Saturday, July 14, 2012

Immaculate Conception To Hold "Family Reunion"

The members of the Committee To Save The Immaculate Conception Parish are planning a “Family Reunion”.  Even if you were not a member of the ICC parish family it is open to all former parishioners, their friends and anyone who would like to join in showing your support.

The reunion will be held on 11th Street not on church property.   The Committee has already got approval from Village officials to block off the street.  The street will be blocked from Main to Riverside during the hours of the event. 

Mark August 19 on your calendar.  Grab a chair and join in the fun.   For more information contact either Roxanne Hall or Mickey DeSarro.

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Anonymous said...

I was at Wade Park this morning and it was on the news about churchs reopening there. I am not sure but I think they said there will be 12 reopened by fall.

************* said...

The churches in the Cleveland Diocese gave hope to many parishes across the country, including the ICC. Now we have to wait for the officials in Rome. They are on the annual European summer break when most of that nation including the Vatican go on vacation for a couple of months. It is said the custom came about so they could escape the summer heat of the city. The custom started before the advent of HVAC but carries on today.