Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WHS Leo Club/Y-Teen Blood Drive Over The Top

Wednesday – April 6: The Wellsville High School's joint Leo Club/Y-Teens Red Cross Blood Drive set a new record last Wednesday. They exceeded their goal and more than doubled last year's effort. Last year the Red Cross harvested 44 pints of blood from volunteer donors. The annual community service project is open for students, teachers and members of the public that wished to help.

According to Club Advisor Mrs. Sue Ellen Meadows, as of 12:30, there had been 91 pints of blood donated this year. The drive got started at 8:30 AM and was to end at 1:30 PM. They were about an hour behind at that time, with more donors waiting. Most of the donors were WHS students. At that time they had 10 outsiders who donated so far and another seven teachers. Mrs. Meadows remarked that most of the student donors were first timers. She added she was extremely proud of all that donated and especially of the WHS students.

Pictured above in the collage are just of some of the people that participated. They even staged a little drama for the camera. The young lady flat out on the floor was only pretending to be passed out, we think!

Good job guys...

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Anonymous said...

Great job Mrs. Meadows and all Wellsville High School students !

grateful said...

As someone who gets blood transfusions for a medical condition, I thank each and every one of you for your generosity.
Without people like you, I wouldn't be here.