Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Birthday JHM!

Getting ready to make a wish & blow out
all the candles
Listening up while his bride gives a history

With the lights dimmed & birthday candles
lit the congregation sings Happy Birthday

This past Sunday, the 9th, John Henry Martin was honored for his upcoming 75th birthday.  It was a surprise event that has been in the making since last spring.  John’s wife of 43 years later told us it was a complete surprise for John and Nita Martin was in the thick of the conspiracy of those planning the tribute.  It took place at the Central United Methodist Church here in Wellsville.

Although John Henry graduated from Wellsivlle High School with our sister we never knew him when we were younger.  When we were in high school we knew there was a guy from the ‘ville playing semi-pro for the Wheeling Ironmen but we still didn’t know him.

Actually we didn’t get acquainted until the oldest child of John Henry & Nita started school.  He was just a year ahead of our oldest and the two of them got to be good buddies.  If our kid wasn’t at the Martin house down the street their son Shaun was at ours. 

Once we got acquainted it was difficult to believe he was the kind of guy that would run right through you if you were face to face with him on the gridiron.  He’s not a big guy but he is a giant of a man in spirit and heart.  He has always been faithful to his God, his family, his home and his song.  John Henry is one of the kindest, friendliest men you could know.  Whenever you run into him he always has a million dollar smile and a warm hello for you.   He’s one of those folks that leave you with a “glad you ran into him” feeling when you move on. 

John Henry was born September 13, 1937.  We’re betting it was already with a song in his heart.  In case you didn’t know he loves to sing!  And he is quite good at it.

If you see John Henry tomorrow say Happy Birthday.  You’ll get one of those million dollar smiles…

 ole nib

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Happy Birthday Coach Martin!!