Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Richard's Ashland Service

We remarked on Face Book we gotta stay out of the old WHS yearbooks at the River Museum.    We always come across something to share with you. 

Do you remember Richard’s Ashland Service owned by the Livolsi brothers?  We believe the Richard is for Wellsville resident Dick Livolsi.  Ashland was the oil company that produced that brand of gasoline. The service station was located at 9th & Main in Wellsville.  It is now a parking lot for the Wellsville Carnegie Library. 

The picture of the service station is from an ad sponsoring the 1962 WHS yearbook.  That was operating back in the days when an attendant pumped your gas, checked your oil and cleaned your windshield compliments of the station.  They would even check the air in your tires if asked.  All that is a trip down memory lane in itself, even if there wasn’t a picture.

A gas station once stood on this lot 
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Phil L. said...

Thanks for another trip down memory lane!

Hmmmm... In spite of having lived just down Main from this spot, and many enjoyable days in the library, I can't recall what was in this location when I lived there in the early-to-mid 80's. My mind's eye - which has been wrong before! - doesn't recall anything quite like the building in the 60's picture.

What some other structure in this location before the parking lot was built?

************* said...

Not that we recall but as you say we have been wrong before also. Do recall when the lot was leveled and filled in by the owner it caused quite a stir with the OEPA. It was not owned by the library back then.


Anonymous said...

Wayne Morris had a used car sales there and Glenn McKinsey had auto repair shop there I beleive and Brothers auto body was there I know for sure.

Anonymous said...

yes brothers auto body was there for awhile not sure if it was before or after their shop burned down on 3rd street