Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wellsville Mayor Sends Message

Wellsville Mayor Susan Haugh, in a recently released statement, said “I am pleased to announce that on July 3 Operation River Sweep was implemented in the Village of Wellsville.

Operation River Sweep was designed with drug eradication in mind.  The elite Ohio State Highway Patrol Special Response Team, the Columbiana County Sheriff’s Office, the CC Drug Task Force, the U.S. Marshals and the Wellsville Police Department joined forces to send a message to the drug suppliers, dealers and users that we will not take a passive approach to the illegal activity in this area.  We will continue to aggressively and precisely target such illegal activity. 

I would like to personally thank OSP Lt. Dragavich, OSP Lt. Smith, CC Sheriff Ray Stone, CC Det. Dan Downard, WPD Chief Joe Scarabino and all other officers involved in Operation River Sweep.  Your dedication to help Wellsville is to be commended.

I would also like to thank each and every resident of this village who has offered information.  It has not fallen on deaf ears.  We will continue to follow up on every lead given in order to remove these nuisances from your neighborhood.”

Other details are in an article in both our local papers today.  We won’t duplicate their efforts.   We would like to offer our thanks to the Mayor, Village officials and all the law enforcement officers involved for their continued efforts to clean up our village.   It’s reassuring that some politicians keep their promises. 

The message last evening was loud and clear.  Again, thank you all…

ole nib


Anonymous said...

Still waiting to see the people arrested and jailed and their charges. If this didnot happen what is the purpose of the raids?

************* said...

From our info there were two people picked up on outstanding warrants. Wee did see an August trial date set for one in CC Common Pleas. If the other was in the paper we missed it.