Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Wellsville Honor Roll Beginning To Take Shape

Craftsmen and women from area trade unions spent a Saturday donating their skills and labor to help erect Wellsville’s newest memorial to area veterans.  On Saturday, September 22, the block work was completed by the union members and a slew of volunteers.  The impressive memorial will be located in what used to be the Roadside Park at the intersection of State Route 45 and Wells Avenue. The relocation of State Route 7 forced the closing of the state park in the late 1960s.  It is now informally called Phyllis Park in memory of the late Phyllis Thrasher.

Shown here are the three panels that will be the backbone of the new memorial that will list all known area veterans that served in the U.S. Armed Forces from WWI to the present.  The only stipulation that was required is that the veteran had to have a Wellsville address at the time they served.   Names were collected from other memorials, relatives, friends and area veteran organizations. 

Coming next will be the brick work.  Honor Roll Committee Co-Chairman George Crews advises that is scheduled for next week-end.  The brick was delivered to the site this past Friday.  When completed there will be three panels of names.  The memorial was designed to allow for future expansion.

For more information contact either Crews at 330-532-3910 or Debbie Koffel at 330-532-1553.   

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It really starting to shape up. It will be a wonderful memorial for our veterans. Thank you for all involved !