Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wellsville Mayor Organizing Village Clean-up

Last Monday Mayor Joe Surace invited all of Wellsville to “help us help you”. The invitation was extended to all businesses, organizations, churches, school groups, clubs and individuals to join together on a two day clean-up effort to be held Friday-July 15 and Saturday-July 16. It's a Village wide community effort to clean-up dirt, debris and weeds.

Last Sunday members of Wellsville's First Christian congregation got a head start on the Mayor's idea. After their Sunday services they changed into work clothes and starting on the eastern end of town they pulled weeds, picked up trash, shoveled up dirt and generally cleaned up along their route. First Christian Pastor Mark Blakely was quoted in the newspaper as saying it was their way of giving back to the community.

At the last Wellsville Council meeting Property Chairwoman Sue Haugh inquired about the status of the fountains in Broadway Park. She was told they needed cleaned, sealed and filled. There was sealer on hand and it was only a matter of getting someone to do it since the Street Department employees were tied up patching pot holes and keeping up with the grass cutting. With just three people those two things take up all their time. Haugh publicly hinted that maybe she could get some volunteers together to get the fountains ready for the season. Before she even got a chance to look into it Mayoral candidate Jack Cataldo took on the task. Shown here with Jeff MacLain last Thursday they have cleaned and sealed all the fountains. They are ready for to put in the pumps and water. Haugh later remarked that it was great to see members of the community pitching in to help get things accomplished.

This is the kind of effort the Mayor has in mind. Surace said if individual residents would just clean up their part of the street in front of their properties the Village employees will come and pick up the weeds, dirt and debris. The Mayor is holding an organizational meeting Monday, July 11 at 11 AM at Village Hall. It is open to the public and Surace says he's open to all ideas. For more information call Village Hall at 330-532-2524.

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Anonymous said...

Nib Clean Up is avery good thing hope people will take pride in the vill & stop throwing out litter. Also do you know what is going on in the hill next to south bound 7? is it a road or are they making trails for the bikers? HOPE IT DOES NOT LEAD TO MORE LAND SLIDES IN THE SPRING

************* said...

From what we remember reading in the paper, ODOT is doing more work on the top of that hill to prevent additional land slides like we had this spring. We believe that road is a temporary work road so they can get equipment safely up there. We don't think ODOT has branched out into being a Parks & Recreation division. Our new governor can't afford that!