Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nina & PInta Sail Past Wednesday Afternoon

Pinta - 85 feet in length & 23 feet wide beam
Nina - 65 feet in length & 18 feet wide beam

Two replicas of the Christopher Columbus ships that he sailed to America in 1492 passed by Wellsville late this afternoon.  Enroute to Pittsburgh, PA,  the Nina &the Pinta passed by Wellsville around 6 PM today.

According to their web site the two ships will be anchored at the North Shore Riverfront Park in the ‘burg September 21 through October 3. 

Pictures shown here were taken as the two ships passed in front of the Wellsville River Museum.  We were unaware that they were coming this way.  Thanks to our friends that called with the heads-up. 

 ole nib

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