Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Wellsville Honor Roll Beginning To Take Shape

Craftsmen and women from area trade unions spent a Saturday donating their skills and labor to help erect Wellsville’s newest memorial to area veterans.  On Saturday, September 22, the block work was completed by the union members and a slew of volunteers.  The impressive memorial will be located in what used to be the Roadside Park at the intersection of State Route 45 and Wells Avenue. The relocation of State Route 7 forced the closing of the state park in the late 1960s.  It is now informally called Phyllis Park in memory of the late Phyllis Thrasher.

Shown here are the three panels that will be the backbone of the new memorial that will list all known area veterans that served in the U.S. Armed Forces from WWI to the present.  The only stipulation that was required is that the veteran had to have a Wellsville address at the time they served.   Names were collected from other memorials, relatives, friends and area veteran organizations. 

Coming next will be the brick work.  Honor Roll Committee Co-Chairman George Crews advises that is scheduled for next week-end.  The brick was delivered to the site this past Friday.  When completed there will be three panels of names.  The memorial was designed to allow for future expansion.

For more information contact either Crews at 330-532-3910 or Debbie Koffel at 330-532-1553.   

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Wellsville FOP To Hold Youth Fishing Derby

The Wellsville Fraternal Order of Police is sponsoring a Fishing Derby for boys and girls ages 6 through 15.  The tournament will take place on Saturday, October 20 from 10 AM to 2 PM.  Prizes for the most fish caught, the longest fish and the smallest fish caught will be given to winners from three different age groups.  The age groups are 6 to 8 year olds, 9 to 12 year olds and 13 to 15 year olds.  The derby will be held at Wellsville’s Jim Kenney Marina.  There is no entry fee.  It’s free!  All that is needed is a pole of some sort and good sportsmanship.    

The rules state that only one fishing pole is allowed per person.  No alcohol, drugs or fire arms are permitted during the derby hours.  Every effort will be made to protect the live fish and safely return them to the water.   Entry forms must be filled out with a parent or guardian’s signature required.  Entry forms are available at the Village schools or can be picked up at the Wellsville Police Dept. 

For more information called 330-532-1522. 

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Three Suspects Nabbed In Wellsville Raid

Here’s encouraging news for those of you who are skeptical about the War on Drugs in the Village.  This morning a joint operation with the Columbiana County Drug Task Force was carried out on a Wellsville apartment.   Joining the DTF in the raid was the Drug Enforcement Agency, the CC Sheriff’s Office and members of the Wellsville Police Dept.  St. Clair Township and the Ohio BCI were also on-hand with drug sniffing dogs.   A substantial amount of crack cocaine and heroin were confiscated as a result of this morning’s operation.
Submitted photo of this morning's raid at 102 6th St.
in Wellsville

Three suspected drug dealers were taken into custody at the apartment located at 102 Sixth Street in Wellsville.  Arrested and booked this afternoon through the Sheriff’s Office was Jason N Barnes, Christie L Thrasher and a third suspect as yet not identified.  The third suspect was still in the process of being booked and the Sheriff’s Office spokesman would not yet release his name.  The first two suspects were booked on both possession of crack cocaine and heroin.  Both are felony charges.   The three suspects will be arraigned tomorrow morning in Lisbon.  Additional charges may be filed when the Grand Jury convenes.  The apartment is owned by a Wellsville realtor. 

Again the raid was mounted to serve an outstanding warrant. The warrant issued out of East Liverpool Municipal Court.  That warrant was for the third suspect and was issued to apprehend that third suspect, whose name was unavailable when we were gathering information. 

This morning’s arrests were another step by all the law enforcement agencies involved to rid Wellsville of the drug selling that unfortunately goes on here.  Your help is needed to carry on the fight.   If you witness any suspected drug activity record license plate numbers and a description of the vehicles used.  Then pick up your phone and call the authorities.  Your call will remain anonymous.  The number for the DTF Drug Tip hot line is 330-424-0309.  Something is being done.  It’s seems like a slow process but every bit of information helps. 

Eventually we can make Wellsville a better place to live…

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WRC Fish Now MIA

Both our local newspapers had articles today about the fish that was stolen from the newest addition to the Amato Boardwalk that runs along the northern banks of Little Yellow Creek.  The fish was dangling on the line of a Mark Twain'ish statue of a barefoot boy.

The boardwalk and statue are located near Wellsville's floodwall murals.  The statue was purchased by the Wellsville Revitalization Committee. It was placed just before the dedication ceremonies a couple of weeks ago.  With the Boy & Boot located just on the other side of the floodwall it is a great compliment to the aesthetics of the ever popular Village attraction.

The fish didn't last long.  Some creek scum done made off with it.  It ain't right.

For shame...

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Battle of Perrysville Commemoration Set

The 150th Anniversary of the Civil War Battle of Perrysville will be commemorated with a packed schedule of presentations at the Mooretown Monument. The commemoration is set for Sunday, October 7.   The Mooretown Monument is located on Jefferson County Hwy 53 at Georges Lake.  Called the Fall Festival, activities are scheduled to begin at 12 noon. The programs are scheduled to run from 1 to 4 PM.   There will be food, crafts and lots of fun. 

The Battle of Perrysville was fought in Perrysville, Kentucky, on October 8, 1862.  Many Union soldiers from the area were present at that battle.  The Mooretown Monument was built to commemorate the Jefferson County citizens that were in the Civil War.  Some of those names inscribed on that monument have Wellsville descendants living here today.

The commemoration is open to the public and free of admission.  Comfortable walking shoes are suggested.  For more information call 740-768-2365.

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Follow the Yellow Creek Road Tour

Whether you enjoy the splendor of the scenery, or enjoy the history of the area, or a combination of both, you will thoroughly enjoy the Yellow Creek Tour.  Based on books written on the history of the Yellow Creek area by Doc Shilling a guided tour has been arranged for your enjoyment.  The tour is scheduled for Saturday, October 6.  It begins at 8 AM in Berholz.

R.W. “Doc” Shilling was a noted Jefferson County physician with a passion for history.  He wrote two books on the history of the Yellow Creek area.  The first was published in 1942 was entitled Tales of Yellow Creek and the second was published in 1947 titled Yellow Creek Stories.  Both tales are extremely informative on the history and settlement of this region.  The combined reprint of the books is available at the Wellsville River Museum. 

Take the day, enjoy the tour, the beautiful rustic scenery and learn some history.  You won’t regret it.  For more information or to make the suggested reservation call 740-768-2365.  

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wellsville's War On Drugs Continues

The war on drugs continues in Wellsville.   At this past week’s Council meeting Wellsville Mayor Susan Haugh issued a warning to unscrupulous Village landlords.   She advised she “contacted the Prosecutor’s office regarding landlords renting to known drug users and dealers.  As you know I’m fed up with it.  I asked what could be done?”

She proceeded to note that “A landlord who is renting to a known drug user or dealer could possibly be charged with complicity to trafficking, and using, in drugs.  Also, their house could be deemed a nuisance and be boarded up.  They will have to forfeit it over.”  If it continues she vows she will “push for that”.  If that happens, not only will landlords lose rental income, they will have to dig deep in their greedy pockets for legal fees to keep their butts out of jail. 

Before taking office Mayor Haugh promised she would lead the charge in cleaning up and ridding the Village of drug users and dealers.  It wasn’t just campaign rhetoric.  She has personally gone door-to-door handing out written letters of warning to known users and dealers.  She has invited several law enforcement agencies to town to assist the local authorities.  She even invited the Ohio State Patrol to join in.  Normally the unspoken rule of thumb for the OSP is to keep clear of being inside town limits and interfering with the local officers.  They have the authority to patrol anywhere in the state but like to be invited before they come to town. 

This lady means business and she ain’t giving up!  As one member of the CC Drug Task Force told us “use of illicit drugs will probably never be eradicated” but neither are they.  If we were landlords we would take advantage of the free background checks that can be done by just calling the Sheriff’s Office before renting to anyone unknown. 

Take heed…

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nina & PInta Sail Past Wednesday Afternoon

Pinta - 85 feet in length & 23 feet wide beam
Nina - 65 feet in length & 18 feet wide beam

Two replicas of the Christopher Columbus ships that he sailed to America in 1492 passed by Wellsville late this afternoon.  Enroute to Pittsburgh, PA,  the Nina &the Pinta passed by Wellsville around 6 PM today.

According to their web site the two ships will be anchored at the North Shore Riverfront Park in the ‘burg September 21 through October 3. 

Pictures shown here were taken as the two ships passed in front of the Wellsville River Museum.  We were unaware that they were coming this way.  Thanks to our friends that called with the heads-up. 

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quilt Raffle To Benefit Wellsville Library

The picture of this beautiful quilt does not really do it justice bringing out the rich, vibrant colors. It is a very attractive quilt that would add charm to any room.  The pattern for the quilt is called Grandmother’s Puzzle and it could be yours for a fraction of what it would cost to purchase.  It’s a queen size quilt.

The quilt was donated to the Friends of the Wellsville Carnegie Public Library by Mrs. Lucille Huston.  Mrs. Huston pieced it all together and it was quilted by Ms. Joan Dobbs.  The quilt will be raffled off to a lucky winner with a drawing to be held at 5 PM on Saturday, October 13.  The winner does not need to be present at the drawing.

Chances are $1 each or 6 for $5.  Tickets are available up until the time of the drawing at the library.  All proceeds from the raffle go to benefit the library.  The Friends of the Library is a non-profit organization that supports the Wellsville Public Library.

Stop by the library located at 9th & Main in Wellsville to purchase your chances. Stop often.  For more information call 330-532-1526.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Wellsville FCC Refuge Members Lend A Hand

First Christian Pastor Mark Blakely & members of Refuge
preparing to do some painting

Members of the Wellsville First Christian Church high school youth group known as Refuge continued their community service this past Saturday at the old Liberty Theater.  With paint & brushes in hand they helped with touching up the front of the long closed theater. 

Liberty Theater Renovation Roberts-Orr was painting the
front doors
The old movie house is now owned by the Potter Players Community Theatre group.  With plans to renovate and to reopen someday work on the project has lagged with the nation’s economic slowdown.  However, that doesn’t slow down the hopes of the Liberty Theater Renovation Project committee.  Presently they are doing what they can and Saturday’s effort was to spruce up the front of the place.  When funding comes available it will be the Wellsville area cultural center. 

Erin Robert-Orr is the Chairwoman of the Liberty Theater Renovation Project.  For more information on the project contact Mrs. Orr via e-mail at

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Show Your Tiger Pride

This bright, attractive Tiger Paw can decorate your front sidewalk just for a mere pittance at $10 per paw.  It is available to you by just making a one, easy call.  It is roughly 18” and proceeds go to support both the Wellsville High School & the Daw Middle School Tigers football teams.

The sidewalk paws are a fund raising project sponsored by the Tigers Touchdown Club.  They are the good folks that volunteer a lot of free time to raise money for the post game lunches and equipment that is not supplied by the school district.  All proceeds go to support the players. 

Give Chris (330-532-4479) or Rodger a call (330-383-9956) to place your order today.  They will take care of the rest once you tell them where you want them.   The paws are quick drying, fluorescent, bright orange paint that is normally used for street markings.  They will stand up to a lot of wear & tear. 

You can line your sidewalk, driveway or even on the side of your house.  The choice is yours.

 Wellsville is Tiger Town!  Your support is greatly appreciated.

Show your Tiger pride… 

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Birthday JHM!

Getting ready to make a wish & blow out
all the candles
Listening up while his bride gives a history

With the lights dimmed & birthday candles
lit the congregation sings Happy Birthday

This past Sunday, the 9th, John Henry Martin was honored for his upcoming 75th birthday.  It was a surprise event that has been in the making since last spring.  John’s wife of 43 years later told us it was a complete surprise for John and Nita Martin was in the thick of the conspiracy of those planning the tribute.  It took place at the Central United Methodist Church here in Wellsville.

Although John Henry graduated from Wellsivlle High School with our sister we never knew him when we were younger.  When we were in high school we knew there was a guy from the ‘ville playing semi-pro for the Wheeling Ironmen but we still didn’t know him.

Actually we didn’t get acquainted until the oldest child of John Henry & Nita started school.  He was just a year ahead of our oldest and the two of them got to be good buddies.  If our kid wasn’t at the Martin house down the street their son Shaun was at ours. 

Once we got acquainted it was difficult to believe he was the kind of guy that would run right through you if you were face to face with him on the gridiron.  He’s not a big guy but he is a giant of a man in spirit and heart.  He has always been faithful to his God, his family, his home and his song.  John Henry is one of the kindest, friendliest men you could know.  Whenever you run into him he always has a million dollar smile and a warm hello for you.   He’s one of those folks that leave you with a “glad you ran into him” feeling when you move on. 

John Henry was born September 13, 1937.  We’re betting it was already with a song in his heart.  In case you didn’t know he loves to sing!  And he is quite good at it.

If you see John Henry tomorrow say Happy Birthday.  You’ll get one of those million dollar smiles…

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Behind Every Good Man...

...there's a good woman, so they say.

If you know John Henry then this lady needs no introduction.

God bless 'Nita...

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Daw Middle School Football Gets Win #1

Looking for open man

Tigers wrap up a Bear!

Going to the corner

Daw Middle School’s football team got on the winning track last Thursday, September 6, as they soundly defeated the Leetonia Jr. High Bears.  Going into the beginning of the 4th quarter they held a commanding 20-0 lead.  By the time the whistle blew to signal the end of the game it was Wellsville 20-6.   That makes it 1-0-1 on the year for the Junior High team.

The Daw team returns to action tomorrow night, September 13, when they host Jackson-Milton at Nicholson Stadium.  Game time is scheduled for 5 PM.

We’re looking for win #2.  Go get ‘em Tigers…

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Daw Middle School Volleyball Lose One & Win One

Daw 7th Graders

We caught our first Daw Middle School Volleyball match the other day.  This past Monday, September 10, the Wellsville Jr. High Lady Tigers played host to South Range.  It was their fifth match of the season. 

Sadly the 7th Grade team lost in two.  It was South Range 25-18 in the first set and 25-16 in the second. 

Daw 8th Grade Action
A Cheer For The Home Team!
The 8th Grade Ladies look to be continuing in their winning ways that they started last year.  As 7th Graders last year they nearly went undefeated if our memory serves us correctly.  We do not have a roster yet to compare to last year but it looks as if most of those same players are back.

In their match Monday afternoon the 8th Graders took two straight from South Range.  It was Wellsville 25-14 in the first set and 25-22 in the second. 

The Daw teams return to action this afternoon when they host Springfield at Beacom Memorial. 

Good Luck Wellsville Tigers….

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wellsville Village Council Committees Have Busy Day

It was a busy day at Wellsville Village Hall Monday afternoon with Council members holding three different committee meetings.  Holding meetings yesterday was the Finance Committee, the Street Committee and the Claims, Rules & Ordinance Committee.

No action was taken at the Finance Committee meeting held to discuss late fees for the Village income tax.  Currently the penalty for failure to pay taxes or estimated taxes is 10% per year but not less than $25.  Failure to remit withheld taxes by employers is 10% per month and shall not be less $25.  Accumulated penalty on that will not exceed 50%. 

The ordinance spelling out these fees is dated in 2004.  Committee Chairwoman Diane Dinch is considering a proposal to increase that $25 amount to $100 for balances of $100 or more.  However all three committee members agreed to postpone making any recommendation to full Council until they have had a chance to more closely study the income tax levy. 

At the Street Committee meeting is was decided to recommend to the full Council vacating a part of 21st Street and Crystal Alley.  Marathon Oil made the request when they asked to rezone five parcels of land they own from residential to industrial.  Those parcels are bordered by 21st Street, Crystal Alley and Nevada St.  The Wellsville Zoning Committee approved the rezoning and legislation for that was ordered in at the last Council meeting. 

A 30 day notice and a public hearing are required for both the rezoning and the vacating of streets and alleyways according to Committee members.  That has to occur before anything can be finalized by Village Council.  It is hoped to combine both actions in one notification and public hearing. 

Other than fencing the parcels in Marathon have no immediate plans to develop them according to Zoning Administrator Rick Williams.  When expansion begins at the Intermodal Park those parcels may be used to park construction equipment. 

No action was taken on the request by Wellsville residents Art & Julie DuMoulin’s to convert the unused street around the Boy and the Boot into a mini park.  The street in question was blocked off when the floodwall was constructed following the 1936 flood.  It still has the original brick pavement and is only used as an occasional parking area.  The DuMoulins have voluntarily adopted the Wells Avenue Bridge & the Boy and the Boot area.  They keep the area clean and water the flowers in the hanging baskets on the bridge.   

At the final meeting of the day the Claims, Rules & Ordinance Committee discussed three items.  The first item was the control issue for cats.  Committee Chairman John Morrow advised he has been consulting with the Wellsville Animal Control officer and members of the Alley Cat Aide Brigade.  In Wellsville cats are now considered free roaming animals and there are no regulations pertaining to them.  There are some communities around the state that have regulations concerning control and the number of cats allowed per household.  Further discussion on the subject was postponed until another meeting could be arranged with the Animal Control Officer attending. 

It was agreed to ask the full Council to order in legislation at the next meeting making additions to the Village Fiscal Officer’s job description.  Presently there are no set hours for when the Fiscal Officer works nor is he required to use the time clock.  If approved by Council the Fiscal Officer hours will be set for 10 AM to 3 PM and he will be required to use the time clock.  The reasoning for setting the schedule for a particular time was so people would know when the administrator is available. 

The last item considered by the Claims, Rules & Ordinance Committee was the request by the Zoning Committee to raise the building demolition fee.  It is presently a $10 permit fee for demolition jobs costing up to $5,000 and 1% for every additional $1,000 over that.  The Zoning Committee requested the fee be changed to a flat 5% for the total cost.   There were no objections by the CRO Committee and Morrow will forward to Council after checking with the Village Legal Advisor.  Morrow stated he would like to add a clause that the permit fee be designated to be placed in the Demolition Fund in the annual Village budget. 

The next scheduled meeting for Wellsville Village Council is Tuesday, September 18 at 6 PM. 

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Wellsville Ladies Remain Undefeated In Volleyball

Lady Tiger Shayna Hamilton serves one up

Maylea Fultz goes airborne for kill

Jayla Martin stretching one out

The Wellsville Lady Tigers Volleyball Team are now 6&0 in the young season after picking up two more wins this past weekend.  When last we mentioned them they were 2&0. They beat Western Reserve in the season opener and then took one from Southern Local two days later.

Last Tuesday afternoon they hosted the East Liverpool at home.  They won that match 3 sets to one in a close scoring game.  Last Thursday they traveled to Columbiana and took three sets to beat the Lady Clippers 3-2 in a marathon match.   That made them 4&0.  Pictures shown here are from the East Liverpool match.

This past Saturday they traveled to Lisbon to play in a tri-match taking on Lisbon and Youngstown East.  Sweeping the Lisbon Lady Devils 2-0 in their first match boosted their record to 5&0.  Later they made short order of Youngstown East sweeping them also.  The Lady Tigers dominated the Youngstown team 25-8 in set one and 25-9 in set two. 

These Wellsville ladies are for real.   They’re showing good team work and heads up play.  We hope they continue having fun.  They are exciting to watch.

This afternoon the Lady Tigers travel to Beaver Local to battle the Fighting Beavers.  It will be a tough test in the young season.  The Reserves are set to tip-off at 5:30. 

We believe they can take it all out there. Keep the excitement going.  

 Good Luck Ladies…

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Wellsville Village Yard Sale Rescheduled

The annual Village Yard Sale has been rescheduled to Saturday, October 6. The weather simply did not cooperate and the sale planned for September 8 was cancelled.   In case of another rainy day like that it will be moved to Saturday, October 13.   Everything else remains the same. 

The sale will be located in two main areas.  One is the parking lot at Village Hall and the other is the lot at Save-A-Lot.  Times remain at 9 AM – 5 PM and permits are still available at Wellsville Village Hall.  Vendors can set up at either place the day of the sale.  Residents and businesses are also encouraged to set up at their homes or place of business. 

It will not be necessary to get a new permit if you have already purchased one.  Any permit purchased for the September 8th date will be honored on the rescheduled day according to Alley Cat Aide Brigade spokeswoman.   For more information call 330-532-9064.

Proceeds for the sale will benefit the annual Christmas for the Animals held by the Alley Cat Aide Brigade.

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Wellsville Council Meeting

The Wellsville Village Council met this past Tuesday, September 4, in Village Hall.   Mayor Susan Haugh presided.  All Council members were present plus Fiscal Officer Dale Davis, Village Legal Advisor Andy Beech, Village Administrator Thom Edgell, Zoning Administrator Rick Williams and Fire Chief Bill Smith.

There was no one commenting during the Public Speaking portion on the agenda. 

Although told by the Chief at the August 21 meeting he would have a full report on his department’s year-to-date activity there was no Police Department Report.   Village Administrator Thom Edgell did not elaborate when he advised the Sidewalk Replacement project “has hit a rough spot in the road. We’re going to work our way through it.”  He reported the Highland Heights project is underway with the installation of catch basins and some storm sewer pipe.   He finished his report saying he’s doing a brief review of the Policy & Procedure Manual for hiring in the Street Dept.  He will be passing on his recommendation to the Mayor shortly. 

Zoning Administrator Rick Williams reported that the Zoning Committee held a meeting last week and approved Marathon Oil’s request to change the zoning on five parcels in the Nevada Street area from residential to Industrial I-2.  Williams advised other than fencing them in there are no plans on using them at the present time. It may be used for parking of construction equipment at later date.   Mayor Haugh added Marathon is interested in developing some “green space”.  A motion was passed approving the zoning change.  Marathon also requested that all five parcels be combined into one for tax record keeping purposes but that is not a matter for the Zoning Committee.  Capping off the Zoning Department report the Mayor advised that over $14,000 was made from selling zoning permits for the month. 

United Water’s Sewage Treatment Plant Supervisor Greg Stewart reported there was 2.84” of rain for the month of August.  Averaging 708,501 gallons a day there was nearly 22 million gallons of treated fluid discharged to the river.  The plant was reapproved to dispose dry sludge to a landfill.  There was 13.4 tons of dry sludge shipped to the landfill.  Also in August 39,500 gallons of sludge was pumped to the drying beds.  All parts have been replaced by the contractor for the digesters and that project is completed. 

Mrs. Colleen Waggle
In the Mayor’s Report Haugh asked for a motion stating that the Village is willing to participate in discussions to develop four or five parcels of land in the “pondage” area.  Such a motion will show that Village officials are willing to cooperate in economic development of this area.  A motion made by Councilwoman Rosie Goss was passed.  These parcels are being considered for purchasing by Marathon Oil as part of their expansion plans in the Intermodal Park area. 

The Mayor issued a proclamation designating the week of September 17 as Constitution Week 2012 in Wellsville in honor of the 225th Anniversary of the drafting of the Constitution of the United States of America.  The proclamation was presented to Mrs. Colleen Waggle.  Pictured here with the proclamation, Mrs. Waggle was representing the Southwick Griscom Kinney Chapter of the DAR. 

Finance Committee Chairwoman Diane Dinch reported that as of the end of July there was $1.2 million in the General Fund and the total of all funds was $1.4 million.   Dinch reminded everyone that those figures include the investment from the mineral rights lease.   Council approved the payment of $32, 466 in vendor bills for the month of August.

Street Committee Chairwoman Tonda Ross advised there is a meeting scheduled for 2 PM Monday, September 10 to discuss the vacating of a portion of 21st Street and an alley in the Nevada Street area that was requested by Marathon Oil.  Ross also got approval to change the times for blocking streets for the Dash for Mat’s Bash from 5 to 7 PM to 2 to 5 PM on October 13.  The change was made to avoid creating a conflict with another community activity on that day. 

Councilman John Morrow got approval to order in legislation adopting technical specifications similar to what the County used for demolishing dilapidated property in the Neighborhood Stabilization Project. 
The specifications would apply to any contractor awarded bids for building demolition in the Village.   Morrow also announced there will be a meeting of his committee on Monday, September 10 at 2:30 PM to discuss Animal Control ordinances and changing fees for demolition work zoning permits.  The Animal Control ordinances also apply to fees charged by that department. 

An annual housekeeping resolution was passed accepting the tax levy amounts and rates to be certified with the County Auditor.  An ordinance authorizing the upgrading of lighting by ODOT for all three Village on & off ramps, to and from Route 7, was placed on first reading following a lengthy discussion by Council.  ODOT is in the process of upgrading the lights and then transferring future upkeep & maintenance to the Village. 

Under Old Business the Mayor advised Council the Village will be moving forward transferring .4 acres located near the Sewage Treatment Plant to Wellsville Terminals.  The company offered $46,000 or $47,000 for that piece of ground which was approved to accept by a vote of Council last year.  The actual transaction was held up while working out details on easements for Wellsville forced main sewage line.  An easement plan has since been worked out.

For New Business Councilwoman Dinch questioned the age limits for people collecting for tag days. 
She noted that last week-end she witnessed underage children sitting on the barrels while the collection was underway, creating a dangerous situation.  Mayor Haugh noted she has been advised of the situation and will be addressing ordinance enforcement with WPD officials.  There is a minimum age specification in the Tag Day ordinance. 

The meeting adjourned at 6:43 PM and we were off to the volleyball match.  The next Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 18 at 6 PM. 

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wellsville Middle School Opens With Tie

The Daw Middle School Football team opened their 2012 season last Thursday.  They battled the East Palestine Middle School Bulldogs to a 26-26 tie.  It was an exciting finish, playing two or three overtime periods trying to determine a winner.

With less than a minute left in regulation play the Bulldogs were leading 20-14.  It looked like it was all over except for 11 football players wearing the Orange & Black.  With the final ticks off the game clock the score was 20-20. 

After a mid-field huddle with the officials both teams agreed to play a rare overtime.  It’s automatic for high school teams but not so for junior high teams according to one off-duty referee watching the game.

Playing from the 20 yard line the Middle School Tigers scored in the first overtime period making the score 26-20.  East Palestine came right back and tied the score once again at 26 all.  Each team played another series of downs from the 20 with darkness coming on.  Finally after an injury time-out the officials called the game. 

Wellsville returns to action this afternoon when they host the Leetonia Bears at Nicholson Stadium.  Game time is 5 PM.

Good Luck Tigers…

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Wellsville's Main Street Back In The Day

This is for our friend Phil...

We finally found a picture showing four rails for the trolley tracks.   Always knew there were two sets of track on Wellsville's trolley routes.  For some reason most of the photos only show three rails as Phil has pointed out a couple of times.

The picture here is part of the archives at the River Museum owned an operated by the Wellsville Historical Society.  It was taken at 5th Street looking east on Main.

Wonder if the dray got out of the way of the trolley...

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blue Moon Rising

Nope!  It's not one of LeMaster's field goal kicks.  It's just a picture of last week's blue moon rising.  This was snapped while taking in the Daw Middle School football game this past Thursday.

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Zoning Committee Forwards Recommendations to Village Council

The Wellsville Zoning Committee met this past Friday at Wellsville Village Hall.  Committee Chairman Jack Call presided.  The meeting was called primarily to consider a request by Marathon Oil to combine and rezone six parcels of land from residential to I-2 Industrial.  Also Marathon requested to vacate a portion of 21st Street and an alley that runs between the parcels.

Marathon presently owns the property in question and wants to combine all six parcels into one to simplify their property tax management.  The parcels in question are located in the Nevada Street area near their existing facilities.  The lots adjoin the fenced in property of the existing Marathon operation.  Although there are no current plans to expand their operations at that location it is their desire to have consistent zoning in that location.   There are plans to install an underground pipeline through that area to the Intermodal Park. 

Marathon is in the process of expanding their Wellsville operations in the Intermodal Park with negotiations presently underway with the CC Port Authority.  That area is earmarked for a transport facility to meet expected demands brought about by the Marcellus and Utica shale drilling in the region.  Once in operation it is expected to be handling hundreds of trucks a day shipping oil & gas products from that drilling. 

After deliberating the Marathon requests the Zoning Committee voted to recommend the rezoning of the parcels in question.  Combining the parcels for tax purposes would be a matter for Council and the County to work out.  The Zoning Committee will not recommend the vacating a portion of 21st Street or the alley in question.  There is a sewage pump station located in that area that requires regular access for maintenance.    Council Zoning Committee liaison John Morrow will recommend legislation be ordered for the zoning change to Industrial at tonight’s Council meeting.  If agreed a Public Hearing will be required at a later date.   

The Zoning Committee also approved the request of Wellsville Zoning Administrator Rick Williams that fees for demolishing dilapidated buildings be increased to 5%.  Councilman Morrow will also forward that recommendation to the Village Council.  The fee would be based on the total amount charged to tear down an existing building.  Currently the Zoning Permit costs $10 for amounts up the $5,000 in demolition fees.  There is a 5% fee for every additional increment of $1,000 over that amount.  It is estimated that the average cost to demolish a building is $3,000 to $5,000.

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WHS Volleyball Team Nets Two Wins To Open 2012 Season

Maylea Fultz celebrates 1st win of seson
with #10 Angelica Scarbino & McKenna
Pierson looking on

The Wellsville Lady Tigers opened their Volleyball season notching two wins against ITCL rivals last week.  This past Tuesday afternoon they hosted the Western Reserve Lady Devils.  Then Thursday they traveled out Route 39 to take on their backyard rivals, the Lady Indians of Southern Local. 

In the match against Western Reserve Tuesday the Wellsville squad dropped the first set 22-25.  They then went on to win the next three sets 25-6, 25-17 and 25-18.  The pictures shown here are from that match. 

Domenica Cartwright digs one out
In Thursday’s match against Southern they won the first set 25-23 and dropped the second one 12-25.  They then went on to seal win #2 winning the next two sets 25-15 and 25-20.  It was career win #600 for Coach Dan McKinstry. 

McKinstry started his volleyball coaching career at East Palestine.  He coached there for 20 years.  According to newspaper accounts he estimates that he’s been at it for 35 or 36 years now.  Our congratulations go out to both Coach McKinstry and the Lady Tigers. 

Fultz blocks one with Brittany Clenndenning
backing her up
The Lady Tigers return to action this afternoon when they host the East Liverpool Lady Potters.  That match is set to begin with the JVs at 5:30 PM. 

Good Luck Ladies…

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Annual Village Yard Sale Coming This Saturday

The annual Village Yard Sale will be held this coming Saturday.  As usual you’re invited to join in the fun.  Permits remain at a low $3 each and are available for purchase at Village Hall. 

The annual Village wide sale usually benefits the Wellsville Revitalization Committee.   However, for this year only, all proceeds will go to the Alley Cat Aide Brigade.  According to WRC spokeswoman Beverly Hentzell at a recent Council meeting the proceeds from this year’s sale will go toward funds for the Brigade’s Christmas For The Animals.

For additional information call 330-532-9064.  Remember…one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

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