Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Child's Historic Grave Rededicated

What had to  have been an extremely sad event 129 years ago turned out to being feelings of doing the right thing yesterday.  On January 11, 1883, a 4-1/2 year old girl died.  She was buried in a family plot in Wellsville’s Springhill Cemetery.  Her final resting place was the only grave in that plot for many years to come.  Eventually she was joined by her parents, George W. & Laurinda Ingram and we’re guessing her older brother, George D. Ingram.  He was laid to rest in 1954.  We couldn’t find anything recorded on Carrie’s cause of death.  It could have been a childhood illness or even an accident.  Both of them were common causes of death back then.  Whatever the cause the loss of a child is a heavy burden on everyone’s heart.  It’s no different in today’s times. 

Attending Carrie Ingram's grave service, from
the left is Josh Blakely, Youth Pastor Brandon
Russell, Youth Activities Director Lyndsey
Mackall, Pastor Blakely, Mayor Haugh, Village
Administrator Edgell & Councilwoman Rosie
In April of this year Carrie’s tomb stone was found accidently discarded in a pile of rubble. After being advised of the situation Mayor Susan Haugh got the ball rolling to locate the rightful home of the grave marker.    Village Administrator Thom Edgell advised record keeping of grave locations were not done until years after Carrie’s death.  Village employee Mike Lombardozzi did an exhaustive search of genealogical records on-line and was able to determine that Carrie was the daughter of George & Laurinda.  With the help of the Wellsville Historical Society it was later determined Carrie’s grave was next to her fathers in Section 8, row 2 in Springhill Cemetery. Carries marker had been returned to its rightful location. 

Yesterday First Christian Church Pastor Mark Blakely conducted a touching ceremony rededicating the grave of young Carrie Ingram.  Mayor Haugh placed an arrangement of flowers on the grave.  There is no one left today that can tell us about Carrie Ingram.  Although she is long gone the memory of her was brought back to life in a very dignified manner yesterday.  She is with the angels now but with the yesterday’s gentle breezes and warm sunshine we’re certain she was watching with a smile on her face, blowing grateful kisses.

Rest in peace Carrie…


Phil L. said...

Thanks for sharing this special item. Such moments restore my faith in humankind!

Anonymous said...

What a heartwarming gesture, thank you to all who were involved !

Jeff Langdon said...

What a great story! Hats off to the mayor the pastor and all those involved with research. With today's busy workloads it is nice to see that some people take the time to do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful and thoughtful thing to do.

Anonymous said...

If you are able to give some direction to the grave, maybe others could visit.
Thanks for sharing this story.

************* said...

Entering the cemetery Section 8 is a 2nd right turn and on the corner of the 1st left. It is among several headstones all the same shape & size. Her's is a small white stone.