Saturday, October 31, 2009

Buckeye Water District Bid Opening

On Thursday morning, October 29, members of the Buckeye Water District Board of Directors opened bids for the Salineville Transmission Line Phase B. The bid opening was held at the St. Clair Township Community Hall in Calcutta. Present was Board President Mike Ryan, Board members Bob Wines, Tim O'Hara, Gene McGaffick, Jack Whitaker, and Cal Carney. District Manager Al DeAngelis, Engineers Dallis Dawson & Jon Blair and Tracy Allen were there too.

Phase B is the continuation of the new water line to Salineville. It will hook up to the line that is currently being installed from the Water Treatment Plant to just past the Southern Local School Complex on Route 39. Phase B will take the line on into the village to supply Salineville residents with the EPA mandated new water source. Engineer's estimate for Phase B was $946, 045.

Low bidder for this part of the project was JCM Contracting of New Springfield, OH at $754,606. Other bids submitted was $827,166 from Tucson Inc,, $834,938 from Rudzik Excavating, $838,845 from Dave Sugar Excavating, $973,959 from James White Construction and $1,020,302 from Marucci & Gaffney Excavating.

L.E.B. Contracting & Wenger Excavating picked up bid packets but failed to submit bids. Dave Sugar Excavating was the winning bidder on Phase A of this project and is presently at work installing that portion. The bids are now being gone over with a fine tooth comb by BWD's engineering company.

The winning bid will be announced at the regular monthly meeting in November. District officials advised funding is in hand and expect Phase B installation to begin around December 1st.

The regular monthly meeting of the BWD Board-of-Directors is scheduled for Thursday, November 19, 9:00 A.M. at Wellsville Village Hall.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

2009 General Election

Next Tuesday, November 3, is Election Day. This is the first chance residents of the ville had anything to vote on since last year's General Election. There was no need to hold a Primary in town this past spring. I hope each and everyone of you are registered and exercise your right to vote at the polls Tuesday.

Except for the three state issues I will not be making any recommendations on how you vote. It is solely your decision. I highly recommend voting yes on all three state issues.

Issue 1 is voting for giving Ohio veterans that fought in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan & Iraq a war bonus for those campaigns. The state will issue bonds to finance the bonuses. Veterans that served over there will be eligible for up to $1,000 each. Veterans that served elsewhere during those conflicts will be eligible for up to $500 each. Surviving family members of any deceased veterans will be eligible for a $5,000 death benefit. This is a personal one for me. I received a bonus for serving in Viet Nam along with other Ohio residents. Veterans that served in other wars in the past got state bonuses too. It's a traditional honorairia given veterans in Ohio and those that served in those three conflicts deserve no less.

Issue 2, if passed will create an Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board. It will be chaired by the Director of the State Dept. of Agriculture with the governor appointing 10 members, and the State House & State Senate appointing one member each. The board will prescribe standards for animal care & well being that endeavor to maintain food safety, encourage locally grown & raised food, and protect Ohio farms & families.

Issue 3 is the gambling casino issue. If passed it will allow one casino each to open in Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland & Toledo. If passed it will allow only four casinos to be built. It's not much different than what is permitted in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Michigan. It will provide for new jobs and will contribute heavily to education funds throughout the state. State funding for education on all levels were heavily slashed in the new two year state budget. There are many school boards counting on this issue to be passed. Interesting to note is that the parent company for Mountaineer has donated huge sums of money campaigning against this issue. I can understand why but they say competition levels the playing field. However if this issue does not pass it's going to be very difficult for school funding. It will probably force school boards to put new and additional levies on future ballots. In this depressed area it will probably mean financial failure for some school districts.

Wellsville residents will be voting on three levy issues on the County level. The first is the 1% sales & usage tax. This will be a renewal of the tax we're already paying. It doesn't say that on the ballot. The word "additional" appears there and according to newspaper reports this has got the County Commissioners worried. The 1% is additional to what the state sales tax is and is only "additional" to that. We have been paying it for some time now and it appears on the ballot to just continue paying it. This is the sales tax that has kept county coffers barely able to get by. It is not a new tax for Columbiana County residents.

The second levy is the renewal of the Children Services 3/4 mill levy. According to the ballot it is to provide food, clothing, shelter, housing, medical care, counseling and other services for abused, neglected and dependent children. The newspaper called it the "Foster Care" levy. This levy will not raise our taxes.

The third levy is a replacement levy for the County Health Department's 2 mill cancer screening services. By calling it a replacement it will raise taxes a slight amount based on the updated real estate values on our properties. It your property taxes went up the amount you pay for this levy will go up.

For Village Council we got five people running for two seats. Veteran Councilman Don Brown did file for re-election. Councilwoman Rosie Goss filed for re-election and is one of the candidates. Goss is a long time employee of Ergon and Quaker State before that. If elected it will be her second term. Newcomer Susan Haugh is another candidate. Haugh & husband Jeff are co-owners of Wellsville's Haugh Designs a successful web designing business. Filling out the selections is Robert Marcin II, Cris McNicol & Jack Cataldo. All three have served previously on council. Marcin is a vetern Weirton Steel employee. McNicol use to run Acme Sales and is now working for Karo Brothers. Cataldo is retired.

There are three people running for what we use to call the County Board-of-Education. It is now called the Board of Educational Service Center. There are three seats open. It really doesn't matter what you do with this one. All three candidates are guaranteed winners.

For Wellsville schools there are three candidates running for two open seats. Leading the list is veteran School Board member Thomas Brophey. Brophey is currently serving as President of the Board, was awarded the Ohio School Board Achievement Award this year and also a Congressional Commendation for his years of dedicated service to our school system. The second candidate is William J. Miller. Miller is retired after 35 years of teaching with most of that time working in the Wellsville School system. The third candidate is Dale Palmer. I don't know the man or anything about him. He didn't even bother to answer reporter JoBob's questionnaire.

Other than that the only other item on the ballot we'll be seeing is the unexpired term for the school board. The term expires at the end of 2011 and Karen Dash was the only petitioner for that seat. Congratulations Mrs. Dash.

Because of other obligations it took me three days to complete this article. As I said above I hope you all are registered and make it to the polls on Tuesday. Unless you're in public office exercising your right to vote is the strongest voice we have deciding how things are runned.

If you have any question about whether you're registered to vote or where you vote you can go to and click on the Board of Elections link in the left hand column. From there it is fairly simple to check it out. Their link is loaded with all kinds of information.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Village Government

While I was away I missed a Council Meeting and a couple of committee meetings. All we got to go on is newspaper reports and word of mouth. I did make an effort to talk to some Village officials and others.

There was a Sewage Committee meeting a week ago this past Monday. The following Thursday there was a Finance Committee meeting. Inside of four days members of those committees decided to scale down the installations of 45 catch basins to five. Along with that they are shooting to get funds to pave portions of three streets. The difference in cost went from applying for $303,000 in loans to $167,000. The village has to come up with roughly 10% front money for the loans. The loans are going to be applied for with the Rural Development program with 3.8% annual interest and to be paid back over 20 years. Catch basins are drains for ground water that now cause ponding in several areas in the village every time it rains. The reason for the drastic cutback is because the Fiscal Officer said there is no way he can come up with an extra $30,000 by March, 2010. Before anything can be done with adding catch basins a $7,500 environmental study has to be done. The catch basins and paving being talked about is for next year.

Fiscal Officer Dale Davis was quoted in the paper stating the Village would be hard put to come up with $30,000 over all of next year without a lot more cutting back. He added "the money's just not coming in."One would think these committee members would check with the man that controls the purse strings before planning anything. Council approves an annual budget to work with.

Also at that Sewage Committee meeting there was discussion on getting one of three Ranney wells that were drilled several years ago operational to be used as a back-up source of water. Ranney wells collect ground water and one of the three was equipped with a pump when they were drilled. This came up with two months of consideration after the village water supply was shut off when a main line break occurred the first week-end of August. Once the Highland Avenue water tank was emptied we were without water for nearly two days.

The newspaper stated the committee was uncertain where the funding would come from at this time. They want to install a bigger pump capable of pumping a million gallons of untreated water per day. It will also require purchasing pipe for the line from the well. No mention was made if the line would be tied in to existing water lines or whether they are planning on a simple shut off valve. Committee members are thinking that residents can boil Ranney well water for drinking and cooking. I'm wondering if the EPA even allows that with an untested and untreated supply of water. Again the question of money comes into play.

At Tuesday's Council meeting former Councilwoman Diane Dinch was answered about the cost of the police investigation and the new police manual. According to Jo Ann Bobby-Gilbert's report the investigation cost $31,416 and the new manual cost $47,389. Now it seems the finger pointing is about to begin on who authorized what, especially with the manual. The same firm that drew up the police manual is also negotiating on behalf of the village for a new union contract for our four union employees. Their contract expires at the end of this year. In the past it was negotiated with a joint committee that included members of the union, council and Village administration. One council member was quoted in the newspaper account as say "I don't like this spending money and council doesn't have a clue". I'm wondering what kind of clue is needed. On 1/29/09 there was a Personnel Committee meeting with Mr. Lencewicz and another on 4/21/09 that I attended. Mr. Davis informed me that every invoice paid for both the investigation and the manual was brought before Council for their consideration. In the April meeting there was discussion on the forthcoming contract negotiations.

Also at the Council meeting it was announced that the Cemetery caretaker's office will remain at the old Hammond house. Seems Fire Chief Smith inspected the office and deemed it safe to use. There is no water or restroom facilities in the office section at the rear of the house.

One of the WFD three full time fire fighters submitted his resignation effective at the end of the month. Marty Thorn is moving on but the papers didn't give any reason what he's up to. Now council has to decide whether they will replace him or not. The Fire Dept. is already down one full time member and uses paid volunteers to fill in the schedule gaps. Wellsville is indeed fortunate to have the volunteer members in the WVFD.

Council ordered in legislation to budget 10% of the Magistrate Court fines into a line item to pay the cost of the 4th year required as part of the COPS grant program. That was part of the deal WPD Chief Scarabino worked out with council to get two full time officers added to the ranks. The Village had to agree to pay for the 4th year for the officers when they applied for the grant.

EL's Brian Kerr presented council with a copy of an EL ordinance that he and his fellow council members passed agreeing to keep EL Municipal Court if Wellsville is approved to switch from the County Court to there. As a cost saving measure earlier this year a motion was passed to seek state approval to switch Wellsville court cases to East Liverpool's Muncipal Court. That move has to be approved by the Ohio Supreme Court.

Council candidate Jack Cataldo announced he has been working on securing a DOT grant for the new truck road proposed earlier in the year by the Mayor. That's the road that would go from the Nevada Street area to the Intermodal Park and directly to Route 7. If funding can be found to build it - it would eliminate truck traffic off 17th St. & Clark Ave. Unfortunately Mr. Cataldo had no figures on what the Village share would be for such a grant. With the STAG grant appeal still pending some question whether the Village would even be considered for such lucrative grant money. No amount was reported in the papers on what the grant amount would be but when the Mayor applied for OMEGA funding earlier in the year it was estimated to cost to be in the neighborhood of $1.0/$1.5 million to construct.

Wellsville's Fix-up/Clean-up Committee was given the Chamber-of-Commerce's Community Service Award at their annual dinner recently. Nunzio Lombardozzi who chairs that committee thanked all the members and officials for the recommendation. Lombardozzi reporter that there is $440 left to get started next year. According to the newspaper account the first clean up date is already set for May 1, 2010. Are you ready Jan?

To close out it was reported that there was a balance of $42,313 in the Village General Fund as of the end of September. By October 22 that balance was down to $22,982 with a little over two months to go in the year. The books for October haven't been balanced yet but we mention that just in case any of our legislators need a clue.

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St. Francis Animal Welfare Center Dinner

Last Saturday, October 24, the good folks at SFAWC held their 4th annual dinner celebrating the Feast of St. Francis. The dinner was held at the Wellsville Alumni Center. St. Francis is known as the patron saint of animals. Besides being a bit of a fund raiser the dinner is a "thank you" for the patrons of this all volunteer group for supporting their mission.

The event was emceed by 2nd V.P. Paul Blevins with invocation & benediction being offered by RPC's Rev. Bill Betteridge. There was door prizes, a Chinese auction, craft sale and a 50/50 drawing. In support of Breast Awareness Month all donations for one of the items raffled off went to the National Breast Cancer Fund.

Speaking on behalf of the group, member Bobbie Holt gave a brief history of their mission and an update of on the groups status. In response to a plea by Village Mayor Joe Surace the St. Francis group got started in 2006. Their mission is primarily to get the stray dogs off the street. At first they were located in the village dog pound but due to legalities conflicting with their humane care of animals they had to move out of there. They have been "homeless" for eight months now but that didn't deter the spirit of the SFAWC group.
Although their primary goal is to get stray & abandoned dogs off the street this dedicated group goes above and beyond that. Once an animal is taken in they are examined by a veterinarian, treated for fleas, dewormed, given shots and placed in foster homes. From there they are fed and looked after with TLC until they can be adopted into a permanent home. SFAWC has an association with various animal adoption leagues but try everything possible to place them first.

Presently they have six dogs in foster homes. Like Roxie, shown above, all but one are ready for adoption. The dog that is not ready has been so neglected and mistreated that he is a little gun shy of everything and anything. Mrs. Holt said he is a beautiful dog without a mean streak of any sort. He is simply scared and needs some time to adjust to trusting his human friends. He's slowly learning that he'll get a regular feeding and all the other necessities we show our furry friends.

No animal taken in by the St. Francis group is euthanatized just because. There has to be severe life threatening causes such as incurable health problems or near fatal injuries before it is even considered. Like St. Francis himself these folks believe the four legged ones have just as much God given right to live as us two legged critters.

SFAWC are currently working with the Village Zoning Office trying to get approval to use a donated building located up on Walden Avenue. If approved they hope to renovate the building and fence in the ground around it for use as a shelter. Until a new location can be found they can only take in six dogs at a time. If anybody is interested in helping with providing foster care give them a call at 330-831-0827 or 330-429-5073. Any help would be greatly appreciated with donations of any kind or amount. Donations can be mailed to SFAWC, P.O. Box 52, Wellsville OH 43968. As mentioned above this group is strictly volunteer. The only compensation they take is the occasional lick or wagging of the tail of a happy pup. Wellsville is fortunate to have a group like this and the angels of the Alley Cat Aid Brigade.

Thanks for inviting me ladies. Oh, and Paul, pink looks good on me but I gave the sweat shirt to the missus!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

BWD Engineering Committee Meeting - 10/23/09

This past Friday, October 23, the Engineering Committee of BWD met with Chirs Ryman. Ryman is an engineer with Arcadis Engineering from Akron, OH. Arcadis is the company that did the engineering on the new Water Treatment Plant.

Present at the meeting was Committee Chairman Chuck Bibbee and members Tim O'Hara and Gene McGaffick. Also present was Board President Mike Ryan, Board members Bob Wines and Cal Carney. District Manager Al DeAngelis and Jon Boyd of Dallis Dawson Assocs.

Ryman presented a computer program designed for the water district that can project the whole system for viewing. With this program they can see exactly where everything is that is currently in the system. The amazing part of the new program is that future expansion can be programed in the computer to show what would be needed. They can plug in the routes, different diameters of pipe, different types of pipe such as plastic or metal, altitudes and other factors that show just what is needed for any expansion. It computes what will work and what wouldn't measure up.

It's an astounding piece of engineering computer technology that will save time and money on planning any future expansion of the water district's infrastructure. In days of old engineers had to sit down with slide rules and drawing tables to incorporate the plans. Now it can be done by just plugging figures into the computer program.

Also amazing is the camera security system that is now operational at both the new Pumping Station and the Water Treatment Plant & reservoir. With strategic placement of several cameras all angles can be seen on a computer screen with just a click of the mouse. Shown above is the back side of the WTP, the front gates at the Pump Station looking out toward Wells Avenue and the smoke stack across the river at Ergon. That's a close-up of that smoke stack with that camera zoomed in on it. The whole system was made possible mostly through a grant awarded to the district. All three of these pictures was viewed at the WTP. BWD personnel can view the whole system on any computer in their network.

Next up for the district is the bid opening Thursday morning for Part B of the Salineville water project. That will take place beginning at 11 A.M. at the St. Clair Township Hall in Calcutta. Part B is the completion of the project to supply the Village of Salineville with water. It will start on Route 39 just past the Southern Local School Complex.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Party

This coming Saturday is Halloween. Trick or Treat in the village has been set for 5:30 - 7 P.M. That's for the kids and even though we're all responsible adults there's still some kid left in a lot of us. Here's a chance to have some fun and maybe borrow your child's costume. It's an adult party sponsored by our good friends & neighbors at Air Waves. It starts at 8 o'clock at Dalonzo's on Main St.

Beverly & Lonnie will be spinning the tunes and will have the karaoke set up. There will be snacks and prizes awarded for costumes. Nick will have the kitchen going if you want to treat yourself. It sounds like a fun time and a good chance to get together.

See ya there..

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Buckeye Water District

Being out of town we didn't get to attend the regular monthly meeting this past Thursday. We did get to the Financial Committee meeting last Tuesday. That meeting was attended by Board President Mike Ryan, Financial Committee Chairman Chuck Bibbee, Committee Member Bob Wines, District Manager Al DeAngelis and Financial Officer Sara Crouch.

For the month of September BWD produced a total of 27.8 million gallons of billable water. Wellsville used 6.3 million gallons of that total. Year to date totals are 261 million gallons for the district with the ville using just under 61 millions gallons of that. Not counting Salineville September expenses was $41,656 excluding loan payments. Salineville expenses were $7,320 with Board President Mike Ryan noting that repairs on the Salineville main is costing the district lots of over-time. Steel locks and collars were used when the new main line was put in a few years ago and are now causing problems with corrosion. Since taking over as the village water supplier, BWD employees have been replacing them with stainless steel ones where the breaks occur.

As reported in the newspapers work on Part A of the Salineville water project got underway this past week. Part A consists of installing 16" diameter water line for nearly 8 miles starting from Osborne Road, across Forbes and out Route 39 just past the Southern Local School complex. Also, as noted in the media, a change order will be made to add approximately 2,700 feet of 8" diameter line to 10 residents along Crews Road and James Dr. Crews Road runs off Osborne. Sugar Excavating, the Part A contractor, will be given first option on the addition. If Sugar's cost estimates for the addition isn't below a set amount the job will be put up for bid.

Project Engineer meetings for Part A progress will be held every two weeks on Thursdays at 1 P.M. at the new Water Treatment Plant. The meetings will be attended by BWD personnel, Dallis Dawson Engineer Assoc. and the contractor. Ryan advised any interested funding agents are also welcome to attend. The first meeting is scheduled for October 22. Future meeting dates & times will be set at that meeting.

Invitation for bids on Part B of the Salineville project are currently being advertised. There will be a Pre-Bid Meeting for Part B at the St.Clair Township Hall at 10:30 A.M. on October 22. Bid opening for this will be at 11 A.M., also at the St. Clair Township Hall on October 29. The dead-line for bids to be accepted for Part B is 10:30 A.M., October 29.

It was interesting to see the report of this past week's SLSD Board-of-Education meeting stating that the school district simply can not afford the tap-in fee for them to get on the new water line. However, they are going to seek grants for the fee. Not one of those school board members mentioned the 3-year with 0% interest payment plan offered to them by the BWD. They did mention problems with their present well water system especially when there's no electricity to run the pumps. Right now the actual water is free for them. Still one has to wonder what their present system is costing the district for electricity to run those pumps, treating that well water and adhering to ever increasing EPA restrictions and regulations. What is not being said is speaking volumes about the SLSD water system today.

After leaving that meeting I rode out past where the new water line will be going in. Some of that land is farm land and some, like the long abandoned baseball field on Forbes, is not. From what I can see there is a lot of acreage available for development of some sort that just became more attractive when this economy turns around. I couldn't help but speculate how land value will approve and home owners will benefit with decreased insurance rates. Even if they don't tap-in, their homes will be a lot closer to the fire hydrants going in past their neighborhoods.

With the progressive expansion of the water district through out the region the potential of the county, and ultimately Wellsville, is looking up.

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Wellsville Area Ministerial Assoc.

Here's a group that gets very little recognition for all they provide the community. They just quietly go about their business asking for nothing in return. Thinking back, the only time I recall that they contacted the media was when they were looking for candidates that qualified for the "Paint-the-Town" program. Even then they weren't looking for a pat on the back. They were just asking for a little help finding homes that could use some painting.

Every second Tuesday of the month they hold a breakfast meeting at Tonda's Place on the Square in Wellsville. The meeting is open to anyone that would like to attend for whatever reason. It's not a religious church service. It's a community service association with members from the area clergy, members of their congregations interested in helping and others wanting to assist in projects and programs that better our community.

The October meeting was held this past Tuesday, October 13, with Pastor Troy Warner presiding. Also present was Rev. Darlene Zanders, Secretary; Deacon Terry McCuen, Treasurer, and six others.

Discussion was held and schedules arranged for clergy members to provide opening prayer at the Wellsville Council Meetings. Mary Heaton was thanked for the recognition given the clergy with her sponsoring the Appreciate Your Cleargy In-gathering on October 4.

Terry McCuen reported on the upcoming Young Life Banquet October 27. It is to be held at the Hope Christian Fellowship Church out on State Rt. 7, across from Beaver Local High School. Last year the banquet was held at the Alumni Center but seating is limited there.

Young Life is for kids that has camping programs across the country providing an activity in a Christian atmosphere. Young Life was started in 1998 and a branch has been opened in East Liverpool. The banquet is open to the public and is free. A donation plate will be circulated. There will be a camp slide show, skits, music, testimonies from kids, and a Young Life speaker in addition to dinner. Doors open at 6 P.M. with dinner at 6:30. Anyone interested in attending can contact McCuen at 330-532-3629. You can learn more about Young Life at

Rev. Warner reported that the Paint-The-Town program is completed for this year. This year there were three houses and one church painted in the ville. The church that was painted was the Ascension Church located at 11th & Main. It has no congregation or minister and is maintained by a volunteer group with no treasury. Members of the congregations of the First Christian and the First Baptist teamed together to paint that historical structure. Warner noted there is an old pump organ located there that has a very good sound to it. In four years that the Paint-The-Town program has been sponsored by donations to the WAMA 22 homes and one church have been painted.

Rev. Dirk Hall has generously agreed to again host this year's Community Fall Revival at the Nazerene Church. The revival will run from November 15 through 18 at 6 P.M. each evening. Rev. Darlene Zanders will assist. This is the second year for the Community Fall Revival and it was noted that last year it was very well attended. The Nararene Church is located at 17th & Maple.

It was announced that the annual Tri-State Singspiration will be held tomorrow, October 18, at the East Liverpool Church of the Nazarene at 6 P.M. The public is invited. Offerings collected help pay expenses for the hospital Asst. Chaplain & Secretary.

Election of officers for the WAMA for 2010 was held with all 2009 officers nominated and elected to return. Installation of officers will be November 22 at 7 P.M. at a location to be announced later.

Rev. Darlene Zanders was congratulated for her first anniversary in the ministry. Zanders will be honored at the Mt. Sinai Church tomorrow by members of her congregation. Also noted was that Rev. Eddie Renfro has served his congregation in Wellsville for six years now and hope was expressed his superiors will allow him to continue serving Wellsville.

Next meeting is November 10 at Tonda's at 9 A.M.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Off To Silver Spring

Have often said that this blog is not about me or my family. I'm slow by nature but it may be more so in the immediate future due to a "family emergency". The missus & I got a call yesterday morning around 6:30 from our grand children's mother. Right away you know that's not going to be good news. So, we spent yesterday making arrangements throwing things together and getting to Maryland.

Our son was rushed to the hospital and will be undergoing surgery today. It's not life threatening but when it's one of your kids you still get extremely concerned. So Mom & I are in Maryland to lend a hand with everything. Since "Pap" is retired I expect to be working, if you want to call it that, at this remote location. With work & school schedules an extra hand will come in handy during the recovery period.

My presence in the ville will probably be scarce for awhile. We still got stuff to catch up on that was scheduled for yesterday. Anything new for the next few days will depend on Jobob & her collegues keeping us up to snuff. They do a great job.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Wellsville Board-of-Education Meeting - 10/12/09

The regular meeting was held this evening in the Superintendent's Office. All Board members were present except Mike Cook. Also present was Superintendent Rich Bereschik, Asst. Superintendent & Garfield School Principal Lisa Ferguson, Treasurer Colleen Wickham and Wellsville Teacher Assoc. Representative Darlene Allison.

For the Financial Report Mrs. Wickham reported for September the balance on hand was $2.7 million with $711,818 in receipts, $630,649 in expenditures and $4,049 earned in interest.

Board President Tom Brophey reported that state funding issues are pretty much playing the wait and see game pending the outcome on the casino issue in next month's General Election. Brophey advised that the Ohio School Board Assoc. monthly news letter states that education funding will be depending heavily on the casino issue being passed. Board member Ed Bauer stated that funding is already in jeopardy depending on an upcoming vote on the Governor's race track video slot machines. Education funding was heavily factored in the Governor's budget with revenue from the slot machines. Failure of either issue could mean serious problems with education funding.

In the Good News Report Lisa Ferguson advised that the Title I program for Parenting Skill is going very well. This programs teaches parents how to better prepare their children for school. It concentrates a lot on reading and math skills.

Ferguson also reported that the Grandparents Lunches are proving extremely popular and going very well. Last week lunches were held for kindergarten students. This week will be for First Grade, next week for Second Grade and the last week in October will be for the Third graders.

Bereschik reported that they are back on installing fences. Sometime around the Thanksgiving break, phones will be installed in all classrooms in Garfield for security purposes. All door locks are being brought up to be in compliance with state standards and they are looking into installing camera systems into the intercom systems. Last month Garfield was put into lock down when an outsider was witnessed flashing a weapon near the school. The incident fortunately turned out to have nothing to do with the school but it was an warning of what could have been.

Several motions were approved under New Business. Changes already made in afternoon school bus stops were formally adopted. The resignation of Asst. Football Coach Jim Cheeks was accepted retroactive to Sept. 28. 2009. Approval was given to hold the April 24, 2010 WHS Prom at St. Florian Hall in Wintersville. Proms in recent years have been held at Mountaineer but with the expansion of their casino over there the gambling resort does no longer want to host the dances. Arden Montgomery was approved as Testing Coordinator for the district for up to 180 hours maximum. Additional hours may be added at the discretion of the Superintendent. Eight people was approved as Intervention Tutors through the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act. There will be two at Garfield, two at the high school and four at Daw Middle. Joe Soldano was given the nod to return as a Volunteer Baseball Coach for next spring pending receipt of the necessary paperwork. Additional substitutes were voted in for four classified positions and nine certified positions.

Workbook and supply fees were formally approved for the 2009-2010 school year. All fees posted are for high school subjects plus the annual Senior Fee which is $60. There were no fees listed for grades K through Grade 8.

Sarah Douglas was approved for the short hour position for cafeteria lunch prep, server and crossing guard effective October 13, 2009. Beth Cline was approved for the short hour lunch prep & server at Daw Middle School also effective October 13.

A field trip for the 7th Grade Language Arts classes to travel to Pittsburgh's Byham Theatre on December 11, 2009 was approved. The students from those classes will be going to see a production of the classic "A Christmas Carol".

In closing member Ed Bauer extended his thanks to the Teacher Assoc. for their assistance in setting up the intervention tutoring program. Mrs. Meek noted that Wellsville is hosting the 8th Grade ITCL Volleyball Tournament this year. That begins Saturday, October 17, with Jackson-Milton taking on Sebring at 10 A.M. The Wellsville ladies don't play until Monday, October 19, at 6:45.

They were going so fast I missed what Mrs. Dash had to say but Brophey said everyone else stole his thunder and asked for a motion to adjourn. Next meeting is scheduled in the Superintendent's Office on Monday, November 16 at 6:30 P.M.

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Old Bell - New Home

The bell pictured here is the bell that use to hang in the bell tower of the old Central School on 9th Street. Later on that building became McDonald School after the high school was built on Center Street. Built in the mid-1870s, Central School was so named because it was the first school building in Wellsville that had eight grades of elementary school and a high school all in one location. In the 1950s that building was razed and replaced with the structure that sits there today. When the new McDonald School was built this bell was place on a cement pad in the school's front yard and sat there until the Wellsville School Board sold the building last year. Part of that transaction included donating the historic bell to Wellsville's Historical Society.

The bell was delivered to the Society's River Museum this past spring. It has been sitting in the yard until today. A few weeks ago members of the Historical Society hand mixed a half dozen or so bags of cement to make a new pad for the bell to rest on. As you see so often in the ville with neighbor helping neighbor, Greg Thrasher, owner of Jim's Service, stopped by the museum with one of his wreckers to lift the bell and set it in place. With Historical Society President "Brassy" Beresford & member Tom Davidson supervising Thrasher hooked up the nearly 2,000 pound bell and set it in place in about 10 minutes.

The next time you're over around the River Museum check it out. The wheel mounted on the wall behind the bell was part of the original assembly in the old bell tower. The bell was cast in Pittsburgh over 130 years ago. It's part of Wellsville's educational history that has been preserved and prominently displayed for generations to come. I remember the old Central School building but never recall hearing the bell rung until today. With the help of a hammer Tom Davidson gave it one last ring before it was lowered to the pad. You don't often hear that rich deep tone ringing out in today's times. They just don't make bells like that anymore.

It was all made possible by neighbor helping neighbor. Special thanks go out to the Wellsville BOE, the Logans, the Historical Society and Greg Thrasher for making it all possible.

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Piatts' Market

Anybody remember Piatts' Market? I don't. I remember when that was Ferrall's Auto Supply Store at that Main Street location. Today it is the home of the New Life Worship Center.

Taken in either 1946 0r 1947 the store was decorated for Christmas. This is another photograph from the Luella Thompson collection recently donated to the Wellsville Historical Society.

The female clerks in the foreground are Joanne Piatt (left) and Frances Holcomb. In the center background, near the front door, are Charlie (C.D.) Piatt and Thomas Piatt.

Comments on the history of this market would be greatly appreciated. Anybody know when it got started or when it closed? Thanks Brassy for letting us share this picture.

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"Ireland's Happy Man"

The Wellsville Alumni Activities Committee will present a concert by Irish singer, pianist & entertainer Cahal Dunne on Wednesday evening, October 28. The concert will be held at the Wellsville Alumni Center on 3rd St. It's a fund raiser in preparation of next year's All-Class Reunion and their annual scholarships.

Dunne, shown here, is a native of County Cork, Ireland, and graduated with a degree in music from University College of Cork. He was the winner of an Ireland National Song Contest with the song he composed entitled "Happy Man". He represented the nation of Ireland in the 1979 Eurovision Song Contest. He is a composer, pianist, comedian, singer, story teller and T.V. personality. He is an entertainer extraordinaire with a style that is rich & deep according to his web site. He appears nationwide and just recently completed a tour as part of an entertainment package on a cruise. Dunne immigrated to the U.S. in 1983 and he and his family now make their home in the Pittsburgh area. He sings a wide range of songs from popular modern numbers to traditional Irish ballads.

The concert is set to begin at 7 P.M. Tickets are $20 per person. There will be refreshments served at the intermission. Doors open at 6:30 P.M. Reservations can be made by calling Carmella at 330-532-1936 or Carrie at 330-843-6338 or Toni at 330-532-1517. Seats are limited. Get your reservations as soon as possible for this worthwhile fund raiser.

Toora loora, loora...

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Ghosts of Ohio At The Library

No, Wellsville's Library is not haunted. At least it is thought it's not. Ghost of Ohio is a company that specializes in paranormal research and investigations. They are headquartered in Columbus with additional offices in Cleveland and Cincinnati.

This past Thursday evening, October 8, 2009, the Wellsville Carnegie Library hosted a program presented by ghost hunters James & Stephanie Willis. The program is another service provided by the library free of charge and open to the public. There were about 40 patrons that attended.

James Willis said he had 25 years experience. He started in Atlanta and relocated to Ohio in 1999. Ghosts of Ohio currently have 35 members. In 2004 they spent sometime in Columbiana County looking for Gretchen out at Beaver Creek State Park and checking to see if Pretty Boy Floyd's spirit is still around the old Conkle farm.

Paranormal research & investigation is simply ghost hunting. It is said that human bodies possess energy. That energy doesn't die when a body quits breathing. It is believed that sometimes when an unnatural death occurs that energy lingers. In other words its spirit haunts old familiar surroundings, sometimes for hundred of years. It can be visual sightings, a voice out of the blue or finding objects that have been moved or rearranged.

Ghosts of Ohio provide a service to people who experience such things and are looking for an explanation. Before conducting an on-site investigation Ghosts of Ohio representatives research the histories of the location and records of such happenings. They use an array of scientific equipment to measure atmospheric & electrical changes plus cameras and recorders. It has been found if a spirit is present there is a drop in temperature from the surrounding area. At one haunted house they investigated in southern Ohio there was a 30 degree drop in temperature where the spirit was located.

Ghosts of Ohio has investigated Loveland Castle where shadowy figures have been spotted at night walking a path between the house and the close by river bank. Loveland Castle is located near Cincinnati and was built by hand by Harry Andrews. A woman died on that path a long time ago. They also conducted an investigation at the old Mansfield Reformatory. They didn't film any spirits but did discovered an unknown source of a man's voice on the tapes.

If you have something unusual happening Ghosts of Ohio are the people you want to talk to. It's your decision whether to have them check it out or not. They just want to simply educate and ease people's concerns. More information on the company can be found at

Continuing to provide services and activities the Wellsville Library is sponsoring "Make A Plate" craft from October 12 through November 16. For $5.95 you can purchase a 10" plate and decorate it. The library will provide templates and special markers to do the decorating. Call 330-532-1526 for more details. Also the Friends of the Library will be meeting Thursday, October 22, at 6:30 P.M.

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WHS Tigers Shut Out Leetonia

The Leetonia Bears came to town this past Friday with a 5 & 1 record. When they got on the bus to go home after the game both the Bears & the Tigers had records of 5 & 2 on the season. With an impressive display of some hard hitting defense Wellsville held Leetonia scoreless winning the game 18 - 0. There were a couple of times I could hear #25 - Jacob Cole's pads cracking when tackling a Leetonia ball carrier. Reminded me of Donnie Shell of Steelers fame when they started winning Super Bowls - nice, clean hard hitting defense.

My vote for game ball goes to Chad Elliott. He scored two of the Tiger's three touch downs. The first was a pass reception from Bubba Dowling and the second was an interception return for a TD. That score on the pass reception was the only completed pass for WHS on a wet & rainy night. The other TD was scored by Jeremy Carter on a 45 yard sprint around the outside corner. Carter finished the night with 94 total yards rushing. My second choice would be the defense. Not only did they shut out the Bears they had four interceptions and made one heckuva goal line stance denying Leetonia a chance to score.

Half-time was crowning the Homecoming Queen. Lindsy Koontz came home from Akron U to do the honors crowning this year's queen, Krislyn Dalrymple. Other members of this year's Fall Homecoming court were Celeste Hanselman, Rachel Vallera, Taylor Buzzard, Britne Thomas and Emmalee McIntosh.

Wellsville faces Jackson-Milton at home next Friday. The drive for a play-off spot will continue.

I apologize for not having any pictures this week. Something happen to my camera card and I can't get the pictures to download. It's distressing!

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Boy And The Boot

As reported at this week's Council meeting renovation has begun at the Boy and the Boot along Lisbon Street here in Wellsville, Ohio. No one seems to know the exact history of that statue or when that little island was put in at that location. There's copies of post cards from the early 1900s around that show the boy at the intersection of Lisbon Street & Wells Avenue when there were two bridges. Those post cards show that was before Route 45 went from Highland Avenue to Wells Avenue and long before the floodwall was erected. That was even before the Roadside Park when Lisbon Street & Wells Avenue merged at the Boy and the boot.

Wellsville Historical Society President Robert "Brassy" Beresford recently received a box of photographs donated by decendents of the late Luella Thompson. Among those pictures was an early picture of the Boy.

At that time the Boy faced up-river. It's the original statue shown here that was destroyed when a truck accidentally ran up over the curb and hit it. That is believed to have happened in the early 1950s. There is a history on the statue & who manufactured it. The Amato family went to the trouble of tracking that down and getting a duplicate made. That's the statue you see today. I think Pete & Chuck Amato got a mold and had it made.

Brassy is trying to date this photo. Neither one of us have any idea what the year is of that car in the background. If anybody can tell us it would give an excellent idea on the time. There's a lady standing on the sidewalk in an almost ankle length skirt. Brassy thinks it might have been before the floodwall was erected and the car dates back to the early 1940s. They started building the floodwall in 1938. You can't see any evidence of Katz's junk yard that was at the corner of Wells Ave. & 2nd St. Anybody remember when Paul Katz got started?

At any rate it's an angle of the Boy that Brassy said he has never seen. I got excited and this is the kind of picture we would love to get copies of. It's the kind of picture "hootch2" can add to his video for next years All-Class Reunion and no, Lance, no one recalls statues of ducks at that location! You can click on the picture to enlarge for a better look.

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"Men are suppose to be made out of steel or something"

That's a line from the off-Broadway play Steel Magnolias. The Potter Players Community Theater group have been working hard getting ready to open a week from tonight bringing this comedy-drama presentation to our area. It's a story about the bond among a group of Southern women in northwest Louisiana. It's a Robert Harling play that debuted in NYC in 1987. It proved so popular that two years later they made a movie based on the original script.

Stop by and see what goes on in Truvy's beauty shop and the women that gather there. Wellsville's Erin Roberts-Orr will be making her own debut with the zany PPCT cast of characters. As they say on their web cite "come prepared to laugh a lot and maybe shed a tear or two". If you bring a receipt from any local salon you will get a dollar off the regular ticket price.

It's an award winning play that you won't want to miss.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Council Meeting - Tuesday - 10/6/09

The Village Council met in regular session this week. All council members were present except the vacationing Tony Cataldo. Also present was Mayor Joe Surace, Village Administrator Jim Saracco, Village Solicitor Andy Beech, Fiscal Officer Dale Davis and Zoning Administrator Rick Williams.

For Public Speaking Connie Carmichael of 10th St spoke on behalf of the Revitalization Committee. She informed Council that the committee is going to pursue working with Heritage Ohio. Presently they are attempting to establish a board and working out details for the financial end of it. Plans are to have Heritage Ohio Director of Revitalization Jeff Siegler back again in November.

Diane Dinch of Aten Ave. asked Council what it cost the Village when they engaged a Cleveland area law firm to investigate allegations against a WPD officer and to revise and update the Police Manual. Dinch remarked she had never heard what the actual costs were. FO Dale Davis advised he would have the numbers available at the next Council meeting. Without prior notice they were not readily available.

Opal Lombardozzi of Wood St. then addressed Council in regards to the now vacant cemetery house stating "things have been done wrong". After requesting copies of documents she advised they found out the insurance company recommended the house not be reoccupied until proven safe after a cleaning project. There had been a chimney collapse back in 2007 and the Lombardozzis were temporarily provided housing in the Meadow Woods Apts. Mrs. Lombardozzi said they were never told of the recommendation and asked why.

Councilman Joe Soldano asked "who okayed moving back into the house?" Lombardozzi replied "no one knows" and vouched to get to the bottom of it. Soldano then questioned where the Cemetery Board is. He stated that they are suppose to govern everything at the cemetery and they have not met in two years. (A correction was later printed in the newspaper that they haven't met in two months. The Cemetery Board held a meeting in September, '09.) Soldano then advised the Mayor "you have to get on them".

Lombardozzi then stated they were told repairs to the house would cost $25,000/$30,000 when she had a copy of the architech's letter saying it would be less than $10,000. She then requested a meeting be arranged with the insurance company representatives, the Mayor and her. Surace remarked he would be glad to have a meeting but ultimately it will come back to a council decision.

The discussion then went to the Lombardozzis being made to move out of the house when they received a letter from the Village Administrator stating it "was council's decision" that they can't live there. Soldano remarked that wasn't true. Council only voted to make it "not mandatory to live there like it's been for 100 years". The Mayor said he didn't know it was in such bad shape and Saracco remarked the Village does not have the money to fix it. Lombardozzi responded they found money to buy the trailer and at that point the Mayor put an end to the discussion.

Faye Lombardozzi of Clover St. next stated that there were three items paid for recently that she felt was not in the Village's best interest. Those were the new roof on Village Hall, the buying of the vacant lot at 12th & Main and the lack of maintaining the historical cemetery house. She indicated she thought the roof repair could have been done at a cost a lot less than what was spent. She noted that she thought buying the vacant lot for additional parking was frivolous when there are "three football fields of space behind Village Hall" for parking. Lombardozzi then asked where the cemetery caretaker's office will be located and Sarcco answered that it be in Village Hall. She asked about cemetery records and Surace responded it takes time to move but they will be moved too. Councilman Randy Allmon then remarked he felt that the move to Village Hall was the "best solution". Lombardozzi closed her comments saying that she felt Council has not been acting in the best interest of the Village and suggested that all members of Council "tender their resignations".

Former Mayor Nunzio Lombardozzi, also of Clover St., then remarked that Council's decision on the cemetery house was immature and it should have been taken care of two years ago. The pointing of fingers for this is a "terrible shame". He noted that most council members haven't even seen the house and commended Councilman Don Brown's efforts for trying to make it right. Stating it was a "council decision not administration". Lombardozzi noted he felt Soldano had a guilty conscious and called him an idiot. He noted that money was found for the trailer. Soldano replied that the Administrator can spend up to $25,000 to which Saracco remarked "if the money is there" before the Mayor rapped an end to that conversation.

Cris McNicol next got up and stated it was unbelievable that in two days Council changed a 60 to 70 year old tradition. He also stated that he thought the trailer was in violation of Zoning Codes. Saracco replied the trailer is classified a construction trailer which is not covered in the Zoning Codes. McNicol then went on to ask about security at the cemetery. Surace answered that police officers are closing the gate every evening at dusk.

For Administration Reports Jim Saracco advised that work has begun to renovate the Boy-In-The-Boot site. Noting a generous donation from the Eagles made it possible to purchase everything and do the work. The grass has been stripped off and will be replace with weed barrier plastic. Marble chips will be put on top of that. A new flag pole and a memorial to Wellsville native Cathy Salter will be installed. Salter perished in the World Trade Center bombing of 9/11. Lights will be installed per specification and I believe that includes lights for the floodwall murals. Lights for the murals were approved by Council not long ago.

Zoning Administrator Rick Williams reported $330 was taken in for permits in September. He also provided McNicol with a copy of the Zoning ordinance for trailers.

Animal Control Officer Leslie Dean left her Activity Report covering 8/23 to 9/23. In that time frame she had 27 calls. Five of those calls were reports of lost dogs and another five were to investigate reports of abuse & neglect. Dean was not present at the meeting.

For the Mayor's Report Surace noted that he's been in office for six years and still feels there are people with "vendettas" out there. Stating it was a shame and that energy could be better spent to improve the village. He said that Council was here for the betterment of the Village and those people holding grudges should turn the tide and also work for the betterment of the Village.

For the Zoning Board Surace nominated Gene Beadnell for the 6 year term, Jack Cataldo for the 4 year term and Jack Call for the 2 year term. Council approved those nominations. Rick Williams will remain the Zoning Administrator and John McMahon will be the Council liaison.

For Committee Reports Joe Soldano questioned the status of the street sweeper for Streets, Lights & Parking. Saracco replied they are still waiting for a company inspector to show up. Soldano said if it can be repaired it might be used to pick up some leaves. If not it should gotten rid of.

Councilman John McMahon stated there have been a lot of complaints of unauthorized people illegally using handicapped parking permits. He noted any violators caught will be ticketed.

Councilwoman Rosie Goss referring to the bills paid to LSW for jet rodding and smoking sewers included $814 the Village paid for water usage for those services. She felt since it wasn't covered in the agreement that LSW should pay for the water. Surace said that has to be negotiated and Saracco stated the LSW has offered to refund that amount. Goss then noted that the total amount paid to LSW exceeded the Administrator's allowable maximum of $25,000. Saracco answered there were four different projects paid for and none of them went over the maximum. Discussion then turned to what United Water is capable of doing with Don Brown noting they did not have any complaints of sewers backing up or water in basements. Saracco replied that the sewers had to be jet rodded and cleaned before smoke testing and the EPA was threatening to fine the Village if the smoke testing wasn't done. Surace noted that United Water is only capable of cleaning sewers in town. Saracco added that of the 35 violations found none of them were in Russell Heights.

For Legislation a resolution was approved under suspension of rules to adopt the rates of levies and certifying them to the County Auditor. This was for levies already voted in at the polls.

Under New Business Council set Halloween Trick or Treat for Saturday, October 31, from 5:30 - 7 P.M.

Councilman & Chamber-of-Commerce President Randy Allmon reported that treated lumber has been bought of the gazebo renovation. The lumber was still "wet" and they have to wait on it to dry before cutting. It is hoped to have that project completed before the end of the year. That project is being sponsored by the Chamber at no cost to the Village.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:54. Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 20 at 6 P.M. at Village Hall.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wellsville's Clergy Honored

October is National Clergy Month, a time to say thanks to all members of the cloth for all they do. I forget where I read it but I saw where someone said that clergy members are on duty 24/7 for members of their congregations. That is so true. They're not someone who just shows up on Sunday to conduct services at your church. With just a call on the phone they are there to comfort and aid in times of trouble & trauma. They provide counseling to anyone in need whether it's for the loss of a loved one or just someone hitting a bump in the road of life. They go out of their way to provide food, shelter, clothes and even gather used furniture in case a member of the community loses everything in a fire. They hold a men's prayer breakfasts that is open to all the community for free if you're running short on cash.

The accolades and list of things they do could go on and on for what our members of the clergy provide for us all. They are unsung heroes who ask for nothing in return. More than anyone they realize that the Good Lord will bless them for their deeds even though some on earth show little appreciation. It doesn't matter what denomination or what doctrine you believe in, our clergy is always there.

There is one lady who recently took it upon herself to show a little appreciation for her pastor and all others in the Wellsville area. In honor of National Clergy month she sponsored a Community Appreciate Your Clergy In-Gathering this past Sunday, October 4. She set out a couple of months ago organizing the event. She asked Bishop Rudder of the New Life Worship Center to provide the location. She got someone to compose the invitations sent out to all area clergy and members of their congregations. She arranged to have food & refreshments at the event and had plaques made up to honor each minister. She even had a hometown funeral director to volunteer as a doorman. She did this out of the goodness of her heart and would not accept a penny in return for her efforts.

Pictured above are the members of the clergy that attended last Sunday's reception. From the left is Rev. Dirk Hall, Bishop Bill Rudder, Mayor Joe Surace, Revs. Troy Warner, Roosevelt Thompson, Ken Malone, Bob Phillips & Deacon Terry McCuen.

Thanks Mary. We pray you're feeling better.

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Blessing of the Animals - Part II

This past Sunday, October 4, 2009, was the Feast of St. Francis. St. Francis is widely accepted as the patron saint of animals. Although "Angel" Connie Carmichael tells us the tradition of blessing the animals can be traced back to the 4th Century with St. Anthony Abbot. St. Francis didn't come along until nearly 900 years later. That would be a good argument among Medieval historians but none the less St. Francis gets the honor.

This Blessing was sponsored by the Alley Cat Aid Brigade with the help of Father Peter Haladej, Pastor of Wellsville's Immaculate Conception Church and EL's St. Als. All pets were given a St. Francis metal after the blessing.

It was a nice turn out and like the one in EL last week there were all kinds of dogs and a few cats. I would estimate there were around 30 pet owners there on a cloudy, chilly Sunday morning.

It was a wide array of dogs and cats. There was Highway, a kitten adopted by a couple of the ACAB angels. There was a 17 year old cat named Timmy who has traveled all over the eastern part of the USA. Timmy is leash trained and is shown in the lower right of the collage. The pup in the blue blanket is a senior canine citizen trying to keep warm. Penelope, a four month old dachshund, was there giving everyone & anyone kisses. Merfilu, a nine week old tea cup poodle, was a bit more skittish staying close to her human. There was a beautiful blue eyed husky, therapy dogs and other canine companions of questionable heritage. Many of the dogs & cats were rescue animals. The owner of the two dobermans said he bought one and the other was a rescue dog that began life as a racing dog.

It's always heart warming to witness the TLC owners have for their pets and go out of their way to get the Good Lord's blessing for them. It was obvious that all of them greatly appreciated the efforts of the ACAB in arranging the opportunity. The ville is blessed to have two groups that give freely of their time providing events like this.
Thanks ladies...

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dash For Mat's Bash A Big Success

Saturday was a busy day in the ville. Following the Harvest Moon Festival there was the Dash for Mat's Bash later on toward the evening of October 3. The "Dash" was the brain child of Wellsville residents Tim & Annie Long. It was organized to raise money for the Mathugh Johnston Scholarship Fund. Since the scholarship fund was founded a senior WHS football player has been awarded one for the past two years at the annual Awards Assembly. Next spring I believe they are also going to have a second scholarship for a senior female athlete.

I never knew Tim Long until he showed up at a Council meeting this past summer seeking approval to block off the streets. Both the Longs and a host of others had already been busy lining things up. That was just the beginning of hard and dedicated work a lot of people put in organizing this first annual event. There was soliciting donars, begging, ordering shirts, taking registrations and other administrative details. By the start of the race there was 270 registrants. In a note yesterday Tim said "I am truly humbled and proud of the entire village". He could add overwhelmed to that.

The race was dedicated to the memory of Mathugh Johnston and Bob Grimm. The WHS cheerleaders were there at 3 o'clock Saturday passing out the race packets that included t-shirts and race numbers. The WVFD & WFD made the fire station available for their use. Later on the firemen and members of the WPD provided traffic control for the race participants. Tri-County had an ambulance and crew on hand for just in case emergencies. Thankfully they were not put to work. Rev. Dirk Hall was there to offer benediction and he took part walking in the race. There were bags of treats & pumpkins for all the young ones. Medals were awarded to the first ten male and female finishers and donated door prizes were drawn. There was a list of sponsors and others that assisted that is too long to mention individually. Never the less they were all deeply appreciated.

The race/walk went from Village Hall up Main, across 9th, up Riverside to 6th and back down Main to finish at Village Hall. It was 1.2 miles long. There were participants from toddler age on up through all age brackets. Mary Johnston, Mathugh's grandmother, walked the route along with Mrs. Gail Grimm, Bob Grimm's wife, just to mention a couple of names. The over all, number one, winner was Megan Monte. Megan and her younger brother Mario had just competed in the Stark County Cross Country meet earlier in the day. Marcus Allison came in second. Jeff & Susie Haugh had just returned from taking part in the Buddy Walk in Richmond, Ohio. That's an annual big walk for the National Down Syndrome. They said there was over 50 participants from this area down there. Bob Long's grandson, Lorenzo Ferrera, came up from Benwood, WV, to take part in the race. Lorenzo was in the golfer costume with knickers. Bob was his caddy.

For a first time event it was an impressive turn out. It just made you feel good with the number of folks that showed up to take part and helped with what I consider a worthy cause. It's more proof positive that the ville is indeed some place special.

We had over 280 pictures of the "Dash". I tried to get a good cross of everything in the two collages. Unfortunately there were many other good shots that I couldn't fit in and for that I apologize. As always you can click on either picture to enlarge. The guys from wkmxlive taped everything and I think that will eventually show up on the WHS Alumni site.

Thanks to the Longs and all the others that put this all together. It was special. Tim tells me they are already kicking around ideas for the next one. Even if they don't make any changes or additions I'm looking forward to it.

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A "Howling" Good Time

This past Saturday, October 3, 2009, the angels of the Alley Cat Aid Brigade along with Wellsville's Chamber-of-Commerce jointly sponsored the first annual "Howlin' Harvest Moon Festival at the ACAB's facilities on Commerce St. It was designed by both organizations to provide an activity for everyone in the area. Through their efforts they had something for just about everyone from the young to those still young at heart.

There was crafts, food, flowers and lots of activities for the kids. They had pumkin painting and face painting. There was the fishing booth where no one trying it left with an empty hook. There was the money/candy loaded hay stack that proved to be immensely popular. It was hard to tell who was more excited - the kids searching through the hay for the hidden treasure or those surrounding the hay stack cheering them on.

On a beautiful day filled with sunshine it was a fun event that was perfect for a harvest festival. Thanks to all involved that got it together. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

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Wellsville Chamber-of-Commerce Dinner

The date has been set for the annual C-of-C dinner naming Wellsville's man & woman of the year plus the presenting of the Community Service Award. It came up fairly fast and was set to the availability of this year's keynote speaker.

This year's dinner will be held at the WHS Alumni Center on 3rd Street. It's scheduled for Monday, October 19. There will be a social get together from 6 - 6:30 with dinner to begin at 7 P.M. This year's theme will be "Wellsville - Rising Star on the River".

The keynote speaker will be our U.S. Congressman Charlie Wilson shown above. This is the congressman's second visit for this occasion. Wellsville is honored that Wilson can make time for us in his demanding schedule. Dealing with stimulus funding, health care and cap & trade issues doesn't leave much free time. It should be an interesting address.

Tickets for the dinner are $25 per person and the dinner is open to the public. Reservations can be made by calling Chamber President Randy Allmon at 330-843-8475 or Connie Bauer at 330-532-5800. Seating is limited. Make your reservations as soon as possible.

There will also be a Chinese Auction and a 50/50 drawing.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wellsville Goes to 4 & 2

Last Friday, October 2, the Wellsville Tiger Football Team lost 13-6 at Berlin Western-Reserve. It was a heart breaking lost with the Tigers fighting until the end. With a Bubba Dowling pass just inches off the mark late in the 4th quarter the final result could have been much different. You certainly can not say the Tigers gave up. They just ran out of clock.

Undefeated Western-Reserve came out and scored twice in the 1st quarter. From then on until early in the 4th quarter it was all defense. Going 90 yards with 11 plays the Tigers got on the board with 11:07 remaining in the game. Wellsville had the momentum going in their favor later on but just couldn't connect with that pass. They had to turn the ball over and Western-Reserve took the knee to end the game and thank the Good Lord they got out that game alive.

Statistically the Tigers won the game with picking up 263 total yards to the Devil's 120. They had 187 of those yards rushing with fleet footed Jeremy Carter running for 143 of those. Wellsville had 13 first downs compared to Western-Reserve's eight. As Coach Skinner was quoted in the newspaper they "just kept battling". Although not the score we were hoping for it was a good game.

Wellsville returns home this Friday to take on Leetonia. That's always a good game and as the Western-Reserve coach said "they're not going to lose another game".

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Monday, October 5, 2009

BWD Engineering Committee - 10/2/09

The BWD Engineering Committee held a meeting this past Friday at the new Water Treatment Plant. According to Board-of-Director President Mike Ryan the meeting was called to issue the Permit to Proceed for Part A of the Salineville Water Project and to discuss potential expansion of the water district. Present were Engineer Committee Chairman Chuck Bibbee & committee member Tim O'Hara, BWD Solicitor Fred Emmerling, board member Jack Whitaker, Dave Sugar of Dave Sugar Excavating and Jon Blair of Dallis Dawson Associates.

Dave Sugar Excavating was the winning bidder on the $2.7 million contract for Part A of the Salineville Water Project. Mr. Sugar was there to put the final dots on all the i's by signing the multiple documents involved with that contract with Emmerling notarizing each and every one. Sugar advised that he will have two crews starting once parts are received. One crew will begin on Osborne Road near the Red Brick Church with the second starting on Forbes Road. He expected he will be starting a week from today. Sugar noted that with today's economy parts manufacturers are not stock piling anything. They are waiting for firm orders before producing any parts. Sugar has a March 7, 2010, deadline to complete Part A which is nearly eight miles of water line, valves and fire hydrants. It will run from Osborne Road to just past the Southern Local School complex.

The second part of the meeting was a brain storming session on possible expansion of the water district. Committee Chairman Bibbee said the mission of the water district is to improve the infrastructure of the county with a reliable water supply to make it attractive to new business locating here. Board President Ryan noted that it is expected that additional grant money for such projects will be available in the near future. Having "shovel ready" projects on the shelf ready to apply for such grants has proven successful in the past. "Shovel ready" means the project has been engineered with plans and cost estimates figured and are just waiting for funding to become available. The Salineville project was "shovel ready" and presently there is only one other project ready.

Bibbee noted that there are many areas in the county with residents having to restrict their water usage from their wells. In some places it is so bad that people only do their laundry once a week or even flush their toilets once a day. Also it was noted that the EPA is becoming increasingly restricted on well water quality for potable water. The day may come when well water won't be permitted for drinking and cooking.

At today's prices a mile of 8" diameter water line costs in the neighborhood of $250,000. The first phase of the Salineville project is 16" diameter pipe which is going to cost around $400,000 per mile. One board member noted that a neighbor had to have his well redrilled recently and it ran around $7,000. The tap-in fee per home is presently $3,250. It seems like a very high cost until you compare it to alternative costs. Also arrangements can be made to have that fee spread out over a three year period at 0% interest. Arrangements are also available with the County Treasurer to have tap-in fees made part of the semi-annual real estate taxes.

Two areas as potential customers immediately drew attention. One is the Rogers community and the other is Frederick Heights and two other housing developments in that vicinity. Both areas are on well water and it was noted that it would be relatively simple to supply with existing water lines already in place that are heading in those directions. These are just two of the potential areas that were looked at. Many others were discussed and it was suggested that if anyone would like to have a reliable source of quality water they should contact the Buckeye Water District. Everything would be considered.

In the mean time it will be recommended to the full Board to authorize a couple of projects to be engineered to be "shovel ready". If approved the first thing to be done would be a survey of potential customers in an area.

The next regular meeting of the BWD Board-of-Directors is scheduled for Thursday, October 15, at 9 A.M. at Wellsville Village Hall. Part B of the Salineville project is expected to published for bid this Thursday, October 8.

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Wellsville Meets Heritage Ohio

Right from the Heritage Ohio's "About Us" page this organization "was developed as a statewide, not-for-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and assisting people and organizations to protect and preserve our heritage. Historic preservation and downtown revitalization are vitally important in the movements to protect the buildings, landscapes, art, artifacts and landmarks we have inherited."

There are Wellsville residents that feel the ville is ripe for both historic revitalization and more importantly economic revitalization that they decided to take the bull by the horns. Encouraged by what the ville's Revitalization Committee has been able to do renewing some interest with just the floodwall murals they asked themselves why not? After some research on their own they approached that committee, members of city government and the Chamber-of-Commerce.

With a positive acceptance of the idea they contacted Heritage Ohio and this past Thursday, October 1. 2009, Jeff Siegler, Director of Revitalization for Heritage Ohio, came to town to explain their program. They have been in existence for 10 years now and are in partnership with the Ohio Dept. of Development. Again to quote their web page, their goal "is the historic preservation and downtown revitalization to enrich our quality of life, enhance our neighborhoods and revitalize communities as better places in which to live, work, invest and visit!" The idea started with one lady with a dream in Wooster, OH. Wooster is one of their model communities.

Sigler said the whole concept is developed with interested members of the community volunteering their time to get the program off the ground. The first step is to get four committees organized. One would be for Economic Development, one for Design, one for Organization and one for Promotions. Three of them are fairly obvious in their purpose. The Design Committee would concentrate on the appearance. The program is called Main Street Ohio.

Interesting to note is that Sigler said that for every dollar spent in town there is approximately 65 cents that stays in town. When you take your shopping dollars out of town to the malls and big box stores the return starts taking a sharp dive. It goes down to zero for every dollar spent when shopping on-line. Saving money at Wal-Mart is very expensive for hometown America.

The membership in the Main Street program is $1,000 per year at the network level. It is $3,300 a year to have a Heritage Ohio director. There is a one time assessment fee of $2,500. Being considered an Appalachian community might make the ville eligible for some discounts on those fees plus increase chances on being favorably considered for grant applications.

The whole idea for the program is to get the town cleaned up and more attractive to encourage support for local businesses and to be inviting to new businesses locating here. With an attractive appearance and a good marketing program it would encourage shoppers to support the community instead of leaving town to spend their shopping dollars. Heritage Ohio has 10 years experience leading the way. It's an idea worth looking into. I don't think Wellsville will ever be the bustling commercial center is was in the mid-1800s through the mid-1900s but there are many residents that would take pride in returning the village to being prosperous and attractive.

Shown above are Chamber members Connie Carmichael & Candy Bangor, Heritage Ohio's Jeff Siegler, and Chamber President Randy Allmon. More information on Heritage Ohio is available on their web site

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