Sunday, April 24, 2011

On The Calendar

Happy Easter to all our friends where ever you are...

“April showers bring May flowers” - Lord, we should look like a lush tropical island by the time the sun shines for more than one day at a time after the week we've just had. Fortunately it hasn't gotten water levels to the threatening stage. Just enough to keep everything wet. Imagine how much snow that would have been...

Yesterday was extremely unusual for us. We didn't even once turn on the computer the whole day. We did some “barrel begging” in the morning for the Wellsville Memorial Council. They are the group that puts together the annual Memorial Day ceremonies, decorate the veteran's graves and furnishes flags all around the area and up and down Main St. We must say that the people of the ville are very generous and we're sure Don Brown and his team on the Memorial Council would like to say thanks for your support. Yesterday afternoon was a “honey do” home event. Come evening time we were plumb tuckered but Mom was happy!

This week we'll be closing the books on the month of April...

Monday – April 25:

  • WHS Baseball at Lowellville – 5 PM

  • Wellsville Elks Regular Bi-monthly meeting – 7:30 at the Lodge – 723 Riverside

Tuesday – April 26:

  • Wellsville School District Students return to class after Spring break

  • Wellsville Library Story Hours – Preschool – Ages 3 to 5 – 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM – After School – Ages 5 & up – 3:30 to 4:30 PM – Main St.

  • WHS Track at East Palestine – 4:30 PM

  • WHS Baseball at Leetonia – 5 PM

Wednesday – April 27:

  • Administrative Professionals Day

  • Daw Mid. School Track – Triangular with East Palestine & Mineral Ridge at East Palestine

  • WHS Baseball vs Leetonia – 5 PM at Hammonds Park

Thursday – April 28:

  • Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce Monthly Luncheon – 12 Noon at Kat's Kitchen – 1025 Main St.

  • Wellsville Council Rescheduled Sewage Committee Meeting – 1 PM at Village Hall – 1200 Main St.

  • WHS Track at Beaver Local – 4:30 PM – State Rt. 7

  • WHS Baseball vs Oak Glen – 5 PM at Hammonds Park

  • Wellsville Magistrate Court

Friday – April 29:

  • Wellsville Arbor Day Celebration – 9:30 AM at 18th Street Playground

  • Daw Mid. School Track in County Meet at Crestview – 4:30 PM

Saturday – April 30:

  • WHS Prom Grand March – 5 PM at WHS Tiger's Den – 1 Bengal Drive

Sunday – May 1:

  • Worship at a church of your choice

Tuesday's Story Hours at the Wellsville Library will be the last for this series. They started back in February and the ladies at the library tell us they have been well received. Thanks to all concerned for making this activity available free for the children.

The WHS baseball & track seasons are coming to a screeching halt in the next week or so. If you haven't caught a game or meet yet this year you best get moving soon. Your support of our hometown teams is greatly appreciated. Good luck Tigers!

Thursday's Sewage Committee meeting is in regards to the forced main project they are getting ready to bid out. It's the second of two major projects to improve the Wellsville sewer system. United Water's Plant Manager Greg Stewart informed us the first of the two new aerobic digesters is now operational with sludge being treated.

Friday's Arbor Day celebration is sponsored by the Wellsville Tree Board. According the newspaper article students from Garfield's third grade will be participating. Two little leaf Linden trees will be planted. Awards will be given to the winning student authors for their submitted Arbor Day poems they were asked to write. The prizes were donated by local merchants.

Saturday afternoon is the Grand March for the annual high school prom with all the beautiful ladies and dashing gentlemen. This years queen & king will be crowned before they head off to Aliquippa for the prom.

Have a good week everybody...

ole nib


Anonymous said...

Interesting: you don't hesitate to blast the "local newspapers" for "mud slinging" for reporting on a "misunderstanding" but then have the nerve to use information from them for your column. Nice. If they're so bad why would you trust the info printed in them?

************* said...

You'll note when we do use information from the newspapers we always give them credit.

You obviously don't have a very good understanding of blogging. Even newspapers use material from other newspapers. Even some of them occassionally reference a blog. Basically we're a one person production. If a newspaper has a reporter taking a day off they assign coverage to another reporter if available. We don't have that luxury and we might say it's intentional. We have no sponsors or fear of what we say might offend someone. We try to keep things positive and look for the good side in everything. This blog is a hobby. We have found it a learning and fun experience. We make every attempt to stay away from arrogance and being negative. We think long and hard to give our posts a positive, upbeat slant if at all possible. We don't wait for something to pounce on for revenge. Life is too short to wallow in the mire of a gloomy, woe is me attitude.

If our referencing something in a newspaper article offends you, so be it. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. We hope you're mature enough to realize that.


Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,
I, for one, really appreciate this blog for up to date information about Wellsville. I find it very accurate,positive and interesting. Nib covers more school and community events than either paper would ever think of doing. I appreciate his time and dedication to Wellsville.

************* said...

Thank you...