Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wellsville Alumni Activities Committee

Monday – April 4: The WHS Alumni Activities Committee (WAAC) met this past Monday evening for their regular monthly meeting. Committee President Carrie McMahon presided. Approved minutes of the March meeting was read by Recording Secretary Toni Figley. The Treasurer's Report was given by Carmella Boyce. Trustee Shirley Shanks reported on dinner activities.

Jo Ann Tipton reported the banquet room rentals have been very good for the first part of the year. March was booked full for the week-ends. The same holds true for the months of June and July. Members of the committee agreed there will no more rental discounts extended to anyone not active on the WAAC in the future. With increases in utilities and other costs in maintaining the Alumni Center it was decided that “belt tightening” was necessary.

The Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce held their first ever Trade Show at the Center on March 31. The show featured displays from area businesses and was deemed very successful. A very generous donation was received from the Chamber.

The use of the main banquet hall and refreshments were donated to the Wellsville Fire Department for their meeting on April 4 with the Army Corp of Engineers, FEMA and others. Their meeting was in regards to the Village's flood control system.

The Committee agreed to hold a baked chicken dinner for the benefit of the Potter Players Community Theatre's Liberty Theater renovation project. Advanced tickets will be available shortly. The dinner is scheduled for Wednesday, June 22, from 4 to 7 PM. Proceeds from the dinner will be WAAC's contribution to this community wide project. They are also purchasing a half page advertisement for the monthly spaghetti dinners and room rentals in the PPCT programs. More details on the dinner will be announced in the near future. The PPCT is conducting a fund drive to renovate and reopen the old theater as an area community Arts Center.

A 1939 year book and class ring was received from the late Sam Stepanovich. Stepanovich was a member of that WHS graduating class 72 years ago. There were 102 graduates in the Class of '39.

A date for cleaning tables and chairs for sometime in May will be announced at the next meeting. The work party will be held in the evening in hopes of getting more members to lend a hand.

The meeting adjourned at 7:52 PM. Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 2 at the Alumni Center.

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