Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wellsville's Main Street Back In The Day

This is for our friend Phil...

We finally found a picture showing four rails for the trolley tracks.   Always knew there were two sets of track on Wellsville's trolley routes.  For some reason most of the photos only show three rails as Phil has pointed out a couple of times.

The picture here is part of the archives at the River Museum owned an operated by the Wellsville Historical Society.  It was taken at 5th Street looking east on Main.

Wonder if the dray got out of the way of the trolley...

ole nib


Phil L. said...

nib -

Wow! Thanks for finding this picture!

Yes, this clearly shows two pairs of rails - and that they were slightly recessed into the road, which allowed the "disappearing rail" effect in other pictures.

I wish the photographer had backed up a bit, to include a view of the First United Methodist building, which is to the left of the photographer.

Nice detail: The "Cars Stop Here" sign, in front of the old Perpetual Savings building. Just a hint of one of that building's stone porticoes shows to the right of the pole.

The writing on the picture seems to note a building name at the "x", but I can't quite make it out.

Once again, thank you for sharing from Wellsville's past!

************* said...

Immediately thought of you when we saw this one.

You're welcome...


Marc said...

Nib, do we know what year this was?

************* said...

If memory serves there was no post mark on this one. We're thinking late 1800s to very early 1900s. The only vehicles being shown is a horse drawn dray & the street car coming up behind it.