buckeye has announced it will be returned to the Village. They originally tried to do this two years ago at a meeting in April 2009. Back then Village officials balked because of an ODNR report concerning the 100 year flood plan and there being no Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for the reservoir. BWD District Manager Al DeAngelis advised there was an EAP in the district's office. Also at the 2009 meeting DeAngelis advised there are three valves that can be used to slowly drain the water if necessary. The ODNR report was written without very much investigation put into it. The Village officials were originally going to apply for grants to do any necessary repairs but nothing has been done since then. This all took place before Haugh was even elected to Council.

At Tuesday's meeting the Committee went into a 20 minute executive session with Legal Advisor Beech to discuss the agreement with BWD. Upon returning Haugh announced they will contact ODNR to go over that inspection and proceed from there.

Before closing the meeting Councilman Joe Soldano advised the Committee that members of the Hammonds Park Commission has inquired about the playground equipment that was donated to the Village by LSW. The equipment was located at the old MacDonald School and LSW gave it to the Village when they purchased that property on 9th St. Village officials intended to have it installed at the Jim Kenney Center. Haugh reminded Soldano that that piece of equipment was all one unit and a licensed installer is required before it can be erected. Fiscal Officer Dale Davis advised that the licensed installer is required by the Village insurance carrier and also requires that the installer has liability coverage. Cataldo remarked that when the company put in the new playground equipment at 18th Street they quoted a price of $6,000 to erect that playground unit. Cataldo noted that company could not find any specifications on that particular unit. Haugh advised that before that unit was removed from the LSW property she got several pictures. At the time she had worked out a deal with another company to have a licensed installer supervise volunteers for $1,000 putting it together. That never worked out. Other Council members brought in another company for 18th Street without her being advised. Bottom line is there isn't any funds to get the equipment erected. Until money is found Haugh noted she would like to see that equipment stored in a secure location. Soldano said that a neighbor on 1st Street stopped someone trying to haul it off for scrap.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:41 PM. Next regular Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 5 at 6 PM at Village Hall.

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Potter Players Comedy "The Ransom of Red Chief To Start Tonight

It's great entertainment for the whole family at it's best. You won't want to miss this rib tickler comedy as performed by those talented, zany thespians known as the Potter Players.

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High School Girl's Summer Basketball League

After being in moth balls for years Wellsville Girl's Basketball Head Coach Ed Swogger got the Girl's Summer Basketball League back up and running. There use to be a similar league in East Liverpool years ago but for some reason it fell by the wayside.

The league is made up of six teams from schools in the tri-state area. In addition to the Wellsville Lady Tigers there are teams from Beaver Local, East Liverpool, Oak Glen, Southern Local and Toronto. All teams in the league play match ups twice a week through the month of June each Monday and Wednesday evening. Games start at 5 PM. The ladies started playing on June 6 and the league wraps up next week for the year. All games are played at Wellsville High School.

Pictured above is some action from this past Wednesday's match up of Wellsville vs. Oak Glen.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wellsville Board of Education June Meeting

Monday – June 20: The Wellsville Board of Education held their regular monthly meeting for June this past Monday. Present at the meeting was Board President Tom Brophey and Board Members Ed Bauer, Mike Cook, Karen Dash and Bill Miller. Also attending was District Superintendent Rich Bereschik, District Treasurer Coleen Wickham, High School Principal Linda Rolley, High School Guidance Counselor Bob Rudder and Garfield Principal Lisa Ferguson.

Reading from a prepared statement Mrs. Giovanna Sullivan addressed the Board with her concerns on the selection process for the WHS graduating class Top 10 students. There was some confusion of the final rankings with this year's class. Mr. Bereschik advised the issue has been addressed and changes will be made in the Student Handbook. The Board later voted to approve the handbook for next school year.

Payment of bills was approved. Treasurer Wickham reported for May receipts were $486,462, expenditures were $550,279, leaving a balance of $1.7 million. General Set-Asides remain at $719,477. Interest earned on $4.5 million invested for May was $3,027. Fiscal Year-to-Date interested earned totals $26,777. The Fiscal Year ends on June 30. The Board also approved that “then and now” invoices over $3,000 can be paid before Board approval if the money is available and unencumbered. Various financial yearly cleaning up procedures for the ending Fiscal Year were okayed and the Board approved that a FY11 budget of a little over $13.8 million to be submitted to the County Auditor.

In the Legislative Update, President Brophey reported that the State legislators are still going back and forth on the new two year budget. They are facing a June 30 deadline.

For the Good News report, Garfield Principal Lisa Ferguson congratulated the students for raising $150 for the American Cancer Society. She also reported that both sections for the preschool for the next school year are full with a waiting list for any openings. Mr. Bereschik reported that the Daw Middle School Camp Air Reading & Math summer program went very well. Linda Rolley reported that there were 19 high school students in the OGT intervention class. The high school will begin an OGT study skills class that will be graded as pass or fail for next year's Freshman class. Rolley also thanked the Board for providing the services of WPD Officer Marsha Eisenhart this past school year. Bereschik also reported that the contractor is preparing to pour the borings for the new grandstands at Nicholson Stadium.

In other Board action Love Insurance Agency was approved to provide voluntary student accident and sickness insurance for next school year. Second and final reading for the drug testing policy was approved which will be effective July 1. All participants in any extra curricular activity not graded and applicants for parking passes will be drug tested at the high school. Wellsville becomes the second school in the county to have a drug testing program. East Palestine has had one for seven years. Rolley emphasized that the intent of the new policy is to help the students.rather than punish them. Mrs. Dash added that maybe other schools in the county will be encouraged to become proactive in starting their own drug testing programs.

The Board okayed a nursing preceptor agreement with Franciscan University. A motion passed to contract visual impairment services with Jefferson County ESC for next school year. Brophey was selected to be the delegate to the Ohio School Boards Capital Conference with Karen Dash as the alternative. Brophey was also nominated for the All-Ohio School Board Award. Bauer stated there are very few winners for this award. In 2010 there were only five winners throughout the state. Various field trips were approved and a list of familiar names for Daw Middle School and High School football, volleyball, golf and basketball coaches were approved.

The Board also approved bowling as an approved OHSAA recognized sport. It will be a winter sport and Walnut Lanes in East Liverpool will be the home lane for matches and practice. Parent Dale Palmer advised that a survey conducted came back with over 50% of the respondents in favor. Palmer said there will be eight members to a team and doesn't believe it will take any athletes away from other sports.

In closing statements nearly everyone congratulated the committee that worked on getting the drug testing policy together. Ed Bauer congratulated Class of 2011 graduate Shawntae Dillard for her placing in the long jump at the State Track meet. Mike Cook added that Shawntae was an awesome student from an awesome family. Karen Dash offered kudos to Girl's High School Basketball Coach Ed Swogger for getting the Girls Summer Basketball League going this year. Six different teams play two nights a week all through June. All games are played in the Tiger's Den. Brophey thanked Dale Palmer for all his efforts with the new golf team.

The meeting adjourned at 7:20 PM. The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 18, at 6:30 PM in the Superintendent's Office, 929 Center St.

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Wellsville Crime Watch Committee Learns of Services Available at Help Hotline Crisis Center

The Wellsville Crime Watch Committee held their regular monthly meeting Thursday evening, June 16, at Village Hall. The program for the meeting was presented by Mrs. Cathy Grizinski of the Help Hotline Crisis Center. Pictured here, Mrs. Grizinski explained the services available through the Center.

Located in Mahoning County the Crisis Center was incorporated in 1971 and has counselors available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It's a central clearing house for community human resource information and referral service for area residents. They cover Mahoning, Columbiana, Trumbull and Ashtabula Counties. The agency is licensed by the Ohio Department of Mental Health in areas of mental health education, hotline services, referral and information and other mental health services.

Some of the services offered are Community Resources with centralized information and referral center. They provide crisis intervention for Suicide Prevention. They are a member of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Grizinski said they average 6,000 calls annually in Columbiana County alone. There is a Victims of Crime Hotline with a full time victim's advocate available to provide community support, advocacy and reassurance. They have a Senior Line available to those age 55 or over for information, referral and supportive services. There is also help for transition from homelessness, guardianship and recovery projects.

There are a list of phone numbers available to call but the easiest one to remember is 211. Just by dialing 211 from anywhere in the coverage area directs your call to the Help Hotline Crisis Center. Pamphlets with more information is and other cards are available in the lobby of Village Hall, They are a public service available to help anyone through the steps towards solving a problem. Just call 211 to get started.

The next Crime Watch meeting will be Thursday, July 21 at 6:30 PM at Wellsville Village Hall. Guest speaker will be Tim Long from the CC Emergency Management Agency. The public is invited and welcome to attend.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

PPCT Presents "The Ransom of Red Chief"

You”ll only have one week-end to enjoy the Potter Players Community Theatre's performance of the O'Henry play “The Ransom of Red Chief”. It's a classic comedy where the mischievous Johnny “Red Chief” Dorset gets himself kidnapped by two bumbling, inept con men. The kidnappers quickly learn they are no match when it comes to Johnny's antics.

The play will be performed Friday & Saturday evening with show time at 8 PM. There will be a Sunday matinee with the curtain going up at 2 PM. All performances will be at the at the PPCT playhouse at 417 15th Street, Wellsville. Tickets are $8 for adults and $7 for students or seniors.

The play is directed by Kim Winkleman. The cast includes Travis Clark as Red Chief and Greg Van Dorn & Lance Angle as the con men. Others performing are Dennis Wise, Laura & Ciera Zeh. Emily Pethel, Michaela Winkleman, Jessi Hull, Tayler Reed, Lacey Hutchman, Leah Haustman, Haley Gorney and Mary Beth Morse.

You won't want to miss finding out how Red Chief turns the tables on his kidnappers. Shown here is Travis Clark & Lance Angle rehearsing last week for this week-end performances. Call 330-532-5540 for reservations.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

On The Calendar

Happy belated Father's Day to all the dads out there. Hope your were treated like royalty.

Monday – June 20:

  • Girl's Summer Basketball League – Wellsville Lady Tigers play at 5 PM in the Tiger's Den – 1 Bengal Dr.

  • Wellsville Board of Education – 6:30 PM in Superintendent's Office – 929 Center St.

  • Immaculate Conception Concerned Parishioners – 7 PM at SOI Lodge – 327 Main St

Tuesday – June 21:

  • Wellsville Library Story Hour – 10 to 11 AM at the library – Main St.

  • Wellsville Historical Society – 7:30 PM at River Museum – 1003 Riverside Ave. - Trustees meet at 7 PM

Wednesday - June 22:

  • WHS Alumni Activities Committee Benefit Dinner for Liberty Theater Restoration Fund Raiser – 4 to 7 PM at the Alumni Center – 201 3rd St.

  • Girl's Summer Basketball League – Games start at 5 PM – Wellsville Lady Tigers play at 6 PM – 1 Bengal Dr.

Thursday – June 23:

  • Nothing on our calendar...yet

Friday – June 24:

  • Potter Players present “Ransom of Red Chief” - 8 PM at play house – 417 15th St.

Saturday – June 25:

  • Mason's Breakfast – Done until September

  • Lauva Memorial Golf Tournament – 8 AM at Beaver Creek Meadows – Route 7

  • Lynn & Skitch Getting' Hitched!

  • Potter Players present “Ransom of Red Chief” - 8 PM at play house -417 15th St.

Sunday – June 26:

  • Worship at a church of your choice

  • Potter Players present “Ransom of Red Chief” - 2 PM at play house – 417 15th St.

The Immaculate Conception Concerned Parishioners have formally adopted the name of “Committee to Save Immaculate Conception Church” at their strategy meeting last week. Monday's meeting is open to all parishioners.

The Girl's Summer Basketball League is in their final two weeks of play. They meet each Monday and Wednesday with games starting at 5 PM. All games are played in Wellsville.

There will not be any Wellsville Council meeting Tuesday evening. They are on their summer one-meeting-a-week schedule until September.

The program for Tuesday's Historical Society meeting will feature EL Historical Society President Tim Brooks speaking on Civil War General John Reilly, we believe. Gen. Reilly was a Wellsville resident and attorney.

Wednesday is the benefit baked chicken dinner the Alumni Activities Committee is hosting to raise funds for the Liberty Theater Retoration group. All tickets have been pre-sold.

Friday evening starts the one week-end only of the Potters Players performance of the family comedy “Ransom of Red Chief”. Performances will be Friday & Saturday starting at 8 PM and a Sunday matinee at 2 PM. Call 330-532-5540 for more information.

Saturday is the annual scholarship fund raiser Memorial Golf Tournament. Call 330-383-2228 for details.

Have a good week everyone...

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anonymous Donar Jumps On the Wellsville Revitalization Committee's Train

Wednesday – June 15: The Shop Local campaign introduced last month by the Wellsville Revitalization Committee (WRC) is apparently picking up steam. The “Jump On The Train – Shop Local Campaign” sponsored by the Committee was reported in the local newspapers recently. The campaign encourages shoppers to at least try to shop locally before heading out of town for what they need. Statistically every dollar spent on goods and services in the Village keeps at least 45 cents of that dollar here.

As reported this evening by WRC President Candy Bangor that newspaper report caught the eye of one generous benefactor. After reading the report the benefactor came to Wellsville to personally visit the floodwall murals and to see the bicycle rack presented to Center Pharmacy last year for the 1st annual Community Pride Award. They liked what they saw and contacted the Committee. Bangor announced that the benefactor has pledged $10,000 to help complete the floodwall murals and to use the balance left over to continue the work of the WRC. Bangor said the benefactor wishes to remain anonymous and their wishes will be honored.

Started seven years ago the WRC began with the murals in hopes to attract visitors to Wellsville that would patronize local merchants. They joined the Main Street USA program with the goal to rejuvenate the business area of the village supporting Wellsville merchants and hoping this would attract new businesses. Toward that goal the Shop Local Campaign was initiated and has been well received by Wellsville merchants.

Future plans call for a dedication ceremony for the murals and a festival to commemorate the occasion. Once the $10,000 pledge is received they plan to get a bronze sculpture made of a young girl and boy sitting on a bench reading a book with part of that donation. If approved by the Wellsville Library Board of Directors it will be placed in front of the library along Main Street.

Bangor expressed deep gratitude for the very generous donation to the WRC and added it will enhance the committee's fund raising efforts such as the hot dog sales and the annual Village Yard Sale in the fall.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

On The Calendar

We never got around to doing a calendar last week but we're back. Actually we got tied up with other activities last Sunday and there really wasn't a whole going on for the week. School got out for the summer. Hope everyone takes extra caution when driving around and keeps an eye out for children playing ourtside. Another note of concern is being extra alert around swimming pools. There has already been horror stories in the news this summer – one in Youngstown and two in the Pittsburgh area. Please be extra alert, especially with the younger ones. We're hoping for a safe and fun summer for all.

Monday – June 13:

  • Immaculate Conception Concerned Parishioners – 7 PM at SOI Lodge – 327 Main St.

  • Elks Lodge 1040 – 7:30 PM at the lodge – 723 Riverside

Tuesday – June 14:

  • Flag Day – Show your colors

  • Wellsville Area Ministerial Association Breakfast Meeting – 9 AM at Tonda's Place – 400 Main St.

  • Wellsville Library Story Hour – 10 to 11 AM at the library – Main St.

Wednesday – June 15:

  • Medical Assistance Program – 9:30 AM to Noon at First Christian Church – 831 Main St.

Thursday – June 16:

  • BWD Board of Trustees – 9 AM at Wellsville Village Hall – 1200 Main St.

  • Wellsville Crime Watch Committee – 6 PM at Village Hall – 1200 Main St.

Friday – June 17:

  • Nothing on our schedule yet...

Saturday – June 18:

  • Mason's Breakfast – 7:30 to 10 AM at Masonic Temple – Main St.

Sunday – June 19:

  • Worship at a church of your choice

  • Father's Day

Tuesday starts off the summer story hours at the Library. It runs through July 26 with stories from around the world every Tuesday morning.

The Wellsville Area Ministerial Association's Breakfast meeting Tuesday morning will be the last one for the summer according to President Rev. Jay Nightengale. It is open to all area ministers and church members.

Thursday's Crime Watch Committee will have Ms. Cathy Grizinski as the guest speaker. She will be talking about the Crisis Center.

WHS Girls Basketball Head Coach Ed Swogger organized a Girls Basketball Summer League with teams from Beaver Local, East Liverpool, Oak Glen, Southern Local, Toronto & Wellsville. Games are played each Monday & Wednesday evening in the Tigers Den starting at 5 PM through June. It's open to the public.

Have a good week everyone...

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wellville Village Council Meeting

Tuesday – June 7: Wellsville Village Council held their bimonthly meeting Tuesday evening at Village Hall. Present at the meeting was President Pro-Tem Randy Allmon and Council Members Sue Haugh, John McMahon & Tony Cataldo. Also attending was Fiscal Officer Dale Davis, Legal Advisor Andy Beech and Village Administrator Jim Saracco. Council Members Rosie Goss and Joe Soldano were excused.

In Public Speaking, 15th Street resident Don Brown addressed Council saying he was representing Stevenson Manufacturing owners Todd & Tim Lynch. Brown said he and Fire Chief Bill Smith approached the Lynch brothers to see if Stevenson could manufacture metal hangers capable of holding the fireman's fall out gear. The hangers being used are either wire or wooden ones, many of which have come from the old Fire Station. Stevenson found some and ordered enough to furnish both fire departments. Brown remarked that Stevenson has helped both fire departments and have also been a great asset to the Wellsville Memorial Council. Fire Chief Smith, left, is shown above with Brown holding a sample of the hangers being supplied by Stevenson.

Village Administrator Jim Saracco reported that as of June 7 two of his men have applied a total of 40 tons of hot patch filling pot holes. Saracco noted there is still many more pot holes to be filled but commended his two men for the job they are doing. With the hot patch supplier from Toronto currently unavailable to supply the kind of asphalt used by the Village the workers have to get the patch from a Weirton company. To avoid the hot patch setting up and being wasted before it's used they are only able to get a couple of tons at a time. Saracco said they then “have to work like heck” once they get back to town and thought the two should be commended for the job they are doing.

Saracco also said he would like to thank Skip Daniels and his two sons for their help getting grass cut at the cemetery.

Fire Chief Bill Smith reported he has received serveral calls about “open burning”, such as bon fires in back yards. Smith said after checking with the EPA it is not permitted. EPA permits are required for any open burning. Any cooking must be done in a proper container made just for that. There is an ordinance concerning this and any open burning has to be approved by the Fire Committee and have the required EPA permit. When asked by Councilwoman Haugh, Smith advised a flag burning ceremony is usually done using a drum designed for that and is no problem.

For the Mayor's Report Allmon said the Mayor is recommending recent high school graduate Chad Elliott “for employment in the Fire Dept.” Smith advised that Elliott would be required to have 36 hours basic training completed within the first year. If passed there is a grant available to reimburse the Village for the cost of the training. The recommendation was approved. After the meeting the Chief advised that Elliott would be hired as a paid, call-out volunteer.

Tony Cataldo announced there will be a Finance Committee meeting Thursday, June 9 at 2 PM. He hopes all Council members will show up “with their ideas how to cut $90,000 out of the General Fund”. He was referring to his request at a Finance Committee meeting last week when he asked for members to consider ways to cut back to avoid a deficit in the General Fund in this year's budget.

John McMahon got approval on a Police Department request to close Main Street from 8th to 9th on Sunday, June 12 for a Police Memorial Poker Run. McMahon noted the street would be closed approximately from 1 to 3 PM. The riders will be coming from Austintown.

McMahon also got an okay to order in legislation to apply for Issue 1 funds for street paving/catch basins. McMahon advised they will contacting the grant writer for a possible matching grant to cover the Village cost on this.

To wrap up his report McMahon complimented the Volunteer Fire Department for the hard work they did putting on this year's Fireman's Homecoming Festival and Saturday's parade He observed they did a nice job.

Allmon reported that the Sewer Committee is still waiting on the United Water proposal to get the flood wall pumps repaired. Cataldo requested the Village Administrator check on the sludge testing that was suppose to be done for the Sewage Treatment Plant.

Property Committee Chairwoman Sue Haugh reported on the “very informative” meeting held this past Monday evening with Everflow Eastern concering drilling for gas and oil. She advised she is getting a date set for another organization in a couple of weeks and encourages everyone attend.

With only four members present Council approved Resolution 11-4 on first reading to exclude the City of Salem for an alternative method of apportionment of Local Government Funds in 2012. Fiscal Officer Davis advised this is done yearly for these funds. East Liverpool used to be excluded but since the 2010 census Salem is now the largest city in Columbiana County.

Under New Business John McMahon suggested a thank-you letter be sent to Stevenson Manufacturing for their donation to the Fire Depts. McMahon noted that members of the community, such as Stevenson, that come forward to help the Village is a “terrific thing”.

On a motion by Tony Cataldo Council approved holding only one meeting a month for the next four months. The meetings will be held the first Tuesday of the month in June, July, August & September. Council will resume bimonthly meetings in October. Haugh explained by doing this Council members are able to schedule vacations and family events without missing any meetings. If necessary Special Meetings can be scheduled between the regular meetings.

The meeting adjourned at 6:21 PM. The next regular scheduled meeting is Tuesday, July 5 at 6 PM at Village Hall.

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Wellsville Library Summer Reading Program

The nice folks at the Wellsville Public Library are preparing to start their summer story hour program this coming Tuesday, June 14. The summer story hour will be held each Tuesday through July 26 from 10 to 11 AM at the Library on Main St. The story theme will be “One World Many Stories” with stories from around the world. On the last Tuesday, July 26, the children will be treated to a special performance by Kevin, The Juggling Guy.

Parents can register their children or get more information by calling the library at 330-532-1526. Please register your children before June 14.

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Liberty Theater Clean-up Party

The Liberty Theater Renovation group will be holding a second clean up party this coming Saturday, June 11 from 10 AM to 1 PM. According to the note from Renovation Chairwoman Erin Orr they will be concentrating on the outside this Saturday and possibly the stage area. Anyone that can spare a few hours Saturday to help with this community project is welcome to attend. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Remember to wear old work clothes and sturdy shoes are recommended. Please, no flip flops or open toe footwear.

Also, there are still tickets available for the WHS Alumni Activities Committee chicken dinner being held at the Alumni Center for the benefit of the Liberty Theater renovation. The dinner will be Wednesday, June 22 from 4 to 7 PM. Tickets are available at

AirWaves, Center Pharmacy, Roberts Funereal Home or by calling Erin at 330-692-2037. Tickets are only $10 apiece and the dinner will baked chicken breast, mashed potatoes & gravy, salad, green beans, dessert and coffee, tea or punch. No tickets will be sold at the door. There will also be a 50/50 and Chinese Auction.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wellville Village Property Committee Meets

Monday – June 6: Wellsville's Village Council's Property Committee held a meeting Monday evening at Village Hall. Present at the meeting was Committee Chairwoman Sue Haugh and Committee Members Rosie Goss & Randy Allmon. Also attending was Councilman John McMahon and Village Administrator Jim Saracco.

The first part of the meeting was devoted to a sales pitch by Leasing Manager Les Dundics of Everflow Eastern, Inc. Everflow Eastern is located in Canfield and they are a broker for land owners with drilling companies such as Chesapeake. Dundics advised that Wellsville is right in the heart of the richest Utica shale region and that have drillers very much interested . Fees for Everflow Eastern is 10% of the amount of the land lease negotiated with the drilling company with no claims on whatever royalties are agreed upon between the land owner and the driller.

Currently Village officials are investigating their best options for possible drilling on the old City dump and old reservoir properties. Nothing inside the Village limits, the Springhill Cemetery or Hammonds Park is being offered for consideration. Another broker outfit that is being considered is called ALOV or the Association of Landowners of the Ohio Valley. They are a nonprofit organization of local landowners that have joined together to educate and protect the landowners oil & gas rights. ALOV has members in Columbiana, Carroll, Jefferson, Mahoning, Stark, Tuscarawas and Harrison Counties. It was decided to get more information on ALOV before proposing anything for Council's consideraton. Chairwoman Haugh said she wants what is best for the Village.

Also proposed at last night's meeting was to have Council consider selling some of the vacant property they currently own. Haugh noted that two different parties have expressed interest on a Village owned piece of land along Main St. She proposed that Council vote to get it appraised and put it up for bids. Noting that there are a half dozen or more parcels of land that the Village owns and have no plans for, Haugh suggested Council consider putting them up for sale too. It would eliminate the expense of maintaining or paying taxes on them.

While on the subject of maintaining properties Haugh gave a reminder that a lot of time was spent on revising and preparing ordinances that require landowners to keep their properties free of overgrown weeds and grass. They will be enforced. She recommended the Village Administration be given a list of any unkempt properties to follow up on and refer to Magistrate Court if necessary. Saracco noted he presently has six properties he has been working on to get the owners to clean up.

Haugh also noted that in two years as Chairwoman of the Property Committee she received more complaints this year than ever on the condition of Springhill Cemetery. On behalf of Council, Haugh offered an apology for the lack of equipment, man power and funds that resulted in the condition of Springhill doing the Memorial Day holiday. Saracco noted that this year was the first time in eight years that he wasn't authorized to hire two part time employees in May to help maintain the cemetery grounds.

Before closing the meeting Haugh issued a reminder that anybody that plans to open any type of business within the Village must first have their plans approved by the Zoning Commission. That includes non-profit organizations too. Contact Zoning Administrator Rick Williams for additional information.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Wellsville High School Class Day 2011

The Wellsville High School Class Day was held Thursday, May 26, in the Tiger's Den. It was the first time the Class of 2011 appeared in cap & gown. There is 71 members of the WHS Class of 2011. There would have been 72 had Mathugh Johnston been able to be with them. Unfortunately it wasn't to be but rest assured that Mathugh was smiling down on his classmates. Although unseen you just knew he was there in spirit.

There were honors recognized, many rewards presented, thousands of dollars in scholarships and book grants awarded to many recipients. They are far too many to list each and every one of them. So, we'll let pictures do the talking. You can left click on any one collage to enlarge for a better look.

By this time the Class of 2011 are now officially alumni of WHS. They graduated this past Sunday. Congratulations to all...

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wellsville Board of Education Special Meeting

Thursday – May 26: The Wellsville Board of Education met in special session a week ago today to take care of three items on the meeting agenda. Present at the meeting was BOE President Tom Brophey, Board Members Ed Bauer, Mike Cook, Karen Dash and Bill Miller. Also attending was District Superintendent Rich Bereschik. The meeting was held in the High School Conference Room.

The first item on the agenda was awarding a contract to E & D Speciality Stands Inc., of Columbus, for the new grand stand at Nicholson Stadium. The contract to build and install the new aluminum stands is for $230,300 and will include a press box similar to the one across the field.

Bereschik noted there were five bids received to replace the recently demolished eastern side grand stands. The E & D bid was approximately $19,000 less than the next highest bid received. The new stands will be prefabricated at the factory to be assembled at the stadium. It is expected to take approximately two weeks to assemble once the company starts. The new stands will be ready for the 2011 football home opener in August.

The other two items on the agenda was to accept the resignations of two long time Garfield Elementary teachers. Retiring is Mrs. Cindy Zelasko with 40 years of service and Mrs. Linda Dye with 21 years service. Bereschik noted Mrs. Dye has a total of 31 years teaching experience having worked elsewhere prior to coming to Wellsville. Both resignations were accepted with regrets and best wishes.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:35 PM. The next regularly scheduled meeting is set for Monday, June 20 at 6:30 PM, in the Superintendent's Office at 929 Center St.

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Wellsville Mayor Honors WHS Class of 2011

With a tradition he started eight years ago Wellsville Mayor Joe Surace honored the WHS Class of 2011 with his final “Breakfast with the Mayor”. In the final year of his second term as mayor, Surace noted this year's breakfast was special with having three of his grandchildren in the Class of 2011. Seniors Danny Dye and Chad & Chelsea Elliott are members of the graduating the class.

Wellsville Area Ministerial Association Liaison, Pastor Darlene Zanders served as Master of Ceremonies. The breakfast was hosted by Wellsville's First Baptist Church and Pastor Roosevelt Thompson welcomed all the guests.

Army Recruiter Sgt. Gary Young challenged the graduating seniors to find a job you love doing. When you do that you'll never have to work a day in your life. The Iraqi War veteran presented this year's US Army National Scholar/Athlete Awards to Leah Kelly and Tyler Reed.

Eastern Gateway Community College Co-coordinator Ms. Johnna Provenzano told the students to never lose their ambition and desire for personal achievement. Ms. Provenzano related how she grew up in Mingo Junction, a town similar in size to Wellsville, graduated from Mingo Central Catholic and was the first in her family to go to college.

Wellsville Police Chief Joe Scarabino told the group that they will face many challenges in life while he had them close their eyes. He emphasized that each and every one of them have to be responsible for themselves. To drive home his point he startled the class members slamming a metal folding chair on the floor saying you don't want to wake up some morning being sorry for something you did. That opened their eyes!

Wrapping up the breakfast each student was presented with a personal Mayoral Proclamation congratulating them. The Mayor told them you may leave Wellsville but Wellsville will never leave you.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

D's Feet Named Business of the Month

D's Feet was named the May Business of the Month at the Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce's monthly luncheon held May 24. The business is owned and operated by Ms. Denise Groves. She is a Licensed Pedorthist and specializes in diabetic footcare such as therapeutic footware designed to custom fit the customer. In the picture above, from the left, is Chamber Board of Director member James Saracco, Groves and Chamber President Randy Allmon. Groves can be contacted at phone 330-383-1383.

In other business Allmon announced the Chamber sponsored rabies clinic was a huge success. The clinic was held May 21 along with Wellsville's St. Francis Animal Welfare Center. There were 74 pets that received the reduced cost inoculations.

The next Chamber luncheon will be held Tuesday, June 28, at the Riverside Roadhouse beginning at noon. Guest speaker will be East Liverpool City Hospital CEO Kenneth Cochran.

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Alley Cat Aid Brigade To Have Yard Sale

The members of Wellville's Alley Cat Aid Brigade will be holding a yard sale this coming week-end. It's a fund raiser to help with their trap-neuter-release program for feral cats in the village.

Started a few years ago the Alley Cat Aid Brigade uses a humane method that will eventually control the feral cat population. Cats are lured into traps, taken to a veternarian to be spade and released back where they were captured. It's not an animal shelter that finds homes for stray cats. It's a long term, humane solution to control the growing population of wild cats. Although the group consists of all volunteer members there is still expenses incurred. Your help and donations are greatly appreciated.

Stop by the yard sale Saturday or Sunday. There will probably be something you would love to have. The sale will be open for business from 9 AM to 4 PM both days.

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