Monday, September 24, 2012

Follow the Yellow Creek Road Tour

Whether you enjoy the splendor of the scenery, or enjoy the history of the area, or a combination of both, you will thoroughly enjoy the Yellow Creek Tour.  Based on books written on the history of the Yellow Creek area by Doc Shilling a guided tour has been arranged for your enjoyment.  The tour is scheduled for Saturday, October 6.  It begins at 8 AM in Berholz.

R.W. “Doc” Shilling was a noted Jefferson County physician with a passion for history.  He wrote two books on the history of the Yellow Creek area.  The first was published in 1942 was entitled Tales of Yellow Creek and the second was published in 1947 titled Yellow Creek Stories.  Both tales are extremely informative on the history and settlement of this region.  The combined reprint of the books is available at the Wellsville River Museum. 

Take the day, enjoy the tour, the beautiful rustic scenery and learn some history.  You won’t regret it.  For more information or to make the suggested reservation call 740-768-2365.  

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Marc said...

That would be a great tour, especially with camera in hand.

************* said...

Marc - We can vouch for that. We did just that last year as the Missus & I tagged along with Brassy when they did that last year. Lot of photo ops with beautiful scenery and an abundance of history learned.

We would highly recommend the tour to anyone.