Monday, July 18, 2011

Wellsville Community Pitches In With Clean-Up

Saturday – July 16: Saying it was his “last hurrah” while in office, Wellsville Mayor Joe Surace challenged the Village to a two day clean-up. The clean-up focused on the high grass & weeds, especially along the Village sidewalks and curbs.

Normally during the summer months the County furnishes the Village with extra help to do such chores. With the economy in the shape it is that didn't happen this year. The limited number of people in the Village Street Department and Cemetery crew really has them strapped keeping up with their regular duties.

The response was tremendous. It started a few weeks ago with members of Wellsville's First Christian congregation. After services one Sunday they donned work clothes and started uptown sweeping, weeding and cleaning up. This past Friday members of the Nazarene congregation continued the work downtown. We weren't able to get out Friday but have been told that the Lions Club were also hard at it.

On Saturday we saw members of the Wellsville Teacher's Association, school officials, coaches and athletes pulling weeds, mowing, sweeping and cleaning up in one part of town. In another part members of the Wellsville Volunteer Fire Department were out in force doing the same. The VFD was pumping water out of Little Yellow Creek to wash some of the dust away after the cleaning. Dailey's Refuse supplied a roll-off dumpster for all the debris to be hauled away. They also furnished trash containers for the Family Fun Night that was held later. Buckeye Water donated a couple pieces of equipment to use in the clean-up efforts and Vallera Services brought their back hoe to help. We're sure we're missing some groups and others. Maybe some of our commenters can fill in some of the missing information.

Some of the pictures in the collage above was furnished by BOE member Karen Dash. She must have been getting some pictures while helping in the cleaning. Thanks Karen...

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