Friday, September 7, 2012

Wellsville Council Meeting

The Wellsville Village Council met this past Tuesday, September 4, in Village Hall.   Mayor Susan Haugh presided.  All Council members were present plus Fiscal Officer Dale Davis, Village Legal Advisor Andy Beech, Village Administrator Thom Edgell, Zoning Administrator Rick Williams and Fire Chief Bill Smith.

There was no one commenting during the Public Speaking portion on the agenda. 

Although told by the Chief at the August 21 meeting he would have a full report on his department’s year-to-date activity there was no Police Department Report.   Village Administrator Thom Edgell did not elaborate when he advised the Sidewalk Replacement project “has hit a rough spot in the road. We’re going to work our way through it.”  He reported the Highland Heights project is underway with the installation of catch basins and some storm sewer pipe.   He finished his report saying he’s doing a brief review of the Policy & Procedure Manual for hiring in the Street Dept.  He will be passing on his recommendation to the Mayor shortly. 

Zoning Administrator Rick Williams reported that the Zoning Committee held a meeting last week and approved Marathon Oil’s request to change the zoning on five parcels in the Nevada Street area from residential to Industrial I-2.  Williams advised other than fencing them in there are no plans on using them at the present time. It may be used for parking of construction equipment at later date.   Mayor Haugh added Marathon is interested in developing some “green space”.  A motion was passed approving the zoning change.  Marathon also requested that all five parcels be combined into one for tax record keeping purposes but that is not a matter for the Zoning Committee.  Capping off the Zoning Department report the Mayor advised that over $14,000 was made from selling zoning permits for the month. 

United Water’s Sewage Treatment Plant Supervisor Greg Stewart reported there was 2.84” of rain for the month of August.  Averaging 708,501 gallons a day there was nearly 22 million gallons of treated fluid discharged to the river.  The plant was reapproved to dispose dry sludge to a landfill.  There was 13.4 tons of dry sludge shipped to the landfill.  Also in August 39,500 gallons of sludge was pumped to the drying beds.  All parts have been replaced by the contractor for the digesters and that project is completed. 

Mrs. Colleen Waggle
In the Mayor’s Report Haugh asked for a motion stating that the Village is willing to participate in discussions to develop four or five parcels of land in the “pondage” area.  Such a motion will show that Village officials are willing to cooperate in economic development of this area.  A motion made by Councilwoman Rosie Goss was passed.  These parcels are being considered for purchasing by Marathon Oil as part of their expansion plans in the Intermodal Park area. 

The Mayor issued a proclamation designating the week of September 17 as Constitution Week 2012 in Wellsville in honor of the 225th Anniversary of the drafting of the Constitution of the United States of America.  The proclamation was presented to Mrs. Colleen Waggle.  Pictured here with the proclamation, Mrs. Waggle was representing the Southwick Griscom Kinney Chapter of the DAR. 

Finance Committee Chairwoman Diane Dinch reported that as of the end of July there was $1.2 million in the General Fund and the total of all funds was $1.4 million.   Dinch reminded everyone that those figures include the investment from the mineral rights lease.   Council approved the payment of $32, 466 in vendor bills for the month of August.

Street Committee Chairwoman Tonda Ross advised there is a meeting scheduled for 2 PM Monday, September 10 to discuss the vacating of a portion of 21st Street and an alley in the Nevada Street area that was requested by Marathon Oil.  Ross also got approval to change the times for blocking streets for the Dash for Mat’s Bash from 5 to 7 PM to 2 to 5 PM on October 13.  The change was made to avoid creating a conflict with another community activity on that day. 

Councilman John Morrow got approval to order in legislation adopting technical specifications similar to what the County used for demolishing dilapidated property in the Neighborhood Stabilization Project. 
The specifications would apply to any contractor awarded bids for building demolition in the Village.   Morrow also announced there will be a meeting of his committee on Monday, September 10 at 2:30 PM to discuss Animal Control ordinances and changing fees for demolition work zoning permits.  The Animal Control ordinances also apply to fees charged by that department. 

An annual housekeeping resolution was passed accepting the tax levy amounts and rates to be certified with the County Auditor.  An ordinance authorizing the upgrading of lighting by ODOT for all three Village on & off ramps, to and from Route 7, was placed on first reading following a lengthy discussion by Council.  ODOT is in the process of upgrading the lights and then transferring future upkeep & maintenance to the Village. 

Under Old Business the Mayor advised Council the Village will be moving forward transferring .4 acres located near the Sewage Treatment Plant to Wellsville Terminals.  The company offered $46,000 or $47,000 for that piece of ground which was approved to accept by a vote of Council last year.  The actual transaction was held up while working out details on easements for Wellsville forced main sewage line.  An easement plan has since been worked out.

For New Business Councilwoman Dinch questioned the age limits for people collecting for tag days. 
She noted that last week-end she witnessed underage children sitting on the barrels while the collection was underway, creating a dangerous situation.  Mayor Haugh noted she has been advised of the situation and will be addressing ordinance enforcement with WPD officials.  There is a minimum age specification in the Tag Day ordinance. 

The meeting adjourned at 6:43 PM and we were off to the volleyball match.  The next Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 18 at 6 PM. 

 ole nib


Anonymous said...

I would thing the police chief would be required to make a report each month. Should be part of his job description.

Anonymous said...

I would think the police officers should arrest the heroin dealers. Should be part of their job description.

************* said...

We agree and have no doubt that Wellsville's finest would like nothing better themselves. However their hands are tied until sufficient evidence can be collected to make an arrest. They are obliged to follow the law and are not allowed to use vigilante tactics based on hear-say.

Wellsville residents need to come out from behind their window blinds and report any and all suspected drug activity. If enough good, caring citizens got involved progress would be made. Get license numbers, descriptions of vehicles and the people driving them, etc. Call it in. All tips and reports remain anonymous. It's up to you...


Anonymous said...

Nib, I'll tell you how to stop it, and maybe you can give a tip to the police. 1. You set the precedence by going door to door issuing "warnings" to suspected drug dealers. 2. You pull cars over that leave suspected drug houses, and wait for the drug addicts to roll over on their dealer (believe me, they will). 3. Get search warrant based on addict's confession. 4. Kick in the door of suspected drug house. 5. Take evidence gathered to grand jury. 6. Wait on new drug dealer to take the place of the first drug dealer, and repeat steps 1-5....

************* said...

Sadly we think you hit on the way things are going. Win,lose or draw we feel there needs to be more active prosecution on these cases. Letting them drag on and on without any prosecution sends the wrong message in our opinion.

However, we do believe keeping the heat on at the local level will eventually lead to the drug dealers moving on to another location. Drug usage will never be eradicated 100% but the dealers will get tired of constant harassment. They'll find somewhere else.


Anonymous said...

I hope that the drugs being dealt to our towns youth in the Clark Ave area soon resolved...AND YEA they know who the are..A cruiser hardly patrols the area at sunset..People keep track..

Anonymous said...

I thought the cops had a brilliant plan a while back when they "fired" the one officer who was rumored to be involved in the drug scene. Said officer went to work and co manage a bar that was frequented by many of the out of towners who are also rumored to be selling the heroin. Six months later or so, the officer got his job back with the police department. When this happened I thought there had to be some busts coming, and the police pulled a brilliant move by placing the officer under cover. But, alas, no busts, and the out of towners are still here...