Friday, April 30, 2010

Old Gray Mayors Practice Hard

With both mayors declaring it's just a good time for a good cause you could see in their eyes it is just a tad more. There's a traveling trophy to consider. But that's not quite the whole story. What keeps these guys awake at night thinking about tomorrow's big game is the bragging rights.

You betcha... The rivalry between the East Liverpool Potters and the Wellsville Bengals are in their DNA. It goes back years and years when they called the WHS Tigers the Bengals. It goes back to the days when their fathers were playing high school sports when Wellsville actually played the EL Potters. It goes back in history before these guys were even thought of. When these guys were kids some of them can remember their dads talking about the Turkey Bowls in football or the basketball games won or lost over the years. Instead of visions of sugar plums dancing through their head they dreamt of being the old man's hero beating the Potters when they grew up.

Tonight they practiced and there was good natured joshing all around. Just watch tomorrow night, watch the eyes and you can see that dream is still alive. Doesn't matter what side you're rooting for. It'll be on both sides but win or lose you got to hand it to them all. Whether you're a die hard Tiger or Potter fan you got to give them a hand for helping with a worth while cause.

The 2nd Annual Old Gray Mayors Game is for the benefit of the Revitalization Committee and the Alley Cat Aid Brigade. Both groups are volunteers that got together for the benefit of the Village. Both devote their efforts to help with things the Village can't afford to fund.

Tip-off is set for 7 P.M. with basketball great Bevo Francis tossing up the ball. Doors open at 5:30. There will be food, raffles and a 50/50. Bevo will be on hand to sign autographs. Those raffle items are exceptionally nice. All in all it's going to be a very entertaining evening. You won't want to miss it.

Pictured above are scenes of tonights practice and some of the raffle items.

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One Day To Go

Tomorrow evening at the WHS gym basketball legend Bevo Francis will toss up the ball for the tip off at 7 P.M. for another epic battle on the hardwood. It's the senior citizen Potters of East Liverpool vs. the card carrying AARP members representing the Wellsville Tigers in the 2nd Annual Old Gray Mayors Basketball Game. At stake is possession of the traveling trophy and year of bragging rights for the two river valley communities. East Liverpool put the first notch in the trophy last year but Wellsville Mayor Joe Surace said it's the last time. Swogger swears they will be taking the trophy back. Who will be correct?

The song goes "the old gray mare, she ain't what she use to be"... Neither are the mayors. East Liverpool Mayor Jim Swogger will be at the helm coaching the Blue & White team with Wellsville Mayor Joe Surace handling the chores across the floor for the Orange & Black. Neither Mayor will play this year. However there is rumor that both would be willing to risk life and limb if their team needs them late in the game. An ambulance crew will be standing by.

It's promised to be a fun packed entertaining evening for the Saturday, May 1, game. It's only $5 to get in the door. Bevo will be on hand. There will be food including home made cookies. There will be a chance to get the price of your ticket back and more if you're the lucky winner of the 50/50. There is a whole list of Chinese Auction raffle items. Proceeds benefit the Revitalization Committee and the Alley Cat Aid Brigade. You won't want to miss it.

Pictured above is Bevo tossing the ball for the tip-off to start last year's game. Sorry for the blur. It's the best we got of the tip-off.

Hope to see you there...

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

WHS Touchdown Club

The Wellsville High School Touchdown Club meets regularly on the fourth Sunday evening of the month at 7 P.M. at DaLonzos on Main Street. Members of this organization's only goal is to raise funds to support Wellsville's football program. The TD Club president this year is Doug Elliott.

The TD Club met last Sunday, April 23, with only five people in attendance. It's sad not to see more parents, fans and supporters not showing up to lend a hand. Everything this club does is for the kids. Their efforts pay for things the school can't afford. Over the years their help has been a tremendous assistance keeping the football program going.

Plans were discussed last Sunday for future events. There will be a tag day on Saturday, May 29. A hot dog sale will be held at Giant Eagle's Calcutta location at a date yet to be determined. There will be a benefit spaghetti dinner August 13 at DaLonzos.

Coach Dave Skinner reported that there are 15 players participating in the off-season weight lifting program. All participants are given a gray WHS football t-shirt. An orange t-shirt was recently awarded to 12 of the 15 lifters for reaching goals set for them to achieve. Top goal achievers will be awarded a very nice black t-shirt at the end of this year's program. All these t-shirts were made possible through the efforts of the TD Club.

Two a day practices are scheduled to begin August 5. Coach Skinner advises this years scrimmage schedule is still be worked out. It sounds like a tough one that will give the players a lot of valuable experience getting ready for the season. Opening game is set for Thursday, August 26 at 7 P.M. at Toronto.

Next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, May 23 at 7 o'clock at DaLonzos. Please join us and lend your support for these athletes.

Shown above is a magnetic Tiger paw emblem the TD Club is selling. These large, attractive emblems are only $10 each. They are available now. You can get yours by calling 330-532-5958 or 330-362-0169 or any member of the TD Club. They won't harm your car's paint finish. It's a good way to show your Tiger pride.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bank Robbery In Wellsville

As everybody and their brother knows Central Federal on Main Street in Wellsville was robbed last Friday a little after 4 o'clock. It was a daring armed robbery in their main lobby. According to newspaper accounts it was a white male in black shorts and a black hoodie pulled down over his head. Fortunately no one was injured. A lot of people were frightened and rightfully so. It was a warm, bright sunny day and the suspect was last seen walking down the street.

One of our readers asked when & if there were other bank robberies in the ville. The answer to that is yes. About 15 to 20 years ago there were five from what we have been told. One was actually in the Village limits and the other four were out on Route 39 between the ville and Salineville.

According to a former employee of the now defunct Perpetual Savings & Loan there was a robbery back in the late 1980s or early 1990s at that institution. Perpetual was located in what is now the Holly Development/Air Waves building at the corner of 5th & Main Street. It too was committed by a lone and armed individual. A gun believed to have been the one used by the robber was later found in the alley behind Shoub Towers.

In about the same time period the Citizens Bank branch out on Route 39 was robbed four times. The isolated location just beyond the 10th Street Extension and Rt. 39 split must have proved too tempting for the perpetrators. In one of those robberies the robber actually leaped over the counter to commit his crime. Being a frequent target was the cause of that branch eventually being closed.

Citizens is also defunct. It was renamed Sky Bank during their expansion years and later bought up by Huntington Bank.

So Michael, Central Federal wasn't the first. We hope it's the last but there is one interesting thought that comes to mind. Those other robberies occurred in the declining years following the closing of Crucible Steel when unemployment in the area was at an all time high. Unemployment is again soaring in the area and there's a bank robbery in our sleepy village. Hmmm...

Kudos to the officers of the Wellsvile Police Dept. We saw Lt. Ed Wilson still pounding the payment nearly four hours later looking for anyone who might have seen something. That's hours after the FBI gathered up everything and were long gone. Hopefully the FBI will soon share the film they took with them. Good pictures or not they should be given to the media. There just might be one tiny part of the robber someone could identify.

If anyone recalls anything, anything at all, please call WPD at 330-532-1522. It may just be the piece needed to solve the puzzle.

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Surace Meets With Tree Board

Monday - April 26: At the invitation of the Mayor, Wellsville's Tree Board and Council's Porperty Committee met with him and other Village officials Monday morning. The meeting was held at Village Hall. In addition to Joe Surace, Village Administrator Jim Saracco, Committee Members Susan Haugh & Randy Allmon were there. Representing the Tree Board was Dawn & Jodi Johnson, Nancy Gill, Carol Thompson and Gwen Murphy. The purpose of the meeting was to see what can be done to prevent future instances such as happened recently with a Broadway resident.

Before going any farther we want to emphasize that everyone at the meeting wanted it pointed out, and made clear, that First United Methodist Church had done nothing wrong. In fact the members of that congregation were commended by all at the meeting for their generous community efforts to improve and beautify a section of 5th Street. They meticulously followed the procedure, raised the funds and even helped plant the new trees along both sides of the street, next to their building.

At last week's Council meeting a Broadway resident addressed Council in regards to a new tree that was planted on what he thought was his property. He advised Council that the tree was planted over a sewer line that caused continual problems getting clogged up with tree roots for the first five years he owned his home. That sewer line is underneath the strip of grass between his sidewalk and the curb. Not wanting the tree, he pulled it out and a short time later had a confrontation with members of Wellsville's Tree Board. The Tree Board Chairwoman pointed out to the resident that, by ordinance. they were within their rights to plant that tree in that particular spot. Consequently the tree was replanted after the police were called. That prompted the resident to approach Council and request that the tree be removed.

Monday's meeting, if anything, was contentious with both sides going back and forth and at many times interrupting while others were trying to speak. After opening the meeting Mayor Joe Surace gave Dawn Johnson the floor. Johnson is the Chair of the Tree Board Committee.

Johnson gave a history of the Board and explained their goals. She went on to explain that under the guidelines of Village Ordinance 06-34 passed in October of 2006, the Tree Board did nothing wrong. Stating the trees planted on 5th Street was not a Board project they did inform members of the Church what needed to be done, advised them on the type of trees that could be used and agreed to oversee the project. No one advised them if there was a sewer line there even though a state agency had the utility companies check the area before the planting.

Johnson stated that the goal of the Board is to renew the "urban forest" in Wellsville by selecting large grassy areas for planting new, non-invasive trees suitable for urban areas. She passed hand-outs to most of those present with information on the benefits of having an "urban forest". According to her research trees are a tremendous help in removing pollutants from the atmosphere and cut down on electricity consumption needed for air conditioning plus other benefits. She said "our goal is to get scrappy areas replanted with trees".

Johnson stated that the Mayor and a Council liaison are automatic members and in total they have 10 members. She did admit that the required annual reports have not been submitted going on three years now. She advised that plans were not completed and nothing really changed. It was felt the reports were unnecessary. The ordinance requires the annual reports be submitted to Council each year. It was contended that work permits should suffice even though they do not cover all the required information required by the ordinance. Johnson stated that the Tree Board should be part of the agenda for regular Council meetings and the Council liaison should be responsible for reporting their activities.

Discussion then moved on to funding issues with it being noted that the Village has no money budgeted for the Tree Board. The Board feels that small amounts should be budgeted to at least hold the yearly observance of Arbor Day in April. Johnson pointed out that they wrote the application for the grant for the new walks in Broadway Park and recently applied for a grant to sponsor a Litter Day. She said they were responsible for getting the grant for the new playground equipment for 18 St. They had hoped to use part of that grant to buy a tree for the playground but none of it was designated to be used for an Arbor Day observance in that location. Two members of the Board mentioned that they have "dug in their own pockets" to help with some of the Board's expenses. They are permitted to use $200 of the Litter grant for mulch. Finally she reported that a $500 donation and help from members of the Martin-MacLean-Altmeyer Funeral Home made it possible for the Board to replace some trees in Broadway Park this year.

Property Committee Chair Sue Haugh stated that when she first heard about the 5th Street project she was excited. She commented the ordinance is not exactly clear but feels some consideration for the resident's opinions should come into play. "We need to fix what's broken" in the ordinance. Haugh stated that at one time she thought surely the Village could afford to designate some money for the Tree Board saying she was a former member of the Board. However, since being elected to her Council seat and spending hours studying Village finances she has learned "there really is no money" to spare. Using the present shortages in the Fire Dept. as an example she would support any extra funds be directed to them first. She commended the Board on what they have accomplished over the years and asked if they have considered using a public relations campaign such as writing letters or knocking on doors to notify residents of pending projects. Have they considered fund raisers?

Haugh further stated that she believes Council members support the Board but would like to see changes made in the ordinance to give residents time to comment on proposed projects. She feels something like a 15 day advance notice be given council in addition to the required work permit. She said there is a need to work together and keep lines of communication open adding it's just common courtesy. Haugh advised members of the Property Committee are in the process to recommending such changes in the ordinance to be amended. However, she would see the Board has the chance to review any changes before it is presented to Council.

Village Administrator Saracco commented he didn't realize the 5th Street project would go to Broadway and apologized on behalf of the Village. It wasn't apparent to him when he signed off on the work permit. However, he feels, as the ordinance is written the residents have no rights to ask that nothing be planted in front of their homes. Some folks don't want anything planted on that right-of-way.

Mayor Surace concurred with Haugh that the Board is doing a great job and appreciates all volunteer committee efforts to improve things in the Village. Surace said he would love to give money to the Tree Board but has to agree there are other departments that need funds that may come available. In this economy he stated he feels his priority is to keep Wellsvill, (Ohio), USA, going. He feels Board members should be present at Council meetings personally to report on their activities no matter what it is. Surace said you can't take away people's rights and asked "What is a Mayor to do?" Answering his own question, he said it's his duty to protect Wellsville citizen's rights and will recommend and endorse amending the ordinance. It's his wish to avoid future conflicts and does not want to be forced to disolve the Tree Board. He likes what the Board has accomplished and hopes they continue working with the Village.

Personally, we mostly like what the Tree Board has accomplished over the years and hope they continue their efforts. As Dawn Johnson stated "mistakes have been made" and admitted she's made a few herself. That's only human. Johnson has been involved from the very beginning. It started as the Broadway Park Committee and evolved into the Tree Board when it was decided to earn Tree City USA status. She is remarkably gifted organizing, great for planning projects and energetic going after grant money. Lack of detail exhibited by the Board not filing the required annual reports can be easily corrected. Their efforts over the years have earned Wellsville the honor of being named a Tree City USA two or three times.

However, we have to agree the ordinance seriously needs amended. We like the advanced notice requirement mentioned. We also would like to see a clause where a resident has the right to nix plans on planting trees on pieces of property they are responsible for maintaining, even if it is owned by the Village. We feel the resident should have the same right on plans to remove trees if they are not unsafe. Additionally we would like to see some more concentrated efforts to find grant funding to remove some of those 100 plus year old trees that are unsafe. Some of those trees are so tall. If a high wind would cause one of them with a rotting root system, to be blown over there are many places two or three homes would be damaged and that's not to mention the human risk involved.

Finally, members of the Board said they never get any coverage at their once a month meetings. They meet the second Monday of every month at 6 P.M. at Village Hall. For us that conflicts with the Wellsville Board of Education Meetings every month. We've heard Jo Bob ask they consider another time. If they would just move the meeting time back to 7:30 or 8 o'clock we would love to cover their meetings. We might even sneak in a picture or two sometimes!

Although we think "we shall never see anything as lovely as a tree", we feel education is more important. Please consider it folks...

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Scrapbooking At The Library

Here's another opportunity to learn the ins & outs of scrap booking. It's one activity for kids of all ages brought to you by the good folks at Wellsville's Carnegie Library.

Don't forget to call and register.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Only Five Days To Go

Only five days to go for the game everyone has been waiting for. It's the 2nd Annual Old Gray Mayor's Basketball Game. It's East Liverpool vs the Wellsville old guys contesting for the bragging rights. Game is set for Saturday evening at the Wellsville High School Gym. Doors open at 5:30 P.M. Game starts at 7.

There will be a 50/50, a Chinese Auction, lots of good food and basektball great Bevo Francis will be on hand to meet & greet and sign autographs. Proceeds from the game benefit Wellsville's Revitalization Committee and the Alley Cat Aid Brigade. Tickets are only $5 and can be purchased in Wellsville at Air Waves, Holly Development, J.C.'s Wellsville Barber Shop or any member of either committee.

You can't say enough about Bevo. He always has a spot in his heart for Wellsville. He came to last Thursday's Committee meeting, autographed a basketball and also donated three other items for the Chinese Auction. There is a #32 Bevo t-shirt plus one from a 2009 University of Rio Grande Reunion Tournament. On that one is a picture of the Rio Grande Team that includes Bevo and two of his Wellsville team mates that also played with Mr. Francis in college. They are Bob Mundy and John Viscoglosi. The third item is an autographed copy of the latest book called "His Record Stands - The Incredible Bevo Francis" by Juanita Evans Daily. Bevo's record of the most points scored in a single game still stands after 56 years in NCAA/NAIA records.

Pictured above is Bevo making a point to Committee Member Ed Bauer with Connie Carmichael and Beverly Hentzell looking on. The Revitalization Committee has a meeting set for Tuesday evening at DaLonzos at 6 P.M. to wrap up the final details for the big game.

It's on for Saturday evening. You won't want to miss it.

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Wellsville's All-Class Reunion Final Schedule

Here's the final schedule for this year's reunion. It was included in the mass mailing sent out last week. The only difference is that the football game has been cancelled due to uniform issues. That was going to take place Friday afternoon. Also, we think the Saturday Car Show will be on Main Street now.

Again, we're posting this trying to reach folks that do not have a current address on file with the Alumni Reunion Committee. The ones that do have an address on file should have received your packet by now. It's also handy in case you misplace it. You can come back and print a copy. Just click on the picture to enlarge, right click and hit print on the drop down menu that appears. Simple as that. Don't forget to share it with others in your area. We posted a copy of the dinner reservation form & information on 4-22-10.

The Class of '56 will be having a Social Bash on Sunday, July 4, at the home of Roe & Jack Call. It's a BYOB affair and casual dress, very casual, is the uniform of the day. It will be under the tent at 17th & Lincoln. Folks living around here are asked to please bring a cover dish.

Hope to see you all at the Reunion...

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A Different View

Like many other communities Wellsville has its share of aging infrastructure problems that stem from things just simply wearing out. Our sewage system pipe lines are a prime example. The majority of the sewage lines in the ground are ones originally put in place. They're made of vitrified clay that was used extensively in the days before plastic. The connecting joints were susceptible to tree roots working their way into the pipes looking for a source of water. It doesn't take long to clog a sewer line once that happens. Many of the ville's residents have had this particular problem over the years. This is just one example of what can happen with the old clay pipelines.

With a list of 26 problem areas supplied by United Water personnel, a Chester, WV, & Wellsville company was recently awarded a contract to find out what exactly is causing those sewer line problems. United Water is the company that operates our Sewage Treatment Plant. They use Village equipment to handle problems the best they can. However, that available equipment limits what they can handle. It boils down to the Village not being able to afford new and better equipment to thoroughly handle the job. It is extremely expensive.

United Water's list of problem areas was started in 2001 and turned over to Village officials. That list is for areas that the plant operators were repeatedly called back to unclog blocked sewers. Village officials decided it was time to see if it could be determined just what causes those persistent problems.

Armed with some of the latest technology to detect sewer line problems LSW Sanitation was contracted to investigate the Wellsville lines. Using a machine called Envirosight Rovver 5.0 they can lower a tethered camera into the lines and monitor what can be seen on a computer screen. The equipment was purchased from A&H Equipment from Bridgeville, PA. A&H is a distributor of construction and municipal equipment.

The camera is called the "crawler". It is a six wheeled thing that can be rotated in all directions both in water and nearly dry lines. It is operated by a hand held controller and the actual picture is shown on a computer monitor. The program for the machinery records the pictures, distances and the degree of the incline the camera is sitting. It tells the operator if the line is going uphill, downhill or on a level surface.

The picture shown above with "Toshiba" on the bottom is 35' 03" into the sewer line under Mulberry Alley between 7th & 8th St. That location is behind the doctor's office at 7th & Main. The crawler is in an 8" diameter sewer line. The opening on the right is a 4" residential sewer feeding into the 8" line. For some reason the water is backing up as shown in this picture indicating some sort of blockage in the line.

In this instance United Water will try to open any blockage with the router machine they have. One problem faced by the Village is that they don't have the equipment to clean out the lines. A machine is needed to pull the grit collecting in the bottom of the sewer line back to the manhole and then vacuumed out.

Before there was such equipment like the Envirosight the only way to spot problems was to go into the manhole and eyeball the line with a light or dig up the street. The LSW operators are all certified for both pipeline & man hole assessment. They even had to go through training for program used on the computer.

At the end of each day reports are printed and given to both Village officials and United Water personnel. When completed everything will be evaluated for future grant applications to update the system. Pictured above are members of the LSW crew and some of the equipment used. LSW now has an office located in the village at 309 9th St. That's in the old McDonald School building. There's even a hint there may be some more exciting news in the near future for that building.

Their equipment gives you quite a different view on how the system works.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Memorial Day Ceremony - 2010

Thursday - April 22: Members of Wellsville's Veterans Memorial Council met this past Thursday evening at the Tommy Mackall VFW Post. Reports of recent activities and wrapping up plans for this year's Memorial Day Ceremony was on the agenda.

Don Brown reported that new flags at the Springhill Cemetery chapel have been put up along with Yost Park and Hammonds Park. Yost Park is the little area dedicated last year at the 11th St. playground in memory of the late Mr. Bill Yost. Mr. Yost was a very active member of the Memorial Council often taking upon himself to do tasks without asking for any help. It was just one of the many things he did to honor our nation's veterans.

With just one name left to plug in for this year's ceremony Debbie Koffel advises the planning is nearly completed. All the other participants have confirmed their part of the program. Koffel will act as Master-of-Ceremonies this year. Once again two of Wellsville's own will be the speakers. Asst. County Prosecutor Tim McNicol will speak at the opening ceremonies that take place at the 4th St. Veterans Memorial. County Commissioner Penny Traina will be the keynote speaker at the Springhill portion. Beaver Local's Marine JROTC under the command of Major McGraft will handle the Honor Guard duties. Boy Scout Troop 29 will assist with placing the flags on the veteran's graves and be part of the honor guard. WHS students Mark Sullivan, Shannon Davis & Danny Dye will be reciting the traditional Gettsburg Address, Flanders Field & Hallowed Ground. The WHS Band under the direction of Mrs. Jennifer Gooch will be on hand for all musical selections. WWII Veteran & Memorial Council Veteran Mel Boggs will be on hand making sure us "youngsters" are doing a proper job honoring the veterans. Don Brown reported he wants to get the line up to the printer as soon as possible. He advises Charlie Soma is preparing to close up shop and move to California to be near family.

Placing flags on all veteran's graves is scheduled for Saturday, May 5, beginning at 1100 hours. Everyone from the community is invited to lend a hand. There will be a Tag Day held Saturday, May 15. All donations are appreciated.

Council member George Crews was on hand to up-date the plans to raise a new bill board memorial naming all Wellsville Area veterans. Years ago there was one on Main St. next door to the old City Hall near 5th St. Shoub Towers now stand where that one use to be. Crews reported a fund was already started to cover the cost. A location has been found and a sign company agreed to help lend their expertise. We'll have more on that later. Anyone wishing to donate to getting the sign erected can mail their donations to the Wellsville VFW in care of Crews, marked for the Wellsville Honor Roll Fund. The fund raising has a long way to go.

Pictured above is Cub Scout Dominic Walker helping to place flags last year. Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 6 at 7 P.M. at the VFW.

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Wellsville Village Council

Wednesday - April 21: Wellsville Village Council met in regular session last Wednesday evening at Village Hall. Present at the meeting was Mayor Joe Surace, Council Members Susan Haugh, John McMahon, Joe Soldano, Randy Allmon, Tony Cataldo and Fiscal Officer Dale Davis. Also in attendance was Village Administrator Jim Saracco and WFD Chief Bill Smith.

Item Number 6 on the agenda is Public Speaking and Nina Graves of Commerce Street asked if there is anyone that can do back ground checks on potential renters. Surace remarked they would have to get together with the Police Dept. to see what can be done. Graves remarked she would be willing to pay a fee to have this done.

One of the items the Claims, Rules & Ordinance Committee proposed and are working on with the Village Legal Advisor is amending the ordinance to include that back ground checks must be done by landlords on new renters before signing a lease. We understand this is a service the County Sheriff's Dept. will do for the price of a self addressed envelope. All a landlord has to do is mail in a request to the Records Check Dept. and it will be performed. Just remember the SO is short of manpower and it may take a little time to get a response.

Connie Carmichael of 10th St., and one of the angels of the Alley Cat Aid Brigade advised that their home for the ACAB on Commerce St. is no longer. The heavy snow this past winter "wreaked havoc on the roof" and it is no longer suitable to store pet food. That building is part of the old Sterling China and Carmichael said the owner has been advised. In the meantime the ACAB is in the process of looking for another spot. If anyone knows of a rent free location available contact Carmichael at 330-532-9064.

Jack Cataldo of Riverside inquired about getting a copy of a resolution to apply for a grant for the proposed "secondary road to the industrial park". Cataldo stated a resolution was passed by Council and he needs a copy to go ahead with the grant application. The Council Clerk advised that the legislation was ordered in but no resolution has been passed. He stated he believes one of the problems is that Cataldo never followed up furnishing the Solictor with information needed in the resolution. Cataldo responded that he was under the impression that the Solicitor has done many resolutions and he was not aware follow up was required stating it's "a simple resolution". Council Clerk advised that specific information is needed on what the grant is for and any other additional information required by OMEGA.

The "Mayor of Broadway", Ken McAdoo, then addressed Council on a tree that was planted over his sewer line by Wellsville's Tree Board. Without any prior notification that it was going to be done, McAdoo stated he came home one day to find it and subsequently pulled it out. McAdoo explained when he moved into his home of 45 years ago there was a tree in nearly the same spot that frequently caused the sewer line to get blocked up. Every two weeks or so he had to rent a "roto rooter" to clear the line of tree roots for five years. This continued until he was finally able to have the tree removed.

McAdoo related he was then vehemently accosted by Tree Board Chair Dawn Johnston advising him in no uncertain terms that he had no say in them planting what, until recently, everyone considered to be part of their property. Actually the strip of grass between sidewalks and curbs is considered a Village right-of-way for utility purposes but the resident is responsible to maintain. If it is necessary for the Village to dig up that sewer line the resident doesn't have the right to stop them. Johnston had the tree replanted prompting McAdoo to ask Council to consider having the ordinance amended allowing the Tree Board to arbitrarily plant trees.

The trees were purchased by the church located there to dress up their section of 5th St. There was enough trees to do both sides of the street. This prompted Nina Graves to ask who is responsible in maintaining the trees parallel to her lot. Sue Haugh stated in the Tree Board by-laws it states an annual plan must be filed as to the Board's intentions to remove, plant or maintain trees. No one was aware of any such plan being filed. As read it is the Tree Board's responsibility to advise Village Officials of any planned projects every year and that includes planting.

Several members of Council and the Mayor commented that it is only common courtesy to advise a land owner before any such projects begin and it was felt this applies to the Tree Board. That extra tree could have been used to have another Earth Day observance by Village youngsters in Hammonds Park. It was done last year and two bus loads of Garfield students got a meaningful understanding of one of the wonders of nature. Surace summed it up stating he will have the Tree Board in for a meeting to discuss such situations and get an understanding before they upset more Village citizens.

Village Administrator Saracco reported that LSW is currently investigating a list of sewer line problems that was furnished by United Water. Bids were received from three companies capable of doing this. A tethered camera is lowered into a sewer line and problems can be seen on a computer monitor. After the meeting Saracco advised LSW from Chester, WV, was the only bid that did not include daily mileage. The third place bid was almost double the hourly rate quoted by the other two.

Saracco then asked that folks in the ville have patience with them. He only has three Street Dept. employees. One is filling pot holes, one is cutting grass and one is the mechanic trying to keep the Village's aging fleet of vehicles operating. Saracco also advised it is doubtful Wellsville will be getting any summer help as furnished by the County last year. That agency currently has no funding to pay the workers such as they supplied last year. Saracco said last year they cut grass, swept streets and painted curbs. During summer months last year there were nine extra workers paid through a training program. Surace remarked they will check with the Village Magistrate for possibly using people to work off back fines. Sue Haugh suggested that the School District be checked for students that are required to perform some public service.

For the Mayor's Report Surace remarked he hopes people will get together to pitch in cleaning up the Village in time for the All-Class Reunion. Saracco added that a date in mid-May is being looked at for having dumpsters available for a Village Clean-up. He is currently negotiating a deal and will hopefully have more information available shortly. Surace said people getting together helping their neighbors keep things cleaned up should happen all year round. Saracco reminded everyone if residents sweep up dirt & debri and advise him they will pick it up.

Finance Committee Chairman Tony Cataldo announced there will be a committee meeting Tuesday, April 27, at 2 P.M. at Village Hall "to discuss levies". No other information was given on Village finances.

For Water, Sewage & Refuse, Allmon offered his thanks for the cooperation offered by Sewage Treatment Plant operators in getting the digesters emptied. At a meeting April 19, United Water expressed they should be able to get the digesters emptied in time for construction to begin this summer at no extra cost to the Village. It was previously thought it would cost an extra $52,000 to have that done according to GG&J engineer Bill Boyle. United Water said they believe it can be done by using Mother Nature & the drying beds to the maximum.

For Personnel, Joe Soldano reported he has been asked to hold off discussing the AFSCME union contract with Village employees until full Council can be present. He also got a motion passed without it being seconded that meetings for June, July & August be cut back to only one a month on the first Tuesday of those months. They will go back to two a month in September.

Under New Business, Allmon announced he will be attending a Columbiana County Economic Summit in Salem. It is being held by the County Commissioners. Surace said he will definitely be going to that too.

Allmon also complimented Acting Chief, Lt. Ed Wilson and the the WPD for the outstanding job they did providing security for the Chamber's Special Luncheon with Congressman Charlie Wilson. Sue Haugh offered kudos to the WPD for the stepped up efforts patrolling the 18th Street playground.

Joe Soldano asked about the loan applied for to pay nearly $300,000 for the new roof that was put on Village Hall some time ago. Soldano stated three years ago he was opposed to replacing the whole roof but got out voted by full Council. He was of the opinion that problem spots on the roof could be patched. Never the less various funds were used to pay the contractor and "it's a kill on the General Fund". A loan was applied for nearly a year ago to repay the borrowed money to the various funds.

Fiscal Officer Dale Davis replied that he has heard nothing from the Wellsville bank that has the original application. He recently applied to Huntington Bank for that loan.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:35 P.M. Next meeting is scheduled for May 4 at 6 P.M. at Village Hall.

Hope you're feeling better Rosie. Get well soon. Pictured above is the "twig" causing all the unrest by the Tree Board.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

On The Calendar

The last week of April...can you believe it? Before you know it it'll be Mother's Day.

Sunday - April 25:

  • Worship at a church of your choice

  • Wellsville Football Touch Down Club - 7 P.M. at DaLonzos on Main

Monday - April 26:

  • WHS Baseball vs Jackson Milton - Home at Hammonds Park - 5 P.M.

Tuesday - April 27:

  • Bonny's Clean-up Party - 9:30 A.M. at the River Museum

  • Story Hours - Wellsville Carnegie Library - Preschool Ages 3 to 5 - 11 A.M. to noon - After School Ages 5 and up - 3:30 P.M. to 4

  • Wellsville Council Finance Committee - 2 P.M. at Village Hall

  • WHS Baseball at Jackson Milton

  • WHS Track at Crestview

  • Revitalization Committee - 6 P.M. at DaLonzos - Main Street

Wednesday - April 28:

  • Middle School Track at East Palestine

Thursday - April 29:

  • Chamber-of-Commerce Luncheon - Noon at Riverside Roadhouse - Wells Avenue

Friday - April 30:

  • WHS Baseball at Oak Glen

  • WHS Softball vs Weirton Madonna - 5 P.M. - Home at Hammonds Park

  • Middle School Track - Columbiana County Meet - at Crestview

Saturday - May 1:

  • WHS Softball Double Header vs Toronto - Noon at Hammonds Park

  • Old Gray Mayors 2nd Annual Basekball Game - WHS - Doors open at 6 P.M. - Game at 7

The Touch Down Club is busy planning and getting fund raisers going to support the WHS Tigers and have them ready to go in August. Everything they raise is for the players. All parents and fans are invited and encouraged to join in Sunday evening at DaLonzos.

This is the last week for the Library Story Hours for the youngsters. They started in February and are wrapping it up to get ready for the summer programs. The Revitalization Committee meeting is for wrapping up the last minute details for the big game on Saturday.

The Finance Committee is meeting to get recommendations ready for full Council on renewing the levy.

Saturday is the much anticipated rematch of the old guys battle known at the Old Gray Mayor's Basketball Game vs the elderly Potters of East Liverpool. Basketball great Bevo Frances will be on hand. You won't want to miss this one. Both Mayor Joe Surace & Jim Swogger vow there will no tie scores.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

BWD Engineering Committee

Wednesday - April 21: The Buckeye Water District's Engineering Committee held a Progress Meeting Wednesday morning at the Water Treatment Plant. Present at the meeting was BWD Board President Mike Ryan, Trustee Bob Wines, District Manager Al DeAngelis, Fiscal Officer Sara Crouch and Salineville Mayor Dave Berta. Also present was RCAP Field Agent Joyce Gray, Dallis Dawson & Assocs. Dallis Dawson & Jon Blair, Phoenix Asphalt Co. President Jim Demuth, Tucson Incorporates V.P. Kevin Ayers, Foremen Ed Crawford and Phil Ames of A.C. Supply. The purpose of the meeting was for a progress up-date on the Salineville Waterline Part B project. Tucson is the contractor on the job and they are part of the Phoenix Asphalt Co.

Project foreman Ed Crawford reported that 4,887 feet of pipe is in the ground. The bore under Route 39 is complete. The bore under the brick street going into the village will be started April 22. Also on Thursday clean up and seeding was to begin. Demuth reported that as of April 17 they are done with 39% of the project, 38% of the specified contract time and 45% on the dollars. Crawford remarked they were approximately a week and a half behind schedule but are now fairly caught up.

At the last meeting on April 10 discussion was held on a pressure relief valve that Tucson was having problems acquiring as specified in the contract. Demuth advised that the valve has been ordered but may not ship untl July 9. If that happens it will require an extension on the contract. BWD Board President Ryan indicated that they are not ready to talk about extensions just yet. It will be considered at later meetings. In the mean time everything can be completed and pressure testing up to that point be done.

Getting ready to move out on Route 39 Demuth advised they will be using off-duty Salineville police officers for traffic control. He said in his experience they are better paid attention to by motorist. Of particular concern was the Rt. 39/164 intersection. They will be using three officers while working in that area.

A lengthy discussion was held on pay requests. Demuth said he was given approval to buy $211,000 of "stored material" and led to believe his company would be paid in short order to cover the cost. Since early February to date he has not received the first payment and it's putting Tucson in a precarious position. District Manager DeAngelis advised BWD is working on behalf of the Village of Salineville. BWD does not pay the bills on this project. Sara Crouch explained pay requests are sent to the engineers for verification and then forwarded on to the governing agency. RCAP's Joyce Gray advised pay requests are sent on almost immediately once received but cautioned that CDBG usually takes four to six weeks to process. Mayor Berta advised that as of Tuesday afternoon no money was deposited in the Salineville account. CDBG is funding the first $500,000 of the contract. Gray said she suspects CDBG will make the first payment at the end of the month. Demuth responded that they started in February and it is now nearly the end of April and they have no cash. Ryan remarked that BWD has had $40 to $50 million in previous projects and the contractors are always paid.

Next Progress meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 5 at 10 A.M. at the Water Treatment Plant.

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Wellsville Historical Society

Tuesday - April 20: The Wellsville Historical Society had their monthly meeting this past Tuesday evening at the River Museum with President "Brassy" Beresford presiding.

Tuesday's program was "Beauty of the Earth". It was a slide show of some of the most wonderous and beautiful sites as seen by Marilyn and Ken Grimes on their extensive travels thourghout the country. Mr. Grimes narrated the show. He said they have traveled quite a bit in England, Scotland and central Europe and of all the places they have visited nothing can compare to the beauty that is available to be seen in the USA. After seeing their presentation we can vouch that he wasn't joshing.

Mr. Grimes suggested that if you are traveling to get a National Park's Golden Pass that allows free or discounted admission prices. More information about the passes can be found by visiting Mrs. Grimes is a retired teacher from the Wellsville School District.

Well wishers and hopes of a speedy recovery were sent out to members Pam Smith, Glenn Matthess and Lucille Huston.

Members of the Society are busy preparing displays for this summer's 5 Year All-Class Reunion. Mannequins are being dressed in prom gowns. Old Reunion pictures are being sorted through and, of course, anything pertaining to WHS history is being reviewed. The Museum will be open during the Reunion. Put it on your list of things to do. Admission is free. The River Museum has the best collection of Wellsville memorabilia you'll find anywhere. This year's theme is dedicated to Wellsville High School alumni. You won't want to miss it.

Also timed for the Reunion is a raffle with prizes for three winners. The prizes, pictured above, are a beautiful hand made quilt as first prize. The second and third pirze are antique prints already framed. The 42X31" print is entitled Tuscany and the 40X28" one is a light house on Cape Hatteras.

Lucille Huston spent some winter hours making the quilt and donated it for the fund raiser. You can check our post dated 3/18/10 for more pictures of the quilt. Second place winner gets first choice of the prints. Tickets are $1 each or six for $5 and can be bought from any member. Martin-MacLain-Altmeyer Funeral Homes donated the tickets. Thanks folks.

Plans for this season's special programs are being worked on. It was announced by member Tim Ganes that the WWII 4th Armored Historical Group will return the week-end of June 12 & 13. They roll in and set up camp on the grounds of the River Museum displaying authentic equipment and weapons used in WWII. Members of the group camp in the vintage tents during their stay. They have an impressive weapons display during their visit. Admission is free and open to the public.

The Society is in the process of replenishing their supply of Edgar Davidson's book "Before Memory Fades". Davidson was the first president and one of the founding members of Wellsville's Historical Society. His book covers the history of Wellsville from the beginning up through 1950. It was first available in 1979. It was first printed by Youngstown Lithographic Company but no information can currently be found on that firm. Copies of the book are available for sale at the Museum.

Donations to the Museum were a 1941 edition of Policeman's Textbook that came from the late Ed James library. It was donated by Bob Excell. Member Ruth Weekley donated three antique books. Two were arithmetic books copy righted in 1861 & 1877. The original Janet Taggart donated two paddles from her mother's belongings that were made by the W.C. Bunting Company when they were located on Clark Avenue in the lower end of town. Frances Holcomb Pryor donated a complete baseball uniform from the EL Old Timers Baseball Team. There was an old timer's league back in the early 1950s or maybe earlier. Wellsville had a team in that league.

A committee was named to review and possibly revise the Historical Society by-laws. Making up the committee is Pat Lawrence, Bonny Beresford and Jeff Weekley. The by-laws were last revised in 1977.

Finally, Bonny announced she's having a "party" Tuesday morning at 9:30 at the River Museum. Everyone is invited and work clothes is the dress of the day! They're going to clean up the Country Store & Fire Station.

Next meeting is Tuesday, May 18 at 7:30 P.M.

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There's three places to get a bite to eat in the ville this week-end that are open to the public. They all would gladly accept donations but it's on them if you don't have a buck or two to spare. We got the Mason's regular Saturday breakfast from 7 to 10 A.M. on the calendar post.

In addition to breakfast at the Masonic Temple, Covenant Presbyterian is giving free bread away from 9 to 11 A.M. on Saturday. They are located on 18th Street. No I.D. is required.

For supper the Riverside Presbyterian Church members are having their monthly baked steak dinner Saturday from 4 to 6 P.M.

All these events are neighbors helping neighbors toward the end of the month when funds might be running low. If you know of any others that we haven't mentioned please let us know.

We would like to say a special thanks to all these fine folks that try to help out members of the Wellsville area community. Your efforts are appreciated more than you will probably ever know.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wellsville's Claims, Rules & Ordinace Committee

Tuesday - April 20: Wellsville Council's Claims, Rules & Ordinance Committee met Tuesday at Village Hall. Present at the meeting was Committee Members Sue Haugh and Joe Soldano. Also present was Village Administrator Jim Saracco. Haugh chaired the meeting in the absence of the Committee Chairman. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss several ideas and suggestions.

The first topic was the proposed ordinance amendment to increase the number of paid called-out Volunteer firemen from the current 25 to 30. WFD Chief Bill Smith requested the increase about three Council meetings ago. At that meeting Council voted to make the change and ordered in legislation. Since then Village officials have been furiously trying to locate the old ordinance without any luck. Best guess estimate was this ordinance was in late 1971. That was way before Village ordinances were codified.

With having no luck finding it, the Committee will ask the Village Solicitor to write a new ordinance superseding any and all previous ordinances pertaining to paid call-outs.

Second item on the agenda was the ORC law allowing Village officials to spend up to $25,000 without getting the full Council's approval and bypassing the bidding process. Legally that amount can not be lowered by ordinance but all three present at the meeting expressed belief that $25 grand is a big amount for a Village the size of Wellsville. Haugh said she would liked to be "kept in the loop" on expensive projects and said that for informational purposes that amount should be a much smaller dollar figure. The only exception would be life threatening projects such as a sewer collapse creating a large sink hole in the middle of a street.

Saracco advised that he first goes to the Fiscal Officer to check if funds are available for any project before proceeding. Soldano agreed it was worth looking into but questioned how Council would go about getting it into an ordinance. It was agreed to do more digging into what can be done. Haugh advised she would return to Andy Beech's office to see what can be done legally before asking to order in legislation.

Item #3 was the age of mobile homes being used to replace older ones. There are two problems with the ordinance on this as it presently reads. It now reads that trailers can be replaced with ones as old as the last one and the ordinance only applies to trailer parks. Saracco advised that Village ordinance on double wides now state that once they are anchored to the base pad they are considered regular homes but can only be replaced with ones no older than two years from date of manufacture. He also said that mobile homes left vacant after six months can not be reoccupied as a home. However there is no provision for them being used as storage sheds, etc. There was also discussion on a grandfather clause being needed when amending the present ordinance. The Committee agree to ask for legislation changing the wording to include all mobile homes throughout the Village and replacements can not be older than five years old. Once the wording is worked out that will be submitted to full Council.

Fourth on the list was Ordinance 94.02 - Section C. This section covers litter which includes garbage, junk, etc. Members of the committee would like to change the warning and fines portion to more stringent language that spells out what is to be done. It is their hope to have guidelines that would leave no uncertainty in the step by step process of dealing with landlords or owners that have unsightly places needing to be cleaned up.

Village Administrator Saracco says he now gives them a personal call once he checks out a place. In two days if nothing is done he sends a letter informing them they are in violation of the ordinance. Presently that gives them another 15 days. After that they can be cited into Magistrate Court. The Committee is considering knocking the 15 days down to five and possibly imposing progressive fines into the ordinance. They have to get a legal opinion on by-passing Magistrate Court before proceeding with this.

Uncut grass and weeds were discussed. The Village is plagued with many properties such as empty lots or foreclosed homes that are neglected. Some communities specify the length of grass that is permissible before their ordinances require it to be cut. Saracco suggested that section be left as is for now and the matter was tabled. He said that in many instances the owners are out of town residents but they are continually pursuing violators. Soldano remarked that when he was on the Property Committee he sometimes called owners as a courtesy and found that most people get "right on it". It was decided that enforcement of the ordinance is what is basically needed.

Finally fences that are falling over, have pickets or whole sections missing and unpainted was discussed. Putting specific wording into the ordinance was thought worthy of more consideration. The very last subject brought up was store fronts that have become indoor junk yards. It was mentioned that it was unfair to businesses in town that maintain their places only to have a next door building look so unattractive. It distracts their businesses and the Village as a whole. This matter will also be worked on to iron out some more details.

Also being considered for more research are nudity laws & ordinances, Zoning fees for new business signs, advanced notice being required on projects being planned by volunteer groups, rental inspection fees, and nuisance laws. Someone is planning on a new ball park in Hammonds Park. The Tree Board is arbitrarily planting trees without notifying residents. No one at Village Hall was advised on either of them.

Did you know that the strip of grass between your sidewalk and the curb is actually Village property? That was surprising to us.

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WHS All-Class Reunion Dinner

It's our goal to keep everyone planning on trying to take everything in for this All-Class Reunion informed. The ville's population for the event swells every five years and there are a lot of folks travelling home.

Above is a copy of the reservation form for the dinner that high lights the final day of the All-Class Reunion. They are being mailed out today but we're trying to reach the alumni that don't have a current addresses on hand with the Activity Committee. If you are one of them or know of someone in your neighborhood that's coming in please print off a copy and pass it on. Just click on the form, right click and hit print on your on the drop down menu.

We also got the finalized version of the list of events for all five days. We'll post that in a couple of days. Diane Joy Johnson still has year of graduation pins that she is selling for our local United Way. See our post dated 3/29/10 for information on that. They are only $10 for the set to show off the year you graduated.

Look forward to seeing you all...

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wellsville Board of Education

Monday - April 19: The Wellsville Board of Education met for their regular monthly meeting this past Monday evening. Present at the meeting was BOE President Ed Bauer, V.P. Tom Brophey, Board Members Karen Dash, Mike Cook and Bill Miller. Also present was Superintendent Rich Bereschik, Treasurer Coleen Wickham, Assistant Superintendent Lisa Ferguson, Darlene Allison & Betty Phillips of the Wellsville Teachers Assoc., Ed Swogger of OAPSE and five Seniors from Mr. Meek's Government Class.

For the Financial Report, Mrs. Wickham reported that for the month of March receipts were $785,225, expenditures were $565,123 leaving a balance of $2.05 million. Interest earned for the month was $4,383. Mrs. Wickham advised interest rates remain about the same - low.

For Legislative Update, Tom Brophey announced that in a recent newspaper article it was reported that more and more students are dependent on the free lunch program for at least one hot meal a day in today's economy. There is growing concern about what will happen during the summer months when schools are closed.

Mike Cook advised that enrollment for the CC Career & Technical Center is on the increase. Present enrollment is around 400 students not counting the satellite programs. The new program for veterinary tech is generating a lot of interest. Mr. Bereschik added that a joint study is currently underway for a conversion program to bring back students enrolled in cyber schools. It is a joint venture with other districts presently looking at a start up two years down the road.

Mrs. Allison reported that negotiations for the Teacher's Assoc. got underway Monday with the union and school exchanging packages of proposals for a new contract. Both sides are scheduled to meet again April 26.

For the Good News Report Mrs. Ferguson reported there were 73 Garfield students that earned B.U.G. (Bring Up Grades) Awards and 110 students attained "Honor Roll" for the third term. She also reported that there are 150 students participating in the breakfast program daily and out of 289 students 230 are participating in the lunch program. Ferguson thanked the cafeteria staff for all their hard work.

Mr. B reported that the Buildings & Grounds staff are busy getting everything gussied up for this week's prom and all the graduation ceremonies coming in May. A Senior Handbook has been prepared, approved and will be distributed to all Class of 2010 members. It lists a complete schedule of all events along with explanations, dress codes and instructions. This year will be the 134th WHS Commencement.

The speaker for this year's commencement will be Capt. Thomas Cook, USN. Captain Cook has served three tours in Iraq and is presently stationed at Fort Hood, TX. Cook is a WHS Alumni and is a brother of Board Member Mike Cook.

The Board approved the retroactive hiring of Christine Polen & Patricia Sines as short-hour paraprofessionals for the remainder of the school year. Both employees were hired between Board meetings. A list of chaperons for the Daw Middle School Washington, D.C. trip was approved. The school calendar for the 2010-2011 school year was also approved. Caitlin Bickar was added to the substitute teacher list for the remainder of the school year.

A code of ethics for Acceptable Coaching Practices was adopted. There was no incident to prompt this action. It was a policy that wasn't in place before that holds all coaches to the same code of standards that apply to teachers, principals, Athletic Directors and even to the Superintendent.

There were several motions pass to approve non-renewal of several different positions in the district. These actions are required by state law to be done by the conclusion of the school year. Most positions are renewed at the beginning of the new school year. These actions are not reflections on any of the effected personnel.

A list of one, two and three year teaching contracts was also approved for next school year. A motion to approve a resolution accepting amounts and rates as determined by the County Budget Commission & authorizing the tax levies of 38.65 mills was passed. A field trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo for WHS Work Study and Mrs. Bradshaw's Daw MIddle School students for May 14 was approved.

Resignations effective at the end of the school year was accepted for Middle School Principal Jim Brown and Beth Swogger as Senior Class Advisor. Mrs. Swogger will retain her teaching position. Mr. Bereschik stated he has worked with Mr. Brown for 36 years and he is a "consummate professional" in the field of education. Brown was coaxed out of retirement to help the district after the school year was underway to fill the vacated position of Middle School principal. Also accepted with regret and best wishes in retirement was the resignation of Bonnie Dourm. Dourm served as the Library Media/Social Studies teacher. She is retiring with 35 years of teaching experience with the last 26 in Wellsville.

In closing remarks Mrs. Dash expressed thanks to all volunteer school workers in honor of Public School Volunteer Week. She also congratulated Matt Gibbs & Shawntae Dillard for their track success at the Shadyside Relays recently. Mr. Miller & Mr. Bauer expressed thanks and congratulations to Jim Brown & Bonnie Dourm. Mr. Brophey said everyone already covered everything. Bauer recognized Brophey on his being awarded the Ohio School Board Achievement Award and congratulated him for being named a member to the OSBA Master Board. Brophey, pictured above with Mr. Bauer to his right, is one of 20 OSBA members statewide, out of 3,400, named to this Board. It is a once in a lifetime award that is not presented lightly. It is a reflection on his dedication and diligence for pursuing the best possible for Wellsville students. Congratulations and thanks Tom.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:23 P.M. Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 10 at 6:30 in the Superintendent's office.

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Some Wellsville Spring Beauty

Driving down Main St. the other afternoon the azaleas behind the gazebo caught our eye. We don't recall them being so brilliant in color before. All over the Village there are many beautiful scenes this year. This is just one of them.

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Wellsville Library Dance Revolution

It happens this afternoon. Here's a chance to show off your dancing skills and possibly win a prize for you efforts.

This community event put on by the nice folks at the library was made possible with some generous help from our friends. The Wii games were acquired with a donation from the Pete Amato Foundation. The Play Station 2 & T.V. were purchased with a grant from Wal-Mart. The Library staff would like to extend their thanks to all that made these fun filled events possible for all to enjoy.

It's another activity brought to you by Wellsville's Carnegie Library. Stop by and have a little fun wowing them with your dance routine.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Old Gray Mayor's Trophey Back In The Ville

Monday - April 19: Some pushing, shoving and grabbing took place yesterday in front of Wellsville's Village Hall. Getting ready for the May 1 rematch of the geriatric basketball players, East Liverpool's Mayor Jim Swogger returned the Old Gray Mayors traveling trophy to Wellsville yesterday. A Revitalization Committee press conference was taking place with Mayor Swogger, Mayor Joe Surace and NCAA Basketball record holder Bevo Francis to promote the 2nd Annual Old Gray Mayors Basketball Game. Laughs were exchanged about last year's inaugural game and some of the antics. Bevo was recalling his days of playing as a Wellsville Tiger and some of the games he played in versus the East Liverpool Potters. Everybody was reminiscing about the old rivalry that at times was very intense except when the seven foot tall Bevo was wearing the orange & black. When Bevo was playing the Potters would swear he was at least eight foot tall and the walking wounded wearing blue & white were happy to just survive.

Bevo was a tall, gangly young man from Hammondsville when he transferred to Wellsville well over 50 years ago. When he donned the Tiger stripes for a basketball game it was standing room only, not only at Beacom Memorial but in every gym Wellsville visited. Everybody wanted to witness the basketball phenom playing, including college recruiters from all over the country. Bevo went on to play college ball at the University of Rio Grande. It was in a game against Hillsdale College on February 2, 56 years ago Bevo set a NCAA/NAIA record that still stands today. He single handedly scored an incredible 113 points and that was in the days before the 3-point line. We think the term he "could shoot the eyes out of a basket" originated with Mr. Francis. His height only complimented his talent when he shot the roundball.

Yesterday's press conference seemed more like a social gathering until Swogger declared he might as well take the trophy back to the 'pool. Throwing down the gaunlet, he said the aging Potters are going to win it back anyway. Surace responded, laughingly saying he heard some of those players are still trying to recuperate from the Celebrity Alumni game that was played a few weeks ago. Ain't no way!!!

It was pandemonium after that with Swogger grabbing the trophey and Surace trying to get it away from him stating the trophy is going to stay in Wellsville this year. Pictured above getting in the fray from the left is Revitalization Committee Chairwoman Candy Bangor, WPD Lt. Ed Wilson, Mayor Joe Surace, Swogger, Village Administrator Jim Saracco and Committee Member Connie Bauer. Poor Bevo got caught in the middle trying to separate the rival Mayors.

The game is scheduled for Saturday, May 1. Doors open at 6 P.M. with the game scheduled to start at 7. There will be refreshments, a 50/50, a Chinese Auction in addition to the fireworks on the gym floor. Bevo will be on hand to meet, greet and sign autographs. One of the items for the auction will be a Bevo autographed basketball. There's even a historic program from the old Turkey Bowls when Wellsville actually played ELO in high school football. Tickets are available from any Committee member or at Air Waves, J.C.s Wellsville Barber Shop and Holly Development. Bangor is attempting to get an East Liverpool ticket location. We'll let you know.

Proceeds from the game benefit Wellsville's Revitalization Committee and the Alley Cat Aid Brigade. The honor to shake hands with Bevo and witnessing the Senior Tigers winning the bragging rights, the $5 bucks a ticket is cheap at twice the price. We can't convince Bevo to play but he will handle the tip-off to begin the game. Both Mayor "Silver Fox" and Mayor Swogger vow there will be no tie scores this time!

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Wellsville Council Sewage Committee

Monday - April 19: Wellsville's Village Council Sewage Committee held a meeting Monday morning at Village Hall. Present at the meeting was Sewage Committee Chairman Randy Allmon, Committee Member Susan Haugh, Village Administrator Jim Saracco, Village Solicitor Andy Beech and Zoning Administrator Rick Williams. Also present was Bill Boyle of GG&J, United Water V.P. of Contract Services for Midwest Div. Kevin Chandler & Greg Stewart, United's Plant Manager for Wellsville. Committee Member Tony Cataldo couldn't attend. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the 424 plus tons of accumulated sludge at the Village Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).

At a previous Sewage Committee Meeting held March 30 it was announced that an additional 424 tons of sludge has accumulated in the Village's two inoperable digesters at the STP. Village engineer Bill Boyle, of GG&J, advised it will cost $52,000 to have the sludge removed before work could begin on installing the new aerobic digestion system. Noting that the Village is strapped for cash Allmon asked Greg Stewart if United Water could help defray some of the cost to remove the sludge. At the time the only way to come up with an additional $52,000 was to await the much anticipated release of the remaining funds from the contested State & Tribal Assistance Grant (STAG). The STAG funds have been under appeal with the US EPA for over a year now.

At the April 6 Council Meeting it was mentioned that the Village has a "30 day out" in the contract with United Water to operate the STP. See our post dated April 8 on that meeting.

Opening Monday's meeting Allmon advised United's representatives that there has been discussion more than once about taking advantage of that "30 day out". He noted that over the years the Village has got out of the garbage, water and sewage treatment business and other than "selling trees" has no way to make money. He then asked United's Chandler what they can do to help.

Chandler responded giving a brief history of all that transpired since 2008 when it was declared an emergency and the Village spent $90,000 to remove over 500 tons of accumulated sludge. Back then both digesters were emptied and under direction of Village representatives United was told to use one of them for sludge storage until construction of the planned aerobic digesters was completed. The only hang up was the release of the STAG funds needed to begin the construction. It has not happened yet and now Wellsville is right back where it was two years ago.

Chandler indicated the $52,000 is an inflated figure using a middleman to do the job with a mark-up in the cost. United could do the job for somewhere around $30,000 to $40,000 if it was again declared an emergency to have it removed immediately. Bill Boyle said that an application for a Permit to Install is in the process but it would be June or July before construction on the new digesters would be started. In the mean time the sludge beds are being used since the digesters are full. Boyle indicated that if at least one digester is emptied and the other partially emptied construction could begin this summer without further delay.

Once construction starts the contractor can install one areobic digester and transfer sludge from the second digester. It is not an unusual occurrence for such projects. Both Chandler & Stewart indicated this could probably be accomplished without additional cost to the Village. Currently they have one sludge bed near ready to be emptied, one will be ready in about two weeks if the weather cooperates, one in two months, and one empty bed. Stewart said with the digesters being full they have been moving sludge from the clarifiers directly to the drying beds. Normally it goes from the clarifiers to the digester to the drying beds. The only draw back is the odor associated with the old process. However the odor would be present regardless if the digesters were working or not. It's a temporary inconvenience for a permanent solution. It is hoped Wellsville residents will be patient long enough to get at least one aerobic digester operating. According to the engineer the odor will then be practically eliminated.

Andy Beech complimented everyone at the meeting for working out an amicable solution to a costly problem in a short period of time. He noted there is a need for coordination and follow-up with all parties involved. Chandler said it is United's goal to be Wellsville's partner and expressed a desire to keep the dialogue going to avoid future misunderstandings. Boyle stated with the solution worked out there would be no need to await the release of the STAG funds. The Village has grants and loans lined up to cover the project thanks to OPWC and OMEGA.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Wellsville Council Property Committee

Friday - April 16: Wellsville's Council Property Committee held a meeting this past Friday at Village Hall. Present at the meeting was Property Committee Chairwoman Susan Haugh and Committee Member Rosie Goss. Also present was Village Administrator Jim Saracco and Paul Burke of Anderson Recreational Design. The purpose of the meeting was to how best to use a grant for playground equipment.

The Village has been awarded an $18,000 grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to be used for new playground equipment for the 18th St. Playground. The grant has a 25% match which means the Village will have to come up with around $4,500 to add to it. The grant stipulates it can only be used for 18th St. The grant has to be used by the end of the year with work started no later than June 30. Mrs. Haugh stated the Village does not have the funds for the matching amount but feels confident the community will come through with helping to raise the amount. It's for the children. Aside from the new equipment for 18th St., it is hoped to enroll the Medina firm's expertise in moving and installing the donated playground equipment from the old McDonald School to the Jim Kenney Center.

Mr. Paul Burke of Anderson Recreational Design was on hand to advise what has to be done and what is available for the money involved. Burke stated there are three things to consider: the cost of the equipment, safety surfacing and installation. Of the three installation offers the best opportunity to get more for your money. With volunteer help from the community to unload and inventory the equipment and doing site preparation his company can come in and have it installed in one day. To be covered by insurance the installation has to be done by licensed installers. Burke said most communities he has worked with has gotten the cement to anchor the equipment donated. Using a crew of four it would cost $1,600 to $1,700 for labor to install the new equipment with the help of volunteers. To have a certified supervisor on hand to oversee the relocation of the other equipment would cost $850 during a week day or $1,000 if it is done on a Saturday.

Site preparation includes digging and leveling holes for the equipment to be anchored and digging out areas for safety surfacing and access routes. The safety surfacing involves compressing 16" of material down to 12" with drainage. The most economical safety surface is engineered wood fiber. Routes from the playground entrance to the equipment must made accessible for children with disabilities.

All new equipment has to be in compliance with standards from the Consumer Products Safety Commission, ASTM and Americans with Disabilties Act.

Following the meeting the Committee took Burke on a tour of the playground. He will prepare a couple of proposals and another meeting will be scheduled. After placing an order it is estimated to take four weeks to have the job done.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wellsville Crime Watch Committee

Thursday - April 15: Wellsville's Crime Watch Committee had their regular monthly meeting this past Thursday evening at Village Hall. Chairwoman Janet Taggart presided. There were a total of six members and two guests present at the meeting.

In a way of saying thanks to the Wellsville Police Department for putting on a live demonstration of their new taser like weapons last year the Committee donated $300 to the department to be used to buy new cartridges. Shown above is Chairwoman Taggart presenting the check to Officer Glenn LaClair, representing the WPD.

Columbiana County EMA Director Darren Dodson, also shown above, presented a program explaining the Nixle early warning and notification system available to all county residents. It's free to all who sign up and it's also free for the agencies, such as the CC EMA, that use it to send messages. Messages are received as text messages on your cell phone and e-mails.

Dodson said it was first used this past winter to send out flood watches and warnings when February's heavy snow started melting and raising water levels on area streams and rivers. We signed on the day we first saw it in the newspaper. Since then we got those notifications about possible flooding, notifications on lines of thunder storms and road closures. Fortunately we weren't affected by any of it but it was nice to be forewarned, just in case.

Dodson said the EMA is responsible by Ohio Revised Code to keep citizens alerted and notified in order for them to be prepared for pending emergency situations. The most efficient method is the use of sirens. It has been determined that to effectively cover all areas of the county it would require a total of 128 sirens. At a cost of $12,000 to $15,000 each this is not a logical solution in today's economy. The first alternative that was looked at was a system that sends out voice, text and e-mail messages. At a cost of $35,000 per year this was considered pretty steep. The second alternative was half the cost but included installing, maintaining and operating free equipment. That would have required extra man power to operate the system. Enter Nixle.

Thanks to corporate, national sponsors it's an entirely free notification service. The cost is right and it has multiple uses. In addition to sending out alerts on possible emergency situations it can be used by law enforcement agencies for all points bulletins of all types of situations. It can be used by fire fighters to alert their communities on dangers and it can also be used for community event notifications. With servers in New Jersey and California it is available nationwide. You can sign up for notifications in your community and keep informed of what's going on in other areas of the country. If you have family living in Florida you can sign up for notifications from their area too. It's simple. It's trusted and it's at no cost.

To sign on go to or text your zip code to 888777. You choose the information you want, for the addresses you want. Just click on the green box that says "Residents Sign Up Now" and follow the easy to follow instructions.

Dodson also gave a brief over-view of all that the EMA does. Wellsville resident Tim Long is his Assistant Director. Dodson also left a supply of informative pamphlets and other information available at Village Hall.

The Crime Watch meets the third Thursday of each month at 6 P.M. at Village Hall. There's always an informative and interesting topic for the special programs. It's open and free to the public and you are encouraged to attend. As Darren Dodson told us communities with an active Crime Watch have a lower crime rate. The program for May is Meet Your Police Officers. Members of the Wellsville Police Department will be on hand to meet everyone and answer any questions you may have. That meeting is schedule for May 20.

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On The Calendar

Another busy week with lots of events...

Sunday - April 18:

  • Revitalization Committee - 6 P.M. at DaLonzos on Main St.

Monday - April 19:

  • Friends of the Old Fire Station - Work Party - 9 A.M. at old Fire Station

  • Wellsville Village Council Sewage Committee - 11 A.M. at Village Hall

  • WHS Baseball vs Leetonia - Home at Hammonds Park - 5 P.M.

  • WHS Alumni Activities Reunion Committee - Alumni Center - 6 P.M.

  • Master Gardeners Plant Class - Wellsville Library - 6 P.M.

  • Board of Education - 6:30 P.M. - Superintendents Office - Daw Middle School Bldg

Tuesday - April 20:

  • **Wellsville Council Claims,Rules & Ordinance Committee - 11 A.M. at Village Hall**

  • Story Hours - Wellsville Library - Preschool Ages 3 to 5 - 11 A.M. to Noon - After School Ages 5 and up - 3:30 to 4:30 P.M.

  • WHS Baseball at Leetonia

  • WHS Track at Mineral Ridge

  • Wellsville Historical Society Monthly Meeting - at River Museum - 7:30 P.M. - Program titled "Beauty of the Earth" by Ken & Marilyn Grimes on flowers - Program to be presented before the business meeting

Wednesday - April 21:

  • Professional Administrators Day

  • **Medical Assistance Program - 9:30 A.M. to Noon - First Christian Church**

  • BWD Engineering Committee - Salineville Waterline Progress Meeting - 10 A.M. at Water Treatment Plant - Rt. 45

  • Middle School Track Tri-meet vs Crestview & Leetonia - at Crestview

  • PS2 & Wii Dance Revolution Night - Wellsville Library - 3:30 to 5:30 P.M. - Prizes and snacks provided

  • WHS Alumni Spaghetti Dinner - Alumni Center - 4 P.M. to 7

  • Wellsville Village Council - 6 P.M. at Village Hall

Thursday - April 22:

  • Earth Day

  • WHS Track at East Liverpool

  • Revitalization Committee - 6 P.M. at DaLonzos - Main St.

  • Friends of the Library - Wellsville Library - 6:30 P.M.

  • **Veterans Memorial Council - 7 P.M. at Wellsville VFW - Main St.**

  • Lee's Chapel AME Church - Revival & Healing Service - 7 P.M. - 1325 Center St.

  • **Friends of the Old Fire Station Work Party - 7 P.M. at old Fire Station**

Friday - April 23:

  • **Friends of the Old Fire Station Work Party - Cancelled**

  • Middle School Track at Rebel Relays at Crestview

  • Lee's Chapel AME Church - Day 2 for the Revival & Healing Service - 7 P.M.

Saturday - April 24:

  • Mason's Breakfast - 7 A.M. to 10 - Masonic Temple - Main St. - Donation only

Sunday - April 25:

  • Worship at a church of your choice

  • **Wellsville Football Touchdown Club - 7 P.M. at DaLonzos - Main St.**

The Friends of the Old Fire Station continue getting the historic building all gussied up in hopes to have it in show place condition in time for the All-Class Reunion. They are doing their part for the Main Street USA project. If you would like to lend a hand feel free to stop in. You don't have to be a member and you won't be turned away.

There are two programs about gardening being put on this week just in time to prepare for this year's growing season. The first is at the Library Monday evening put on by two Master Gardeners. The second is Tuesday evening at the River Museum presented by Wellsville's Historical Society. Both events are free and open to the public.

Good Luck to the WHS Baseball & Track Teams and Middle School Teams in all the games and meets this week. We're proud of all of you Tigers!

Again if there is anything you would like to see included give us a call, make a comment on here or e-mail us at Look for the ** items for anything new plugged in after posting this.

Have a good week...

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Wellsville Library Presents Master Gardners

Just in time to get prepared for this year's growing season, Wellsville's Carnegie Library will have two Master Gardeners on hand for a free class on gardening and plants. It's open to the public for anyone interested learning more about how to grow things to bring a little more beauty to your home.

This is yet another event provided by your home town library and its patrons at no cost to you.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

BWD Board of Trustees

Thursday - April 15: The Buckeye Water District Board of Trustees met Thursday morning for their regular monthly meeting at Wellsville Village Hall. Present at the meeting was Board President Mike Ryan, Board Members Dave Lloyd, Rick Williams, Cal Carney, Jack Call, Tim O'Hara & Gene McGaffick. Also present was District Manager Al DeAngelis, District Legal Advisor Fred Emmerling, Fiscal Officer Sara Crouch and Administrative Assistant Tracy Allen.

Columbiana County Commissioner Penny Traina was first up during the Public Speaking portion of the agenda. Traina thanked the District & DeAngelis, on behalf of the Commissioners, for the collaboration and cooperation on extending water throughout the county. Their efforts greatly enhanced the possibility of economic development in Columbiana County. Traina then petitioned the Board for their support of the renewal of the 1% sales tax that will be on the Primary ballot in May. She noted that the 1% brings in approximately $8 million a year which is 44% of the County's General Fund. State mandated services takes 78% of the General Fund which the County has no control over. Traina said they feel the sales tax is the most fair and equitable way to raise money to keep the County going. Of that $8 million, $2 to $3 million is paid by out of state residents shopping in Columbiana County. Board members Ryan, McGaffick and Call all stated they personally support renewing the existing tax. However, Ryan said the matter for the Board to officially endorse the tax would have to be first referred to the appropriate committee for their recommendation.

Madison Township Trustees Gary Williams and Roger Walker were there to thank the District for work recently done as part of the Salineville Waterline. The installation of waterlines and hydrants is certainly a plus for that part of the township. However, Williams noted that many road surfaces on Osborn, Forbes, James and Opal Drive are chip and seal. Dirt was piled on the roadways in many spots and Williams said there is no way to reclaim those spots without new surfaces. They asked for the District's help in restoring the problem areas. District Manager DeAngelis will meet with the Madison Trustees in the near future to resolve the problems. Ryan noted there are funds being held back from the contractor and the problems will be corrected.

St. Clair Township Trustee Jim Sabitini also thanked the Board for all they have accomplished in his township and especially for their decision to move forward with extending water to the Frederick Heights area. See below. Sabitini said he is one of the residents in that neighborhood and personally looks forward to having a reliable source of potable water. He said he was one of the group that said they would tap in once installed. As a resident and a trustee he thanked the District.

For the Personnel Committee, Tim O'Hara stated there will be a Special Board Meeting Tuesday, May 11 at 9 A.M. at the Water Treatment Plant. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the re-employment of BWD retiree Mark Allison as a part-time Distribution Coordinator.

As a member of the Engineering Committee, Gene McGaffick got a motion passed to proceed with the engineering of extending waterline service to the Fredrick Heights area. Engineering company Dallis Dawson & Assocs. recently conducted a door-to-door survey for potential customers in that area and have reported there are 85 to 90 ready to sign on. Jim Sabitini is one of them. At a recent Engineering Committee meeting it was decided to recommend proceeding with the project.

For the District Manager's Report, DeAngelis reported that RCAP will be conducting an energy audit for the district. The audit will be done for free and will try to determine ways to conserve on energy costs. DeAngelis also reported State Auditors are presently conducting the yearly audit of the district. The complete audit is expected to take five weeks.

Board Member Jack Call asked what has to be done to return the old Wellsville reservoir back to the village. With the new Raw Water Pump Station, new reservoir and Water Treatment Plant now on line water is no longer being produced from the old reservoir. Call stated he has been approached by members of the community on the subject. BWD Legal Advisor, Attorney Fred Emmerling said he will schedule a meeting with Wellsville officials in hopes to have a resolution ready for next month's Board meeting.

The old reservoir was turned over to the District when it was first formed. All real estate, buildings and tools were deeded over with a reversion clause that states everything will go back to Village ownership once it is no longer needed to produce water. According to newspaper accounts it first has to be determined if that piece of property is included in property liens involved with the East Liverpool lawsuit.

For Project Reports, DeAngelis reported that Tucson, Inc. now has 2,580 linear feet of waterline installed for Phase B of the Salineville project. Sugar Excavating is performing reclamation work left undone because of the winter weather on Phase A of that project.

Being no Old Business or New Business the meeting was adjourned at 9:30. Next regular Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 20 at 9 A.M. at Wellsville Village Hall.

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Wellsville's Revitalization Committee

Wednesday - April 14: Wellsville's Revitaliztion Committee held a meeting Wednesday evening at DaLonzos on Main St. Present at the meeting was Connie Carmichael, Anna Mace, Jim Saracco, Candy Bangor, Lonnie & Beverly Hentzell, Sharon Buswell and Joyce Lynn. The main purpose of the meeting was continuing plans for the 2nd Annual Old Gray Mayor's Basketball Game.

It was reported that there are just a few more details to wrap up before the program will be ready to print. The roster of players for both the East Liverpool and Wellsville teams are nearly with just a few more confirmations needed. The Cheerleaders are set to go.

It was reported that Tri-County Ambulance will have a crew standing by just in case. Missed in our last report of donations for the Chinese Auction was the Coca Cola mirror being donated by Dottie Betz of Betz Employment Services. Wellsville's Save-A-Lot is donating the hot dogs, buns and beverages for the concession stand.

A practice is scheduled for both players and cheerleaders to begin at 6 P.M. Friday, April 30, at Wellsville High School. Members of the committee will also be setting up at the same time.

Tickets are available at Air Waves, Holly Development and J.C.'s Wellsville Barber Shop. All three businesses are located next door to each other on Main St. Committee members also have tickets available.

Next meeting is scheduled for Sunday evening, April 18 at 6 P.M. at DaLonzos plus another one for Wednesday at the same time, the same location. With the game just around the corner all those last minute details are being worked out.

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