Monday, July 28, 2008

Ohio EPA Permit Issued To Ohio River Clean Fuels

Got a letter from Caroline Markworth today. She's the lady with the Ohio EPA that has conducted the last couple of public hearings on Baard's permit applications down at the high school. The letter is a "Citizen Advisory" and so, I thought I would share it with you.

The letter is advising us that the Ohio EPA has issued a water quality certification to Ohio River Clean Fuels, LLC. This is the first of three permits applied for by Baard for the proposed coal-to-liquid-fuel plant. Details can be found on the OEPA web site.

The OEPA is continuing to work on the draft wastewater discharge permit which they held a hearing for May 27 at the high school. The permit for air emissions is still under review and a public hearing for that application has not yet been scheduled.

The only comment addressed by the OEPA on the water quality permit hearing from this past April was the objection of some coal mining methods. As stated on here previously their answer to that was that mining companies are regulated separately. They have to apply for their own separate EPA permits. That issue is not part of Baard's proposal.

Baard hasn't been much in the news since that last public hearing in May. There was a letter to the editor in the MJ by an EL KSU professor and a fellow by the name of Ron Springer has been quoted speaking up at the last Port Authority meeting and again at a County Commisioners meeting. Never having heard of either of those folks I Googled both.

Seems Dr. Burns is primarily a biology teacher and the KSU site stated her main study interest concerns round worms. In her letter she made a plea that the locals - meaning you & me - insist that public health be given "priority over promised jobs and economic nirvanna". I read the letter and Matt Stewart advises us that "she is a credible scientist whose opinions should be taken seriously". Matt also told us on ORL that Dr. Burns told him she got her concerns from reading Baard's EPA applications. I won't question her credibility but when I read the letter I got the impression that her thoughts expressed in that letter was more from the heart than scientific research. I didn't save the letter but I do not recall any research studies being quoted. Maybe she was dummying it down so we "locals" could understand what she was saying. She also failed to mention any of the innovative technologies that is incorporated into Baard's plans.

Now Mr. Springer is a different story. If he is the same Ron Springer that is a retired steam fitter that showed up in my research I would have to question his credibility. I don't begrudge him for his concerns. It is everyone's right to speak up at public meetings to express their concerns. If he is the same elderly gentleman that Google found he seems to concern himself with things that he considers the EPA should be looking into. If he is the same guy he is on record speaking up at the Commissioner's meeting twice before on possible pollution problems.

At the Port Authority meeting he was quoted as saying "the EPA does not stop pollution" and with that I have to disagree. Every manufacturing plant in this country is regulated by the EPA. I don't care what type it is. Each and everyone of them must adhere to EPA standards that are in place to protect the health and well being of all whether it's plant, animal or human. If someone is caught not being compliant then the EPA has the power and authority to shut them down and stop all operations right now. Baard will be no different and will be strictly regulated from the first shovel of dirt moved to full time operation. Believe me they will be closely watched and they are well aware of that. From all that's been written about them I don't think the scrutiny will be a problem for them.

What concerns me more at the present time is the business end of it. Long time Sierra Club member Nachy Kanfer commented on ORL that "coal prices have doubled since June 2007". That was confirmed by a headline article in yesterday's Post-Gazette. The story was about how the price of coal is going to force electric rates up. What caught my attention was that the price of coal was $138/ton last week. A year ago it was $55/ton and today's cost is four times what it was in the year 2000.

Let's hope that the price of coal will not prevent making it a cost effective venture for the good folks at Baard. The price of oil is dropping. Maybe coal will follow suit. The thought of losing this ray of hope would be devastating not only to the region's economic outlook but to the very spirit of hope for all of us. A lot of people from the nation's capitol, Columbus, the county and locally have put a lot of effort into making this proposal a reality. That's not even mentioning what Baard has put on the line so far. I hope my worries are just silly nervousness.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cell Phones & Brain Cancer

Here's something that the cell phone companies are probably hoping you don't take seriously. In an article in yesterday's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PPG) it was reported that Dr. Ronald Herberman, Director of Pitt's Cancer Institute and UPMC Cancer Centers, will be issuing an alert on the risks of cell phone usage and brain cancer. The University of Pittsburgh and UMPC are one of the leading research facilities in the world on the causes, treatment and cures of cancer.

Although the evidence is still controversial and some argue there is not conclusive proof linking cell phone usage and brain cancer Dr. Herberman is convinced that using caution with the devices could be prudent. Researchers from 13 European countries in a study group known as the Interphone Study and similar studies in Sweden have found cause for concern linking cell phone use and brain tumors. The culprit is electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones. Any study in cause and effect takes time, sometime years to gather conclusive proof. It hasn't been too long since the increasing popularity and affordability of cell phones have been around. It will be awhile before enough scientific evidence can be collected to make a definite link with cell phones causing brain cancer.

In the meantime the good folks at Pitt have issued a list of cautions that cell phone users can take just in case: 1) Do not let children to use cell phones. Their developing organs are likely sensitive to any possible exposure. 2) When using a cell phone try to hold it away from the body as far as possible. The strength of electromagnetic radiation weakens with distance. 3) Try not to use cell phones in crowded places to avoid exposing others to that radiation. 4) Try to avoid carrying your cell phone on you especially if you're pregnant. 5) If you must carry your cell phone on you position it so the key pad is facing your body and the radiation emits away from you. 6) Try to limit your time on the phone thus reducing your exposure. 7) Change sides frequently when you are on the phone. 8) Try not to use the phone where there is a weak signal or in fast moving vehicles such as airplanes. cars or trains. Cell phones us max power switching from one relay antenna to another as you travel along. 9) When possible use text messaging, speakers or Blue Tooth type devices. & 10) Pick a device with the lowest Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) available. SAR ratings differ with manufactures and can be found on-line for the different phones.

Maybe 10 years down the road this may be all for naught but if someone with the credentials of Dr. Herberman finds cause for concern it may be worth paying heed. What do they say - an ounce of precaution is worth a pound of cure?

Along with this article the PPG is conducting an on-line poll. Out of over 1,100 of those responding as of this afternoon 39% said they wouldn't change their cell phone usage, 24% said they would be more careful, 14% said they would reduce their usage and 13% said they would use more hands free devices. Interesting to note only 1% said they don't have a cell phone.

My how times they have changed. Can you hear me now?

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Here's a suggestion to Wellsville's BOE for what to do with the playground equipment at the old MacDonald School building.

In the ER's "Area Briefs" column a couple of days ago it was reported that MacDonald has been sold and that the playground equipment will be kept until the board can find a new place for it. They don't need it at Garfield. They already got some at that school. There's no room for it at the Middle School and I doubt if high school kids would get much use out of it.

A few months ago the village acquired a piece of land on Wells Avenue and had the house demolished. It was reported at the time that they intended to make a mini-park on that piece of land.

Why not donate that playground equipment to the village for that little park? It would fit nicely on that piece of land. It's colorful and would help the village look a little progressive at that end of town. It certainly would brighten up that lot and I'm sure it would get some good use.

It would be a sin to put that equipment in storage when it could be put to good use elsewhere. I'm not sure but there would probably be a tax write-off for the school district and it would save the village the expense of buying stuff for that piece of real estate. I'm sure there are some young 'uns that would love to play on it. You got the jungle gym, benches and even a trash container. Personally I think it's a great idea. It would be a great token of cooperation between two entities that we tax payers support.

Think about it folks. Scratch that. Do it now while we have the labor to move and get it installed up there. The kids would love it...

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Morehead Trial Continued

According to court records there was a telephone conference held today and it was decided to allow a continuance for CC Health Commissioner Robert Morehead's jury trial. The trial was originally scheduled for August 12 but Morehead's attorney requested a continuance at his status hearing earlier this month.

This case is now scheduled for another Status Conference to be held November 12 and the Jury Trial will be held December 9 starting at 9 A.M. I'm sure tomorrow morning's newspapers will rehash all the details.

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Sunrise Over The Ville

It is kind of blurry but the coloring caught my attention this morning on my way to get the papers. This was taken near 4th & Riverside. While it was sprinkling a few rain drops the morning sun was trying to peak through the clouds off to the east. I was trying to hurry so my camera & I didn't get too wet. With the gully washer we had last evening I was leary what those few rain drops would turn into.

My apologies for the quality of the picture...

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Approval Rating

Let's do an approval rating survey like they do for national politicians such as President Bush. Surace is nearly seven months into his second term of office. Last November there was all kinds of optimistic talk about what to look forward to in our fair village. There was also doom & gloom talk when Dave Lloyd narrowly lost to the incumbent mayor. Let's see how you're feeling about how the mayor's doing so far.

The rules are simple. This just applies to the mayor. Keep it clean. I won't allow any profanity or just outright hateful blasts against the man. I'm looking for a yea or nea vote and some logical comments on what you think is wrong with the administration and what can be done to improve things. Comments would also be appreciated on what you think you would like to see done with the funds available in the village coffers. Also, to be fair, I would like to hear opinions for the positive side. In other words let's hear about what you like or dislike.

I'll run the survey for one week or until Saturday evening before I make any additional comments. Comments that I find acceptable will be approved for publishing as we go along. After Saturday evening I'll reject any additional comments.

Ok, that being said, let's hear it...

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hollow Rock

Yesterday started off the annual interdenominal religious camp meeting down at Hollow Rock in Jefferson County. A report in yesterday's ER noted this is the 190th year for that event. That takes it back to 1818 when it got started. The Hollow Rock camp ground sits on 25 acres and is located on Jefferson Cnty. Route 51 just south of the ville.

I don't know much about Jefferson County history but I do know it predates Columbiana. In fact Columbiana County was once part of Jefferson in the early days. It's just amazing to me that the camp meetings have been going on for nearly 200 years in the same place.

Hollow Rock Camp is a unique place with its pastoral setting nestled in the hillside. For fifty weeks a year it sits mostly abandoned. I've only been there once. A high school buddy had a grandmother that was a regular attendee at the meetings. I helped him take a truckload of house keeping items down one summer for Grandma. She had dibs on the same cabin every year. The cabins or cottages sit so close together there isn't room to open doors on both sides of a pick-up truck. Moving days are the only days one was allowed to drive through there.

Above is a picture of a postcard that was post marked 2-22-1911 advertising the 1911 meetings. Although it's been over 40 years since I was down there it looked pretty much the same then as it does in this post card. Just think if those cabins could talk!

God bless...

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Quiet Week In The Ville

It's been very quiet in the ville this week. Maybe the heat is making me lethargic. It's been running in the high eighties and nineties temperature wise. Lots of bright sunshine and that always makes me happier. Must be getting long in the tooth. I don't get as excited to get out in that heat & sunshine as I use to. Don't misinterpret me. I'm not complaining. All I have to do is think about January & February weather and I really appreciate the summer months.

Even newspaper reports of this week's Council meeting didn't get me much inspired to comment. Most of that meeting was devoted to taking care of old business such as passing the 2009 budget. Projections right now are that we will be in the red by the end of next year but Fiscal Officer Dale Davis feels we'll get more income than what the figures presently show & we'll be ok. Certainly hope so.

Looks like the folks on the Broadway Park Committee and the village got all their ducks in order and they are good to go to finish up that project. The park is already a compliment to Wellsville and will be more so with the new walks and such.

Nunzio is appealing for more help on the Clean-Up, Fix-Up Committee. He reported they are soliciting businesses and churches in town for small donations for this project. Every little bit helps.

State audits for the years 2004 & 2005 released this past week were reported to have six noncompliance issues and two findings for recovery. The six issues all pertained to book keeping procedures and have long been corrected. The findings for recovery were for small amounts and probably came about as a misunderstanding of a uniform allowance. I'm sure that will be taken care of too, if it hasn't already been accomplished.

Congratulations and good luck to the ville's Kim Meek. It was reported this week that she has taken over the duties of director of the county Board of Elections. Hope the November elections go smoothly for her and the board.

At the county Board of Health meeting it was decided to turn over the non-smoking enforcement back to the state. When that legislation was written up the state didn't allow for any money for the county to make sure businesses are in compliance. That meant that the county would have to take money from other programs to finance it. They didn't want to go there.

Keep hydrated and enjoy the summer ...

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Old Roadside Park

What got me on the ramp thing was the fact that I went up there today to get pictures of the newest mural. Gina has finished it and, in fact, is starting yet another new one. Yet again she has done a fantastic job depicting what once was in Wellsville. There is only one discrepancy that I could see but I ain't going to say what it is. Let's see if someone can guess what I'm referring to. It's no big thing and it certainly doesn't reflect in anyway on what Gina has accomplished. For someone to recreate what she has done from just a few old photos I think she's the greatest. As someone said earlier it looks like you can just step into the mural and be there.

This mural is dedicated to Mary & Rocco Corbisello and John O. Landis. The Corbisellos lived on Ridge Avenue on the hill behind the old Roadside Park. Their old home was off to the left of what is portrayed. The name John Landis doesn't ring any bells. Can someone fill me in on him?

I didn't catch Gina when I took these pictures but I suspect the couple sitting at the picnic table is Mary & Rocco. For someone who is not even from the ville Gina is a wealth of information on the stories behind the mural.

Once again it's another fantastic job by the artist. Thanks to the Corbisello & Landis families for sponsoring another trip down memory lane. And thanks to the Revitalization Committee for getting it all started. You can click on the pictures to enlarge.

Wonder what the new one will be?

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Poor Excuse

At a recent council meeting Wellsville's Administrator Jim Saracco announced a handicap ramp was installed at the floodwall. Pictured above is that ramp. Looks like some of the slag and dirt have washed away in the rains we have had lately. That is the sorriest wheelchair ramp I think I have ever seen and is an embarrassment to Wellsville. In fact under the Disabilities Act I don't believe it is even legal. There is no way someone in a wheel chair could propel themself over that ledge, even if they turned around and tried to go backwards. They would have to stand up and carry the wheelchair over that mess. The way it is now it shows a serious lack of compassion for people with disabilities.

That concrete should be extended down to make the beginning level with the bricks. That other crap should be swept up and cleaned out. And that should be done immediately if not sooner.

Come on Jim, you can do better than that. What were you thinking? Were you thinking?

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Smart Move

In accounts in the morning papers of Wellsville's BOE meeting Monday night it was revealed that the WHS Athletic Dept. donated five grand to help defray the cost of transportation for sporting events. Neither of our papers gave any details on how or who made this decision. Whatever the case it certainly shows me that someone has the sense to plan ahead. I imagine those members on the board probably felt they had a winning lottery ticket.

With the cost of fuel continuing to make it's upward trend and playing havoc with budgets in all walks of life consideration for funding away games is going to be on the minds of just about every school board in the nation. Not too long ago I read an article about Edison Local trying to figure out how they are going to pay for transporting students this coming school year. Edison is reported to have one of the biggest bus routing systems in the state. The cost of fuel is a real serious concern. I can't wait to hear how Mr. Bonnell and the ELSD board will deal with this consideration. It should be a real treat.

Even though sports and even band activities are considered extracurricular I think they are a very important part of a student's life. If nothing else it hones their social graces that are very important to acquire in their learning years. It helps to teach them valuable lessons that will affect them all their lives. For some it even keeps them in school so they can participate in those activities outside of the classroom. I played high school football with a fellow that was one very tough hombre at middle guard. He dropped out of school when he turned 16. Wellsville's Jack O'Rouke was the coach at the time. Every year he would go to wherever that fellow was and drag him back to school. The guy would stick it out until the season was over and take off after the last game. He did that until he wasn't eligible for age reasons.

Kudos to the WHS Athletic Dept. You did good.

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Another Continuance Requested

Indicted CC Health Commissioner Robert Morehead's lawyer was reported to petition the court for a continuance at last Friday's status conference. Morehead's trial was originally scheduled for August 12. There was a disclosure hearing held in mid-June. Nearly a month later Attorney Hartford says he needs more time to get ready.

There are two ways you can look at this. Is Hartford trying to drag it out until prospective jurors won't remember what the indictment was all about? I don't know how Mr. Morehead feels and I can't speak for him but if I had a black cloud shadowing me like him I would be very upset with Mr. Hartford.

Morehead was indicted back on Nov. 30, 2007. Eight months later his attorney says he needs more time to get ready. Give me a break. If it was me I would want to get on with it and get it over with - one way or another. From what I read Mr. Morehead could very well be exonerated of the charges. I hope he is. From the sounds of it the Health Board is mostly to blame for this mess.

At any rate this isn't going to just go away. The press will rehash all the particulars every time something is mentioned. If it was me dragging it out would just make me old before my time. One way or another I would want to get it over with and move on from there.

The next move is going to be the visiting judge's decision whether to grant the request for a continuance or not.

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Italian Festival

My apologies to the folks of Wellsville's SOI. Yesterday I overlooked and failed to mention the annual Italian Festival as one of the upcoming events in the ville. I got an excuse for that but you don't want to hear it. My bad!

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the festival is to be held the week-end before the Down Memory Lane doings. I'll have to check the sign up at Phyllis Thrasher's park. They haven't got much print on it to remind us feeble minded guys. Susie has a section for it but so far all it tells us is the name. Those festival people need some PR work promoting the event. That way folks can pencil it in on their calendars and make plans to support it.

The Italian Festival is an annual three day event held every year with lots of free entertainment and lots of good eating. It's something that the missus and I look forward to every year. If nothing else it's nice to see all the folks and old friends you haven't seen for awhile. May St. Rocco look kindly on me.

See ya there...

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Moving On

Now that I got that off my chest let's move on to other things...

Our countywide 911 is looking at another possible setback. It was reported a week or so ago that Salem officials are considering contracting out their dispatching services in a money saving move. If that happens it will throw a monkey wrench into the 911 plans. Apparently the 911 system is not set up to incorporate such a change.

WPD has issued notice that the ville's curfew ordinance will be more strictly enforced. Some windows have been broken and police think it's the work of some rock throwing young hellions. Not only can violating juveniles be charged their parents can too.

Good news for football fans and especially OSU Buckeye fans. It was announced that the Big Ten Network and Comcast have worked out a deal to carry games on Comcast. Haven't found out yet how it is going to work yet. I think the games are going to be on their extended basic channels. Last year I had to listen to a few games on the radio.

Speaking of football, is it just me or does anyone else feel that "The Chief" as they called Steeler founder Art Rooney, Sr., is probably spinning in his grave with a couple of his sons thinking about selling their shares in the club? If he was still alive I think "The Chief" would be kicking some serious butt.

At tomorrow night's meeting Wellsville Council has set aside some time for a public hearing on next year's budget. If you want to get some input on the proposed budget that would be the time to do it.

The 3rd Annual Riverside Reunion was held over the 4th of July week-end and I would like to say congratulations to all that worked and made it possible. It was a job well done and I think it was the best one yet. Hootch2 tells us they are about ready to put the tribute videos on their web site.

Speaking of the Reunion one of the Legends inducted into this years class was Johnny Checkler. We all know John and his barbershop that has been in the same spot for over 50 years on Main Street. I've heard from a few sources that John has moved to Columbus to be with family and the shop is now closed. John has been dealing with some health problems lately. I hear the shop will be put up for sale shortly and that will end another chapter of Wellsville history. It's a sad reminder that nothing lasts forever. May the Good Lord treat Johnny kindly. God's speed John.

The next big event that I know of to be held in the ville is the 20th Annual Down Memory Lane Homecoming. It kicks off August 6th at the First Baptist Church. You can get all the information about the event on Susie Haugh's

I didn't get to see the Rolling Thunder motorcycle escort for the Viet Nam moving wall through the county but I hear it was quite impressive. Susie has a slide show on the above mentioned site and says she's working on a video also. The moving wall is on display at the Jefferson County Airport.

Interesting article by Tom Giambroni in yesterday's MJ about foreclosures in the county. As we all know they have been dramatically on the rise. It's gotten so bad that some of the lending institutions are willing to deal on properties for less than what is owed. Tom reported that the USDA told Kenny Biacco to take any deal he can get on their properties regardless of the offer. Wellsville's Biacco is the deputy sheriff in charge of foreclosure sales. It's a sad commentary on today's times.

Has the mayor been on vacation? It's rare that he would pass up a photo op with State Senator Wilson when he was in town last week. :-)

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Beauty of Blogging

Recently I was chastised for exercising some "editorial license" when I rejected a submitted comment on here. The comment was about a liability issue with a certain Wellsville resident that just didn't sit right with me. I thought about it for a few days and finally decided I didn't want to go there and finally rejected it. Then I told the commenter that I had rejected it and tried to explain why.

I'm usually pretty liberal in allowing comments even at the risk of making some unhappy. When I started this I allowed a free flow of comments. Readers were able to make a comment, hit the publish tab and it automatically appeared. Then a few months ago there was an attempted character assasination with that priviledge and I had to put the kibosh to that. I was forced to go to comment moderating. I guess I was naive to think it wasn't necessary even though I had been warned. Unfortunately there are some that just can't be civil and those few make moderating a necessity.

There are darn few rules in doing a blog. Google has a few but they are generally common sense rules that are mostly founded in legalities that would apply to any and all. There is no schedule deadline pressures. There is no boss telling you what to do. Although some are paid bloggers and some try to make money with getting hits on posted ads I don't do this for money or favorable considerations. I don't do this for influence of any kind.

I write this blog because I like doing it and for the most part have fun with it. I like to promote the ville but it's not just one sided. The ville has their share of problems just like any other community. For the most part everyone knows what is going on in town as is the same in any small community you would care to mention. For me there are some concerns that I'll write about and some that, in my consideration, are a waste of time and effort. There are just some things that you can't change even if you had the wherewithaw to accomplish anything.

Since starting this blog I have gotten a lot more interested in what is going on and the whys and wherefores of some issues that not only affect me but the ville, the county, the state and our country. I read the papers a lot more. I love digging into the history of what got us to where we are today. My only regret is the lack of time to write about all that strikes my fancy and researching some of those items.

And that is the beauty of being a blogger. Anyone can do it. All you need is the use of a computer. You can even go to the library and use their free computers. Google makes it easy for us fools and it's free. If you don't like Google there're others that provide pretty much the same opportunity and it is all yours. No one can tell you what to say, what to write about or when to write. I don't want to be cocky but this blog is mine. It's my decision on what is put on here. If you find fault with my way you can always do your own blog. I try to be fair with what is put on here. Opinions are many and varied. Believe me - I'm well aware of that. However, I won't compromise my principles to promote those that have no consideration of others or other sides of an issue with their tunnel vision for their agenda. I'll allow some comments that may be slightly distasteful to me to see where it will go. Generally they die out because the person that brought them up is either being selfish with what they say or can't back up what they say.

Life is short. Hopefully we can all get along and enjoy what we have. As the Irish blessing goes "God grant me the serenity".

Life is good...

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dillard Out On Bail

At a status hearing this past Monday Wellsville's Eric Dillard's bond was reduced to $250,000 or 10%. Bond was posted and Mr. Dillard was released Monday afternoon. He has to wear a monitoring device and is restricted to his house. He is only allowed out for medical emergencies and court appearances.

Since the April shooting death of Jamie Farley Dillard has been in the County Jail with a $2 million bond. Until Monday the judges refused to reduce that amount.

Dillard is scheduled for trial next Tuesday, July 15 at 9 A.M. However his attorney was reported to filing a request for a continuance in today's papers. According to the papers that is normal for such cases to give the attorneys time to digest the reports exchanged at status hearings. The continuance request will probably be granted and a new trial date scheduled for a later date.

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Wellsville Legends 2008

Last night kicked off the third annual Riverside Reunion with five new inductions being honored as Wellsville Legends. The five Checkler brothers were honored as one group of siblings.
Inducted last night and pictured above are Nunzio Lombardozzi, Brassy Beresford, Marge Dysert, in the white sweater and green slacks, Johnny Checkler and Jim Thrasher.
Jim Thrasher and his late wife Phyllis were honored as a couple. In that picture Jim is flanked by his children Pam and Greg.
The Checkler brothers included Jimmy, Nance, Nick and Albert along with Johnny. Johnny is the only one still with us.
The last picture is the men behind the scenes who put in a lot of hours working to make the reunion possible. Pictured from the left is Hootch II (Eric), Mike and Hootch Shephard Sr. There are others on the committee that also gave of their time. To all of them I say thanks.
It was a very nice ceremony and even Mother Nature bestowed her blessings on the event by getting the rain away from us making it possible to move outside. The reunion continues this evening and Saturday. The brochure that was handed out is a keep sake. You can find more information about the Legends, the committee and the scheduled activities on the web site at The event is sponsored by the Wellsville Elks Lodge 1040.
Again I say thank you to all involved. It's things like this that make you feel good being a resident of the ville.
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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Riverside Reunion

The annual Riverside Reunion kicks off tomorrow night at 6 P.M. This event will run from Thursday through Saturday with all kinds of entertainment and other events. Opening night tomorrow will have the presentation of this years Legends awards and two different bands.

The reunion will be located on Riverside between 8th & 9th streets in Wellsville. Last year's was a really nice event and "hootch2" promises this year's will be even better. You can find more information on their web site at

I heard of at least two WHS class reunions will be held this coming week-end along with this event. So, get on up there, enjoy the festivities and visit with some old friends and neighbors. You'll be glad you do. There will be tables set up outside along with food and beverage vendors plying their wares.

Let's hope and pray Mother Nature is kind enough to hold off the rain.

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Newest Flood Wall Mural

Here's the newest mural that artist Gina Hampson recently completed. It's a painting of the old Immaculate Conception Catholic School that was razed in 1982. This building was located on 11th Street next to the church. It was built in 1904 before the church was built and served as both church and school until 1927.

From my memory of the place Gina has once again out did herself in capturing a visual history of the building. Sometime before the school closed in 1967 the students had to wear uniforms of white tops and blue trousers or skirts. I think the boys had to wear ties. Maybe Teddy can verify that. That wasn't the case in the 1950s. It was more casual dress. Back in those days there was school clothes and play clothes.

Actually this mural is the second newest. The newest is one of the old Roadside Park but it isn't completed yet. From what I've seen so far it too is outstanding. Both murals are bringing forth a lot of memories from years past.

The school mural was sponsored by the Wellsville Knights-of-Columbus Council 507. As Bob Hope use to say "thanks for the memories". You should be able to click on the picures to enlarge.

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