Thursday, July 7, 2011

Immaculate Conception Parishioners Given Up-Date

Tuesday – July 5: The Committee to Save Immaculate Conception Church held an up-date meeting this past Tuesday at Wellsville's SOI Lodge. Co-chair Nunzio Lombardozzi presided and there were 50 to 60 people in attendance. Showing their support were Wellsville Council members Sue Haugh, Rosie Goss, John McMahon and Joe Soldano. Each were introduced and recognized.

Ken Biacco reported there will be a sign up sheet in the back of the church next Saturday for anyone that donated toward the air conditioner fund and wants their donation returned. Len DeSarro gave the Treasurer's Report and announced last week's rigatoni dinner was an extremely successful sell-out. That dinner was held at the Alumni Center and was organized in about four days time. It was supported by many members of the community.

Beverly Hentzell, shown above being interviewed along with Tom Brophey, reported that the appeal to the Congregation of the Clergy is now at the Vatican in Rome. The Degree of Merger was read at Mass this past Saturday. Hentzell reported they were attempting to obtain a copy from the Diocese and according to today's newspapers it has just been received. Hentzell advised there will be no more vigils attempted. If the church isn't open for a Mass next Saturday all are asked to meet in front of the Blessed Mother statue along Main Street for a prayer service.

Goals were announced for amounts needed for Canon lawyers fees and court costs should it go that far. Ideas for future fund raising efforts were discussed. Anyone wishing to purchase a “Save Immaculate Conception” t-shirt should contact Roxanne Hall. Shirts are $15 each.

Wellsville Councilwoman Sue Haugh announced that the Haugh Design Wellsville web site is available to the Immaculate Conception members for whatever use they need, free of charge. That web site can be found at It is maintained by Haugh.

Councilwoman Rosie Goss who has shown her support with writing letters to Youngstown Diocese Bishop George Murry, asking that the Committee's efforts be supported at Wellsville Council meetings and writing a poem expressing her support. It is titled “God Help Me To Understand” and it goes:

“Dear God,
I really need to talk to you because my friends and I are in so much pain,
of how they are doing the Catholic Church located at 11th and Main.

I need for you to help me understand what went so very wrong,
how did a church go from serving you to not being able to sing a song?

I know you place people in authority to preach and praise your name,
But somehow someone placed it upon himself to seek out his glory and fame.

Please understand that I have the utmost respect for the people you have place in charge,
But God could you please remind them that you reign above them all.

All this church ever wanted was to worship where they please,
Why can't they be left alone and praise Your Name in peace?

I'm proud of each and everyone of them for taking such a stand,
To show the Village and the people that God is still in command.

Bless all of us dear Lord and help us through this ordeal,
Touch the heart of those that are against us,
Let them see that this fight is for real.”

Goss noted that she is member of Wellsville's First Baptist.

The next meeting is tenatively set for Monday, July 18 at 7 PM at the SOI Lodge. On a lighter note Nunzio Lombardozzi proudly displays his new “gavel” as shown above.

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Anonymous said...

Poem is nice except the part about glory & fame. If people feel disrespected showing disrespect in return isn't good. Like 2 wrongs don't make a right. I've read some jabs here & there towards Father Peter & the Bishop, it's confusing, not being Catholic my understanding always was that the Priest, Bishops, Cardinals, etc... Were highly respected.

************* said...

We are Catholic and were raised to believe that men of the cloth were pious, humble and peaceful obedient servants of God. However, over the last few decades we have learned that even the men wearing the Roman collar are mere mortals and some are guilty of sins of the flesh. Some give in to the human weaknesses of greed, contempt of others and spitefulness to the point that they lose sight of their sacred vows. Some demand respect instead of earning it. For us it is discouraging.


Anonymous said...

AMEN to that nib.

Anonymous said...

Respect is earned and just because a person is a priest, minister or rabbi doesn't mean he/she automatically deserves respect.
All you need to do is check out the news to see how many "do-gooders" who were "men of the cloth" have raped, plundered and pillaged - all denominations.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should read the book "Render Unto Rome" by Jason Berry. It's a real eye opener. (order online through
Also I agree with the statement that respect is earned.
A Eucharistic mininster that refers to a group gathered at Save IMC meeting as "a bunch of a-- holes" and another Eucharistic minister who refers to people attempting to hold a vigil as "trouble making hypocrites" does not earn my respect. A Bishop and priest who lie due not earn my respect either regardless of the collar they hide behind. In fact I find it difficult to accept communion from people who act in such a manner.

Anonymous said...

Well, Father Peter was a no show again at Mass this past Sat. Shame on him and the Diocese for allowing this to happen.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that all of you are going through this, when I asked the question about respect it wasn't intended to be offensive. Having grown up among many Catholic people I remember folks being so proud of their church and ministry. This is all very sad.

Anonymous said...

Did any priest at all show up Saturday? When the merger was read the previous Saturday was it stated there would be no more services?

Anonymous said...

Wellsville did have a priest for their Sat. mass. He was from the Diocese. We have not been given a closing date, The Bishop said it would be at the end of the summer.

************* said...

Wonder why Fr.Peter hasn't been coming down? Did we hurt his feelings? Pity...

Maybe the Bishop wants...who knows???


Anonymous said...

I read an interesting story about a Bishop in Cleveland yesterday. If you haven't read it, the article is worth looking up.

Anonymous said...

Find this article at:

Cleveland bishop's leadership under review. Lennon says he petitioned Vatican for an evaluation.

Published July 12, 2011 by Colette M. Jenkins Beacon Journal religion writer.