Thursday, September 27, 2012

WRC Fish Now MIA

Both our local newspapers had articles today about the fish that was stolen from the newest addition to the Amato Boardwalk that runs along the northern banks of Little Yellow Creek.  The fish was dangling on the line of a Mark Twain'ish statue of a barefoot boy.

The boardwalk and statue are located near Wellsville's floodwall murals.  The statue was purchased by the Wellsville Revitalization Committee. It was placed just before the dedication ceremonies a couple of weeks ago.  With the Boy & Boot located just on the other side of the floodwall it is a great compliment to the aesthetics of the ever popular Village attraction.

The fish didn't last long.  Some creek scum done made off with it.  It ain't right.

For shame...

ole nib


hootch2 said...

You seem to know an awful lot about it Nib.......HHMM...sounds fishy to me..

************* said...

hootch - we're crushed that you could say that. Hell, we don't even like fishing and rarely eat it. Although we do like the Riverside Roadhouse fish sandwich!


Anonymous said...

Good one Hootch 2 ! Speaking of fish sandwiches, SOI fish sandwiches are the best, you should try them sometime.