Monday, August 20, 2012

BWD Moves One Step Closer To Starting Frederick Heights Project

The Buckeye Water District Engineering Committee moved one step closer to providing a dependable water source in Phase 1 into part of the Frederick Heights neighborhood.  In a meeting this morning at the BWD Water Treatment Plant it was agreed to do the Frederick Heights project in two or three phases due the on-going litigation with the City of East Liverpool.  The litigation is tying up available funds and possible grant applications for new projects with uncertainty. 

A few weeks ago BWD was advised by USDA officials that over $400,000 in grant money originally intended for construction of the new Water Treatment Plant was still available.  In short the USDA more or less advised BWD to either use it or lose it.  Since the money was not needed for the Water Treatment Plant the water district began pursuing the idea of using the funds to start extending water lines into Frederick Heights.  After getting a cost estimate the Engineering Committee agreed it was feasible to do at least one phase of the project pending approval by USDA officials. 

If that approval is granted the plan for the first phase will be to install water lines to residents along Ruby Drive in the subdivision.  The BWD Engineering Committee will submit the plan to their Board of Trustees.  The start date for Phase 1 would be set for Spring 2013 if everything is approved.  Prior to that it will be necessary to get some State permits renewed and to prepare proposals for bidding.   

The Committee also met with the owners of the mobile home park along Duke Road. That road is located in the Calcutta area between Route 170 & Calcutta Smiths Ferry. The owners approached the water district a month ago about the possibility of extending water service into the park to satisfy OEPA mandates.  Park tenants are presently being service with well water.  Although there is no quality problems with the well water being used the OEPA is saying costly additions to the current system are required to meet new environmental requirements.  An alternative to the OPEA demands is to have BWD extend water service to the park tenants. 

Pending the granting of easements to run the water line the next step is to secure funding.  BWD is estimating 900 feet minimum of new water line would be required.  A cost estimate of $34,057 was calculated based on BWD employees installing the line.   However, that would put a strain on the BWD workforce.  If grant funds are found available contracting the job out would be considered.  Both the park owners and BWD officials will explore avenues of grant funding before calling another meeting.

The next meeting for the BWD Board of Trustees is scheduled for Thursday, September 20 at 9 AM.  The meeting will be held at the Wellsville Village Hall Council Chambers.

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