Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wellsville Village Council

Tuesday - Sept. 21: Wellsville Village Council met in regular session a week ago Tuesday at Village Hall. Present at the meeting was Mayor Joe Surace, Council Members Susan Haugh, John McMahon, Joe Soldano, Randy Allmon & Tony Cataldo. Also in attendance was Village Administrator Jim Saracco, Fiscal Officer Dale Davis, Village Legal Advisor Andy Beech, Zoning Administrator Rick Williams & WFD Chief Bill Smith.

In the Public Speaking portion of the agenda, Mrs. Sue Lynn addressed council about the two trees in front of her residence on Main St. Lynn asked Council "what are we going to do about them?" She stated that they have been trying since July to get approval to take the trees down at their own expense. The Tree Board members looked at the trees and advised her she would need a bond and to call when she had it. Checking into that she said the bond would cost at least $100, possibly more and it was something she could not afford. Lynn added the trees are dead. There are pieces falling every day and tree pieces falling on their cars. The sidewalks are torn up and people are tripping on them. The roots are causing water to come in to the basement. The trees are hollow and if not taken down before winter they will come down with the snow.

Tony Cataldo advised he made changes in the ordinance and passed it on for the Mayor & Administrator to review, stating he asked that the Law Advisor get to review it. One change was to give the Village Administrator the authority to approve trimming or cutting down trees. Dale Davis stated he hand delivered the revised ordinance to the Advisor's office.

Andy Beech said he had "feelings" about it and expressed concerns and thoughts to the Village Administrator. Beech added it is obviously going to come back to Council for final approval.

Joe Soldano added although he is no longer on the Tree Board there is an appeal process in the current ordinance that most people don't know about. In response to his question, Mrs. Lynn answered she was never advised of it by the Tree Board. Any decision made by the Tree Board can be appealed to Council. Council has final say. Soldano added no one should have to go through this.

Saracco told Council about a 10th St. rental property where tree limbs have grown up against the windows. He added the resident told him when she opens a window the branches come into the house. The owner wants to have the limbs trimmed but is experiencing the same delaying problems with the Tree Board.

Everyone agreed with the Mayor when he said they need to make it possible where a quick decision can be made on requests concerning trees instead of having to go through a lengthy, time consuming process. Mrs. Lynn was invited to file an appeal that evening with a promise of a Special Council meeting being called before the end of the week. The meeting was scheduled for 1 P.M. Thursday, Sept. 23.

Permission was given to Angelo Luckino of Aten Ave., to block off 12th St. from Commerce to Anderson, on Tuesday, October 12, from 8 A.M. to 3 P.M. for a KIKO Auction.

Mrs. Bobbi Holt of Riverside was assured by the Mayor that the grant received to run a water line to the pound would be used. The grant has to be used by October. Mrs. Holt stated that the dog pound needs running water and if not used by the deadline it will have to be returned. Mrs. Holt is associated with the St. Francis Animal Welfare group. Surace stated there was already a plan in place to install the line using the grant money.

For Administrative Reports, WFD Chief Smith reminded the Mayor that they will be traveling to Pittsburgh for a meeting in mid-October with the Corp of Engineers & FEMA representatives to see what is needed and how big of trouble we're in with the flood control system. Results will be brought back to Council.

Village Administrator Jim Saracco reported by October 1 they will be shutting down Hammonds Park. The water will be shut off and the Port-a-Johns will be removed. As of meeting night there was only one fountain in Broadway Park still working. The other fountains were not refilled and the pumps were disconnected as the water went down in them. All fountains will be turned off by the end of the month and the pumps put in storage for the winter. Work on the Sewage Treatment Plant digester conversion is going "really good" and he has been advised they are looking at a March completion date.

In the Mayor's Report, Surace got unanimous approval from Council to appoint Mrs. Heidi Jo Pecorelli as the new Animal Control Officer. We'll have more on Mrs. Pecorelli later. She replaces Mrs. Leslie Dean who recently resigned.

For Committee Reports, for Finance, Tony Cataldo clarified some things previously covered. The transfer of the Broadway Park fund to the General Fund, that was approved, will be used for the Village share of the grant for the 18th St. playground equipment. It will not be used for benches along Riverside. That will be looked at next year.

For the sewage contract for Russell Heights Cataldo stated "we just got bad news. The engineer we were going to hire resigned, lets say, from the company". Without offering an alternative Cataldo stated 'we're either going to have to find someone to do that". Negotiations that follow an EPA guideline formula are due by October 17 according to the Councilman. Cataldo was referring to GGJ Engineer Bill Boyle, pictured above. Cataldo refused to elaborate farther what he meant when he stated "resigned, lets say" after the meeting.

On Issue 1 Cataldo said they have learned the Wellsville was going about it wrong applying for those funds. For the last couple of years the Village has not received and Issue 1 funds since they were only applying for Wellsville projects. To have a better chance Wellsville has to work with another municipality or township. You get more points for the project that way. Boyle was going to do that for $1,000. Applications have to be in by November and now another engineer has to be found. Surace advised he and the Administrator have a meeting scheduled Thursday with the owner of GGJ.

Cataldo announced there will be a Finance Committee meeting Thursday, Sept. 23, at 2 P.M.

Council approved a resolution accepting the amounts 7 rates determined by the Budget Commission authorizing the necessary tax levies and certifying them to the County Auditor. Fiscal Officer Davis advised this is done annually.

Meeting adjourned at 6:34 P.M. The next regular meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 5 at 6 P.M. at Village Hall.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wellsville Was 1st Stop on Familiarization Tour

A week ago this past this past Tuesday, September 21, a group of tour group organizers were hosted to a three day plus tour of sites to see in Columbiana County. In an effort to promote tourism interest in the area the CC Tourism Community (CCTC) invited the organizers to see various sites. There were tour organizers from Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Ohio. CCTC members Tom Wyckoff and Marie Cox escorted the group for their first day visit to Wellsville. The group met at the refurbished historical train station in Lisbon and welcomed by CC Commissioner Penny Traina.

They were met there by Wellsville Historical Society President Brassy Beresford and taken through Hammondsville and the Glascow area to see where the early Scottish settlers first established communities in the area. From there they were brought to Wellsville's River Museum. Historical Society members Jim Lawrence, Bob Lloyd, Mike Bloor and Bonny Beresford assisted Brassy in showing the wonders of the River Museum.

From there they were shown the historic pottery bottle kiln on the way to see Wellsville's newest pride at the flood walls. Members of the Revitalization Committee guided the group around explaining the significance of each mural and the history of the project. As an extra bonus the group got to personally meet artist Gina Hampson and the subject of her latest mural, Mr. Bevo Francis.

One of the group members was asking about Bevo at the Museum saying he followed him starting back in the days of his high school career. Over the years he had lost track of him once he finished with basketball. The gentleman was a Wheeling native.

As luck would have it Bevo stopped by to see how Gina was progressing on her latest mural. It is showing him setting his NCAA record of scoring 113 points in one game over 57 years ago. That record still stands to this day. Introducing the gentleman to Wellsville Legend Bevo Francis was the highlight of the day for that guy.

Rounding out their trip was stops in East liverpool, Beaver Creek State Park, Guilford lake, Columbiana, Leetonia, Hanoverton and Salem. For more information on the CCTC contact Director Lori Kline at 330-382-1404 or visit their web site at

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Wellsville Area Chamber-of-Commerce Annual Citizens of the Year Dinner

Before we could get the announcement posted the Wellsville Area Chamber-of-Commerce President informs us that the annual Citizens of the Year Dinner is sold out. With limited seating available at the WHS Alumni Center it was announced yesterday that the $30/plate dinner tickets were all gone. Word spread fast that John Baardson, owner & president of Baard Energy is the key-note speaker. The Chamber's Randy Allmon said Mr. Baardson will be speaking on Baard's proposed coal-to-liquid plant for the Wellsville area.

That proposed plant has been in the works for nearly three years now. It is expected to cost in excess of $6 billion and take three to four years to complete. The company got all their EPA permits lined up and then the national economy took a nose dive making it difficult to line up financing. Initial ground breaking has been steadily postponed for that reason and from environmentalist's concerns. They hurdled the challenges of the tree huggers and according to sources from other corners it is expected Mr. Baardson will have some good news to give us. Just recently the CC Port Authority (PA) worked out another extension for the land acquisitions. The PA has a loan agreement & a grant to be used for paying property owners where the plant is to go. The deadline to use that financing was Sept. 30 and the PA got another extension to push those deadlines back to the end of the year.

Pictured making the joint announcement September 21 for the Chamber's annual dinner above, from the left, are members Diane Spencer, Erin Orr, PA CEO Tracy Drake, Vickie McCombs, Western Reserve Building Trades President Don Crane, Sheryl Gibson , Randy Allmon and Debbie Koffel.

Chamber President-elect Diane Spencer said nomination forms will be sent to all dues paying Chamber members asking for choices in four divisions. Those divisions are for Woman of the Year, Man of the Year, Community Service Group of the Year and Business of the Year. The top three nominations will then be voted on. Winners will be announced at the October 23rd catered dinner. The dinner will begin with a Social Hour at 5 P.M.

We're keeping our fingers crossed...

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Ups of Downs 1st Awareness Walk Was Great Success

A week ago this past Saturday, September 18, we attended the 1st Annual Down Sydrome Awareness Walk hosted by the newly formed support group called Ups of Downs. It was held at Tomlison Run Park on a beautiful, sunny day. It was a heart warming day to see the great turn-out of family, friends and supporters of the mission undertaken by the Ups of Downs group.

There was entertainment, games and activities for all the kids, an impressive amount of nice things for a Chinese Auction, free food and water and smiles all around. The "walk" was an impressive show of solidarity of everyone in attendance. One fellow hauling an oxygen tank while using a walker won an argument with his family making the whole circuit determined to show his support, especially for his granddaughter. The gleam in his eyes was one of the most rewarding things we believe we've ever seen. It was indicative of the love and devotion you see in the eyes of every parent of Down's children.

Down Syndrome is a chromosomal disorder that happens through some quirk of nature in about one in every 733 births. The disorder affects children of all races that alters their course of development and is the cause of different characteristics. They experience cognitive delays but with support and stimulation, both at home and school, they are just like other children with rewarding love, devotion and warmth. Parents of Down's children are special, for we really believe that the Good Lord only allows trusted ones to care for them.

Up until earlier this year the nearest support group was either out near Youngstown or down around Steubenville. The Ups for Downs support group was formed by local tri-state family and friends. When looking for a place to hold their monthly meetings they were welcomed with open arms and offered the use of East Liverpool's Moose Lodge. The Women of the Moose Chapter 642 even adopted the group giving them encouragement and support.

The Ups of Downs Tri-State Down Syndrome Support Group got organized, got registered as a tax exempt non-profit organization and is affiliated with the National Down Syndrome Society. Borrowing seed money to get started the Awareness Walk was their first major fund raising attempt. From the nearly 200 people who registered for the event it appears they were greatly successful. Now they will be able to relax a little knowing they have some funds to carry on their mission. The group's treasurer offered to allow me to see his spreadsheet book keeping of every cent that is donated or raised. He said that offer is open to anyone.

The group meets once a month at the EL Moose Lodge on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 P.M. The lodge is located on 3rd Street in that city. The meetings are open and everyone is welcome to attend. Spencer's Mom, Nikki D'Atri, is the group's President. Jan Joy is V.P., Lisa Darrington is secretary and Doug Verzella is treasurer.

In talking to Nikki she asked us to express the group's appreciation to all those that help sponsor and donated to this year's walk. She said a special thanks goes out to the members of the Moose, especially the twins.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

WHS Football - A Developing Team

Since we last had anything about the WHS Football team it has seemingly gone from bad to worse. The Tigers got shut out by East Palestine in Week 2 18 to 0. In Week 3 they traveled out to Lisbon only to have the Blue Devils shut them down 20 to 7. It was Lisbon's first win since September 7, 2007. In Week 4 the Sebring Trojans came to town and posted a 20 to 0 win over the Tigers. The pictures in the collage are from that game. After that amazing come from behind, last minute win at Toronto in Week 1 it almost seemed that someone pulled the plug.

Then last Friday the Tigers traveled out Route 39 for the Black & Blue Brawl in the annual backyard rivalry with the Southern Local Indians. By then Wellsville had lost players that left the team and still more to injuries. Southern Local was going into Week 5 undefeated. They have a load of seniors and upper classmen in their starting line-up. Wellsville had to move up so many Freshmen & Sophomores to play Varsity they had to cancel the rest of the J.V. games. If you just looked at the final score it wasn't pretty. Southern remained undefeated with a 52 to 13 win. It was like the OSU Buckeyes playing the Wellsville Jr. Tigers.

We listened to the game on WHS Sports Station on the computer. Although we didn't get the upset we were praying for we were encouraged. Wellsville scored first and they scored early. Freshman Caven LeMasters nailed the PAT and with 10:15 left in the 1st Quarter it was Wellsville 7 - Southern 0. From then on it was all Southern until late in the 4th Quarter.

As we listened to the game we realized Coach Skinner was right. As the Indians were lighting up the score board the Wellsville players didn't quit. Yea, there were some mistakes made but not once did we hear the announcers say it looked like the Tigers rolled over and played dead. With all the changes in personnel the Tigers had to practically start all over but they aren't going to give up.

The Coach said they aren't rebuilding this year but they are developing. You can well be proud of this year's Tiger Football Team. We are.

The Tigers return home Friday night, October 1, hosting McDonald. We believe it also homecoming. Game starts at 7 o'clock. We need for a large crowd of home fans to come and show your support for the team. Win or lose they are the Tigers.

On your way to the game make time to stop by the high school for a delicious spaghetti dinner being put on by the WHS Volleyball Boosters. They are serving from 4 to 7 P.M.

Good Luck Tigers...

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2nd Annual "Dash for Mat's Bash"

It's time to get registered and start training for the 2nd Annual "Dash for Mat's Bash". It was a blast for the first one last year and Tim & Annie Long said this one is going to be even better. Proceeds from the Bash go to fund memorial scholarships in memory of Mathugh Johnston. Mathugh was a victim of cancer. He would have been a senior this year. The scholarships are awarded annually in the spring at the WHS Class Day ceremonies.

This year's Dash is set for Saturday, October 16 at 5:30 P.M. They will start at 3:30 that afternoon for folks to pick up their packets and late registrations at the Wellsville Fire Hall. This year's Run/Walk race will start in front of Village Hall, go up Main, turn on 9th, up Riverside to 5th, back to Main and back to Village Hall. It's 400 meters or one & a half miles. First responders will be on hand. Water will be available at the end of the race.

This year's Dash will include a Fire Department Relay (FDR) with team members running in full gear & boots, handing off a water nozzle in each leg of the relay. The FDR teams will consist of six members and the challenge to be the best running Fire Department is open to any and all. Team members must be an active member of the department they are running for.

Registration is $10 per person and that gets you a racing number, a T-shirt and a chance on all the door prizes. Children 12 and under is $4 and the FDR Teams is $40 per team. There will be an extra $3 late charge for day of race registration. T-shirts are guaranteed for everyone who preregisters before October 6. After that it is first come, first served. For more information on registration call Tim or Annie Long at 330-532-3336 or 412-735-0418. You can mail your registration to them at 1703 Commerce St., Wellsville, OH 43968. Be sure to give them your T-shirt size if you mail it in. They are also on FaceBook.

There will be a costume contest for the children. Each child will receive a free pumpkin and candy plus be able to enjoy all the fun with the Dash. There will be prizes awarded to the top five male and the top five female runners.

Door prizes will be drawn based on race numbers. You have to be registered to be in the drawings. Tim tells me the big prize this year is a 42" Sanyo HDTV, which is already on hand, plus much, much more.

It's for a good cause and it's a load of fun to be part of it all. Put it on your calendar, get yourself registered and get ready. You won't regret it. We can't quite remember but we seem to recall Tim saying something about running the whole race in full fall-out gear & boots if a certain condition was met. It's one of those things in the back of our mind that we just can't quite recall.

What say you Tim...

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Wellsville Sewage Treatment Plant Conversion Progressing

On Thursday, September 16, contractor Mike Pusateri Excavating was pouring the cement for the dividing wall that will separate the two new aerobic digesters when installed. Forming up that wall was an extensive project in itself. The wall is reinforced with rebar.

The $300,000 plus project includes converting the plant's digesters to aerobic which should greatly lesson the odor coming from the plant. A spokesman for the contractor said the first digester will be in place sometime in November. Completion date for the whole project is April 21, 2011. The use of the drying beds will still be necessary but the offensive odor causing bacteria will be killed off with the new digesters.

Pictured here is the equipment used to pour the wall and what it look like from the top. You can click on any one picture to enlarge for a better look.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

On The Calendar

It was an incredibly busy week last week. This week's calendar is a little less hectic. Maybe we can get caught up on what we did cover. Here's what we got for this week:

Monday - Sept. 27:

  • Daw Mid. School Volleyball at Southern Local - Rt. 39 - 5 P.M.

Tuesday - Sept. 28:

  • Wellsville Library Story Hour - Pre-school 11 A.M. to Noon - After School 3:30 to 4:30 P.M. - Main St.

  • WHS Volleyball at Beaver Local - 5:30 P.M. - Rt. 7 - Time to even it up!

Wednesday - Sept 29:

  • Wellsville Library Gaming Night - 3:30 to 5:30 P.M. - Main St.

  • Daw Mid. School Volleyball at Lisbon - 5 P.M.

Thursday - Sept. 30:

  • Chamber-of-Commerce Monthly Luncheon - Noon at Dairy Queen - 3rd St.

  • Daw Mid. School Football at McDonald - 5 P.M.

  • WHS Volleyball vs. Jackson Milton - 5 P.M. in the Tiger's Den - Bengal Dr.

Friday - October 1:

  • Senior Golden links Club - 1 P.M. at Shoub Towers Community Room - 500 Main St.

  • WHS Volleyball Boosters Spaghetti Dinner - 4 to 7 P.M. at WHS Auditeria - Bengal Dr.

  • WHS Football vs. McDonald - 7 P.M. at Nicholson Stadium

Saturday - October 2:

  • First Baptist Men's Prayer Breakfast - 10 A.M. at the Church - Center St.

  • WHS Volleyball at Edison Local - Richmond - Time not available

  • "The" Ohio State vs. Illinois - Noon at Champaign, IL

  • Jessi's Fight Benefit Concert - Starts at 1 P.M. at Coal Hollow Amphitheater

  • Jr. Tigers "Cheer For A Cure" Competition - 1 P.M. at Nicholson Stadium

  • St.Francis Animal Welfare/Alley Cat Aid Brigade Blessing of The Animals - 2 P.M. to 4 at Hammonds Park

Sunday - October 3:

  • Worship at a church of your choice

  • First Day of Fire Prevention Week

  • Jr. Tigers Football at Edison Local - 1 P.M.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens 1 P.M. in the 'burgh

According to the announcers on WHS Sports Station the WHS J.V. Football schedule has been cancelled for the balance of the season. With all the injuries and those that have left many of the J.V. team members have stepped up to fill in on the Varsity roster.

It's back! Due to the generosity of the benefactors the Wellsville Carnegie Library is once again having a gaming night on Wednesday with select games on the Nintendo Wii & Playstation 2. Snacks will be provided. Anyone in grades 4 and up are welcome. Call 330-532-1526 for more information.

The Chamber-of-Commerce luncheon on Thursday will have guest speaker Tim Ensch of the Small Business Assoc's Cleveland Office. Mr. Ensch will speak on economic development and lender relations.

Friday's WHS Volleyball Booster's spaghetti dinner features homemade sauce and all the trimmings to support the Wellsville Volleyball Team. It's only $6 for adults and a mere $3 for children age 10 and under. Great supper with no fuss.

The Jessi's Fight Benefit concert, or we should say concerts, on Saturday is for the benefit of Jessi Seibert Lewis, a cancer victim. There will be six bands performing starting with the Iron Skillet Band at 1 P.M., followed by a different band every other hour. The other bands are Tightrope (3 P.M.),The Deja Blue Band (5 P.M.), The Rumors Band (7 P.M.), Dave Morgan & The Mark Scheurring Band (9 P.M.) and 7% Superstart (11 P.M.) wrapping things up. Admission is $10 with children 10 years and younger free. It's a BYOB party (no glass allowed). There will be a hot dog/bake sale, a 50/50, Chinese Auction and games. For more information call 330-532-3848 or 330-532-1017.

Saturday's first annual "Cheer For A Cure" is a competition for all age groups from little league to high school. Call Jennifer Allen at 234-567-1375 for more information.

Saturday is also the annual blessing of the animals near the Feast of St. Francis. This year the Alley Cat Aid Brigade & the St. Francis Animal Welfare folks have joined forces to sponsor it. Former Covenant Presbyterian Pastor, Rev. Bruce Ballentine will give the blessings. Each animal will be given a St. Francis medal and homemade dog treats.

Have a good week...

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Gone Fishing"

A familiar face along the sidelines at area sporting events and other community activities snapping pictures for the local papers has formally put out the "Gone Fishing" sign. Photographer for The Review for the last 12 years, Wayne Maris joined the ranks of retirees as of Saturday, September 18.

Prior to joining The Review full time Maris spent 30 years as an iron worker in Youngstown and has been a newspaper stringer part-time for 20 of those years. He tells us he also spent a year and a half on the Indy Car Circuit. Wayne is a Salem area resident and native and a West Branch High School graduate. He served our county in the Army and is a fellow Viet Nam veteran. Wayne tells us he will continue as a newspaper stringer for The Review for sports coverage. We saw his pictures taken at last night's Wellsville-Southern Local football game in this morning's papers. You wouldn't know he's retired.

We would like to wish Wayne good luck and many, many years of happy retirement. He's earned it. Hope his honey-do list isn't too long.

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Wellsville Resident Tabbed Campaign Chairman For Southern Columbiana County United Way 2010 Fund Drive

Wellsville resident Randy Allmon has been named the 2010 Campaign Chairman for this year's Southern Columbiana County United Way fund drive. He was introduced at a luncheon on Friday, September 11, Local United Way Executive director Diane Johnson. The luncheon was held at the East Liverpool Motor Lodge.

This year's fund drive officially began September 10 and is set to conclude on November 12. The goal for this year's drive is $110,000.00. Various businesses, unions and individuals are solicited for donations to provide support for 14 different agencies. Some of those agencies are Boy Scouts, Ceramic Senior Center, the RSVP Medical Assistance program, Girl Scouts and Wellsville Youth Baseball. All 14 agencies serve Columbiana County and depend on United Way for support. Executive Director Diane Johnson advises that any donations collected in Southern Columbiana County stays in Southern Columbiana County. It's CC neighbor helping neighbor.

In addition to Campaign Chairman Allmon is President of the Wellsville Area Chamber-of-Commerce and a Village Councilman. A lifetime Wellsville resident, he is the son of Kathleen Allmon and the late Clarence Allmon.

Donations can be mailed to United Way, P.O. Box 646, E.Liverpool, OH 43920, or given to Allmon. Your help will be greatly appreciated and it is tax deductible.

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Wellsville Crime Watch Committee

Thursday - Sept. 16: The Crime Watch Committee held their regular monthly meeting on the 16th at Wellsville Village Hall. Committee President Janet Taggart presided. There were eight people in attendance.

Wellsville Volunteer Fireman/Paramedic/Nursing Student Marty Thorn, pictured above, presented a program about arson. Thorn was a full-time Village fireman from August, 2002, until he resigned last November to pursue his Nursing Degree as a full-time student. He has continued to be a member of the WVFD. He's also a six year paramedic for a local ambulance county. Thorn related he has 11 years experience working various hospitals.

Thorn reported there are many different reasons the crime of arson is committed ranging insurance fraud, vandalism, attempts to cover another crime committed to a mentally sick thrill seeker. He discussed the various tell tale signs that firemen look for to determine if a fire is suspected arson or simply an accidental fire. Once the cause of a fire is suspected to be arson the State Fire Marshall is called in. The Marshall will visit the scene of the fire, conduct investigations and work with the local Fire Dept. He has the authority to make arrests in cases of arson. Arson is classified a felony crime by Ohio Revised Code. Committing arson can result in prison time for the offender or mandatory therapy in some instances. In the case of a child arsonist the nation wide Juvenile Fire Starter program that involves intense therapy at the local level is used. It depends on the severity and individual child.

Wellsville's Juvenile Police Officer Marsha Eisenhart has trained to provide this program if needed. When asked not long ago she told us it's proven very successful with cases she has handled. The Crime Watch Committee has donated to this program in the past.

In the Business portion of the meeting new member Jim Lawrence was welcomed. Taggart announced the next meeting there will be an introduction of Wellsville's newest canine officer named "Riot". The dog was born August 11 and will be teamed up with WPD Officer Tony Mancuso as soon as he's weaned. Once the pup is old enough their training will begin. The dog was itself a gift to Wellsville. A donation fund to help defray costs involved for the Village has been started.

Next schedule meeting is Thursday, October 21 at 6 P.M. at Wellsville Village Hall. The public is invited and encouraged to attend. Stop in and meet "Riot".

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

BWD's Sara Crouch Bids Adieu

If you have had any regular dealings with the Buckeye Water District over the last few years you had to cross paths with their former Fiscal Officer/Office Manager Sara Crouch. This super lady has been on staff for 10 years and recently decided to move back to an area of the country that she fell in love with several years ago. She's returning to the State of Washington.

Crouch is a native of Muncie, Indiana. Her first book keeping job was as night auditor for the Ball State University hotel. With her sister's persuasion she first moved to Washington working in a government contracting agency. After spending time with her sister out there she accepted a transfer to Alaska working for the same agency. Alaska was a new venture she couldn't pass up. She really liked it up there until getting injured in a skiing accident. Then it was back to Washington working for the State Board Commission for Technical Colleges.

Her stay there was cut short when her step-father took ill. She moved to her mother's new home in Salem, Ohio, to offer her assistance. Her parents had moved to Ohio to be near family.

Sara started with Buckeye Water in 2001 as Office Manager of the Administration Offices. In 2006 she assumed the additional duties of Fiscal Officer. At times it was hectic and stressful but it was a job she really enjoyed. She was top notch keeping the office running smoothly while keeping up with and incorporating all the changes on the financial end of it.

With her step-father being recuperated, her Mom preparing to retire and her fondness of living out West still strong in her heart, Sara just couldn't say no to a job opportunity when it became available to her. Her last working day in Wellsville with the Water District was this past Friday. She will be working for the Jefferson County Transit Authority in Port Townsend, Washington, as a Financial Administrator. That Transit Authority is a public transportation entity.

At last week's BWD Board of Trustees meeting, District Manager Al DeAgelis said it's been a great eight years that he has worked with Sara. He added he will really miss her. We will too. We really appreciated her good nature and her patience with being one of those answering all the questions and explaining to us how things work with a water district. We've learned a lot from her in the short time we've been acquainted.

Thanks Sara... we think you're a super person. We'll miss you too. Best of luck in your new job and new location.

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Buckeye Water District Board of Trustees

Thursday - Sept. 16: The BWD Board of Trustees held their regular monthly meeting this past Thursday at Wellsville Village Hall. Present at the meeting was Board President Mike Ryan and members Bob Wines, Rick Williams, Jack Call, Gene McGaffick and Tim O'Hara. Also attending was District Manager Al DeAngelis, District Legal Advisor Fred Emmerling and Fiscal Officer Sara Crouch.

In the Public Comment portion Fiscal Officer Sara Crouch thanked the Board for her 10 years of learning and expanding her knowledge. She told them she will miss them but said "I will be gone". Speaking on behalf of the Board, Ryan said they will miss her too.

Motions were passed to transfer $150,000 from CDARS to the Enterprise Fund and to transfer $600,000 from a Set Aside fund to cash to pay the USDA note that is due October 1. Gene McGaffick advised the Finance Committee met Wednesday, Sept. 15. Everything was found to be in order, a few questions were answered and made a motion to accept the Treasurer's Report for August which passed.

In that Finance Committee meeting it was reported that a total of 29.7 million gallons of water was billed in August. Wellsville accounted for 6.2 million gallons of that amount. Cash on hand to pay bills is $324,097. Expenses for August was $207,379 and receipts were $384,754.

In the Operations Report McGaffick noted that August was probably the best month ever financially even though the amount of water billed was down.

In the Committee Reports, Personnel Committee Member Jack Call reported there had been several interviews conducted for the soon to be vacant position of Fiscal Officer. It was the Committee's recommendation to hire retired Tony D'Angelo on a part-time basis for $28,000 per year. D'Angelo retired last year after working for 22 years as an auditor for the State Auditor's Office. He recently accepted the part-time job as Salineville Fiscal Officer which he personally advised us the day before that he would be resigning. There appears to be a conflict in that information. At their Counsel Meeting this past Monday, Salineville Mayor Dave Berta was quoted in the papers as saying D'Angelo will retain their Village's position and Salineville Council voted to keep D'Angelo. The BWD Board of Trustees voted in favor of the Committee's recommendation to hire D'Angelo. Other than wages D'Angelo will receive no benefits. He will be eligible to participate in the Ohio Public Employee Retirement System.

BWD Fiscal Officer Sara Crouch tendered her resignation effective at the end of the working day on Friday, Sept. 17. Crouch also served as Office Manager for the District. Assistant Office Manager Tracy Allen will step up and assume the duties of Office Manager.

There was no report for the Computer Study & Purchase Committee. Crouch commented that the District's computer supplier will be installing a program update and provide training. She recommended that the Committee look at this program before October 1. McGaffick noted that the District is looking into the Uniform Accounting Network.

There was also no report for the newly created Records Retention Committee but Crouch advised the Board that the Committee's schedule for old records has been submitted to the Ohio Historical Society. There should be a response in six to eight weeks. Once reviewed the report will be forwarded to the Ohio Auditors Office for their final approval. When that arrives BWD will be able to dispose of old records that have been accumulating since the District began. The material that will be disposed of will be shredded.

In the District Manager's Report, DeAngelis advised the Ohio EPA has dictated the access road to the finished Salineville Water Tank be reconstructed. A bid for the work from Tucson has been submitted which is currently being reviewed by the District's engineers. Once completed the bid will be submitted to CDBG for funding. DeAngelis noted there is some money left from Part B of the Salineville Waterline Project that was awarded by the CDBG. Tim O'Hara questioned whether the District could do the work themselves and Ryan responded BWD is not equipped for it. DeAngelis noted there is an estimated 600 tons of rock involved.

DeAngelis also suggested putting a couple of old trucks up for sale on a bid basis. Ryan advised he is going to have the Service & Property Committee check into it for their recommendations.

For the Operation's Report, DeAngelis advised the OEPA has okayed delaying the separation of the old Salineville Water Treatment Plant from the system until the access road to the water tank is completed. That way the final inspection can be done in one shot for Part B.

DeAngelis noted there are a lot of happy Salineville customers stating their water is a lot softer now that it is on-line with BWD. The Salineville system has been on-line for nearly five weeks now. When questioned DeAngelis said the pressure is good out there. It had to be reduced 80 psi with the PRVs to get it down to 100 psi.

Gene McGaffick commended Asst. District Manager Todd Brown and all for the outstanding August performance report.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:18 A.M. Next regular scheduled meeting is Thursday, October 21 at 9 A.M. at Wellsville Village Hall.

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Tobin Endorses Byers-Emmerling For Common Pleas

Wednesday - Sept. 15: Retired Common Pleas Court Judge David Tobin endorsed Judge Melissa Byers-Emmerling as his replacement for his former seat as Columbiana County Common Pleas Judge. Tobin announced his endorsement at a political fund raiser held a week ago yesterday at the Wellsville SOI Lodge on Main St. Tobin retired this past summer. Instead of appointing a replacement the Governor decided to fill the vacancy with visiting judges until after this fall's General Election.

Judge Tobin gave a ringing endorsement speaking highly of Byers-Emmerling legal career experience, first as a CC Prosecuting Attorney and then as EL Municipal Court Judge for over the past 20 years. Tobin remarked that in her career Byers-Emmerling has dealt with the whole range of case types. Tobin noted he has worked with Byers-Emmerling while she was with the Prosecutor's Office and has since followed her career when she moved on to Municipal Court Judge. He said he could not think of anyone better qualified to fill the Common Pleas seat.

The theme of last Wednesday's event was an "Italian Christmas Eve: Feast of the Seven Fishes". There was a packed house enjoying the sumptuous meal prepared by Wellsville's Pinky Checkler Gill and members of the SOI Lodge. Mrs. Gill is the owner of Nick's Pizza in Wellsville.

Judge Melissa Byers-Emmerling was one of the first Municipal Court Judges in Ohio to create an award winning intensive supervised probation program. She created the EL Court's Litter Patrol Program where nonviolent defendants are ordered to do community service. The program is funded by grants that Byers-Emmerling got. She also established an electronically monitored house arrest program that has saved the county over $1 million.

Judge Byers-Emmerling was the first Judge in Columbiana County to be elected President of the Ohio Municipal & County Court Judges Association. She was chosen by the Ohio Supreme Court to serve on the Future Commission and was selected to attend the National Judicial College to serve as a legal instructor to judges and attorneys. Currently she is a Mentor Judge for new judges.

Judge Melissa Byers-Emmerling is a Wellsville native and a WHS Alumni. She is also an alumni of Miami of Ohio and a graduate of the University of Akron Law School. She is the wife of Attorney Fred Emmerling and they currently reside in the Calcutta area. The Emmerlings have one son who is a first year student at Miami of Ohio.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wellsville's Mural Artist Chosen To Do East Liverpool Painting

At last Tuesday's Chambers-of-Commerce Sunrise Breakfast, Wellsville Area Chamber member Paul Blevins put in a plug for donations for a large mural. It is commissioned to be painted by the E. Liverpool Masonic Temple Co. Mural Fund Development Committee. Blevins is one of two Co-Chairmen on that committee. The other member is Earl Fitzgerald.

With telling about the project Blevins announced that Gina Hampson has been selected to do the painting. Hampson is the talented artist that has single handedly painted all the floodwall murals in Wellsville. Her art work can also be seen in other areas of town. Hampson is the owner of "Gina's Burningbrush" specializing in art for any occasion with custom murals, signs & painted faux finishes. The painted brickwork on the floodwall murals is an excellent example of a faux finish.

When the Homer Laughlin mansion was demolished a while back it exposed an eye sore of a side wall on the EL Masonic Temple, located on Broadway. It can be seen from West Virginia. The committee came up with the mural idea earlier in the year and began a fund drive to get it accomplished. Blevins said it is estimated to cost $30,000 with $10,000 already collected toward that goal. We have been told the wall will be repointed before the painting begins. They hope to begin that next month.

Blevins noted the floodwall murals have "been a tremendous asset to Wellsville". They are sure the painting will do the same for East Liverpool. The EL mural as shown here will include various scenes and logos that pertain to the entire area. It will even include Wellsville's Boy With The Boot.

Congratulations to Gina Hampson. We think you're super and it appears we're not alone.

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Chamber's Sunrise Breakfast

Tuesday - Sept. 14: A week ago Tuesday a combined Wellsville Area, East Liverpool and St. Clair Twp. Chambers-of-Commerce held a Sunrise Breakfast at Wellsville's SOI Lodge. Keynote speaker was William Holden, Co-owner of Cross Roads at Beaver Creek Assisted Living and President of Zoom Worldwide LLC. East Liverpool Chamber member Joe Shemasek gave the welcome. Wellsville Area Chamber President Randy Allmon introduced the speaker and the adjournment was handled by St. Clair Twp. Chamber member Tom Wolfe.

Mr. Holden gave a motivational speech on being an entrepreneur in today's challenging times. He related he has be in direct sales one way or another practically his whole life. When everything is easy it's boring. In challenging times it's exciting and businessmen get a little bit better doing what they do.

Holden stated that once an entrepreneur has a quality product you can't stop growth. It's the secret to growth. Having a good business is an accumulation of people that want to produce that quality product. An entrepreneur has to wear two hats - management and leadership. The manager's task is to do the right thing. Leaders do the right thing but decides what needs to be done. Having once retired Holden returned with the Assisted Living facility and started his Zoom Organic Product company.

The breakfast was prepared and served by members of Wellsville's SOI Lodge under the direction of Jo Jo DaLonzo.

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Wellsville Area Ministerial Association

Tuesday - Sept. 14: The Wellsville Area Ministerial Assoc. met a week ago this past Tuesday at Tonda's Place on the Square. Rev. Roosevelt Thompson, V.P., presided. Devotions were led by Bishop Bill Rudder. Minutes from the August meeting was read by Pastor Darlene Zanders. The minutes were approved as read. Deacon Terry McCuen gave the Treasurer's Report.

A letter from the Youth With A Purpose Home was read from Correspondence asking for your continued prayer for their success and for your continued support. A thank-you note was read from the Tri-State Chaplaincy Group at E. Liverpool City Hospital for last month's donation.

For the Mayor's Moment Joe Surace said it was tough being a mayor in a small town. You know everyone and sometimes you have to make a hard decision on what needs to be done. It often turns to with half the people loving you and half the people hating you. Surace reported that Marathon Oil stepped forward right away to help with the large sink hole on Main St. He hasn't heard from Wellsville Terminals. Surace also advised that while on vacation he received a call from Port Authority officials advising him of the extended deal to purchase property for the Baard plant. Surace hopes to see some kind of announcement sometime in October or November.

Bishop Rudder reported on the progress being made for Community Prayer announcing that the help of all the area pastors will be needed. Bishop Rudder advised that he sees the day the Village can be blanketed with unceasing prayer. Noting it was impossible to pray 24 hours a day, seven days a week he advised the solution is simple and easily achievable. Wellsville's population is around 4,800 residents. If an estimated 500 Christians would pray just 2.8 seconds a day there would be non-stop prayer. Rudder said when that happens Wellsville will become known at the "City of Miracles" with increased employment and drug and alcohol addictions gone.

His church, New Life Hope, has established a prayer room where the clothing ministry was located. The clothing ministry is still available in the back. The public is invited to join his congregation the first Tuesday of every month to join in community prayer. Rudder advised it is not about denomination, race or if you're male or female. It's about God's people coming together for a common goal. Rudder suggested perhaps the third Tuesday of every month can be dedicated to community prayer. It is hoped to establish prayer centers in four sections of town. He hopes to someday to see where Wellsville no longer needs Crime Watch signs when everyone comes together in prayer.

For Old Business we missed announcing the annual "Meet You At The Pole" prayer session that was held today. It was held at all Village schools prior to the start of classes so as to not to interfere with school time.

Members of the group voted to make a donation to a Wellsville resident to help with some of the medical bills the individual has incurred.

Lucille Huston advised Covenant Presbyterian is still in search of a pastor.

For New Business, Rev. Bill Betteridge offered to host the annual Thanksgiving Community Service at the Riverside Presbyterian Church. The service will be held Sunday, November 21 at 7 P.M.

Mary Heaton announced she will invite Dr. John Foley, the new principal at Daw Middle School, to the next WAMA meeting.

Prayers & well wishes were sent out to Jo Ann MacLean for her continued recovery.

Deacon McCuen announced that the monthly Men's Prayer Breakfast the first Saturday of the month is continuing at the First Baptist Church. It's at 10 A.M. with the next one scheduled for October 2. All area men are invited.

Pastor Hall announced there will be a "laid out" benefit dinner on Sunday, October 24, at the First Christian Church. It is being jointly sponsored by both the Nazarene and First Christian members for Terry Dunn who was stricken with health problems this summer. Tickets are $15 each. There will be dinner and entertainment with praise music. Dinners start at 4 P.M. with the entertainment to begin at 7. Dunn is a member of the Nazarene congregation.

Being late reporting this we missed some of the other announcements. For this we apologize. Devotions for the October meeting will be offered by Pastor Dirk Hall of Wellsville's Nazarene Church. Next meeting is schedule for Tuesday, October 12, at 9 A.M. at Tonda's Place. Pastors and members of all area congregations are invited to attend.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

WHS Lady Tigers Win 2 Out 3 For The Week

After last Monday's BOE meeting we were able to get on down to the Tiger's Den to catch some more volleyball action with the Lady Tigers against the Beavers. We were too late to get any J.V. play. That's why the collage above is all Varsity this time.

In Monday's match it was a case of just not being quite enough even though the Lady Tigers kept fighting, keeping things close. In the end the Varsity lost to Beaver Local three out of four sets 25-19,28-26,24-26 & 25-17. The Jayvees lost in two straight sets 25-21 & 25-13. It was the second loss of the season, both to higher division schools. Like the loss to East Liverpool, the Lady Tigers have a chance to get even next week when they travel out to the land of the Fighting Beavers for a rematch.

The Lady Tigers got right back to their winning ways when they took three straight from Leetonia last Tuesday. The beat the Lady Bears 25-22,25-8 & 25-17 on the Leetonia home court. The Reserves also made a turn around taking two straight sets 25-14 & 25-13.

They kept the ball rolling Thursday evening taking three straight from Western Reserve at home. The Varsity won their match 25-17, 25-19 & 25-19. The Wellsville JVs did likewise in two straight sets 25-15 & 25-15. The Lady Tigers finished the week improving their season record to 8 & 2. They are 5 & 0 in the lower tier of the ITCL.

The Lady Tigers return to action tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday) against Lowellville and then take on Southern Local on Thursday. Both games are at home.

The Volleyball Boosters Club will be sponsoring a home made spaghetti dinner on Friday, October 1, at the WHS Auditeria before the football game with McDonald. It's $6 for adults and $3 for children age 10 & under. They start serving at 4 P.M. See Anne Amato or any other member of the Boosters Club for your presale tickets.

In the meantime we want to say "You Go Ladies"...

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Daw Middle School Volleyball Teams Go to 4 & 1

Before the BOE meeting this past Monday evening we were able to stop by and catch a little of the Daw Middle School Volleyball action. Their opponent was the Lisbon Blue Devils and pictures in the collage above are from that game.

The 7th Grade team won in two straight sets 25-23 & 25-18. The 8th grade were winners making short order of Lisbon in two sets 25-14 & 25-15.

On Wednesday evening last week it was a repeat against visiting Jackson Milton. The 7th Grade Ladies won by scores of 25-12 & 25-22. The 8th grade dominated the Blue Jays 25-4 & 25-18. Those two wins last week make both teams 4&1 for the season.

The Middle School teams return to action this evening taking on Leetonia at home. Tomorrow they travel to Columbiana and then return home on Wednesday to challenge United Local.

Good luck Ladies...

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

On The Calendar

Well, it's a repeat of last week on the football front. The Tigers took it on the chin, "The" Ohio State takes care of the Bobcats and the Steeler Defense took care of the Titans. Except for Friday night it was a great week-end for football.

Monday - Sept. 20:

  • Daw Mid. School Volleyball vs Leetonia - 5 P.M. at Beacom Memorial - Center St.

  • Wellsville Revitalization Committee - 6:30 P.M. at the Carmichael Residence - Piverside

Tuesday - Sept. 21:

  • Wellsville Library Story Hour - Pre-school 11 A.M. to Noon - After School 3:30 to 4:30 P.M.

  • Daw Mid. School Volleyball at Columbiana - 5 P.M.

  • WHS Volleyballl vs Lowellville - 5:30 in the Tiger's Den - Bengal Dr.

  • Wellsville Villiage Council - 6 P.M. at Village Hall - Main St.

  • Wellsville Historical Society - 7:30 p.M. at River Museum - Riverside Ave. - Turstees meet at 7 P.M.

Wednesday - Sept. 22:

  • Fall Begins

  • BWD Peresonnel Committee - 10:30 A.M. at Water Treatment Plant - Rt.45 - Executive Session

  • Daw Mid. School Volleyball vs United - 5 P.M. at Beacom Memorial - Center St.

  • Friends of The Old Fire Station - 7 P.M. - Old Fire Station - Main St.

Thursday - Sept. 23:

  • Daw Mid. School Football vs Southern Local - 5 P.M. at Nicholson Stadium

  • WHS Volleyball vs Southern Local - 5:30 in the Tiger's Den - Bengal Dr.

  • WHS Touchdown Club Spirit Parade & Bon Fire - 7 P.M. - see below

  • WHS Alumi Lip Sync Informational Meeting - 7 P.M. at Alumni Center - 3rd St.

  • Wellsville Veteran's Memorial Council - 7 P.M. at VFW Post - Main St.

Friday - Sept. 24:

  • WHS Football at Southern Local - 7 P.M. at the Wigwam - Rt. 39

Saturday - Sept. 25:

  • WHS J.V. Football vs Southern Local - 10 A.M. at Nicholson Stadium

  • "The" Ohio State Football vs E. Michigan in Columbus - Times TBA

  • Wellsville Jr. Tigers at Oak Glen - 2 P.M. at Memorial Stadium - Newell

Sunday - Sept. 26:

  • Worship at a church of your choice

  • Pittsburgh Steelers at Tampa Bucs - 1 P.M. in Tampa, FL

Thursday's Touchdown Club's Spirit Parade begins at 9th Street and goes to the Stadium followed by the annual bon fire & pep rally behind the stadium. Come on out and help get the Tigers fired up for the "Backyard Brawl" versus the Southern Local Indians. This year's game will be played out there. Friday they're going to claw some Indian scalps!!!

The WHS Alumni Lip Sync performers are getting ready for a November performance with an informational meeting at the Alumni Center on Thursday. Any alumni interested in performing or being part of the back stage crew are invited to attend. Also any Wellsville School organization interested in doing the concession stand during the show is asked to contact Linda at 304-387-1461. That's a Chester number or contact her by e-mail at

Saturday's Junior Tiger football game against the Oak Glen Jr. Bears will be played in memory of Ethan Brown. Ethan was a Wellsburg Bantam player that was murdered September 8 along with his mother. All ticket money and any donations will be given to benefit the family. For more information contact Ralph Flowers at 304-387-3060.

Have a good week...

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wellsville Board of Education

Monday - Sept. 13: The Wellsville Board of Education held their regular monthly meeting this past Monday evening in the Superintendent's Office on Center St. Present at the meeting was Board President Ed Bauer, V.P. Tom Brophey and Members Karen Dash & Bill Miller. Also in attendance was Superintendent Rich Bereschik, Garfield Principal/Asst. Superintendent/Federal Programs Coordinator Lisa Ferguson, District Treasurer Coleen Wickham and Mrs. Rita Koopman.

For the Financial Report, Mrs. Wickham advised August expenditures were $536,956, receipts were $656,693, leaving a General Fund balance of $2.25 million. Expenditures for text books & capital outlays from the General Set Aside Fund was $69,097, leaving a balance of $565,256 in that fund. Interest on investments for August was $4,368. Mrs. Wickham noted interest rates are "about the same". The Board approved total appropriations of $13.2 million for FY 2010-2011.

For the Legislative Report, Mr. Brophey reported that Ohio is one of nine states plus the District of Columbia, selected as winners of Round Two-Race To The Top grants. Ohio will be awarded $400 million over the next four years to accelerate the education reform initiatives. In the November elections there will be 99 seats in the Ohio House of Representatives, 17 Ohio Senate seats, the Governor, Secretary of State, the Attorney General, State Auditor and State Treasurer to be decided.

In the Good News Report, Mr. Bereschik advised the Wellsville School District had a really smooth opening of the new school year. He also announced the district is in Phase II with the Ohio Improvement process developing a Building Leadership Team to work out strategies to reach the goals set forth by last year's District Leadership Team. M. B congratulated Lisa Ferguson noting that Garfield Elementary has been honored as being rated an excellent building with distinction by the P16 Council.

In other good news Mrs. Ferguson offered congratulations to the Garfield students, staff and families on an "Excellent" report card rating. Reading scores had a 20% increase over last year's scores.

The Board approved a one year contract for Maxine Rockhold as a Grade 4 Language Arts & Science teacher and for Emery Brewer as a short hour employee at the Daw Middle School cafeteria. Mr. Brewer is now known as Emeril for his "equisite" chocolate pudding. Also approved was the resignation of Rita Koopman as Garfield secretary and appointing her as the District EMIS/eSIS Coordinator. Cindy Reed's voluntary transfer to Garfield secretary was given the affirmative nod. Mallory Yajko was approved for Asst. Varsity Volleyball coach. Jasmine Richardson was named 7th Grade Volleyball coach and Christina Thompson as 8th Greade Volleyball coach.

Seven people was approved as Intervention Tutors through the ARRA for the new school year. Jordon Williams resignation was accepted as a tutor from that program. Mr. Williams accepted a permanent position with BOSS. The resignation of Dara Plate as Daw Cheerleader advisor was accepted and Lyndsy Kelly was appointed to that position for both football & basketball. Beth Swogger was appointed Senior Class Advisor. Bill McComas' resignation as 7th Grade Girls Basketball Coach was accepted. Six people each were approved for both the Certificated & Classified substitute lists.

The Board also approved contracts with CC ESC for 10 different services. Bereschik advised not all of them are used and the District only pays for the services that are actually used. The NEOLA Board Policy of Terms & Conditions of Acceptable Coaching Practices as recommended by the District's legal advisers was adopted. Tom Brophey was appointed delegate to November's OSBA Conference with Karen Dash being the alternate.

Mentors for new teachers appointed were Janice Snyder for Band & Choir, Marilyn Carr for High School Science and Darlene Allison for Daw Language Arts & Science. Payment in lieu of providing transportation was approved for a list of students attending St. Als, Buckeye Local and American Spirit Academy under open enrollment. The amount will be calculated by the Ohio Dept. of Education. The Board also accepted the revised Student Accident Report for a more detailed Student Incident Report as recommended by the Nursing Assoc. A contract with ACCESS was also approved for FY2011. This is for getting information reported to the State for reimbursements. An agreement with the CC Board of Development Disabilities was approved. Finally a resolution opposing unfunded or underfunded State & Federal mandates was accepted. The resolution will be filed with the OSBA.

In closing comments Mr. Miller remarked that he was impressed with how "really great" Daw Middle School looked on a recent visit. Mrs. Dash remarked that some 60 5th & 6th Graders trip to Camp Fitch was very nice and it was a good time. The students learned a lot. Brophey announced the OSBA Trade Show has been rated #1 in the nation and recommends all to visit it. He also noted that the number of students in the State taking the ACT tests have increased with over 89,000 or 66% of 2010 graduates taking them last year. Both Mrs. Dash & Brophey congratulated Mrs. Ferguson on the excellent rating for the Garfield building. President Bauer wrapped it up remarking there are some things that never grow old hearing about referring to the Garfield rating. Mrs. Ferguson added they are shooting for the School of Promise honor. If awarded it will be the third time in four years.

The meeting adjourned at 7:08 P.M. Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 11 at 6:30 P.M. in the Superintendents Office.

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Village Yard Sales Enjoys Continued Success

Saturday - Sept. 11: Nunzio Lombardozzi got it started seven years ago to raise funds for paint & supplies for the Village Fix-Up/Clean-Up Committee. Lombardozzi was Chairman of the all volunteer committee. Over the years it grew. It raised some funds for the Fix-Up/Clean-Up Committee and it brought shoppers to town in search of bargains. People all over town participated with a $3 donation for a permit and others set up next to Village Hall. Then earlier this year Lombardozzi had to resign and the committee was dissolved.

A few months ago members of Wellsville's Revitalization Committee (WRC) approached Lombardozzi for his consent to carry on his annual yard sale event. With his encouragement, advice and blessing plans were put in motion for the 7th Annual Yard Sale. It took place this past Saturday. Even Ma Nature smiled down on the community event with a picture perfect day. Members of the WRC found many Wellsville residents were eagerly anticipating the annual sale. A total of 106 permits were sold.

From Save-A-Lot up on Wells Avenue to down near the end of Clark Street and from Riverside to the hillside there were sales set up. The designated space next to Village Hall was nearly filled with vendors. The WRC even set up a table at that location with donated items and by the end of the day had some very respectable sales. Members of the Wellsville Volunteer Fire Dept. were doing a brisk business selling hot dogs, pop & cookies at the Fire Station. Up the street the Friends of the Old Fire Station were having some nice sales. We haven't seen that much traffic in town since last year's sale. Pictured above it brought business to town, raised some funds for the WRC and the folks that had the sales. What Lombardozzi took a chance on seven years ago, and watched it grow over the years, enjoyed continued success one more time.

Proceeds from the Yard Sale and other planned fund raisers all go toward the completion of the floodwall murals and the Main Street USA program. Next up for the WRC is the "Rolling On The River Auction" scheduled for Saturday, November 6 at Sell's Auction on Broadway. Members have already started collecting donations for items to be auctioned. Some of the items on the list so far is a gently used 10' fishing boat, a set of Phaltzgraff dinnerware, a Congressional Clock, pieces of Weeping Gold pottery and a new electric guitar from Music & Art 4 U. The guitar includes two free lessons. Mural artist Gina Hamson is donating one or two framed paintings and these are just a few of the items to be put up for bid. Anyone wishing to donate items can contact Connie Carmichael at 330-532-9064, Joyce Lynn at 330-532-4931 or Beverly Hentzell at 330-532-9352. Arrangements can be made for pick-up of any donations.

Later this month or in October, the WRC will be recognizing a local business for how they attractively maintain their property with their first "Business Pride Award". It's a uniquely designed award that will be visible for all to see. The manufacturer just completed the design phase and is ready to build it.

The goal of the committee is to create a healthy and vibrant "Main Street" that will benefit existing businesses and create new business for our Village. The fund raisers are to underwrite this goal. The WRC wish to thank the many residents, merchants and vendors that contributed to the success of the Village Yard Sale and a special thanks to Nunzio Lombardozzi for all his encouragement and advice.

Mark November 6 on your calendar for the "Rolling On The River Auction". WRC Chairwoman Candy Bangor was quoted in the newspaper as saying it "will be the auction to end all auctions". It starts at 5:30 P.M. at Sells.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Ups of Downs 1st Annual Awareness Walk

The Ups of Downs is a newly formed group within this past year. They are members of the Tri-State Downs Syndrome Support Group. Before these special people in our area got together to form their own chapter the nearest support group for families with children of Downs Syndrome was in Jefferson or Mahoney Counties. We call them special people because the Good Lord only chooses special ones to care for and tenderly love His children of Downs. They are blessed with their charges.

The event planned for this coming Saturday is much more than just a fund raiser. Part of the mission of the Ups of Downs group is to promote awareness and inclusion of children and adults with Downs Syndrome. These children may have a different face but their feelings of needing love and laughter are the same as you and me. The proceeds from this first Annual Awareness Walk will go to support and promote the mission of the Ups of Downs group.

There will be plenty of activities for the children. Food will be available. There will be a Chinese Auction, a 50/50, door prizes and a raffle for $250 worth of fresh cut meat from Beresford Market. Tee-shirts will be included with the $10 registration fee while supplies last.

Your support and understanding will be greatly appreciated. Spencer, Nikki & Doug, along with all the members of the group, cordially invite you to join them Saturday at Tomlison Run Park.

See you there...

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On The Calendar

Listening to and watching football games got us a little behind schedule this week. We apologize but we consider it sinful to miss the Tigers, "The" OSU Buckeyes or Steelers. Busy week this week...

Monday - Sept. 13:

  • Daw Mid. School Football vs. Lisbon - 5 P.M. at Nicholson Stadium

  • WHS Volleyball vs. Beaver Local - 5:30 in the Tigers Den

  • Wellsville Board of Education - 6:30 in Superintendents off - Center St.

Tuesday - Sept. 14:

  • Chamber-of-Commerce Sunrise Breakfast Forum - 7:30 A.M. at Wellsville SOI - 327 Main St.

  • Wellsville Area Ministerial Assoc. - 9 A.M. at Tonda's Place - 4th St. Square

  • Wellsville Library Story Hour - Preschool from 11 A.M. to Noon & After School from 3:30 to 4:30 P.M. - Main St.

  • WHS Volleyball at Leetonia - 5:30 P.M.

  • Wellsville VFW Regular Meeting - 7 P.M. at the Post - Main St.

Wednesday - Sept. 15:

  • **Medical Assistance Program - 9:30 to Noon at First Christian Church - Main St.**

  • **BWD Finance Committee - 10 A.M. at Admin Office - Clark Ave.**

  • Wellsville Public Library Movie - 3:30 to 5 P.M. at the Library - Main St.

  • WAAC Spaghetti Dinner - 4 to 7 P.M. at Alumni Center - 3rd St.

  • Daw Mid. School Volleyball vs Jackson Milton - 5 P.M. at Beacon Memorial - Center St.

  • Wellsville High School Open House - 5 to 7 P.M. - Open to the public

Thursday - Sept. 16:

  • BWD Board of Trustees - 9 A.M. at Village Hall - Main St.

  • Daw Mid. School Football at Sebring - 5 P.M.

  • WHS Volleyball vs Western Reserve - 5:30 in the Tiger's Den

  • Crime Watch Committee - 6 P.M. at Village Hall - Main St.

Friday - Sept. 17:

  • WHS Football vs Sebring - 7 P.M. at Nicholson Stadium

Saturday - Sept. 18:

  • WHS JV Football at Sebring - 10 A.M.

  • Ups of Downs Fund Walk - 12 Noon at Tomlison Run Park

  • Wellsville Library Scrapbooking - 12 Noon to 4 at Library - Main St.

  • Wellsville Jr. Tiger Football vs Follansbee - 2 P.M. at Nicholson Stadium

  • "The" Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Ohio University in the Horseshoe - Columbus

Sunday - Sept. 19:

  • Worship at a church of your choice & say a prayer for the Steelers

  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs Tennessee Titans at Nashville - 1 P.M.

The Tuesday morning Sunrise Breakfast is a joint event sponsored by the Wellsville Area Chamber, the E. Liverpool Chamber and the St. Clair Twp. Chamber. The breakfast is put on by CF Bank & Center Pharmacy. Keynote speaker is Co-Owner William Holden of Cross Roads at Beaver Creek Assisted Living & Zoom Worldwide LLC. RSVP at 330-385-0845. A RSVP is required to attend.

The WHS Alumi Activities Committee resume their monthly spaghetti dinners this Wednesday at the Alumni Center. Proceeds go for building maintenance & upkeep. For a mere $7 you get homemade sauce for the spaghetti and all the trimmings that go with the dinner. Children age 12 & under only cost $4 each.

The Prince of Persia is the movie being shown at the Library on Wednesday. See our post dated Sept. 10 below for more info.

Mrs. Rolley and the folks at the High School are having an open house on Wednesday that is open to the public. Here's your opportunity to tour the school and meet some of the teachers and staff.

Former Wellsville Fireman Marty Thorn will be the feature speaker at Thursday's Crime Watch Committee Meeting. It is open and free and the public is invited. Thorn will be speaking on arson fires.

Saturday's Ups of Downs Fund Walk is sponsored by our local chapter of the support group for families with members with Downs Syndrome. It's the first annual walk for the Ups of Downs group. They just got formed within the last year. Registration starts at 11 A.M. For more information contact Nikki D'Itri at 330-532-3684.

Have a good week. Enjoy the beginnings of fall weather...

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Scrapbooking At Wellsville Library

Here's another fun activity for area residents brought to you by the folks at the Wellsville Public Library. It's open to all interested in scrapbooking from beginners to all levels of experience. Here's your chance to organize those pictures, newspaper clippings and other items you've been saving.

Please call and register. Space is limited.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

WHS Lady Tigers 2 for 3 In Volleyball Matches

The WHS Lady Tigers Volleyball Team has had a busy schedule so far this week. They have played three matches with one more on tap for tomorrow. To date they are 2 & 1 for the week.

Tuesday they traveled to North Jackson to take on Jackson Milton in ITCL play. The Ladies won that match in five sets. Then on Wednesday they hosted the Lady Potters from East Liverpool. The Lady Tigers took the first set 25 - 23. The Potters came back to take the second and then rolled from there. The Tigers never said quit. They kept fighting back in each set to keep it close. Sadly they dropped that match 3 sets to one. They will have a chance to revenge that loss October 11 at the Potter Fieldhouse. The Reserves also dropped their match with East Liverpool in two sets.

Last night the Tigers hosted Sebring and got back on track with their winning ways. According to this morning's newspapers the Varsity ended the game early in winning three straight sets. The Reserves were equally determined with winning their match in two sets. Now the Ladies travel to Lisbon tomorrow to finish out this week's schedule. For the season the Lady Tigers are 4 & 1 over all and 3 & 0 in league play.

Pictures in the collage above are from the East Liverpool game.

Congratulations Ladies...

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Wellsville Library To Show "The Prince of Persia"

This coming Wednesday, September 15, the folks at the Wellsville Carnegie Public Library will be presenting an after school movie "The Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time". It starts as 3:30 P.M. and will be shown in the Library Meeting Room on the lower level. It's a Walt Disney movie by the producer of the Pirates of The Caribbean.

Snacks will be provided and it's free to the public. Here's a chance to take the children to the movie and then head up to the Alumni Center for the family to enjoy a home cook spaghetti dinner.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

WHS Alumni Activities committee

Tuesday - September 7: The WHS Alumni Activities Committee held their regular monthly meeting at the Alumni Center this past Tuesday evening. Committee Chairman Kenny DeLauder presided.

Carmela Boyce gave the final report on the 5 Year All-Class Reunion advising it was quite successful. Comments were made it was the best reunion yet with the only real problem being noted was the lack of lighting in parts of the square due to burned out bulbs not being replaced. Mike Pusateri came to the rescue loaning portable lighting for use during the reunion.

Discussion followed to possibly make improvements on the lot behind the Alumni Center for use for future reunions. If it could be acquired there is more space available than the 4th Street Square and it would eliminate blocking off streets. It would make an ideal spot for other events such as special movie showings and other shows.

There was also discussion to set up a separate web site for the Alumni Activities Committee. It would be especially helpful with membership drives and future fund raising according to member Lew Shepherd.

Shirley Shanks reported the WHS Classes of 1943, 19444 & 1945 held their quarterly luncheon last week with the Committee serving them. Their next luncheon will be in December. They are pictured above.

Shanks also asked for fund raising ideas to rise money to replace the worn carpet in the DeLauder Room. She also advised the Benefit Dinner & Chinese Auction for the Steve Creaturo medical bills was successful beyond all expectations.

The monthly spaghetti dinners resume next Wednesday, September 15 from 4 P.M. to 7. The dinners are scheduled every month on the third Wednesday of the month serving a home spaghetti dinner with all the trimmings. Proceeds from the dinners go towards the upkeep and maintenance on the Alumni Center.

It was decided that the December meeting will be the annual Christmas Party. Plans are being made to have it catered at the Center.

Linda Cochran announced plans are being made for a November Lip Sync performance possibly the Saturday following Thanksgiving. More details will be forthcoming on that. The Lip Sync is also considering doing some smaller scale road shows for clubs and other groups to raise additional funds. That is just in the idea stage so far.

Best wishes for continued recovery for WHS Alumni Teresa Morgan Betz was sent out. Teresa is now at Trinity Hospital in Steubenville for therapy.

Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 4 at 7 P.M. at the Alumni Center.

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"Come Walk The Decks of History"

Tuesday - September 7: The WWII LST 325 ship made its second trip past Wellsville in the last eight days this past Tuesday evening. While Wellsville Historical Society President Robert "Brassy" Beresford rang out a salute the ship passed the River Museum around 7:30 P.M. This time there was enough daylight for several of us spectators lining the shoreline to get some pictures.

The 68 year old ship was first launched on 10 October 1942. The hull for this ship was probably built on Neville Island near Pittsburgh. There is a sign hanging on the rails, on the starboard side, that says "Come Walk The Decks of History" and states the LST 325 is a veteran of invasions at "???", Salerno and Omaha Beach at Normandy in 1944. We couldn't make out the first location mentioned on the sign, possibly Utah Beach. The LST was used to land troops, equipment and supplies on enemy beaches. This particular ship was used to land troops at Normandy on D-Day, June 6, 1944.

This LST is one of two that have been preserved and was recently restored at their home port in Evansville, Indiana. When passing through Wellsville last week it was headed for Pittsburgh for Labor Day week-end tours. Coming back this week it was headed for Marietta, Ohio, for more tours this coming Friday, Saturday & Sunday. After that it will be on its way back to Evansville. It is now a museum ship listed on the National Register of Historic Places. While anchored at its home port it is open Tuesday through Sunday for tours.

It was a piece of history passing through...

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Wellsville Village Council Meeting

Tuesday - September 7: Wellsville Village Council held their regular meeting this past Tuesday evening at Village Hall. Present at the meeting was Mayor Joe Surace, Council Members Sue Haugh, John McMahon, Joe Soldano, Rosie Goss and Randy Allmon. Also attending was Fiscal Officer Dale Davis, Village Legal Advisor Andy Beech, Village Administrator Jim Saracco and WFD Chief Bill Smith. Councilman Tony Cataldo was excused.

In the Public Speaking portion Mrs. Linda Comparetto of Main Street addressed Council on the coal dust issue once again. She was referring to the Wellsville Terminal operations that transfer coal from river barges to trucks. Mrs. Comparetto said the company is not keeping promises previously made such as not loading trucks on windy days and spraying water on the stock piles to hold the dust down. She offered a graphic example showing a table cloth after just one day from her outdoor table. She also noted that her husband has to clean the pool & pump daily to prevent ruining another pump. It's so bad residents can not open their homes adding one day recently she could feel the dust hitting her face and getting into her eyes. Mrs. Comparetto further added what spraying of the coal piles gets done doesn't touch the tops of the higher piles and there is no regard to what the weather is. She concluded she doesn't want to run business out of town but Wellsville Terminals make it difficult to keep a clean house and the dirt pile along Main still remains unsightly.

This has been going on at least since early 2007 and before when the lack of consideration for Wellsville residents first made news. Along with the blowing coal dust there was also the "drag out" problems with trucks being covered with dust when they leave the Wellsville Terminal. The company is owned by Jay & Chip Muse. At one time they promised to water down the coal piles and run all trucks exiting the terminal through a "car wash" set up, plus stop loading on windy days.

Village Administrator Jim Saracco added he agrees with Mrs. Comparetto and noted the last she filed a complaint his wife came with her. Saracco added that just this past week-end at his house nearly a whole bottle of glass cleaner was used up in two days just cleaning off two outdoor tables for family cook-outs. "They were black" with coal dust he said.

Surace remarked he heard residents were having trouble again noting they have tried to contact the Muse brothers but they are not returning calls. Surace said the EPA isn't helping Wellsville with this problem and the Wellsville Terminal owners aren't either.

Councilman Joe Soldano added they don't want to help. They live in Pennsylvannia and they're no better than the landlords that come in here, buy up property and then leave stuff go. Soldano noted they were at a Property Committee meeting in regards to buying some Village owned property back in March. They made all kinds of promises about cleaning up the dirt pile, killing the weeds and beautifying the area. He said these guys are making money concluding we're way too easy on these guys.

Surace concluded the discussion saying "Let's push it". He instructed Saracco to send them a letter asking them to come to the next Council Meeting or even a Special Meeting if necessary. If they don't comply they will be cited into court for both issues.

For Administration Reports, Saracco advised progress on the new digesters at the Sewage Treatment plant is "moving along pretty good". He didn't know the completion date.

He also reported that an irate resident came to his office complaining about the procedure on trimming trees. Saracco advised this man had hired someone to trim tree branches back that were over his house but before that can be done the ordinance requires he fill out an application to be approved by the Tree Board. Saracco said he believes this procedure needs to be addressed especially since the man only wanted to trim potentially dangerous tree branches. Soldano added he agreed and suggested that may be something the Ordinance Committee needs to look at.

There was nothing for the Mayor's Report. For Committee Reports, Water, Sewer & Refuse Committee Chairman Randy Allmon got a motion passed to pay Application #1 to Pusateri Excavating in the amount of $36,491.34. This is the first payment for the project at the Sewage Treatment Plant on the digester conversion. Davis added this is all grant money at this point in time and payment will be paid out of the OMEGA & OPW grants received for the project.

Allmon than made a motion to hire engineering firm GG&J to work with the County Engineer to set sewer rates for Russell Heights residents stating there is EPA regulation involved that he is not qualified for. Allmon stated that GG&J engineer Bill Boyle is an expert on this matter. Soldano questioned the cost for this and Allmon replied that Councilman Cataldo spoke to Boyle but did not relay the information. Soldano noted it's kind of tough not knowing how much it's going to cost and Haugh said she would like to get an estimate beforehand. With Cataldo absent and no second the motion was tabled.

For Streets, Lights & Parking, Committee Chairman John McMahon advised the lamp post in Broadway Park destroyed in a car accident is being taken care of to replace. Saracco added that both the pole & the lamp have been ordered. The pole will cost $1,100 & the lamp is $700. With labor and materials to install included the driver's insurance company will be paying in the neighborhood of $4,000 to $5,000 on the claim.

Even though Councilman Cataldo wasn't present we learned earlier that the Village closed out the month of July with $5,728 in the General Fund. The Sewage Update Fund finished July with $320,899. The two Fire Levy Funds only had a total of $13,779.46. It's a little early for August figures.

An ordinance was passed transferring $8,993 from the Broadway Park Fund to the General Fund. Fiscal Officer Davis advised the Village had to front the money for the improvement grant on the park. The amount being transferred was what was reimbursed from the grant. Soldano made the motion with McMahon seconding to suspend the rules and place on third & final reading to adopt the ordinance.

Under New Business, Councilwoman Rosie Goss read a statement thanking everyone for their patience and assistance given her while she filled in for the vacationing Mayor. She said it was really an eye opening experience and commended everyone involved.

The Wellsville Revitalization Committee was given approval to have the Village Yard Sale this coming Saturday, September 11. This is the same event the former Fix-Up/Clean-Up Committee ran for the past six years.

A second item on the agenda under New Business was asking for authorization for the Village Administrator to complete an application for Issue 1 funds. Soldano made the motion to approved and asked Davis if he had to explain anything on the authorization. Davis replied "I really don't know. This is a Mr. Cataldo item and I know it's competing for Issue 1 fund money for street improvements". Davis was referring to Councilman Tony Cataldo and continued "he really didn't have anything on it. I think it's another one that is going to involve Mr. Boyle".

Surace suggested if it is unclear what is going on it be tabled. Davis went on to explain that "this is that pot of money everyone tries to get and usually the best way to go is to go through the County Engineer. For some reason Mr. Boyle and Mr. Cataldo feel we could do better going on our own apart from the County. That is as much as I know in a nut shell". Davis stated he believes the deadline is in October and would attempt to learn more about this request. Soldano then inquired why there is nothing noted about hiring GG&J on this with McMahon saying "it's a pig in a poke thing until we get in there". The motion died for a lack of a second.

Before closing Soldano asked Village resident Jack Cataldo, in the audience, the status on the grant application for the truck access road. Cataldo responded he has heard it "passed the first test". He is not expecting any farther word until near the end of the year. This is in reference to the OMEGA grant Cataldo made application for, for the new road for trucks going to & from Wellsville Terminals & Ashland Oil. Cataldo confirmed the grant application is still in the process.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:34 P.M. Davis reminded everyone that Council is back to their regular schedule meeting twice a month. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 21 at 6 P.M. at Village Hall.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

On The Calendar

Hoping everyone is enjoying the last holiday week-end of summer. We would like to salute all those that are part of the labor force. You may not realize it but you are very much appreciated.

Monday - Sept. 6:

  • Labor Day

Tuesday - Sept. 7:

  • Daw Mid. School Volleyball vs. Southern Local - 5 P.M. - Beacon Memorial - Center St.

  • WHS Volleyball at Jackson Milton - 5:30 P.M.

  • WHS Golf vs. Jackson Milton - Cedar Hills - Glenmore - 5:30 P.M.

  • Wellsville Village Council - 6 P.M. at Village Hall - Main St.

  • WHS Alumni Activities Committee - 7:30 P.M. at Alumni Center - 3rd St.

  • WWII LST 325 will be passing Wellsville sometime late afternoon/early evening

Wednesday - Sept. 8:

  • BWD Personnel Committee - 10 A.M. at Admin. Offices - Clark Ave.

  • BWD Service Committee - 10:30 A.M. at Admin. Offices - Clark Ave.

  • WHS Golf at Lowellville

  • WHS Volleyball vs. E. Liverpool - 5:30 P.M. at home - Tiger Drive

  • Friends of Old Fire Station - Set Up for Village Yard Sale - 7 P.M.

Thursday - Sept. 9:

  • Daw Mid. School Football at Lowellville - 5 P.M.

  • WHS Volleyball vs. Sebring - 5:30 P.M. at home - Tiger Drive

  • WHS Golf vs. McDonald - EL Country Club - 5:30 P.M.

  • Knights of Columbus - 6 P.M. at EL Motor Lodge

Friday - Sept. 10:

  • WHS Football at Lisbon - 7 P.M.

Saturday - Sept. 11:

  • Day of Remembrance for all victims of 9-11

  • Village Yard Sale - 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. - Village Wide

  • WHS Band Tag Day - 9 A.M. until Noon

  • WHS Volleyball at Lisbon - 10 A.M.

  • WHS J.V. Football at Lowellville - 10 A.M.

  • WHS Band at Beaver Local Show of the Bands - 7 P.M.

Sunday - Sept. 12:

  • Worship at a church of your choice

  • Wellsville Jr. Tigers Football at Wheeling - 1 P.M.

The WWII light ship troop & equipment carrier, the LST 325, that passed by here last Tuesday in the darkness of night will be heading back down river tomorrow. According to the Pittsburgh Trib.-Review there is a short cruise at noon and then they will be getting underway immediately afterwards. We were told their top speed is 9 MPH and they were averaging 7 MPH on their way to the 'burgh. Hopefully they will pass by the ville while it's still day light. They will be on their way to Marietta for the next stop.

With the meeting Tuesday evening Council will be getting back to their regular schedule of meeting the first & third Tuesday of the month.

**Got a week ahead of myself. The WAMA meeting is the second Tuesday of the month. We apologize if this caused any confusion.**

Lots of sports on tap for this week. Good luck to all the athletes.

Have a good week...

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