Thursday, April 28, 2011

WHS Mock Accident Actors

Shown here are the student participants in the Prom Promise Mock Accident that took place at Wellsville High School a couple of weeks ago. There were nine student actors that were the victims of the head on collision. They were Nick DaLonzo, Andrea Williams, Taylor Hardman, Jillian Bergert, Devon Hooper, Randi Newberry, Danny Dye, Jo Hanna Andrews and Ashley Raffa.

DaLonzo portrayed the drunk driver that caused the mock accident. Williams, Dye and Newberry were survivors that were placed in ambulances. Hardman, Bergert, Newberry, Hooper and Raffa portrayed the ones that were killed at the scene.

Randi Newberry's essay was chosen as the winning one. She was transferred from her ambulance to the helicopter and life flighted. It was her first ride in a helicopter. She said it was “scary”!

Let's hope she never has to take that ride in real life...

ole nib

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Anonymous said...

My mother was transported by helicopter not long ago, for different reasons; but watching the take off is a very humbling feeling & reminder of how fragile life can be. I'm glad the students have this education & hope the adults are attentive as well.