Wednesday, June 27, 2012

National School Lunch Week - 1965

From an October 14, 1965, article in the Wellsville Press that we stumbled across yesterday at the River Museum...

There is a lot of familiar names in the piece on the right about Wellsville School cooks.  How many do  you recognize?

Ricky Ross today still uses that experience he picked up back then and his sister Susie pitches in occasionally.

We left the piece about the Cardinal smoke stack in Brilliant as a bonus trivia piece.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Wellsville's First Christian To Hold Block Party

Pastor Mark Blakely and members of Wellsville's First Christian Church cordially invite you to join them for a Summer Block Party to be held this coming Wednesday, June 27, from 6 to 8 PM.  The party is open to the public and will be held on both the church lawn and Main St.  The church is located at 831 Main St.

The block party is part of the church's Mission Wellsville, which is set to begin this Sunday immediately following services.  Youth Pastor Brandon Russell is spearheading this year's First Christian mission.  Wednesday's block party will feature games, give-aways and food.  The party is jointly sponsored by CareSource Company, A.D.A.P.T. and the First Christian family.

It's a community event open to the public no matter whether young or not so young, to provide family fun.  Although invited to join the First Christian family you don't have to be part of the mission or a member of the church to enjoy the party.  For more information contact Russell at 330-532-1587.

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SOI 657 Looking For Vendors

The Wellsville Sons of Italy is preparing for the 16th Annual Italian Festival.  Undoubtedly one of the best festivals in the country this year's fest will be held August 2 through 4.

Vendors interested in reserving space are asked to contact Angie Corbisello at the phone number shown above.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Circuses In Wellsville Were Exciting Times

This article advertising the South American Circus was published in an American Patriot newspaper report dated May 1, 1849.  It was a full 50 years before the circus parade shown in our post below.

In those days before instant communication via satellites, cell phones, computers and television a circus coming to town was big news.  It offered views of an outside world that boggled the mind and the imagination of many.  It was an exciting diversion of the day-to-day life of the town's residents.

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1899 Wellsville Circus Parade

Here's an interesting photograph from the Wellsville River Museum files.  Notations on the back said it was taken in 1899 on Main St.  With the churches in the background you can tell it was taken between 5th & 6th St.  The church with the steeple in the center is now the Masonic Temple. It was a Presbyterian Church at the time.  We believe it was called United Presbyterian. The light colored round stone on the front toward the top is still there.   The other church partially hidden by the telephone pole was the First Methodist at 5th & Main, before they rebuilt.

What made it particularly interesting to us are the three houses just down from United Presbyterian.  There is now an alley where the third house down was sitting.  Between it and the church is now the Home Savings Building at 525 Main St.  That is now the home of the Twisted Stone.

We're left wondering if the circus came to town on a train, off loaded at the 3rd Street Train Station and was enroute to the fair grounds in the lower end of town.

The River Museum is open each Sunday afternoon from 1 to 4:30 PM for touring.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Times Do Change Things

We recall not too many years ago it was a very serious ethical question of doctors and lawyers whether to advertise their businesses.  Still today you do not see very many advertisements in the news print editions.  Apparently that wasn't a problem in the mid-19th Century.

This list of ads was copied from the Wellsville newspaper the American Patriot dated May 1, 1849.

Dr. Lucy's office was in A. Campbell's hotel on Lisbon St.  We wonder if that was what became the Metropole?

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Belated Happy Anniversary

We would like to wish Mr. & Mrs. Josias Close a belated Happy Anniversary on their wedding...

We're just a tad late.  They were married April 26, a 163 years ago.  This article was copied from Wellsville American Patriot dated May 1, 1849.  We're starting to get into some of the old news paper collections on hand at the River Museum.  They are woefully thin and some of the papers are in very brittle condition.

This article caught our eye.  Apparently one way to get a wedding announcement written up in an enthusiastic manner is to invite the editor ("printer") to the reception.

They say you're never too old to learn.  We now know the meaning of the word ultimo.  Wonder if there are any decendents of Ruth Ann & Josias still living in the area?

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Two Wellsville Homes Lost In Fire

We weren’t at the scene of this fire pictured here.  Quite frankly we slept through it.  We didn’t hear the fire alarm.  One buddy said “should have called you”. The better half was on her way to work but didn’t want to wake me.  Normally with the local newspapers all over it we wouldn't have bothered with it. Also, it was all over FaceBook.  However, a very good friend sent us the picture which she got from a friend of hers.  Since it was probably the best picture we’ve seen we thought we would share it with you. 

The fire broke out yesterday morning (Friday – June 8) just before 7 AM at the corner of 14th & Bengal Blvd. here in Wellsville.  According to the newspaper account “one house was destroyed and the other declared a total loss”.  A third house suffered some water damage according to reporter Richard Sberna.

The house on the corner at 458 14th had been vacant for several years and was totally involved when the Wellsville Volunteer Fire Dept. arrived on the scene at 7:04.  The house next door, at 452 14th only had about five feet of space between the two of them.  Fortunately there were no injuries.  With neighbors reporting having seen juveniles going in and out of the vacant house on the corner arson is being investigate.

Thanks for the picture Roe…

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Wellsville Catholics Praying For Vatican Decision Soon

Members of Wellsville’s Immaculate Conception Parish were brought up to date this past Thursday on the status of their appeal to Rome.  The appeal is to get the Wellsville church reopened.  It’s been in the works for over a year now.

The Committee to Save Immaculate Conception Parish engaged church advocate Peter Borre over a year ago as a go-between for them and the powers that be at the Vatican in Rome, Italy.  An appeal has been filed with the Catholic Congregation of Clergy.  They have the power to reverse any decision made by local authorities to close the parish church. 

Last year Youngstown Diocese Bishop George Murray made just that decision for the Wellsville Catholic Church.   Prior to formally closing the parish, a priest was sharing his time administering East Liverpool’s Catholic Church and the one in Wellsville.  Only one Mass a week was being offered at the Wellsville church.  One of the Bishop’s reasons for closing the parish church was a shortage of priests in the diocese.  The parish priest that covered the two churches had already consolidated all the office staff into one office in East Liverpool.   

Members of the Wellsville parish went out on their own and found clergy members who volunteered to continue providing that one Mass per week.  However, Bishop Murray wouldn’t reverse his decision.  Some of the Wellsville parishioners felt that the Bishop’s decision was based mostly on the fact that the Immaculate Conception coffers had been drained prior to the closing.  A request to have an audit on the Immaculate Conception books apparently fell on deaf ears. 

Since the Wellsville committee has financed and gone ahead with an appeal to the Vatican’s Congregation of the Clergy the Wellsville church property cannot be put on the market.  Now the Diocese will be forced to pay real estate taxes on the six parcels of land owned by the Wellsville parish beginning next year.  Two years ago those six parcels had an appraised value of $389,400.  The yearly real estate tax bill would be $6,981 according to County officials. 

In other news it was reported that the Wellsville members donated enough to have the hedges around the church trimmed.  The Diocese officials were ignoring them and letting them grow unkempt.  Repeated attempts to contact the Holy Trinity pastor went unanswered.  To avoid being cited for zoning violations the committee raised enough funds to rent equipment and hire a crew to clean the place up.   

Advocate Peter Borre will be speaking at the City Club in Cleveland on Friday, June 15.  Borre also represents parishes in the Cleveland Diocese.  The topic of the speech is entitled “Cleveland & Boston – A Tale of Two Dioceses”.  With Borre’s help 12 parishes in the Cleveland area won their appeals to reopen.  Parishes in the Boston Diocese weren’t as fortunate.  Borre is scheduled to meet with a Wellsville delegation prior to the luncheon.  Borre will be returning to Rome prior to the summer break at the Vatican.  It is hoped to have a decision before the break begins on June 29. 

In the meantime Saturday afternoon prayer services are continuing each Saturday at 3:30 PM.  With the heat having proved too intense the services are  once again being held at the First United Methodist Church at 5th & Main in Wellsville.  The public is invited to join in.  The next meeting is Thursday, June 21 at 6 PM at Wellsville’s SOI Lodge.  The meetings are also open to the public.  

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Wellsville Party To Take Place In Florida

Former Wellsville Mayor Joe Surace and Wellsville native Nick Grande are making plans for a party in Florida.  It’s a Wellsville Party in Cape Coral, FL.  The party will take place at the Grande home the second week-end in October, 10/13 & 10/14/12.  It’s an open invitation to anyone that wants to travel down there or has relocated in the south. 

They are planning a two day affair with the party on Saturday, the 13th, and a Sunday brunch on the 14th.  Right now they are trying to get an idea on the numbers.  Anyone interested in attending are asked to please RSVP to or to

Both Surace & Grande are WHS alumni back a long, long time ago!  The party sounds like a fun time.  Get in touch with them…

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wellsville Council Meets In Regular Session

The Wellsville Village Council held their regular meeting on Tuesday, June 5.  The Mayor and all Council members were present except for Tony Cataldo, who was excused for an emergency.  Also present at the meeting was Fiscal Officer Dale Davis, Village Administrator Thom Edgell, Zoning Administrator Rick Williams and Legal Advisor Andy Beech. 

Crime Watch Committee President Janet Taggart led off the Public Speaking portion of the agenda.  Taggart invited members of Council and the administration to attend the monthly Crime Watch meetings.  Those meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month at Village Hall.  They are open to the public but attendance is generally lean in numbers.  There is seldom any Village official or any representative of the Police Department that attend, even though there is both a PD and Council liaison.  The purpose of the Crime Watch Committee is to provide an opportunity of open dialogue between members of the public and Village officials.  If anyone has concerns about anything they consider troubling, it gives them a chance to relay their information to officials.  On the other hand it also gives Village officials, especially the police, the chance to warn and advise residents of any type of information that needs to be passed on.  Crime Watch is for the mutual benefit of everyone in the community as was recently pointed out by retired Detective Sgt. Mike Hardy.  Hardy retired from the Atlanta, GA, police force and was a recent speaker at one of the Wellsville meetings.  He noted that Crime Watch is an excellent community relations tool that is widely used in Atlanta.  He was astounded and dismayed when told about attendance at the Wellsville meetings. 

The next Crime Watch Committee meeting is Thursday, June 21, at 6 PM.  Mr. Dane Walton, the Columbiana County Juvenile Court & Probation Officer, will be the guest speaker.  The meetings are open to the public and free of admission. 

Mrs. Karen Dash, representing the Hammond Park Commission, put in a plea for Council’s support with any improvements or upgrades to Wellsville’s only public park.  Mrs. Dash noted there was much that needs to be done to improve the park and asked that Council be cooperative with their endeavors. 

Mayor Susan Haugh remarked that Village Administrator Edgell recently accompanied her on a walking tour of the park.  There is much that needs to be done.  Unfortunately most of it would have to be done with volunteer help.  Anyone interested in helping is asking to contact Village Hall.

Barb Racek speaking on behalf of the group called “Hopper Shoppers” announced that, in spite of recent reports, they are not dumpster diving, ripping open garbage bags and leaving a mess of litter.  Fellow member Sonya Davis said what they do is cruise alleyways and streets looking for anything that has been set out on the curb that can be salvaged.  They do not go through garbage cans or bags but do look for items that can be refurbished.  For more information on the group check out their Face Book page. 

Councilman Don Brown said he got a call from someone accusing the Hopper Shoppers of going through garbage bags and then just leaving a mess.  Waste Management employee Don Heiny said the piles of litter is becoming a real problem.  Brown asked if anyone witnesses people going through garbage leaving a mess to please contact the Police, the Mayor’s Office or him.  Brown noted if caught the offenders will be cited and fined.  The Mayor added getting some pictures of the offenders would be a huge help.  Councilwoman Dinch suggested getting a schedule of garbage pick-up dates from the refuse companies.  Then the police can be advised to pay more attention to the scheduled areas. 

Clark Avenue resident Chuck Allen asked if speed limit signs can be installed at the lower end of Clark.   Allen noted that it’s like a drag strip with traffic coming off or entering Route 7.  Allen said his biggest concern is the safety of children in the neighborhood.  Even though his children are grown he would hate to see a child injured or worse.  Commerce Street resident Tori Welsh said it is just as bad on both Maple & Commerce.  The Mayor said that the speed limit on all Village Streets is 25 MPH.  She has often thought that in many areas that is too fast and maybe the speed limit could be lowered.  She said it would be looked into.
Broadway resident Sue Orr noted that the yard sale last week-end along Route 45, under the Rt. 7 overpass, “is so awful” and needs to be relocated.   The Mayor assured Mrs. Orr that it won’t happen again.  By the time she found out about it this past week the lady was packing up for the day. 

First Christian Church Youth Pastor Brandon Russell asked Council’s permission to block off Main Street between 8th & 9th on June 27 from 5 to 9 PM.  The church will be holding block party that evening and there is simply not enough room in the yard next to their buildings.  The block party will be open to the public, young and old.  There will be free food and other giveaways.  The block party is part of their “Mission Wellsville”.  Dinch got a motion passed to approve the request and asked that they inform their neighbors that the street will be blocked.

Dave Butcher of 12th Street offered his kudos to all involved in Tuesday’s drug raids.

For Administration Reports, Village Administrator Edgell advised that he too received complaints about the trash problem.  Edgell noted that Columbiana has scheduled days for items such as the Hopper Shoppers were talking about to be picked up. 

Edgell also thanked a list of individuals from volunteers to Village employees for all they do on behalf of the town.  He noted that associates from Stevensons recently did some work at the floodwall, Jan Wasko for her efforts at the Boy & the Boot and First Christian for supplying van transportation for the volunteers that help clean up Springhill Cemetery. 
Zoning Administrator Rick Williams reported that year-to-date there have been 22 construction licenses, 21 zoning permits and three vendor’s licenses issued.

Haugh noted that the action taken earlier in the day with warrants being served by the Sheriff’s Department, CC Drug Task Force, Federal US Marshalls and WPD is just one step in ridding Wellsville of drug dealers.  She advised “we are not done with our mission to remove these people”.  Haugh concluded her Mayor’s Report sending a message to Village landlords.  She advised “if you’re knowingly letting these dealers and users rent from you, you’re next!” 

For the Committee Reports, Finance Committee Chair Diane Dinch submitted bills totaling $89,846 for the month of May for Council’s approval.  In light of the recent State Audit it’s not much of a report but it’s a start.  Maybe it will improve as they get a better grasp of what is the resident’s right to know without the noted “dings”. 

Sewage Committee Chairman Don Brown said there are a lot of residents with outstanding sewage bills.  Brown warned that if arrangements are not made the residents with past due bills will have their water shut off – no water, no flushing.  If that happens it will cost the resident an additional $50 to get the water back. 

Street Committee Chair Tonda Ross got a motion passed for the Wellsville SOI to block Main Street from 3rd to 4th in early August for the Italian Fest.  An official from the SOI Festival Committee noted that McGraw’s Drive-In will not be blocked off. 

In legislative action Council approved getting things started to put levy renewals on the ballot for the 1.4 mill Fire Levy and the .5 mill Floodwall Levy.  These levies will expire at the end of the year.  An additional four levies were passed that will eliminate holiday pay for Village employees.  Instead of named holidays, employees will be given 88 hours each year, paid at straight hourly rates.  It’s a cost saving measure eliminating time & half holiday rates for the 11 holidays.  Most of the Village wages are paid from the General Fund.  Former Financial Committee Chairman Tony Cataldo has been saying for at least the last two years that General Fund expenditures have to be reduced as one of the steps to keep Wellsville out of Fiscal Emergency.  Finally an ODOT request to be permitted to repave Route 39 from the Village limits to the Route 7 overpass was approved.  The resurfacing will be at no cost to the Village. 

In Old Business Thom Edgell issued a reminder of the 50/50 sidewalk program being offered again.  This year’s program is restricted to all areas in between 1st to 6th.  There is a sign-up sheet in the lobby at Village Hall for those interested.  Residents that sign on have to pay their share upfront.  For more information contact either Edgell or Rick Williams.  The phone number at Village Hall is 330-532-2524.  Edgell’s office is extension 14 and Williams is extension 15. 

The meeting adjourned at 6:42 PM.  The next scheduled meeting is Tuesday, June 19 at 6 PM.

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Two Veteran Wellsville Teachers Retire

At the May Board of Education meeting the retirement of two veteran Wellsville teachers was accepted "with regrets and best wishes".  Each teacher had 35 years in the profession for a combined total of 70 years of teaching experience.

School District Superintendent Rich Bereschik remarked that he had the pleasure of working with both for 30 plus years stating that they have brought a lot to the Wellsville District.  He went on saying that both are quality teachers and he would welcome them back at any time.

At the High School Class Day later in the week both were honored by the Class of 2012 when they dedicated this year's Tiger Tales to them.   The Tiger Tales is the name for the WHS yearbook.  Shown here getting their certificates of appreciation from Senior Jake Reed and Elizabeth Bickel is Mrs. Suellen Meadows and Randy Young.   Reed and Bickel were on the yearbook staff.

Congratulations to both Suellen and Randy...

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wellsville Mayor Issues Warnings

There were no additional comments forthcoming from law enforcement officers involved in yesterday's drug raids in Wellsville.  One officer from the Sheriff's Office told us "we were just serving warrants".

To the best of our knowledge there were two individuals apprehended on outstanding warrants and two rifles confiscated at a residence on 14th Street, pictured here.  We got the impression by the time the officers reached the fourth stop word was already out.  It travels fast in a small town.  No one was found to be at home at either of two houses on 14th St.  Additional stops were made at three different places on Commerce Street and one on Main St.

At last night's Wellsville Council meeting Mayor Susan Haugh promised that the Village's war on drugs was not finished.  No additional comments were made in regards to what is next.  The Mayor also issued a warning to Village landlords saying that if it can be proved,  anyone who knowingly rents to known drug dealers will also be prosecuted.

Public reaction to yesterday's actions are overwhelmingly positive.  Many comments made by individuals are encouraging Wellsville officials to keep the ball rolling.  Although there were only two suspects taken in yesterday's raids the law enforcement efforts were greatly applauded.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wellsville Drug Dealers Targeted

Details are still sketchy, very sketchy...  Around 10 AM this morning, June 5, members of the County Sheriffs Department, the County Drug Task Force, Federal Marshalls and the Wellsville PD started serving warrants all over the village.  We were told by Village officials they were armed with numerous  warrants.  Apparently it is another step taken in Mayor Susan Haugh's War on Drugs.

No too long ago the Mayor posted a "fair warning" on her Face Book page saying that officials were aware of who the drug dealers are and if they didn't leave town, they were coming after them.  To emphasize her point, just last week, she and Police Chief Joe Scarabino, along with other WPD officers went door to door passing out letters.  It was a second warning given to the suspected dealers.  This morning they made good on their promise.  Officers had to use their "universal key" in the picture above.  Two people were inside who refused to answer the door.

Since one of their first stops this morning was in our neighborhood we were able to get a couple of pictures shown here.  Now we have to try to get some additional information.

Personally we would like to give our thanks to all the officials involved this morning.  With the number of agencies and officers involved this didn't just get started yesterday.  There had to be a lot of planning.  It is certainly encouraging to see forceful, positive action being taken.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Youngstown Catholic Diocese Saved From Being Newest Slum Lord In Wellsville

First they locked them out of their church.  Now they are neglecting to take care of church property letting the hedges, grass and weeds grow unkempt.

Thankfully the Committee To Save Immaculate Conception Parish took the initiative to clean things up at their own expense.  A couple of Saturdays ago they brought in a crew to cut, weed and trim, getting the outside to once again look decent.

Although locked out they still take pride in "their" church.

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Magician To Launch Wellsville Summer Reading Program

Magician Jim Kleefeld will be on hand at the Wellsville Library to launch the summer reading program Tuesday, June 5 at 10:30 AM. The program will continue every Tuesday morning through July 24.

For more information call the Library at 330-532-1526.

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Wellsville's Immaculate Conception Parish Supported In Southern Florida

This house is located at 10133 Silver Maple Court, Fort Myers, FL.  It's in a gated community on the west coast of Florida.  The owner is listed as Peter Haladej.

We appreciate his showing support for the Wellsville parishioners.

We're not saying this Peter Haladej and Fr. Peter Haladej is one and the same person but...

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Wellsville Carnegie's Adult Summer Reading Offered

It started today but it's not too late to enter.  For more information call the Library at 330-532-1526.

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

3rd & Main Then & Now

Here's another picture that caught our attention at the River Museum.  No date on the old one but it has to be 1800s sometime when the corner store was a boys clothing store.

The newer picture was taken just a few days ago.  We've been told that years ago that was a very lively spot in Wellsville.

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Proudly Displaying Her Patriotism

We're sorry we didn't get this young lady's name.  However we were impressed with her display of patriotism at this year's Memorial Day observance in Wellsville.  Decked out in red, white & blue she even joined in the parade down Main Street. 

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Wellsville Honors Its Veterans

Wellsville once again honored its veterans in an impressive Memorial Day ceremony.  Organized by the Wellsville Memorial Council it is sponsored and supported by Wellsville’s veteran organizations, businesses and many private individuals. 
The annual observance began at the Soldier’s Memorial in the 4th Street Square, a parade down Main Street and concluding ceremonies at the Newlin Memorial Chapel in Springhill Cemetery.  The VFW Tommy Mackall Post served breakfast and later a light lunch following the ceremonies.  Pastor Darlene Zanders offered the prayers and Mayor Susan Haugh represented Village officials.  The sound system was furnished by the Croskey brothers and the Wellsville High School Marching Band provided musical selections.  Members of the Wellsville Police Dept. gave a 21 gun salute and Wellsville Fire Fighters provided an escort.  Columbiana County Commissioner John Payne, pictured here, was the keynote speaker. 

Wellsville’s observance is the finest in the valley.  For more information on the Memorial Council contact President Don Brown at the Wellsville VFW Post. 
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Wellsville's River Museum Ready To Kick Off Summer Season

The first Sunday in June will kick off another summer season of open house touring and special programs.  Starting June 3 the Wellsville River Museum will be open each Sunday afternoon from 1 to 4:30 PM for open house touring.  The museum will be open each Sunday afternoon through August.  Visitors are free to tour at their own leisure through the three floors jam packed with historical artifacts, the Fire Station, the caboose and the Country Store.  Tour guides will be available to answer any questions that arise.  The museum is located at 1003 Riverside Avenue, just behind the Central United Methodist Church at 10th & Main Sts.  Parking is available at the museum and additional parking is available just down the street at 11th & Riverside.

In addition to the open house touring this Sunday will feature the first of this season's speaker programs.  Historian Ray Vanderpool will present a program on the Civil War battle of Shilot.  That battle was fought in Shilot, TN, on April 7 & 8, 1862.  It was the bloodiest battle so far in the War Between the States with thousands of casualties.  Additional programs will be announced at a later date.

The museum touring and all the speaker's programs are free to the public.  Donations are gratefully appreciated.  For more information on the Wellsville Historical Society's River Museum, the programs or membership please call 330-532-1018 or 330-532-4692.