Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Daw Middle School Volleyball Lose One & Win One

Daw 7th Graders

We caught our first Daw Middle School Volleyball match the other day.  This past Monday, September 10, the Wellsville Jr. High Lady Tigers played host to South Range.  It was their fifth match of the season. 

Sadly the 7th Grade team lost in two.  It was South Range 25-18 in the first set and 25-16 in the second. 

Daw 8th Grade Action
A Cheer For The Home Team!
The 8th Grade Ladies look to be continuing in their winning ways that they started last year.  As 7th Graders last year they nearly went undefeated if our memory serves us correctly.  We do not have a roster yet to compare to last year but it looks as if most of those same players are back.

In their match Monday afternoon the 8th Graders took two straight from South Range.  It was Wellsville 25-14 in the first set and 25-22 in the second. 

The Daw teams return to action this afternoon when they host Springfield at Beacom Memorial. 

Good Luck Wellsville Tigers….

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