Thursday, August 30, 2012

Moxley Leading Ground Gainer In Game 1

Marcus Moxley looking for the corner

His Jr. Hi coach tells us Marcus Moxley is one of the nicest guys you want to me – good student, extremely polite and a humble type of man.  He’s also extremely fast.  Give him a chance to get to the corner or create a hole in the line for him and he can burn up some turf. 

Averaging 8.9 yards per carry he was the leading ground gainer for the Tigers this past Friday.  He finished the game with 116 yards for 13 carries. 

We’re sure he was just trying to get around Toronto’s Nate Stewart but we thought of Johnny Heisman when we saw this photo.  Stiff arm, ball in the right position and running all out… 

Great game Marcus!   Stay healthy…

ole nib

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