Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Citizen Banking Co.

One more trip down memory lane with before & now pictures.  This bank building is still located at 1210 Main St.  It has undergone additions to enlarge it since it was first build.  Over the years its name changed from Citizen’s Bank to Sky Bank.  For some reason we’re thinking there was another name before being changed to Sky.  Eventually it was merged into the Huntington banking system and the bank was closed at that location.  Today that building is for sale if you’re interested.

Bank was called Sky Bank when it was closed
This is another WHS year book advertisement from back in the 1960s.

 ole nib

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Phil L. said...

My distinct memory of this building comes from just how strange the economy could be back in the late 70's to early 80's: That bank once offered CD's at 16%, a notable return even in that era. My parents had me dig through all my savings to come up with the minimum to buy in. Of course, it was an impressive return - that just kept up with the inflation of the day.

Thanks for keeping the memories alive, nib!