Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wellsville Board of Education July Meeting

Monday – July 18: The Wellsville Board of Education held their July meeting Monday evening in the Superintendent's Office. Present at the meeting was Board President Tom Brophey and Board Members Karen Dash, Ed Bauer, Mike Cook and Bill Miller. Also attending was Garfield Principal Lisa Ferguson, District Treasurer Coleen Wickham, WTA President Darlene Allison, OAPSE President Ed Swogger and Superintendent Rich Bereschik.

For the Treasurer's Report Mrs. Wickham reported that the District has closed out the Fiscal Year. For the month of June receipts were $557,750, expenditures were $580,345 leaving a General Fund balance of $1.7 million. The General Set-Aside balance for June is $719,477. Interest earned on investments for June was $2,989. The Board voted their approval to pay the bills.

Legislative Liaison Tom Brophey reported that both the State Senate and State Representatives are currently working on cyber bullying bills that will be known as the Jessica Logan Act. Logan was an 18 year old Cincinnati area high school senior that committed suicide in 2008 after being bullied by her peers via electronic means and/or cyber bullying.

Mike Cook reported that there was a going away dinner held for retiring Superintendent Edna Anderson at the CC Career & Technical Center and the new Superintendent will be taking over today.

Bereschik gave the Buildings & Grounds Report stating that partial approval for permits has been granted for the new grandstand at Nicholson Stadium. There has to be some concrete work done for handicapped accessibility and other items to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act. He's been assured that everything is on schedule to be ready for the football season home opener in August.

Plans are being formulated for landscaping at Garfield Elementary where the shrubs were removed earlier this year. The purchase of the former Sterling China property is progressing. There are a couple of surveying issues needed to be rectified before title to the land can be signed over. The fence around the property was found to be encroaching on other property in some spots which will be straightened out. The District's pre-school facilities will be move to Garfield before the new school year.

Ed Bauer inquired about the possibility to replace the public address system at Nicholson Stadium. Bereschik replied that he doesn't believe the system in place is salvageable. It can possibility be looked into getting a system compatible to the hearing impaired devices required by law for the hearing impaired. It's a new mandate required with new construction.

School lunch prices were set at $1.75 for students and .40 cents for the reduced price. Ed Bauer noted it was mandated by law to raise prices. Treasurer Wickham remarked the District is being reimbursed $2.47 for the free lunches and it is required to eventually work toward that price for those that pay. The price for adult lunches was set at $2.50.

High School Principal Linda Rolley was given approval for five additional days to be added to her contract. Bereschik said that with a change in computer systems all student schedules had to be hand generated. Additional five days for all three principals in the district was also approved, if needed, with the Superintendent's approval. Bereschik noted they will be doing interviews for some vacant positions before the start of the new school year.

Two retirements were accepted with regrets and best wishes for the future. With 38 years under his belt Ken Kornbau retired as Elementary Physical Education Instructor and Mrs. Janice Snyder retired with 32 years experience. Snyder was a Vocal & Instrumental Music teacher. She also resigned her position as Middle School Band & Choir Instructor.

The Board approved participation in the OHSAA for the new school year. The District treasurer's compensation was approved to levels granted for all central office employees and to WTA members. An athletic code of conduct was approved for the new school year. An alternative plan was adopted for making up calamity days. Bereschik noted it is still “under construction” but approval had to be passed before the first of August. The Student Handbook for Garfield Elementary was approved.

Resignations were accepted from Eric Meek as High School Social Science teacher and Weightlifting coach. Abby Williams resigned as an Intervention Specialist and Anita Romeo as a Daw Middle School teacher. Bereschik noted they are currently conducting internal interviews to fill these positions. In other personnel moves the Board approved Joe Olesky as Bus Trip/Bus Transportation Coordinator, Beth Rettos as Special Education Coordinator, Arden Montgomery as Testing Coordinator and Diana Swickard as Flag Line/Color Guard Instructor.

In closing statements all the Board members expressed their appreciation to all those from the District that participated in last week-end's community clean-up. Even with the heat the Wellsville School District left no doubt of their willingness to lend a helping hand. Brophey added his congratulations to the ones retiring and good luck to those that are moving on to new jobs.

The meeting was adjorned at 7:09 PM. The next regular scheduled meeting is Monday, August 15 at 6:30 PM in the Superintendent's Office. That's located at 929 Center St.

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I certainly hope the District does something about the landscaping at Garfield. It looks very unkept with all the weeds growing around the building.