Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nicholson Stadium Ready For The Metal

In the continuing story of replacing the east side grandstands at Wellsville's Nicholson Stadium it was announced at the last Board of Education meeting that the company contracted for the new stand were ready to install the borings.

To keep the new stands stable deep holes were drilled into the ground and filled with concrete. Tests were previously done to determine how deep the holes had to be bored. Once the concrete cures the contractor will be ready for the new metal stands. They will be bolted to the concrete that you see here. The stands are similar to the ones across the field. After being fabricated at the manufacturer's plant they will be put together on site, something similar to a giant erector set.

Wellsville School Superintendent Rich Bereschik said once they arrive it will only take about a week to assemble. They will be ready for use for the football home opener in mid-August.

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