Saturday, July 2, 2011

WHS Alumni Acitivities Committee Supports the Liberty Theater Restoration Effort

A week ago this past Wednesday the WHS Alumni Activities Committee put on a baked chicken dinner to raise funds for their donation toward the Liberty Theater restoration. With members of the Potter Players Community Theatre group joining forces with the WHS Alumni it turned out to be a very generous donation according to Erin Roberts-Orr, Co-Chairman of the restoration group, saying “it was a huge success!”

After expenses and with the 50/50 & silent auction, Roberts-Orr said they netted approximately $2,900. She wanted to thank everyone that attended, everyone that helped, everyone that donated items for the auction and especially all those from the WHS Alumni Activities Committee for their hard work and kindness.

Upcoming events for the Liberty restoration will be a Vehicle Show at Wellsville's Dairy Queen on July 22. Also members of the Potter Players are selling chances on a handmade quilt with the winner being drawn on October 1. The queen size quilt can be seen in the collage. It was made by Lucille Huston and Joan Dodds. Contact Roberts-Orr for more information.

Seeing all those working together and the crowd of diners that contributed to that “success” is just more proof positive that Wellsville may be a small town but it has a “huge” heart...

ole nib


Anonymous said...

It really was a nice event and I think everyone attending had a good time! And the chicken...oh dear me suds! It was heavenly! Thanks so much to WAAC!!

Mary Morse, PPCT

************* said...

Suds??? What are ye saying Mary?


Anonymous said...

How do you think I delivered all the meals without dropping any? I had me some suds in the back room!! hee..."oh dear me suds" is a nutty expression my Mom used to say. I try to work it in once a day or so!