Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wellsville Kickoffs 2012 Season With Big Win

Tigers taking the field.

QB Sloan diving for goal line

Seth Bradford picking up some yards
after 1st half reception

Wellsville opened the 2012 Season with a convincing win against longtime rival Toronto Red Knight.  It’s a non-league game but it is a traditional rivalry that goes back years.  Playing at home in Nicholson Stadium the Fighting Tigers thumped the Red Knights 42-13. 

QB Jordan Sloan opened up the scoring with 10:28 left in the 1st quarter showing on the clock.  Sloan finished the night with 11 carries, two TDs and 72 yards on the ground.  Sophomore Zack Mellott broke the goal line late in the first quarter to make the score 14-0 with 1:30 left in the frame.  Mellott was second ground gainer on the night averaging an astounding 17.5 yards per carry.  According to newspaper accounts he carried the ball 6 times for a total of 105 yards.  Junior Brendan Carr rounded out the scoring with 2 TDs and 91 yards on the night.  Junior Marcus Moxley was leading ground gainer.  See post below. 

No other statistics were published in either of our local newspapers but it’s easy to see that Wellsville had an outstanding night.  In our opinion they are going to be a team to be reckoned with this year.  Opening night didn’t dispel that thought. 

The Tigers look to make it 2&0 on the year tomorrow night.  They travel to West Virginia to take on the Oak Glen Golden Bears.  The Bears beat Edison last week on the road.  It will be an early season battle of the unbeatens.  Too bad for the Bears…

Good Luck Tigers! 

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Moxley Leading Ground Gainer In Game 1

Marcus Moxley looking for the corner

His Jr. Hi coach tells us Marcus Moxley is one of the nicest guys you want to me – good student, extremely polite and a humble type of man.  He’s also extremely fast.  Give him a chance to get to the corner or create a hole in the line for him and he can burn up some turf. 

Averaging 8.9 yards per carry he was the leading ground gainer for the Tigers this past Friday.  He finished the game with 116 yards for 13 carries. 

We’re sure he was just trying to get around Toronto’s Nate Stewart but we thought of Johnny Heisman when we saw this photo.  Stiff arm, ball in the right position and running all out… 

Great game Marcus!   Stay healthy…

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LeMasters 6 For 6 In PATs

PAT attempt on way through the uprights
Got lots of kick-offs last Friday
Cavan LaMasters

Place kicker Cavan LeMasters was 100% spot on with all six of his point-after-touchdown attempts.  LeMasters is a junior and also excels in soccer. 

Although not needed in last Friday’s game against Toronto his toe could make the difference in some games on down the road. 

Good job Cavan…

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It's All Part Of The Game

Head Coach Dave Skinner "complimenting"
one of referee's calls!

Coaches, the Tiger’s Marching Pride and pretty cheerleaders…  They, along with the players on the field knocking heads, make up some of the colorful pageantry of the game of football.

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Game of the Week

WTOV Cameraman

WTOV Sportscasters

Last Friday’s game against Toronto was the WTOV – Channel 9 Game of the Week.  They were there in full force taping the game for broadcast later. 

 They got their money's worth...

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wellsville HOF Presenters

Carter getting a telephone call from Mike

Burns getting big ol' hug from daughter
At the Wellsville HOF Induction Ceremonies each candidate selects someone special to present them.  Each of this year’s presenters all had very good introduction speeches.   Some of them are exceptional in our opinion such as Murph Burns.  There is nothing more heartwarming than a proud daddy talking about his little girl.  Murph even had us with watery eyes when he spoke about daughter Gabrielle.  It was very touching and obviously very sincere.   It was close to being the best in our opinion.

Our vote for the best presentation had to be the one given by Davey Carter.  Carter presented former Wellsville neighbor Jared Mike.  Carter got to know Mike simply because he had a basketball hoop in the driveway at his home.  He didn’t go to school with him, didn’t formerly coach him and wasn’t even close to his age.  He did spend many a Sunday afternoon taking on the gangly youth, one-on-one, in his driveway. 

His introduction was well thought out, humorous and entertaining.  We’re glad we were able to hear it.

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Wellsville Athletic HOF Adds Eight

Seated from the left is Linda Rolley Weekley, Carrie Cornwell, Jean Flasco representing
Calhoun and Coach Gilger.  Back row from the left is Sherrill Jackson, "Pick" Rolley, Jr.,
Jared Mike, Gabrielle Burns-Baker and Eric Dowling

The Wellsville Athletic Hall of Fame got a little larger this past Saturday, August 25.  Eight new members were inducted into the hall at ceremonies held at the high school.  It was the sixth class inducted.  The last induction was held during the All-Class Reunion in 2010. 

Enshrined this year were two members of the Senior Era – Raymond “Pick” Rolley, Class of 1924 and George Calhoun, Class of 1928.  Mr. Rolley was the senior “Pick” and we’ve been told there is now a fourth Pick “waiting in the wings”. 

Members of the Senior Era selected is Sherrill Jackson, Class of 1972, Carrie Cornwell, Class of 1987, Eric Dowling, Class of 1987, Jared Mike, Class of 2003, Gabrielle Burns-Baker, Class of 2004 and Howard Gilger, Coach & retired teacher. 

Their pictures are now displayed on the wall-of-fame at the high school along with their fellow inductees.

 Congratulations to all…

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2nd Annual Wellsville Team Mojo 5 K Run/Walk Held

Three members of Kelly family finish race

This past Saturday Center Pharmacy sponsored the 2nd Annual Team Mojo Back To School 5K Run/Walk in Wellsville.  Even though the number of participants was down a bit this year there were some new faces sporting a runner’s number.  The 5K starts at the Wellsville High School, winds around through town and ends back at the school.

Jovie Kelly warms up prior to race
Most amazing to us was Mrs. Lyndsey Kelly and her two children.  Pictured here, Mrs. Kelly finished second among the women and fourth or fifth overall.  The amazing fact that she ran the whole way pushing a baby stroller loaded with two children still boggles our brain.   We had to take a nap after considering that accomplishment!  Son Case is facing the camera.  To his right was his little sister Jovie keeping an eye on her mom, shown in the second picture.  Mrs. Kelly is a teacher at Daw Middle School. 

More information is available about Team Mojo on the web site found at It’s a wonderful organization of all unpaid volunteers doing many things to help disadvantaged children not feel left out.

Congratulations Mrs. Kelly…  Your performance on Saturday morning was a very real example for students of all ages of what can be done with just a little determination. 

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Registration Required For Fall Story Hours

The Wellsville Carnegie Library is getting set to start their Fall Story Hours.  The story hours will begin Tuesday, September 18, and then be held every Tuesday through November 13.  There will be two sessions on each Tuesday.  The first is for preschoolers and begins at 11:30 AM. The second session is for students in grades K through 3rd and is scheduled to begin at 3:30 PM.  The story hours will be held at the Library located on Main Street in Wellsville. 

As usual the program is free but registration is required.  Call the Library for details. 

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lincoln Weekend At The River Museum

Lincoln Casket Replica

The Wellsville Historical Society is ready to put on a humdinger for the last week-end of the Summer Open House touring at the River Museum.  Thanks to the generous help of the Martin-MacLean-Altmeyer (MMA) Funeral Home this last week-end in August is one you will not want to miss.  We’re calling it the Lincoln Week-end.  It’s a two day event scheduled for Saturday, August 25 and Sunday, August 26.  The museum will be open from 1 to 4:30 PM each of these days.  This is the second year of the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War.  

105 OVI Re-enactors
On display In the Mary Clark Parlor will be an exact replica of the casket Abraham Lincoln is buried in.  It is one of only four in existence that the Batesville Casket Company loans out for special displays such as this.  The use of the casket display was made possible through the efforts of Matthew Watson, a MMA Funeral Counselor. 

Gary Kersey
Also through the efforts of Watson and the funeral home the re-enactment group called the 105 Ohio Volunteer Infantry (OVI) Civil War group will set up camp on the lawn of the River Museum.  They will be setting up on Friday and will be available for reviewing beginning at 1 PM Saturday. They will dressed in authentic type Civil War, Union Army uniforms with their weapons and equipment. The 105 OVI was mustered into service in August 1862 at Camp Taylor near Cleveland.  They fought in Kentucky, Tennessee and with General Sherman going through Georgia. 

Members of the 105 OVI and the 66 OVI will provide an honor guard for the Lincoln casket the same as if old Abe himself was in there. The 66th OVI re-enactors were here for a show a couple of years ago. 

At 2 o’clock Saturday afternoon Watson will have a program on Lincoln’s funeral, funeral practices at the time of Lincoln and a display of embalming equipment use during the Civil War years.  Watson has done extensive research to make this a most interesting and educational program. 

On Sunday at 2 PM nationally noted Lincoln scholar Gary Kersey will present a program about Lincoln’s Proclamation of Emancipation.  Kersey is a passionate Lincoln scholar and over the years has done exhaustive research of the 16th President of the United States.  Kersey is a native of Port William, Ohio, and is active in the Civil War Institute of Gettysburg College. 

The programs and touring are open to the public and admission is by donation only.  The River Museum is located along the scenic Ohio River at 1003 Riverside Avenue in Wellsville just behind the Central United Methodist Church on Main St.  Limited parking is available at the museum with additional parking available just a few doors down, at 11th & Riverside.  For more information call 330-532-1018 or 330-532-4692. 

Please join us and witness history relived at the Wellsville River Museum.  It’s the “hidden gem in the valley…

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wellsville Council Hires "New" Firefighter

With her back to the camera Mayor Haugh swears in Wellsville's
newest full-time firefighter.  From the left is Barry Podwell, wife D.J.
Podwell holding the bible and dad Harry Podwell looking on.
The Wellsville Village Council held one of their two monthly meetings last night.  Mayor Susan Haugh presided. 

During the Public Speaking Portion on the agenda Commerce Street resident Ron Dumoulin asked that Council look into the possibility of abandoning a portion of Lisbon Street behind the Boy & the boot statue and make it a mini-park.  The portion in question is the brick part of the street that was cut off when they erected the floodwall. That was after the 1936 flood.  Except for some occasional parking it is not used.  Dumoulin suggested taking up the brick, landscaping, placing a couple of benches there and maybe selling memorial paver stones for a walkway.  Dumoulin and his wife Julie are the couple that adopted that area and the Wells Avenue Bridge on a volunteer basis.  They also take care of the hanging baskets on the bridge.  The Mayor responded that they will take a look at it.

Speaking on behalf of the Revitalization Committee, Riverside resident Beverly Hentzell said the Annual Village Yard Sale would be handled by the Alley Cat Aid Brigade (ACAB).  Hentzell noted it was for this year only so the brigade can raise some funds for their Christmas for the Animals.

Speaking for the ACAB, 10th St. resident Connie Carmichael asked Council’s permission to hold the yard sale in the lot by the Fire Dept.  Fire Chief Bill Smith advised he would like one lane left open just in case they had a call at the same time of the sale.  With Council’s permission the Yard Sale will be held Saturday, September 8.  Permits are $3 per piece and are available at Village Hall.  For more information on the sale call 330-532-9064.

Mrs. Sherrill Jackson invited all Council members, Village Officials and all the others attending the meeting to the monthly Crime Watch Committee meetings.  The meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at Village Hall beginning at 6 PM.  Councilman John Morrow attended the August meeting.  He was the first Village official to attend one for a while.

Police Chief Joe Scarabino advised his department’s report will be given at the next Council meeting.  He wants to compile all this month’s figures into his first report.  He also asked Council to officially approve the hiring of Officer Salvatore Scarafile to part-time status.  Scarabino noted Scarafile has completed all his probationary requirements.  At the Mayor’s suggestion the appointment vote was unanimous by all members of Council present.  Finally he advised that all the details have been finalized with officials of the Team MOJO 5K Back to School Run.  The run will be held this coming Saturday beginning at 9 AM at the Wellsville High School, proceed through village streets and wind up back at the high school. 

For the Fire Department, Chief Bill Smith submitted a report for the first seven months of 2012.  There were 80 call outs during that time frame with 41% of those being for full fire alarms.  Smith also recommended that Volunteer Firefighter Barry Podwell be appointed to the open full-time position.  Smith noted that he has been working closely with the Mayor with most time being devoted to economic issues.  Smith advised his time will be “short lived here” and the department needs someone to be his right hand man.  He said there were five applications received for the job.  Four of them were interviewed.  Smith went on to say it was a tough decision choosing one out of the four but felt Podwell will be able to learn the job quickly and  be able to take over in his absence.  Smith has postponed medical surgery since Doug Elliott’s retirement.  He later told us he has nearly a year and half of sick leave built up if needed for his recuperation following surgery. Podwell has 24 years’ experience as a volunteer and paid call out firefighter.  Podwell was sworn in following the meeting.

United Water Sewage Treatment Plant Manager Greg Stewart reported that AEP is moving the electrical lines at the Second Street pump station in preparation of work to be done there.  Also, Rudzik advised that they will begin work on replacing that pump station in September.  Replacing the pump station is the first phase of the proposed rebuilding of the forced main line to the treatment plant.  Originally hoped to be done as one whole project the Village was forced to do one part at a time because of the lack of available grant funding.  The forced main runs from the #1 pump station at 2nd St. to the Sewage Treatment Plant at 17th St.

Village Administrator Thom Edgell reported that the summer part-time helpers will finish up this coming Friday.  The laborers are furnished and paid through a County program with no cost to the Village.  Edgell said Wellsville started with 10 part-timers and there are eight of them left.  He also advised the sidewalk program will begin “quickly”.  Work will hopefully begin by August 22 installing six catch basins and 180 to 210 feet of larger diameter drainage pipe going down Highland Ave.    Edgell said there is “a fairly active” natural spring coming off the hillside that creates an ice hazard in the winter.  Also they have found some clogged drainage lines.  He noted when there is a hard rain the drainage lines that do work are too small to handle the water run-off.  As with the other work done this summer the Village will be purchasing the basins and contracting the work out to have them installed according to the Administrator.

There were no Committee reports.

A resolution was passed authorizing the Fiscal Officer to certify various unpaid sewage bills to the County Auditor.  With that certification a lien can be place on the property where the bills were generated.  Before the property owners can obtain a clean title to sell the parcel the sewage bills have to be paid.  In Wellsville the property owner is responsible for tenants that leave unpaid sewage bills on any rentals. 

An ordinance on whether to replace a Street Dept. employee with one full-timer or two part-timers was tabled until the Personnel Committee can make up their minds on what to recommend.  The Finance Committee determined the Village cannot afford to replace the full time position and add two additional part-timers.  It will have to be one or the other. A Personnel Committee meeting called earlier yesterday to decide which way to go went into Executive Session for possible disciplinary action before any decision was made.  It was apparent at last night’s Council meeting there was nothing done. 

Two other ordinances were placed on third & final reading an adopted without a dissenting vote.  One was authorizing the Fiscal Officer to transfer $50,000 from the General Fund to the Capitol Improvements Fund.  Although no explanations were given this money is likely part of the money received for drilling leases.  No one offered an explanation on what the money will be used for either.  We’re guessing catch basins, new sidewalks and sewage pump stations but can’t say for sure.  That’s your tax dollars at work folks…

The second ordinance was approving a raise to $9 per hour for all extra and paid called firemen. 

The meeting adjourned at 6:29 PM.  The next scheduled meeting is set to begin at 6 PM on September 3 at Village Hall.

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Wellsville School Board Tweaks Drug Testing Policy

High School Principal Linda Rolley

The Wellsville School District Board of Education held their regular monthly meeting this past Monday evening.  The meeting was held in the Superintendent’s Office with President Karen Dash presiding. 

For the finances District Treasurer Coleen Wickham reported that July receipts were $532,777 and expenses were $564,345 leaving a balance of $1.3 million in the General Fund.  The General Set-Asides fund remains the same with a balance of $719,477.  Interest earned for the month of July totaled $1,764.  Mrs. Wickham reported that the district’s CDs came due at CF Bank.  Due to less favorable CD rates at CF the money was moved and reinvested at Huntington Bank.  Huntington was offering 0.4% interest on the invested money. 

In the Student Achievement Report Mrs. Dash noted that the entire teaching staff at Garfield Elementary has completed their training for the new reading program known as “Success for All”.  Orientation for new students was held at the Daw Middle School.   There will be an open house held at the Middle School on August 28 from 5 to 6:30 PM.  At the High School 50 incoming freshmen got their orientation and class schedules.  There were two seniors from the Class of 2012 that finally passed their OGT proficiency requirements to get their diplomas.  The official results for the release of the final State Report Cards has been delayed until at least until September 10.  Originally expected to be released on August 29 the results are being held up with while reported data by some districts being clarified.  Dash advised there “seems to be some discrepancies there” and added WSD numbers improved.  They just want the official finalized results.  Superintendent Rich Bereschek added there are rumors the delay is because some districts fudged their attendance records. 

Buildings & Grounds Supervisor Joe Traina reported that the new lights are nearly 90% all installed.  There are four more to be installed at Garfield and 10 at the high school yet to be installed.  The new lights installed in all three buildings were recommended by AEP for their energy efficiency.  Traina related they are very bright. 

For Personnel moves, Ms. Linda Rolley briefly enjoyed her retirement, for approximately three minutes, before the Board rehired her.  Pictured here, Rolley is the High School principal.  Her new three year contract takes effect September 3.  Teachers Robin Weeda and Paula Reiner were approved as mentors for new teachers.  Reiner was also named the Daw Middle School cheerleader advisor for their football season.  Dave Mann, Tim Householder & Mike Jenkins were named substitute bus drivers for the new school year.  Other substitutes approved for 2012-2013 were 18 teachers, one school nurse and seven classified employees.  Mr. Dennis Bowers was named a Varsity assistant for football. 

An agreement was approved for CARTS to provide transportation for three students attending the American Spirit Academy.

Final action taken by the Board was to adopt changes to the drug testing policy. The selection guidelines were “tweaked” according to the Superintendent.  Wording was added that members of the same sex will accompany the student for sample collections and second violation consequences were better defined in the written policy.  The WSD drug testing policy was put into effect at the beginning of the last school year at the high school. 

Before going to the Board member comments Superintendent Bereschek advised that all students with the capability were sent a questionnaire on the new ESC on-line schooling option.  There were only two responses and he felt it was not prudent to offer that option due to the expense.  Should the number of students change the option is still available to the district.  The Superintendent also noted that the cost of an athletic trainer for the Lisbon School District as reported in the newspapers was a misprint. The actual cost is $75 per week plus $250 each game they cover. 

The meeting adjourned at 6:56 PM.  The next Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 17 at 6:30 PM.  The meeting will be held in the Superintendent’s Office at 929 Center St.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Port Authority Land Options Reported

We’re surprised this didn’t make the papers this morning.  According to a webcast by Youngstown’s Business Journal on Monday, August 20, it was reported that the Columbiana County Port Authority approved purchasing a little over an acre of land near the entrance of Wellsville’s Intermodal Park.  The news was reported in the Business Journal’s on-line segment call “The Daily Buzz”. 

They reported that the Port Authority Board agreed to spend a total of $700,000 for options on that land. The options expire October 19, 2012.  That acre is intended to be added to options with Marathon Oil that was made in July.  In July Marathon signed a purchase option for 3.6 acres of Port property costing $2.4 million.   According to the Business Journal Marathon intends to use the land for a holding area for wet natural gas pumped from the Utica Shale.  The Business Journal can be found at

This has to tie in with the deal with Marathon Oil that Wellsville Village officials announced a while ago.  That deal was for land in Wellsville’s pondage area near the property mentioned with the options made yesterday.  It means Marathon must be making serious plans for a major expansion of their Wellsville presence. 

It may not have piqued the interest of our local print media but it is very exciting news for the Village of Wellsville.  Wellsville Mayor Susan Haugh has been hinting for some time now that good things were coming our way.  Apparently it’s not just political rhetoric.

We wonder what else she has up her sleeve…

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Child's Historic Grave Rededicated

What had to  have been an extremely sad event 129 years ago turned out to being feelings of doing the right thing yesterday.  On January 11, 1883, a 4-1/2 year old girl died.  She was buried in a family plot in Wellsville’s Springhill Cemetery.  Her final resting place was the only grave in that plot for many years to come.  Eventually she was joined by her parents, George W. & Laurinda Ingram and we’re guessing her older brother, George D. Ingram.  He was laid to rest in 1954.  We couldn’t find anything recorded on Carrie’s cause of death.  It could have been a childhood illness or even an accident.  Both of them were common causes of death back then.  Whatever the cause the loss of a child is a heavy burden on everyone’s heart.  It’s no different in today’s times. 

Attending Carrie Ingram's grave service, from
the left is Josh Blakely, Youth Pastor Brandon
Russell, Youth Activities Director Lyndsey
Mackall, Pastor Blakely, Mayor Haugh, Village
Administrator Edgell & Councilwoman Rosie
In April of this year Carrie’s tomb stone was found accidently discarded in a pile of rubble. After being advised of the situation Mayor Susan Haugh got the ball rolling to locate the rightful home of the grave marker.    Village Administrator Thom Edgell advised record keeping of grave locations were not done until years after Carrie’s death.  Village employee Mike Lombardozzi did an exhaustive search of genealogical records on-line and was able to determine that Carrie was the daughter of George & Laurinda.  With the help of the Wellsville Historical Society it was later determined Carrie’s grave was next to her fathers in Section 8, row 2 in Springhill Cemetery. Carries marker had been returned to its rightful location. 

Yesterday First Christian Church Pastor Mark Blakely conducted a touching ceremony rededicating the grave of young Carrie Ingram.  Mayor Haugh placed an arrangement of flowers on the grave.  There is no one left today that can tell us about Carrie Ingram.  Although she is long gone the memory of her was brought back to life in a very dignified manner yesterday.  She is with the angels now but with the yesterday’s gentle breezes and warm sunshine we’re certain she was watching with a smile on her face, blowing grateful kisses.

Rest in peace Carrie…

Monday, August 20, 2012

BWD Moves One Step Closer To Starting Frederick Heights Project

The Buckeye Water District Engineering Committee moved one step closer to providing a dependable water source in Phase 1 into part of the Frederick Heights neighborhood.  In a meeting this morning at the BWD Water Treatment Plant it was agreed to do the Frederick Heights project in two or three phases due the on-going litigation with the City of East Liverpool.  The litigation is tying up available funds and possible grant applications for new projects with uncertainty. 

A few weeks ago BWD was advised by USDA officials that over $400,000 in grant money originally intended for construction of the new Water Treatment Plant was still available.  In short the USDA more or less advised BWD to either use it or lose it.  Since the money was not needed for the Water Treatment Plant the water district began pursuing the idea of using the funds to start extending water lines into Frederick Heights.  After getting a cost estimate the Engineering Committee agreed it was feasible to do at least one phase of the project pending approval by USDA officials. 

If that approval is granted the plan for the first phase will be to install water lines to residents along Ruby Drive in the subdivision.  The BWD Engineering Committee will submit the plan to their Board of Trustees.  The start date for Phase 1 would be set for Spring 2013 if everything is approved.  Prior to that it will be necessary to get some State permits renewed and to prepare proposals for bidding.   

The Committee also met with the owners of the mobile home park along Duke Road. That road is located in the Calcutta area between Route 170 & Calcutta Smiths Ferry. The owners approached the water district a month ago about the possibility of extending water service into the park to satisfy OEPA mandates.  Park tenants are presently being service with well water.  Although there is no quality problems with the well water being used the OEPA is saying costly additions to the current system are required to meet new environmental requirements.  An alternative to the OPEA demands is to have BWD extend water service to the park tenants. 

Pending the granting of easements to run the water line the next step is to secure funding.  BWD is estimating 900 feet minimum of new water line would be required.  A cost estimate of $34,057 was calculated based on BWD employees installing the line.   However, that would put a strain on the BWD workforce.  If grant funds are found available contracting the job out would be considered.  Both the park owners and BWD officials will explore avenues of grant funding before calling another meeting.

The next meeting for the BWD Board of Trustees is scheduled for Thursday, September 20 at 9 AM.  The meeting will be held at the Wellsville Village Hall Council Chambers.

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Wellsville Catholics Express Cautious Optimism

Wellsville's Immaculate Conception Church

This past week members of the former Immaculate Conception Church in Wellsville celebrated exciting news that renewed their optimism.  They received word that the Roman Catholic’s Congregation of the Clergy had ruled against Bishop George Murry’s decision to abandon their much beloved church.  A little over a year ago the humble Bishop Murry advised the Wellsville congregation that the Immaculate Conception Church in this village would be closed.  They were advised that they would be merged with two congregations in East Liverpool to make up one-third of the newly named Holy Trinity Parish.  The other portions of Holy Trinity would be the parishes of St. Als & St. Ann’s. ICC was one of 26 parishes in the Youngstown Diocese to be closed by the Bishop. 

According to an article in last Friday’s Youngstown Vindicator the decree issued by the Congregation of the Clergy “does not order the reopening of the church”.  The article goes on to say the decree states “that the reasons given by Bishop George V. Murry for the closure of ICC ‘are not sufficient and grave’ as required by Canon Law”.  One of the reasons given by the Youngstown Bishop for closing the church is that the Wellsville parish is not financially solvent.  That reason was strongly disputed by the Wellsville parishioners.   It was one of a long list of reasons filed by the Committee to Save Immaculate Conception when they protested the closing, through a paid Church Advocate, to the Congregation of the Clergy in the Vatican.   A request for a forensic audit of the Immaculate Conception financial records was requested but never acted on by Diocese officials according to informed sources.  All the reasons filed in their protest was for failure by Diocese officials to follow stipulations put forth by Canon Law which is the Church’s official guide lines.  An article in our local print media says the plan to overturn the merger was denied by the decree “judging the Diocese’s merger plan as justified”. 

What this all means for Wellsville’s Catholics is not completely known.  The Bishop has 60 days to appeal the decree to the Vatican Supreme Court, also known as the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura.  The Youngstown newspaper stated “The Bishop plans to appeal”.  The question that has to be in everyone’s mind is: does he really mean it?  The Wellsville Catholics have been adamant in what they consider is right and fair. They have worked diligently to keep a Catholic presence in our Village.   Does the Bishop really desire to continue earning the ire of good and faithful members?  It’s been over a year now.  They haven’t relented.

Since the locking of the Immaculate Conception doors, members of the Wellsville parish found an agreeable source of Catholic clergy members willing to offer one Mass a week in town.  If the Bishop agrees to the arrangement the church can be kept as a worship site for the Wellsville Catholics.   The Immaculate Conception parishioners say utilities, maintenance and upkeep of the building was always paid through their collections and fund raising efforts.   It could be a win-win situation for the Bishop.  According to the local parishioners it wouldn’t be a drain on Diocese finances or his dwindling manpower. Members of his Catholic flock would be tended to with a nearby source of clergy.  It’s something that can be worked out with practical and logical cooperation by all concerned.  It could be a humane and dignified way to save face with the Catholic hierarchy.  It would be the answer to many prayers and petitions offered this past year.  It could be cause for a real celebration…

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Friday, August 17, 2012

E&J Restaurant

Here’s another year book ad that caught our eye because we have no memory of the establishment.  Believe this is another ad from the 1950 WHS yearbook.  We didn’t note the year when we scanned it. 

We do, however, recognize the location on this one.  It’s really easy when they give the street number!  What is amazing to us is, if you enlarge the photo you can see the house across the street through the front glass.  Although the place is no longer there, the building is and not much else has changed in that location. 

Now who can tell us who “E & J” was???  Does anyone recognize the guys at the counter?  Love the fedoras…
E&J looks like this today from the outside

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Wellsville Tigers Scrimmage Crestview

The coin toss

The WHS Tigers hosted the Crestview Rebels in a scrimmage Thursday evening at Nicholson Stadium.  Weather wise it was a beautiful night for football.  Crestview brought in a herd of players, coaches and others to Wellsville.  It took three school buses to get them all here. 

Got another QB!
We were only able to take in part of the action due to other demands.  When we left the Tigers were down 2 – 0.   However, that is no big deal.  The score in a scrimmage is meaningless.  The important part is for the players to gain experience going up against another team.  It also provides a valuable opportunity for the coaches to evaluated the players and determine what needs a little more tweaking.  It’s an opportunity to enhance the whole enchilada that makes a winning team.  We really believe the 2012 Tigers have all the ingredients needed to make a winner. 
Looking for some daylight

Last night’s action finished up the scrimmages for the new season.  Record keeping begins Saturday, a week from now, on August 25.  The Tigers will play host to their down river arch rivals, the Toronto Red Knights.  It’s a non-league game that is scheduled to begin at 7:30.  It is also the WTOV Channel 9 game of the week. 

Get your school spirit outfits ready.  Come to the game and support the 2012 Tigers.  Let show former Wellsville coach/teacher, Eric Meek, we take serious pride in the Orange & Black.   We believe it’s going to be an exciting year for Wellsville football.

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Registration Required For Wellsville Library Quilting Classes

Registration is required for the Wellsville Carnegie Library’s “Funky Chicken Quilting Classes.  Details are listed on the flyer shown here.

Instructor Jan Wasko is a Wellsville commercial seamtress and has been a quilting enthusiast for some time now.  Jan, and a host of her quilting friends, is the driving force for the annual quilt display event at the Wellsville River Museum. 

  For more information call the Library at 330-532-1526. 

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Wellsville's Farmers Market

Just a reminder to all those that love fresh, locally grown produce that the Wellsville Farmers Market is open every Saturday.  It’s getting that time of the year when more and more produce should be available.  We have been finding that the prices are very reasonable compared to what the big box stores charge for stuff shipped in from God knows where. 

The market is open to all growers who want to sell, even if you have a small backyard garden with an overabundance of zucchini!  Contact info for reserving a spot is on the flyer shown above.

Stop by tomorrow and support your local growers…

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Committee To Save ICC Parish Working On 11th Street Playground

Shown here holding the sign is Committtee
members Mickey DeSarro (L) & Roxanne Hall
along with two of Hall's grandchildren
At last week's Village Council meeting Village officials gave the Committee To Save Immaculate Conception Church parish their blessings to adopt the 11th Street Playground.  Due to financial and manpower shortages Village officials have been forced to let the upkeep and maintenance of the playground rest on the back burner.

Getting the monkey bars painted is Ron
in the background and Frank
They even had a "friend" of the Committee
volunteering to work on adjourning property
The Committee to Save ICC announced that their first step was to clean up the playground and do some painting of the equipment.  That work got started this week and it's beginning to show a remarkable difference in appearance already.    Shown here are a few pictures of their work in progress yesterday.

The Committee will be holding their regular update meeting tonight at the Wellsville SOI Lodge.  That meeting starts at 6 PM.  Also on Sunday, August 19, the Committee is sponsoring an Immaculate Conception Parish "Family Reunion".  That will be held on 11th Street in front of the church beginning at 4 PM.  The street will be blocked off from Main to Riverside for the event.  All parishioners, their families and friends are invited to both.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Citizen Banking Co.

One more trip down memory lane with before & now pictures.  This bank building is still located at 1210 Main St.  It has undergone additions to enlarge it since it was first build.  Over the years its name changed from Citizen’s Bank to Sky Bank.  For some reason we’re thinking there was another name before being changed to Sky.  Eventually it was merged into the Huntington banking system and the bank was closed at that location.  Today that building is for sale if you’re interested.

Bank was called Sky Bank when it was closed
This is another WHS year book advertisement from back in the 1960s.

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Richard's Ashland Service

We remarked on Face Book we gotta stay out of the old WHS yearbooks at the River Museum.    We always come across something to share with you. 

Do you remember Richard’s Ashland Service owned by the Livolsi brothers?  We believe the Richard is for Wellsville resident Dick Livolsi.  Ashland was the oil company that produced that brand of gasoline. The service station was located at 9th & Main in Wellsville.  It is now a parking lot for the Wellsville Carnegie Library. 

The picture of the service station is from an ad sponsoring the 1962 WHS yearbook.  That was operating back in the days when an attendant pumped your gas, checked your oil and cleaned your windshield compliments of the station.  They would even check the air in your tires if asked.  All that is a trip down memory lane in itself, even if there wasn’t a picture.

A gas station once stood on this lot 
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

First Christian Church Has 2nd Annual Back Pack Bash

It was a little chilly for the dunk tank yesterday but that didn't stop the participants from enjoying the 2nd Annual Back Pack Bash put on by members of Wellsville's First Christian Church.  With a live band entertaining, free food, bouncy toys, fire trucks, a petting zoo and face painting there was plenty to do.  There was all that and a lot more attractions plus the free back packs for students.

Thanks to members and staff of First Christian for providing this event for Wellsville area children.

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Trying To Fill Out The Fall Out Gear

Members of the Wellsville Volunteer Fire Department were on hand yesterday to demonstrate fire fighting equipment at the First Christian Church Back Pack Bash.  It proved to be a very popular addition to the event.

This young lady was modeling a fire fighter's fall out gear.  Maybe in a few years...

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Wellsville Tigers Look Good In Scrimmage

Defense buries Bridgeport QB
The Wellsville Tigers hosted a 3-way scrimmage yesterday at Nicholson Stadium.  The Tigers went up against Bridgeport in the first set of series.   The wrapped up the morning against Steubenville Catholic Central.

We liked what we saw.  We think you'll like this year's edition wearing the Orange & Black.  Here are a few pictures.

"Go Deep!"
The Tigers return to action next Thursday at Nicholson Stadium against the Crestview Rebels.  Action is set to begin at 7 PM.

Run Marcus, run...
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WHS Athletic Hall of Fame Announces Newest Candidates

"Pick" Rolley's 1924 Yearbook picture

The Wellsville Athletic Hall of Fame Committee recently announced the names of the newest candidates to be inducted into the High School Hall of Fame.  This will be the sixth class of WHS alumni inducted into the hall. 

Graduated 1928
The newest class will have two alumni from the Senior era and six from the Modern era.  From the Senior era is Raymond S. Rolley, Sr. (Class of 1924) and George Calhoun (Class of 1928).  Modern area candidates are Sherrill Jackson (1972), Carrie Cornwell (1987), Eric Dowling (1987), Jared Mike (2003) and Gabrielle Burns-Baker (2004).  Former Football & Track Coach Howard Gilger will also be inducted.  Gilger retired as a teacher from the Wellsville School District.

The induction ceremonies are scheduled for Saturday, August 25.  There will be a private reception for the new candidates, all other Hall of Fame members and invited guests at 10 AM.   The induction will take place in the Wellsville High School Auditeria beginning at 11 AM.  The public is invited to attend the 11 o’clock ceremony.  There is no admission for the induction ceremony.  The last class inducted into the hall was in 2010 during the WHS All-Class Reunion. 

The newest members will be introduced at 7 PM to the home crowd at Nicholson Stadium prior to the WHS Tigers home opening football game.  That game is also on August 25th.   The Tigers will host rival Toronto Red Knights in the WTOV TV Channel 9 Game of the Week.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wellsville School District Adopts New Cafeteria Policy

The Wellsville School District Food Service Dept. would like to remind all parents and guardians of the new cafeteria policy adopted. It is regarding the cap put on the number of lunches charged to student accounts.  At the July BOE meeting a resolution was approved setting the maximum of lunches that can be charged at five for adults and three for students.  The new policy is effective with the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year.

In a recent mailing the department issued a reminder of this new policy.  That cap is set at $10.25 for students in grades K through 8 and $6.15 for students in grades 9 through 12.  Once the accounts reach that amount they will be given an alternative meal that meets government nutritional requirements or they may bring a lunch from home.  No a la carte selections will be permitted with the alternative meal.  “If they choose an alternative meal it will be charged to their account.  This option will be available until your child’s account balance is paid in full” so states the reminder.

When adopting this new policy at the July meeting it was noted that some children were charging their lunches and using the cash given to them by their parents and guardians for other things.  Many parents were caught unawares that accounts had been built up by the students.  Any questions on the new policy can be directed to the Food Service Director Mrs. Coleen Wickham by calling 330-532-1319 – extension 1114. 

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Friday, August 10, 2012

John Henry Beacom

John Henry Beacom
1857 - 1916

John Henry Beacom was born in Wellsville January 1, 1857.  He was the one of the brothers of Byron Beacom, the benefactor responsible for the Beacom Memorial gym. 

John Henry attended Oberlin College for three years before getting an appointment to West Point at age 21.  He attended West Point from 1878 and graduated in 1882.  From there he had a distinguished 38 year military career having served in the Philippines and as the Military Attaché in the London Embassy, just to name a couple of his posts.  Beacom died in Mexico September 17, 1916 while serving under Gen. George Pershing.  He was 59 years old. 

Beacom's West Point Uniform
Pictured here is Beacom’s West Point uniform and, although not documented, it is believed to be his West Point great coat.  It is the same kind of uniforms West Point cadets wore during the Civil War years. These pieces of clothing are currently on display at the Wellsville River Museum along with many interesting items.   

Believed to be Beacom's West
Point Great Coat
The River Museum is opened for touring every Sunday afternoon through the end of August from 1 to 4:30 PM.  It is open to the public and admission is by donation only.  The museum is located at 1003 Riverside Avenue, which is behind the Central Methodist Church at 10th & Main.  For more information call 330-532-1018 or 330-532-4692.

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