Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Sobering Thought

Mock accident or not...hearing the words stopped us dead in our tracks. It brought on a sudden gut wrenching, heart breaking feeling that something terribly wrong just happened. It was something that never should have happened. It just isn't right.

Shown here is WVFD Firefighter Tim Raffa who participated in the Prom Promise demonstration at Wellsville High School. Watching his fellow firemen remove victims from the mock wreck we heard him say “you know that's my daughter you just put in that body bag?” Raffa had just watched his daughter Ashley zipped up in a body bag. Even though it was just pretend you can't imagine what agonizing thoughts must have been going through his mind. You can only get a hint by the look on his face.

It's something no parent should have to suffer through. It's not the natural order of things. Fortunately it was just a demonstration. No one got killed. No one got hurt.

Still yet it was a very sobering thought...

ole nib

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Anonymous said...

I hope the students did pay close attention to this lesson. I have lost a son in a car wreck, not to drunk driving or drugs. It is something you never ever dream that a parent would go through. It has a devasting effect on the family forever. I never thought I would bury my son, I live with the memory everyday. I hope noone goes through what I have to live with daily.