Monday, August 6, 2012

Power Washing Machines Save Energy

We stumbled upon this historic ad while looking for something else the other day.  It was in one of the older WHS yearbooks on hand at the Wellsville River Museum.  At first glance it was just amusing but then we got to thinking.  There are many folks that are trying to “go green” these days.

What better way to help save the ecology could there be than using a Coffield Power Washer?  It’s powered by water out of a faucet which is fed into the water lines by gravity.  That means there is no coal burning to make the electricity that power today’s washing machines.    The Sierra Club should consider marketing these to their members!

Think of the possibilities...

ole nib

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Phil L. said...

Well - to be fair - that washing machine isn't really powered by gravity: A pump pushes the water to the top of the tower, and gravity simply holds onto that energy for later use (and - as I understand it - most water towers include a pump to help regulate water pressure in the system).

Just think of it as an electrically powered washer that uses water lines to transmit the power, instead of wires!

Thanks for another interesting item from Wellsville's past!