Thursday, August 2, 2012

BWD Adjusts Finances

Wednesday – August 1: The Buckeye Water District Board of Trustees held a “special” meeting yesterday.   The meeting took place at the Water Treatment Plant.  Board President Mike Ryan presided.  The meeting was to address three financial items.

The first item was a resolution to defer payments for a period of one year on their Water Supply Revolving Loan account.  This account is the loan the water district made with the Ohio Water Development Authority to build the new Raw Water Pumping Station and Water Treatment Plant.  The resolution allows the district to take advantage of a clause in the loan agreement, with the lending agency, to actually make a reduced payment amount for one year.  The regular payment was near $355,000 every six months.  That will be reduced to $59,000 to cover interest charges.  Ryan remarked the resolution will cost the district a little more in interest for the life of the loan.  The resolution was necessitated by the court ordered settlement with the City of East Liverpool.  It will allow the water district to operate in the black and avoid the threat of bankruptcy. 

The second resolution was to approve the proposed budget for 2013.  Anticipated income revenue for next year is expected to be $3,600,193.  Expenses are forecasted to be $3,578,548 for next year compared to $3,639,421 for 2012.  The belt tightening items in the new budget outnumber any increased items.  The most noticeable increases were for health insurance expenditures. 

The last item to be acted on was a motion passed to create an additional line item for this year’s budget.  Fiscal Officer Tony D’Angelo advised the Board that he conferred with officials in the State Auditor’s Office on the payment made to East Liverpool to settle the court ordered fine.   When questioned Ryan remarked that “what’s going to East Liverpool already went”.  District Manager Al DeAngelis added “they actually took it”.  There is a cancelled check on the payment made to them although the settlement is not yet officially accepted.  No one was really sure what East Liverpool officials are actually going to do.  D’Angelo concluded the new line item will be titled “Court Settlement – East Liverpool”.

The next schedule Board of Trustees Meeting is Thursday, August 16 at Wellsville Village Hall. 

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